A newborn baby was killed in a dog attack in Kenly on Wednesday.

According to the Kenly chief of police, the attack happened around 5 a.m. It is being investigated as an accident.

The 8-day-old baby boy was reportedly attacked by a female pit bull at a home on North Church Street.

The pit bull was seized by animal control and officials said it will be euthanized.

"First and foremost, we offer our sincere condolences to the family and their friends during this difficult time," Chief Josh Gibson said.

Back in May, a 10-month-old baby died after being attacked by two family dogs in Johnston County. In that case, investigators determined the father, who is a law enforcement officer, had briefly left the baby unattended in the home to go outside and move a sprinkler in the yard. He heard a commotion and when he went back inside, the girl had been attacked by the dogs.

Additionally, in April, a 7-year-old girl was mauled by a dog in Garner.

These incidents represent extreme outcomes, but an I-Team investigation found that, each year, hundreds of dog bites are reported in local counties and cities.

Two hundred and 45 bites were reported in Wake County last year and 1,800 have been reported in the past five years.