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The Google Earth software has turned out to be an excellent tool for observing the Earth's surface features though it cannot be considered the direct equivalent of an optical camera since much image processing is needed to produce the imagery we look at on our PC screens.

The latest issue of the New Concepts in Global Tectonics has been published and in the letters section Bruce Leybourne notes a linkage between gravity anomalies and lightning and earthquakes, and I suspect volcanic activity. But just how gravity could be linked to lightning seems problematical unless our understanding of gravity is faulty, and that gravity is instead some sort of electrical phenomena. Gravity being electrical is not a new idea and the in situ field data I collected from a drilling operation in 2009 supports the idea that it's electrical in nature. But first some assumptions.

Atomic nuclei can be considered as discrete entities surrounded by a cloud of electrons. The dual nature of the electron remains problematical and here I assume it to be a wave in an underlying substrate or aether. As well light, being essentially a transverse oscillation requires a physical medium through which to traverse, and having an aether allows this.

The observable universe is comprised of condensed matter (solids) and to an extent, liquids, gases and plasma. According to the plasma-universe model, 99.997% of the observable matter is in the plasma state, implying that 0.003% isn't and that solid matter is an even smaller proportion.

Newton's equations of motion and gravity apply only to solid matter since physically his equations can only describe solid objects. His equations cannot be applied to atomic scale phenomena nor to liquids or gases since matter in these states does not exist as discrete physical objects organised into atomic lattices or fixed structures.

This has not stopped science from extending his equations to uncondensed matter via the use of imaginals of point masses or centres-of-gravities. While quite adequate for the description of motion of solid bodies or objects, Newton's equations don't work too well, if at all, when fluid motion is being described, and the idea of magnetohydrodynamics was proposed last century by Hannes Alfven, with the warning issued during his Nobel Prize investiture that magnetic fields cannot be frozen electrical plasma; plasma is not a perfect electrical conductor, in other words.

As a first-pass, back of envelope guess, it is here assumed that plasma physics is applicable to describing the physical behavior of liquids (essentially viscous plasma), gases and of course plasma, while Newton's equations restricted to solids or condensed matter. So cyclonic structures in the Earth's atmosphere and oceans are due to the motion of electrically charged particles, rather than the gross physical behavior of liquids and gases in the conventional sense.

The biggest problem remaining in geology to this day remains the formation of the Earth's oceans. Continental drift, plate tectonics, earth expansion, wrench tectonics and surge tectonics all are attempts at explaining how the oceans formed. All of these theories rely on the assumption that the geomagnetic field is endogenous and that any changes in orientation of the palaeomagnetic fields is due to the crustal movement though today we now know that the geomagnetic field is quite mobile and changeable, but still within the constraints of an endogenous origin; this leads to trying to work out how the internal dynamo mechanism, (never modeled physically), achieves this. It remains a serious problem. It seems more useful to assume the geomagnetic field is produced externally.

The Grand Assumption

Let's assume that a long, long time ago somewhere in the deepest reaches of space that the Earth was bathed in the radiation of some brown dwarf star, (study the ideas), and had a temperate to rain-forest climate. This primitive earth had no oceans but shallow seas and a deeply weathered surface blanket, hosting a proliferation of life as a vibrant biosphere. There were no deep oceans and all of the earth was essentially weathered silicic land masses with little variation in topography. It might have been uniformly warm with an abundance of food for the various life forms living in some sort of symbiotic relationships (Shades of Obiwan). The geoelectric field was probably weak and more or less uniform. There were no deserts and it could be described as a garden of Eden or paradise. Large life forms existed as the Earth's fossil record attests by the countless corpses of mega-fauna, dinosaurs as fossils in the sediments. It has to be assumed the gravitational field was weaker then to allow the existence of the mega-fauna and jurassic life forms.

The Earth may well have been topographically like Venus with an even more gentle topography of a thick blanket of regolith.

Then it all hits the fan in a Velikovskian Scenario and the Earth, and probably Venus went through what could be euphemistically described as a serious plasma instabilities of a planetary scale. This resulted in enormous plasma discharges between the Earth, Venus and what other cosmic participants were around at the time, (Saturn and Jupiter?), leading to the gross erosion of the Earth's surface by enormous plasma discharges remembered as cosmic serpents, or in the Australian case, Rainbow serpents.

The outcome of this catastrophic event was the formation of the deep oceanic basins leaving mesa-like remnants or uplands as the continents. The continents themselves were also "machined" or eroded but not as much as what resulted in the ocean basins. The material that used to occupy these topographic depressions now forms the asteroid belt, with contributions from Earth, Venus and Mars, at least.

Back on Earth the stripping off of the regolith exposing fresh basement rocks, accompanied by the fracturing of the crust, led to a enormous degassing of the planet and the emission of water. As we know from experience in excessive ground water extraction, crustal subsidence occurs, so that ocean basin formation is accompanied by crustal ground water extraction, or more correctly, emission, filling up the large expanses of the topographic lows into oceans that now make up about 70% of the Earth's surface.

As Gerald Pollack has shown, water has a strange property at physical interfaces whereby it transforms into a highly electrically negative liquid crystal state by the expulsion of solutes and protons. Hence the ocean surfaces are marked by a thin, say 500 metre thick, layer of EZ water that is also electrically conductive. The geo-electric field would, as a consequence, increase in magnitude to its present state, and life forms that were compatible with the earlier, lower geo-electric field, hence gravity, would have died off under the newer, stronger field. The assumption, if you have not already guessed, is that gravity is caused by the geo-electric field, in which the protons that make up solid matter, are either repelled or attracted by nearby electric charge, and in this case the gravity field, or geo-electric field, increased to its present day magnitude.

In other words the spontaneous formation of a plasma double layer (DL) forms a "gravitational" field within its structure caused by electric charge separation. This seems to be what happened to the earth at the end of the Jurassic Age when the ocean basins were formed by a catastrophic erosion event occasioned by exogenous forces. The eruption of large volumes of ionised water settling into the newly formed ocean basins would have increased the electro-negativity of the Earth's surface, which then caused an increase in electric potential between the ionosphere and surface, and hence an increase in gravity.

Ground water extraction and subsidence

If ground water is essentially EZ water, then being comprised of electrically negative ions, local electrical repulsion will occur and the solid crust will thus be permeable with cavities and other spaces filled with pressurised EZ water. But once that EZ water is removed or extracted via pumping, for example, then the electrical repulsion disappears and the host rock then collapses on itself resulting in local subsidence as routinely observed around the world where excessive ground water extraction occurred. Ground water is not replenished by rainwater as commonly believed.

Extinction of Mega Fauna

This seems to have been caused by an increase in electrical magnitude of the DL enveloping the Earth by the formation of the ocean basins at the end of the Jurassic.

Geomagnetic Field

No one has physically fabricated an internal dynamo mechanism to model the geomagnetic field and so it remains a purely mathematical construct. However the co-rotating Van Allen belts, as well as the electrical negatively charged oceans also rotating in tandem, would be the likely source of the geomagnetic field. The geomagnetic field would have come into existence at the end of the Jurassic?

Rotational and Plate Tectonics

These rely on fossilised palaeomagnetism but if the geomagnetic field is exogenous, then any implied crustal rotation is an artefact from the assumptions of the fixed internal dynamo model. The remnant magnetic fields generated by massive plasma discharges electro-machining the Earth's crust would most likely have imprinted their magnetic effects on the underlying rocks. Any rotational or torsional stresses observed in the Earth's crust would then be attributed to persistent Birkeland currents, with or without leaving a crater per se.

The Legacy of The Two Charlies

The British Empire bequeathed science with the curse of the two Charlies, Lyell and Darwin. Rather than assume that the scribblings of the ancient prophets were factual but somewhat muddled from ignorance, and the output of traumatised minds, the Leyellian Charlie instead dismissed the human records as "literature" and proceeded to cherry pick the present to explain the past as he believed it to be. The other Charlie, Darwin, proceeded from the earlier Charlie's principles, and expected us to assume on faith alone that new species originated over vast expanses of time by purely random fluctuations of traits. Then as now science was put to political purposes as George Grinnell outlined in his 1975 paper.

  1. Gravity is electrical and an internal property of plasma double layers.
  2. Pre-Jurassic Earth was a verdant, low topographic relief planet hosting a luxuriant biosphere with abundant vegetation and shallow seas on a deeply weathered regolith over silicic rocks.
  3. The pre-Jurassic geoelectric field was weaker and allowed the existence of giant life forms, including humans if some of the megalithic monuments are taken at face value.
  4. A global catastrophe permanently changed the Earth and its planetary cousins, by eroding the surfaces via massive electrical discharges or arcs, in the plasma domain. This event terminated the Jurassic and formed the ocean basins that were soon filled by the released water from inside the Earth.
  5. The Jurassic event resulted in a stronger E-Field at the Earth's surface, and hence a stronger gravitational field that killed off incompatible life forms, leaving others to flourish.
  6. The Two Charlie Factor left us the specious linear progression of life and evolution from a liberal creationist starting point. We remain under its thrall to the present day and continue to travel down the wrong path.
  7. Newtonian equations for motion only apply to the movement of solid compressed matter, objects or bodies.
  8. Plasma physics describes the motion of liquids, gases and plasma, the assumption here made that fluid flow is actually electrical because of gravity being electrical in nature. As Pollack showed in a resent EU conference, the movement of EZ protons in the atmosphere and oceans explain the weather and hence Newtonian mechanics the wrong tool. The equations of electro-magnetics are necessary to describe motion of the atmosphere and oceans.
I have made a few sweeping statements above but it's a rudimentary starting hypothesis that will be fleshed out in detail in later posts. Nothing is writ in stone, and when the facts change, so too my mind.