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Ebola's 3,700 orphans

Ebola outbreak has left at least 3,700 children in the hands of relatives who are too frightened to take care of them.
ebola orphans
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UNICEF has appealed for $200m to provide emergency care to children affected by Ebola
The number of orphans who have lost at least one parent to an Ebola virus is expected to double in West Africa, the UN children's fund has said, intensifying a childcare problem as extended family members shun offsprings of Ebola victims.

Ebola outbreak has claimed more than 3,000 lives in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone, leaving at least 3,700 children in the hands of relatives who are too frightened to take care of them, UNICEF said.

"The fear surrounding Ebola is becoming stronger than family ties," Manuel Fontaine, UNICEF's regional director for west and central Africa, said on Tuesday.

He said that thousands of children mourning dead parents and in urgent need of support felt "unwanted and even abandoned".

Comment: UNICEF's plan sounds very good in fact, and they are only asking for $200 million. Consider that the U.S., during 2013, spend $10.4 billion just for sustaining its troops that occupy 70% of the countries of this world. And that the Pentagon has requested $58.6 billion for war in year 2015. Air strikes in Iraq and Syria, that kill mostly civilians, cost $10 billion a day. The money exists and could be provided, but instead are used to create more death and destruction by our psychopathic elite rulers. Meanwhile Ebola will continue to spread and more children will become neglected orphans.

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British NHS had parents jailed for not accepting radiation therapy son which would risk massive damage

  • Parents told conventional radiotherapy would leave son with 'special needs'
  • NHS [National Health Service] doctors 'threatened to have couple's parental rights removed'
  • Brett and Naghmeh King say they were forced to take Ashya, 5, on the run
  • Family has now secured Ashya's treatment in a private clinic
  • They say proton beam therapy has already improved Ashya's health
Asyha is accompanied by his parents as he arrives at the Motol Hospital in Prague, Czech Republic

A cancer doctor treating five-year-old Ashya King admitted the only treatment available on the NHS would leave him with life-long disabilities, his parents revealed yesterday.

Brett and Naghmeh King were told conventional radiotherapy would leave their son with 'special needs' which could be avoided if he received pioneering treatment abroad.

Despite that admission, NHS doctors insisted they would go ahead with normal radiotherapy and threatened to have the horrified couple's parental rights removed if they questioned the decision, the family said.

Speaking exclusively to the Daily Mail, Mr and Mrs King said they were forced to take their desperately ill son on the run across Europe to protect him from the devastating side effects of the NHS treatment.

The family's plight shocked the world when the couple were arrested for child cruelty and thrown in jail while Ashya was kept under armed guard, alone in a Spanish hospital.

His brothers and sisters were banned from seeing him, and his parents said he was left 'crying like a wounded animal through the night' in his single bed ward.

Comment: "This case is similar to that of Justina Pelletier, where the hospital and police have decided that they know what is best for children and are willing to kidnap children and arrest parents for daring to disagree with a diagnosis or treatment protocol. It's becoming frightfully obvious that the State wishes to eliminate parental rights. So we have now entered a new era of medical blackmail where some are finding the hard way how few rights they have and how fascist their medical "care" system really is."

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Second beheading scare in Oklahoma called "bizarre coincidence"

Oklahoma Map
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An image fueling the anti-Muslim propaganda in the U.S. at the moment, which in turn keeps alive the endless "war on terror".
The same day a woman was beheaded at a Moore, Oklahoma, food processing plant, a second beheading scare occurred in Oklahoma City in what some are calling a "bizarre coincidence."

The Oklahoman newspaper reports Jacob Mugambi Muriithi, who had been fired from his nursing home job, was arrested after a female coworker said he threatened to cut her head off "with a blade."

The 30-year-old Kenyan native reportedly told her he represented ISIS and referenced killing Christians.

"We take these threats very seriously," Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater said.

Comment: It is curious that these beheading incidents took place after the recent ISIS beheadings. See:

ISIS and the corporate state of war profiteering

Corbett Report: Who is really behind ISIS? Origins, funding, training and intrigue


Unthinking London parents agree to give up children for free Wi-Fi in new public experiment

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It's a sign of the times when parents are willing to give up their first born children in exchange for internet access. But don't worry - it was just an experiment exposing how very few of us pay attention to security when using public Wi-Fi.

The experiment, set up by security firm F-Secure, used a hotspot in London's Canary Wharf, which allowed users to connect to the internet on their mobile devices, such as iPads and smartphones.

However, users would have to agree to the firms' terms and conditions before making a connection- which included giving up their children.

In just half an hour, 33 Londoners attempted to connect, with six unknowingly agreeing to the terms and conditions, which stated the user would "render up their eldest child for the duration of eternity".
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New report shows human trafficking and slavery in UK on the rise while victims are branded like cattle

Nearly 3,000 people have been trafficked for slavery and exploitation in the UK, according to a new report produced from the National Crime Agency (NCA), with the internet being one of the biggest drivers in proliferating abuse.

According to the NCA, slavery from the UK has jumped by 22 percent since 2013, as traffickers use online dating, social media and job recruitment sites to lure their victims.

In some instances, victims were lured into trafficking rings under the pretense of meeting someone posing as a love interest online.

The report, published on Tuesday, identified 2,744 people, including over 600 children, being trafficked. More than 40 percent of the victims were involved in the sex trade, while many ended up being used for forced manual labor.

Around 19 percent of trafficking victims were involved in other forms of criminal exploitation.

The report shows that most of the victims being trafficked into the UK are from Eastern Europe, namely Romania, while those forced into manual labor mostly came from Poland. However, the victims identified by the NCA also had origins in Albania, Slovakia and Lithuania.

Sick Society: UK economy propped up by £11 billion spent yearly on prostitution and illicit drugs

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Britons spending on prostitution and illegal drugs bolsters the UK economy by as much as £11 billion per annum, newly published government figures suggest.
Britons' spending on prostitution and illegal drugs bolsters the UK economy by as much as £11 billion (US$17.8 billion) per year, according to newly published figures from the Office of National Statistics (ONS).

Revised data released by the government statistical body indicates that household spending increased in 2012, partially as a result of Britons' consumption of narcotics and prostitution services.

The ONS estimated the average yearly impact of illegal narcotics - such as heroine and cocaine - on household expenditure between 1997 and 2013 to be £6.7 ($10.8) billion per year.

Meanwhile, prostitution contributes £4.3 billion ($6.9 billion) per year to Britain's economy if gauged in terms of current market prices, the body suggests.

Data released by the ONS in May estimated that illegal drugs and prostitution contributed approximately £10 billion ($16.2 billion) to the UK economy between 1997 and 2009. This figure exceeded the amount spent on the construction of houses across the state over the same period.

Comment: Actually, it's predominantly propped up by Scottish oil:


Jury awards man beaten by cops $562K after surveillance video contradicts police claims

Jason Cox
Jurors awarded the full $562,000 sought by an Oregon veteran who was beaten by police three years ago when he was suspected of drunken driving.

Jason Cox testified that he feared for his life as three officers threw him to the ground, punched him at least six times, and shocked him four times with a Taser after they stopped him June 28, 2011, in the parking lot of a Portland strip club.

Police claimed Cox was argumentative, furrowed his brow, and tensed his muscles as officers attempted to place him in handcuffs, reported The Oregonian.

But surveillance video recorded outside the Pallas Club contradicted police claims, showing that Cox did not swing at officers or reach for a weapon.

"Mr. Cox did not appear to present a threat," said juror Dan Roberts. "He looked pretty compliant to me."

Cox admits he drank two vodka and Red Bull energy drinks on an empty stomach before driving to the club, and officers stopped him as he got out of his vehicle and asked him to undergo a field sobriety test.

Officers attempted to place Cox in handcuffs after he failed to maintain his balance while walking a straight line, and the video shows the officers throw him to the ground when he placed his hands behind his back.

CDC Ebola response team heading to Dallas for patient who may test positive for Ebola

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Dallas County health officials on Tuesday told county commissioners that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is dispatching a team to Dallas in case a patient at a local hospital tests positive for Ebola.

The report was delivered after Health and Human Services officials cut short a presentation on the threat of an Ebola outbreak for a conference call with the CDC. Officials said the CDC team would lead the response if test results, expected today, come back positive for the patient at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas.

During a media briefing outside the commissioners meeting, Dr. Christopher Perkins, the health department's medical director, said it was after arriving home from West Africa that the patient started showing symptoms, the point at which Ebola becomes contagious.

"We know at this time this person was not symptomatic during travel but became symptomatic once arriving here and being home for several days," Perkins said. "So that decreases the threat that might be to the general population."

Symptoms of the deadly virus can include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and body aches unrelated to any other disease.

Health and Human Services officials told commissioners that they had already begun an investigation to find people who had been in contact with the patient. Director Zachary Thompson said it was not unusual for the department to begin tracing contacts after being notified about a possible contagious disease. County nurse epidemiologists are tracking down the patient's family members, friends and work colleagues, basically anyone who might have been exposed, if the virus is confirmed, he said.

Argument leads to shooting episode at Charlotte NC high school

School shooting Charlotte North Carolina
School shooting in North Carolina
An argument between two male students outside a North Carolina high school on Tuesday ended with one of them shooting the other before classes began, police said.

Police received a call about shots fired at Albemarle High School at 7:40 a.m. EDT and arrived to find a student shot in the lower extremities, said William Halliburton, the police chief in Albemarle, about 40 miles northeast of Charlotte.

The suspected shooter, who was not identified, surrendered to police, Halliburton said.

The shooting occurred in a courtyard outside the school's front entrance, and police recovered the handgun that was used, according to Halliburton.

Russia hardly isolated: New resource-sharing deal signed with Caspian neighbors

Rouhani and Putin

President Vladimir Putin has called the summit a “breakthrough” because its participants managed to agree “on the principles of cooperation and solving of key issues of interaction in the Caspian Sea”
In a monumental move, Russia just sealed a deal with its Caspian neighbors to delineate the disputed maritime borders between them.

This move carries with it enormous geopolitical meaning, and in no particular order, here are some of the most significant results:
  • Russian Leadership: Russia has demonstrated that it is capable of leading a regional and diverse group of actors to an understanding that even the UN and its Convention on the Law of the Sea couldn't achieve after over two decades (and to which Azerbaijan and Iran almost went to war over in 2001).