Snow on April 19, 2019
Snow on April 19, 2019
Though the warm March and sustained sunshine tricked some into thinking winter was over for good, Alaska pulled its favorite prank of bringing another dump of snow in mid-April.

The snow is causing road conditions to be similar to those of January and December, when just one week ago the roads, and the lawns, were bone dry.

Now, several state and city agencies are warning of poor road conditions in multiple cities across the state as the flakes continue to fall. Here's a list of the regions with poor driving conditions and weather alerts.

ANCHORAGE: Anchorage Police Department issued a traffic alert for the city, saying snow and icy conditions would persist all day. Take it slow; follow winter driving tips. Snow is still falling throughout the Anchorage area creating icy road conditions. Some areas of town are seeing at least 4 inches of accumulation or more. Please give yourself plenty of time to get to work/school or consider delaying your start for the day and drive safely.

FAIRBANKS: Fairbanks Police Department said multiple vehicle accidents across the borough, slow down and drive with caution. Pay attention for emergency personnel and pedestrians on the highways. Give yourself extra time to commute.

DALTON HIGHWAY: Alaska Department of Transportation said from MP 241 to MP 245 there are Hazardous Driving Conditions including Whiteout, Poor visibility, Drifting snow, Blowing snow, Reduce your speed, Chains recommended. Wind speed: 20 to 30 mph

PARKS HIGHWAY: Alaska Department of Transportation said from MP 231 to MP 276 there is Very Difficult Driving Conditions including Light snow, Frosted surface, Frozen slush, Wet and icy roads, Snow on roadway, Melting snow, Icy patches, Black ice, Stay back 200 feet from snowplows, Snow removal equipment on roadway, Slippery road surface, Reduce your speed, Ice on Bridges/Overpasses, Drive with headlights on, Be prepared for winter driving.