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US leaders and the Hunger Games - The movie's important message

There are some inside Hollywood, who are trying to wake up the world - Donald Sutherland is one of them.
The young people who see this film must recognize that for the future 'blind faith in their leaders,' as Bruce Springsteen said, 'will get you dead.'
Hollywood actor, Donald Sutherland just dropped a bombshell on the military industrial complex. Sutherland, who plays President Coriolanus Snow in the blockbuster movie series Hunger Games, was recently asked what the movie was really about - he held no punches in his answer.

If there's any question as to what it's an allegory for I will tell you.

It is the powers that be in the United States of America.

It's profiteers.

War is for profit. It's not "to save the world for democracy" or "for king and country."

No, bulls**t.

It's for the profit of the top 10%, and the young people who see this film must recognize that for the future 'blind faith in their leaders,' as Bruce Springsteen said, "will get you dead.
Those who are awake to the war machine, and have watched the movies or read the books, have undoubtedly seen the underlying anti-establishment theme within. However, those who do not notice it should heed Sutherland's words.


Activists under house arrest in France because they "might" protest at COP21

© Reuters / Christian Hartmann
The two-week COP21 open its doors only Monday but French law enforcement has already placed twenty-four environmental activists under house arrest in line with the country's emergency laws which were extended for three more months after the Paris atrocities.

After Hollande claimed a state of emergency in France, police don't need a judicial decision to put suspects under arrest, search homes and conduct raids at night.

But unsuspecting climate activists, who actively demonstrate every time France hosts environmental summits, were surprised to find themselves suspect after police officers came to arrest them. On Thursday, police handed Amelie and five her flat mates an order that restricts their liberty of movement in western city of Rennes until 12 of December, the same day the Paris summit will close its doors.

Comment: COP21 is the twenty-first session of the Conference of the Parties (COP) which is being held this year at France's Sustainable Innovation Forum in Paris. According to the conference Web site, "In 2015 COP21, also known as the 2015 Paris Climate Conference, will, for the first time in over 20 years of UN negotiations, aim to achieve a legally binding and universal agreement on climate, with the aim of keeping global warming below 2°C."


Iraqi MP says ISIS-smuggled oil is 'Oxygen for jihadists'- Turkey facilitates flow to intl markets

Terrorist group Islamic State earns millions of dollars selling oil on the black market in Turkey, Iraqi MP and former national security adviser, Mowaffak al Rubaie told RT. He also revealed that wounded terrorists are being treated in Turkish hospitals.

"In the last eight months ISIS has managed to sell ... $800 million dollars worth of oil on the black market of Turkey. This is Iraqi oil and Syrian oil, carried by trucks from Iraq, from Syria through the borders to Turkey and sold ...[at] less than 50 percent of the international oil price," Mowaffak al Rubaie said in an interview with RT.

"Now this either get consumed inside, the crude is refined on Turkish territory by the Turkish refineries, and sold in the Turkish market. Or it goes to Jihan and then in the pipelines from Jihan to the Mediterranean and sold to the international market."

"Money and dollars generated by selling Iraqi and Syrian oil on the Turkish black market is like the oxygen supply to ISIS and it's operation," he added. "Once you cut the oxygen then ISIS will suffocate."

Comment: "There is no terrorist organization than can stand alone, without a neighboring country helping it." - Iraqi MP

Star of David

BDS bites: Israel cuts contacts with EU Palestinian peace contacts over illegal settlement product labels

© Ronen Zvulun / Reuters
Ramat Shlomo, a religious Jewish settlement in an area of the occupied West Bank that Israel annexed to Jerusalem November 17, 2015.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has ordered the Foreign Ministry to suspend contacts with the EU over the Israel-Palestinian peace process because of the bloc's decision to label goods produced in Israeli settlements in the West Bank.

Netanyahu who was once also Foreign Minister, has ordered the holding of "a reassessment of the involvement of EU bodies in everything that is connected to the diplomatic process with the Palestinians", a ministry statement said Sunday.

"Until completion of the reassessment, the Prime Minister has ordered a suspension of diplomatic contacts with the EU and its representatives in this matter," the ministry added.

At the same time Israel's bilateral relations with EU individual states over the Israel-Palestine peace process will continue, Emmanuel Nahshon, the spokesperson for the Foreign Ministry, said, according to the Haaretz daily. However the newspaper stated that neither the timing of this decision nor its scope or difference from previous measures is clear at the moment.


Erdogan's Russian roulette - was it only about oily revenge or was there something more slippery behind it?

All publicly available intelligence surrounding the deliberate and illegal shoot-down of the Russian SU-34 fighter-bomber over Syrian airspace on November 24 by planes of the Turkish Air Force indicate the action was pre-meditated and carefully so. The relevant question is by whom and for what end or ends? The Russian Prime Minister has pointed to Turkey's losses from the destruction by the Russian bombing campaign of the last days of the illegal oil ISIS terrorists were smuggling from seized oilfields in Mosul. That may be only the tip of a very big iceberg.

First it's important to look closely at Turkey's role in facilitating the illegal oil smuggling that is reportedly the major funding source for IS terror gangs in Syria and Iraq. In August in an article I wrote for this website I documented the fact that the Harvard-educated 35-year-old son of Turkish President Erdogan, Bilal Erdogan, was up to his eyeballs in smuggling stolen Iraqi oil via Turkey to select markets. That illegal oil finances the major activities of ISIS in Iraq and Syria, a point of which Russia's Putin gently reminded US President Obama and others at the recent Antalya, Turkey G-20 meeting. Fourteen months of alleged US bombings of ISIS targets never once went after the oil chain from Mosul and other ISIS occupied sites through Turkey onto tankers owned by Bilal Erdogan's tanker companies.

Comment: For more information about the shooting down of the Russian SU-34 fighter bomber. Read:

Always the last to know: Did Turkish government find out about shoot-down of Russian jet after the fact?

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The unprecedented nightmare of Donald Trump's campaign: We've openly begun using the F-word in American politics

© AP/John Amis)
The bizarre spectacle of Trump's candidacy has one word on everyone's mind: "Fascism"

Over the past week or so, something unusual has happened in American politics: political figures, mainstream scholars and commentators are describing a leading contender for president of the United States as a fascist. Sure, people on barstools around the country have done this forever but it's unprecedented to see such a thing on national television and in the pages of major newspapers.

For instance, take a look at this piece by MJ Lee at CNN:
[I]t it was after Trump started calling for stronger surveillance of Muslim-Americans in the aftermath of the Paris terrorist attacks that a handful of conservatives ventured to call Trump's rhetoric something much more dangerous: fascism.


"Trump is a fascist. And that's not a term I use loosely or often. But he's earned it," tweeted Max Boot, a conservative fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations who is advising Marco Rubio.

"Forced federal registration of US citizens, based on religious identity, is fascism. Period. Nothing else to call it," Jeb Bush national security adviser John Noonan wrote on Twitter.

Conservative Iowa radio host Steve Deace, who has endorsed Ted Cruz, also used the "F" word last week: "If Obama proposed the same religion registry as Trump every conservative in the country would call it what it is — creeping fascism."


Europe is Kaput. Long live Europe! - Philosopher Slavoj Žižek and former Greek finance minister, Yanis Varoufakis, discuss Europe's future

With the recent economic crisis in Greece, unprecedented challenges to centralized European policy, and the lack of consensus on the ongoing refugee crisis, many would agree that Europe faces its greatest ever predicament.

Slavoj Žižek, regarded as 'the most dangerous philosopher in the West' (The New Republic), and Yanis Varoufakis, self-described 'erratic Marxist' and economic 'rock-star' (Business Insider and other publications), met in Croatia in 2013.

They have never appeared together on the public stage - until now. Take your seat to hear them discuss the urgent task of building a different and more democratic Europe.

The conversation explores the contradictions of late capitalism and some of the solutions that might just save the European project. It is moderated by Croatian philosopher Srecko Horvat and followed by a Q&A session.


Russian airstrikes have stopped NATO's terrorist convoys dead in their tracks

© Reuters

For years, NATO has granted impunity to convoys packed with supplies bound for ISIS and Al Qaeda. Russian airstrikes have stopped them dead in their tracks.
If a legitimate, well-documented aid convoy carrying humanitarian supplies bound for civilians inside Syria was truly destroyed by Russian airstrikes, it is likely the world would never have heard the end of it.

Instead, much of the world has heard little at all about a supposed "aid" convoy destroyed near Azaz, Syria, at the very edge of the Afrin-Jarabulus corridor through which the so-called Islamic State (ISIS) and Al Qaeda's remaining supply lines pass, and in which NATO has long-sought to create a "buffer zone" more accurately described as a Syrian-based, NATO-occupied springboard from which to launch terrorism deeper into Syrian territory.

The Turkish-based newspaper Daily Sabah reported in its article, "Russian airstrikes target aid convoy in northwestern Syrian town of Azaz, 7 killed," claims:
At least seven people died, 10 got injured after an apparent airstrike, reportedly by Russian jets, targeted an aid convoy in northwestern Syrian town of Azaz near a border crossing with Turkey on Wednesday.

Comment: Russia has cleaned up house in Syria, putting the lie to NATO propaganda that they would get 'bogged down' in a rerun of the Soviet Union in Afghanistan. In the process, they've nullified NATO's plans to turn Syria into a breeding ground for terrorists. Good on Russia.

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States hostile to Syria boost support to militants due to Syrian victories, says Assad

© Sputnik/ Mikhail Voskresenskiy
Syrian President Bashar Assad during a meeting with the chief adviser to Iran's Supreme Leader Ali Akbar Velayati said in Damascus that "countries hostile to Syria" have increased the supply of arms and financial support to militants in connection with the successes of the Syrian army, supported by Russia and Iran.
"The success of the Syrian army in the fight against terrorism with the support of friends, especially Russia and Iran, has pushed some countries hostile to Syria to escalate the situation and increase the funding and supply of arms to militants," SANA news agency reported Bashar Assad as saying.
The president stressed that Syria and its partners would continue to vigorously combat all forms of terrorism, as they are confident that their destruction would be a major step toward stability in the region and in the world. It will also open the door to a political settlement in Syria, he added.

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ISIS defenses 'falling apart' as Syrian Army fights to take back city of Aleppo

The Syrian government forces have gained the upper hand in their fight against Islamic State (ISIL) terrorists in the eastern part of Aleppo province and have advanced near Deir Hafer region, FARS news agency reported.

If Deir Hafer is captured by the Syrian Army's elite special operation unit known as the Tiger Forces the Syrian troops will be in position to re-enter Raqqa province after being expelled by ISIL in August 2014.

Currently, the Tiger Forces are within 5 kilometers from the Western district of Deir Hafer, having left the militants in a vulnerable position with very little resources to counter the offensive, a military source told FARS News.

Comment: Deadly Russian T-90 tanks arrive in Syria's Aleppo to join army's combat on terrorists