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Sicilian oil refinery tank catches fire, panicking residents

refinery fire Milazzo
© AFP Photo/Giovanni
Flames arise after a fire broke out at the Mediterranean Refinery of Milazzo, one of most important in southern Italy, in Milazzo, near Messina on Sicily Island on September 27, 2014.
A huge overnight fire at an oil refinery on the Italian island of Sicily sent hundreds of panicked residents fleeing the area, fearing the fire could spread to residential buildings. The fire was reportedly seen miles away.

The Milazzo oil refinery, near the northeast coast of Sicily, caught fire Friday afternoon. The flames were seen several kilometers around the facility, AFP reported, citing local media.

The fire started in a 5,000-liter tank at the refinery, which is jointly owned by Italy's energy giant Eni and Kuwait Petroleum.

Though firefighters managed to bring the fire under control, the tank was still burning Saturday morning. They said it would burn until the oil tank is empty.
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Thousands gather in cities across Scotland to protest vote rigging and rally for independence

Two Scottish lasses react to London's decision to invade Iraq for the third time in 25 years. Yes rally at Holyrood Parliament in Edinburgh Saturday 27 September 2014
Thousands of people have gathered outside the Scottish Parliament for a rally in support of independence.

A sea of saltires waved as the crowds listened to musical performances and speeches from campaigners.

The rally, organised under the Voice Of The People banner, comes just over a week after Scotland rejected independence in the referendum.

Many of those in attendance were still sporting badges, signs and banners in support of the Yes campaign, which won 45% of the vote on September 18.

They joined in with renditions of Flower Of Scotland and Caledonia, while speakers urged them to carry on with the campaign.

Those addressing the crowd included SNP MSP Marco Biagi and Kate Higgins of the Women For Independence group.

Ms Higgins urged people to reach out to the older female generation who may have voted No, and to take the campaign into deprived communities across Scotland.

Comment: Here's footage of the rally in Inverness:

Meanwhile the Mirror - one of the UK's largest newspapers - ran a poll over the weekend:

© The Mirror
Keep in mind that this includes a majority of English visitors to the Mirror's website. They are on Scots' side against the British establishment
Here's another report on the protests, this time from the independent site, 'Ace News Desk 2014':
Scottish independence: Thousands at Holyrood rally, Edinburgh
Shaun Gibson: @ShaunyNews - 28 Sept 2014

No chance of trouble in Edinburgh today, or tonight, as we don't have any unionists in or around our city. Half the people I know were there today. We've been having pictures and videos sent in all afternoon when I was doing the live football. THIS IS HOW A PEOPLE CONTROL A GOVERNMENT!

Take note, World, when Government doesn't work for Scotland (and the English, to be fair) we take to the streets. Today passed with no trouble at all in Edinburgh; it was all in good spirit. I heard there were a few warned by police to not talk about the ongoing police investigation with the Electoral Commission over vote fraud and there were a few angry voices.

Similar to today happened all over Scotland with Aberdeen, Dundee, Inverness, and Glasgow, amongst others. We're not giving in to what we all know to be a rigged Election/Referendum. As the police and Electoral Commission gather findings for possible evidence for the procurator fiscal in the highest court in the land on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh, we just won't accept blatant cheating that has been more than proven.

Still we wait for DevoMax powers. We were told on Thursday by David Cameron he will 100% hand them to us, but with the SNP (Scottish National Party) a party for Scotland ONLY - and being now the 3rd largest in the UK and looking to overtake the Conservative party in joined members - I think we all know in Scotland that freedom is not too far away.

David Cameron and his Westminster buddies made a HUGE error by signing a legally binding document, twice, for powers the people of England and Wales also now want. It may be that our freedom will come quicker than expected as Cameron tries to save his English vote. We have more pandas in Edinburgh Zoo than we do serving Tory/Conservative politicians in our parliament building.

Protesters in Glasgow bring food to distribute to poorer families attending rallies

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Kansas Governor declares October Zombie Preparedness Month

Topeka - Forget tornadoes, Dorothy and Toto, zombies are what Kansas Governor Sam Brownback is worried about, prompting him to declare October as Zombie Preparedness Month.
© tatu43
As part of an initiative by the Kansas Division of Emergency Management, Governor Sam Brownback signed the Zombie Preparedness Month proclamation at the Kansas State House ceremonial office on Friday.

The goal of the initiative is to encourage residents to prepare for potential emergencies, including a zombie apocalypse, by tapping into people's fascination with zombies and television shows such as The Walking Dead.
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Streetcorner exorcism reported in the U.K.

© Grant Melton
'GET THE DEMON OUT': The group gather opposite Woodside Medical Centre.
Apparent "exorcisms" of children have been taking place in the early hours of the morning on a street corner in South Norwood.

The Advertiser witnessed a group of eight people congregating at 5.25am on Tuesday (September 23) and chanting in a group around a toddler behind South Norwood Leisure Centre.

Some of the incidents involve children, but it is not known whether it is the same child in all the alleged 'exorcisms'.

On Tuesday, members of the group took up different spots in the roads around Enmore Road, Portland Road and Denmark Road. They then gathered under a street lamp on the corner of Enmore Road and Denmark Road, near Woodside Medical Centre and South Norwood and Woodside Social Club.

Members of the group were heard to say "release your spirit" and "get the demon out" - which has alerted the council and police to monitor what is feared may be an exorcism.

The child stood in the middle of the group appearing not to move while the leader - a woman - repeatedly shouted "in the name of Jesus".
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Us vs them: How Israel silences dissent

israeli flag
© unknown
On July 12, four days after the latest war in Gaza began, hundreds of Israelis gathered in central Tel Aviv to protest the killing of civilians on both sides and call for an end to the siege of Gaza and the Israeli occupation of the West Bank. They chanted, "Jews and Arabs refuse to be enemies."

Hamas had warned that it would fire a barrage of rockets at central Israel after 9 p.m., and it did.

But the injuries suffered in Tel Aviv that night stemmed not from rocket fire but from a premeditated assault by a group of extremist Israeli Jews. Chanting "Death to Arabs" and "Death to leftists," they attacked protesters with clubs. Although several demonstrators were beaten and required medical attention, the police made no arrests.

The same thing happened at another antiwar protest in Haifa a week later; this time, the victims included the city's deputy mayor, Suhail Assad, and his son. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made no statement condemning the violence, even though he had previously stated his primary concern was the safety of Israeli citizens.

Escalating sanctions war: Foreign asset seizures by Europe win 'blue ribbon for sanction craziness'

Arkady Rotenberg

Italian authorities seized three villas on Sardinia and a four-star hotel in central Rome belonging to Arkady Rotenberg
What's Russia to do? Stand back and let the US and Europe escalate sanction after sanction, or respond in kind?

Either way, Russia loses. I believe Europe has the worst of it, but both suffer.

Hope for Sanity Appears to Be Lost Cause

By responding in kind, Russia
hopes to put some sanity in the heads of US and EU officials. But with brains as dense as Obama, McCain, and various EU officials, hope for sanity appears to be a lost cause.

Comment: The West is hell-bent on breaking Russia and will continue to shoot itself in the foot to do so:


Testimony: The Dutch crown's organization of serial child murder

Comment: See also:

International Common Law Court of Justice seeks to prosecute Dutch royalty for satanic child murders

Che Guevara

International Common Law Court of Justice seeks to prosecute Dutch royalty for satanic child murders

VANCOUVER, BC - In an ExopoliticsTV interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre, Kevin Annett, North American field secretary for the International Common Law Court of Justice detailed the testimony of witness Anne Marie van Blijenburgh's testimony about Satanic child murders at the behest of the Dutch crown in the Netherlands, attended by elite decisions makers in the financial and governmental world, and indicated that the Common Law Court would be undertaking prosecution and enforcement against the perpetrators, as well as dismantling of these child trafficking networks and ritual slayings.

Comment: Pretty stunning. Yet another large scale case of the world's elite having organized themselves to commit heinous and horrific crimes against children. And it doesn't end or even begin with the Dutch crown, as Annett mentions in the interview above.

Republic of England

Kevin Annett discussed the establishment of the Republic of England as well as the initiative for the Republic of Scotland.

The first Communique from The Provisional Council for the Republic of England and its common law courts

Comment: Whatever the size and relative power that the ITCCS has to grow their movement and persecute the psychopaths responsible for the crimes they have committed against children, the ITCCS must be lauded for bringing greater attention to the problem. They are also giving greater strength to the idea that justice can only be meted out from outside of the established system since there is almost NO willingness to pursue these crimes by the planet-wide authorities now in charge.

For another example of how the police and governments have been complicit, the following is a must read and watch. Warning: it is likely to be one of the most disturbing films you've ever seen.

Monsters among us: Ritual child abuse in France


School systems in US have $13M worth of military equipment, weapons from Pentagon

US armored military vehicle
The University of Texas recently acquired an armored mine-resistant vehicle from the U.S. Department of Defense even though there are no reports of land mines on any of the school's campuses.

There are more than a dozen University of Texas campuses, which University of Texas police protect (along with local police and federal authorities).

"The turret has been removed, so there's no weapons systems associated with it," University of Texas System Director of Police Michael Heidingsfield told CBS News.

"That vehicle will be used solely in response to an active shooter or armed intruder events, or perhaps in anticipation of a major natural catastrophic event," added Heidingsfield.

Comment: The Pentagon has been arming local police forces with military equipment for some time now, and it is disturbing that the school systems are being armed as well. The lame excuse of needing to be prepared for active shooters hardly rates this type of equipment. What seems more likely, is that the government is preparing for mass unrest, possibly due to financial collapse and disruptions due to severe earth changes.

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O&G companies rule: UK to allow drilling under people's land without permission, despite huge public opposition

IGAS shale drilling plant
© AFP Photo / Lindsey Parnaby

British Prime Minister David Cameron is taken on a guided tour of the IGas shale drilling plant oil depot near Gainsborough, Lincolnshire.
The UK plans to allow fracking companies to drill under people's land without their agreement, despite public opposition.

The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) said it will press ahead with proposals to simplify underground access for oil and gas developers despite the objection of 99 percent of respondents to a consultation.

The UK-wide plan would give companies the right to drill at depths of 300 metres or more under private land without negotiating a right of access.

The UK government argued that the current ability for people to block shale gas development under their property would lead to significant delays and that the legal process by which companies can force fracking plans through was costly, time-consuming and disproportionate.

Comment: Translation: The oil companies control the government and they have no intention of letting the public's concern for health, safety and the environment get in the way of rampant greed.