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Thu, 08 Dec 2022
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Utility truck swallowed by sinkhole in South Fulton, Georgia

A large sinkhole opened up on a roadway in Georgia on Thursday morning, causing a utility truck to fall around 10 feet into the ground.

The incident happened on November 17th in a neighborhood in South Fulton, Georgia.

A witness says they saw the truck driving down Loch Lomond Drive when the road suddenly buckled, taking the utility truck with it.

The approximately 10 foot deep, 22 foot wide hole caused the truck to fall sideways. The driver was not hurt in the incident.

Blue Planet

New island appears in area with high underwater volcanic activity Pacific Ocean - NASA

Home Reef Seamount

Home Reef Seamount
This fledgling patch of land spawned out of a seafloor ridge teeming with highest density of underwater volcanoes on the planet. Known as the Home Reef seamount, the underwater mountain stretches between New Zealand and Tonga.

Starting this month, one of those volcanoes bubbled to life and erupted, brimming with lava that spilled out into the surrounding ocean and billowed voluminous plumes of ashy smoke into the air, according to the Earth Observatory's release.

Eleven hours later, amidst the shimmering heat of the subsiding eruption, a brand spankin' new island emerged. And thankfully, NASA's Operational Land Imager-2 (OLI-2) managed to capture the island in all its new found glory in a beautiful, natural-color image.

Comment: There are a variety of other signs that geologic activity across the planet is increasing: Also check out SOTT radio's:

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Man falls into sinkhole with his bike near Kanpur Metro in Uttar Pradesh, India

A shocking incident video of a bike accident doing round on the internet where a man can be seen coming out with his bike from a large sinkhole. The incident happened near the Kanpur metro station in Uttar Pradesh.

Sharing this incident on Twitter, journalist Priya Singh wrote that a young man fell into the sinkhole near Kanpur metro site today.

After this incident, social media users started criticizing the development model of the Uttar Pradesh government. One Amrish Giri wrote that this was the real development model of the Uttar Pradesh government. This was the Yogi model. People could see the development model of Arvind Kejriwal in Delhi. If such a thing happened in Delhi, then the BJP people would have been protesting on the roads. Now they won't protest because of the Yogi government in Uttar Pradesh.

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Man has extremely lucky escape as motorbike sucked into sinkhole in Rajasthan, India

The little scooter was stuck inside the hole
© Jam Press Vid/Newslions
The little scooter was stuck inside the hole in the road
A motorcyclist had a lucky escape when a huge sinkhole suddenly opened up in the road in front of him.

Shocking footage shows the silver scooter riding along when the tarmac caved in beneath its wheels, leaving the driver - named as Bhopal Singh Medu - out of control.

The rear of the scooter fell into the pit first, before the rest of the scooter - and its hapless rider - followed.

Luckily for the man several people stopped to come to his aid, dragging Bhopal out of the pit by his hands.

Bhopal had been riding on Bhagat's Kothi-Basni road in Rajasthan, India, at the time of the accident.

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Sinkhole nearly swallows pickup truck in Cyprus

A large sinkhole swallowed a pickup truck in a rural area of Paphos on Tuesday, with reports pointing to water erosion caused by a pipeline months after a historic overflow at the country's fourth largest dam.

Local media said a pickup truck fell into a sinkhole on Tuesday on a dirt road near Agia Varvara, Paphos district, with a video online later showing a single cab submerged in water and mud.

The sinkhole was estimated to be about 10 meters long, with media speculating it was caused by erosion from a pipeline that passes through the exact location.

In March 2022 overflow was reported at the Asprogia dam, colloquially known as Asprogia-Kannaviou due to an unresolved name war in the area, with additonal overflow or near-overflow incidents recorded over the years.

Reports said the driver of the vehicle was not injured when the ground gave way.

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Massive sinkholes leave two missing and three injured in Guatemala

Two people missing after massive sinkholes appear in Guatemala

Two people missing after massive sinkholes appear in Guatemala
At least two people are missing and three others have been injured in Guatemala after two giant sinkholes opened up in a street south of the country's capital.

The three injured people fell into a 15m sinkhole on Saturday while inside their vehicle and were rescued hours later by the emergency services.

Rescue teams and members of the Guatemalan army have entered the sinkhole in search of the two missing people.

The sinkholes formed on a street in the municipality of Villa Nueva, 20km south of capital Guatemala City.

Guatemala's national disaster relief agency CONRED has set up in the affected area to investigate the sinkholes and determine if there are any risks to residents in the zone.

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Van falls into sinkhole in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Road users are advised to be cautious driving along Jalan Kepong heading to Sg Buloh after a van fell into a sinkhole around 6am today.

The van driver told The Star that he only realised what had happened when the back of the vehicle was sinking into the hole.

Eventually, the van was stuck, and water was flowing out of the sinkhole.

The van was removed safely at 9.15am with the help of another van and an excavator.

Meanwhile, Kepong MP Lim Lip Eng said police closed the road and diverted traffic.

"Police, Fire and Rescue Department, Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) and Air Selangor were quick to respond, and their officers were on site to look into the situation."

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Vehicles collapse into sinkhole at south Edmonton dealership

A number of vehicles were stuck at an Infiniti dealership in Edmonton on Tuesday, Sept. 20, 2022.
© Evan Klippenstein/CTV News Edmonton
A number of vehicles were stuck at an Infiniti dealership in Edmonton on Tuesday, Sept. 20, 2022.
Several vehicles fell into a sinkhole at a car dealership in south Edmonton.

There were four cars in the hole at Infiniti South Edmonton's parking lot when CTV News Edmonton arrived on scene just before 10:45 a.m.

"This is very rare. It's a big one and luckily there's only four in there and not a whole parking lot," Dale Jackson with Cliffs Towing said.

Jackson said two of the vehicles in the sinkhole are new, one is used and one is a customer's car. He added the vehicles didn't sustain "a lot of damage."

Blue Planet

Parts of many coastal cities are sinking - NASA

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
© Unsplash/CC0 Public Domain
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
A team of researchers at Nanyang Technological University, working with a group at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory and another colleague at ETH Zürich, has found evidence showing that parts of many big coastal cities are sinking faster than the sea is rising. In their paper published in the journal Nature Sustainability, the group describes using satellite-based radar to measure the degree of land subsidence for 48 of the largest cities in the world.

Prior research has shown that global warming is melting ice around the world, leading to rising sea levels.

This increase in sea levels is a major concern to cities and towns that lie on the edges of the sea. But many cities also face another problem — land subsidence, in which land sinks due to removal of groundwater or gas and compaction of the ground from the massive weight of buildings on top of it.

Comment: Note that this phenomena is occurring alongside various other unusual geologic and seismic activity: See also:


Mercedes-Benz swallowed by sinkhole in Perth, Australia

Mercedes sinkhole
© AAP Image/Richard Wainwright
Work crew repair a burst water main pipe that created a sink hole in Centro Avenue in the suburb of Subiaco in Perth, Australia on Sep. 19, 2022. West Australian authorities have apologised over a burst water pipe which left a luxury car submerged in a sinkhole in the Perth suburb of Subiaco.
A Mercedes-Benz was swallowed by a sinkhole and submerged in water in Perth, Australia, around the evening on Sept. 18.

The luxury car was parked in the affluent suburb of Subiaco near a water main, which burst around 10 p.m. and began eroding the earth underneath the road.

Once the ground collapsed, the car and a park bench fell into the gaping hole and were fully submerged.