russia trans-baikal wildfire
Massive steppe wildfires, propelled by strong winds, have destroyed more than a hundred houses in the Siberian region of Trans-Baikal, leaving hundreds of local residents homeless.

More than 400 people were affected by the wildfires that got out of control in the remote Russian region on the Mongolian border.

At least, 111 houses in 15 villages were lost in the disaster, the governor's office said. The people evacuated in time and there have been no fatalities related to the fires.

Some 70 firefighters were battling the blaze, with the assistance of two planes and a helicopter. The Russian Emergencies Ministry said early on Saturday that the fires have been put out in all of the villages, except one.

Footage posted online showed huge flames are coming dangerously close to residential areas with the skies blackened by plumes of smoke.

Some photos captured the aftermath of the wildfires, with homes in some villages reduced to ashes.