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Video shows police brutally beat terminally ill man in front of his two young children

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Morgantown, West Viginia - A kind-hearted woman with a cellphone captured the horrific scene of a man choking on his own blood, in front of his children, while pinned under three cops.

According to police they were responding to a report of child abuse. Police say when they approached Jeffery Bane, 39, that he appeared to be under the influence of narcotics. They claim that Bane began to fight police officers, kicking one and trying to spit on others.

This is why, police say, they were forced to pepper spray, beat and kneel on Bane as he choked on his own blood pleading for help.

Bane was charged with disorderly conduct, obstructing an officer and battery on an officer.

If you were to read only the report, you would think that police took down a vicious criminal that day.

However, according to Bane and his family, it was the police who did the attacking.

According to Bane's nephew, Josh Bane, he was walking to the park with his children when police approached and attacked him.As my uncle and his two children headed towards the store before heading to the park together they crossed an intersection to the other side when the stroller became hung up on the curb. As the light changed, to keep his children out of harms way he hurriedly put his two year old on the curb, told her to stay put and pulled the stroller up on the curb.

In this moment someone mistook my uncles actions to keep his kids safe as child abuse. The police were then called and approached him down the street and began to question him. Assuming because of his appearance he was high on narcotics with out reason they began to sub due him, macing and beating him in the head as he fell to his face were he was then held with a great amount of force by two officers double his size as a third one landed on his torso.

For the the next ten minutes as my cousins watch unattended, my uncle pleads and cries out in pain for the lack of breath and agony being applied to him.

Unknown to the police my uncle suffers from Huntington's disease. For those unfamiliar it is very similar to Parkinson's. So as he lay there uncontrollably moving due to his terminal condition, he is forcefully detained to the point of screaming for help. He is spitting blood and drowning in it and the officer holding his head only applies more pressure and instructs him to "quit spitting".

Russell Brand weighs in on a second royal child and the Monarchy

Reaction to news that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are expecting their second child. If we were to rebuild society now, would we start by putting an old lady who does nothing in a palace and lavish her with riches?

Snakes in Suits

Be afraid: Right-wing nut Laura Ingraham sez immigrant children are the real boogeyman in the U.S.

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Laura Ingraham
Fox host and right-wing buddies want the nation to get its priorities straight. Wait till you see what those are

It was with much sadness and disbelief that the right wing greeted the news the other day that the so-called wave of criminal children surging over America's border to destroy everything that's good and decent about us seems to have crested. The director of homeland security, Jeh Johnson, made the announcement on Monday, saying that "the worst is over, for now." He explained that the numbers of kids arriving from Central America peaked in May and June and has substantially dropped since then and he credits the administration's public relations campaign in their home country with explaining why these kids are better off in their own anarchic, gang-infested countries than here in the land of the free. It's a foreign policy to be proud of.

But that was small solace to the true guardians of the American Way of Life who know very well that the nation has already been infiltrated by an enemy so cunning it is even able to fool sharp observers like George Will and Brit Hume into arguing they should be treated with compassion.

But they weren't fooled. These so-called children are nothing but stealthy foreign invaders who are even now forming sleeper cells from within their ... sleeping cells. Indeed, these champions of our proud cultural heritage saw through the president's Machiavellian plan to distract the public with passenger planes being shot out of the sky, invasions, beheadings and general chaos around the globe.

The Protector of Real America Laura Ingraham noticed as long ago as July that the only network adequately covering the "massive dispersal" of immigrants around the nation was Fox while all the other networks were "diverting attention" in the media to foreign policy stories like the downed plane in Ukraine and the war in Gaza.
Star of David

Ted Cruz's delusional speech to Christian group cut short by protest after Israel comments

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Smug and stupid.
Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) is defending his Wednesday night remarks at a Washington event -- comments which drew boos he attributed to "anti-Semitism...[rearing] its ugly head."

The senator was booed at an event hosted by a Christian group in Washington, leaving the stage after the hostility did not subside.

In a lengthy statement issued after the event, Cruz said he had "no choice" but to walk away after "a vocal and angry minority" criticized his comments in support of Israel.
Bad Guys

Despite questions about lethal drug, Texas executes eighth inmate of the year

Officials in Texas executed a convicted murderer on Wednesday evening, despite arguments raised by the man's counsel concerning the drug used to kill him.
Willie Trottie, 45, was executed in a Huntsville, TX, prison chamber on Wednesday for the 1993 shooting death of his common law wife and her brother. Authorities administered a dose of a lone sedative, pentobarbital, via lethal injection, making Trottie the eighth death row inmate to be killed in the Lone Star State so far this year.

He was pronounced dead at 6:35 p.m. CT. The execution was carried out about 90 minutes after the Supreme Court rejected his last-minute appeal, which raised questions about his legal counsel as well as the drug Texas officials intended to kill him with.

According to the Associated Press, Trottie asked for forgiveness multiple times before the execution took place.

"I love you all," he said. "I'm going home, going to be with the Lord. ... Find it in your hearts to forgive me. I'm sorry."

Attorneys for the man, who admits he killed Barbara and Titus Canada more than 20 years ago but contests the prosecution's arguments, were fearful that Wednesday's ordeal would not go as expected. On the heels of a series of botched executions during the last several months - and an unsuccessful campaign to have Wednesday's event put on hold - Trottie's counsel was counting on the Supreme Court of the United States to intervene and issue a temporary injunction to delay the otherwise imminent death sentence.

Comment: Capital punishment does not contribute to lower crime rates, including homicide. The death penalty is killing people that kill people to show people that killing people is wrong. That sort of thinking and the "let's kill them" ideology is a hallmark of the pathocracy and the resulting hystericization of society:
"How could this happen?

The answer is that a few generations' worth of 'good times' results in the above described societal deficits regarding psychological skills and moral criticism. Long periods of preoccupation with the self and 'accumulating benefits' for the self, diminish the ability to accurately read the environment and other people. But the situation is more serious than just a generalized weakness of a society that could be 'toughened up' with a little 'hard times'.

Lobaczewski writes:
The psychological features of each such crisis are unique to the culture and the time, but one common denominator that exists at the beginning of all such 'bad times' is an exacerbation of society's hysterical condition. The emotionalism dominating in individual, collective, and political life, combined with the subconscious selection and substitution of data in reasoning, lead to individual and national egotism. The mania for taking offense at the drop of a hat provokes constant retaliation, taking advantage of hyperirritability and hypocriticality on the part of others. It is this feature, this hystericization of society, that enables pathological plotters, snake charmers, and other primitive deviants to act as essential factors in the processes of the origination of evil on a macro-social scale."
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Waking up: Majority of Germans want independence from US dominance

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The majority of German citizens, for the first time in history, insist on less dependence on the United States in terms of their national security and diplomacy, according to a major survey released by the German Marshall Fund think-tank.

The study published on Wednesday shows that most Germans want their country to take a more independent position from the United States, especially on issues as vital as national security and sovereign diplomacy.

A majority of 57 percent of German respondents opted for a more independent approach, according to the Transatlantic Trends survey, which is up from only 40 percent back in 2013. What is even more interesting is that just 19 percent of Germans say they want to have a closer relationship with the United States - compared to 34 percent of Americans who wanted their country to get cosier with Germany.

In Europe as a whole, 50 percent of respondents opted for a more independent security relationship with the United States, which is up eight percent from last year.

Comment: See: NSA spying outrage: Berlin outraged by alleged US spying

Light Saber

Southampton Hospital staff inundated with abusive calls after witch hunt of Ashya King family

Aysha King

Doctors raised the alarm after Ashya went missing from Southampton General Hospital
Staff at the UK hospital where brain tumour patient Ashya King was treated have been inundated with abusive calls and emails, it has been revealed.

The five-year-old was removed from Southampton General Hospital by his parents, against medical advice, sparking an international hunt.

His parents were arrested in Spain, prompting a public outcry.

In her blog, hospital trust chief executive Fiona Dalton said paediatric oncology staff had been targeted.

She said: "When their email inboxes were full of personal abuse from strangers, and there were journalists camped on their front door, they were still worrying about how we could do the best thing for a small boy in Spain...

"Our switchboard and patient support services were overwhelmed with calls from irate members of the public... and many other people working here were being questioned by patients or the public about this situation, sometimes in a very aggressive way."

Comment: It's difficult to find any sympathy for these authoritarian staff members who violated the rights of a family who were only seeking to find the best treatment protocol for their son. It's becoming frightfully obvious that the State wishes to eliminate parental rights and we have now entered a new era of medical blackmail where many parents are finding the hard way how few rights they have, and how fascist their medical "care" system really is.

Ashya King case: Missing boy with brain tumor alive in Spain, parents arrested


UK Border Control targets female genital mutilation 'cutters'

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UK Border Force officers have warned of an emerging trend of "cutters" flying into Britain to practice female genital mutilation (FGM).

Flight attendants and other aircrew are being trained to spot potential victims of female genital mutilation returning from overseas, as part of a renewed UK Border Force campaign to tackle the brutal practice.

"Instead of the girls being removed from the UK to go back to the country of origin to have this procedure carried out, now there are cutters travelling from the country of origin to the UK to carry it out in London and in other cities," Joe Cruddy, the senior Border Force officer at Gatwick, told The Guardian.

"That is an emerging trend that we have found as a result of this initiative," he said.

FGM involves removing part or all of a girl's outer sexual organs and is carried out in many African countries and in some areas of the Middle East.

Officers have been carrying out searches at airports in the last days of the school holidays, which is called the "cutting season," when girls are taken abroad to be mutilated, often to countries in Africa.

Comment: How did female genital mutilation begin?


Newly released cell phone footage of Michael Brown shooting shows witnesses' describing scene

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A video airing on CNN Wednesday showed witnesses' immediate reactions to the shooting death of Michael Brown, the unarmed black teenager shot and killed by a Ferguson, Missouri police officer last month.

In a cell phone video provided to CNN, two men who were doing construction work on a home near the scene react to seeing Brown shot by Officer Darren Wilson.

"He had his f**king hands up," one man says in the recording.


Down the memory hole: Yesterday's 'uncomfortable' news hurriedly buried by MSM leaving tons of unanswered questions

memory hole
The memory hole is working overtime in the USA zeitgeist these days. Shit happens and a week or so later, it unhappens - at least it seems that way as manifested by the front page of The New York Times or the flapping of Anderson Cooper's gums on CNN.

Anyone remember that Malaysian airlines plane that went down in July in Ukraine killing 283 persons? US government officials were jumping up and down trying strenuously to blame Russian Donbass separatists. The trouble was, they had no evidence whatsoever and their exertions were looking ridiculous (making the USA look ridiculous, of course). Last thing we heard, there were questions about two Ukrainian air force jets chasing it, and photos of entry and exit cannon holes in the pilot's cabin. Recorded communications between the crew and traffic controllers were shoved into storage bin in the Netherlands, never to be made public. The whole story vanished from the news media like the legendary D.B. Cooper - anyone remember him? - and hasn't resurfaced since.