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Meth lab explosion inside US government building

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Police say they recovered evidence of a meth lab following an explosion inside a government building on Saturday.

The blast which injured a federal security officer took place at the National Institute of Standards and Technology in Gaithersburg, Maryland. Police say they found pseudoephedrine, drain cleaner, and a recipe for meth at the site of the explosion which sent a blast shield of 25 feet.

According to police, no experiments were supposed to be conducted at this particular lab during the weekend.

The guard, who resigned, had burns on his hands and arms - injuries consistent with meth lab incidents.

Comment: It's somewhat hard to believe that it takes an explosion before anyone is aware that the NIST has been turned into a meth lab.

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SOTT Exclusive: Racist Dutch police targeting and killing 'dark skinned' citizens

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42-year-old Mitch Henriquez was beaten and suffocated to death by Dutch police officers in The Hague
When Aruban Mitch Henriquez decided to attend the 'Night at the Park' music festival in The Hague, Netherlands, on June 27th, he probably expected to spend a pleasant evening listening to music with friends before returning to his family. But when he left his home that evening, it was the last time his family would see him alive. A few hours later, Henriquez would effectively be beaten and suffocated to death by Dutch police.

On the evening in question, as the festival wound down, Henriquez was walking with friends when they passed a group of police officers. According to eyewitnesses, the police were "staring for a long time" at Henriquez, who jokingly said to the police officers "what do you want? Here is my gun". An official police report on the incident also stated that Henriquez made a joke about having a gun on him. Without further warning several police officers jumped on Henriquez telling him that he "shouldn't joke about that". The fact that police realised it was a joke did not seem to moderate the violence they used against him. One witness wrote on her facebook page:
"I saw the beginning. They were running towards him, and jumped him from behind. It was a whole group of police officers. He fell on the ground and about six officers were sitting on him, one officer with a baton kept hitting him on his head and legs. [...] We yelled "don't hit him, don't hit him", but we, my husband and I, a woman and a couple of other people were told to leave the scene and officers were coming towards us."

Henriquez in the hospital
After being repeatedly beaten on the head, Henriquez lay seemingly unconscious on the ground while police officers continued to sit on him. Instead of being taken to the hospital, he was sent to the police station. According to the public prosecutor, Henriquez "became unwell" during the drive to the station, but from the video footage taken by one of the bystanders, it appears he was already unconscious or in a coma before he was put in the police car. Henriquez officially died the day after in hospital.

The autopsy revealed the cause of death as acute oxygen depletion due to suffocation. According to Chief Public Prosecutor Kitty Nooy however, it may take months for a conclusion regarding his death to be reached. The five police officers that took part in his arrest have been put on non-active duty, and are officially suspected of being involved in Henriquez's death.

Taking a lesson from the USA

The murder of Henriquez bears a striking resemblance to the death of Eric Garner in New York last year. Several NYPD officers jumped Garner while one of them put him in a choke-hold. Garner died from this brutal treatment, meted out by those who claim to 'serve and protect'. Garner's last words were; "I can't breathe". Has the disease of reckless police brutality against civilians that is so common in the USA infected the forces of law and order in the Netherlands?


Irish farmer faces £1,000 fine for smoking on his tractor; deemed smoking in the workplace

The farmer, who has not been named, was having a smoke break while parked up on a road when a tobacco control officer spotted him
A farmer who sparked up a cigarette inside his tractor could be fined £1,000 after he was found to be smoking in the workplace.

The farmer, who has not been named, was having a smoke break while parked up on a road when a tobacco control officer spotted him.

As the tractor was deemed capable of carrying more than one person, the farmer was told he was in breach of smoking regulations.

He has been issued with a notice that states he could have to pay a four-figure fine.

In Northern Ireland, where the incident took place, breaking smoke-free law is a criminal offence and people caught smoking in a work vehicle face a fixed penalty notice of £50 or a maximum £1,000 fine if convicted.

The Smoking (Northern Ireland) Order came into law in 2007, making it illegal to smoke in workplaces, enclosed public spaces and on public transport.

Comment: Tobacco control officer?
Hitler was a fervent anti smoker and a crusader for the anti-smoking cause. He personally funded research into the dangers of smoking and little wonder those results given the nature of his regime tended to support his assertions that smoking was an evil the Aryan race must be rid of. Many of the studies carried out during the Third Reich are the basis for the arguments put forward today by those seeking the imposition of repressive smoking bans.

Hitler once stated that tobacco was "the wrath of the Red Man against the White Man" Under the Nazi's the Bureau Against the Dangers of Alcohol and Tobacco was established in 1939 followed in 1942 by the Institute for the Struggle against the dangers of Tobacco. Nazi's were the first to coin the term "passive smoking"

Under the Nazi regime the German people had imposed on them the most comprehensive set of tobacco regulations and restrictions seen in any modern nation to that date. Hitler himself took particular interest in this area often personally overseeing the drafting and implementation of anti smoking policy.

Let's All Light Up!
These restrictions are not for health and longevity, read:


#AllLivesMatter, it's not just black people being murdered and harassed by the state

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Troy Goode (right) was killed by police in July 2015
The mainstream media is harping on about how African Americans are being targeted for abuse (and worse) from the police, in the process drumming up some sort of Machiavellian interracial antagonism that creates the illusion that white Americans have nothing to fear. This doubly assists the Powers That Be because it creates tension between white and black Americans while reinforcing the racist adage that, "If you're white, you're alright."

First off, let's be clear, an assault on the liberties of one of us is an assault on us all. Yes, I know that statistics over the long-term support the belief that cops don't treat whites as badly as they do blacks and other minorities. But since 9/11, and especially in the last few years, unless you're a super-rich white 'WASP', it doesn't matter what color you are: cops can and will kill you on a whim.

Race aside, if cops can murder at will and get away with it, we are all potential victims. If not us ourselves, it could soon be one of our kids, siblings or friends that are killed or imprisoned by the police. To back up this assertion I'm going to share with you five stories (among many others) from the last year or so where white Americans suffered at the hands of the American police (state).

1.) Troy Goode, pictured above, was killed by police July 18th, 2015 after being placed in a hog-tie and detained for 'behaving erratically'. Goode and his wife had just left a Widespread Panic concert in the Memphis area and were on their way home when he jumped out of their vehicle and seemed to be having a bad trip. Allegedly, he was overdosing from LSD, a hallucinogen known to make people, let's say, a little erratic. In that state, they're spooked easily, can suffer increases in anxiety and paranoia, and all they need to get over it is time and a caring person to calm them down.

The last thing you want to have is an interaction with police. This makes the individual extremely uncomfortable, and there's no physical threat to the individual's safety from the drug itself. A passer-by happened to witness Goode and his wife outside of their vehicle and, apparently completely unaware that we live in a police state, thought it was a good idea to give the uniformed thugs a call. Those thugs hogtied the nonviolent man and ignored his cries that he was having trouble breathing. A few hours later this successful chemical engineer, father and husband, was dead.

Basically this man was suffering from a panic attack, and untrained, hard-ass goons decided that he needed to be restrained even though he was nonviolent and had broken no laws. Employed, married with a child and very white, Troy was murdered by the state, his family devastated.


Mental health study shows 51% of Gaza children, 31% adults suffer from post-war trauma

© UNICEF/Eyadl Baba
Gaza Community Mental Health Program's (GCMHP) Deputy Director General for Professional Affairs Taysir Diab Thursday said around 51% of Gaza's children and 31% of its adults suffer Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder as a result to the latest Israeli mass attack on the besieged Gaza Strip.

These results were presented following a series of activities organized by the program to test the psychological condition and mental health of Gaza's community; including children and adults.

Diab along with Head of External Affairs and Resources Development Department Husam El-Nounou met with a delegation from the GIZ, which included the Regional Director of GIZ Rudolf Rogg, accompanied with GIZ Gaza-Representative Wael Safi.

The meeting, held in the GCMHP's headquarters in Gaza, aimed at strengthening the means of joint cooperation between the GCMHP and the GIZ.

GCMHP's Director General Yasser Abu Jamei warmly welcomed the visiting delegation, giving a brief about key activities and services provided by the GCMHP to the Palestinian community through its therapeutic and psychological interventions, in addition to its advocacy efforts, and developing the skills of professionals working in the field of community mental health.

Comment: All by design, thanks to Israel.

Children of Gaza: The psychological toll of war trauma is too much to bear


Australian right-to-die doctor will gas audiences on television show to model 'peaceful and reliable means of death'

© Independent
Philip Nitschke, nicknamed Dr. Death, with his new Destiny machine.
Audience members at the Edinburgh Fringe show hosted by the controversial medic known as Dr Death will be 'gassed' as they model how "a peaceful and reliable means of death" is carried out.

Right-to-die campaigner Philip Nitschke, 67, will invite people on stage to inhale gas from his updated version of the Deliverance machine that helped end the lives of four terminally people in the 1990s using intravenous drugs. Dr Nitschke said the move to gas made his new Destiny euthanasia machine much easier to use as no special skills, such as inserting an IV tube, are required.

Destiny asks three questions before delivering a lethal gas made up of nine per cent carbon monoxide and 91 per cent nitrogen through either a face mask, or nasal prongs, to the patient wanting to die. Volunteers at next month's 'Dicing with Dr Death' show, the first public appearance of the new machine, will receive 100 per cent nitrogen.

The new Destiny euthanasia machine is said to be much easier to use than its predecessor Deliverance
Dr Nitschke said the change followed discussions during development in Michigan with Neal Nicol, the assistant of American euthanasia activist Dr Jack Kevorkian, jailed for his direct role in a case of voluntary euthanasia, who died in 2011.

"Suicide is not a crime in the UK, and assistance is not required to use Destiny, which is perfectly legal," Dr Nitschke told The Independent. "The gas that provides the peaceful death is not restricted. Neal Nicol was present at the deaths of over 50 people who died inhaling nine per cent monoxide, and in his opinion, this method is as peaceful and effective as the more difficult administration of intravenous drugs.

Comment: Why have a televised advertisement for assisted suicide? Is that entertainment? While giving people who are truly suffering the choice to move on is a humane thing to do, given our current fascist world and what happened in Nazi, Germany, it may be conditioning toward the idea of eugenics.

Snakes in Suits

Monsanto's GMO 'dream bill': Anti-labeling law passes House vote

© Stephen Lam / Reuters
A contentious bill that may keep states from enacting local GMO laws, instead creating a federal "voluntary labeling" standard, has passed a House vote. The bill also regulates the use of the term "natural" on food labels.

Following a 275-150 vote on Thursday, the bipartisan bill is heading for the Senate. If enacted into law, the Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act would create a voluntary GMO-free certification program overseen by the US Department of Agriculture, and override any state and local GMO labeling laws.

The legislation preempts any state and local restrictions and labeling requirements for genetically modified organisms, foods containing GMOs, as well as non-GMO and"natural" food.

Comment: Who benefits? Obviously Monsanto and the other usual suspects don't want the people to know what they're eating. But the info is out there. Official testimony points to the fact that as much as 80% of the food in America contains genetically modified ingredients. The corruption of the food supply is revolting, and it's our responsibility to find healthy alternatives without expecting solutions from corrupt officials.


GRAPHIC: Activists film horrific slaughter of 250 whales in Faroe Islands

© RT / Ruptly
Shocking footage has emerged showing the slaughter of 250 pilot whales in the Faroe Islands. The annual event, known as the grindadráp, sees locals luring the animals to the shore before attacking them with lances and knives.

The brutal scenes were filmed by Sea Shepherd, a non-profit marine conservation society. Five members of the group were arrested while attempting to disrupt the bloody event that has been practiced for centuries.

Comment: What possible justification can we have to kill so many whales? And in such a disgraceful manner with lack of respect for the animals. Nature's wrath is long overdue.


Gitmo nurse who refused to torture inmates faces Navy retaliation

© Mark Wilson / Reuters
Despite a Guantanamo Bay nurse, who refused to force-feed inmates on hunger strike in Guantanamo Bay, receiving recognition from the nursing association for his ethical stand, the US Navy has threatened to revoke his security clearance, his lawyer said.

The nurse, a Navy lieutenant who has never been publicly identified, made headlines last year when he refused to take any further part in force-feeding Guantanamo inmates, calling the practice a "criminal act."

After pursuing administrative punishment for several months, the Navy eventually decided not to bring any charges against the officer. However, the Pentagon is now threatening to revoke the man's security clearance, said his attorney Ronald Meister.

Comment: Being a conscientious objector is not condoned in the US military. Obviously if the video recordings are released, there may be more conscientious objectors. The US is trying to quietly cover this up but hopefully will not be successful.


Iowa police shot unarmed black man five times; posed no threat, not a suspect, never charged

© LiveLeak Videos/You Tube
A newly released video exposes the lie of cops who shot at a black man they said had struck an officer with his car. However, the man had posed no threat, was not a suspect and was never subsequently charged.

On April 5, witnesses of a fist fight at the New World Bar and Grill at 504 Riehl Street in Waterloo, Iowa, called the police. They just wanted the cops to stop the brawl.

However, when officers arrived at the scene, the scuffle was over and participants and bystanders were leaving.

Waterloo citizen Jovan Webb, 27, a black man, who was preparing to pass a commercial driver's license test and had nothing to do with the fight, left the bar to watch the fight and was about to drive off from the parking lot.

"Soon after getting into his car, a man wearing civilian clothes knocked on the driver's side window of Mr Webb's car. It is thought the man was a Waterloo police officer and that he singled Webb out because of his race," Webb's lawyer, Mark Loevy-Reyes, stated in a suit. "Mr Webb pulled out of his parking spot to get away from the man, whom he did not know."

However, the cop wasn't shaken off easily. He chased the car with a handgun at the ready and shot the driver. Webb's suit claims that one "or more" police officers shot at him.

Comment: No matter where you live in America, the same situation plays itself out over and over again. Cops can (and do) maim or kill you for any reason they like. The police are out of control psychopathic murderers that are far more dangerous than any criminal.