Strange Sounds


Military claims jet exercises caused strange sounds heard in Augusta, GA

Have you heard the rumbling sound over the CSRA?

We have, too. The phones in the WJBF News Channel 6 newsroom have been ringing off the hook.
Well, we have found out that U.S. military fighter jets are conducting training exercises involving Fort Gordon, so there is no reason to worry.

We are working to confirm where the jets came from and where they may be headed.

We will provide more information as it becomes available.

Comment: Notice that though this alleged drop training was a scheduled event it wasn't announced until after reports of strange sounds were coming in to the local news. Also, there were military planes in the sky at the time, but according to local residents they looked like F-16's and no one has seen the C-130's that were alleged to have made the sounds. So what could be generating these strange sounds that the military and media is blaming on non-existent planes:

Sott Report: Strange Noises in the Sky: Trumpets of the Apocalypse?


Mystery humming noise is giving England residents sleepless nights

Humming Noise
© Herald Express, UK
Noise annoys.
Claims that Paignton residents are having their sleep disturbed by a humming or droning noise coming from the giraffe house have been denied by Paignton Zoo.

Peter Thorne, of Brantwood Drive, Paignton, has, along with 20 other residents, handed in a petition to Torbay Council asking them to ask the Zoo to soundproof a oil gas boiler in the giraffe house that they believe is causing the humming or droning sound.

This low frequency noise has been disturbing residents since the autumn of last year and it can apparently still be heard at present, but the Zoo have confirmed to the Herald Express that the boiler has been turned off for weeks.

However, Mr Thorne, who handed in the petition last Thursday, has said: "I am very tired. The noise is still there. I am being disturbed in the night and am being kept awake by this. It is a humming or droning noise that at times it can be quite loud. It has been going on since October/November since last year."

Mysterious noises emanating from volcano in Iceland

Strange rumblings coming from the tuya Herðubreið are confounding observers as to their possible source.

Vísir reports that visitors to the mesa-shaped volcano in northeast Iceland have been unable to determine if the persistent rumblings coming from Herðubreið are being caused by an avalanche, landslide, or something else entirely. Rangers around Herðubreið were the first to announce the rumblings, which lasted about 30 seconds.

Yesterday, Icelandic rescuers who had been searching for a group of French tourists found them at the foot of Herðubreið safe and sound, although they said there had been an avalanche. News of the avalanche was reported, but upon further inspection, no evidence of an avalanche could be found - except for the rumbling.

Avalanches have been reported from mountains all over Iceland recently, which is highly unusual for the summer months. Tómas Jóhannesson, a meteorologist at the Met Office, told reporters that they intend to get to the bottom of the mystery.

Mysterious "hum" in Plymouth, UK

Since The Herald reported on rising claims of Plymothians hearing a 'mystery hum', the paper has been inundated with calls, letters and emails from people who thought they were alone in their hum troubles.

From farm machinery to power works to submarines, Plymouth residents are struggling to cope with 'the hum' - whatever it may be - and want to source its origins.

Reports claim that around 2 per cent of the UK's population can hear the hum, which supposedly sounds like a low throbbing drone, and can only ever be heard indoors. Mr Baul, 72, and his wife, 56, who live in Milehouse, can hear the mysterious humming noise day and night and it is affecting their relationship.

"We're arguing about the noise," said Mr Baul. "At first my wife couldn't hear it, but now she can; I just want to know where it's coming from."

Mystery bangs and shaking in Auckland

Strange Sounds
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A series of mysterious "explosions" have been reported across west and north Auckland, but police are mystified.

Reports of loud ''bangs'' followed by houses shaking began about 5pm, in the Hibiscus Coast area.

Inspector Tony Edwards of police northern communications said police received reports of the bangs from the Herald Island - Greenhithe area about the same time.

More reports came in a while later from the Ranui - Scenic Drive area in West Auckland.

A Fire Service worker came in to work later and confirmed they had heard the noises in the Red Beach area, which is on the Hibiscus Coast.

Edwards said people had variously described the noises as sounding like gun-shots and loud explosions.

Police had checked with the Air Force, which has a base in Whenuapai, but turned out not to be not responsible, and neither was Paremoremo prison.

Lines companies had not reported any electrical disturbances and Geonet is not showing any tectonic activity in the Auckland area.

Arkles Bay resident Will Trayes said he heard the noises about 4pm.

His house shook with a "sudden, quick vibration" for two or three seconds and he heard a slight rumble similar to thunder.

Comment: Strange sounds recorded world wide in the last year.


Neighbours tormented by mystery screeching noise plaguing entire housing estate in England

© The Bucks Herald
Sandra Walker says the shrill, high-pitched noise is so loud it stops her from sitting outside in her garden in Stoke Grange, Aylesbury.
A group of neighbours are at their wits end after being plagued with a mysterious screeching sound for two years - but still no one can tell them what is causing it.

Residents on the Stoke Grange estate in Aylesbury are subjected to the unidentified high-pitched sound - which can still be heard with the windows shut - on an almost daily basis, but despite several complaints to the authorities, they are no closer to finding out where it is coming from.

Loré and Nigel Reece, of David Close, say that their double glazing is no match for the 'irritating' sound, which occurs any time of day or night.

Loré, 62, said: "We endure it in the winter months, because you can still hear it with the windows and doors closed.

"It is shrill and very, very annoying. It's very hit and miss but it can go on constantly for anything from ten minutes right up to an hour and a half. It happens at five in the morning, late at night, during the weekends and over bank holidays. It's inconsistent."

Mysterious Windsor hum's source revealed as Zug Island - but scientists still have no idea what the cause is

Zug Island
© National Post, Canada
A federally funded study confirms a humming noise in Windsor, Ontario, emanates from an island across the Detroit River but fails to completely solve the long-running mystery over the vibration.

Essex Conservative MP Jeff Watson, who revealed the findings Friday, says the acoustic monitoring study shows the rumbling is real and reaches Windsor from heavily industrial Zug Island in River Rouge, Mich.

But he says the investigation - done by scientists at the University of Windsor and Western University - fails to pinpoint just what has been causing the phenomenon.

Source of loud booms in Lakeland, Florida still a mystery

Lakeland loud boom
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Residents from the area explain the loud noise they heard from their house this morning.
The two loud booms that shook Jessica Creel's Bartow home Wednesday morning sounded just like the sonic booms from the space shuttle.

But no one seems able to explain what caused people in three counties to hear the booms about 9:30 a.m. Wednesday.

Deputies at first thought it might have been from a farm shooting off a cannon to scare birds away. The migratory cedar waxwing birds love blueberries and some farmers resort to small cannons to shoo them. The Polk County Sheriff's Office often gets complaints of booms in South Lakeland that come from a cannon at a blueberry farm there. But that wouldn't explain why the booms were heard in Polk as well as Pasco and Hillsborough counties.

Some thought it might have been from some type of military maneuver, but MacDill Air Force Base said it wasn't them. Officials there said they had checked with NASA, too. Not them either.

"We just haven't been able to find anything yet," said Sgt. Brandon Shapiro, a public affairs officer for the 6th Air Mobility Wing stationed at MacDill.

Comment: See also a chart of reports of strange sounds and booms over the period January 2012 to 8th May 2014 below.


Keene, New Hampshire residents say 'loud noise' that shook homes and rattled windows sounded like sonic boom, but Air Force say it wasn't

Something rattled houses in the Keene area Wednesday, and despite official reports to the contrary, many residents are convinced it was a sonic boom.

Residents reported a loud noise about 2:15 p.m., with many saying it shook their homes and rattled windows.

"It was a loud boom," said Swanzey resident Jim Vitous. "It shook the whole house."

Vitous had just put his twins down for a nap, but they didn't stay asleep for long. A rushing noise lasting two or three seconds got their attention, Vitous said.

"I thought a propane tank blew up or something hit the house, a truck hit the house or something," he said. "But then after that, we figured something that loud that was heard all over was a sonic boom."

But the Massachusetts Air National Guard said that wasn't not the case. Officials said jets from the Massachusetts Air National Guard were in the area training, but they said they didn't break supersonic speeds.

Comment: ...except that it probably wasn't a sonic boom from a jet because:
"Ground motion resulting from sonic boom is rare and is well below structural damage thresholds accepted by the U.S. Bureau of Mines and other agencies."
...and in the above case homes shook and windows rattled.

Fireball 5

Mysterious booms worry Florida residents

Mystery Boom
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The mysterious booms have been heard in Kissimmee, St. Cloud and as far away as Haines City in Polk County.

Osceola County -- It's the bump in the night that has Osceola County residents asking each other "Did you hear that?"

We've gotten email after email, not to mention Facebook posts, from people who say they're hearing a boom around the same time every night. Not even the Osceola County Sheriff's Office has an answer.

"It was like a 'BOOM!' Then, the windows kinda shook," said Kissimmee resident Daryl Mercado.

"A loud BOOM they throwed a bomb," explained young AJ.

His mother, Lori Chezem, said, "Loud booms. It reminds me of when the space shuttle used to come in -- the Sonic Boom."

Kids and adults alike are talking about it. But what exactly is it?

Chezem is in St. Cloud and was one of the people who emailed us about these mysterious booms. We're also hearing from people in Kissimmee and even as far away as Haines City in Polk County.