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Mon, 19 Nov 2018
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Cloud Precipitation

140,000 farmers affected by flood disaster in Jigawa, Kenya

140,000 farmers affected by flood disaster
140,000 farmers affected by flood disaster in Jigawa
No fewer than 140,000 farmers in Jigawa were affected by the recent flood disaster which ravaged most of the farms located along the river banks in the state.

The Commissioner for Agriculture and Natural Resources, Alhaji Kabiru Ali, disclosed this when he received the Country Director, Sasakawa Global 2000, Prof. Sani Ahmed-Miko who paid him a courtesy visit in Dutse on Thursday.

He said that following the flood disaster, over 120,000 hectares of farmlands were destroyed while a number of villages were also submerged.

"Most of the crops along the river banks including rice, sourgham, cowpea, groundnut and millet were destroyed by the flood.

"A lot of villages were submerged, schools were closed and in some areas classrooms were half full with water," he said

Cloud Precipitation

Roads flood in Mombasa, Kenya after heavy rain

Motorists wade through a flooded road at railways roundabout in Mombasa county yesterday after a heavy downpour.
Motorists wade through a flooded road at railways roundabout in Mombasa county yesterday after a heavy downpour.
Mombasa residents and motorists yesterday grappled with flooded streets following heavy rains.

The county administration has been making promises every time it floods, saying it would repair the drainage systems and demolish illegal structures on riparian land.

But when the sun shines, all the promises are forgotten and nothing substantial is done. Another statement is issued when another flood hits.

On Tuesday, the Meteorological Department warned residents of Kwale, Mombasa, Kilifi, Tana River and Lamu of possible flash floods in the next three days.

Cloud Precipitation

Torrential rain brings flash floods to Russia's Black Sea coast destroying crucial bridge in Sochi

Floods russia black sea town Tuapse
© Sputnik / Vladislav Shchekoldin
A flooded street in Tuapse
Torrential rains hit Southern Russia on Wednesday, causing flash flooding and seriously disrupting life in the area. At least two people were killed by the disaster.

The storm and heavy rains affected a long stretch of Black Sea coast - from the town of Dzhubga in the northwest, to the city of Sochi in southeastern parts of the coast. The area is particularly vulnerable to flooding since it is separated from plains further north by Western Caucasus mountain range.

As of Thursday, an elderly couple was reportedly killed in the disaster and one woman is missing, with her family unable to contact her. An evacuation was ordered for about 460 people living in areas most endangered by the flooding. Residents of a small mountain village refused to leave even as the only road connecting it to the outside world was destroyed by water. Emergency services said they will be providing food and other essentials to the 176 people living there.

Comment: More from Vesti News:

Cloud Precipitation

18 children and teachers dead, 22 more injured in flash flooding in Jordan

Dead Sea in Jordan
© Reuters / Muhammad Hamed
At least 18 children and teachers were killed and 22 others wounded as a school bus was swept away by flash floods in the Zara Maeen area on the banks of the Dead Sea in Jordan.

The majority of the victims are believed to be students who were heading to a picnic at hot springs as part of a school trip. The witnesses said that the floodwaters swept their bus into a valley as it was approaching a resort area.

A major search operation has been launched to locate 37 students and seven adults, who were missing following the incident.

Israeli Defense Force has also sent its troops to assist in the search on the request of the Jordanian authorities.


Ice Age Farmer Report: LNG/Fuel shortages as cold winter approaches - $ billion crop losses/prices rise - Flood/hail events

snow crop
- MEGA UPDATE - (1) Alert: Natural Gas supplies are low, prices are spiking, and a cold winter is inbound. Have a backup plan. (2) $3bil crops lost under snow in Canada. (3) Michael ag damages exceeding $2bil. (4) Major flood and hailstorms around the world. -- What are you doing to prepare for the difficult growing seasons ahead?


Bizarro Earth

Adapt 2030 Ice Age Report: Jet streams shift across Europe bringing climate chaos - North America is next

A man tries to reach a car that has been blocked by ice after a severe hailstorm hit Rome, Italy, on Sunday evening

A man tries to reach a car that has been blocked by ice after a severe hailstorm hit Rome, Italy.
Some strange anomalies are now manifesting over Europe as the Equatorial Vortex and Polar vortex collide with 20C below normal and 20C above normal fronts collide. Climate chaos is an understatement to what has been seen in the last few days and what is expected over the next ten days across the continent. Record rains in Spain, Italy and tornadoes in Cyprus. Hail feet deep paralyses Rome.

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Solar Flares

Extreme weather decimating US farming

corn farm

Research forecasts Iowa corn yields could drop in half within the next half-century thanks to extreme weather - yet it's not part of the political conversation

Farmers around here are itching to go after that amber wave of soya beans, but there was that 5in rain a couple of weeks ago and then a 7in rain, and it drives even the retired guys batty.

Those beans aren't worth much at the elevator thanks to a Trump trade war with China, but they're worth even less getting wet feet in a pond that was a field which the glacier made a prairie bog some 14,000 years ago - until we came along and drained it.

This year, crops in north-west Iowa are looking spotty. Up into Minnesota they were battered by spring storms and late planting, and then inundated again in late summer. Where they aren't washed out, they're weedy or punky. If you go south in Buena Vista county, where I live in Storm Lake, the corn stands tall and firm.

Welcome to climate change, Iowa-style.

Comment: Over the past few years in particular, no where on the planet has been spared from the increasingly erratic seasons and extreme weather, and it seems the world is scarcely prepared to deal with the coming food shortages: Also check out SOTT radio's: Behind the Headlines: Earth changes in an electric universe: Is climate change really man-made?

Cloud Precipitation

Hurricane and tropical storm soak Morelia, Michoacán, cause widespread flooding, Mexico

Derailed train in Michoacán

Derailed train in Michoacán
Intense rainfall in Morelia, Michoacán, today has left at least 27 neighborhoods flooded and derailed a freight train.

Civil Protection officials said the Grande river overflowed its banks while other drivers and drainage systems in the municipality were at 100% capacity.

The worst affected areas were Ventura Puente, Carlos Salazar, Jacarandas, Los Manantiales and Industrial, where floodwaters were as much as a meter deep and hundreds of homes were flooded.

The extremely wet weather is the effect of Hurricane Willa and Tropical Storm Vicente.

Comment: Elsewhere in the same country a few days earlier: Floods trigger emergency in 13 Veracruz municipalities, Mexico

Cloud Precipitation

Floods trigger emergency in 13 Veracruz municipalities, Mexico

Flooding in Veracruz

Flooding in Veracruz
More areas could be included if rain continues

Veracruz has declared a state of emergency in 13 municipalities after heavy rain flooded homes and roads in the southern part of the state.

The Coatzacoalcos river overflowed its banks in the municipalities of Hidalgotitlán and Jesús Carranza, while the Tecolapan river overflowed in Saltabarranca.

The waters of the Jaltepec river, a tributary of the Coatzacoalcos, continue to rise and could soon overflow, affecting towns in the municipalities of Jesús Carranza, Hidalgotitlán, Texistepec, Jáltipan, Cosoleacaque and Minatitlán.

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Mudslide triggered by heavy rains kills 9 in Colombia, 5 still missing

Governor of Santander Didier Tavera (centre), stands next to rescue workers as they work at the area where nine people died by mudslides caused by heavy rains, according to local authorities, in Barrancabermeja, Colombia on Sunday.
© Reuters
Governor of Santander Didier Tavera (centre), stands next to rescue workers as they work at the area where nine people died by mudslides caused by heavy rains, according to local authorities, in Barrancabermeja, Colombia on Sunday.
At least nine people were killed and five more were missing after heavy rains triggered a mudslide in northern Colombia on Sunday, the fire department said.

The early morning rains caused a mudslide that buried several homes in a poor neighbourhood, most of them made of wood, in the port city of Barrancabermeja, reports Xinhua news agency.

"We recovered nine bodies... Five of them were minors and four adults," Fire Department Chief Alexander Diaz said. "Fortunately, three children managed to get out when the mudslide hit and are alive."

Comment: A similar event happened elsewhere in the same country just 10 days earlier, again caused by extreme precipitation: Landslide triggered by heavy rain in central Colombian town kills 11, others missing