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Pope Francis calls for peace around the world to protect children

Pope Francis
© Reuters/Alessandro Bianchi
Pope Francis waves as he delivers his Sunday Angelus prayer from the window of the Apostolic Palace in Saint Peter's Square at the Vatican July 27, 2014.
Pope Francis made an emotional plea for peace on Sunday in an impromptu addition to comments delivered at his weekly Angelus address in Saint Peter's Square.

As the Argentinian-born pontiff wrapped up his regular address to the faithful, he spoke of the upcoming centenary of the outbreak of World War One and said his thoughts were on the Middle East, Iraq and Ukraine in particular.

With his voice appearing to crack with emotion, the pope broke off from his scripted remarks to make a direct appeal for fighting to end.

"Please stop!, I ask you with all my heart, it's time to stop. Stop, please!"

While he made no direct reference to the situation in the Gaza Strip, the comments came after a humanitarian truce broke down on Sunday with the resumption of fighting in which more than 1,000 people, mostly civilians including dozens of children, have been killed.

Comment: Pope Francis may not be able to stop the Israelis from waging a genocidal war against the Palestinians, but he does have the power to do something about the rampant pedophilia among the Catholic priesthood:

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Ready, reset, go! ...to Cold War 2.0

anti-goverment fighter
© AFP Photo
An anti-goverment fighter holds his gun towards the Ukrainian army position at a checkpoint near the front line in the northern outskirts of city of Donetsk, on July 22, 2014.
The New Great Game in Eurasia never ceases to thrill with extreme plot twists. The Big Three players remain the same: the US, Russia and China. The devil is in the concentric subplots.

In Washington, the deep state Russia 'policy' has revealed itself to be sanctions, sanctions, sanctions; because of Crimea, because of support for federalists in Eastern Ukraine, because of the MH17 tragedy.

Sanctions are targeting Russia's energy, defense and finance - and are fast on their way towards all-out economic war, which in itself is a declaration of war. As with Cuba; as with Iraq (until there was regime change); as with Iran (until there is a nuclear deal, and even that is a major 'if').

Beware the wrath of the Empire of Chaos. The prescription is always the same; sanctions; no holds barred geo-economic/political warfare; internal subversion (NED, assorted NGOs); and non-stop vitriol marinated in hubris.

In Moscow, there are no illusions; no matter what the Kremlin does on Ukraine, there won't be any 'reset'. Washington's sanction hysteria - which has far surpassed the level of containment - is even regarded as a means towards (what else?) regime change, Putin's huge popularity notwithstanding. No wonder US Think Tankland is drooling about it.
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Samson and the Second Nakba: A short study of the Jewish Hercules

© Unknown
As much as many of us enjoyed watching the humiliation of Israel and PM Netanyahu in Washington this week, I am reluctant to suggest that the emerging crisis between America and Israel may also be a red light warning for all of us. The current crisis may lead to some devastating consequences as far as Palestine, Iran and the Middle East are concerned.

"Netanyahu and Obama are at a point of no return" claims Haaretz writer Akiva Eldar. "As far as President Barack Obama and his senior advisers are concerned, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is to blame for nothing less than damaging the standing of the U.S. in the Middle East and the Muslim world."

It may be possible that the Americans have started to gather that there is no partner for peace in Israel. America clearly has had to shun its 'kosher ally'. The American military and political elite already admitted this week that Israel is a strategic burden on the U.S. Seemingly, the only people who genuinely believe in the American Israel strategic bond are AIPAC and its list of obedient 'Sabbath Congressmen Goyim'. But unfortunately, this is just one side of the story.
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Book review - The Samson Option: Israel's nuclear arsenal and U.S. foreign policy

Seymour Hersh, the reporter who in 1969 first revealed the horror of the My Lai massacre in Vietnam - and won a Pulitzer Prize for his work - is one of North America's finest investigative journalists. In books and in articles, mainly for the New York Times, he has probed such issues as the United States bombing of Cambodia, domestic spying by the Central Intelligence Agency, the excesses of Panama's Manuel Noriega, the power of Henry Kissinger, and the U.S. cover-up in the shooting down of a Korean airliner in Soviet airspace.

In his new book, The Samson Option, Hersh brings the same investigative skills, eye for intrigue, and meticulous footnoting to the story of Israel's emergence as a nuclear power.

The book has already gained a measure of notoriety as a result of the sudden and mysterious death of Robert Maxwell, the British newspaper magnate, while cruising in his luxurious yacht off the Canary Islands.

At the time of his death, Maxwell was suing Hersh over suggestions in the book that Maxwell was acting as an agent, official or otherwise, of the Israeli government or its intelligence service in 1986 when he ordered his London Sunday Mirror to discredit an expose of Israel's nuclear program that was about to be published in a rival paper, the Sunday Times.
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Shujayea: Massacre at Dawn - This is what Israel's 'war' looks like: Exclusive footage from inside Gaza

A powerful film with exclusive footage from the day of the Israeli assault on the densely populated district of Shujayea in Gaza City. A film by Amjad Almalki and Ahmed Ashour.

Comment: This is what psychopaths think of humanity. Both Western and Arab regimes support this because they are vicariously paying homage to the truest form of psychopathic destruction, what Orwell called 'a boot stamping on a human face - forever'.

You reading this are unlikely to ever experience what is happening in Gaza, so you are physically safe.

But having seen what is happening, you are simultaneously being given a choice: to turn away, or to look at it and express what you feel about it.

Tweet about it, rant about it, protest about it, JUST SHOUT INTO THE ETHER ABOUT IT, but whatever you do, realize that staying silent may cost you very dearly.

This is a battle for the survival of human conscience. Gazans are dying in the streets, while billions of others are 'dying inside', cored out to make way for that vacuous, pathetic entity creature called 'post-modern man'.

Your fate is bound with Gazans' fate. Each silent voice is one more subverted soul.


Lavrov: MH17 investigation must be free of influence and cover-up

Sergey Lavrov
© RIA Novosti / Alexey Nikolsky
Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov
Russia's Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has urged Western partners against jumping to conclusions over what caused the MH17 crash before an international investigation into the catastrophe is conducted.

Lavrov said the only way to have an impartial investigation is to have it under the aegis of the United Nations.

"Only honest, open participation of all who possesses information on the catastrophe can be considered normal," he told journalists at a briefing in Moscow.

"We'll regard everything else as attempts to influence investigators, question the presumption of innocence and - I don't want to accuse anyone - but we hope no one will try to cover tracks."

Moscow would like to see a UN Security Council resolution on the investigation adopted.

"We are concerned by the fact that some of our partners are trying to organize the investigation by means of holding separate bilateral talks with the Ukrainian authorities," Lavrov said.

Lavrov believes only the UN Security Council will be able to ensure the Malaysian Boeing crash site is safe for investigators. He has accused the Ukrainian government of not delivering on its promise of a ceasefire in the area.

Comment: Once again, Russia, in its words AND actions, shows it has nothing to hide. If only the world took notice. Instead, they are being bombarded with lies and innuendo from the very people hindering the investigation of MH17.


U.S. evidence against Russia: Another State Department hoax

us satellite photo
© US State Dept.
This is what happens when you give lying half-wits Photoshop.
I have an email that purports to be from the State Department Press Office. It is dated today, Sunday, July 27, 2014 at 8:45 AM EDT

It reads:
State Department Press Corps:

Sharing with you the attached document with DNI images - evidence of Russia firing into Ukraine.


State Department Press Office
There is a 1.1MB file attached with pictures and a few words saying that the pictures indicate Russian firing into Ukraine territory.

As one with news and government experience, I am confident that information as important as this purports to be would not be released in this way. For several days reporters have been asking State Department press office spokeswoman Marie Harf for evidence to back her claims that Russian military is attacking Ukrainian forces. Harf has told the reporters that she cannot provide evidence. In other words, Harf's evidence is like John Kerry's evidence that he could never provide that Assad had used chemical weapons.

Suddenly the evidence appears in an email and is spread via social media. This is not credible. Such evidence if it actually exists would be released in a Washington press conference by top government officials with experts present to explain the meaning of the photos to the journalists and to answer questions. No real journalists, if any are left, are going to believe that such hot information would be released in an email. Moreover, the photos are meaningless to the uninitiated, and there is no way to judge their authenticity.

Additionally, it is not credible that such important information would be released at a news dead time - 8:45 AM EDT on a Sunday morning when the West Coast is still asleep.
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U.S. 'proof' that Russia firing into Ukraine 'ludicrous and unprofessional'

satellite us russia
© US State Dept.
Satellite images released by the US allegedly "proving" that Russia fired rockets at Ukrainian troops across the border cannot be considered evidence, according to a Russian MP.

The imagery was released via email, along with a four-page document titled 'Evidence of Russian Shelling into Ukraine.' Four satellite images were included, all dating between July 21 and July 25/26.

They were all posted on Twitter by the US ambassador to Ukraine, Geoffrey Pyatt, on Sunday.

The US "lies about obvious things," said Franz Klintsevich, deputy chairman of the State Duma Defense Committee, as quoted by RIA Novosti.

He stated that the satellite images are not enough to point fingers at Russia and accuse it of shelling Ukraine. In order to confirm such claims, the data must be backed by other sources as well.

"The American dialogue today is simply unsubstantiated," Klintsevich said, adding that he is not aware of Russia firing from its own territory into Ukraine.

UN: Kiev butchered 1,129 people in E. Ukraine since start of their terrorist operation

© RIA Novosti / Andrey Stenin
The aftermath of an artillery shelling of Slavyansk by the Ukrainian military
Some 1,129 people have been killed and nearly 3,500 wounded in eastern Ukraine since the start of the Kiev's military operation in April, according to UN estimates.

The report also states that these are the minimum casualty toll estimates by the UN monitoring mission and WHO.

The report says that the cause of the rising death toll is intensified artillery shelling of the civilian residential areas and the so-called "collateral damage" of the armed actions in the heavily-populated areas.

Also, 100,000 people were forcibly displaced in eastern Ukraine.

The Kiev authorities are using heavy weaponry and artillery in strikes on residential areas, while the armed rebels are firing back, the report states.

"Both sides must take great care to prevent more civilians from being killed or injured," she added. "Already increasing numbers of people are being killed, with serious damage to civilian infrastructure, which - depending on circumstances - could amount to violations of international humanitarian law. The fighting must stop," the report stated.
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Iranian General: We will hunt down Israelis house-to-house

Gen. Hossein Salami
© www.presstv.ir
Brigadier General Hossein Salami, the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC)'s second-in-command.
The deputy commander of Iran's Revolutionary Guards vowed revenge against Israel for its ongoing military incursion into Gaza, which has already killed hundreds of Palestinians and dozens of Israelis.

"You [people of Israel] are trees without any roots which were planted in the Islamic lands by the British," Brig. Gen. Hossein Salami said at this week's Friday prayer sermon in Tehran, Fars News Agency reported. That statement referred to the Balfour Declaration, which led to the dismantling of the Ottoman Empire after World War I and the eventual creation of the state Israel in 1948.

"We will chase you house to house and will take revenge for every drop of blood of our martyrs in Palestine," Salami said. "and this is the beginning point of Islamic nations awakening for your defeat."

Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini
© the10mostknown.com
Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini
The deputy commander promised that Palestine will no longer remain calm and cited a statement by Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, the founder of the Islamic regime: "Imam [Khomeini] with the statement that Israel must be wiped from the face of the Earth gave a true message to the world. This message enlightened the Muslims and became the concept on the streets of Syria, Lebanon and Palestine."

Salami, recalling previous wars Israel fought against Hezbollah in Lebanon, said: "The end of the Zionist regime [Israel] has arrived. Islamic movements are armed, missiles are positioned, and today we witness how the arms of the resistance in a corner of the Islamic world are controlling the events in the face of the tragic and barbaric attack by the Zionist regime against the oppressed and defenseless Palestinians in Gaza."

Comment: Hefty rhetoric with dire implications, in many ways well deserved considering the ongoing horrific slaughter of Palestinians from infants on up. It is recognized by millions, given the recent protests around the world, that the Palestinians need champions. By stepping up, Iran risks making itself a target in this cause and thereby playing into the Israeli "martyr/victim" trap that ensures unending U.S. and British support...footsteps to the precipice. Can we see the edge?