Alan Jones
Sky News host Alan Jones says with militant protests on the streets, freedom of speech being destroyed, and a virus "ripping the guts out of the economy," people are entitled to think there is an agenda to destroy western society.

"You are not about to dive into a coffin if you test positive," Mr Jones said.

It comes as five million Victorians remain under lockdown as the state grapples with a out -of-control-second wave of COVID-19, while the treasurer's economic update on Thursday outlined a grim economic reality.

Victoria has recorded 403 new COVID-19 cases, along with five new deaths in the past 24 hours taking the state's total active cases to more than 3,800.

"Is this a pandemic or an exercise in gross irresponsibility by the Victorian government," Mr Jones said.

"Everyone in a facemask, everyone to be tested, everyone to be frightened out of their wits.

"With militant protests on the street, monuments and statues being knocked down, freedom of speech being destroyed, people terrified to speak out, unhinged snarling human pit bulls frightening the tripe out of people. And now a virus, ripping the guts out of the economy.

"You would be entitled to think there is an agenda out there comprehensively determined to destroy Western society as we know it."