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Libya, Syria, Ukraine: It's worse than we can imagine


Misrata, western Libya, before and after NATO's bombardment.
If you have yet to listen to last Sunday's Behind the Headlines interview with James and JoAnne Moriarty on Libya, I urge you to do so. While Sott.net carried numerous reports on the U.S.-sponsored destruction of Libya, the Moriartys' first-hand account not only reveals new details you've probably not heard anywhere else; it paints a picture that brings the stark reality home in a way that just reading reports and analyses cannot. The reality of what happened (and is still happening) in Libya is worse than we can possibly imagine.

The Moriartys were in Libya at the time of the 'uprising' and 'revolt', and the Western coalition's 'subsequent' invasion (the two were really the same thing). They saw it all first-hand. They engaged in a fact-finding mission, documenting atrocities. They were captured by Al Qaeda (i.e. the U.S.'s 'rebel allies'), interrogated and threatened with being chopped up and burned. But they managed to get out of the country with their lives and tell the story of what they saw. It is nothing like we have heard from the mainstream media.

The so-called uprising was not spontaneous. It was planned in advance. The 'rebels' were nothing of the sort. They were Western-trained, Western-financed, and Western-supported terrorists: Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda, Ansar al-Sharia, the same people that would soon move over to Syria and Mali, and later become 'ISIS'. Within days, these mercenaries had already created a Bank of International Settlements-approved private Central Bank and Libya's substantial wealth (the country was debt-free), in the form of cash deposits and precious metals, was looted.

Thousands died in the first days of the indiscriminate slaughter carried out by coalition forces under the ruse of establishing a "no fly zone". The media's job was to blame atrocities on Gaddafi. In fact, the atrocities were committed by 'our guys': rape, torture, murder, decapitation, burning alive, skinning flesh, cannibalism - if you've heard about it in horror movies, it happened in Libya in the name of Western freedom and democracy. All the hallmarks of ISIS that so terrify the world today were endorsed and supported by our own governments in order to destroy Libya and prevent it from becoming a viable African alternative to Western death culture. American 'democracy' in action.

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'F**k the U.S.!' EU economy facing major blowback from anti-Russia sanctions

© Michel Phillipsen
The peace-loving EU watches helplessly as the monstrous Russia devours Ukraine with thousands of tons of humanitarian aid... This is an illustration in a school textbook in The Netherlands, where children are being taught the American way of life.
As Sott.net reported earlier this month, this photo from a Dutch school textbook for 15 and 16-year-olds, portraying Russia as a monster with claws and fangs trying to devour Ukraine, while Europe extends a helping hand - in complete contravention to the truth - encapsulates the full-spectrum madness emanating downwards from the Atlanticist elites.

Five months back, I wrote an open letter to the leaders of the EU:
An open letter to Europe's leaders: "F*ck the EU" was an insult, not a command!
And now they have replied - sort of - with actions that make it abundantly clear that the spineless, pusillanimous pond-froth parading as 'leaders of the EU' have not changed tack one bit. The EU extended its sanctimonious sanctions against Russia, thereby ensuring more suffering for Europeans in the name of US global hegemony. The sanctions were extended on June 22nd, which just so happens to be remembered in Russia as the day Nazi Germany invaded in 1941. As a Russian Foreign Ministry statement said:
We would like to believe that it is a coincidence, and not by design."


America's escalating race war: Who benefits from a mind-controlled Charleston shooter?


Screenshot from the alleged shooter's first court hearing
On Wednesday June 17th, nine African-Americans were shot to death in a church in South Carolina, allegedly by a 21-year-old white man named Dylann Storm Roof. The attack took place during evening prayers in one of the country's oldest churches, at Charleston's Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal church. The church has one of the largest black congregations in the US South.

On the same night as the Charleston shooting, persons unknown shot up another church in Memphis, Tennessee. No one was killed and wounded that attack, but this could be the start of a new 'trend' in the area of mass shootings in the USA.

South Carolina's governor said: "If this can happen in a church, then we've got more praying to do." Her statements are typical of government and media vacuous platitudes in the aftermath of such horrific events, the real message being: 'this was done to all of us by all of us, we must stay strong, stay together, and you the people must believe even harder in what your leaders are telling you.'

Was the alleged shooter motivated by hatred for Blacks? On the face of it, that would appear to be the case. He is reported to have said he wanted to 'start a race war'. But it is not everyday that white supremacists cross the line from just being mouthy racists to calmly executing people.

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EMF pollution: What you can do to reduce your EMF exposure

© Unknown
LA bathed in electrosmog
This article is part four in a series of articles on electromagnetic field (EMF) pollution. Part one is available here, part two here and part three here. This article will focus on what you can do to reduce your EMF exposure.

Chronic diseases have many potential causes - including genetics, deficient diet, toxin exposure, and repressed emotions or psychological malformations. Research conducted over the past two decades supports adding electro-magnetic frequency (EMF) exposure to the top-level list of causes of chronic disease (including genome/DNA damage). It's likely that a chronic disease condition results from a unique and individual combination of these top-level stressors, so EMF exposure should be considered in the context of other source causes, as suggested in Figure 1.

© sott.net
Figure 1 EMF health effects in the context of diet and toxin exposure
It's important to note that the evidence suggests EMF exposure is cumulative - much like ionizing radiation (think of the Chernobyl and Fukushima nuclear accidents). This means that periods of relatively high exposure can be offset by extended periods of very low exposure. There is a threshold cumulative exposure beyond which symptoms of being EMF-sensitive (ES) begin to occur, and this threshold will depend on individual genetic factors, diet/health status, and toxic chemical burden. Avoiding this threshold is key, and to do this you need to quantify your environmental exposure in those places where you spend the most time (bedroom/home, workplace, etc).

Another important thing to note is that EMF exposure has much greater long-term health impacts on children due to their rapid growth and maturing of tissue.

Comment: Listen to SOTT Radio Network's Health and Wellness show on EMF Exposure to learn more about man-made sources of EMF, past study results, what you can do to measure your EMF exposure, and what steps you can take to minimize it.

The first three articles in this series:

Che Guevara

The guilty dog barks first: Finnish mainstream media hypocrisy, freedom of the press, and SOTT.net

Recently, several Finnish mainstream media outlets have targeted Finnish SOTT.net, accusing it of copyright law infringement. Among those who have made these allegations are Sanoma Oyj (the owner of Helsingin Sanomat - the largest subscription newspaper in Finland and the Nordic countries), STT (Finnish News Agency) and Yleisradio (the main Finnish Broadcasting Company). Some have even accused us of "outrageous business" because we reproduce and comment on articles from other sources.

While we understand that media companies want to defend their business, considering the massive amount of news offered today and the near monopoly-status these companies enjoy in the Finnish information market, their "outrage" on this issue seems somewhat excessive, if not specious. More to the point, while copyright laws play an important role in any supposed democratic society, the interpretation of these laws is far from unambiguous.

The first point everyone needs to understand is that SOTT.net operates within the limits of fair use, based on the non-commercial and research nature of our content (see quotes below). Secondly, the Finnish mainstream media, (like the mainstream media of other EU nations) serves as a mouthpiece for vested political and corporate interests and, in pursuing that aim, often acts hypocritically and accuses others of that which they themselves are guilty of (e.g. the restriction of freedom of speech and "trolling").

This article should not be taken as an act of revenge or a war of words, but rather as an exercise in contextual social research. Such research is very much in keeping with the mission statement of SOTT.net - to explore social phenomena within various contexts. So what is the context in this case? The evidence from our research strongly suggests that the Finnish mainstream media would like Sott.net to quietly fade away from the information scene. It is obvious that the various mainstream media outlets seek to maintain their self-styled role of the official "bugle of truth", enjoying the exclusive confidence of citizens. It is equally obvious that those in the ivory tower are not pleased with the fact that we analyse world events that are either ignored or 'spun' by the mainstream, engage in critical commentary on "official" news, bring alternative perspectives and interpretations to generally "accepted truths" and expose mainstream media propaganda campaigns.

Shining the Light

© Pixabay/44833
SOTT.net is often compared to a lighthouse that shines the light of truth into the darkness of media lies and manipulation. The English website has been live since 2002 and our readership is counted in millions (2014 approx. 18 million users). The Finnish site was established recently to reach a wider audience of non-English speakers, so that they too might benefit from our research. We have already received a lot of positive feedback, especially about our contextual commentary that accompanies most articles and our regular original content. Most sincere media experts and writers on social issues have been pleased when their articles appear on our website because it means they reach a wider and more diverse audience.

As a result of the litigious rants from Finnish media companies' lawyers, the future of the Finnish SOTT.net site hangs in the balance - our research project has lost important material due to the removal of a vast number of articles. Working voluntarily and in their spare time, the small number of editors are already overwhelmed in trying to collect evidence in order to "connect the dots". After reading this article we hope readers will offer their opinion on this matter [e-mail [email protected]]. Do you feel that there is a demand and need for a multi-lingual angle to Sott.net including the Finnish SOTT site? The English pages will naturally retain their operation, thus answering the needs of millions of readers.

Grey Alien

Fermi's phony paradox: Humans too arrogant and stupid to solve 'missing aliens' question

© BillyMeier
There are a number of reasons why the reality of extraterrestrial visitation on our planet remains largely unacknowledged or dismissed by many otherwise rational, intelligent and educated people. One reason is the desire of the scientific, religious and political elite classes to maintain the status quo. After all, if such a thing as the existence of ETs not only visiting but actually interacting with us, and all that that entails, were to be publicly divulged in any meaningful way, it would probably change a lot of people's thinking on the big questions, and thereby run the risk of dis-empowering the ruling class, whose positions depend on the rather rigid shaping and control of popular belief.

The official position by the U.S. government, for instance, has been that there are no ETs visiting us. According to official reports from groups like the Condon Committee, and numerous statements made by government agencies since, there is nothing serious to consider as regards the subject of the UFO phenomenon.

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SOTT Earth Changes Summary - May 2015: Extreme Weather and Planetary Upheaval

© Sott.net
Winter in the northern hemisphere officially ended in March, and yet May 2015 saw heavy snowfalls in parts of Norway, Russia, China and the US. Europe recorded its highest ever (official) May and June temperature - 44°C in Spain - during a brief heatwave, before the mercury plunged to as low as 8°C the following week. Like much of Siberia, northern China went from warm, dry weather - including sandstorms and wildfires - in April, to blizzards by the end of May, while spring snowfall and cold temperature records were broken in Russia.

There were at least four major tornado outbreaks in the US last month, generating some 460 tornado reports. Will the US break its 2011 record for highest number of tornadoes in one year? With the storms came hail, rain, and snow - lots of it. Texas was inundated with record-breaking rainfall that bought its 3-year-long drought to a chaotic end. There were also destructive tornadoes in New Zealand, Mexico, and Germany, which saw two tornado outbreaks.

California's record-breaking drought continues, but Los Angeles saw its daily rainfall record smashed in May. Other parts of the US under water were Louisiana, Oklahoma and Alaska, which saw its 'worst flooding in decades', in part due to yet another bizarre spring heatwave. An 'apocalyptic' storm in Moscow flooded streets, while hailstorms turned streets into rivers of ice in Spain, Mexico, and Turkey, where cars were washed away in the coastal city of Izmir. Several huge sinkholes opened up - in the US, Turkey, the Canary Islands and Russia - swallowing gardens, street intersections, golf greens, and cars.

Another deadly earthquake - officially considered an aftershock - rocked Nepal on May 12th, just three weeks after the country was flattened by its worst seismic event in 80 years. Wolf Volcano in the Galapagos erupted for the first time in decades, followed a couple of days later by an explosive eruption of Mount Shindake in southern Japan. Next up was a magnitude 8.5 earthquake off the Japanese coast, the country's strongest since that magnitude 9.0 earthquake in March 2011.

Some are asking 'when, if ever, will the climate change'? Our answer to that is: open your eyes; it's changing NOW!


Yellow journalism, Western political psychopaths and Russia-hating behind FIFA 'scandal'


Blatter: targeted for consorting with the enemy
Try and find any public information that shows that Sepp Blatter is guilty of any of the charges of fraud or corruption that have ever been brought against him. You won't find it. The only thing Blatter seems to have been "found guilty of" is "political correctness", aka crimes against Western, liberal, capitalist, secular, atheist, war-loving culture.

For example, Blatter advised gay football fans planning to go to Qatar - a brutal dictatorship supported by the West and ruled by Sharia law, where homosexuality carries the death penalty - to "refrain" while there. That's pretty good advice in my opinion.

Blatter also allegedly suggested that women footballers dress in a more feminine way to improve attendance rates. While that carries more than a hint of sexism and misogynism, this is sound business advice in this capitalist, sex-obsessed, free market driven, morality-free, money-is-all-that-matters Western world.

As to his "bizarre winner's speech"; on what basis can this be considered "bizarre" when compared to the paramoralistic verbiage regularly spewed by the average Western politician? Blatter says "we need more women in FIFA" - just like every goddam political party leader in the Western world. He also mentioned god. How exactly is that bizarre when 2/3 of the global population believes in some kind of god? But I forget, he is being targeted by the liberal, godless, materialism-worshipping and warmongering West. No god here please, unless he supports war and genocide.

Comment: See also: FIFA 'scandal' = US attempts to impose sports sanctions against Russia


FIFA 'scandal' = US attempts to impose sports sanctions against Russia

How dare they! Being all friendly...
The good ol' US of A is at it again. Fighting injustice, dispensing truth, kickin' corrupt corporate butt and taking names. No evil-doers are safe, not even outfits that most people in the US Justice Dept. have probably never heard of, like FIFA, the International Federation of Association Football.

If, like most of the rest of the world, you think that this 'scandal' has anything to do with the US government's desire to see justice served, then I have a chemical weapon storage facility in Syria to sell you. This 'scandal' is nothing more than a bare-faced and embarrassingly pathetic attempt by the US empire-builders to prevent Russia from hosting the 2018 soccer world cup. Like a petulant, spoiled child that has been told 'no', this is the US government's version of throwing a tantrum and screaming "I HATE YOU!"

The official story is that, over the course of several years from the 1990s, the 14 indicted officials had accepted bribes for voting to award FIFA events to particular countries, primarily Qatar, South Africa, and various Latin American nations. But these days, no US government-inspired 'scandal' is worth promoting if it doesn't target Russia, the American empire's favorite whipping boy.

Russia was awarded the 2018 World Cup in 2010, at a time when the US government still thought it could 'contain' Russia. With last year's events in Ukraine however, all bets were off and Putin's Russia leaped to an all time high in the league table of states in need of 'regime change'. So while there is no doubt that FIFA is as perfidious as any other global corporation, there is obviously more to this situation than mere bribery.

So given that corruption within FIFA has been an open secret for years, the question becomes, why now? FIFA is scheduled to elect its next president today, with the incumbent Sepp Blatter, who is up for reelection, viewed as a pro-Russian because he presided over the awarding of the 2018 games to Russia. Blatter's opponent is vice president Prince Ali of Jordan, Jordan being a US client state that has been used as a staging ground for Western-backed 'Syrian rebels' (aka ISIS) to attack Syria. Coincidentally (or NOT!) just one day before the US DOJ indictments, US Senators John McCain and Robert Menendez sent a letter to the FIFA congress urging it to remove Russia as the host country for 2018. Their schizoidal rationale was that: "allowing Russia to host the World Cup would bolster the Putin regime at a time when it should be condemned".


The Senators' letter to FIFA
Now, isn't it 'funny' that the world's pre-eminent financiers and supporters of terrorism and brutal dictators have the cojones to call the Russian government a "regime"? Isn't it a hoot that the same global mafia bosses who orchestrated the overthrow of the Ukrainian government last year and ushered in a civil war that has cost the lives of at least 5,000 civilians have the effrontery to accuse Russia of "violations of Ukraine's territorial integrity"? But the hypocrisy doesn't end there. The two signatories to the above letter are far from squeaky clean. McCain is an ardent supporter of Muslim terrorists who has spent the last 4 years loudly advocating for US tax payers' money to be sent to 'Syrian rebels' aka 'ISIS'. In April this year, Menedez was indicted by the same US DOJ on corruption charges for using his Senate office to push the business interests of a friend in exchange for cash and gifts.

Another detail in the background here is the fact that FIFA was considering suspending Israel due to their treatment of Palestinian footballers. The 'scandal' has proven so glaringly 'fortuitous' for Israel that even the Times of Israel had to call it out and admit that the distraction of the 'scandal' will leave the Palestinian authority's attempt to have Israel banned dead in the water.

But take a moment to fully grasp the extent of the desperation of the Anglo-American empire builders in their attempt to vilify Russia. The very idea that Russia might enjoy the positive propaganda of hosting the 2018 World Cup caused such fulminous frothing of the mouth at the US State Dept. that the organisation that had awarded the games to Russia had to be taken down, including its president.


Is ISIS a creation of the US government? Do large hairy mammals relieve themselves in the woods?


Stick on some beards and... US-created 'Contra' rebels in Nicaragua
Over the course of the past 100 years, eastwards from South America to South East Asia (and everywhere in between), official history records that US governments have repeatedly created and used terrorist groups to attack foreign governments and populations who foolishly refused to view the world through a 'stars and stripes'-tinted lens. Two examples, among dozens, include Nicaragua and Indonesia.

At a 1985 hearing of the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on US operations in Nicaragua, Sen. Patrick J. Leahy (D-Vt.) told then Secretary of State George P. Shultz: "There is a growing body of evidence that the Contras have committed widespread violence against the civilian population. I am concerned that money from our government goes to an organization that commits atrocities. I have been given affidavits by victims of atrocities, terrible photographs."

Shultz was being rather coy here. The US government viewed the democratically-elected Sandinista government as a threat to the ability of American corporations to exploit Nicaraguan resources. Continuing in the tradition they had, by then, established in at least five other South American nations that rejected US corporate plunder of their nation, the US government decided to fund, arm and train a terrorist group known as the 'Contras' or 'counter-revolutionaries'.

For the next ten years, the Contras carried out widespread terror attacks against the civilian population that killed at least 45,000 people in the tiny central American nation. The CIA even produced a 'terror manual' for the Contras called Psychological Operations in Guerrilla Warfare that advised on how to rationalize the killing of civilians. For almost ten years these CIA terrorists busied themselves by:
  • targeting health care clinics and health care workers for assassination
  • kidnapping civilians
  • torturing civilians
  • executing civilians, including children, who were captured in combat
  • raping women
In his case study of the Nicaragua vs United States dispute, Professor of military law at the University of Amsterdam, Terry Gill wrote: "The US played a very large role in financing, training, arming, and advising the contras over a long period, and the Contras only became capable of carrying out significant military operations as a result of this support."