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Sat, 17 Nov 2018
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Strange Sounds


Alabama overhead explosion caused sonic boom and 'came from unknown comet'


The meteor, traveling at about 76,000 mph, exploded about 25 miles above Woodstock, Alabama.
A baseball-sized meteor blasted over the southeastern United States on Monday night, creating a bright streak of light, a sonic boom and a ruckus on Twitter, officials said on Tuesday.

The meteor appeared at 9:18 p.m. EDT over Alabama, traveling at about 76,000 mph. It exploded 25 miles above Woodstock, Alabama, located about 30 miles from Birmingham.

"Objects of this size hit the Earth's atmosphere on a daily basis, but this one happened near Birmingham, which is a fairly decently sized city and lot of people saw it," Bill Cooke, head of NASA's Meteoroid Environment Office at the Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama, told Reuters.

Many of the more than 180 eyewitness reports came from people attending a Mumford & Sons concert in Birmingham.

"This one wasn't at 2 in the morning, so a lot of people were out and about," Cooke said.

"I saw what I first thought was a falling star and then it turned bright green," an observer from Anniston, Alabama, posted on the American Meteor Society website.


Mysterious hum in Auckland, New Zealand

The low-frequency troublesome noise that troubles a small percentage of North Shore residents in Auckland, New Zealand. Aired on 5/9/2013


Strange sounds in the sky in Surbiton, United Kingdom 8th/Sep/2013

Strange sounds outside in Surbiton,United Kingdom, about 2:30 in the morning 8/9/2013. It lasted for about 20 minutes. It was very loud. This is the last 2 minutes, so it is not as loud.


'Strange sky sound' recorded in Billings, Montana, 8 September 2013

I was dozing off and hear a loud sound all around my apartment. I instantly thought of all those stories of sounds coming from the sky so The second time it came about I'm guessing 10 seconds after the first time I got it recorded. Sorry about the wind but it you listen you can hear it. Scary business!

Fireball 2

Two large meteor events: Loud booms over Memphis Tennessee and great video from Canberra Australia

Two very large fireball events occurred over Memphis, Tennessee, USA and Canberra, Australia. However, nothing or not much was said about these two sky phenomena either on the news or by authorities. We are lucky this was not another Russian situation!

Large Metor during daytime in Memphis, TN on August 14 2013

A loud boom accompagnying this meteor was reported in Missouri. According to this same witness, the booms broke her windows. Look at this link for more information.

Amazing Meteor Video Over Canberra Australia on August 13 2013

This report was submitted on this website. It occurred at 9:36pm local time (Australia), and the fireball was flying in the SSW direction with a magnitude between -10 and -15


Halesowen residents driven to distraction by "mystery sound"

Mystified residents in Halesowen are being driven to distraction by a loud banging noise every 30 minutes for 12 hours a day.

As well as annoying human residents around Manor Way the constant loud bangs are disturbing pets and wildlife throughout the day.

David Taylor contacted the Halesowen News after being unable to find out what was making the din which the police were unable to shed light on.

He said: "Residents who live close to Manor Way are being plagued by mysterious 'explosions' from 8am until 9.30pm every day.

"The sounds, which sound like gun fire, occur every 20-30 minutes for over 12 hours every day, and no one seems to know what causes them."

"In the hot weather, it means that residents in the Brier Mill Road, Chadbury Road and Cloister Drive area of Halesowen are unable to sit outside and enjoy the weather in peace and local pets and wildlife are also disturbed by the sounds."


'Strange sky sounds' heard in Curitiba Brazil, Mississauga Canada and Clearwater Florida on 9 July 2013

In this post you get a compilation of these weird noises from the sky that we were used to listen in 2012 just before the Maya calender ended! Are they back now?
Strange Sounds from the sky in Curitiba Brazil - July 9 2013

The recorder of the video had always a foot back from videos of strange sounds coming from the sky as they seemed to be haoxes. This until he witnesses the phenomenon on July 9 2013. The metallic echoeing and rumbling noise started around 3 am and lasted intermittently for approximately one hour. At the beginning, it sound very similar to a bell. He has never listened to something like this since he is around (lots of years). Sometimes, the sound was very loud and scary, without any specific direction, but coming from above, from the sky. The sky is very frightning, is terrible!

Fireball 2

Covering up the celestial threat yet again: Boom! goes the mystery?

Little-known military flight area might be cause of noise reports

The Lake Andes Military Operations Area is shown in the lower right portion of this map taken from a report on the website of the Department of Defense’s Environment, Safety and Occupational Health Network and Information Exchange.

Some Mitchell-area residents were in a state of bewilderment last Saturday night after hearing a loud boom.

Though definitive information is scant, the boom could have been from a jet flying at supersonic speeds through a little-known military operations area.

The boom was heard around 11 p.m. and spawned calls to law enforcement officials in Mitchell and Mount Vernon, who did not determine a cause for the noise.

The National Weather Service office in Sioux Falls reported rain that night, but not much thunder. A lightning strike would be heard as a boom nearby where it hit, but would sound like a rumble from farther away.

Davison County Chief Deputy Steve Harr heard dispatchers discuss calls they received about a big boom. He heard reports of people who heard it in Mitchell, Mount Vernon and five miles northwest of Mount Vernon.

"This was a first for me," Harr said.

The noise may have been a sonic boom created by a jet flying faster than the speed of sound. The speed of sound varies with altitude and temperature, but is about 770 mph. The sonic boom would travel with the aircraft. Because the speed of sound can constantly change, it is possible to unintentionally break it.

The jet may have been flying through the Lake Andes Military Operations Area, an airspace used by the military for simulated air combat and complex missions, and practice maneuvers. It is the only such military operations area in the state, other than a small portion of the Powder River military air space in Montana and Wyoming that juts into South Dakota's northwest corner.

Evil Rays

Researchers dig into findings of unexplained sounds heard around the world

Across the country, entire communities have been reporting that strange, unidentifiable sounds have been heard in and around their areas.

These various sounds appear to fall into two categories: living and non-living. Though the two categories of sounds appear to be unrelated, the reports keep rolling in.

The living sounds appear to be originating from the ground-level and are often blamed creatures not yet known to science; such as Sasquatch, alien beings, or something else.

The non-living sounds appear to come from the sky and are contributed to UFOs, solar flares, and even the mysterious skyquakes. Below is a list of the most recent reports of mysterious sounds that fall into each category.

Incidents Around the World

Umatilla Reservation

Recently, TSW reported on the bone chilling screams heard in and around the Umatilla Reservation during the night. Locals and experts are at odds as to the sound's origin, but can agree that it seems to be biologic.

Evil Rays

Probe of unexplained humming noise widens past Calgary to other areas of Alberta, including Edmonton

© Metro/file
Terry Avramenko, who lives in Calgary's northwest neighbourhood of Ranchlands, has estimated hundreds hear a humming noise much like he does.
Buzz about a mystery hum that's confounded researchers and those who hear it has extended well beyond a Calgary neighbourhood where complainants first came forward.

Victims of the so-called "Ranchlands hum" describe it as more of a vibrational feeling than a noise. It has the power to keep them up at night, ruin their mood and has even led some poor souls to question their sanity.

The hum is a "genuine phenomenon," according to University of Calgary researcher Dr. Marcia Epstein, who's worked in her spare time to track the elusive source for a few years.

"It's something we don't yet understand," she said. "They (hum hearers) are not crazy, they're not making it up, they're not losing their hearing."

But the problem appears no longer to be Calgary-specific. Initially, most complaints stemmed from the northwest Calgary neighbourhood of Ranchlands, and a volunteer-led probe of the sound pinpointed the Bearspaw water-treatment plant as a possible source in 2011.