Love target
Sugar, spice and everything nice...that's what girls are made of. Society has played a role in promulgating the myth of the compassionate and tender female and people hold the belief that all women are pleasant and agreeable -- it's the males of the species who warrant suspicion. All women are kind and in touch with their emotions and the emotions of others. They're all nurturing caregivers with a strong mothering instinct. Right? Wrong! It's because of these false beliefs that people can be blindsided when a Nasty Woman crosses their path.

On this episode of the Health and Wellness Show we discuss Nasty Women -- the borderlines, the histrionics, the female psychopaths and the ones you can't quite label but you know something is off. What are their tactics, how do they differ from Nasty Men, who are their prey and how can we protect ourselves from these she-devils?

Stay tuned for Zoya's Pet Health Segment where the topic will be species appropriate nutrition.

Running Time: 01:49:22

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