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The official story on the final denouement of the Toulouse shootings drama is in. Like so many other official narratives around 'Muslim terror attacks', it's full of holes and requires anyone attempting to believe it to engage in some serious mental gymnastics.

Mohamed Merah, was a 23-year-old French guy of Algerian descent who loved cars, worked in a car repair/supply store, wanted to join the French army to "defend the French flag" but was refused, was partying in a nightclub three weeks before his alleged shooting spree, had a history of petty criminal offences and was due in court in April for driving without a license. He also had, allegedly, visited Israel, Afghanistan and Pakistan for some, as yet, unknown reason, perhaps "ideological indoctrination".

That's about as much as we can say about him without disseminating dubious government propaganda, specifically the claim that he was the author of the recent shootings in Toulouse. That particular claim is in serious doubt given that an eyewitness at one of the shootings stated clearly that the gunman, who always wore a motorbike helmet, was "quite fat". Other eyewitnesses said the the man they saw shooting was "of European descent". Here's a recent picture of Mohamed Merah:

"Quite fat"? "of European descent"?
So, chances are, Mohamed Merah is not the Toulouse assassin.

But let's not be too cynical, and allow for the possibility that it was, at least, Mohamed Merah in the besieged apartment where, after an alleged 33-hour stand-off, he was (again allegedly) shot by a police sniper. Here is the official story of how the drama unfolded as represented by one of those nice graphics:

Having read that, and made an attempt to ascertain the plausibility of it, you can be forgiven for being a little confused.

Merah's apartment is 38m2 or about 6 meters by 6 meters or 20 feet by 20 feet. By any standards, that's a small place for an assault, and with Merah and 15 heavily armed 'RAID' police officers in there, it probably felt a little cramped. Look again at the graphic of how the drama officially played out.

Merah was in the tiny bathroom. He had, allegedly, three Colt 45 handguns, perhaps one in each hand and another stuck down the front of his pants. Actually, no, he couldn't have had one of the "several weapons" he was firing stuck down his pants. Because now we're being told that he "burst out of the bathroom wearing a black djellaba, a traditional loose-fitting North African robe, and a bullet-proof vest." By the way, Colt 45's are, I am told, a powerful weapon and very difficult to fire accurately without a lot of practice. The recoil also means you have to re-aim each time you fire. So Merah exits the bathroom, takes two steps across the hallway into the salon, walks or runs through that room, and climbs/jumps out the window, "firing wildly" as he goes, at which point he is shot by an sniper from some distance outside the building.

Throughout this short journey, which probably took no more than 5-10 seconds if Merah was running, the 15 RAID officers in that cramped space fired almost 300 rounds from their automatic weapons.

Here is a short segment of the few seconds when the RAID team unleashed their 300 rounds at Merah, at 11.25am, as Merah was passing through his salon on the way to the window.

Not one of these bullets hit either Merah or any of the other members of the assault team. Actually, that's not quite true. According to the French Interior Minister, Claude Gueant, the final shoot-out injured two officers: "one is injured in the foot, the other is in a state of shock", Gueant said.

While M. Gueant did not admit as much, we can presume that the one officer who fell into a state of shock did so when he realised that 300 bullets fired from automatic weapons in a 6x6 meter apartment all missed their target.

The French government is finally letting reporters near Merah's tiny studio apartment (which has been boarded up to hide the French government's crimes)
Paris prosecutor and chief investigator Francois Molins told the media shortly after the end of the siege that "everything had been done to take Merah alive". This claim had been repeated, ad nauseum, by Sarkozy and the Interior Minister Claude Gueant. Clearly, this is a lie, and the reason I say this should become clear when you watch this short video, taken by one of Merah's neighbors, of police activity at the back of Merah's apartment:

The neighbor who recorded this video, claims that he knows precisely when it was recorded because the police had detonated several 'flash bangs' at that time. It was about 8am, three hours before the alleged "shoot-out". If RAID officers could walk into Merah's tiny apartment at 8am and spend 25 seconds inside, and then walk back out with an air of 'nothing to see here', why could they not have dropped a few canisters of tear gas or other incapacitating agent (sleeping gas for example) that such 'forces of law and order' certainly have in their armory? Clearly Merah was never meant to come out of that apartment alive. Why?

The 'balcony' on which young Mohamed a.) was "found dead" b.) was shot once in the head c.) was shot once in the head and once in the stomach d.) was riddled with bullets e.) jumped to his death f.) "fell through" g.) none of the above
Because he would have been able to tell the truth - that he did not shoot those three soldiers or the teacher and children at the Jewish school. Alive, he may have told a story of being contacted by French intelligence while he was in jail and offered a 'deal', whereby, as a Muslim, he would go to Afghanistan 'undercover' and report back to French intelligence on the activities of certain groups. This would have been the process of 'sheep dipping' him, creating a history that could later be used against him. He could have told how a trip to Israel was arranged for him and that he made contact with Israeli intelligence. To get an idea of what may well be the truth behind the story of Mohamed Merah, the story of Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, aka 'the underwear bomber', is an excellent reference point. Abdulmutallab, a young impressionable Nigerian, was escorted onto his 'terror flight' with no passport and bomb-laden knickers, by a 'well-dressed man' who was obviously a member of US intelligence.

"If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face - forever."

~ George Orwell
He could have told how, at 3am in the morning on March 21st, 2012, he was in his apartment asleep. When he awoke sometime during the night, he saw hoards of police surrounding his building. He turned on the radio and television and realised that he was being framed for the Toulouse murders. How, after the electricity and water was cut off, and the explosions started, he spent the rest of the night and following day terrified. How, at 10.45pm the next evening, he was crumbling under the weight of the psychological pressure tactics that the police had been using for almost 24 hours.

In the late evening of 21 March, police blew off the window shutters of Merah's apartment with a grenade. Soon after, two shots were heard. And no more was heard from Merah. The rest, you can figure out for yourself.

It is almost certain that Merah was shot dead at that time. The following 12 hours and ridiculous "shoot-out" as presented above were clearly theatre, designed to keep the French public enthralled and in fear, and to allow the security forces and politicians time to get their story straight. The problem is, they can't seem to do that. According to a 'judicial source' on Friday, 23rd March, now Merah was killed by two bullets - one to his front left side and one that passed through his stomach. His bulletproof vest was also, it is now claimed, hit by several bullets. On the other hand, according to RAID chief Amaury de Hautecloque, the police in Merah's apartment had only non-lethal weapons, but still, 300 rounds were fired, apparently now by Merah, with three Colt 45 handguns. The RAID chief then said something which further contradicts the official story, to say the least:
"I gave the order to return fire only with stun grenades," he explained. "But he moved forward into the apartment and tried to kill my men. It was probably one of these snipers who killed him."
Stun grenades are flashbangs. They cannot be fired from the automatic rifles we've all been told, up till now, that the RAID officers targeted Merah with. De Hautecloque's ambivalent throw-away line about it being "probably one of those snipers who killed him" is totally implausible. Is he now telling us that he doesn't know who killed Merah?

Nothing about this story being spun by the French government and press makes sense. Elsewhere it's still being reported, by the French police, that Merah "opened fire on [us] before jumping out the window of his first-floor apartment, still firing as he fell. He was shot in the head." Really? Then why, according to this report, are there bullet wounds in his arms and legs??

At this point, it is clear that they are just piling lies upon lies, hoping people will be too scared and confused to sift a logical timeline of events from the saga. They have an answer for everything, of course. When pressed on why the French government hadn't arrested Merah before now, given that they were tracking Merah and his "known links to al Qaeda", the French Prime Minister gave this glib sycophantic excuse:
"There was no single element allowing to detain Mohamed Merah," Mr Fillon told French radio. "We don't have the right in a country like ours to permanently monitor without judicial authorisation someone who hasn't committed an offence ... We live in a state of law."
In my article with Niall Bradley on the French state 'cult-hunting' organisation MIVILUDES, I made a pretty clear-cut case that the real goal of manufacturing a 'cult' hysteria in France was essentially to control the thoughts and beliefs of the French people.

The noxious and oppressive influence of organisations like MIVILUDES has, however, been limited to the areas of alternative religious and health beliefs and practices. Now, as a result of this phony 'Muslim terror' attack in Toulouse, Sarkozy and his backers have created the conditions whereby they can expand their control to political beliefs.

As a result of the Toulouse shootings, laws will soon be passed in France that criminalise "ideological indoctrination" and "apologists for terrorism". It doesn't take a genius to realise that such broad terms can, and very likely will, be used to silence (in one way or another) anyone attempting to educate themselves about, and speak out against, Western government warmongering and war crimes. Indeed, the true masterminds of global terrorism - the Israelis - have recently given a example of how this process works. When Baroness Ashton made the mistake of associating Palestinian children murdered by the Israeli military with the children gunned down in a Jewish school in Toulouse, she was, according to the Israeli government, guilty of "ideological indoctrination" and "being an apologist for terrorism", and they called for her to resign. Simple expressions of a shared humanity and empathy for our fellow human beings, and an utter rejection of the psychopathic destructive ideology, is slated to become a criminal offense in our world. And it will, if we sit back and allow it to happen.

In her stunningly prescient (given these events) recent article How is the World Going to End in 2012? Laura spelled out what 'The end of the World' in 2012 really means:
The world is ending in 2012. That is, the final implementation of the fascist, totalitarian New World Order will be accomplished this year and you will be in that "New World" that the global elite have designed for you, and planned to implement for a very long time now. Oh, indeed, similar New World Order's have been staged in the past on smaller scales, but this time it's global because they are all in on it together! Former New World Order's didn't really fail, even if they ostensibly fell; they just passed the torch around for millennia, spreading the disease, growing the sickness in society, until finally, now, with global communication and incredible weapons of destruction in their hands, they are ready to finalize the Faustian bargain that you, the people, signed with your blood. [...]

As I said, we evolved to trust one another - but that was a world where others were trustworthy. We live in a different world now. The cheaters in our world have evolved ways to induce us to trust them, but too few of us are capable of accurately assessing our environment, too few of us realize that we are in mortal peril.

It is, of course, remotely possible that those who are able to accomplish this task of rebuilding social connections based on the new evolutionary standard of accounting for pathology in the equations, will evolve and survive if they can last through the next two years. Those who do not evolve will perish. No rapture, Jesus or aliens; no cavalry to the rescue; no ascension to the 5th dimension; no waking up of humanity and playing nice in the sandbox.

It's pretty much over for the human race as we know it. 2012 is the End of the Old world and its possibilities and the beginning of an interregnum of open psychopathic rule that I predict will last about 2 years before the horror of the situation sinks in. After that, life will only be possible for those who are prepared to survive in the real New World and to figure that out, you are on your own now.
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