twilight zone maple street
Still from episode 22 of The Twilight Zone, 'Maple Street'
The following is an excellent video post from Aaron and Melissa Dykes over at Truthstream Media.

For those who don't know their work, they're a very bright young married couple in Austin, Texas, and they have been regularly posting superb videos for years, mostly about mind control and technocracy - and when they are right, they share some fantastically well-researched material.

Melissa in particular is also a very good observer and commentator on behavior and its relationship to mass programming/culture. I really enjoy her - she's a got a natural video voice full of sense and apoplectic shock at what she is living through year in year out...)

The first 20 mins of this video is a video diary of what happened in her city/county over the past few days where there is not a single confirmed case of this Coronavirus. A perfect distillation of collective madness...

Melissa goes on to make some very good observations as follows, including the blindingly obvious - with deep esoteric undertones - that I must confess I've missed hitherto, although it's been staring me in the face:

What happens in your body start on a psychic level and I think it's ironic that this is a corona virus because what's a corona? What's the corona normally?

[picture of a crown on the head]

It's the aura right around the Sun that you can only really see during a total solar eclipse.

Fear is the mind killer. Remember that scene in Dune? She's got his hand in the box and she's telling him all this stuff that's happening to his hand and he's telling himself 'fear is the mind killer.' Don't give in to the fear! Your immune system is taxed by a constant stress and constant anxiety and constant panic and fear and freaking out. So yes, you can wash your hands all day - but if you're freaking out, if your anxiety is driven up to a level 100 because everywhere you look in this digital bubble all you're hearing is COVID-19... Corona on a loop, to where it almost doesn't even sound like words anymore - because you've heard it so much and you've just jacked up your entire system to where you're just dumping stress hormones and chemicals into your body at a pretty steady pace.

Well your immune system is going to be impaired by that continuous panic and stress. Continuously stressing someone out is a great way to drive their immune system to a point where if there is a virus, if there is a flu, if there is a cold, if there is something, it's going to be a lot easier to catch it.

Those of you that went to college and you remember finals week? You get all stressed out and the lead-up to finals week - and as soon as you take that test everyone gets sick! It used to happen to me every semester because I'd get all stressed out trying to cram for all my finals and everything and then I would end up getting sick that week because my body couldn't handle the continued repeated stress of freaking out and staying at this constant state of low-level to mid-level anxiety.

Now it's just full-on high level anxiety that people are having, so fear - that's the mind killer. And our reality is based on the signals that are sent to our brains from our sense organs to build the perceptions that we have of our reality, so if we're just constantly listening to all this fear about what's going to happen to you now, yet what's not happened yet, nor what is actually happening, physically where you are.

I'm talking about the projections and all the constant repeating, and repeating - it's like just pushing a button, a panic button, in someone's forehead just over and over and over right there in their corona.
Indeed, properly regulated stress is the first line of defense in protecting yourself from viral infection, as explained by Dr. Gaby here. But another symbolic element of the comparison of this hysteria with a solar eclipse is that when all you see and hear is 'coronavirus, coronavirus...' it is blinding you from seeing anything else because it's blocking out that light/information/awareness.

Something else I want to highlight from the Dykes' video begins @24:50
Our minds are so powerful that there have been cases where a woman has believed she is pregnant and she has had every symptom of pregnancy. I saw one time there was a story about a woman who grew an amniotic sac! That's how strong the mind is. They call it pseudocyesis - and doctors suspect the psychological factors actually trick the body into thinking that it's pregnant.

The brain is insanely powerful. This is we have such a thing as the placebo effect... I definitely don't want to make you witness 27 people saying the word fear, but that's what it is... Today I watched a mayor of one of our larger cities give a press conference and the whole press conference was about freaking people out - it was not about calming anyone down - the way he was talking, I couldn't believe it because normally when they give these press conferences they usually try to get everyone to remain calm. But it's almost like the words he was saying were trigger-words that were trying to trigger people into freaking out more.

...Driving people to the point where they're just responding emotionally and reacting to a situation instead of thinking about things logically is also driving people to a point of begging to have their rights taken away - begging for any level of fascism that you can think of. And some of that is actually going on - that's actually occurring now; people that back in 2012 were decrying the idea of martial law on the streets are actually saying today, "It's gonna be a good thing when that happens, it's gonna be good we are being locked down..." Unbelievable!

It reminds me of a quote I saw today on Instagram it said:
"Let's face it - we live in a command based system,
where we've been programmed since our earliest school years to become followers, not individuals;
we have been conditioned to embrace teams, the herd, the masses, popular opinion,
and to reject what is different eccentric or stands alone;
we are so programmed that all it takes for any business or authority to condition our minds
to follow or buy something is to simply repeat a statement more than three or four times
until we repeat it ourselves and follow it as truth or the best, trendiest thing.
This is called programming; the frequent repetition of words to condition us
how to think, what to like or dislike and who to follow."
I always wondered how on Earth the Powers That Be would ever enforce martial law or a totalitarian police state because there are way too many people and way too few enforcers. Well, now we know how they did it: they gradually brought people to a state of mind where most clamored voluntarily for it!

Finally, @30:15
...which takes me back to the Twilight Zone and 'Maple Street'.

Do you know how the episode ends? It's a good episode. I think it was ranked the top ten Twilight Zone episodes of all time because it makes a really good point.

So at the end, you have neighbours who just moments before in the episode we're totally friendly with each other and hanging out in the street. But now they're beating each other to death in the streets and they're throwing rocks through each other's windows and everything has gone to complete hell - utter chaos. Everything is dissolved.

Then the scene cuts to a nearby hilltop that overlooks the street; there's these two guys there... they're talking about how all you have to do is use this device they have to manipulate a neighbourhood's power and how simply messing with it just makes everyone go insane, and that it only takes a few hours after screwing with people's machines - the machines are specifically mentioned by the way - that's all it takes for people to descend into complete and utter anxiety, paranoia, chaos, panic and flip out on each other and it's a pattern that they've done in other cities and it can be exploited.

...these two guys with their device, they're aliens - and they're going to take over Earth. And the last line is about how they're going to do it one neighbourhood at a time. They say:
"All we need to do is sit back and watch. Their world is full of Maple Streets and we'll go from one to the other and let them destroy themselves, one to the other, one to the other..."
The closing narration says:
"The tools of conquest do not necessarily come with bombs and explosions and fallout. There are weapons that are simply thoughts, attitudes, prejudices, to be found only in the minds of men."
For those who haven't yet see Melissa and Aaron Dykes' award-winning documentary, The Minds of Men, you'll do worse than to watch it as you quarantine yourself from the March madness out there...