Covid vaccine
Health Impact News' Brian Shilhavy reports that a whistleblower working in a nursing home where several residents were injected with the experimental COVID mRNA shots against their will says many of them died a short time later. The report appeared in a video by German Attorney Reiner Fuellmich.

Since that report was published, other whistleblowers in Germany who work in nursing homes have also stepped forward, some with video footage showing residents being held down and vaccinated against their wishes.

Fuellmich, discussing the residents who were previously in good physical health and only suffered from "dementia," stated:
"One of them was a runner, in his late 70s, or WAS a runner, I should say, who was also an opera singer. He outran one of the nurses who is in her mid 30s. He was still singing operas on the day that he got vaccinated. After he got vaccinated, a couple of days later, he died. So this opera singer doesn't sing anymore."
Fuellmich says they are getting more and more calls from whistleblowers in other nursing homes in Germany and around the world, reporting similar occurrences.
"We are getting more and more calls from other whistleblowers from other nursing homes in this country, plus we're getting information from other countries, Sweden for example, Norway for example, Gibraltar for example, there are also incidents in England and in the United States that match these descriptions.

It means that people are dying because of the vaccines. What we are seeing in this video clip is worse than anything we ever expected."

Comment: According to the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) database, the COVID vaccination campain has already killed thousands of people. Furthermore, since VAERS reporting is estimated to be between 5-10%, it is likely that vaccine deaths are being underreported and that the death toll is potentially much higher:
"If this is representative for what's going on in the other nursing homes, and in other countries, then we have a very serious problem. And so do the people who make the vaccines, so do the people who administer the vaccines. It looks more and more as though we're dealing with homicide, and maybe even murder."