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On September 27, the Israeli Foreign Ministry announced that Tel Aviv would not recognise the results of referendums held in four districts of Ukraine, where even before the results of the referendums were summed up, it became clear that the overwhelming majority of local residents supported the entry of their districts into the Russian Federation.

The Soviet Union severed diplomatic relations with Israel in 1967. Relations were restored only in 1991, shortly before the collapse of the USSR. Today, we can see how "enthusiastically" the Israeli leadership demonstrates its support for Washington's position on many issues. And all this is done for the sake of preserving American hegemony in a unipolar world, in order to please its overseas master, regardless of whether he is a Democrat or a Republican. The main thing is that Israel continues to receive guaranteed assistance from the world gendarme, which ensures the security of Israeli borders, enables the occupiers to pursue a policy of seizing other people's land and property, continue to build illegal settlements, and pursue a policy of looting, oppression and repression against the Palestinian people. Tel Aviv believes that the United States will always protect Israel's interests. After all, Washington invariably uses its veto power in the UN Security Council when voting for any resolution condemning the actions of the Israeli government.

Back in the summer, the Kremlin and the Russian Foreign Ministry expressed regret over the "unconstructive position and policy of Israel in recent months, including in connection with the position of Tel Aviv on the situation in Ukraine". Moscow sharply criticised the statements of representatives of the Israeli leadership in support of the Kiev regime.

Meanwhile, the Middle East quartet countries at their last meeting in Oslo in November 2021 expressed deep concern over the events in the West Bank, Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip. Of particular concern were the numerous instances of arbitrary actions by the Israeli authorities in the West Bank, especially the beginning of the construction of new settlements. The quartet called on all parties to take additional steps to address these challenges, while emphasising the need to do everything possible to avoid unilateral steps that could lead to escalation and undermine the chances of a peaceful solution to existing problems.

We all remember well the statements made by Ukrainian Ambassador to Tel Aviv Evgeny Korneychuk in December last year during the celebrations dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries. The Ukrainian ambassador said that his country "may soon recognise Jerusalem as the only capital of Israel", expressing hope for the opening of a diplomatic mission of Ukraine in Jerusalem next (at that time), 2022, during the visit of the Ukrainian president.

With the start of the special military operation in Ukraine, Israel has taken a clearly pro-Ukrainian position. The Israelis behaved like a Middle Eastern child spoiled by Washington, who supports his European "peer", also spoiled by Washington. This can be seen as a desperate resistance by the occupying power (Israel) to the tectonic changes taking place in the world. We are talking about the inevitable transition of a unipolar world to a multipolar world order. In this case, all countries will be forced to comply with UN Security Council resolutions, provided that the leading international organisation's activities are reformed and changed in accordance with the new situation in the world. Otherwise, it will be necessary to create a new international structure, where the fate of the world will no longer be determined by one force that considers itself a hegemon. The need to comply with UN Security Council resolutions, which contain strict demands addressed to Israel as a pariah state, will become obvious. We are talking about those paragraphs of these international documents that speak about the need to recognise the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people, first and foremost, the right to establish a Palestinian state within the borders of June 4, 1967, with Jerusalem as its capital.

That is why Israel is interested in defeating Moscow and destabilising the situation inside Russia. After all, Russia takes a principled position on the Palestinian issue. This position fully coincides with the content of UN Security Council resolutions, which state the need to recognise the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people. These resolutions also demand the withdrawal of Israeli troops from the Syrian Golan Heights, from the occupied part of Lebanese territory, and an end to the almost daily Israeli air violations of Syrian airspace and strikes on Syrian territory.

In 1979, the UN Security Council adopted Resolution No. 446, which refers to the illegal practice of building settlements in the occupied territory of Palestine and other Arab countries. Israel has been pursuing this policy since 1967. The resolution notes that such actions hinder the implementation of a permanent just and comprehensive peace in the Middle East. The resolution calls on Israel and the Israeli occupation authorities to strictly comply with the Fourth Geneva Convention of 1949. The document emphasises that "an occupying power may not deport or relocate part of its own civilian population to the territory it occupies". Accordingly, the occupying power should cancel all such measures taken earlier and refrain from taking new steps that may lead to a change in the legal status and geographical character of the occupied territory, or affect the demographic situation in the Arab territories occupied since 1967. This applies primarily to Jerusalem. Israel has no right to move the civilian population of the holy city.

On the other hand, it should be recalled that in December 2017, the administration of former US President Donald Trump announced the official recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. In March 2019, Washington recognised the occupied Syrian Golan Heights as part of Israel, and in November of the same year, the US administration said that it "does not consider illegal" Israeli settlements. This allowed the Israeli Knesset to vote in favour of annexing the settlements. It is noteworthy that the number of settlers in the occupied West Bank will exceed one million by the end of this year. As of January of this year, the number of colonisers in 150 settlements in the West Bank was 492,000 people.

Thus, it is quite obvious that the transition to a new multipolar world order will be a real nightmare for the Israeli authorities, who have carried out a policy of looting and forcible seizure of foreign territory and property with impunity over the past decades. In a world where the West fully supports its allies, logic and moral principles do not exist. In this "world", the exploitation of poor African countries continues, and everything is being done to preserve the interests of former colonial powers. In this "world", the United States dictates its will to most countries of the globe, prepares and implements coups d'etat, colour revolutions, overthrows regimes that they do not like. However, this "world" is coming to an end. A new world is emerging - a world of solidarity of free peoples with the just struggle of the Palestinian people for the liberation of the Muslim and Christian holy sites of Jerusalem, for the exercise of their legitimate and inalienable rights.

Based on all the above, the statement of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs that Israel will not recognise the results of referendums in the liberated territories of Ukraine as legitimate seems quite understandable and logical. This position strongly demonstrates Israel's involvement in the plans of the United States and the collective West aimed at undermining Russia's national security. Moreover, I do not rule out Israel's direct participation in the development of such plans. Many of us have probably seen on the Internet video footage of how Israel sent its elite military personnel to Ukraine not only to train the personnel of the Ukrainian army, but also for direct participation in military operations against Russia.

Against this background, the results of a survey conducted recently by the Israeli newspaper Jerusalem Post, according to which Vladimir Zelensky took first place in the list of the 50 most influential people of Jewish nationality in the world in 2022, look quite predictable. Commenting on these results, the Jerusalem Post emphasises that "the Russian-Ukrainian war has made Zelensky a global icon". It is quite obvious that Zelensky "deserved" this comparison, being a loyal and submissive servant, both in the eyes of Israel and the United States.

The Russian leadership has repeatedly warned Israeli high-ranking officials in recent years about the consequences of "intentions" that translate into concrete political steps that threaten Russia's national security. However, Israel did not heed these warnings and continued to follow the same course.

Today, as they say, "the puzzle has completely formed". Now there is no doubt that the Israeli air force, which has recently been increasingly attacking the territory of Syria, is acting on the orders of the Pentagon. And when Israel participates with unprecedented "enthusiasm" in an anti-Russian information campaign, it fulfils the tasks assigned to it by the US Central Intelligence Agency. Similarly, with the support, cooperation and "tip-off" from the Pentagon and with the help of NATO advisers, the Ukrainian military, using the American multiple launch rocket systems HIMARS, carry out deliberate strikes, the victims of which are journalists and civilians.

One of the main goals of Israeli bombardments of Syrian territory, including airports in Damascus and Aleppo, is to provoke a military clash between Russian troops and Israel stationed there. Thus, an attempt is being made to draw Russia - along with what is happening in Ukraine - into a military conflict with Israel. And then, of course, the United States will have to "act" using its military bases located on the territory of some Arab countries and Israel. Russia, without any doubt, understands the danger of such a scenario. After all, the American military presence in the Middle East, primarily in Israel, Jordan, and a number of Gulf Arab countries, is immeasurably greater than the Russian military presence in Syria.

Israel, apparently, has not understood the meaning and importance of the actions of the Astana "troika" (Russia, Iran and Turkey). It is thanks to its actions that it was possible to thwart the plans of the West in Syria and in other countries of the region. The countries of the Astana "troika" have made it clear that they will not allow the inter-religious contradictions existing in the region to be used in the interests of the United States and Israel.

Therefore, Russia did not succumb to these provocations. Moscow pursues a wise policy, relying in its strategic decisions on the voice of the people. This is exactly what happened over the course of five days, at the end of last week and the beginning of this week, when referendums were held in the liberated territories of the Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics, as well as in the Zaporozhye and Kherson regions, the overwhelming majority of participants in which spoke in favour of returning to their Motherland - to Russia.

These referendums confirm the importance of the right of peoples to self-determination. The same principle should be implemented in the Middle East. We are talking about the return of the Palestinian territories to the people of Palestine. It is the Palestinian people - and no one else - who have the right to self-determination and establish their own independent state.

And the United States, which has recognised as legitimate the annexation of East Jerusalem, the construction of settlements, the occupation of the Golan Heights, and the encroachment on Muslim holy sites, has - like its allies - absolutely no right to give its "assessment" of the legality of referendums as a tool for the free expression of the will of free peoples seeking peace, security, and stability, with the aim of ensuring that based on its historical roots.