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NATO displayed its truly destructive and sadistic nature when it obliterated Libya 5 years ago. Those who expose what happened, and what is still occurring there, are 'soft-killed'.

What began in 2011 with a violent assault against Libyans ended in a NATO-requested and UN-approved 'no-fly zone' that resulted in a massacre of unprecedented proportions. Nicholas Kristol at the New York Times had the audacity to claim that Libyans were running around shouting, as bombs fell on their heads, "Thank you, America!" The murder and mayhem was necessary, we were told, to 'protect civilians' from their leader. A glorious and benevolent act of kindness, the 'humanitarian intervention' would usher in a new 'civilized' regime and 'up-lift' ordinary Libyans.

In reality, an entire population was killed, maimed and terrorized while NATO and its 'rebels' displayed apparent enjoyment at tearing the country apart.

When NATO left and the bulk of 'Islamist' mercenaries were moved on to Syria, Libya was left mired in civil war hell. At which point the West changed its narrative - no longer was the intervention a 'triumph of Western values'; now it was 'a regrettable mistake'. The utility of this change in narrative lies in the fact that they're now saying they'll have to go back and 'fix the mess' (that they made). It's like the psychopath returning to the scene of its crime.

But they have no intention of 'fixing' anything - rather, they want to make sure the victim has no chance of recovering and telling her side of the story.

NATO has recently been increasing its activities in the country. Beginning in January, with the 'mapping of ISIS militants and their battle networks,' the US and UK are now in talks to begin deploying thousands of troops for extensive military operations. Following major defeats of their terrorist groups in Syria, Libya has become their home-base (again), with ISIS commanders meeting in Sirte in December 2015 to re-group and, no doubt, pick up weapons and other war materiel from their Western handlers.

Current division of power

Council of Deputies

With the Zionist-NATO plan for the Middle East in shambles, and with a new axis of resistance emerging from Hezbollah (Lebanon) to Damascus to Baghdad to Tehran - and supported by Moscow - Libya's future remains in the balance. Libya's central authority is in shambles, with at least four main forces vying for control of the country. There's the Council of Deputies, based in Tobruk, which was 'democratically elected' during Libya's collapse, the General Nation Congress, which has currently lost out to the UN's 'unity government', and the Tribal Council, which, from a Western perspective, might as well not exist, despite being the only body with nationwide grass-roots support.

The Council of Deputies, based in Tobruk, is 'recognized by the international community' (which means it's recognized by the American Empire), and backed by the Libyan Army, which these days is commanded by CIA spook, General Khalifa Haftar.

Haftar was among those who helped Gaddafi come to power. But following a disastrous 'Bay of Pigs' fiasco in Chad during the Chad-Libya conflict in the 80s, he and several hundred of his soldiers wound up as prisoners of war in Chadian camps. Interestingly, the US intervened and brought Haftar, along with his troops, back to the US, where Haftar then reportedly began training with the CIA at Langley. Haftar returned to Libya for the first time in 2011, as a commander of the mercenaries brought in to topple Gaddafi.

General National Congress

Then there's the 'Islamist' General National Congress, based in Tripoli, and backed by its own militias. Formed in 2014, it has not been granted 'international recognition', probably due to the fact that its last president, Khalifa al-Ghawi, requested Russian assistance in the fight against ISIS, a request which Russia had said they'd be happy to honor. Sadly, this initiative never made it off the ground, with NATO no doubt intent on making sure it remains that way. For his 'crimes', Ghawi earned himself sanctions and has been ostracized by said 'international community'.

Libya map major cities
Unity Government

The 'new' government, appointed by the very powers that destroyed the country, is led by Fayiz as-Sarraj, a man 'tasked with demanding an official military intervention at the United Nations, as soon as possible, against ISIS forces in Libya.'

If his 'government' successfully 'wins' Libya, Sarraj and his people stand to inherit the Libyan Investment Authority (LIA) - the largest African wealth fund, worth some $65 billion, but which is mostly 'frozen' in Western bank accounts. This amount is probably only the tip of an iceberg; some estimates put the amount of Libyan assets frozen by the West at $1 trillion. Something tells me Libyans will be lucky to see any of it ever again.

Control over the LIA account is currently being fought in court by Hassan Bouhadi and Abdul-Magid Breish... and guess who has purposefully bungled the legal proceedings...
For now, the LIA battle is in London but in a bizarre twist the case was last week controversially stopped in mid flow on advice from Britain's Foreign Office.

The judge making the order, which keeps both existing governments from getting their hands on this $65 billion asset, is none other than William Blair, brother of - you guessed it, Tony.
What do the Blairs have to gain from keeping $65 billion out of the hands of the sparring governments in the country? Well, for one, this is very useful leverage over the future of the country.

Libyan people

Last, and certainly not least, there are the tribal authorities, representatives of the traditions of the Libyan people. However they will never be recognized by Western powers, since they are a lasting legacy of Libya's strong democratic and nationalist tradition. They represent the human creative principle and, as we will see, are a threat to NATO's plans for the region. Libyans are beginning to show signs of increasingly organized resistance:
Exactly one week ago [late February 2016], NATO, after the failure of the "national consensus government" in Libya, has another problem - the daughter of the leader of Jamahiriya - Aisha Gaddafi. After four years of silence, in a letter from Eritrea, she turned to the Libyans with a call to resist the new conquest of the West and declare themselves the successor of her legendary father - "the mother of Libya." The largest Libyan tribe "the warfalla", in the town of Beni Walid (Misurata), has already sworn allegiance to Aisha, proclaiming their commitment to the Jamahiriya. In response, the BBC circulated new, updated footage of the lynching of Muammar Gaddafi, aware of the particularly acute nervous reaction of his daughter. Meanwhile NATO convened an emergency meeting in the Netherlands on the situation in Libya.
aisha gheddafi
And what happened two weeks after NATO's emergency meeting? The US and UK sent special forces to Misrata, just north of the town of Beni Walid, to begin training 'rebels'. The official line is that they're awaiting a request by their puppet government to invade (how very thoughtful!), in the interests of 'defeating extremism', of course. Once again the line between 'terrorist' and 'freedom fighter' is deliberately blurred to perpetuate wars of plunder and sadism, and keep Libya 'down for the count'.

Join me for a moment in pondering the depths of psychopathic cynicism here: in 2011, they sent terrorists to Libya and called them 'freedom fighters'; now those same terrorists are the reason they want to blow up Libya again.


The psychos have a CIA spook in charge of the Libyan Army, have been arming terrorist militias, and are trying to create a 'unity government' that will both give them access to resources and call in 'reinforcements' to defeat a 'terrorist threat'. In other words, it's more of the same for NATO: contrived chaos to 'legitimize' more war and more destruction. Not satisfied with stealing billions, if not trillions, of Libya's resources, they're back for more.

The US and UK are busy arming troops in the vicinity of Aisha Gaddafi, daughter of the leader of Jamahiriya, and the natural leader of the resistance against NATO's psychopathic domination. But here's the perennial problem Western leaders keep running into as they 'recreate the world' in their image: healthy people will always resist being turned into 'creatures of like mind'. And, as Professor Tim Anderson pointed out on last week's Behind the Headlines: Interview with Tim Anderson: The truth about the Dirty War on Syria, mass resistance to NATO's (re)conquest of the Middle East is not futile. Far from it, in fact, it is showing signs of gaining traction and strength as 'the international community' continues to lose the plot.