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Events since Gaza ground Invasion: Israel launches ground incursion in Gaza Strip - LIVE

Israeli air strike
© Reuters / Saleh Salem
Smoke rises following what witnesses said was an Israeli air strike on a house, which took place after the end of a five-hour humanitarian ceasefire, in Gaza City July 17, 2014
A ground operation in the Gaza Strip has been launched by Tel Aviv following more than a week of Hamas shelling the country and the IDF responding with air strikes. Over 800 people, both Palestinians and Israelis, have died in the violence.

Friday, July 25 19:58 GMT:

Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon said IDF may soon broaden its ground operation in the Gaza Strip significantly.

The troops on the ground "need to be ready for the possibility that very soon we will instruct the military to significantly broaden the ground operation in Gaza," Yaalon said, as quoted by the Defense Ministry.

Comment: "significantly broaden" ?. Current Israeli atrocities are reminding (in some cases surpassing) Nazi atrocities.

The statement comes shortly after US Secretary of State John Kerry announced in Cairo that he has been unable to facilitate an agreement for a temporary week long ceasefire between Israel and Hamas.

Brainwash update: How Israel uses Twitter, Facebook & Tinder to legitimize murder

Abby Martin cuts through the media narratives on the Israeli Palestinian conflict, going over the different ways Israel targets international audiences with 'Hasbara', a narrative that gives legitimacy to policies that have killed and displaced millions of Palestinian Arabs.


The late Historian who predicted the years of war after 9/11

An excerpt from Jonathan Schell's 2003 book, "The Unconquerable World: Power, Nonviolence, and the Will of the People."
army helicoptor
© Coty Kuhn/Flickr
In December 2002, finishing the introduction to his as-yet-unpublished book The Unconquerable World: Power, Nonviolence, and the Will of the People, Jonathan Schell wrote that the twentieth century was the era in which violence outgrew the war system that had once housed it and became "dysfunctional as a political instrument. Increasingly, it destroys the ends for which it is employed, killing the user as well as his victim. It has become the path to hell on earth and the end of the earth. This is the lesson of the Somme and Verdun, of Auschwitz and Bergen-Belsen, of Vorkuta and Kolyma; and it is the lesson, beyond a shadow of a doubt, of Hiroshima and Nagasaki." More than a decade later, that remains a crucial, if barely noticed, lesson of our moment. Jonathan Schell died this March, but he left behind a legacy of reporting and thinking - from The Real War and The Fate of the Earth to The Unconquerable World - about just how, as the power to destroy ratcheted up, war left its traditional boundaries, and what that has meant for us (as well as, potentially, for worlds to come). In The Unconquerable World, published just before the Bush invasion of Iraq, he went in search of other paths of change, including the nonviolent one, and in doing so he essentially imagined the Arab Spring and caught the essence of both the horrors and possibilities available to us in hard-headed ways that were both prophetic and moving. Today, partly in honor of his memory (and my memory of him) and partly because I believe his sense of how our world worked then and still works was so acute, this website offers a selection from that book. Consider it a grim walk down post-9/11 Memory Lane, a moment when Washington chose force as its path to... well, we now know (as Schell foresaw then) that it was indeed a path to hell.
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Israel's war of attrition in Gaza: Thinly veiled code for genocide

Gaza genocide cartoon
© @LatuffCartoons
Following World War II U.S. General Curtis LeMay, the reported inspiration for the psychotic General Jack Ripper in Stanley Kubrick's dark comedy Dr. Strangelove, was said to have remarked that had the Allies lost the war he would likely have been hanged as a war criminal for the bombing of Tokyo. Hundreds of thousands of Japanese civilians perished under American bombs in a series of raids on the Japanese city. Separately, the Japanese leadership was widely reported to have been ready to surrender before atomic bombs were dropped on primarily civilian populations in the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. With this history it seems difficult to remember that upon entering World War I aerial bombardment of a civilian population was widely understood to be a war crime.

Comment: A stark reminder of how just far things have been tipped even further toward the distorted, pathological 'reality' of the psychopaths in power. To accept that 'reality' without thought or question is to place your very soul in danger.

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Brazil withdraws ambassador from Tel Aviv over Israeli atrocities in Gaza

Brazil PM
© Unknown
Brazil called the escalation of violence "unacceptable" and recalled its ambassador for consultations.
Brazil's Ministry of External Affairs, the Itamaraty, issued a note Wednesday evening saying it viewed the "escalation of violence between Israel and Palestine" as "unacceptable," and that Brazil "strongly condemns the disproportionate use of force by Israel in the Gaza Strip."

The note said Brazil's ambassador in Tel Aviv, Henrique Pinto, had been recalled, a move that Brazil's Globo News website labelled "exceptional," adding that such a tactic was "taken when the government wants to show its discontent and believes that the situation in [the] other country is extremely grave."

Brazil has also summoned the Israeli Ambassador to Brazil, Rafael Eldad, the Folha de S.Paulo newspaper reported Thursday.
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The baby delivered from her dead mother's body in Gaza

Child given chance to live after mother died of her injuries following Israeli air raid in the Gaza Strip.

Gaza doctors have saved the life of an unborn baby after her mother was fatally wounded in an Israeli air raid on Friday.

Medics performed emergency surgery to deliver the girl, after her mother died on the operating table.

The child remains in critical condition.

Comment: Presumably pregnant women are legitimate targets in Israel's psychopathic reality, just more 'collateral damage'. The price that must be paid for unborn 'terrorists' using their mother's as human shields.


War crimes: Kiev uses phosphorus, cluster bombs against civilians

© AFP Photo / Andrey Stenin
Aftermath of an artillery attack by the Ukrainian army on the Artyom district in Slavyansk.
Ukrainian troops have on many occasions used incendiary weapons and cluster bombs against militia-held cities, acts that are banned under the international law regulating warfare, the Russian military said.

The accusation was voiced on Friday by Major General Viktor Poznikhir, the deputy commander of the chief operations branch of the Russian General Staff. Earlier some media reports claimed that munitions, which are not allowed to be used against civilian targets, were used in eastern Ukraine by the Kiev troops in their assault on armed militias.

According to the general, the Russian military are certain of a number of such attacks by Ukrainian troops. Those include artillery shelling with incendiary shells on June 12 in Slavyansk, on June 24 and June 29 in Semyonovka and on July 7 in Lisichansk. There were also air strikes with incendiary bombs on June 21 in Slavyansk and Kramatorsk and on July 23 in Donetsk and shelling with cluster shells on June 24 in Semyonovka.

"We have sufficient proof that in the cities and villages of Ukraine I mentioned, ammunition based on phosphorus was used," Poznikhir said. In all those instances characteristic fast-falling clusters of sparks were spotted in the air and massive fires on the ground were reported, proving that those were not illumination flares.

The evidence behind the ministry's assessment includes eyewitness accounts, injuries sustained by the victims of the attacks and media reports from Ukraine, the Russian general said.

Comment: Yet Kiev gets away with it, with nary a word of condemnation coming from Western states. Kind of like Israel. Curious, no?

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Turkish PM Erdogan: Israel has no conscience, has surpassed Hitler in barbarism

© Martijn Beekman/AFP/Getty Images
Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan ridiculed Israel’s ground invasion of Gaza, accusing the Israeli government of “barbarism that surpasses Hitler.”
Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan ridiculed Israel's ground invasion of Gaza, accusing the Israeli government of "barbarism that surpasses Hitler."

Speaking at a political re-election rally in the Turkish city of Ordu, Turkey's prime minister said that Israel has "surpassed what Hitler did to them" and declared the country a "terrorist state."

"[Israelis] have no conscience, no honor, no pride. Those who condemn Hitler day and night have surpassed Hitler in barbarism," said Erdoğan. He accused Israel of rejecting ceasefires that Hamas has proposed and "spitting death, spitting blood."

Erdogan reiterated his opposition to Israel's operations in the Gaza Strip and said that the Israel Defense Forces have had a "disproportionate" effect and will end any positive relations between Israel and Turkey. Despite the climbing death toll of Palestinians - with nearly 800 killed during the most recent Israeli offensive in Gaza - Erdogan said that the Turkish people should not take out their frustrations on Turkey's own Jewish community.

"I don't approve of any [bad] attitude towards our Jewish citizens in Turkey, despite all this," Erdogan told supporters. "Why? They are citizens of this country."

Comment: Well Erdogan is one to talk, but he's absolutely correct in this case.


Kiev continues its aggressive provocation - launches 45+ shells into Russian territory

shell russia
At least 45 mortar shells fired at targets located inside the Rostov-on-Don region have been unleashed by Ukraine's army, Russia's border officials said. The barrage destroyed multiple houses and forced an evacuation of civilians.

Investigators say they were examining the site of a previous shelling near the Primiusskiy hamlet right on the southwestern edge of Russia on Wednesday, when a cannonade went off from the other side of the border.

"There is no doubt that those shooting from the Ukrainian side picked their target, and tried to kill Russian security officials," said Investigative Committee representative Vladimir Markin.

"It is only the poor training of Ukrainian gunners, and the timely evacuation of Russian officials under the cover of armored vehicles that thwarted their plan."

Six houses in the village were damaged, and one woman received a concussion as a result of a nearby explosion.

"The barrage is continuing from the other side of the border, and its intensity has not decreased," said Vasily Malaev, the regional border service spokesman.

Comment: If the U.S. were in Russia's position, they would've already bombed the hell out whatever country was launching shells into their territory. Russia has been acting with extreme restraint and respect for international law in the face of unbelievable provocation to war.

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Michelle Obama teaming up with Monsanto to promote children's food

© Daily Leak
The popular agriculture company Monsanto is partnering with First Lady Michelle Obama to promote nutritional foods for kids. According to reports from the Associated Press, Monsanto will spend $50 million over five years on a campaign to market 'healthy' genetically modified food to children. The agrochemical company will also bring its food offerings for kids in line with the new federal standards for labeling and nutrition.

Obama announced her intentions in front of crates of fresh produce on Thursday. "When I see a company like Monsanto launch an initiative like this, I feel more hopeful than ever before," said the First Lady. "We can improve how we make and sell food in this country."

"It's a natural extension of what we do," Monsanto vice president, Michael Stern, told the AP in reference to the new partnership with the first lady.

Throughout the First Lady's trademark campaign, "Let's Move," she has attempted to tackle childhood obesity by promoting healthy eating. Although the first lady has largely avoided pursuing big food corporations, most often detailing the importance of personal responsibility and fitness rather than government interference, there are signs that she's getting more aggressive. Late last year she convened a White House summit to convince agribusiness to rethink their marketing efforts towards children.