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Russia's 'existential threat' to the USA is really the human threat to psychopaths in power

The United States Senate confirmed General Joseph Dunford as the next Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff this week. Dunford is just the latest in a long line of paranoid, delusional 'reality makers' to occupy the top military office in the USA.

In his confirmation hearing, Dunford told the Senate committee, "Russia presents the greatest threat to our national security". When pressed to expand on this, the general cited Russia's "alarming" behavior and said it poses "an existential threat to the United States". Someone should tell this guy that saying the same thing with different words does not constitute an explanation.

Dunford's statement was echoed by another top U.S. military official, Secretary of the Air Force, Deborah James, who told Reuters one day earlier, "I do consider Russia to be the biggest threat."

The truth has never played much of a part in shaping U.S. public perception, and those who further this unhinged, psychopathic worldview are granted distinction and rewarded with high office.But let's not dismiss what Dunford et al are saying just yet. While they are clearly not being honest, there is a truth to what they're saying if we scratch the surface of the rhetoric.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov gave a hint of the hidden truth when he said that such statements are creating "an artificial atmosphere of hostility". "As far as the statements from Washington are concerned, we have already got used to the fact that the Department of Defense, Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee and the Air Force secretary regularly make statements that usually come from politicians," Lavrov said.

President Putin has also repeatedly exposed the Pentagon's manipulations. In June he stated, "I think that only an insane person, and only in a dream, can imagine that Russia would suddenly attack NATO. I think some countries are simply taking advantage of people's fears with regard to Russia."


The Hunt for Red October. Russia-Sweden relations and a missing submarine

These days, Sweden is all agog. In the midst of the coldest summer in living history that deprived the Swedes of their normal sun-accumulating July routine, the country plunged into an exciting search for a Russian submarine in the Stockholm archipelago, and (as opposed to the previous rounds of this venerable Swedish maritime saga) this time they actually found the beast.

Now we know for certain the Russians had intruded into Swedish waters! The Swedish admirals and the Guardian journalists probably feel themselves vindicated, as they always said so. Does it matter that the U-boat was sunk one hundred years ago, in 1916? Surely it does not, for the Russians are the same Russians and the sea is the same sea!

I would continue in the same vein and have a lot of fun, but many innocent readers (especially on the internet) are not attuned for irony. If they read Swift's Modest Proposal, they'd call the police. For the benefit of the reader in whom is no guile (John 1:47), I'll say it in plain words: the Swedish Navy and the great British newspaper Guardian made fools of themselves again, as they blamed the Russian president Putin for sending a submarine that turned out to be a one hundred year old war relic.
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The U-boat called Som (Catfish) had been built in the US in 1901 for the Russian Navy, served in World War I and went down with all hands in 1916. The Swedes admitted that much, but, as in the one-liner about a guest suspected of stealing silver spoons,the spoons were found, but the ill feeling loitered.

The previous round of this pleasant Swedish pastime took place last October 2014 when the search for Russian submarines in the Stockholm archipelago, that is, in the archipelago of thousands of islands in the Baltic Sea, began in earnest. Nessie of the Loch Ness would envy the hunt. In the newspapers, on radio and on television, they spoke only of the mysterious submarine, that allegedly had sent a distress signal to the Russian naval base in Kaliningrad from the Swedish waters. Millions of krona were spent on the futile search. A video of the U-boat rising was released. Eye witnesses reported they saw a man in black emerging from the sea near a tiny island. As the water temperature was about 10°C (50°F) this could not be a Swede, it's got to be a Russian Spetznaz man, as they are immune to cold...


Migrant crisis created by years of Western exploitation and wars

Geneva International Centre for Justice released on 27 July 2015 its report 'Swimming Against the Tides: Examining the EU Response to Irregular Migration through the Mediterranean Sea.' GICJ has been following closely the recent developments at the European Commission with regards to irregular migration. GICJ wishes to highlight with this report the underlying causes of the crisis and the necessary steps that have to be taken to reach a sustainable solution.

The report shows that since the November 2014 cancelation of "Mare Nostrum", the Italian search and rescue naval operation in the Mediterranean Sea, hundreds of lives have been lost at sea. Despite the dangers facing them however, migrants continue to make the journey to Europe by the boatload. Those risking everything to come to Europe are doing so because they face unimaginable conditions and horrors in their home country. Europe represents an opportunity to forge the life they deserve. For them, Europe is a chance to fulfill many of their rights which are affirmed in various international human rights treaties. To deny anyone of this right goes against the essence of the human rights field. For Europe to deny these rights is an act of the utmost hypocrisy from the continent which has championed and pioneered the universality of human rights. Yet, in the report GICJ explores the repeated efforts by European states to shirk responsibility in the past few months, despite the ever worsening situation.

Comment: Europe has been facing an unprecedented migrant crisis, but the real roots of this crisis are habitually ignored by Western media. The fault does not lie exclusively with European colonial policies. What the media does not want to acknowledge is that NATO's wars and corresponding devastation of numerous countries has made life a living hell for those poor souls who have been on the receiving end of NATO's 'freedom and democracy' movements.

Star of David

U.S. State department has 'faith in the system' that Israel will prosecute killers of Palestinian child - Why?!


Mark Toner, State Department spokesidiot
The American government expressed "confidence" and "faith in the system" that Israel will prosecute the murderers of Ali Sa'ed Dabwasha last night in the occupied village of Duma, the State Department said today.

It must be "faith" because there's no evidence for it: the Israeli human rights group B'Tselem documents that Israeli government has a policy of NOT enforcing the law against Jewish settlers; and Jewish settlers are suspected in the murder. In the last three years, Israelis have set fire to nine Palestinian homes in the occupied West Bank; and no one has ever been charged. So why does the U.S. government have "faith in the system" when it comes to the murder last night of Ali Saed Dabwasha?

Comment: See also:

2 + 2 = 4

Bernie Sanders says the wealthy 1% have screwed-up brains - science proves him correct

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Bernie Sanders
The extremely rich have "psychiatric issues" and it affects day-to-day Americans, populist presidential candidate Bernie Sanders (I-VT) said recently. Research shows that he's on to something.

"We all know people who are addicted to alcohol or drugs. These people are addicted to money," Sanders said earlier this year, according to MSNBC. The result? A "philosophical war being waged against the middle-class and working families."

Sanders wants to revive a time in American history where "one person could work 40 hours a week and make enough to take care for the entire family."

That will take a political revolution, he said, and again he could be right.

Last August, Maria Fernandes became the poster child for the new American economy, in which the cost of living has far surpassed the minimum wage and political inaction has let it fester.

Fernandes, a 32-year-old from New Jersey, worked four part-time, low wage jobs to make a living. She died in her car while she was napping between shifts, accidentally inhaling carbon monoxide, according to the New York Daily News.

Comment: Bernie Sanders is saying all the right things, so what's not to like?
See: Chris Hedges on Bernie Sanders' role within the corporate Democrats

See also: Ponerized Society: Wealth breeds narcissism and psychopathic behavior


South Front: US-China standoff in Indo-Asia-Pacific, military reports of Novorossia, Turkey expands campaign in Syria

The US sea services have released a new maritime strategy, a plan that describes how the Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard will design, organize, and employ naval forces in support its global dominance. The new strategy titled, "A Cooperative Strategy for 21st Century Seapower" highlighted "forward," "engaged," and "ready" as key words and kept the original theme of "ensuring our capability to intervene overseas." It calls for increasing the Navy's forward presence to 120 ships by 2020, up from about 97 ships today. This includes forward-basing four ballistic-missile-defense destroyers in Spain and stationing another attack submarine in Guam by the end of 2015. The Navy is scheduled to increase presence in Middle East from 30 ships today to 40 by 2020. The strategy reinforces the continued need to strengthen partnerships and alliances by stressing the importance of operating in NATO maritime groups and participating in international training exercises. The US strategy emphasizes operating forward and making proxies across the globe, especially in the Indo-Asia-Pacific region.


Western media cries foul after Russia shuts down NED, neglecting one important fact - NED is a CIA front

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NED President Gershman and Madeline Albright
The Washington Post's descent into the depths of neoconservative propaganda - willfully misleading its readers on matters of grave importance - apparently knows no bounds as was demonstrated with two deceptive articles regarding Russian President Vladimir Putin and why his government is cracking down on "foreign agents."

If you read the Post's editorial on Wednesday and a companion op-ed by National Endowment for Democracy President Carl Gershman, you would have been led to believe that Putin is delusional, paranoid and "power mad" in his concern that outside money funneled into non-governmental organizations represents a threat to Russian sovereignty.

The Post and Gershman were especially outraged that the Russians have enacted laws requiring NGOs financed from abroad and seeking to influence Russian policies to register as "foreign agents" - and that one of the first funding operations to fall prey to these tightened rules was Gershman's NED.

Comment: Russia acts to stop activities of subversive National Endowment for Democracy

Eye 2

Unspeakable evils: Jewish settlers immolate a Palestinian baby while Israeli politicians shed crocodile tears

© Mohamad Torokman / Reuters
ARCHIVE: Palestinians watch Israeli heavy machinery demolishing apartment blocks in the West Bank Jewish settlement of Beit El near Ramallah July 29, 2015.
Israeli officials throughout its history consistently showed contempt for Palestinian rights - from Ben-Gurion to Allon to Meir to Begin to Rabin to Peres to Sharon to Netanyahu and others, an array of rogue leaders, not a democrat in the bunch.

All believed in affording rights solely to Jews. None supported fundamental fairness. All committed high crimes against defenseless Palestinians - from Ben-Gurion's Nakba to Netanyahu's Protective Edge along with decades of racist persecution from 1948 through today - horrific barbarism against an entire population, flagrantly violating international law unaccountably.

Netanyahu's "shock" over 18-month-old Ali Saad Dawabsha's immolation by settlers belies his reign of terror on Palestine, his genocidal Gaza war last summer, his daily persecution of millions of Palestinian victims, his contempt for the rule of law.


Police State America: New bill will allow feds to revoke passports on mere suspicion of aiding terrorism

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Another small step for authoritarian bureaucracy, another massive leap forward in the destruction of Americans rights to due process and full protection under the law.

Increasingly, designations on watchlists, both official and unofficial, are replacing due process of suspicion, investigation, arrest, charge and trial, and skipping ahead to simply blacklist individuals and deny them equal rights.

This time, the legislation centers around passports, which would now be revoked upon any suspicion, whatsoever and despite a lack of evidence of wrongdoing, or links to foreign terrorists groups. But these links to 'terrorism' are not legally defined or limited, nor do they result as a penalty for criminal convictions, but from being added to a list. Gestapo, anyone?

Black Cat

CIA uses "man's best friends" for spying

© www.nextgov.com
Operation Acoustic Kitty
The activities of American intelligence services have received a somewhat extensive coverage from both the written media and different movie makers, and not just from Hollywood alone, which is explainable if one is to consider the staggering amount of funds that are being allocated by the US Congress on the secret operations of such institutions.

Therefore, recent revelations about the activities of US intelligence services that have been published by WikiLeaks and other alternative sources of information can hardly surprise anyone. In fact, what is surprising is the casual approach of German, French, and British politicians towards the fact that on top of being financially and militarily dependent on Washington, they are being constantly spied on.

The electronic surveillance means that are being used by the CIA and the NSA, elaborate software like PRISM and Xkeyscore, which allows the United States to control more than 75% of the global Internet traffic, and the 24/7 wire tapping is just the tip of the iceberg. However, Washington's desire to establish total control over the world is not limited by electronic means alone.

Even man's best friends are being used as an effective and completely unremarkable source of information about almost any target. Pets enjoy a somewhat universal affection, therefore they are able to freely infiltrate the most guarded secret facilities and high-ranking meetings alike. Throughout the world pets are being treated with sympathy and respect, especially when they belong to the most influential people in the world.

Comment: Acoustic Kitty is only one in a long-line of military cyborg creations, one that's been unrestrained by moral considerations. "We can make tiny flying cyborgs--and a whole lot more. Engineers, geneticists, and neuroscientists are controlling animal minds in different ways and for different reasons, and their tools and techniques are becoming cheaper and easier for even us nonexperts to use. Before long, we may all be able to hijack animal bodies. The only question is whether we'll want to." - Emily Anthes, author Operation Acoustic Kitty

Thanks to the CIA, we should be PETrified.