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Jihadi forces in Iraq strengthened by U.S. policy

© REUTERS/ Stringer
Fighters of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) stand guard at a checkpoint in the northern Iraq city of Mosul, June 11, 2014
The US' strengthening of extreme jihadi forces and weakening the traditional governments in the Middle East in recent years is now the main problem in Iraq and the region, Martin Sieff, a veteran American foreign correspondent, told RIA Novosti Tuesday.

Comment: It's only a "problem" for those innocent people who will suffer at the hands of the extremists. Obama and the West will not be in that group.

"Although President Barack Obama made clear in his speech that he understood the United States could now only play a limited role in Iraq, the problem is that the United States has recklessly strengthened extreme jihadi forces throughout the Middle East in recent years and it has systematically weakened the traditional governments in the region," Sieff said.

"Al-Qaeda, ISIS and other extreme forces are now taking advantage of these irresponsible policies," the journalists asserted. "A wave of air strikes will not be enough to solve the problem."

Comment: Here, the journalist is missing the main point - that ISIS/Al-Qaeda are Western creations who do exactly what the U.S. wants them to do. The U.S. policies that benefit those groups are no accident. They are a result of the partnership between Western governments and Middle Eastern jihadist groups.

The US military conducted some 15 airstrikes around Mosul dam on Monday. A new round of air strikes was in support of Iraqi and Kurdish forces near the dam fighting against ISIS militants. The dam fell under control of Islamic State (IS) rebels earlier this month. However, the reports coming from the area of who is in control of the dam, government forces or IS, have been contradicting in the past few days.

Comment: The U.S. doesn't really care about democracy or whether it can be forcibly imposed on Iraq. A radical Islamic government is just fine for the U.S., as long as they can install their puppet politicians and control the country behind the scenes.


Islamic State asked U.S. for $100mn ransom for James Foley before executing him

© REUTERS/ Social Media Website via REUTERS TV
Execution of US journalist James Foley
Militants of the Islamic State (IS) group pressed the United States for a $100 million ransom for the release of US journalist James Foley, whose execution was later taped and video was released on the Internet, The New York Times reported, citing a representative of Foley's family.

"Before Mr. Foley was killed, his ISIS [IS] captors asked for a $100 million ransom, according to a representative of the family and a man held alongside Mr. Foley," The New York Times reported.

According to the newspaper, Washington refused to pay and once the United States approved airstrikes in Iraq earlier this month, IS members "forced Mr. Foley to wear the telltale orange jumpsuit, and beheaded him on camera - a horrifying ode to the 'Sheikh of the Slaughterers,' who himself was killed by United States forces in Iraq in 2006."

Sott Exclusive: Hamas' Al-Arouri claims group murdered 3 Israeli teens: Israeli Quisling?

Saleh al-Arouri: never forget, for many people, money trumps ideology every time.
A Hamas official who lives in Turkey has claimed that members of its militant wing kidnapped and killed three Israeli teenagers in June. The killing of the three was initially used by Israel to being its two-week-long bombardment of Gaza, killing 2,000 Palestinians.

Speaking at a conference in Turkey, Saleh Al-Arouri said the al-Qassam Brigades were responsible. The claim has been met with skepticism by many. Al-Arouri is the only member of Hamas to make this claim and it stands in contrast to the statements of both the Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal, who is in exile in Qatar, and the Israeli police, both of whom stated that Hamas was not responsible.

Questions must be asked about Al-Arouri's motivation for making this claim and whether or not he is in a position to make any authoritative statements about Hamas, or the operations of any other Palestinian groups or individuals in the West bank or elsewhere in the occupied territories. First of all, the Turkish government is no friend of the Palestinian people, so why is Al-Arouri living there?
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Israel's unconscionable weapons of war

© Ramadan El-Agha/APA images

Palestinians look at an unexploded Israeli missile, which witnesses said was fired by an Israeli aircraft on a street in Khuzaa, east of Khan Younis, in the southern Gaza Strip, 3 August.
A few days before he was killed trying to disarm an unexploded Israeli missile, Hazem Abu Murad, the head of Gaza's bomb squad, estimated that Israel had dropped between eighteen to twenty thousand tons of explosives on Gaza since 7 July.

As I write, Israel has resumed its heavy bombardment after a nine-day truce ended without a long-term ceasefire agreement.

If Abu Murad's estimate is right, then the explosive power Israel has fired on Gaza by land, sea and air so far is roughly equivalent to one of the atomic bombs the United States dropped on Japan in August 1945.

The bomb dropped on Hiroshima was rated at 13 kilotons - the equivalent of thirteen thousand tons of high-explosive TNT - while the bomb dropped on Nagasaki was rated at 21 kilotons.

Abu Murad, who died along with five other people on 13 August, estimated that about one thousand tons of unexploded munitions remained. There are more than 1,900 people killed in the ongoing Israeli assault - that is more than one out of every thousand of Gaza's nearly 1.8 million residents.

Israel constantly publishes claims about how many mortar shells or rockets have been fired from Gaza - it claims for instance that 3,360 rockets were fired from Gaza between 8 July and 6 August.

It is well known that the rockets have caused minimal damage and casualties, and most fall in so-called "open areas."

But even the number, which is supposed to sound impressive and justify the attack on Gaza, is actually minuscule compared with the volume of ordnance Israel fires into Gaza.

Estimates based on partial information from Israeli sources indicate that Israel has fired tens of thousands of artillery shells into Gaza and dropped a bare minimum of six thousand tons of bombs from the air. Abu Murad's on-the-ground estimate is certainly plausible.

And the evidence suggests that contrary to Israeli official propaganda about the care taken to protect civilians, the vast majority of Israeli munitions are inaccurate and indiscriminate in the context of densely-populated areas where they have been widely used in Gaza.

This probably explains why Israel is so coy about publicizing the number of missiles, bombs and shells it fires at Gaza.

Comment: More information of the recent events in Palestine and Israel's motives:

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The killer on the (Saudi) king's highway

There's danger on the edge of town
Ride the king's highway, baby
Weird scenes inside the gold mine
Ride the highway west, baby
The Doors, The End
© www.doomsteaddiner.net
The killer awoke before dawn. He put his American desert boots on. He took a knife from the ancient gallery. And he walked on down the hall - bathed in desert sunlight.

The killer spoke with a British accent (London's East End?) Father (Saud), I want to kill you. Mother (Langley?) I want to...

yeeeaaahh, c'mon!

Then the sartorially composed Man in Black beheaded American photojournalist James Foley.

This is not the end, beautiful friend. It's just a new beginning in the never-ending Global War on Terror. Now starring Papa Saud's brand new bag - The Caliph and his goons. This is the way Shock and Awe morphs into "Assad must go" morphs into Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, morphs into The Caliph's Black Britannia goon responding to "humanitarian" bombing. I'm my own baby now. Watch me work. Bring it on.

Choice scenery. Good sound and vision production values. Careful editing. No unnecessary gore. No blood splattering. No Allahu Akbar shrieks. "A Message to America", indeed - but most of all a message to the Ummah. As in we're the Men in Black badasses. We run The Caliphate. We're no mere death cult; we're winners. And we take no prisoners.

And why did Islamic State, formerly ISIS, become winners? Because the "West" regimented, schooled, trained, logistically helped and weaponized most of IS's Takfiri goons with a mission at hand: to destroy Syria. The "West" lauded them as "Syrian rebels". Freedom fighters.

Washington even promoted Jabhat al-Nusra (the official al-Qaeda franchise in Syria, and a "terrorist organization", according to the State Department) as "good" jihadis, as well as the preferred Saudi combo, the Islamic Front.

No wonder after photojournalist James Foley was kidnapped in November 2012 the Washington-sanctioned version was that he was being kept by "Assad must go" forces in a prison near Damascus.
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Sponsor of state terrorism: Hollande publicly says France recently armed Syria Takfiris which are the same as ISIL

French president Hollande
© Unknown
French president Hollande publicly admits sponsoring state terrorism.
France President Francois Hollande says his country has recently supplied weapons to the foreign-sponsored Takfiri militants operating against the Syrian government.

The French leader said on Thursday that Paris delivered weapons to the Takfiri terrorists in Syria "a few months ago," stressing, "We should not stop" supporting the anti-Damascus militants.

Hollande also called on the United States and European Union countries to join the campaign and said Paris cannot "go it alone."

In an interview with France's Le Monde daily published on Wednesday, the French president said the international community shoulders a "heavy responsibility" with regards to the turmoil in Syria, which has also spilled over into neighboring Iraq.

Comment: Against international law French openly admits sponsoring state terrorism. Something for international lawyers to look into if such a thing as international law still exists. The same Takfiri terrorists that France and the West sponsor in Syria are the same groups that are wrecking chaos in Iraq under the banner of IS and the caliph Ibrahim.The same groups that beheaded the American journalist and who have massacred thousands of people, Christians included.

See also: John McCain the conductor of the "Arab Spring" and the Caliph

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Kiev's meeting with Putin will leave Ukraine with some tough choices

Comment: Keep in mind the source of this article, the Wall Street Journal, part of the Western Propaganda Machine. Note that they assume that it is true that Russia has been arming the rebels and the OSCE had declared that there is no truth to those claims. So why does the WSJ keep lying? See: What, no Russians with weapons...again? No ammunition moved through Russia-Ukraine border - OSCE monitors

© Agence France-Presse/Getty Images
People stand inside a makeshift bomb shelter in Makiyivka Tuesday. Pro-Russia rebels said seven civilians died when the eastern Ukrainian town was shelled by Kiev forces.
Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Ukrainian counterpart will meet next week for the first time in two months, officials in both countries said, intensifying a diplomatic push that could force Kiev to choose between continuing its military campaign against pro-Russia separatists or making concessions to Moscow to stop the bloodshed.

Calls for a cease-fire from both Russia and Europe are growing louder amid a deepening humanitarian crisis in eastern Ukraine.

But Ukrainian politicians and voters are skeptical of agreeing to a truce now, since doing so could give the rebels the chance to consolidate control over some territory and give Russia long-term influence over their country.

Officials in Kiev said the meeting in Minsk, Belarus, on Aug. 26 could lead toward a peace plan to end the four-month insurgency in eastern Ukraine. In the latest sign of Western support, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said she would visit Kiev on Saturday, the day before Ukrainian Independence Day.

The Minsk gathering, which will also involve senior European Union officials, will be the first time Mr. Putin has met Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko since a brief encounter in June before the latter took office.

Missouri governor calls for "vigorous prosecution" of Darren Wilson

Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon
Not content with a regular prosecution or a vigorous investigation, Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon said he hopes that Ferguson, Mo., police officer Darren Wilson will receive a "vigorous prosecution" in the shooting death of Michael Brown on Aug. 9.

"A vigorous prosecution must now be pursued," Nixon said in a five minute video address posted to his website Tuesday.

"The democratically elected St. Louis county prosecutor and the attorney general of the United States each have a job to do," said Nixon, a Democrat.

"Their obligation to achieve justice in the shooting death of Michael Brown must be carried out thoroughly, promptly, and correctly," said Nixon of investigators.

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder plans to visit Ferguson on Wednesday to meet with federal law enforcement officials and community leaders. Forty FBI investigators traveled to Ferguson over the weekend to interview witnesses.

Nixon has not directly justified his call for a strong prosecution. He has not indicated that he has any information on the shooting that has not been made public.
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U.S. puppet regime Saudi Arabia executes four men for smuggling hashish

© Reuters / Andrew Biraj
Saudi Arabia has executed two sets of brothers for hashish-smuggling, bringing the number of those suffering capital punishment to 17 in a fortnight. The crackdown has provoked protest from human rights organizations.

"The recent increase in executions in Saudi Arabia is a deeply disturbing deterioration. The authorities must act immediately to halt this cruel practice," said Said Boumedouha, Deputy Director of Amnesty International's Middle East and North Africa Programme.

"The death penalty is always wrong, and it is against international law to use it in cases involving non-lethal crimes and where evidence used to convict the person is based on 'confessions' extracted as a result of torture."

The four men, two sets of brothers - Hadi bin Saleh Abdullah al-Mutlaq and Awad bin Saleh Abdullah al-Mutlaq, and Mufrih bin Jaber Zayd al-Yami and Ali bin Jaber Zayd al-Yami - were first detained back in 2007.

College friend of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev agrees to plead guilty to obstruction of justice charges

© AP/Bill Sikes
Kadyrbayev's Días's father (left) Murat Kadyrbayev and lawyer Robert Stahl (File)
A 20-year-old Kazakh citizen and a college friend of Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, Dias Kadyrbayev, accused by the US authorities of hindering the investigation into the 2013 bombing, has agreed to plead guilty to a number of charges, The Boston Globe reported.

According to Kadyrbayev's lawyer Robert Stahl, the young man is expected to issue a statement in US District Court in Boston later on Thursday. The attorney also confirmed that Kadyrbayev had agreed to plead guilty, but refused, however, to provide further details on the issue before the hearing.

The move might allow for a more lenient sentence for the defendant.

Kadyrbayev is charged with obstruction of justice and conspiracy to obstruct justice for allegedly removing Tsarnaev's laptop computer and a backpack, filled with fireworks from his college dorm room and trying to dispose of them after learning that Tsarnaev was a suspect in the bombing. Kadyrbayev is scheduled to go on trial on September 8. He faces up to 25 years in prison and possible deportation if found guilty.

Comment: The Boston Bombing web of lies