Since the first monolith appeared in the US state of Utah last year, similar structures have been found across the world, including Russia, Germany, the Netherlands, Australia, Sweden, the UK, Spain, and Poland.

Another mysterious monolith has appeared, this time in the Democratic Republic of the Congo - only to be later destroyed by frightened locals. The nearly four-metre (12-foot) metal structure was discovered in Kinshasa last weekend. However, reports say that after taking a lot of selfies with the monolith, the crowd attacked it with sticks and then set it on fire.

Reuters suggested that some locals were afraid of the monolith and believed it had been placed there by aliens or the Illuminati.

According to the BBC, the crowd just wanted to see what was inside and what exactly the metal object was made of.

Local Mayor Bayllon Gaibene told the broadcaster that he had sent out some of the material for research to find out about its origins.