Tesla station at the Harris Ranch in California
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Aerial photo of supercharger Tesla station at the Harris Ranch in California.
Kevin Killough at CowboyStateDaily.com has done it again, this time with an expose' about what California EV advocates boast is the largest EV charging station in the country, the Harris Ranch Tesla Supercharging Station.

Perched at the intersection of Interstate 5 and Highway 198 in California's Central Valley, the Harris Ranch station boasts a total of 98 Tesla supercharger modules. For all you Texans out there, it's sort of the EV version of a Buc-ee's, only without the Wal-Mart-sized convenience store with all the cool souvenirs.

But the location does sport a Shell gas station on premises, and, as Kevin details in his story, that gasoline station serves not only to fill up all the ICE cars that come along, but also as camouflage for the source of power generation for all those Tesla chargers.

Here's an excerpt:
Superchargers charge vehicles up to the 80% sweet spot in as little as 20 minutes, but to provide that kind of power for nearly 100 bays takes something solar can't provide — diesel generators.

Investigative journalist Edward Niedermeyer discovered that the station was powered by diesel generators hidden behind a Shell station. Reporters at SF Gate tried to find out how much of the station's electricity was from the generators, but couldn't get a response from Tesla.

The station isn't connected to any dedicated solar farms, which means that absent the diesel generators, the station is powered by California's grid.


You just can't make this stuff up, folks. Why even try, when reality is so much stranger and more absurd than fiction?

That is all.