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Saudi-US-UK airstrikes kill 39 civilians in Yemen

Yemen’s Houthi Ansarullah fighters inspect the damage at the scene of Saudi airstrikes near the airport in the capital, Sana’a, on March 26, 2015.

Nearly 40 civilians have lost their lives as neighboring Saudi Arabia pushes ahead with its airstrikes against the Houthi Ansarullah movement in Yemen, health officials say.

The officials, speaking on condition of anonymity, told AFP on Friday that twelve of the 39 victims were killed when Saudi warplanes struck residential areas close to al-Samaa military base, north of the capital city of Sana'a.

The military base is used by army units believed to be loyal to former Republican Guard Commander Brigadier General Ahmed Ali Abdullah Saleh.

Three airstrikes also targeted the presidential compound in southern Sana'a in the wee hours of Friday, witnesses said.

The Saudi military aircraft also pounded an army brigade controlled by Ansarullah forces in Yemen's western province of Amran as well as arms depots in the Malaheez region in the northwestern city of Sa'ada, located 240 kilometers (150 miles) north of Sana'a.

Comment: And so the Axis of Evil invades yet another Middle Eastern country because it doesn't like its new leaders.


Saudi Arabia invades Yemen with US-UK backing

Saudi Arabia, in an unprecedented act of unprovoked unilateral military aggression against Yemen by the autocratic absolute monarchy, was allegedly triggered in a US-backed attempt to restore what Riyadh is calling the "legitimate government of Yemen."

What exactly constitutes a legitimate government is not clear for a despotic regime where elections are not held, women cannot drive, and enemies of the state are beheaded in medieval displays of public barbarism not entirely unlike their ideological ambassadors among the so-called "Islamic State" or ISIS.

The Yemeni Houthi militias are in fact the only viable force fighting Al Qaeda and its affiliates in the Persian Gulf State located at the southern end of the Arabian Peninsula. With their recent successes on the battlefield leaving US-backed proxies in shambles, including apparently Al Qaeda itself, the West has decided it must take whatever measures necessary to stop them and reassert US interests in the region.

Comment: The U.S. can't have some ragtag fighting force winning victories against its proxy "IS" goons. That's just embarrassing.

Comment: The stench of hypocrisy is all over the Saudi invasion and U.S./UK support. Can they be any more transparent? It doesn't look like it! The West (and its brain-damaged lackeys, like Saudi Arabia) invades countries on a whim, and kills thousands of people. Russia legally occupies Crimea, where democratic elections are held, people vote to return to Russia, and no one is killed. How on earth is the former legal and the latter an 'invasion'?

Wall Street

U.S. banks have temper tantrum over Warren's calls to break them up

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Big Wall Street banks are so upset with Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren's call for them to be broken up that some have discussed withholding campaign donations to Senate Democrats in symbolic protest, sources familiar with the discussions said.

Representatives from Citigroup, JPMorgan, Goldman Sachs and Bank of America, have met to discuss ways to urge Democrats, including Warren and Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown, to soften their party's tone toward Wall Street, sources familiar with the discussions said this week.

Bank officials said the idea of withholding donations was not discussed at a meeting of the four banks in Washington but it has been raised in one-on-one conversations between representatives of some of them. However, there was no agreement on coordinating any action, and each bank is making its own decision, they said.

The amount of money at stake, a maximum of $15,000 per bank, means the gesture is symbolic rather than material.

Comment: A warning shot.

Comment: Hopefully this action won't deter Elizabeth Warren's pursuit against Wall Street.


New Mexico nuke waste site shutdown by cat litter, responsible for $500m radiation leak

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The Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP), New Mexico.
Cat litter was among the "chemically incompatible" contents of a barrel of nuclear waste, which prompted explosive chemical reaction and a radiation leak at US's only underground nuclear waste repository, an investigation has found.

Just one barrel of waste leaked radiation that prompted the whole of the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) near Carlsbad, New Mexico, suspend its operations indefinitely, the US Energy Department said in a report Thursday about an incident in February 2014.

The ill-fated drum of waste was packed at the Los Alamos National Laboratory near Santa Fe. It was there that an erroneous decision to use organic cat litter, instead of non-organic one, was made.

Cat litter is routinely used in storing nuclear waste for absorbing liquids. The organic one apparently does not mix well with the nitrate salts inside barrels.

"A series of ever-increasing heat releasing reactions occurred, which led to the creation of gases within the drum," the team of independent scientists wrote in a 277-page report, cited by AP. "The resulting buildup of gases within the drum displaced the drum lid, venting radioactive material and hot matter that further reacted with the air or other materials outside the drum."

Light Saber

The Age of Putin: His 10 major accomplishments

© RIA Novosti
May 7, 2000, Putin's inauguration
Fifteen years ago, on March 26, 2000 Vladimir Putin was first elected to the post of the President of Russia. After coming to power in difficult times, he not only managed to keep the country united. 15 years later we can say: we have again become a superpower with a developed economy, industry, a powerful army and navy. And maybe not everything is smooth today. But then, 15 years ago, many people actually thought that the country was finished. However, Putin has managed to prove to the Russians and the whole world that we can not be easily defeated.

In fifteen years, thanks to the "swift tiger," as President Vladimir Putin is called by Chinese journalists, our country is once again referred to with respect.

We have decided to make our own rating of achievements of Vladimir Putin and his team in the last 15 years, helped by experts from Nightly Moscow:


Alexei Mukhin, political scientist, Director of the Center for Political Information:
Putin's role in preserving the unity of Russian Federation is primary. The change in the territorial-administrative division of Russia, the creation of seven federal districts allowed to first slow down and then reverse the processes that were leading to a direct collapse of Russia into several pseudo-state entities. Fortunately, Boris Yeltsin timely sensed what was happening, and resigned as President. And Vladimir Putin in time identified existing threats and took a number of preventive measures.

Comment: For a more inside view of this last accomplishment, the reintegration of Crimea, this documentary is a must-watch: Crimea: The Way Back Home - EN Subtitles - Full Documentary (VIDEO)


Congress asked to tighten NSA spying laws by world's top tech companies

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America's Code of Conduct.
Global technology giants like Google and Microsoft have teamed up with civil liberties groups to get Congress to change the country's spying laws. Tech companies say they're potentially losing billions in sales following Edward Snowden's NSA revelations.

More than 40 companies wrote a letter to Congress and the Obama administration, sent Wednesday. Industry leaders such as Apple, Google and Facebook got in touch with civil liberties organizations like the American Civil Liberties Union to try and get Washington to change its spying laws, in the wake of the NSA scandal.

"Now is the time to take on meaningful legislative reforms to the nation's surveillance programs that maintain national security while preserving privacy, transparency and accountability," the group said in the letter. "[T]he status quo is untenable and it is urgent that Congress move forward with reform."

Tech companies have been amongst the biggest supporters of implementing change, as they believe they are losing out financially as the public becomes more suspicious about potential spying from the NSA, in the wake of whistleblower Edward Snowden's revelations.

Richard Salgado, who is Google's director for law enforcement and information security, told a US Senate panel on November 13, 2014, that spying carried out by the NSA has "the great potential for doing serious damage to the competitiveness" of US companies such as Apple, Facebook and Microsoft. He added that "the trust that's threatened is essential to these businesses," Bloomberg News reported.

Comment: So we consumers/citizens, who use the products, support the companies, buy the stocks, invest in their respective futures and, in doing so, incur breach of privacy and continual monitoring by the NSA via these companies...they are concerned about us ($ and competitiveness). Besides abstinence, what choice do we have? And, do these companies really have a choice? Can we say "Smack Down?"

Comment: Up against the US Governmentocracy, tech companies and civil liberties activists will be kicked down the road, just like the citizens who are finding themselves increasingly on the side of the pavement and heading for the ditch - irrelevant. If anything surfaces out of the negotiation that looks too good to be true...you can bet your hubcaps it is. The PTB need The People to be fearful, suspicious, compromised and controlled. While industry and business have an elevated value and are the main arteries to the blackened soul of this country, they are merely a means to An End. There are cameras everywhere...if you don't believe it, check your pocket.


In flagrant breach of Minsk deal, Kiev moves 200 self-propelled artillery weapons into Luhansk Region

© AP Photo/Evgeniy Maloletka
Kiev forces, in violation of the Minsk agreements, have moved up to 200 self-propelled artillery weapons to the area of the Stanitsa Luganskaya city overnight, a spokesman for the militia of the self-proclaimed Luhansk People's Republic (LPR) said on Friday.

"From 11:00 pm yesterday evening to 06:00 am this morning representatives of the people's militia were recording the movement of armoured vehicles of the armed forces of Ukraine from the city of Belovodsk, which is under Ukrainian control, towards Stanitsa Luganskaya," the LuganskInformCentre agency quotes his a saying.

"The pulled in equipment includes self-propelled artery weapons of various modifications," the militia spokesman said.

Comment: This is further proof showing Kiev is not serious about the Minsk agreements.

Bad Guys

Ukraine Infernal Affairs Minister regrets not killing protestors at outset

© AP Photo/ Sergei Grits
Ukrainian Internal Affairs Minister Arsen Avakov has expressed regret at not having used Ukrainian security forces to blow up the Donetsk and Lugansk region administrative centers at the outset of the conflict in eastern Ukraine early last year.

Ukrainian Minister of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov told Ukrainian television Thursday that Kiev had made a mistake when it didn't blow up the regional administration centers in Donetsk and Lugansk at the start of the civil conflict there last year.

"I'll say something that may make me look bad; I am a wanted man in Russia as it is. Anyway, back then [at the start of the conflict] we should have blown up the Donetsk Regional Administration," Avakov noted, speaking on Channel 1+1's program 'Right to Rule'. "Perhaps there would be 50 dead terrorists, but then we would not have 5,000 deaths in the Donetsk region. Something similar should have been done by Ukraine's Security Service in Lugansk, but were we ready for this then?" the minister pondered.

Comment: A sick minded individual infecting Ukraine.

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Turkey's Parliament passes police state measures

Recep Tayyip Erdogan
After weeks of heated debates and brawls in parliament, Turkey's government passed a security package expanding police powers, along with an online surveillance law and a discretionary fund for President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to fund covert operations.

The parliament voted to approve security laws that allow police to conduct searches and arrests without immediate court orders and use firearms against militants. The law separately empowered government-appointed governors to order police or paramilitary forces to conduct searches and detain suspects for up to 48 hours without immediate court orders, state-run Anadolu Agency said. Protesters are banned from carrying fire crackers, firebombs, iron pellets and slingshots, along with covering faces during demonstrations.

The online surveillance law will allow police to keep wiretapping or monitoring online activities of suspects without court orders for 48 hours.

Comment: Right out of the police state handbook. This crack down on security may not sit well with the population.


Information war between Russia and the West intensifies

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NATO forces, including a small detachment of US Second Cavalry Strykers, joining an Independence Day parade in the Estonian city of Narva, a mere 300 yards from the Russian frontier last month. Yet another needless provocation from the West and symbolic of U.S. desperation.
War is raging between the West and Russia, with a key battlefield being the "war for public opinion" and control over information, narratives and perspectives. The Ukrainian crisis has again reiterated the polar opposite narratives between Western and Russian media as the information war intensifies. Western news outlets have been incessantly attempting to portray Russia as the belligerent power over the past year, even though many of the facts contradict this perspective. In order to justify an illegal coup in Kiev - which is part of a grander strategy of destabilising, encircling and antagonising the Russian Federation - the presstitutes are hard at work manufacturing narratives and preparing "Americans for conflict with Russia", as Dr. Paul Craig Roberts wrote in his article: 'CNN is Beating the Drums of War'. Considering the majority of conflicts in recent years have been initiated by Western intervention or meddling - including the Ukrainian crisis of course - Russian propaganda relies far more on facts, as there is often no need to invert truth to support Moscow's position.

"War for Public Opinion"

"It's a war for public opinion because whatever the case may be on the ground Western leaders, specifically NATO-countries, they really need public opinion to be backing whatever moves they are making around the world," was how investigative journalist and founder of 21st Century Wire, Patrick Henningsen, described the Western media landscape in an interview with RT. In an attempt to win the "war for public opinion", the West has launched multiple initiatives recently in a bid to successfully influence and shape public perception on current affairs. The European Union (EU) has launched a 3-month project to prepare a "strategic communication" plan to counter what the EU believes to be Russian "disinformation campaigns", according to draft conclusions of an EU summit obtained by Reuters. The project will be led by Federica Mogherini, the EU's High Representative for Foreign Affairs, who will present her strategy to EU leaders in June.

Comment: As brainwashed and propagandized as much of the Western world is against Russia and its President, Vladimir Putin, the small but ever-growing voices of sanity at work present a perceived threat to the U.S. government and its drive towards world conquest. How else to explain such a continued investment in attempting to drown out dissenting views - not to mention the numerous attempts the West has made to subvert Russia from within; by funding and supporting such ridiculous Kremlin opposition leaders as Alexei Navalny. Or by murdering other so-called opposition leaders like Boris Nemtsov.

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