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When exactly did we start listening to Bill Gates about anything? Anything other than computer stuff, that is. Lately Bill Gates has been showing up on various platforms in various interviews telling everyone they can't leave their homes until there's a vaccine for the coronavirus. And who exactly put Bill in charge? Why is he acting like he's calling the shots? Why is the IT guy giving us medical directives?

In this episode of Objective:Health we take a deep dive into the agenda of William Henry Gates III, and the results are downright creepy. Bill Gates is a driven, power-hungry, megalomaniac with a strong fetish for vaccines and extreme forms of surveillance, not to mention creating technologies that move the human race closer and closer to a kind of technological slavery. Oh, and he has a depopulation agenda. The scariest thing is, despite never being elected to any political position, he manages to push through his agenda by wielding his massive wealth. So, no thanks Bill, we don't want your crappy vaccines and ID chips.

Join us on this episode of Objective:Health for some good ol' fashion Bill bashin'. Send Bill back to the IT department. Nobody wants him ruling the world.

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Here's the transcript of the show:

Doug: Hello, and welcome to another exciting episode of Objective Health. I am your host Doug. With me in our virtual studio are Erica, Tiffany and Elliot. In the background on the ones and twos, the man of the hour, the tower of power, Damian. [Laughter]


Doug: Today, we are going to talk about something that we almost couldn't avoid. It was either to do another show on Coronavirus, or indirectly, what we have chosen is to talk about Bill Gates. I don't know about you guys but my social media feeds are packed with Bill Gates stuff right now. It's insane. He has come out as the new king of the world and now we all have to listen to what he says.

Tiffany: Yeah.

Doug:He is everywhere. We have known for quite a while that Bill Gates is the incarnation of evil {laughter}, and we decided that maybe we should do a show going into more detail on that because he really seems to be ramping up his agenda with this whole Coronavirus thing. Never let a good opportunity go to waste, or let a good crisis go to waste. How does it go?

Tiffany: A good crisis.

Doug: A good crisis go to waste. Where do you even start? Bill Gates was born from the womb of satan back in... {Laughter}

Tiffany: He was spawned.

Doug: Spawned, yeah.{laughter}

Tiffany: From what I know he was raised in a very wealthy family on both sides, both his mother and his father's side. His father was a member of Planned Parenthood and he was a eugenicist. That says a lot. I know you can't blame the son for the sins of the father, but sometimes the phrase the apple doesn't fall far from the tree makes sense. His dad was a eugenicist and heavily involved in politics. I think his mum came from a family of wealth and intrigue as well so it's really no surprise that Bill Gates turned out to be how he was, or is.

Doug: A maniacal, power hungry.

Erica: Or shall be.

Doug: I think one of the more recent things that Bill Gates said was --. we've got that clip. Should we play it Damian?

Damian: Sure. Let me find it.

Bill Gates: But what does opening up look like? Which activities have, like schools, have such benefit and can be done in a way that the risk of transmission is very low? And which activities, like mass gatherings, may be — in a certain sense — more optional. And so until you're widely vaccinated, those may not come back at all. [interview]

Tiffany: I like how he paused there like he could barely get "at all" out. First of all, who is this guy?

Doug: That's exactly my question. When did we all start listening to him?

Tiffany: Who does he think he is?! He is not elected! Even if he was elected, who cares? No one has the right to have that amount of power over anybody. He is not a doctor. He is not an elected official. He is just some dude who has a lot of money.

Erica: He has the largest philanthropic foundation in the world with a $43 billion trust that makes grant payments of more than $3 billion annually to advance his foundation's goals like reforming schools, public health initiatives, vaccination programmes. His major goal is to vaccinate every child. That was his goal, now it's everybody.

Elliot: Does anyone know when he got interested and when he turned his attention away from computers and towards public health policy and vaccinations? He was just a computer scientist right? He is most well-known for developing Microsoft. That is how he made his fortune. Not to say that he didn't come from an extremely wealthy family. The guy is a computer geek. First of all, what qualifications does he have to educate anyone on public health? Secondly, what made him interested in vaccines?

Tiffany: Maybe he was fiddling around with computer viruses for so long it got him interested in real viruses.

Doug: One of the first programs he made was a computer virus apparently. That's when he first discovered that if you create a virus then you can get paid to get rid of it. {Laughter} But to answer your first question Elliot: nothing. He has no medical qualifications whatsoever.

Tiffany: He didn't even graduate from college, not that that matters anyway, but still.

Doug: For the second point of it-when? I'm not sure but what I would imagine is that as he started amassing more and more wealth he was probably advised to start doing philanthropic stuff. All these super-billionaire guys do that.

Tiffany: For tax breaks.

Doug: For tax breaks. There was a really interesting article - I have a list of articles. This rabbit hole is super deep so I have got about 50 billion articles. It's called Bill Gates' Charity Paradox, it's from the Nation.com. It is actually a really great article because it goes into how he manages to maneuver and scheme and the rules that don't apply to charities. He has discovered that by doing this charitable work you can get more done and forward your agenda more effectively than you can if you are actually elected to office.

When you are working with charities, you get all these tax breaks so that's one thing, but at the same time there is nobody standing in the way of your agenda.

Tiffany: There are no checks and balances.

Doug: No checks and balances. What you throw money at, you can make happen. He has done all this stuff through charity and actually managed to skirt the system and I would say he is more powerful than any politician at the moment; any president, any prime minister, anything like that. He is able to institute what he wants to, through his charitable organizations more efficiently than any politician ever could.

Who knows, he might have pulled vaccines out of a hat. "What is something that I should get involved with?" Or, at the same time, as Tiff pointed out before, he father was a Planned Parenthood eugenicist-type so maybe at some point he thought "this is a good way to get my father's agenda out to the world".

Erica: To answer your question Elliot, I just found something. it sounds like 1998 may have been the year. He was having antitrust lawsuits filed against the Microsoft Corporation and in that same year Bill and Melinda Gates committed $100 million to create their Gates' children's vaccine program. 98'/99' might be the beginning of when we started to see a public face of the vaccine agenda.

Tiffany: Was that also the same year that he got smashed in the face with cream pies three times {laughter} as he was on his way to some kind of meeting?

Elliot: On the topic of him perhaps inheriting similar kinds of views as his dad, he has openly come out and said, and doesn't even hide, that what he thinks would be best for the world is population reduction. Whether he is in complete agreement with his dad at Planned Parenthood or whether he's got his own agenda, it seems that one of the things that he would like to see is ways that we can cull half of the population. That's what it would seem, from what he says. He doesn't even seem to hide that. He openly says it in his Ted talks, that what he wants to do is reduce the world's population.

Doug: And that vaccines are a way to do that which is an odd thing to say. How is vaccination going to lead to population reduction?

Tiffany: That's not anything that we ever learned about vaccines.

Doug: It's funny, it was almost like it was a slip there. I said in our last show when we briefly talked about Bill Gates that I had given him the benefit of the doubt for a while and thought that maybe he misspoke a couple of times. Digging into it I think that is actually his agenda. Like you said Elliot, he is actually quite upfront about it.

There was another really good article that was posted on Children's Health Defence.org called Gates' Globalist Vaccine Agenda: A Win-Win for Pharma and Mandatory Vaccination. It was written by RFK Jr. Children's Health Defence is his site. The article completely lays out what Bill Gates has been up to with his vaccine programs over the course of the years. I highly recommend reading that article. One thing that it did say about population reduction is that -- sorry I'm trying to find it.

Elliot: About sterility? Was it in Kenya? One of the African nations?

Erica: It was an experimental malaria vaccine from GlaxoSmithKline.

Tiffany: They had hCG in the vaccine and it caused the women to become infertile after being given the vaccine.

Doug: Looking at this it says it was tetanus.

Tiffany: Tetanus with hCG in it.

Doug: It said "Independent labs found a sterility formula in every vaccine. After denying the charges, WHO finally admitted it had been developing the sterility vaccines for over a decade. Similar accusations came from Tanzania, Nicaragua, Mexico, and the Philippines."

Oh my God! I'm sorry but, that's just insane! He's talking about how vaccination can help reduce the population and he literally means that! That's what it is, they are putting sterility stuff in the vaccine! That's just crazy.

Elliot: The thing is that they don't advertise that. They probably do amongst their buddies. This is the way that these criminals work and this guy is a fully fledged international criminal, nothing less. The guy is purley criminal. What they do is they go to these second world countries and they might make some generous donations and build up some kind of financial ties with some of the government officials or the public health officials. They get a couple of officials in their back pocket and they go to these second world nations and they do their experiments on the population.

I think one of the reasons they target these nations is because what is a small rural community in the bush of India going to say? How are they going to campaign against Bill Gates, internationally speaking? The coverage is minor. They go to these rural communities and they;ve got an experimental vaccine which probably hasn't had much safety testing done in terms of animal testing.

Tiffany: They are the animals who are being tested!

Doug: In their eyes, yeah.

Elliot: Often, these people are considered to be guinea pigs and they are using these experimental, oftentimes toxic vaccines on these vulnerable individuals in rural communities and nothing gets said. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has been in India for a very long time. Not long ago they were kicked out of India. The government of India formally requested that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation leave and they stop doing their experiments on the public because they found that over the years between the years 2000 and 2017, they had caused 490,000 children to come down with a condition called Non-Polio Acute Flaccid Paralysis which is basically paralysis. The doctors had witnessed this and what they found was that this was highly correlated with the areas of vaccination. It has been the same in other countries including the Congo, Afghanistan, and the Philippines. Many of these different conditions have become apparent. The severity or the prevalence of these certain conditions has been a lot more than expected and that tightly correlates with where the Gates Foundation has been doing these experimental vaccine trials. Thankfully, India has stepped up and said "Get out, because we don't want you here anymore!"

There was a case in 2014 where the Gates Foundation funded tests of experimental HPV vaccines developed by GlaxoSmithKline and Merck - which if you don't know are major big pharma, evil corporations. So they did this HPV vaccine. They experimented on 23,000 young girls in remote Indian provinces. Approximately 1,200 suffered severe side effects including autoimmune and fertility disorders. Seven died. Indian government investigations charged that the Gates-funded researchers committed pervasive ethical violations. They were pressuring vulnerable village girls into the trial, bullying parents, forging consent forms and then refusing medical care to the injured girls.

If this was not pure evil, pure criminal, then I don't know what is. I'll be honest, I've seen first-hand the effects that these vaccines can have. They ruin women's lives in many cases. I worked with several who had the gardasil HPV vaccine and their life was completely ruined. These are women in the Western world, but in remote provinces of India, the likelihood that they are going to get any support or proper treatment for the kind of thing that they go through is slim. It doesn't even bear thinking about.

Doug: Incidentally, since they have been kicked out of India the rates of cases of Non-Polio Acute Flaccid Paralysis have dropped precipitously apparently. They can hide behind "correlation doesn't equal causation" but it seems pretty obvious to me.

Elliot: The interesting thing as well is that in "the polio issue" - where they want to completely eradicate polio - there's a statistic that around 70% of polio cases are actually the same strain of polio which is found in the vaccines.

The vaccines are potentially maintaining the global polio epidemic, they are causing it. That benefits Gates and his cronies, because they don't want to see that these diseases are completely eradicated. What they say and what they benefit from financially are two different things. In fact, if they completely eradicated these diseases then there would be nothing to vaccinate against and therefore they would not be able to profit from that. Their words and their financial interests do not match up.

Tiffany: It even goes beyond the profit motive at this point. Bill Gates is worth how many billions of dollars?

Doug: Just under $100 billion.

Tiffany: It's just some zeros on a computer screen or a piece of paper. At this point, money has no bearing, I don't think. It's about far more than money, I think it's absolute control. A psychopathic need to control people which I cannot fully grasp. I just don't understand the need to have people do what you tell them to do in every aspect of their lives. That doesn't compute for me, but apparently there is a small percentage of people on this planet who really enjoy such things, regardless of the financial aspect.

Doug: Of course, Bill Gates has turned his vaccine antenna towards the Coronavirus for his ultimate coup over the entire world. It is interesting because there was another article on Children's Health Defence called Here's Why Bill Gates wants Indemnity... Are you Willing to Take the Risk? and it talks about the vaccine for Coronavirus and it says

"Scientists first attempted to develop coronavirus vaccines after China's 2002 SARS-CoV outbreak. Teams of US & foreign scientists vaccinated animals with the four most promising vaccines. At first, the experiment seemed successful as all the animals developed a robust antibody response to coronavirus.

However, when the scientists exposed the vaccinated animals to the wild virus, the results were horrifying. Vaccinated animals suffered hyper-immune responses including inflammation throughout their bodies, especially in their lungs. Researchers had seen this same 'enhanced immune response' during human testing of the failed RSV vaccine tests in the 1960s. Two children died."

Basically what they're saying is that they have been trying to make a Coronavirus vaccine for quite some time, ever since SARS first popped up in 2002. The problem they are having is that it is killing the animals that they are testing it on. What makes this even more disturbing is that Anthony Fauci, the US health guy - I can't remember what his title is...

Tiffany: He is the head of allergies and infectious diseases or something like that.

Doug: He has agreed to fast-track vaccines without animal testing. Are they even going to know if they've corrected this problem or not?

Tiffany: It doesn't matter.

Elliot: They are testing in the NIH - the National Institute of Health - so he has a facility with a lab and they have fast-tracked it directly to human subjects. The problem is, how will we even know? Until the human subjects come into contact with some kind of novel Coronavirus in the future - could be next year, could be two years, could be four years down the line - how do we know? They could get this systemic inflammatory response and drop down dead and we're not going to be told about that, are we?!

Doug: Nope. Keep that in mind when they come knocking at your door with their vaccine rifles pointed at you and your kids.

Elliot: It seems that and the like are very well connected. It's not just him and Melinda who are on a tyrannical adventure. These guys are well connected with world-class elites.

Tiffany: Like Jeffrey Epstein.

Elliot:, The Clintons, he was buddies with Epstein, the Rockafellers, the Rothschilds. You are talking about ultra, ultra elite individuals; Bill Gates is best buddies with them. I don't think Gates is going alone on this one. It is important to note that there is a lot of information about hydroxychloroquine - the antimalarial drug - which has shown pretty darn good results, excellent results from what I have read about it, in terms of its efficacy at preventing mortality from Covid and helping to deal with it in the hospitals.

The clinical trials using this drug have been good. Fauci was quoted in 2013, touting the benefits of this drug hydroxychloroquine whilst Obama was President in relation to one of the other Coronavirus outbreaks. I think it was MERS or SARS. He was saying how good hydroxychloroquine was against this virus. Now that Trump has said that we should be using this drug, he has turned his back on that and now he is saying that this drug is not effective and in fact we need to wait for a vaccine.

Potentially, what we are going to have to do is stay quarantined or maintain social distancing. They are talking about how optional events like social gathering events, meetings, socialising and these things will probably not return back to normal. We may not be able to do these things until we have a widespread vaccine available which is potentially going to be 12-18 months.

It's important to note that Fauci is big buddies with Bill Gates and Clinton and many of the other elites. So this guy is of the same ilk and he is right at the top directing public policy. What it seems like is that he and Gates have got a little handshake, backroom deal going on, whatever it is. It seems like they are very much downplaying the potential benefits of any other solution for the Coronavirus because they want to get this vaccine out.

Doug: That leads nicely into that study that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is partially funding which is supposed to be checking the efficacy of hydroxychloroquine. There was a New York Post article on it and one line in the middle of the article nonchalantly drops that the placebo that they are testing hydroxychloroquine against will be vitamin C.

Tiffany: What!!!

Doug: It's like, wait a second, what?

Tiffany: That's not a placebo.

Doug: That is not a placebo, exactly. We even did a whole show on the great placebo scandal where what they have is a placebo that is not in fact a placebo. They can manipulate results based on what is in the placebo. In this case, vitamin C - we have already done an entire show on this too - is actually effective against Coronavirus.

They call that a placebo and then they turn around, test hydroxychloroquine against it and say that hydroxychloroquine is no better than the placebo. Well yeah, because they are both effective.

Elliot: Because they both work!

Doug: It's stunning! I can't actually believe that they put it into that New York Post article, why not keep that a secret? That is hubris or something.

Elliot: It is genius isn't it? The arrogance, the hubris, the surety that you are going to achieve what you want to achieve. Gates and those guys are so sure, it's like they don't even care that if someone with a brain and reads the research article, they can see that vitamin C is not a placebo. A placebo is meant to be a physiologically inert substance. Use chalk, don't use vitamin C!

It's almost like they are just laughing at us. They are laughing at us! They probably love this. It's like they are playing a mind game. It's a feat of genius because they can bank on the fact that the majority of people, whether it is doctors or other health professionals, will likely not read the whole study, they will just read the abstract. They will probably put the study behind a paywall which means that you won't be able to access it. They will simply put in the abstract "as effective or ineffective as placebo" and there you go, job's done.

Doug: The media, especially the American media, has been slamming vitamin C, the whole idea that vitamin C is effective. With broad strokes they have been saying "No, it is completely ineffective, that's just a myth". So maybe it is their way of saying "We're using vitamin C as a placebo. That is how ineffective vitamin C is. We'll even use it as a placebo." I don't know though.

Tiffany: I have my suspicions about anything that they recommend or don't recommend. I think that there is a lot of fake fighting going on, like good cop/bad cop thing. They are trying to create a left/right paradigm, this side says it works, this side says it doesn't work, what are we going to do? I think it's like trying to create a buzz like they created a buzz for the vaccine where people are so desperate for some kind of relief where they will ask for anything.

Now maybe we can do an entire show on hydroxychloroquine, I think it would be worth it to do one and look at it from both sides. What I have heard is that it has a lot of side effects, but there are also plenty of doctors who are saying it is not as effective as they say. So who knows? I'm not going to believe it just because Trump says it, or because Fauci says it's bad that it must be good. I think it demands a little bit more investigation.

Doug: It is steeped in partisanism right now. If you are lefty you say it is garbage, if you are a righty and you love Trump then you say it's great. I know what you mean.

Erica: Maybe that's the idea, to muddy the water. We have said this so many times before on the show, they just inundate people with so much information that they can't think straight. Then they go "forget it, forget the vitamin C, forget the other options, I'm just going to go for the vaccine. It's easy, you get your papers and you get your job back."

Doug: That being said, despite the back and forth about hydroxychloroquine it does look like it is promising. Who knows?

Tiffany: It could be fine, it could be that the majority of the people do experience some benefit from it, but it seems like you're pulling out a bazooka just to shoot a gnat. If you consider the actual fatality and the lies about the number of people who are dying from this so-called scourge on humanity, it seems like a big thing to be doing just for something that is like the flu. People were talking about stem cells for this. Come on! Really? Having to go to all those lengths for this? I'm suspicious of everything.

Doug: Good point.

Elliot: It's muddying the waters. The back and forth is taking away from the most important point, that the Coronavirus is a "nothing burger" compared to what they have told us it is. People are having to come up with all of these different treatments. We've spoken about this time and time again. I follow a lot of alternative doctors and integrative doctors who seem very clued up about a lot of things and they are coming up with very extensive protocols on how to tackle Coronavirus. Maybe that is the smokescreen?

Doug: That's a good point. Getting back to Bill Gates, and his recent meteoric rise in the press and the different stuff that has been going on on that front, there are two things that I want to talk about here. Bill Gates put up a nothing-post of himself holding up a sign saying "Thank you to all our doctors" or something like that, and it was flooded with thousands of comments from people saying "We don't want your vaccine. Screw you!" It was all negative comments, every single one. I was just scrolling through it and my jaw dropped. It's a small sample but nonetheless there are a lot of people out there who are not buying his game, despite the good press that he has gotten out there and despite getting Madonna and whoever else backing him up, Lady Gaga.

Tiffany: That's a ringing endorsement. {Laughter}

Doug: Not for you or me. It seems like people aren't buying it. I wonder if this is a PR nightmare.

Tiffany: I think they are underestimating the number of people who are onto them. They have had a bunch of other viral scares for decades and it goes back a long time but with the level of social media that we have - granted it seems like most of the people are sheep and are just going along with the whole story - but I think they underestimate how many people are waking up to so-called conspiracies and are going to be calling them out. I don't think they counted on that. Maybe they have and that's why they have all these police state measures in place.

Doug: It is interesting that there was a petition up on change.org which had 129,000 signatures for calling on parliament to debate Bill Gates' microchipping proposals. We haven't even talked about his chipping stuff. That petition disappeared. It's gone - 129,000 signatures. For it to be brought up in parliament it needs 100,000 signatures. So it had 129,000 and it disappears. "What petition? I don't know what you are talking about."

Erica: They started the whole vaccine hesitancy back in 2019. We did a show then on the top 10 global threats to health. It's eerie when you read through what their take is and how we have to scrub fake news and get the message out that vaccines are good and that we are going to save the population. This whole thing plays into it now.

You see their agenda playing out. "Let's use the media to push this vaccine hesitancy and let's get everyone to hate anti-vaxxers", then lo and behold here comes your saviour. Even Robert F. Kennedy Jr. said it. He made this quote that sticks out: "Gates' obsession with vaccines seems fuelled by a messianic conviction that he is ordained to save the world with technology and godlike willingness to experiment with the lives of lesser humans."

Unless they are reading alternative news, most people don't see his history of funding, with GAVI and the WHO and big pharma. He goes on these syndicates like the Daily Show with Trevor Nella and he is touted as this hero who is going to save humanity. I do think it is like this messianic trip that he has got going.

Tiffany: A lot of these revolutionary leaders, whether they're communists, nazis, or bolsheviks, these people throughout history are all utopianists. They all think that they can heal the world or create a better planet. The question is, a better planet for who? For them and people like them? So they can have their freedoms to be how they want to be and screw everybody else? That's the utopia they're thinking of.

Doug: And they don't care how many Indian or African children they have to destroy in the process. If you start looking into some of the other stuff that Bill Gates has going on, you see he's got ID-2020 which I think Microsoft is funding. It is a digital ID program where you get a chip.

Erica: It's a tattoo.

Doug: It's a tattoo and within the ink there is something that stays with it that can be read by devices. The information that would be in there would tell how many vaccines you have had, etc., etc. It's like the ultimate tracking and there is zero privacy, despite the fact that they are trying to sell it as if it is somehow empowering. They're talking about how they are going to be testing it out on the homeless population somewhere in Texas.

You would have a tattoo on you that could be read by the authorities at any time and they would be able to tell what vaccines you'v had and what you haven't and whether you are allowed to be outside of your house. It sounds like something out of crazy science fiction, honesty! If somebody told me that I would be like "Meh! Come on man, really?" But apparently it's true.

Tiffany: They don't even have to go to those lengths yet. I'm sure they will go to the ultimate lengths at some point. You just use a tracking app on your phone. The government says you have to download this app and you have your phone with you wherever you go. People are already used to having their phones with them wherever they go anyway. Just track the people with their phone. There are apps they have in China - of course you can opt into it - where if you have been close to someone who has tested positive for Covid-19 they can notify you and get you the proper help. It doesn't even have to come down to getting a tattoo or a vaccine right now, but of course vaccines are Bill Gates' ultimate wet dream.

Doug: Bill Gates is able to shape society outside of political channels, undemocratically, through massive expenditures of money. In that article we were talking about before, the Charity Paradox, it says that despite the fact that he is giving away billions of dollars to these charities, it never affects his net worth. If he gives away $20 billion, you would think that that would put a dent in his net worth. Apparently not, apparently it never affects it. It's pretty amazing. It's like he's a wizard.

Elliot: What is interesting is that what he claims is charitable donations is actually donating to big pharma companies.

Tiffany: Or to his own foundation.

Elliot: He donates $650 million to the World Health Organisation per year.

Erica: The largest private donor.

Elliot: He is the largest private donor of the World Health Organisation, the guy who wants to reduce the world's population, the guy who wants everyone to be vaccinated. Do we think that this has no effect on the supposedly unbiased recommendations of the World Health Organisation? Are they the best people to be listened to? To be taking advice from? Should countries be listening to this kind of organisation? That's one thing.

Then, we have the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation funneling money into pharmaceutical companies, billions into pharmaceutical companies. They are currently trialling and perhaps funding eight different vaccinations for the Coronavirus. The most well known is a company called Inovio. They have also got some shares in Moderna. Those are the two main biotech engineering companies who are at the forefront of the RNA vaccines for the Coronavirus.

They've also got their hands in the pockets of about eight other vaccines. So I think they're trying to spread their money as thinly as possible to make sure that they have shares in any of the vaccines that come through and work. It seems like they are putting all of their hopes into the Coronavirus vaccination. Bill Gates has been watering at the mouth for about 20 years at the idea of mandatory vaccinations of the whole world. This is a surprisingly good crisis and opportunity for him.

Tiffany: He stepped down from the board of Microsoft so he can devote all of his time and energies to managing this crisis, but no one asked him to. He can focus all of his evil.

Doug: He can channel all of his evil. Even Microsoft is doing crazy stuff too. Do you guys remember Marina Abramović? She was the spirit cooking lady. This is quite funny, Microsoft just put out an ad because they are doing a new platform or something which is a virtual reality thing. They teamed up with her and they did this commercial with her and she is talking about how this was a way for an artist to be immortal and live on in the digital world. It looks like an exhibit where you can sit there, put on a virtual reality helmet and have a conversation with Marina Abramović, the spirit cooking witch, dark forces master.

Tiffany: Why would they pick her? Don't they know that we know who she is? Do they just not care anymore?

Doug: That's a good question. I think they completely underestimated that. Apparently the video commercial was up for a while and then got taken down because it had - I can't remember off the top of my head - 6,000 dislikes, maybe it was even more than that [24,000]. The ratio of likes to dislikes was so massively disproportionate that they were like "We've have made a mistake, I guess we'll have to take this down". I thought that that was funny.

For all the people who were serious tinfoil hat wearers who take the satanism, pizzagate, and spirit cooking thing very seriously, it is almost like they were baiting them. They are dangling this stuff in front of their face. Madonna showing up in a video talking about how she is going to give a million dollars to Bill Gates for his vaccine program and she is wearing a shirt that has a crucified demon on it, a crucified guy with devil horns? How real is the satanism thing or are they throwing them a bone? "Let's let Vigilant Citizen go crazy on this for a while."

Tiffany: I don't know.

Elliot: It makes you wonder doesn't it? It's not really the topic of this show but it seems that there is some pretty dark stuff that goes on, but I think there is also a lot of - not fluff, that's not what I mean - there is a lot of...

Doug: Misdirection?

Elliot: Yes, it is murky. I think there is a lot more theory than there probably is fact. It's really, really, really difficult because a lot of it is based on anecdotes. It is difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff. From what we do know, we can get some idea into the psychology of these kinds of people. Whether they are into this weird satanism stuff? It's possible that some of them are, but we can also be fairly certain that these guys suffer from a sickness.

There is no cure for this sickness. These people are fundamentally mentally ill. They are sick in the sense that their purpose on earth is completely different from the average human being in every way; in what we value, in how we try to live our lives. The way that these guys operate is the complete opposite, they want power, and they want control. They are ruthless individuals and they want complete control over as many people as they can get. They will do anything to do that. That is the definition of a sickness. These guys are psychopaths.

Tiffany: It's bad enough just having one psychopath working on its own to accomplish some kind of goal, but just imagine a whole room full of them, or a whole 1% where they all grew up with the same values. What they teach their children and is passed on from generation to generation is this kind of mindset to rule over people, and it goes on for generation to generation and becomes like a religion for them. You can call this religion Satanism or Service to Self or whatever you want to call it; the bottom line is that it always results in tyranny.

Elliot: For Bill and Melinda Gates, money is numbers on a screen, money is nothing to these people. They don't need any more money, they probably don't even care. It's the power, it's the control. I would not be the slightest bit surprised if they got extreme pleasure, sensory pleasure, from the idea of inflicting pain and suffering onto the average person and onto the rural communities in India. I think for many of these individuals, to find out that their vaccine caused pain and disfigured 490,000 little Indian children would be quite a pleasurable experience.

Tiffany: That's a good day at the office for them.

Elliot: That's a good day at the office. That's a good thing. The average human being cannot get their head around this kind of psychology. This is why people study the psychological literature on psychopathy. Sometimes it is just a ruthless drive just to get what they want and sometimes what they want is just to inflict pain. Aside from the control, aside from the power, it's the ability to be tyrannical against a large number of people, that is what gives them pleasure in life.

Tiffany: If you look at Bill Gates, he looks like a nice enough guy. He doesn't have horns growing out of his head. He is not disgustingly ugly or anything that would give a clue as to his inner landscape. If you watch some of the interviews that he does he can barely contain himself he is so excited.

Doug: He is giddy about quarantine.

Erica: And society not opening back up until his solution is presented.

Tiffany: Until he says so.

Doug: Why are we listening to this guy again? Why is he even on the TV, because he invented a debatably good operating system?

Tiffany: No one ever questions him at all. Everything that comes out of his mouth is like some kind of miracle. No one says "Wait a minute, why are you even into this?" They are complete "softball" interviews.

Doug: Why is the IT guy giving me medical advice? {Laughter}

Elliot: You don't really think about it like that do you? How has the guy got a platform? If you are in a really bad car accident and you had to go and have surgery would you let him operate? You wouldn't would you. {laughter}

Doug: Quick, call my IT guy!

Tiffany: All you have to do is put a white lab coat on him and that's good enough.

Elliot: Get the software engineer out! {laughter} It's not something you would do, so why do that on a mass scale? It's not just affecting one person, it's affecting billions.

Erica: He said it! Depopulation, get rid of the useless eaters. He said it in a nice way. {Laughter}

Doug: The nice psychopathic agenda. We could probably talk about Bill Gates for the next 24-hours and still not have covered everything. Is there anything that you guys think that we haven't covered that you think should be brought up?

Ercia: Be suspicious the more you see him.

Tiffany: He is all over the place now.

Doug: He is hard not to see.Hhe is like the sun.

Elliot: We have spoken about ID-2020, right?

Doug: Yes.

Elliot: I think this is going to be a potential development moving forward. There are those of us who have been in the tin foil hat/conspiracy movement for a long time. Was it 15 years ago that we had the documentary on YouTube called Zeitgeist? That was how I first got started at looking into this kind of esoteric agenda. People have been talking about this for years and years and years, the idea of a microchip or some kind of a mark of the beast that's going to be a way that the authorities can keep complete control and have major influence over the general population and in films like The Minority Report, 1984 by George Orwell, and A Brave New World.

Tiffany: Terminator with Skynet and their drones flying around checking your temperature.

Elliot: It's like it comes from great thinkers, or people who wish that the technology was possible at that time have envisioned this that this is potentially a reality that humanity could be heading towards. It seems like we are on that trajectory. If something doesn't get done fast then it is possible that it could materialise a lot faster than many of us would have thought.

We have known about this stuff being in the pipeline for a long time. We have been doing this show and there have been articles here, there and everywhere talking about microchips or some sort of tattoo but it has always been relatively novel. It's been a novel scientific research study looking at how this might work hypothetically. They are gunning for it now. It seems like a real possibility that we are going to have to take it into consideration and come to terms with it.

Doug: And on that happy note... {Laughter}

Damian: There are always ways around the system. We'll figure them out.

Doug: Maybe.

Tiffany: There's the black market. There have been a couple of protests. There was a small one in Vancouver and a small one in Cleveland, Ohio where people are protesting the lockdown snatching away their civil liberties. So I think that kind of thing catches on. If they don't slam the boot down on those people's necks too swiftly. I think some more people might wake up to what is going on, but as of now it seems like the average person is hooked.

Doug: It seems that way. They are squealing on their neighbours. Again, on that happy note, I think we have covered this for the most part. Maybe that's it for our show today about Bill Gates. Don't trust Bill Gates guys.

Tiffany: I'm sure his name will continue to come up over and over and over again.

Doug: We can do a part II at some point. Thanks everybody for joining us. Be sure to give the video a "like" and hit the subscribe button if you are so inclined. We will join you again next week. Thanks to my co-hosts, Damian, and all of you for watching. We will see you again next week with a brand new video.