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© Reuters / Liege360Police water cannons are deployed to disburse a crowd that gathered after a Black Lives Matter march in Liege, Belgium, March 13, 2021
A protest against police brutality in Liege, Belgium has spiraled into clashes and looting, after an initially peaceful demonstration was hijacked by around 200 hooligans who went on to wreck the city center, police said.

Demonstrators took to the streets of the eastern Belgian city on Saturday to protest the arrest of a black woman by police earlier this week. The march was peaceful until a group of rowdy youth joined in, and then spread through the city center, wreaking havoc.

Anti-lockdown protest meets heavy police response in The Hague

Anti-lockdown protests have continued in the Netherlands, with scores of people taking to the streets of The Hague to condemn the government's coronavirus policies. The protest has been met with a forceful police response.

Hundreds of anti-government protesters gathered in The Hague on Sunday on the eve of the country's general election, which is set to span over three days in order to avoid large crowds gathering at the voting stations as a precaution against the coronavirus.

Police also deployed at least one water cannon, mounted units, and police dogs against the protesters, footage from the scene shows. At least one person was beaten by police and bitten by a dog before being led away by officers.

Riot police fire tear gas at protesters as Lebanon's currency falls to new record low
lebanon currency protest
© REUTERS/Mohamed Azakir
Violent protests erupted across Lebanon on Saturday after the country's currency plummeted to a new record low, amid an economic crisis that poses the biggest threat to its stability since the 1975-1990 civil war.

The Lebanese pound has lost roughly 85 percent of its value in recent months and slid to a record new low on Saturday, falling to 12,500 pounds to the US dollar on the black market, though the official rate remains at roughly 1,500 pounds to the dollar.

In response, there was a protest near the parliament in Beirut, during which protesters briefly stormed a reinforced gate leading into the compound, only to be repelled by riot police firing tear gas canisters.

Vehicle carrying Argentina's president attacked by angry protesters

President Alberto Fernandez got up-close and personal with Argentinian protesters as he visited a community center in the southern province of Chubut. The area has recently been hit by massive wildfires, which have left at least one dead and many injured, with over 10 missing, according to local media. The fire has destroyed multiple vehicles and dozens of homes.

Fernandez was confronted by dozens of protesters as he left the community center and tried to get into a van waiting for him. The vehicle was surrounded by people who pounded on the windows and pelted the president's motorcade with various projectiles, footage from the scene shows.

The protest was not directly linked to the recent wildfires or the government's handling of them. They were instead protesting plans to resume open-pit mining in Chubut, according to local media reports.

China demands end to violence and looting of its factories in Myanmar

At least 38 protesters and one police officer were killed in Myanmar on Sunday, with most casualties reported in the city of Yangon where demonstrators set Chinese-financed factories on fire, a local advocacy group said.

The figures provided by the Assistance Association for Political Prisoners (AAPP) would make it the bloodiest day of the protests, which have engulfed Myanmar since a military coup on February 1.

Demonstrators armed with sticks and knives faced off with police in Hlaingthaya, the industrial area of Yangon. The officers responded by firing shots at the crowd, which led to at least 22 people being killed, according to AAPP.

Army-run broadcaster Myawadday insisted that the police resorted to lethal force after some 2,000 demonstrators set four garment factories and a fertilizer plant ablaze, while also preventing fire trucks from reaching them.

China's embassy in Myanmar complained earlier that Beijing-owned factories in the Hlaingthaya district "were looted and destroyed" during the protests. "Many Chinese staff were injured and trapped," it said in a Facebook post, describing the events as "very severe."

Anti-Chinese sentiment has been on the rise among demonstrators over what they see as a lack of condemnation of the coup from Beijing, especially compared to the West, part of which has already sanctioned the military government.