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Terror state Turkey's blatant hypocrisy and treachery

Immediately after the shoot-down of a Russian bomber jet near the Turkish-Syrian border, Ankara and Moscow told two different stories. Turkey claimed:
  • it warned the Russian jets 10 times in 5 minutes (presumable before airspace violation) to change their course
  • the Russian jets violated Turkish airspace for 17 seconds ("to a depth of 1.36 miles and 1.15 miles in length)
  • the downed jet was fired upon by Turkish F-16s "while in Turkish airspace"
In contrast, Russia claimed:
  • no warnings were received
  • the jets did not violate Turkish airspace; the downed jet was shot down 4 km from Turkish border
  • a Turkish jet entered Syrian airspace to target Russian jet
Both sides have released maps showing the alleged violation (or not). Here they are roughly overlaid, showing that the alleged flightpaths do not correspond. The Turkish one clearly shows the Russian jet crossing over Turkish territory (dotted pink) 1-2 km from the southern border; the Russian one shows it avoiding the border (solid red) by around 1 km.


NATO Orders Stool-Pigeon Turkey to Shoot Down Russian Jet

Want to know why the Russian Su-24 was shot down yesterday? Read on.

Turkish, Saudi, French, British and US-backed terrorists have been operating in Syria for the past 4 years in an effort to overthrow the Syrian government. This cabal wants to remove Assad in order to a) pave the way for Qatari gas to supplant Russian gas to Europe, b) possibly open up a front for a jihadi invasion to destabilize and pressure Iran and Russia, and c) secure Turkish territorial integrity and its long-term role as a buffer zone for Western powers to play in the Middle East sandbox with impunity.


The world on the edge of a nervous breakdown: Terror attacks, nonsensical official claims, threats, house raids, explosions...

© Youssef Boudlal/Reuters
Belgian soldiers and police patrolling the streets of Brussels, protecting against imminent terror.
Things are heating up and moving fast since the terror attacks in France just over one week ago. Since then, we have seen almost daily police raids, arrests and terror alerts and threats on every continent. Western governments are reacting in the only way they know how: declaring states of emergency, cracking down on maybe terrorist cells, staging night-time raids on citizens' homes, dropping bombs in Syria and Iraq, and pushing through new 'anti-terror' legislation.

What we are seeing, among other things, are the reactions of various factions within the Western power elite, sometimes acting at cross purposes. Chaos - no matter what the cause - is always an opportunity to bring about a new kind of 'order'. It's cynical, but for those of a fascist bent, this means tightening controls on populations, solidifying their own power base, and manipulating the public through fear. Think of it as a social 'shock doctrine'.

Having said that, not all European leaders are likely to be fully on board with this kind of "fascist" agenda where big government and big business hook up to expand their influence and wealth. Some have some shred of decency, or at the very least, some enlightened self-interest. They realize that as the leaders of supposedly sovereign nations, they are little more than US vassals, and while they are largely powerless to do anything about it, they don't like it. They know that such a power relationship only ends up benefiting the U.S. They've been blackmailed, threatened and otherwise coerced into toeing Washington's line for years, and that's bound to grate on the nerves.

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The Murders of JFK, MLK, and RFK - Evidence of Revision

Evidence of Revision is a six-part documentary containing historical, original news footage revealing that the most seminal events in recent American history have been deeply and purposefully misrepresented to the public. Footage and interviews provide an in-depth exploration of events ranging from the Kennedy assassinations to the Jonestown massacre, and all that lies between.

The footprints left in this archival footage reveal the coordinated, clandestine sculpting of the America we know today. Evidence of Revision proves once and for all that history has been revised, even as it was written!

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Refugee crisis in Germany - Nazis on the rise - 'Never again' is happening again

© AP
Right-wing movement PEGIDA draws 25,000 people to the streets in Dresden
The reports coming from Germany these days can be confusing: we hear stories about the staggering numbers of refugees pouring into the country, about refugees disappearing without a trace, about Germany being the only country actually living up to its responsibility to provide shelter for these people who fled the chaos that the West created with its perpetual war in the Middle East, wild theories that claim the "so-called refugee crisis" is entirely manufactured in order to "invade" Europe in general and Germany in particular, while providing a cheap labor force for the corporate elites, and even warnings of an impending civil war in Germany.

However, the most important thing people need to understand about the current situation in Germany is the widespread and increasing hatred towards refugees and Muslims that is infecting people's minds in the very country that gave rise to the Nazis and one of the darkest episodes in human history. Incidentally, in light of the Paris attacks that have propelled the "Muslim terrorist" narrative back into the headlines, we should all remember that one of the seminal events that led to the rise of the Nazis and their final solution for the Jews was the burning of the Reichstag by the Nazis that was then blamed on 'Communists'. As they say, history repeats - same song, different verse.

So what's the atmosphere on the ground in Germany? First, there are indeed large numbers of refugees in the country, which naturally poses a lot of logistical problems: where can they live, which government agencies are responsible, what about medical treatment, language barriers, registration, heating, food, etc.? What about all the legal procedures that are supposed to take place with asylum seekers (including deportation, which always has been subject of debate in Germany), when the numbers are so high and under conditions of general chaos?

These are obviously great challenges, and those tasked with facing those challenges report a lot of mismanagement of the situation. Tellingly, a lot of the work is actually done not by the government, but by the many volunteers who distribute clothes, provide language classes, help with bureaucracy and so on. Needless to say, with such a large group of people, along with the majority of peaceful and traumatized refugees, there will also be thugs, criminals and pathological types of all sorts. Naturally then, there are reports of crimes and violence committed by some of the refugees (notice however that many of the more horrific tales are based entirely on rumors fueled by racism, most of which turned out to be hoaxes). On the other hand, there are very frightening incidents of right-wing violence against the refugees, from beatings to setting fire to refugee camps.


SOTT Earth Changes Summary - October 2015: Extreme Weather, Planetary Upheaval, Meteor Fireballs

Hurricanes bringing record flooding and 'rivers of ice' to the Middle East... is it possible that Mother Nature is reflecting back to humanity the socio-political chaos in the region - and, indeed, globally?

In October 2015, deluges caused fatal flash-flooding along the French Riviera, Turkey's Black Sea coast, Greece's islands, southern Italy, and elsewhere in the Mediterranean as 'medi-canes' pummeled the region. 'Medi-cane' is, of course, a newly created term to describe this new weather pattern. Climate shift has also spread to the Middle East, where raging storms have brought weeks of unprecedented flash-flooding all the way from Egypt to Iran. Intense hailstorms last month turned the Arabian desert into rivers of ice, while Cyclone Chapala - the second strongest recorded storm in the Arabian Sea behind only Cyclone Gonu in 2007 - became the first ever storm to make landfall in Yemen.

Strong seismic activity last month included multiple volcanic eruptions in Mexico spewing ash thousands of feet into the air, a magnitude 5.9 earthquake in northern Argentina that damaged infrastructure, a magnitude 7.5 earthquake that killed 400 people in Pakistan and Afghanistan, and the worst ever landslide in Guatemala killing 350 people. Sinkholes swallowed a street in England and a car in Sicily, while the land opened up to form a new ravine in Wyoming. Typhoon Mujigae dropped multiple destructive tornadoes, while waterspouts came ashore in Florida, France, Italy, Tunisia, and the Canary Islands, often preceding deluges that sent rivers of mud down streets and out to sea.

In mid-October, Typhoon Koppu set a new rainfall record in the Philippines: a staggering 52 inches (1.32m) in 24 hours. In a matter of days, Los Angeles went from experiencing a record heatwave to devastating hailstorms and record rainfall; the resulting mudslides buried hundreds of vehicles on a busy highway. Category 5 Hurricane Patricia dumped 20 inches (0.5m) of rain in Mexico's southwest, turning streets into rivers. Patricia was - at one point, in terms of sustained wind speeds - the strongest storm ever recorded, globally, and was the strongest ever for the Western Hemisphere in terms of both wind speeds and barometric pressure.

Texas went from experiencing record heat and wildfires earlier in the month to being flooded for the second time this year, with some rainfall records breaking those set in May. Hurricane Joaquin combined with another storm system to produce a "one-in-1,000-year" rainstorm that inundated parts of the US Eastern Seaboard. Hardest hit were the Carolinas, which saw floodwaters reach record levels. In the 'bizarre' department last month, we've got video footage of a 'ghost city' apparition above Foshan in southeastern China and a 'moth-like' UFO filmed in Ohio. On Halloween, an asteroid - discovered only two weeks prior - passed by Earth, just as large meteor fireballs were seen across Europe.

These were the signs of the times in October 2015...

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ISIS as Instruments of Proxy War on Western Populations

The obvious result, and therefore goal, of the horrific Paris attacks that were blamed on ISIS terrorists is to provoke the potential socio/political 'fracture point' of French Muslims vs. (mostly lapsed) French Christians and ignite a debate on what should be done about France and Europe's 'multi-culturalism' in an age of Jihadist terrorism.

This is a particularly cynical and, frankly, evil, maneuver in the context of the recent influx of large numbers of Syrian migrants into Europe, who are fleeing a war against the Assad government that was ignited and has been fully backed by Western powers, including France.

To put it more bluntly, France has been supporting in Syria the very same type of jihadist terrorists that it blames for the Paris attacks.

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Paris Attacks Reveal Bizarre ISIS Strategy and NATO's Strategy of Tension in Europe

Scenes from the multiple coordinated terror attacks in Paris on Friday 13th November 2015
"It's so shocking. When Charlie Hebdo happened, it was a specific, targeted attack. But this time it's terrifying because it is just random, innocent people going about their lives. I know a lot of people in Paris - there is panic and disorder here, no one can understand what's going on. We are all in a state of complete shock."
So said Quentin, 27, who works for an online company in Paris, and whose oldest friend was shot multiple times at the Bataclan concert hall.

Terrorist attacks like these are never "random", at least not in the sense that they have no point. If they appear random, then that is undoubtedly part of the strategy that drives them. Governments and groups use terrorism to achieve a specific goal, so there is always a point. To understand what the point is, you just have to know who is really responsible.

We've already been told that "ISIS" has claimed responsibility for the Paris attacks, a claim partly backed up by the convenient discovery of a Syrian passport on the body of one of the "suicide bombers" (why do these terrorists always carry ID on their suicide missions?). But given that most ISIS terrorists in Syria are foreign mercenaries, this isn't really evidence of anything, except perhaps that some ISIS terrorists were hidden among the Syrian refugees that transited through Greece this summer.

We're told that ISIS aims to establish a caliphate over as much of the Levant as possible. But achieving that aim necessarily involves the removal of the Assad government, which Western powers have been lobbying for for several years. Over the past 4 years of the "Syrian revolution", and until about 6 weeks ago, the group had gone a long way toward attaining that goal, with the Syrian Arab Army seriously pressed and the Assad government's areas of control limited to small areas in and around Damascus. After 6 weeks of Russian airstrikes however, ISIS is now losing ground faster than a 3-legged donkey in a horse race, and their paymasters in Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Washington DC can't seem to funnel enough money and weapons to them to make a difference.

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The great global change game: Our civilization is headed for the fate of the Bronze Age - destruction

I haven't written anything for SOTT in quite a while, mainly because, as far as I could see, I had said everything that I thought needed to be said in dozens of articles over the years. It's not that I gave up, I just turned my attention to my historical research in an effort to find the key that might possibly unlock a system for change. I haven't found it. In fact, historical research has convinced me more today than ever that there is no good outcome for the human race if the present conditions continue along their defined trajectory. If human beings don't kill billions of other human beings rather soon, it seems the planet itself, or the cosmos, will do it for us.

Oh, indeed, Vladimir Putin has tossed a monkey wrench into the works of the Global Elite's drive for full-spectrum dominance, but the last person who did that from within what could be called an equivalent empire was Julius Caesar, and look what happened to him.

At present I'm working my way through a detailed account of the collapse of the Bronze Age civilization and the comparisons are so interesting that I think I'd like to bring them to your attention. At the end of the Bronze Age, there was a perfect storm of conditions and events that took the Mediterranean peoples - possibly the peoples on the entire planet, if the data could be collected - into a dark age that they did not come out of for about 300 years. If humanity survives at all, I think we are facing something similar.

Comment: Recommended reading: 1177 B.C.: The Year Civilization Collapsed by Eric H. Cline.


Fat Controversy - What You Don't Know About Healthy Fats

We all know that saturated fats are unhealthy and kill us. The government says it, the experts say it, and the medical professionals say it.

But is this really the case? Let's have a look a the actual science behind this claim.

The hypothesis, that saturated fats are unhealthy was first developed in 1955 by a researcher, Ancel Keys. In his famous - or I should rather say infamous - Seven Countries Study, he showed that the countries with the highest amount of saturated fat in their diet showed the highest rates of cardiovascular disease.

The problem with his study however was pointed out by two other researchers - Yerushalmy and Hilleboe - two years later. Keys had only picked seven countries out of a total of 22 for which these data were available. Had he used the full data set, his theory would have looked much weaker, and his study probably never published.