Planet of the Humans, the new documentary produced by Michael Moore and narrated/directed by Jeff Gibbs, exposes the corporate takeover the 'green movement' and lays bare the exponentially WORSE environmental destruction the 'green solutions' have wreaked on both people and planet. Published for free on YouTube, it has generated over 7 million views since late April, and been panned by arch-ideologues like The Guardian's George Monbiot, who described it as "oxygen for climate deniers."

The narrator - and presumably Moore by proxy - are something like 'original greenies': they once really believed that 'if we just mandate X', then 'something could be done' to 'make the world a better place'. But as Gibbs takes us through his 'identity crisis' as a greenie, he shows how that 'revolutionary dream' was coopted by bad actors whose vision of 'greening the economy' was actualized as a flood of greenbacks into their corporate bank accounts.

The peak insanity of the whole scam - which is not even fully realized by Gibbs because he continues to believe in other false axioms like 'oil bad' and 'humans control climate' - is that it's founded on the unproven 19th century theory that fossil fuels like oil are 'really old, partly decomposed trees'. And because combusting them for energy produces the side-effect of emitting CO2, it must be that CO2 which is being observed to increase in the atmosphere. And so it must be that which is causing global temperatures to rise. And so it must be that which is causing the increase in extreme weather phenomena and seismic upheaval.

As the documentary shows, this edifice of assumptions has driven madmen in power to mine minerals like never before in order to build largely useless batteries, solar panels and windfarms, and cull forests of LIVING trees like never before in order to combust those for 'green, clean biomass' energy instead of oil and gas. As one of Gibbs' interviewees comments: "You would have been better off just burning the fossil fuels in the first place, instead of playing pretend."

Exactly so. If you really do believe that 'man-made CO2 will kill us all'... then you ought - by your own logic - to be a die-hard activist AGAINST the green movement. 'We' (people generally, and the environment) are now in a WORSE position because 'we' attempted to intervene on the basis of false beliefs. Nevertheless the documentary concludes that unless 'we' take back 'our' green movement from the billionaires and trillionaires, it will be too late to 'save the planet'.

But that of course is the very thing that got us into this mess in the first place, and is the very essence of the problem: getting past our hubris that 'we' can 'save' anything, much less a planetary organism that is vastly larger and older than us! Don't worry; She will 'save herself' as and when She needs to. But can 'we' as individuals, even 'save' ourselves? Can we overcome our juvenile denial of death to recognize that we first must master ourselves?

Enjoy Planet of the Humans...