dog attack
A 23-year-old woman "with a great future ahead of her" bled to death after being attacked by a pack of dogs while out for her evening run.

Florencia Ledesma managed to phone her police brother Enzo after being savaged by at least half a dozen animals on waste ground near her home.

He raced to the scene on his motorbike and managed to scare off the dogs by shooting at them with his gun when they jumped on him.

College student Florencia was virtually unconscious with bite wounds to her arms, legs and chest by the time an ambulance arrived and was pronounced dead soon after reaching hospital.

Florencia Ledesma, 23, bled to death after being mauled by half a dozen dogs while on a run

Florencia Ledesma, 23, bled to death after being mauled by half a dozen dogs while on a run
The horror incident happened around 7pm on Monday in Albardon near the western Argentinian city of San Juan close to the country's border with Chile.

The dogs were still on top of her when her brother reached the scene and managed to disperse them with gunshots after they tried to attack him.

Florencia's aunt Rosa Ledesma, who managed to see her injured relative before the ambulance arrived to take her away, told a local newspaper: "All she asked for was water.

"I put water in her mouth but after a short while I realised she wasn't moving anymore and that's when I think she was already dead."

"Rest in peace Florencia Ledesma.

"Life took us down different parts but today I remember you as the excellent person you were.

"I cannot believe something like this has happened when you had such a great future in front of you and objectives to reach.

"My sincere condolences to your loved ones."

It was not clear last night if the dogs were strays or have an owner who has been identified.

Police were using drones in the area where the attack happened to try to track down the animals which are still said to be on the loose.

The victim jogged every evening as part of a keep-fit routine because she intended joining her brother in the police force and wanted to be in top shape to pass her physical exams.

She chose the waste ground where she was attacked because she felt safer than the streets around her home there had been a recent mugging, local reports said.