Strange Sounds


Unexplained loud boom shakes Louisiana's Natchitoches Parish

A loud boom has Natchitoches Parish sheriff's deputies searching for a source. Authorities say the boom happened in south Natchitoches Parish just after 5:30 Sunday evening. The incident reportedly shook several residences.

Deputies checked the area searching for a source but so far, nothing has been found. Authorities say they also checked with Fort Polk officials and no military training operations were held at Peason Ridge Sunday.

Comment: There have been other reports of 'unexplained' booms lately: Mysterious explosions and loud bangs heard all over UK: Listen to the recording and learn to recognize an overhead explosion


NW Atlanta neighborhoods plagued by mysterious noise

A mysterious noise is plaguing a northwest Atlanta community and keeping some neighbors up at night.

"It sounds like a tornado siren roughly," one neighbor said.

Since it started about six weeks ago, neighbors in three different developments along Marietta Road in northwest Atlanta say they've heard the noise.

"It can go off at 1 a.m., 2 a.m., 3 a.m. and you don't know what it can be," said Wendell Burks.

"We are hearing sirens, maybe 10 times a day, late at night, at all hours," said Anna Wagner.

When Channel 2 Action News visited the neighborhood Sunday, we heard the noise five or six times.

Loud boom heard in Camden, Maine a mystery

Question marks
For some residents who were awake, the loud boom around 1:30 a.m. Sunday was unmistakable. For others, who were asleep, the sound jarred them awake.

Following the single loud noise, nothing came across the police scanners indicating that first responders or police were investigating or responding to an emergency. A call to Knox County Regional Communications Center Sunday morning revealed that nobody had called in to report an issue, or hearing a loud boom sound.

But a post on Facebook brought out reports from others who heard it.

It's not clear where the boom originated, but there have been reports on Facebook of it being heard on lower Chestnut Street, Sea Street, Trim Street and Free Street. I know I heard it on Chestnut Street, near Highland Avenue, but the sound was in the distance as it came in from an open west-facing window.

Comment: The data provided by the article points to a frost quake not causing the loud boom. has covered many similar stories of unexplained booms and proposes the hypothesis that instances of such booms without any other explanation are in all likelihood the result of unseen meteors exploding upon entry into the atmosphere.

Red Flag

Source of boom heard around ArkLaTex not identified

US TxLaArk map
The source of a loud boom heard at points across the ArkLaTex from Marshall to Keithville to Haughton remains a mystery at this hour.

"My couch came up off the floor a little bit, my back wall felt like it was going to cave in, it was so loud!" says Linda Stewart, who lives off of Shirley Francis Rd. in Greenwood.

The reverberation was heard and felt by staffers at KSLA News 12 at the studios on Fairfield Ave. in Shreveport's Highland neighborhood at 4:27 p.m. The concussion rattled windows. Meteorologist Jeff Castle says the closest incidence of possible thunder at that time was in Monroe, to the east in Ouachita Parish.

Some reports say it shook the ground.

KSLA News 12 has checked in with numerous law enforcement agencies and across the area and we continue to work to track down the source.

Cover-up? Columbus, Georgia shakes after loud boom blamed on planes

A military aircraft flying over Columbus apparently broke the sound barrier Tuesday afternoon with a thunderous boom, setting off cars alarms and sending people out into the streets.

The loudest sound ever heard by some residents rocked the city shortly before 5 p.m. It was heard at the airport, north to Midland, west to Phenix City and east to the Fort Benning reservation.

A sonic boom is created when an object is traveling through the air faster than the speed of sound. Breaking the sound barrier is only possible with a military aircraft.

Comment: One would think after the amount of media coverage given to the Russian meteor in 2013 that reporters and people would realize another possible source of objects breaking the sound barrier!

This was an extreme boom and it is doubtful the boom was caused by a sonic boom from aircraft given the information provided in this article. A reader of another article about the boom commented:
I don't buy the 'routine testing' soundbyte either. We have lived here for many years, and we've never heard anything like that since we came to Columbus. Even an M1A1 Abrams, or a Paladin aren't as loud as what we heard today, ubless you're very close to them. I also thought there was an FAA regulation against making sonic booms like that over cities...unless there was a darn good reason. GA Air Nat'. Guard routine testing should normally not be done over cities-whatever their website says.
Looks like the military aircraft sonic boom excuse is being given in this case as a means to cover-up the increasing frequency of meteors entering and exploding in the atmosphere. Can't have people waking up and realizing their leaders are powerless to protect them.

Here is a video of the Russian meteor as a reminder:

Kathleen Bergen, a spokeswoman for the Federal Aviation Administration, said there were some military flights in the area but not supersonic. "We are aware that military flight activity was underway over the area, but we don't know about any supersonic flights," she said.

Shortly after the boom, a Columbus patrolman near the airport said two aircraft flying over broke the sound barrier, but Police Lt. J.F. Ross said nothing had been confirmed in connection with the loud noise.

No one really knows what all the booms are about off the coast of North Carolina

sonic boom

An F/A-18 breaking the sound barrier. Sometimes weather conditions can reflect sonic booms back toward shore. In this case the Navy denied exercises in the area.
If there is one constant on the Outer Banks, it has to be the noise. Not to the level of noise in New York City, but noise nonetheless.

Gentle lapping waves on the soundside, or pounding surf on the oceanside. The ever-present wind rustling through marsh grass. Insects, frogs, and birds singing their vari-BOOOOOOM!

Wednesday was another one of those mornings where everyone, from the fifth generation native to the visitor who just pulled into a rental cottage for the first time, immediately yells, "What the heck was that!?"

At least three separate almost ear-shattering booms were heard from Corolla to Manteo, and on the mainland of Currituck County, between 10:50 a.m. and noon.

Comment: Given the sparse amount of information in this report it is hard to determine exactly what might have been the source of these booms. Regular readers may have noticed the lack of reports of loud or mysterious booms this summer. This most likely coincided with the reduced reports about fireballs and meteors. These booms may be related to the recent upsurge in fireball sightings or they may be indicative of some other earth changes phenomenon as of yet unexplained.


Military claims jet exercises caused strange sounds heard in Augusta, GA

Have you heard the rumbling sound over the CSRA?

We have, too. The phones in the WJBF News Channel 6 newsroom have been ringing off the hook.
Well, we have found out that U.S. military fighter jets are conducting training exercises involving Fort Gordon, so there is no reason to worry.

We are working to confirm where the jets came from and where they may be headed.

We will provide more information as it becomes available.

Comment: Notice that though this alleged drop training was a scheduled event it wasn't announced until after reports of strange sounds were coming in to the local news. Also, there were military planes in the sky at the time, but according to local residents they looked like F-16's and no one has seen the C-130's that were alleged to have made the sounds. So what could be generating these strange sounds that the military and media is blaming on non-existent planes:

Sott Report: Strange Noises in the Sky: Trumpets of the Apocalypse?


Mystery humming noise is giving England residents sleepless nights

Humming Noise
© Herald Express, UK
Noise annoys.
Claims that Paignton residents are having their sleep disturbed by a humming or droning noise coming from the giraffe house have been denied by Paignton Zoo.

Peter Thorne, of Brantwood Drive, Paignton, has, along with 20 other residents, handed in a petition to Torbay Council asking them to ask the Zoo to soundproof a oil gas boiler in the giraffe house that they believe is causing the humming or droning sound.

This low frequency noise has been disturbing residents since the autumn of last year and it can apparently still be heard at present, but the Zoo have confirmed to the Herald Express that the boiler has been turned off for weeks.

However, Mr Thorne, who handed in the petition last Thursday, has said: "I am very tired. The noise is still there. I am being disturbed in the night and am being kept awake by this. It is a humming or droning noise that at times it can be quite loud. It has been going on since October/November since last year."

Mysterious noises emanating from volcano in Iceland

Strange rumblings coming from the tuya Herðubreið are confounding observers as to their possible source.

Vísir reports that visitors to the mesa-shaped volcano in northeast Iceland have been unable to determine if the persistent rumblings coming from Herðubreið are being caused by an avalanche, landslide, or something else entirely. Rangers around Herðubreið were the first to announce the rumblings, which lasted about 30 seconds.

Yesterday, Icelandic rescuers who had been searching for a group of French tourists found them at the foot of Herðubreið safe and sound, although they said there had been an avalanche. News of the avalanche was reported, but upon further inspection, no evidence of an avalanche could be found - except for the rumbling.

Avalanches have been reported from mountains all over Iceland recently, which is highly unusual for the summer months. Tómas Jóhannesson, a meteorologist at the Met Office, told reporters that they intend to get to the bottom of the mystery.

Mysterious "hum" in Plymouth, UK

Since The Herald reported on rising claims of Plymothians hearing a 'mystery hum', the paper has been inundated with calls, letters and emails from people who thought they were alone in their hum troubles.

From farm machinery to power works to submarines, Plymouth residents are struggling to cope with 'the hum' - whatever it may be - and want to source its origins.

Reports claim that around 2 per cent of the UK's population can hear the hum, which supposedly sounds like a low throbbing drone, and can only ever be heard indoors. Mr Baul, 72, and his wife, 56, who live in Milehouse, can hear the mysterious humming noise day and night and it is affecting their relationship.

"We're arguing about the noise," said Mr Baul. "At first my wife couldn't hear it, but now she can; I just want to know where it's coming from."