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Tue, 22 May 2018
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Strange Sounds

Bizarro Earth

Unexplained Triple Mystery 'booms' Rattle Houses in Northern Region of France

A "thud" and even "three booms" were heard in the sky near Bigouden Wednesday night, March 23rd. The phenomenon remains unexplained and apparently was repeated on the night of the 24th from north to south of Finistere. There were reports also in Côtes d'Armor and Morbihan. But where do these sounds come from? "It sounded like a thud of a child stamping his feet on the wall of the neighbor," one witness said. Testimonials are legions Bigouden. But not only. Combrit Chateauneuf-du-Faou through Briec, Quimper, Plogastel-Saint-Germain, Pont l'Abbé, Tréméoc, Cockles, Plobannalec-Lesconil or Clohars-Fouesnant, many people on Wednesday to 21h, were intrigued by the phenomenon.


Did You Hear That Boom? Residents Report Saturday Night Sounds that Shook Homes

Michigan, US - Ferndale Police are investigating what might have caused three loud booms and light flashes that shook homes and concerned many local residents Saturday night.

The booms were heard around 9:30-10 p.m. and may have originated near the area of Hilton and Marshall. More than 40 people posted on Ferndale Patch's Facebook page about the incidents - describing flashes of light seen in the sky, their homes vibrating with the noise, and helicopters heard overheard following the sounds.

A Ferndale Police dispatcher said last night at 12:30 a.m. that they investigated the noise but could not find its cause. He said fireworks were a possibility.

Ferndale Police Lt. Casey O'Loughlin said Sunday morning that he was not aware of any reports made but said loud booms can be caused by fireworks.

"That's usually what loud booms turn out to be are fireworks," he said.

In Ferndale, any type of fireworks that explode or leave the ground are illegal, he said.

O'Loughlin said he was not aware of any helicopters being sent out.


Noise Was Not Thunder! Pocono Residents Hear Loud Sonic-like Boom That Shook Homes

US, Pennsylvania - Strong thunderstorms hit the Poconos Friday night, moving through shortly after 10 p.m. and continuing for at least a half hour, but the weather event that had folks talking was a loud sonic-like boom that shook houses at about 10:15 p.m.

Gilda Spiotta of Long Pond said, "The shaking last night lasted unusually long. Didn't sound like thunder, didn't feel like thunder, was wondering if something happened on 380/80; tanker accident."

Another Long Pond resident, Lorene R. Allman-Mars: "My son was at the back door letting the dogs out and he reported that he saw a large flash of light fill the sky toward/above the FedEx distribution site on 940, then he heard a loud boom. It didn't look like lightning, it looked like a bomb blew up in the air. I was on the second floor of the house; I didn't see anything but I heard the boom and felt it shake the house. I actually felt it under my feet. The floors shook; I have never felt lightning shake the house like that before and we've been up here 20 years!"

Some readers suggested an earthquake or an explosion, but said that definitely was no routine thunder.

Meteorologist and Pocono weather expert Ben Gelber offered this explanation: "One possibility is that thunderstorms in our chilly environment near the surface tonight, associated with an inversion of warm air aloft, sound much louder."

He added, "The sound waves are refracted back to the surface and reverberate in ways that we normally do not experience as they bounce between the surface and the inversion near the base of the clouds."

Other residents commented from across the Poconos:
"My kids and I heard the sound in Saw Creek," said Winnie Michaluk. "Our windows rattled and our dogs were barking like crazy."

Russo Albuja of Tobyhanna said, "I was driving along 196 on my way home from work when I felt the BOOM. It was so extreme, my car shook and on my left hand side on an empty field - all I saw was this HUGE flash of light coming from where the airport location would be at. Afterwards, I heard nothing. Kinda scared me that I rushed home and locked my doors."

Katee McCarthy said, "Felt it here in the Tannersville area. Quite scary." As of 11 p.m., she reported lightning and sleet in the area.

Tim Aziz said, "Just heard something at 10:35 in East Stroudsburg, the whole house vibrated!"

Bizarro Earth

San Diego rattled by 3 loud booms, violent shaking following tremor 4 miles from Palomar Observatory

The USGS confirmed a small earthquake struck San Diego County Thursday night. The quake struck with a magnitude of 3.3 and at a depth of 7 miles at 11:09 p.m. The epicenter of the earthquake was four miles south-southeast of the Palomar Observatory, 17 miles northeast of Escondido and 39 miles north-northeast of San Diego, according to a computer-generated USGS report.

News stations in the area said they received over a dozen calls from concerned viewers who described the earthquake as very loud and said it was accompanied by three eerie booms. There were also reports of violent shaking. No injuries or damage was reported the tremor. No one in our generation remembers so many small tremors across the world triggering so many sonic booms. One has to wonder what is happening in the earth beneath our feet.


Clintonville residents shaken once again by mysterious booms

Clintonville, Wisconsin - Residents are shaken by booms once again in a small Wisconsin city where a small earthquake was recorded last week. Clintonville police say they received 65 calls Tuesday night between 10:35 and 11:40 from residents who experienced the booming. The city has been relatively quiet lately after the booms awakened residents for several days early last week.

The U.S. Geological Survey said a 1.5-magnitude earthquake struck March 20 in Clintonville, a town of about 4,600 people about 40 miles west of Green Bay.

City administrator Lisa Kuss says she has again contacted the Geological Survey about the latest booms.

Evil Rays

Mysterious, unexplained "booms" in Alabama, Georgia, Wisconsin

© Unknown
Image showing small seismic activity in parts of southern Birmingham, Alabama
In separate events, mysterious booms shook residents of Alabama, Georgia, and Wisconsin. So far, government activities, earthquakes, and sonic booms are ruled out.

It is a warm, breezy afternoon with plenty of sunshine. Outside, you can smell the flowers blooming. In the horizon, the sky appears slightly tinted with a green haze as the pollen swarms the air. Birds are chirping, and the bees are flying from flower to flower. Spring has finally arrived. Everything is perfect, and care free. All of a sudden, the serene and peaceful landscape screams....


The ground slightly shakes, and it feels like a large tremor is occurring.

Immediately, you tune into your television, open up your facebook and twitter feeds to find out exactly what is going on. You realize you were not the only one who felt the Earth shake from under you. Others, just like yourself, heard a loud explosion, but had no idea where it came from. Was it an earthquake? No, there was no seismic activity in your area that would register high enough to feel the Earth shake from under you. Did a meteor hit the Earth? Did a house explode? Did a plane crash nearby? No signs of a fire or smoke outside your house.


Strange noise in Clintonville: Engineering firm hired to try to find epicenter of loud, booming shakes

© Ron Page/The Post-Crescent
Shawn MacDonald (foreground) and Tammy Strey-Hirt of Clintonville listen during a question-and-answer session Wednesday night regarding the unexplained booming noises being heard in the city as citizens and members of the media gather at Clintonville High School to ask questions of officials.
Officials have tried to record a series of mysterious booming sounds that have roused residents from their beds in the past few days, but their attempts have come up empty.

City administrator Lisa Kuss, addressing a crowd of about 400 people Wednesday night at a public hearing to talk about the phenomenon, said the city will spend $7,000 to hire Waukesha-based engineering firm Ruekert & Mielke, which will place four seismometers around the city to try to locate the epicenter of the strange sounds.

If the firm finds the epicenter, the next step will be to pinpoint the depth and what is causing it. The cause is likely only a couple hundred feet under the earth's surface, Kuss said.

"It's possible we'll never have a definitive answer," Kuss told the audience at the Clintonville High School auditorium.

The big shakes have elicited big attention and the room was lined with media, including reporters from CNN, NBC and a photographer taking photos for the New York Times.

See an interactive map of where the reported "booms" have occured in Clintonville


Strange noise: Ireland residents tormented by 'mysterious' night time 'helicopter noises'

Roe Valley residents are mystified over strange late night noises high in the sky, which has left them scratching their heads. The late night noise surfaced recently in Drumsurn, according to local Sinn Fein councillor Brenda Chivers. "It's very annoying. It starts around 7pm and can go on until 2-3am. People have been out searching to see what it is, but they see nothing. There's no plane, just this constant drone, and nobody seems to know what it is; unless it's flying saucers! It's a mystery."

A similar noise was reported in Derry recently, but there was never any conclusion as to what it was. In the meantime, residents around the Roe have been "tormented" by late night "helicopter noise". "People are telling me they are hearing this noise at a time when children are either going to or are in bed, and it has wakened some and prevented others from getting to sleep," said DUP Colr. Alan Robinson, who said no one could tell him the source of the noise. "Someone knows the answer and I hope it will be discovered soon and the usual quiet Limavady nights return."


Mysterious rumblings bring down a barn in Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

A barn on the 4000-block of Otter Point Road collapsed after a series of unexplained tremors rumbled through the region on Thursday, March 15. Barrie Hanslip, owner of the 35-acre property where the barn was located, said the steepled barn tumbled downward after a large "boom" and rumble at 11:30 a.m. The large tremor was preceded by two smaller shakes around 9:00 a.m.

Bizarro Earth

Strange noise: Something's rattling small Wisconsin town

© N/A
Mysterious explosions. Unexplained shaking. Something's going on in Clintonville, Wisconsin, but nobody seems to know what it is.

The sounds -- variously described as rattling pipes, clanging metal, thunder or firecrackers -- have continued on and off since early Sunday night in just one part of the small town of 4,600, located about 180 miles northeast of Madison.

Accompanying the sounds are vibrations that have shaken homes and household objects in the northeast corner of town, city manager Lisa Kuss said.

The sounds were loud enough Monday morning that a CNN journalist could hear them during a cell phone conversation with Kuss.