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"Grand chessboard" Brzezinski checkmated by Putin says Obama should retaliate if Russia doesn't stop attacking U.S. assets

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The United States should threaten to retaliate if Russia does not stop attacking U.S. assets in Syria, former national security adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski wrote in a Financial Times op-ed published Sunday, urging "strategic boldness," with American credibility in the Middle East and the region itself at stake.

Moscow's apparent decision to strike non-Islamic State targets and those of Syrian rebels backed by the Central Intelligence Agency "at best" reflects "Russian military incompetence," and worst, "evidence of a dangerous desire to highlight American political impotence," wrote Brzezinski, the national security adviser for former President Jimmy Carter and a strong supporter of current President Barack Obama.

Comment: Brzezinski and his ilk have painted themselves into a corner and are now grasping at straws. For more information about Brzezinski and his policy towards Russia read:

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U.S. bombing of Afghan Hospital covered up by media manipulation

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A New York Times headline corrected
When Russia denies killing civilians in its airstrikes on Syria, US media are suddenly skeptical and thorough; yet when the US government makes the same claims, journalists just recycle its press releases.

A US-led NATO military coalition bombed a hospital run by international humanitarian aid organization Doctors Without Borders (known internationally as Medecins Sans Frontières, MSF) in Afghanistan, killing at least 22 people—12 staff members and 10 patients, including three children—and wounding 37 more.

AFP, the first network to report the story, in the early hours of October 3, quoted NATO saying, "US forces conducted an air strike in Kunduz city.... The strike may have resulted in collateral damage to a nearby medical facility."

MSF promptly issued a statement (10/3/15), revealing that it had been "hit several times during sustained bombing and was very badly damaged." In an update hours later, MSF said it "condemns in the strongest possible terms the horrific bombing of its hospital in Kunduz, which was full of staff and patients."

Comment: More U.S. war crimes to be quietly buried - the death of truth is just 'regrettable collateral damage'.


US General admits US forces called air strike on hospital, a war crime says MSF


The Kunduz hospital that was (deliberately?) bombed by US forces, killing 12 doctors and 10 patients, among them 3 children, all burned alive in their hospital beds.
US special operations forces - not their Afghan allies - called in the deadly airstrike on the Doctors Without Borders hospital in Kunduz, the US commander has conceded.

Shortly before General John Campbell, the commander of the US and Nato war in Afghanistan, testified to a Senate panel, the president of Doctors Without Borders - also known as Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) - said the US and Afghanistan had made an "admission of a war crime".

Comment: Well, it certainly makes a change from denying war crimes!

Comment: This is but the latest US war crime in Afghanistan, and not even close to the worst.

In 2009 the US air force carried out an aerial attack on the village of Azizazad, methodically destroying 8 homes and killing around 92 civilians.

Also in 2009, the US military dropped bombs on the village of Granai, which was the site of a firefight between the US and Taliban forces. As many as 147 civilians were killed, most of them women and children.

Does anyone need any more evidence that these psychopaths do not care at all about civilian deaths? They realize, of course, that they must "condemn" such deaths, but that is merely for public consumption, to reassure the ignorant masses that they are not ruled by a cabal of conscienceless predators.

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Inside Saudi Arabia: Butchery, brutality, slavery and history of revolt

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Meet the new head of the United Nations panel on Human Rights: the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Abby Martin takes us inside the brutal reality of this police-state monarchy, and tells the untold people's history of resistance to it. With a major, catastrophic war in Yemen and looming high-profile executions of activists, The Empire Files exposes true nature of the U.S.-Saudi love affair.

Comment: Avarice. Slavery. Butchery. Massacre. Destruction; that is Saudi Arabia. And strong political and financial bonds with its Western counterpart, the United States - which have now enabled it, as the head of the UN's Human Rights Council, to drop inquiries into the atrocities it itself is committing in Yemen. You don't know whether to laugh or cry.

See also: 'The world is failing Yemen': Saudi Arabia desperate to escalate war as Yemeni rebels refuse to buckle


Netanyahu thinks Putin was born yesterday: Israel to provide Russia with intelligence about Syrian opposition, for a price


Despite stating otherwise, the Russian airstrikes so far has targetted non-Daesh targets, including several bases of anit-regime rebel groups [file photo of a member of the Aleppo Es Samiyye Front]
Israel will provide Russia with intelligence information about opposition sites in Syria to facilitate Moscow's military operations, Channel 2TV has reported. The Israeli network said that a senior delegation of Russian army officials will arrive in Israel on Tuesday to coordinate the military cooperation.

Comment: Very interesting development, considering the fact that Israel's continuous illegal violation of Syrian airspace was outmanoeuvred and neutralized by Putin in brilliant strategic move. Not to mention, the incident, where four Israeli F-15 fighters had to retreat with the tail between their legs, after being chased away by six Russian Sukhoi SU-30.

The delegation will be led by First Deputy Chief of General Staff General Nikolai Bogdanovsky, who will meet his Israeli counterpart, Major-General Yair Golan as well as senior officials in Israeli military intelligence, the air force and the Mossad. Channel 2 noted that the visit follows the meeting between Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow three weeks ago.

According to the media report, Israel will submit more requests to the Russians in exchange for "attractive" offers to facilitate the Russian army's military operations in Syria. It also revealed that Netanyahu and Putin have agreed on several issue in principle, including a Russian pledge to stop the flow of weapons from Syria to Hezbollah, as well as to allow the Israeli air force to carry out operations freely in Syria, even in areas where the Russian army is stationed on the Syrian coast.

Comment: So now the picture becomes more clear. Israeli media wants us to believe, that Netanyahu has the upper hand in the upcoming negotiations. And that he is willing to share vital intelligence information for a price, which Russians are willing to pay. Yeah, right. We bet they were similarly optimistic right before Netanyahu's visit with Putin, and we all know how it turned out. Putin isn't a fool, and not a psychopath like Netanyahu, either. We shall see how negotiations will turn out.

Comment: It appears that even the war criminal, Tzipi Livni, realizes that in light of recent developments Israel should drop the usual "Iran and Hezbollah are mortal enemies" rhetoric. Would Netanyahu play ball? We doubt that, considering his recent 45-seconds 'death stare' at the UN.


South Front Foreign Policy Diary: Europe to build new centers of power (plus Syria and Novorossia military reports)

People, who believe that the European Union is a monolithic entity that conducts business that benefits individual European nations, have made a huge mistake. Today, the EU is a crumbling bureaucratic intergovernmental organization with several centers of power serving their own interests. Each of these are seeking to convert the EU into a super state controlling Western Eurasian, exploiting its nations, borderlands and a number of third world countries through a sophisticated set of economic and political tools. The competition among European and external players affecting developments of the union is ongoing for the right to become the main control center of the arising super state. So it was yesterday and so it is today. But, very soon, the EU political model will be changed under the influence of sharp internal circumstances and external crises.

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Trans-Pacific Partnership - 'Free' trade as outright war

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A general view of the cargo terminal area of Tokyo port on October 6, 2015
TPP is a geostrategic deal between the US and Japan to contain China, attempting to shape an Asia-Pacific economic zone that might at least balance the second-largest economy on the planet.

Everything you need to know about the incessantly ballyhooed Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) deal comes directly from the lion's mouth.

Here's US President Barack Obama: "When more than 95 percent of our potential customers live outside our borders, we can't let countries like China write the rules of the global economy. We should write those rules, opening new markets to American products."

So Exceptionalistan must imperatively rule the trade — and war — waves if this ever shapes up as America's "Pacific Century". "Ruling", in this case, applies to a selected Pacific melting pot: the US and Japan, plus Australia, New Zealand, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Malaysia, Mexico, Peru, Singapore and Vietnam.

Predictably, the usual corporate media suspects have been ecstatic over what's supposedly "the largest free trade agreement in history."

Reality spells otherwise. For starters, TPP — as Obama himself bragged — is a sort of Pacific NATO on trade; the economic/commercial arm of the "pivoting" to Asia, part of the overall containment of China strategy. Needless to add, Beijing is not part of TPP.

No one really knows anything about key TPP arcane provisions because TPP is an ironclad secret, negotiated behind ironclad rooms similar to those "green rooms" in WTO negotiations. If you, as a negotiator, had read the drafts and talked about them, you'd end up in jail. The Obama administration has been particular NSA-style paranoid on all things TPP.

Why the secrecy? Simple; because global trade is actually a key segment of global war. The negative impact of allegedly "free" trade on countless helpless communities across the Global South equals war, as detailed in the crucial book Trade Is War: The West's War on the World.

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Strong Cities Network: Did the UN just install a global police force?

While people were in a daze of reverie following the lunar eclipse and the Pope's U.S. visit, a very important yet overlooked announcement was made by the Department of Justice.

"Launch of Strong Cities Network to Strengthen Community Resilience Against Violent Extremism" rang the bell to usher in a global-local initiative to ferret out extremism at the local level - yes, in the United States. Symbolically, it could also signal a turning point when it comes to local authorities and their treatment of the residents at large. Indeed, it is a global enmeshment that most Americans are either a) in the total dark about, or b) going hysterical over, if they've heard about it.

Honestly, either of those reactions is understandable when you start digging into the announcements and its sponsors only to find the typical convoluted, global-psycho-babble that signals to the astute that they are about to lose their rights and be perceived as domestic terrorists. But can anyone really say for sure? Of course not. Not when the message is written in Newspeak gibberish.


International media "launched a powerful anti-Russian campaign" from the start of counter-terror operation in Syria, says Foreign Ministry

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Warplanes of the Russian Aerospace Forces inflict a surgical strike on an ISIS materiel target in Idlib, Syria.
The global media are intentionally distorting the objectives of the Russian air operation in Syria, said Maria Zakharova, spokesperson for the Russian Foreign Ministry.

"From the very beginning of the military part of the Russia's counter-terror operation in Syria, which was initiated after the official request of the government of that country, international media launched a powerful anti-Russian campaign," Zakharova said.

The main accusations voiced by the global media against Russia are of the alleged illegality, irrationality and ambiguity of its actions in Syria.

"We face various accusations, namely securing primarily Russian interests in the region, allegedly disguised with fighting Islamic State and other terror groups," Zakharova said.

Almost immediately Russia was slammed for alleged civilian victims and children's deaths, the Foreign Ministry's spokesperson said.

"The claims are illustrated with photos and videos that actually either are outdated or have no relation to the subject or the region," she pointed out.

Maria Zakharova recalled Moscow's reaction to the 9/11 terrorist attacks in the US, pointing out that Russia was one of the first countries that offered Washington help.


Doctors Without Borders denounces US propaganda that Kunduz hospital housed Taliban as "complete nonsense"

© Reuters/ MSF
In an exclusive Sputnik interview, a top MSF representative said he doubted the US-initiated investigation of last week's Kunduz hospital bombing would be independent enough.

The US military's claims that the Kunduz hospital attacked by US forces housed Taliban militants are "complete nonsense", a representative of the Doctors Without Borders (MSF) told Sputnik Tuesday.

"We want a fully independent investigation and the three we've heard of so far don't seem to us independent enough, so we're looking into other possibilities, but it takes some time before we can come with a clear proposition," president of MSF's operational directorate in Brussels Meinie Nicolai told Sputnik in an exclusive interview.