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Pepe Escobar: Crime (Israel) and punishment (Russia)

Crime and punishment in Israel and Ukraine
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The horrible thing about the Two Minutes Hate was not that one was obliged to act a part, but that it was impossible to avoid joining it ...

A hideous ecstasy of fear and vindictiveness, a desire to kill, to torture, to smash faces in with a sledgehammer, seemed to flow through the whole group of people like an electric current, turning one even against one's will into a grimacing, screaming lunatic - George Orwell, 1984
So Obama, Merkel, Cameron, Hollande and Italian Premier Matteo Renzi - let's call them the Fab Five - get on a video conference call to muster their courage and "increase pressure" asking for a cease-fire in Gaza. Later in the day, Israel's Benjamin "Bibi" Netanyahu delivers his answer, in plain language: he remains dead set on achieving his version of a Final Solution to Gaza. [1] With or without "pressure".

So what's left for the Fab Five after having their illustrious Western collective behinds solemnly kicked? They decide to dump Gaza and instead sanction Russia - again! How brilliant is that as an exit strategy?

The Milibands,the Mossad and deception in general: Interview with Gilad Atzmon

Alimuddin Usmani Interviews Gilad Atzmon
gilad and Alain

Alimuddin Usmani: In a recent text you called the British labor opposition leader, Ed Miliband, a shameless Zionist. Ed's father, Ralph Miliband, was a Marxist and a member of Hashomer Hatzair. Is there a contradiction between being both a Marxist and a Zionist?

Gilad Atzmon: This raises a few questions that deserve close attention. First, can someone be a Marxist and a Zionist simultaneously? Theoretically, NO; practically, YES.

On the theoretical level, there is a blatant contradiction between Marxism and Zionism. Marxism is universal and cosmopolitan, Zionism is tribal and nationalist. Can anyone be a cosmopolitan and a nationalist or universal and tribal? Ordinary people probably can't, but the Jew can - Ralph Miliband clearly got away with it and he wasn't the only one.

While the term 'Jewish Left' is an oxymoron due to the impossible contradiction between ethno centrism and the universal, it turns out that quite a few Jews have managed to overcome this hurdle. They operate tribally within their racially oriented Jews-only political cells, but they also identify as Marxists, Socialists and leftists. They must believe that no one notices the duplicity. But many do.
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HSBC closes bank accounts belonging to Muslim clients in the UK

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Bank says decision to close the accounts wasn't 'taken lightly' and denies religion played a part.
HSBC has closed a number of bank accounts belonging to Muslim clients, including one of London's largest mosques, because they fall outside the bank's "risk appetite".

Some of the organisations affected by the bank's decision include a London-based Islamic think tank and Finsbury Park Mosque, where Abu Hamza, who was recently convicted of 11 charges of terrorism in a New York court, served as an imam.

Khalid Oumar, one of the trustees of the mosque in north London, told the BBC they received a letter from HSBC last week notifying the treasurer that the account would be terminated because it falls "outside our risk appetite".

But Mr Oumar questioned the bank's motive, adding that the letters did not provide "any reason why the accounts were closed", which he argues is part of an "Islamophobic campaign targeting Muslim charities in the UK".

In response, HSBC said decisions to end a customer account "are not taken lightly" and insisted that they are "absolutely not based on the race or religion". The bank said it wouldn't comment on individual accounts or businesses.

Confiscation of foreign wealth in U.S. begins with institution of FBAR, FinCen, and FATCA

We have been reporting on how the US government is using very nefarious and egregious methods on tracking its own citizen's financial information, fining them and even instituting the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) as a form of subterfuge capital controls which is closing off international banking to Americans (as we reported yesterday in Mexico)

FinCen, the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, has, in essence, been making nearly any international transfers of money viewed as a criminal activity. FATCA has been making it harder and harder for Americans to open international bank accounts. And FBAR, the Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts, has made it a highly punishable offense for any American with a foreign account worth over $10,000 if they do not file an FBAR each year.

The problem with FBAR is that countless Americans with foreign accounts and US expats are completely unaware of its existence. And, despite the fact that there are literally tens of thousands of rules in the US tax code for things like this, ignorance of its requirement is not excusable.
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New Russian law creates legal conditions to disclose U.S. taxpayer information

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Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law allowing Russian banks to transfer data directly to the US tax authorities, according to the corresponding document published online.

The legislation creates the legal conditions necessary for Russian financial institutions to register online with the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and subsequently fulfill their obligations under the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA).

The US FATCA requires foreign banks to supply the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) with information on American taxpayers' bank accounts. Under FATCA, signed into law in 2010, financial institutions worldwide are required to report details on the accounts and transactions of US taxpayer clients to the IRS and act as fiscal agents for the US, with the right to charge a 30 percent tax on their passive income related to the United States. Banks can be sanctioned if they do not join FATCA.

As under Russian law, banks are not allowed to disclose information to foreign government institutions, the US was previously in negotiations with Russia on signing an intergovernmental agreement that would simplify the process for all banks acceding to FATCA requirements.

Latest US hoax: Trying to control the MH17 narrative with fake satellite images

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Images released by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence claim to show the movements of a surface-to-air missile launcher, and evidence of a buildup of Russian military activity in Ukraine.
The Russian Ministry of Defense has declared the purported satellite photos placed on Twitter by the US Ambassador in Ukraine as fakes.

I could tell that the images were fakes not only from their low resolution and absence of proper designation, but also from the unprofessional way in which the information was released.

Of course, many users of social media would have no experience and could easily fall for the hoax, which was clearly the US government's intention.

The anti-Russian propaganda campaign being conducted by Washington follows in the footsteps of the campaigns conducted against Saddam Hussein, Gaddafi, Assad, and Iran. Washington's campaign of lies against Russia proves the absence of integrity in the US government and is reckless as it can lead to war.

Comment: When the US government has no proof it just resorts to lying and using its extensive propaganda mill to attempt to control the narrative. Fortunately there are others watching who are not so easily fooled:

Is that evidence?: U.S. discloses intelligence on downing of Malaysian jet


Warnings of extreme economic instability

Victor Sperandeo
Today a legendary trader and investor spoke with King World News about the Fed's move, and also warned that an unknown event may trigger an avalanche of selling in global markets. Victor Sperandeo has been in the business 45 years, and has worked with famous individuals such as Leon Cooperman and George Soros. Another legend, hedge fund manager Paul Tudor Jones, said, "Victor Sperandeo is gifted with one of the finest minds I know. No wonder he's compiled such an amazing record of success as a money manager."

Incredibly, Sperandeo was interviewed in Barrons in September of 1987, where, with astonishing accuracy, he predicted that the stock market would crash. The market crash took place one month later and it just added to his legendary reputation. Below are the warnings issued by Sperandeo.

Comment: Financial chaos and collapse may be just around the corner. It would be wise to get your own "financial" house in order.

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Israeli official tells Obama to leave us alone

Obama, Gaza
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President Obama called for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza after Israel and Hamas ignored calls for a truce.
A top Israeli official wants President Barack Obama to stop meddling with the Jewish state during its conflict with Hamas in Gaza.

Speaking to Israel's Army Radio, Housing and Construction Minister Uri Ariel criticized Obama telling Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that there should be an immediate ceasefire in Gaza. "Leave us alone," Ariel told Army Radio, directing his words at Obama. "Go focus on Syria."

Obama spoke with Netanyahu Sunday about the rising number of Palestinian deaths in Gaza and the worsening humanitarian crisis.
"Building on Secretary Kerry's efforts, the President made clear the strategic imperative of instituting an immediate, unconditional humanitarian ceasefire that ends hostilities now and leads to a permanent cessation of hostilities based on the November 2012 ceasefire agreement," the White House said in a statement, adding that the president reiterated that Israel has a right to defend itself from rocket attacks from Hamas.
Ariel told Army Radio that Israel's offensive should be more aggressive. "It was obvious that international pressure would mount eventually," Ariel stated. "We should have acted faster, harder and with more determination. The rocket threat needs to be tackled. The tunnel threat is being addressed, but it is not enough."

Ariel claimed that the pressure from the White House for an immediate ceasefire was "outrageous" and would "help Hamas," according to Breitbart News. "[W]e never thought it would be the Americans who would lead the pressure," Ariel told Army Radio.

Comment: Nice to see a twinge of conscience (or sway from public opinion), but a bit too late for the 1,100 dead Palestinians and 55 Israelis and the ongoing destruction in Gaza. Will Obama stand his ground or will Netanyahu yank his chain one more time?


House of representatives approves lawsuit against Obama

obama oops
For the first time in American history, a chamber of Congress has authorized its leader to sue the President of the United States.

In a 225-201 vote, the House of Representatives backed Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) in his decision to file a lawsuit against President Obama over his handling of the Affordable Care Act. Boehner and other Republicans allege that Obama has flouted his constitutional authority by unilaterally extending deadlines in the law, particularly those related to the employer mandate penalties.

As RT noted previously, the president delayed the mandate - which would penalize employers who chose not to offer health insurance to their workers - for one year back in July 2013. When it was supposed to take effect this year, it was again pushed back into 2015. If filed, the lawsuit would attempt to make Obama implement the ACA exactly on the timetable that was originally passed by Congress - despite Republican attempts to repeal the legislation in its entirety.

Comment: We can think of myriads of reasons - pertaining to violations of human rights, outright lying and civilian murders around the world - to sue Obama, but this can be a start.

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The "Middle Ground" Fallacy in Gaza

I had a discussion on Facebook recently over the Gaza conflict. I was posting about the horrific abuses of Israel, he was countering with the supposed equal abuses of Hamas. After we traded points a few times I came to see where our difference of opinion actually lay. You see, fundamentally we both see things from the same side - war is ridiculous and the atrocities of this conflict are completely inexcusable. Killing children or civilians is completely psychopathic. We both want an end to this conflict. And yet we were arguing.

Where my friend was hung up was that the article I had posted wasn't "balanced". It was calling out Israel on war crimes, human rights violations and the like, but it wasn't citing any of the equally horrific things that Hamas has done. The familiar "human shield" argument was trotted out, as could be expected.

On the one hand, this position is really indicative of someone who is not properly informed and relies on liberal media for information. In other words, it's the Zionist position, that both sides are equally at fault and that the situation is "complicated", and that Israel has a right to defend itself (against its prisoners, apparently).