If seen as a science of heredity, eugenics was nothing new. Humans had been practicing breeding methods for millenia, in the interests of getting the best out of their crops and cattle. But, when applied to human beings as the ultimate solution for social problems, eugenics became the means through which a new, psychopathic, and technocratic regime would materialize.

Though repugnant to many today, eugenics did not exist in a vacuum. The social problems caused by civil and world wars, mass industrialization, the loss of an agrarian way of life, and the proliferation of disease and drug addiction in urban areas, called for solutions. But, like a computer virus, there was a more insidious idea within eugenics that amounted to equating most of society with cattle - expendable units and worthless eaters. Instead of leading to salvation, eugenics would end up bringing concentration camps from the colonies back home to local neighborhoods to deal with this human junk.

Today we do not have eugenics. We have the War on Terror. Both have institutionalized terror and Big Lies, and have served as the carrier of the insidious virus of racial hygiene, however well disguised.


In September of 1859 the sun seemed to have touched the earth, with huge electromagnetic gusts disrupting the newly born telephone system. One author stated, "What stands out in these reports is the astonishment, awe, and even pleasure that the world experienced for a week—followed by a sobering realization of how close our planet is to its indispensable star." Another individual observed, "Immediately, I received a very severe electric shock, which stunned me for an instant," Royce wrote to The New York Times. "An old man who was sitting facing me, and but a few feet distant, said that he saw a spark of fire jump from my forehead."

A few months later, on November 24th 1859, Charles Darwin published the 'Origin of Species' and changed the face of biology. 10 years later Sir Francis Galton, a very popular and well-to-do man, coined the term 'eugenics'. He also outlined the goals for his new eugenics movement, the fifth one being:
Persistence in setting forth the national importance of eugenics. There are three stages to be passed through: (I) It must be made familiar as an academic question, until its exact importance has been understood and accepted as a fact. (2) It must be recognized as a subject whose practical development deserves serious consideration. (3) It must be introduced into the national conscience, like a new religion. It has, indeed, strong claims to become an orthodox religious, tenet of the future, for eugenics co-operate with the workings of nature by securing that humanity shall be represented by the fittest races.
As a 'religion' eugenics might have been new, but as a mindset it certainly wasn't. Natural Selection makes an awfully psychopathic god, a god that could best be summed up as both a heartless murderer and a lover of the privileged. This was the god of colonialism and chaos, and following the Civil War, America was wholeheartedly on board the eugenics train. After the First World War, Germany jumped in with both feet too.

Bildungsbürgertum was the name given retroactively to the mid-19th century German middle class. Dedicated to education and science, Germany became a leader in biological research. The German scientist was different from his British counterparts in his dedication to the German 'supra-organism'. This dedication to the state, economy, and private life led this highly educated class to infuse biological research with nationalistic terms. Germany was seen as a whole, an organism [1]:
German biologists drew on distinctive organicist philosophical and historical concepts in analyzing developmental processes. These biological ideas were distinct from other traditions of racial thought including that of Aryan racial purity[...]
Social Darwinism gave legitimacy to a variety of interests in an expanding industrial society, and cannot be identified as an exclusively right-wing racist ideology. It enabled the formulation of concepts of a unified and developing society which were part of transformation of liberal and left-wing thought.
The crises of a rapidly industrializing Germany, with a massive surge in urban populations accompanied with increases in addiction and disease, led some members of the middle class to think strongly about eugenic practices. Positive eugenics would mean the education of society and selective breeding for the most positive traits. Negative eugenics would mean the elimination of those that were deemed unfit to live. Thus the actual practice of negative eugenics would lead to either murder or an authoritarian intrusion into private life. The idea was filled with the potential to be used for psychopathic purposes. But the intent was, of course, nothing new.

In 1883 South-West Africa had come under the control of Germany. Heinrich Goring, father of the psychopathic Herman Goring, was in charge of putting racial purity to the test. The first concentration camp was built in Germany's South-West African colony of Nemibia, where anthropologists testified that concentration camps would be suitable for forcing the lesser races into the grave, where they belonged:
Shark Island, with its picturesque setting, was the site of the world's first death camp - the German invention that culminated in the Holocaust of World War II, the greatest mass crime of the 20th century.

Three-and-a-half thousand innocent Africans were liquidated here at the hands of the Germans, decades before the rise of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party, with the tacit sanction of the German emperor, Kaiser Wilhelm II, and his ministers.
There was nothing new about psychopathic colonialists committing mass murder. Racial hygiene, on the other hand, had to be carried out in the local neighborhood.

In 1905 Alfred Ploetz formed the first eugenics society in Germany. A scientist who had probed the moral quandaries inherent in the 'science,' Ploetz wanted to put "racial hygiene" (the term which was one of his contributions to the field) on as firm a scientific foundation as possible. By 1911 racial hygiene was making significant strides, with many individuals convinced that the degeneration of society required the removal of the sickest individuals. Welfare as an institution was looked upon as archaic [2]. Yet overtly racist research proposals, even those accepted by the Kaiser, were turned down by research institutes owing to their commitment to scientific integrity [3].

With the destruction caused by the First World War however, things changed quickly. As Dietrich Bonhoeffer's father, Karl Bonhoeffer, pointed out, the war completely changed German values [4]:
[U]nder the difficult experiences of war, we were forced to value the individual human life differently than before, and that in the years of hunger during the war we had to come to terms with watching as our institutionalized sick died en masse of malnutrition, and nearly to sanction this in the thought that this sacrifice may have saved the lives of the healthy. This emphasis of the right of the healthy to self-preservation, as is entailed in a time of need, conceals a risk of exaggeration...
This destruction of traditional German values colored every area of German life. Following the traumatic end of WWI and its accompanying hyperinflation and revolution, the new Weimar Republic found nearly a quarter, if not more, of the population was eligible for social welfare, and a further 2.4 million who had completely fallen through the welfare net [5]. Money was worthless and the people rode the winds of an insane wind. The state did not have the resources to meet the enormous demands. The intervening years were chaos.

In 1927 the Rockefeller Foundation provided the additional funding necessary to develop the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Anthropology,
© Archiv zur Geschichte der Max-Planck-GesellschaftNazi flags flying on the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute of Anthropology, Human Heredity and Eugenics, 1930s.
Human Heredity, and Eugenics. The Institute would immediately begin planning for research, but nominally for purely theoretical purposes. As Dr. Fischer pointed out [6]:
"Today it is no longer possible for the scientist to completely avoid the questions so notorious in politics, of the meaning of race for nation and humanity. But he must study them objectively, not attack them as in an agitory fashion. In reality we are still infinitely far from any certain findings on these issues. However, it is certainly justified to ask what race and belonging to a race means or does not mean for nations and for groups of cultures. It is imperative that these questions be illuminated scientifically by anthropologists. The point is not to create race prejudice, but race knowledge."
The problem was not the study of race. The problem was the lack of awareness of psychopathy. With the Nazis on the rise, and Adolf Hitler closely following the progress of American eugenics and adopting their idea of the Aryan superman, the ideology was stolen, the policies that had been drawn up were hijacked, and eugenics was placed on a path towards complete domination of the vulnerable by the 'privileged' [7]:
"Professor Fischer had shouted at a young National Socialist, Dr. Conmti, during a committee meeting: "Your party has not been in existence nearly as long as our eugenic movement!" Professor Goldschmidt, one of those who compiled the draft statute, would later recall: "The Nazis took over the whole draft and then used the most inhuman and execrable methods to put the humane measures, which we had conscientiously and responsibly drafted, into everyday practice"
On July 14, 1933 the Law for the Prevention of Genetically Diseased Offspring was passed through the Reichstag. Known as the 'Sterilization Law' it was based upon model American legislation by Harry H. Laughlin, Superintendent of the ERO, a firm eugenics advocate who, along with many other American supporters, envied the Nazi treatment of social problems:
"Although the National Socialists rated the Jews as the most dangerous racial "enemy" of the German Volk, their racial policies also extended to other biologically-defined groups whose members shared particular ethnic, social, or medical characteristics; they, too, were to be combated through eugenics or racial hygiene."
But the ultimate end of eugenics in Nazi Germany was not sterilization. Eugenicists had many options to consider besides it, including segregation and murder. The ideology was, more than anything else, a suitable mask for the psychopathy and sociopathy that had been brewing in the long, torturous years between World War 1 and 2. Racial hygiene ended up selecting for psychopathy as the SA and then the SS formed the driving force behind the institutionalization of terror [8]:
As a matter of urgency, Heydrich set up Einsatzgruppen within the SS to shoot the Jewish civilian population behind the front lines. However, it was not possible to kill eleven million European Jews in this way. Modern technology in the form of gas would be needed. Heydrich could call upon the experience of those who had been trained to kill mental patients with carbon monoxide since, at about this time, the euthanasia programme was stopped.
War on Terror

Despite the lessons of the Holocaust, eugenics was still popular well into the 1970's, and it's alive and well in America today, where, between 2006 and 2010, at least 148 women were sterilized illegally in a California prison.

But eugenics and "racial hygiene" were one of many pathways to forge the infrastructure necessary for the 'Final Solution'. Today it's quite different, but the purpose is the same: witness the War on Terror. Who would have imagined that a film like American Sniper, with cold-blooded murder of innocent people, would be so popular? "Normal" people walk out of the theater, depressed that it had such a sad ending for such a brave murderer of women, and proud of their country's role in the slaughter of 'Muslims'. The numerous false flags of the War on Terror and the demonization of all things Muslim have been creating the institutionalization of terror in America, and in much of Europe.

But we must look at where the War on Terror originated to get an accurate picture. The prime suspect is, as an informed person already suspects, the state of Israel.

The Israeli governments idea of "Manifest Destiny" has led to the creation of illegal settlements, the slow genocide of the indigenous people in the largest open-air prison in the world, and an agreement that Israel is a state only for the Jews. As Netanyahu stated in 2014:
"The state of Israel provides full equal rights, individual rights, to all its citizens, but it is the nation state of one people only - the Jewish people - and of no other people. And therefore, in order to bolster the status of the state of Israel as the nation state of the Jewish people, I intend to submit a basic law that will anchor this status."
And, as Ilan Pappe pointed out concerning the 2014 Gaza massacre:
[W]hatever the Zionist vision of a Jewish State might be, it can only materialize without any significant number of Palestinians in it.
This is all in pursuit of the Zionist Plan for the Middle East which, since 9/11, has been the primary aim of the United States military, through its manipulation of ISIS, Boko Haram, al Qaeda and others still on the drawing board. As Robert Fisk accurately points out, the United States and Israel are, when it comes to foreign policy, inseparable. And the Zionist Plan for the Middle East is the perfect blueprint for what we have seen carried out there. As for the citizens of Israel themselves, they have been subjected to so much propaganda that they live in, as Gideon Levy calls it, a parallel reality:
Gaza's disaster is dreadful. No mention of it is made in the Israeli discourse and certainly not in the most dumbed down, hollow election campaign there's ever been here. It's hard to believe, but Israelis have invented a parallel reality, cut off from the real one, a callous, unfeeling, denying reality, while all this adversity, most of it of their own making, is taking place a short distance from their homes. Babies are freezing to death under the debris of their homes, youths risk their lives and cross the border fence just to get a food portion in an Israeli lock up. Has anyone heard of this? Does anyone care? Does anyone understand that this is leading to the next war?
In this parallel reality it is actually dangerous to care about the fate of the Palestinians, and this reality has been exported across America and the EU. And the driving force for the creation of this reality is the Western and Saudi-funded, trained, and financed terrorist organisations.

"Muslims terrorists" aka proxy fighters, have attacked the West time and time again, increasing the level of anti-Muslim sentiment, and creating an atmosphere much like one found following the "new understanding" of eugenics in the era of German National Socialism.

In Canada a new anti-terrorism bill will make it much easier to arrest and detain anyone the police suspect are capable of extremism. Primed as they are to view Muslims as terrorists, the police can be expected to fulfill the intent of the law:
Six Muslim young adults stand in front of a mosque late at night in heated discussion in some foreign language. They may be debating the merits of a new Drake album. They may be talking about video games, or sports, or girls, or advocating the overthrow of the Harper government. Who knows? There is no evidence one way or the other. Just stereotypes. But the new standard for arrest and detention—reason to suspect that they may commit an act—is so low that an officer may be inclined to arrest and detain them in order to investigate further.
And of course in Canada, as it is in most of the West, wearing a headscarf is bound to get you in vast amounts of trouble. In one incident a Canadian judge refused to hear a case because of a woman's headscarf, and adjourned the case indefinitely, scolding her for such "rudeness".

In France a racial and religious quagmire has bolstered support for the War on Terror. A 'secular' country that, officially, denounces religion, but privately endorses state-friendly Catholicism, France has proven time and time again that a Muslim identity is antithetical to the hypocritically 'secular' French state

The Charlie Hebdo false flag attacks therefore threaten to unleash a wave of hatred like eugenics did in the hands of the Nazis. The violence that followed looked like the kinds of insane violence unleashed in waves prior to Kristallnacht, which was itself forced upon Europe by Nazis waiting for the right moment to destroy the Jews. The demonization of all things Muslim has led to their segregation from society:
The French called them Les cités. The 'ghettos' are specially built for excluded and disfranchised migrants from France's former North African colonies - mostly Arabs and Muslims - and other parts of the world. Clustered on the peripheries of France's big cities, Les cités proved to be laboratories for dissent and resistance against oppression. The children of the immigrants who built France after World War II are being pushed further outside the French society.
The 147 anti-Muslim attacks that have occurred in France since the horrible Hebdo massacre, with around 80% of the attacks focused against women, has shown that a significant milestone has been reached. That many attacks on vulnerable women is evidence of a deep revulsion. Acting as confirmation, there has been a radical authoritarian shift within the government and police forces. As the World Socialist Website points out:
The official stimulation of a climate of fear and suspicion towards Muslims has even led police to investigate schoolchildren denounced by school officials or third persons.

Nice-matin reported that a school in Nice called police after an eight-year-old schoolboy said, "I am not Charlie. I am on the side of the terrorists."

The boy was held for a two-hour interrogation by police on suspicion of the crime of "apologetics for terrorist actions," even though the regional head of public security declared: "The child manifestly did not know what he was saying. We do not know where he got this idea."
And in America the murder of 3 Muslim students at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill aroused almost no attention. Muslims continue to see massive amounts of criticism and attack because of the Big Lie that states that Muslims are terrorists:
When asked anonymously in a 2011 Pew poll if they had been threatened or attacked in the past year, 6 percent of Muslims said they had. Given that the Muslim population was 2.6 million in 2010, responses to the Pew poll suggest that about 156,000 Muslims were victims of hate crimes. The Justice Department notes that two out of every three hate crimes are not reported because victims believe that police cannot or will not help. This is especially true for Muslims, who have been targets of massive surveillance, deportation, questioning and other harassment by local and federal law enforcement during the past 14 years. That excessive scrutiny has eroded the trust necessary for victims to report hate crimes.
Though we know that most of the foiled "terror plots" in the USA were the creation of the FBI, that won't stop Governors like Scott Walker from comparing average working-class people to terrorists. And that's because the institution of the 'War on Terror' has expanded its grip on everything and everyone in sight, making anything that an authoritarian doesn't like into an act of extremism.

Extremism is the child of anti-Muslim stereotypes. And it, too, is a "problem.". If you wish to be healthy, you may be an extremist. If you do not vaccinate your child, you may be an extremist. If you store food in your home, you may be an extremist. And if you question the Big Lies, you are definitely an extremist. And extremist is so associated with "murderer" that it taints everything it touches.

And yet, while Muslims and "extremists" are being scapegoated for problems across the globe, the West is being systematically looted. As the journalist Greg Palast, the man who has investigated the BP oil spill and the money that exchanges hands in high places, noted in his interview on SOTT Radio Network, many of the elite he has investigated are highly aware of the effects of their predations on society, and they're addicted to it. Just as during World War 2, when massive corporations were making a killing off of the concentration camp labor and the technological infrastructure necessary to maintain it, modern elite are making a killing off of mass destruction.

In the new millennium the rich and powerful are still hell-bent on doing "God's work":
So, it's business as usual, then, regardless of whether it makes most people howl at the moon with rage? Goldman Sachs, this pillar of the free market, breeder of super-citizens, object of envy and awe will go on raking it in, getting richer than God? An impish grin spreads across Blankfein's face. Call him a fat cat who mocks the public. Call him wicked. Call him what you will. He is, he says, just a banker "doing God's work".
Sir Francis Galton's religion is alive and well. As Saskia Sussen writes in her book "Expulsions: Brutality and Complexity in the Global Economy" [9]:
Inequality, if it keeps growing, can at some point be more accurately described as a type of expulsion. For those at the bottom or in the poor middle, this means expulsion from a life space; among those at the top, this appears to have meant exit from the responsibilities of membership in society via self-removal, extreme concentration of the wealth available in a society, and no inclination to redistribute that wealth.
In the end it seems that we are faced once again with what Martha Rose Crow termed an "Autogenocide" that has been globalized through NATO's military and financial wings, balanced between theft and destruction. It is destruction and theft under the guise of defeating an eternal enemy that does not exist. It's the end result of psychopaths in power. So, to tie in the concerns of eugenics with the concerns of the war on terror, we leave off with a quote from her article:
There are six primary factors underlying genocide. First, there is an overpopulation of people from groups that are not economically or socially important and/or viable to the political and economic elite.

Second, genocides usually happen in times of shortages. The shortage behind the current American autogenocide is work. America is losing jobs while the population continues to grow. The wealthy and industry are loathe to pay taxes to support negative or low producers (useless eaters) because the costs of maintaining these people (via increased taxes and social costs) affects their profits and earnings.

More, when there are too many people in times of great shortages, they become restless and can group together to force democratic and social changes the economic/political/military elite don't want and work tirelessly and relentlessly against.

The third factor is that genocides are common to patriarchal societies. The stronger the institutional and cultural patriarchy, the stronger the chances for acts of genocide to exist, whether external or internal.

Threat to power (now or in the future) is the fourth underlying factor of genocide. For example, approximately one-third of all Americans are minorities and that number is expected to rise unless that population begins to die off. If minorities become the majority, the old, established rule of the country by white male elite will not hold for long unless the country becomes a dictatorship.

The fifth primary factor to genocide is that women and children are the primary targets. Women are exterminated because of their fertility. Eliminate them and the next generation of unwanted people will automatically be eliminated or at least be considerably downsized. This applies to the elimination of children as well.

Six, modern autogenocides don't happen without the help of the media. They constantly distribute the propaganda preparing the village psyche for acceptance of the deaths. They officially ignore the suffering and premature death, thus lending approval to its justification and execution.

As good servants to the status quo, the media "hides" the parts of America the ruling and economic elite don't want the majority of the village to see. Only when a fluke thing happens, like an Act of God like Hurricane Katrina, will America see its other, darker side. Now even that has faded and become buried as the national media has mostly forgotten it at the request of their elite masters. Autogenocide has to be hidden until all the people that are considered liabilities (debit people) in the books of the Patriarchal Capitalist Country are disappeared.

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