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Flash flooding across Belgium after 36 hours of rain

© Hanne Desmet
Around 36 hours of constant rainfall that began Tuesday 26 August 2014 caused flash flooding across Belgium including the provinces of Hainaut, Liege, Walloon Brabant and around the city of Brussels.

Hundreds of calls were made to local emergency services after homes and streets were flooded. The flooding caused chaos for motorists and at one point several motorways were also flooded, including the A8 and A12. In Brussels the tunnel road network was badly affected. The NATO, Montgomery and Arts-Loi tunnels were all flooded and closed to traffic at some point.

A family had to be evacuated from their flooded home in the Ath municipality in the province of Hainaut. No injuries were reported.

Rainfall Levels

Figures from WMO for a 24 hour period between 26 and 27 August 2014:

* Chievres - 53 mm

* Semmerzake - 56 mm

* Koksijde - 59 mm

Belgium saw some severe flooding in late July when heavy rain inundated wide areas of northern Europe. Two people died in the floods in Germany.


Tide that flooded Sagar Island, India in July a mystery

Sagar island, india
Are climate change fears coming true in the Sunderbans? An unexpected high tide has left a major portion of Sagar Island flooded, leaving environmentalists worried about its future.

Sea water gushed into the island through Muriganga river on July 14, causing extensive damage to crops and destroying homes. Around 10 villages were affected and they continue to be submerged by the untimely rise in water level, which could have been triggered by a change in climate in the region, fear experts.

It is usually the shara-sharir baan (neap tide) that hits Sunderbans twice a year - in April and September. But it rarely triggers a flood. This sudden influx of water was not neap tide, say locals and experts. It was much fiercer and struck at least two months ahead of the neap tide, they say.

Comment: Climate change may be the answer, yet extremes in weather may not be the best explanation. Strange events are happening in the worlds oceans, such as Major seismic event imminent ? Strange glowing lights seen by pilots over part of the Pacific Ring of Fire and massive aquatic life die off. Geological events such as underwater volcanos or other explanations such as methane explosions and a changing planet may point to a better assessment of what might have caused the unusual and unseasonal tide.

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Flash floods devastate parts of southern South Korea

South Korea floods
© Yonhap
Cars are afloat in a flooded area in Geumjeong, Busan, Monday. Heavy rain hit the southern part of the country, causing flash floods, landslides, and suspension of subway service in some areas.
At least five people are dead and four are missing after heavy rainfall hammered Busan, Changwon and other southern parts of the country Monday.

Four women were killed in flash floods in Busan, while one woman was found dead in a public bus that had been swept into a flooded stream in Changwon.

The Changwon victim is believed to have been in her 30s or 40s. Police said at least five passengers had been aboard the bus, and that rescue operations were underway.

In Dongnae-gu, northern Busan, rescue workers found two women trapped in a submerged car. They were immediately taken to a hospital, but were later pronounced dead.

Cloud Lightning

Half a million left homeless as devastating floods hit Bangladesh

Bangladesh flooding
© Associated Press
Flooding during Bangladesh's yearly summer monsoon season has forced 500,000 residents into homelessness and caused scores more to lose their crops. Streets throughout the northern area of the country have reportedly been swept away.

The Wall Street Journal reports that heavy rainfall in India has resulted in huge numbers of the densely-populated country's population being left without access to safe shelter.

Via the WSJ:
Experts at the Flood Forecasting and Warning Center in Dhaka said two of Bangladesh's main rivers, the Meghna and the Brahmaputra, continue to rise, leaving people in 14 of Bangladesh's 64 districts either marooned or forced to seek shelter on higher ground.

"The main rivers continue to flow above danger levels due to heavy rainfall upstream in India," said Sazzad Hossain, an engineer at the flood forecasting center. "We expect the situation to worsen in the next 72 hours."
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Mudslides, floods damage homes and highways In Washington

Washington mudslides
This image made from a video provided by KOMO News shows a car in north central Washington after rain created mudslides on Friday, Aug. 22, 2014.
Mudslides in north-central Washington damaged or destroyed an estimated 10 homes on Thursday evening as heavy rains hit an area recently ravaged by wildfires. Mud and rushing water combined in Okanogan County, hitting some homes hard and blocking highways.

A flash flood watch expired on Friday when no more serious rain occurred.

More than 40 people helped dig out a couple in Methow, a small community of about 250 people, according to The Seattle Times. Resident Janie Lewis told the Times that a cascade of mud and water blew open her door, knocking down her husband and depositing several feet of mud in their house. They were unhurt.

"The 'river' was running through the house," she said. "We're lucky to be alive."
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Extreme rain closes roads in Illinois and Indiana

Indiana flooding

Flooding on I-69 in Indiana.
A serious flooding situation is under way in the Midwest, where roads were closed overnight Thursday and some cars have been caught under feet of water. Flood warnings were issued for most of Chicago, as well as areas in eastern Illinois, northern Indiana and western Ohio on Friday morning as heavy rain caused problems across the region. In Chicago, several inches of rain fell overnight, forcing officials to close stretches of Interstate 90, according to In Burbank, District 111 schools were closed Friday because of the floodwater.

"An upper-level disturbance moving along a stalled frontal boundary has brought thunderstorms with heavy rainfall to parts of Illinois and Indiana overnight and into this morning," said meteorologist Linda Lam. "There is plenty of moisture in the air and dew points are in the 70s, which has led to the intense rainfall. The risk of showers and thunderstorms continues through at least Saturday afternoon across the area."

Indiana has also experienced severe flooding from the system. A two-mile stretch of Interstate 69 in Grant County was closed due to floodwaters, and Blackford County Schools were closed for the day, according to

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Flooding death toll reaches 102 in Nepal

A total of 102 people were confirmed dead, 55 injured and 125 others unaccounted following the floods and landslides triggered by Monsoon rains in Mid-West region that took place a week ago.

Officiating Regional Adminstrator Raj Kumar Shrestha confirmed on Thursday that 102 people were found dead until today following the floods and landslides . He informed that 2,683 houses have been completely destroyed, displacing 23,753 people.

"The relief distribution has been difficult due to the geographical location and poor local mechanism," said Shrestha, "We are trying to make the relief distribution fast and systematic." Shrestha is Nepalgunj coordinator for rescue and relief management.

He further informed that at present food packages comprising rice, pulses, salt and oil are being distributed. "After proper coordination, we are trying our best to distribute the relief materials to the victims as soon as possible," said Shrestha.

Comment: The chart below clearly shows the striking increase in flood reports over the last 2 and half years -

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45 killed during August floods in Cambodia

© Oliver Laumann
Flooded countryside in Cambodia.
Cambodia's National Committee for Disaster Management (NCDM) reported yesterday that 45 people have lost their lives in floods since the Mekong river first broke its banks in early August 2014.

Talking to local media during a conference on flooding issues in the country, NCDM vice president Nhim Vanda also said that 11,500 families across 12 provinces were forced to evacuate their homes. He also said that flood waters are starting to recede. This might suggest that the remaining displaced could begin to return home.

However, there could be more heavy monsoon rain to come. Flooding has already affected parts of north and north east Thailand, with the authorities issuing flood warnings for 20 provinces there. Flooding has also struck some parts of Laos in the last few days.

Heavy rainfall in Laos and and parts of Thailand often results in increased levels of the Mekong several days later. The heavy rain that caused severe flooding in the Thai provinces of Amnat Charoen and Ubon Ratchathani raised alarms in Cambodia about the levels of the Mekong, prompting the Prime Minister to urge flood preparedness.
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Torrential rains inflict severe damages in Eastern China

East China flooding
© Xinhua
Rescuers deliver food to residents trapped by rain-triggered flood in Lishui City, east China's Zhejiang Province, Aug. 20, 2014.
Nearly 65,000 people in east China's Zhejiang Province have been evacuated after torrential rains caused floods in some cities, said the provincial flood control and drought relief headquarters on Thursday.

Nearly half a million people in the cities of Lishui, Jinhua, Wenzhou and Shaoxing have been affected by persistent downpours since Aug. 8, with the worst-hit Lishui suffering direct economic losses of 1.058 billion yuan, it said.

Statistics from the provincial hydrological bureau showed that the province's average precipitation has reached 204 millimeters over the past fortnight, the highest since 1951 excluding the influence of typhoons.

By Thursday, 853 houses have collapsed, while 26,100 hectares of croplands have been damaged, of which 1,400 hectares of crops were totally destructed. The losses inflicted upon cash crops were estimated at 160 million yuan.
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Canada: Thunderstorm leads to major flooding in Winnipeg, Southern Manitoba

winnipeg flood
© Twitter/SamanthaNAmaral

A severe thunderstorm left Winnipeg and other parts of southeastern Manitoba under water on Thursday evening, after an estimated 50 to 75 millimetres of rain fell on the region.

CBC News reports at least two vehicles were partly submerged due to flooding, at the popular underpass at Higgins Avenue and Main Street, in Winnipeg. According to the network, other cars and transit buses remained stuck in place nearby as the heavy rain shut down streets, overwhelmed storm sewers, and cut off power to street lights.

Soon after, residents took to Twitter to catalogue the effects of the storm.