Strange Sounds


Strange creepy sounds recorded in Puerto Montt, Chile


Night sky in Puerto Montt, Southern Chile
The creepy sounds of the apocalypse have returned this time in the city of in Puerto Montt, Southern Chile.

Listen to these scary noises recorded on April 6, 2015. Terrifying and out-of-this-world!

The video - recorded by Yinear Paris - features weird noises that are not attributable to any place, person or animals known in the Lakes Region.

The strange sounds in the sky ring twice... Once at 1:30 and another time at 3:20:


Have you heard 'the hum'? Mystery of Earth's low droning noise could now be solved

© The Independent, UK
It was often blamed on phone masts, submarine communications and pipes.
Scientists have confirmed the cause of a strange humming noise that emanates from the Earth and has baffled people for more than forty years - and was even a factor in one reported suicide.

The noise has been talked about worldwide and also made local newspaper headlines in the UK. It is often referred to as a "phenomenon" and "the hum", usually prefixed with the location of where it is heard.

In Britain, the most famous example was the "Bristol hum" that made the news in the late 1970s. One newspaper asked readers in the city: "Have you heard the Hum?" and at least 800 people said they had - according to the BBC - and some had suffered headaches and nosebleeds from it.

It has been described like "a diesel car idling in the distance" by a BBC interviewee and the maddening sound has driven people stir-crazy in trying to figure it out. Especially when they can only hear it at home and during the night.

People living on the south coast have complained this week of a constant and low-pitched sound for which they have found no cause - as reported by Plymouth Herald.

It has been mistaken for leaking pipes, phone masts, wind farms, low-frequency submarine communications and even mating fish.

"For the first few years I lost sleep, couldn't concentrate and was unable to do anything. I was constantly in tears, which put a great strain on my husband. It has changed me from an active, creative person to a stifled, angry pessimist," a woman told The Independent back in 1994.

Doctors blamed patients' abilities to hear it on tinnitus, until Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridge had confirmed sometime in the 1990s that the cause is external.


Strange droning mystery hum returns to Plymouth, UK

Herald reporters Emma Elder, Meiling DellaGrotte and Emily Smith investigate the mystery hum
Do you remember the mysterious story about a low-pitched humming noise which left scientists baffled and caused residents to cover their ears?

Last summer The Herald reported on the strange phenomenon creating a stir across the Plymouth area.

We thought the nuisance noise had disappeared, but now it seems to be back and more disruptive than ever. People have reported hearing the noise at night in Keyham, Devonport, West Park and St Budeaux.

Pat Finnie, who lives in Normandy Way, St Budeaux, says she and her husband have noticed the "melodic, droning" sound returning.

"I have heard it several times over the last few weeks and then on Monday and Tuesday this week," Mrs Finnie said.

"You begin to wonder whether it's you, your ears, but my husband said he could hear it too, and he doesn't usually notice it.

"My neighbours have been aware of it too, several people say they have heard the same thing."It's a very low, almost melodic sort of sound.

Comment: People all over the world have been reporting mysterious sounds like these droning noises which have been increasing in frequency in the past few years. For more information on this strange phenomenon watch the New Sott Report: Strange Noises in the Sky: Trumpets of the Apocalypse?


Mystery explosion 'shook the night' for residents of Sioux Falls, South Dakota


A loud boom shook the night for a number of people in Sioux Falls - and authorities are at a loss for what might have caused it.

According to police, a "loud sound of explosion" was heard Friday morning at 12:27 a.m. Police received 17 calls of a loud noise that caused houses to shake. Numerous officers around the city also reported hearing the sound. While the noise appears to have focused in the western part of town, KSFY News has received reports of the sound being heard in both central and eastern areas, as well.

A majority of the calls came from the area of 9th Street and Valley View Road, police say. The Sioux Falls Police Department and the Sioux Falls Fire Rescue responded to the area but were not able to locate the source of the sound at this time. It is still unclear whether the noise actually centered in that area.

Comment: Though "mystery booms" have been shaking the world for years local officials are still called in to deal with the problem, and end up dismissing it when they can find no evidence of criminal activity. As SOTT has been saying year after year, these are more than likely overhead meteor explosions. Check out:
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Mysterious loud bangs heard in Cornwall, UK

Mystery surrounds the cause of a series of loud bangs heard across South Devon and parts of Cornwall this afternoon.

Several startled people reported the loud booms, heard around 3pm, on social media.

The bizarre occurrence has sparked a frenzy of speculation, with conspiracy theories doing the rounds over what might have caused the strange sounds.

Many believe the bang could have been caused by a sonic boom due to jet planes speeding through the sky and breaking the sound barrier.

But whatever the cause, people described it as loud enough to shake their homes and rattle windows.

Lisa Evenden wrote on Twitter: "In Tavistock our house shook like mad & long loud boom."

Trendspot added: "There was the most enormous bang over #Tintagel at 3pm. Sonic boom at sea level?"

Another going by the name of Frankie, wrote: "Very loud over North Petherwin near Launceston too!"


Loud boom rocks towns around Flat Rock, Michigan

© unknown
Police from Flat Rock have deemed the town all clear; no sign of what caused the mystery boom
More than a dozen residents called Flat Rock police to report hearing a loud "boom," that some said shook their houses just before 9 p.m. Wednesday night.

After hours of searching the areas that people reported the noise, which was loud enough to cause some residents to say their houses shook, nothing was found.

By 11:30 p.m. the city was deemed "all clear," without the cause being discovered. Police in Gibraltar, Huron Township, Rockwood and Monroe County were also alerted to the noise, but nothing was discovered in those communities either.

Hundreds of people from Newport to Taylor flocked to social media, posting on Facebook, Twitter and other sites about hearing the noise, feeling the vibration and speculating as to the cause.

Comment: For more info, check out:

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Strange sounds heard in Philadelphia before storm

People in Philadelphia heard some strange sounds earlier this month. Several have uploaded recordings onto YouTube. Here's one from YT user 'buttadee':

Here's what he or she wrote about the experience:
This is the strange noise I've been hearing periodically over the past couple of years. Occurrences have been frequent lately, and I notice it tends to happen before and/or during rain and other impending weather warnings like snow storms. This video was taken outside my front door after 2am on March 4th. I starting hearing it tonight around 6 or 7pm and thought it was just helicopters, but the sound never faded. It's hard to pinpoint where the noise is coming from. No aircraft in sight. Doesn't help that it was overcast.

It's snow, Jim, but not as we know it
The possible correlation with extreme weather fronts is interesting. We wonder if this is related to changes in the way weather systems (specifically, the cycle of water, from evaporation to precipitation) are generally becoming more 'extreme'? Rather than being spread evenly in space and time, increased precipitation (from warming oceans and a cooling atmosphere) is coming down in torrents as increased comet/volcanic dust in the atmosphere accentuates electric charge build-up, which is then released as 'sheets of rain' and 'stories-deep thundersnow'.

Of course, that's not the only thing to consider. The fact that observers can never identify the general direction in which such sounds are coming from - above or below - suggests an electrophonic EM effect (literally, electromagnetic waves that would not normally be audible) resulting from unusual seismic activity. And then we need to consider that the seismic activity (below) and the changing composition of the atmosphere (above) may be contemporaneous - both have a strong electrical component, and so both are probably working in tandem.

Interesting times...


Mysterious booms continue to shake houses in Port Angeles, Washington

© Peninsula Daily News
A new round of booming noises has disturbed residents of west Port Angeles and Joyce, who say the mysterious sounds shake their homes.

The rattling noises were reported at about 12:21 p.m. Wednesday, almost exactly two weeks after the last round of booms heard on the afternoon of Feb. 25, and again at about 9:35 a.m. Thursday.

"It sounded like it came from the direction of the Strait [of Juan de Fuca]," said Jim Haugen, who lives on Milwaukee Drive in west Port Angeles near the bluffs and reported the Wednesday boom.

"We were in the house, heard the boom and the house vibrated," he said.

"It sounds similar to a sonic boom, [but there were] no planes in the area," he added.

Haugen said he has been hearing and feeling the booming vibrations at his home for 13 years.

On Thursday morning, reports of booms from Joyce to downtown Port Angeles were made on Facebook.

Comment: See also: What are they? Rumblings, 'booms' heard anew in parts of Washington

Loud boom remains a North Whidbey mystery


Loud "strange" noises and bangs heard in Crawley, UK


People across Crawley have reported hearing "strange" noises and bangs last night (Saturday, March 7)
People across Crawley have reported hearing constant loud noises all over the town last night

Residents living in almost every neighbourhood have been asking what was the cause of the bangs which could be heard on Saturday night (March 7).

Aneliese Whittaker tweeted the Crawley News to say there were "strange loud sounds heard all across Crawley, Horley and Gatwick".

People have reported on social media that the noises sounded like a bomb being detonated, constant thunder and fireworks, or even like the sonic boom heard in parts of Kent and Sussex last October.

Comment: This is not the first time 'strange sounds' have been heard around the Crawley area. From Facebook user Horsham on 16th November 2013:
At about 0520 this morning there was a very loud 'boom' noise over Crawley Down.

I live 10 minutes away from Gatwick airport but it didn't sound like anything from there. I also live right next to the motorway, is everything ok there??? It sounded like a sound from a sci fi film or something. Looking it up there are sounds from electro magnetic pulses like that but I just wondered if anyone else had any ideas?
In response, Nicholas Butler said:
I heard these sounds earlier this it was around 1am similar to that experienced here:
Being in close proximity to Gatwick Airport, one possible cause could be that of sonic booms from aircraft. But as Mr Butler explains:
I grew up on and around Airfields a sonic boom sounds like this everything from a Dash 8 to a Tu-95 as aircraft with propellers go sounded nothing like that vibrant hum.


Fireballs seen streaking over South Indian state of Kerala


The fireball that was spotted in Kerala skies
People all over the state were in the grip of panic as balls of fire streaked across the skies on Friday night. The fireballs were seen after 10 pm and in many places, mild tremors and thunder sounds accompanying the fire balls escalated apprehensions among the people.

While the phenomenon was first noticed in Ernakulam district, people from various parts of the state also reported seeing the phenomenon. Minister Adoor Prakash said that there was nothing to be concerned. Earthquake monitoring devices in six districts have not recorded anything unusual, said Ernakulam Collector M G Rajamanikyam. Other agencies such as ISRO and monitoring units of the Navy have also reported nothing unusual.

Most of the unofficial pictures that are doing the rounds are copies from websites and social media saw imaginations running riot with users even commenting that the sky was falling down in pieces. Many of these pictures were padded with background shots of Kochi to make them look authentic.

Comment: Fireball sightings along with asteroids are on rise. Mainstream narratives tend to normalize the phenomenon with explanations like space junk, ball lightening, seasonal meteor showers, 'one in a hundred years', etc. See SOTT world view for a list of fireballs documented by SOTT during the last year alone.