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Sun, 07 Feb 2016
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Strange Sounds


Nacreous clouds spotted in sky over Ireland

© SparkyScoops
Nacreous cloud
The stunning clouds were pictured by people in a number of places, including Dublin and Belfast

A number of people noticed amazing rainbow coloured clouds in the sky over Ireland this morning.

The stunning clouds were pictured by people in a number of places, including Dublin and Belfast.

They are known as polar stratospheric clouds or nacreous clouds and usually appear during winter at high latitudes like Scandinavia, Iceland, Alaska and Northern Canada.

The clouds are quite rare in Ireland and are mostly visible within two hours after sunset or before dawn.

They appeared as Storm Henry continues to batter the country.

© Emma Elliott
Rainbow clouds this morning over York road/M2 Belfast

Comment: See also these other recent reports: Nacreous cloud seen over Leicester, UK

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'Fire rainbow' photographed over Lecce, Italy

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Colorful polar stratospheric clouds return to Swedish skies

Colorful 'mother of pearl' cloud appears in Swedish skies

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Bizarro Earth

More mystery booms reported over New Jersey

Sonic booms were reported over southern New Jersey and along the East Coast to Long Island, New York, on Jan. 28, 2016.
At least 10 sonic booms have been reported this afternoon (Jan. 28) from southern New Jersey along the East Coast to Long Island, New York, say scientists with the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS).

The first sonic boom was recorded at 1:24 p.m. EST (18:24:05 UTC), about 2 miles (3 kilometers) north-northeast of Hammonton, New Jersey, and 37 miles (60 km) south of Trenton, New Jersey. In the following hour and a half, seismometers picked up at least nine other sonic booms along the Eastern Seaboard all the way to Long Island, according to the USGS.

A spokesperson for the USGS said agency scientists there have no other information except that these were sonic booms and not earthquakes that were detected today.

A sonic boom occurs when an object (or an explosion) travels faster than the speed of sound (761.2 mph, or 1,225 km/h, at sea-level), sending out a shockwave that also travels faster than sound, according to John Bellini, a geophysicist with the USGS National Earthquake Information Center in Golden, Colorado.

The cause of today's sonic booms remains mysterious. Bellini noted, however, that if an explosion had caused these booms, someone likely would have seen it.


Mysterious boom heard in many parts of the Ozarks, Arkansas

Ozark National Forest
The source of a mysterious sound heard Sunday afternoon in many parts of the Ozarks is still primarily that — a mystery.

Harrison Police began getting calls about the sound just before 4:45 p.m. Sunday.

The first caller was on West Park Avenue. The woman reported she heard an explosion and felt vibrations, although the explosion sounded a long way off.

An officer on patrol checked in the immediate area, but didn't locate anything that might have been the source. A report said he spoke to people at the Soccer Complex who also heard it and thought it might have come from the Highway 7 South area.

A few minutes later, a caller on Highland reported hearing it and an officer checked that area, speaking to people on Windsor Drive who said it shook their house.


Loud mysterious boom rumbles across Tracy, California

© Adiaz9710/ Wikimedia Commons
Downtown Tracy
A loud boom heard across Tracy rattled windows and nerves Wednesday evening.

Social media reports began appearing shortly after 8 p.m., describing a muffled boom that reportedly shook local homes.

Residents from Linne to Grant Line roads, as well as in Mountain House and Lathrop, reported the sound.

Tracy Police Department dispatch records include three reports from residents who heard a bang. One caller on Finale Way said it sounded as if someone had come up and hit their living room window.

Tracy police Sgt. Dean Hicks said the department did not receive any calls explaining the sound heard across town. He said nothing had been reported from the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory's Site 300 test site southwest of Tracy.


Strange sounds in the sky baffle residents of São Tomé das Letras, Brazil

© YouTube/TVS Saotomedasletras
They were recorded on January 18, 2016 in the city of São Tomé das Letras, Minas Gerais and are kind of terrifying. The mysterious sky sounds filled up the sky of mystic São Tomé das Letras, Brazil.

As you may know, São Thomé das Letras is believed to be one of the seven energy points of the Earth and is thus an attraction for mystics, spiritualists, and alternative societies.

Although this new sound attracted considerable attention, its source remains a mystery. Some residents and officails believe it was the sound of jet turbine hovering the city. But the problem with this 'aircraft' hypothesis is that the noise was constantly heard more than five minutes without any interruption.

Moreover, no planes or helicopters were spotted in the sky. So what might have caused the weird noise heard in São Tomé das Letras, Brazil?

Comment: SOTT Exclusive: Strange sounds are back: 'Sky trumpets' heard in the Netherlands, the UK and Morocco


Loud booms on the increase across the US - Latest in Fayette County, Pennsylvania

Connellsville, Fayette County
It's a mystery not only in this area, but in communities across the country.

They sound like loud explosions, except there's never any damage. So, what is really going on?

Imagine you're sitting on your front porch when out of nowhere a cataclysmic explosion goes off. You see a bright light, you feel the force, and then, it goes away. Then, when emergency responders go to investigate, they can't find a thing.

Well, it happened in Fayette County recently and it's happening around the United States.


'Bristol hum': Residents report mysterious noise has returned

© Matt Cardy/Getty Images
For the past fortnight, Bristol residents have reported hearing the low-pitched humming noise
The noise has been blamed on various causes, such as submarines, phone masts, wind farms and gas pipes

Residents of Bristol are reporting the return of a mysterious hum which has been heard for more than three decades.

The "Bristol hum" made the news in the late 1970s, when residents complained to the council about a strange noise.

For the past fortnight, several Bristol residents have reported the low-pitched humming noise on social media.

In a YouTube video uploaded on 4 January, a man claims to have recorded a noise matching the description of the hum.

Comment: In the last few weeks strange sounds have also been heard in the Netherlands, Morocco, United States and Singapore. For more information on this mysterious phenomenon, also recorded in ancient texts, read:

SOTT Exclusive: Strange sounds are back: 'Sky trumpets' heard in the Netherlands, the UK and Morocco


Mysterious rumblings in Vermont, US - blamed on 'frost quakes'

This year's unseasonably warm winter weather mixed with waves of bitterly cold air has brought a rare and often frightening natural phenomenon back to Vermont—Cryoseisms. A cryoseism, or frost quake, occurs after a sudden deep freezing of the ground, when the pressure created from water expanding into ice abruptly causes stress fractures in underground soil and rocks. The result of these fractures can produce localized ground shaking and noises similar to an earthquake. While usually alarming, frost quakes typically pose little physical harm beyond occasionally causing a small crack in the ground where the frost quake occurred.

On the night of January 8, 2016 and morning of January 12, 2016, several Shelburne residents in the vicinity of the La Platte River near Falls Road reported hearing mysterious sounds that many equated to an earthquake. One resident, despite not living near a highway, described the event as similar to the rumblings caused by a large semi-truck driving nearby, while another on Front Porch Forum likened her experience to a large boulder rolling towards her house. In each case, the startled residents described the sound as very loud and different from thunder, but no one at the time could explain exactly what caused the earthquake-like tremors.

After speaking with state geologist, Marjorie Gale, and confirming that there was no seismic activity on either of those days, she explained that in 1955, geologists mistakenly reported frost quakes in Burlington as minor earthquakes in the state's earthquake catalog, and that local frost quakes could have caused the mysterious rumblings in Shelburne. However, given their relative infrequency and generally minor effects, the Vermont Geological Survey does not track frost quakes. As a result, there is little historical scientific data regarding the geographic locations, cause, or frequency of frost quakes in the state.

Comment: This is what cryoseisms or frost quakes sound like, nothing like "the rumblings caused by a large semi-truck driving nearby."

Given that meteor fireball activity is increasing dramatically, isn't it far more likely these folks are hearing overhead meteor explosions? See also:


New Jersey residents plagued by mysterious loud booming sounds

© ABC7 (screen capture)
Friday night was far from the first nervous one for residents of Fair Lawn, New Jersey, who have been plagued by loud booming sounds for about a week.

As CBS2's Dave Carlin reported, the source of the nuisance is a mystery.

"We were, like, looking at each other like, 'What was that?'" said Danielle McManus.

It happened twice in the past week to McManus and her family. While inside their home in a usually very quiet Fair Lawn neighborhood, things went bump in the night.

"If we didn't know any better, it almost sounds like a cannon," McManus said, "It was so deep and just like, echoey."

Elsewhere in the neighborhood along the Passaic River, residents say they have heard loud booms as early as 6 p.m. and as late as 2 a.m..

"It was, 'Pssh, pssh, pssh,'" one young boy said.

"I was like, 'Grr! Grr! Brr!' like that," another said.

"I heard the noise, so I came out here," added Susan Kuqi of Fair Lawn. 'Sometimes, you know, people dump garbage. It sounded like a garbage truck."

Comment: Last year mysterious earth-shaking booms also rattled residents in New Jersey, and elsewhere across the US. These strange sounds often remain unexplained by the authorities.

As meteor fireball and seismic activity have increased dramatically in recent years, we suspect that a number of these booms can be attributed to overhead meteor explosions or are earthquake-related. See also:

Unexplained loud booms: A compilation from 2015


Strange sounds heard in Singapore, Hungary and California

Sky trumpets or the Trumpets of the imminent apocalypse.
These three videos of strange sounds from the sky were captured in January 2016 around the world.

The strange sky trumpets were recorded in Singapore, Budapest and California. What's going on?

Strange sounds heard in Singapore at night on January 13, 2016

Strange sound from the sky on January 9, 2016, in Budapest, Hungary

Comment: See also: SOTT Exclusive: Strange sounds are back: 'Sky trumpets' heard in the Netherlands, the UK and Morocco

Eerie unexplained noises emanating from the sky heard in Singapore