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Putin and Russia: The thing which everybody seems to be missing

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Does Putin have a grand plan? What is it?
Okay, I decided to squeeze in one more post before taking time off for Holy Paskha, this is well worth it.

Some of you have asked about China's role in all this, in what the real interests of the USA are, how the EU is positioning itself and what Russia does or does not want. And, somehow, bogged down by the minutiae of the unfolding events I managed to never mention something which Putin, Lavrov and many other top Russian politicians have repeatedly said:

What is happening today before our eyes is the end of one international system and the birth of a qualitatively different one.

Interestingly, Putin has declared that for him the point of no return was reached when the USA and its allies at the UNSC and NATO clearly and grossly twisted the intention of the UNSC on Libya and "upgraded" what should have been a "no fly" zone to a free-fire zone to attack and bomb Libya [of course, it was pretty darn clear to Putin that the "all necessary means to protect civilians" of the resolution was an open ended invitation for the AngloZionists to "interpret" it in any way they wanted; now his says that Russia was "lied to" in order to not blame Medvedev for walking into a 10 foot wide hole. But that is irrelevant here]. Putin says that from then on he had acquired the conviction that the West could not be negotiated with and had to be simply stopped. Then Syria happened: for the first time since the end of WWII the USA had decided to do something and was stopped by an outside power in the most humiliating way possible.

More Ridiculous Propaganda: Snowden defends Putin question

Edward Snowden defended his participation in an annual Russian telecast with Vladimir Putin on Thursday, a move that many described as a clear propaganda effort by the Russians, with Snowden as their pawn.

In an op-ed for The Guardian, the newspaper that originally published his first leaks, Snowden said he asked about Russia's surveillence in order to push the conversation and Putin's response into the public dialogue.

"I expected that some would object to my participation in an annual forum that is largely comprised of softball questions to a leader unaccustomed to being challenged," he wrote. "But to me, the rare opportunity to lift a taboo on discussion of state surveillance before an audience that primarily views state media outweighed that risk. Moreover, I hoped that Putin's answer - whatever it was - would provide opportunities for serious journalists and civil society to push the discussion further."

Ridiculous Propaganda: Is Snowden Putin's puppet?

Experts say Edward Snowden's public questioning of Russian President Vladimir Putin suggested the former National Security Agency contractor is firmly in the Kremlin's grasp.

They said it is hard to imagine that Snowden was not prompted and coached to pose his question about domestic surveillance in Russia to the country's leader.

And the answer he got in return, they said - that none of Russia's programs reached the size and scope of anything at the National Security Agency (NSA) - was most likely a lie.

"They've got him by the shorthairs," said James Lewis, director of the strategic technologies program at the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

"He knows from his NSA days that their surveillance system - their domestic surveillance system - puts ours to shame, and the fact that he's calling in with these questions, he's [got to be] sitting in the room with a guy with a gun."

Others suggested the pitch would be an easier sell for Snowden, who has not been shy about appearing in the spotlight in recent weeks, even while staying in Russia to avoid U.S. espionage charges.

"I know how all these conversations go with these guys," said Thomas Nichols, a professor at the Naval War College who has focused on Russia and national security issues.
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China tests hypersonic missile vehicle

© AFP Photo
An artist's rendering provided by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), on April 23, 2012 shows the Hypersonic Technology Vehicle (HVT-2) which failed just minutes into a test flight in 2011.
China for the first time has tested a hypersonic missile vehicle designed to travel several times the speed of sound, the Pentagon said Wednesday.

The test makes China the second country after the United States to conduct experimental flights with hypersonic vehicles, a technology that could allow armies to rapidly strike distant targets anywhere around the globe.

"We're aware of the test of the hypersonic vehicle but we are not commenting on it," said Lieutenant Colonel Jeff Pool, a Pentagon spokesman.

The flight was conducted on January 9 and the Chinese vehicle, dubbed the WU-14, is supposed to travel at Mach 10, or 10 times the speed of sound, according to a report in The Washington Free Beacon, an online publication.

Is joining NATO is going to be Scotland's first mistake as an independent state?

Britain's biggest missile range is of more strategic importance to NATO and the UK than its nuclear submarine fleet based at Faslane, Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond has claimed.

The missile facility, based in the Outer Hebrides on Scotland's extreme west coast, was established in 1950 and employs around 200 staff.

Concerns have been raised locally over its future if Scotland chooses independence in an upcoming referendum.

But during a visit to the Isle of Lewis, First Minister Alex Salmond dismissed concerns claiming the facility would be even more important to the local economy if Scotland declared independence.
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Pro-Russian protesters say three dead in Ukraine's Slavyansk

© Vesti.ru
Protesters rallying in support of federalization said one their activist and two members of the ultra-nationalist Right Sector group were killed in the operation in east Ukraine's town of Slavyansk on Sunday. A total of three people have been killed: two from the so-called Right Sector and one on our side, Nikolai Solntsev, an activist of the protest movement, told, RIA reports.

Two other pro-federalization protesters were injured, he said adding that protesters in neighboring Donetsk were preparing to transport the injured people from Slavyansk to the local hospitals.

Earlier reports said some 150 armed men from the radical Right Sector movement had arrived in Slavyansk to participate in the special operation against pro-federalization protesters.

Big surprise: CIA Director Brennan's trip to Ukraine initiates use of force

brennan cia
© U.S Government
CIA Director John Brennan
The recent visit of CIA Director John Brennan to Ukraine was likely an attempt to initiate the use of force against pro-federalization protests, Brandon Turbeville, an American international affairs expert, told RIA Novosti.

"It's clear that the CIA director's presence in Kiev is much more than mere coincidence," Turbeville said.

"Despite the denials by the White House, it seems that Brennan's visit was an attempt to, at the very least, express support for a violent crackdown on pro-Russian protesters and militants in Eastern Ukraine. It is more likely, however, that Brennan's trip was an attempt to formulate, encourage and initiate that use of force," he added.

CIA Director John Brennan visited Ukraine over the weekend, information that was confirmed by White House Press Secretary Jay Carney on Monday, after being reported by media on Sunday.

Over the same weekend, Kiev authorities cracked down on pro-federalization protests in eastern Ukraine. Regime troops advanced toward a number of cities in eastern Ukraine Tuesday to attack the protesters.

"Brennan's appearance in Kiev just before the announcement of a violent crackdown in eastern Ukraine is just too timely to assume that it is a coincidence," Turbeville said.

"Brennan, who has been actively involved in arming insurgents in Libya, Syria and Venezuela, has a reputation for using thuggish tactics in pursuit of CIA goals," Wayne Madsen, an American investigative journalist told RIA Novosti.
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Manuel Valls cuts €21bn from France's pensions, social care and health care

Prime Minister Manuel Valls today revealed how €21bn will be cut from France's pensions, social care and health care bill over the next three years.

The cuts form a large part of the savings demanded by the country's so-called €50bn "Responsibility Pact".

He said that the government plans to slice €10bn from the cost of health care and €11bn from pensions and social care by 2017 - but he vowed to maintain benefits for those with the lowest incomes, and said the minimum wage would not drop from it's current €9.43/hr level.

Family benefits, however, will be frozen until October 2015. This measure alone is expected to save the government between €2bn and €4bn.

Meanwhile, central government will have its spending cut by €18bn, while local councils will face cuts of €10bn.

Mr Valls took the unusual step of addressing the press after the Wednesday meeting of the Council of Ministers, a job usually reserved for a government spokesman.
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How the U.S. was used to create Israel: The origins of the Israel Lobby in America

The immediate precursor to today's pro-Israel lobby began in 1939[i] under the leadership of Rabbi Abba Hillel Silver, originally from Lithuania. He created the American Zionist Emergency Council (AZEC), which by 1943 had acquired a budget of half a million dollars at a time when a nickel bought a loaf of bread.[ii]

In addition to this money, Zionists [adherents of "political Zionism," a movement to create a Jewish state in Palestine] had become influential in creating a fundraising umbrella organization, the United Jewish Appeal, in 1939[iii], giving them access to the organization's gargantuan financial resources: $14 million in 1941, $150 million by 1948. This was four times more than Americans contributed to the Red Cross and was the equivalent of approximately $1.5 billion today.[iv]

With its extraordinary funding, AZEC embarked on a campaign to target every sector of American society, ordering that local committees be set up in every Jewish community in the nation [for decades the larger majority of Jewish Americans had been either non-Zionits or actively anti-Zionist]. In the words of AZEC organizer Sy Kenen, it launched "a political and public relations offensive to capture the support of Congressmen, clergy, editors, professors, business and labor."[v]

Comment: Just to add on the earlier influence of Zionism in the U.S. From Eric Walberg's "Postmodern Imperialism: Geopolitics and the Great Games":
The Zionist lobby in the US was not as comparably significant a factor in US politics prior to WWI. Brandeis, President Wilson's Supreme Court choice in 1916 and president of the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA), was an important exception. He was instrumental in securing the Balfour Declaration in 1917 [...], a landmark for the Zionists, whose support grew rapidly following the Balfour Declaration, the major supporting organizations being B'nai B'rith (founded in 1843), ZOA (founded in 1897) and the American Jewish Committee (AJC, founded in 1906). The impetus that increased their political power to a new level was the pressing need to ensure US government support for the creation of Israel after WWII.


'Letter to Jews', Kerry cited, appears to be fake

The faked letter that Kerry cited in the US government's pathetic propaganda war with Russia.
A letter urging the Jews of Donetsk to get registered, which the US Secretary of State cited in Geneva, is a fake says a man whose signature appears on the communication.

Following the four-side meeting on the Ukrainian crisis in Geneva on Wednesday, John Kerry lashed out at a letter that was allegedly sent to Jewish citizens in Ukraine's eastern town of Donetsk, asking them to register and report all their property, or be stripped of citizenship and face expulsion.

"In year 2014, after all of the miles traveled in all the journey of history, this is not just intolerable, it's grotesque... beyond unacceptable," he stated.

Images of the letter have been circulating online.