intelligent design
On today's show we continue our wide-ranging discussion of the Holy Grail, cometary bombardments, and the role of intelligence in the universe. As we've discovered, understanding these three, seemingly unconnected, topics may be more critical than ever to understanding the origins of life and the extreme times the earth is once again going through.

While many proponents of intelligent design strive to illustrate the sheer impossibility of 'random' processes to account for the origins of life, they typically remain silent on the nature of the intelligence capable of doing so, and the means by which it implements its design. It's no wonder, since their scientific reputations are already on the line and the field of study that seeks to understand the mind's potential to interact with the universe in many mysterious ways - parapsychology - is itself verboten in modern scientific discourse.

But we here at MindMatters don't face such constraints. If intelligence accounts for the myriad designs of life, then it is in the science of the mind that we should seek our answers. So today we turn to the vilified field of parapsychology to tease out a mechanism that can explain how an intelligence could, without a trace, initiate and maintain the grand experiment of life on earth.

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