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Pennsylvania: Homeless population increased three of past four years - camps spreading

You'd never know it from the road, but in the woods in Allentown, there's a small monument to just how resourceful people can be, when they have to be. Weeds and wildflowers obscure the path leading to Davina Delor's shelter. She built it herself after landing here in April - her fourth campsite since 2010. That's when Delor, 42, lost her job, quickly followed by her apartment and car. "I'm still looking for work. I get little odd jobs here and there, but nothing that pays. Nothing that will get you an apartment or anything like that," Delor says.

Experts say her situation isn't uncommon. The homeless population has increased three of the past four years in Pennsylvania, despite trending downward nationally for the better part of the past decade. Eighty-one percent of last year's increase was driven by unsheltered homeless people like Delor. They gravitate toward the urban settings near wooded and otherwise secluded areas of Allentown, Harrisburg, Scranton and Reading - even though poverty and unemployment rates there are skyrocketing compared to national norms.

City officials in Allentown and Reading, ranked the nation's poorest city last year, have shut down homeless encampments as they try to redevelop their downtown areas. But in other cities, including the Commonwealth's capital of Harrisburg, officials aren't doing that. Harrisburg's solicitor Neil Grover says they take action only if public safety is at risk: "What do you do? Move them? Where?"

Comment: Homeless people are being degraded and dehumanized all over the U.S. They are essentially being made criminals. Cities are passing tyrannical laws against feeding the homeless and they are destroying the places they call home. One city has even created a hotline to report their presence.Disgusting!
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Utah has a pretty good idea to make things better:
  • Utah is ending homelessness by giving people homes
  • Utah is on track to end homelessness by 2015 with this one simple idea


Ailiana Tsarnaeva, sister of Boston Marathon bombing suspect arrested in NYC

Aliana Tsarnaeva
© Associated Press
Aliana Tsarnaeva, sister of Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, departs district court in Boston’s South Boston neighborhood in 2013.
A sister of the man charged with carrying out the Boston Marathon bombings was arrested Wednesday for threatening a woman who previously had a romantic relationship with her boyfriend, police said.

Ailina Tsarnaeva, 23 years old, called the victim, also 23, on Monday and threatened her with a bomb, according to the New York Police Department. "I have people who can go up there and put a bomb on you," she allegedly told the woman, according to a law-enforcement official.

The victim reported the incident to police, and Ms. Tsarnaeva turned herself in at the 30th Precinct in Harlem at 2:30 p.m. on Wednesday, police said.

Comment: While it is entirely possible the events described occurred, it's also possible we're seeing the continuation of the previous psyop.


What is behind the internet service outage that affected millions in the US? Care to speculate?

A problem during routine maintenance has knocked millions of Time Warner Cable subscribers off Internet.

A Time Warner Cable truck is viewed in Brooklyn on August 27, 2014 in New York City.
On Wednesday morning, an estimated 11 million subscribers were hit by the early morning outage, which lasted more than hour.

The company has said the problem affected all of its markets and started at 4:30 a.m. and was largely restored by 6 a.m.

Time Warner Cable has about 11.4 million high-speed data subscribers in 29 states nationwide.

"During an overnight network maintenance activity in which we were managing IP addresses, an erroneous configuration was propagated throughout our national backbone, resulting in a network outage," the company has said in a statement.

Comment: Could it be due to earth changes, hacker attacks, severed underwater cables, or something else? Share your opinion in the comments.

Snakes in Suits

Mexico: Buenavista del Cobre mine firm lied about chemical spill

mexico oil spill
© Reuters/Daniel Becerril
A bird covered in oil stretches its wings on the shores of the river San Juan in Cadereyta August 21, 2014
Mexico's top environmental official said Tuesday that a mining company lied about a spill of millions of gallons of acids and heavy metals that contaminated two rivers and a dam downstream.

Environment Secretary Juan Jose Guerra Abud said the mine falsely claimed the spill earlier this month was caused by unusually heavy rain. Officials say a construction defect at a holding pond allowed mining waste to flow out.

"At the start, they told us it was excessive rain" that caused the containment pond to overflow, Guerra Abud said. "That was totally false," he said, saying there were no rains on that scale.

Plane escorted by jets back to Toronto because of in-flight smoking!

inflight smoking

Ah! The good old days!

Comment: Two fighter jets were deployed and an entire flight returned because two 20-year old females drunk and smoked in the plane's lavatory, which latter caused the smoke alarm to go off. What a hystericized society we live in! And what a waste of resources, time and grey matter.

Charges are pending against two women after a flight bound for Cuba was forced back to Toronto under fighter jet escort Wednesday night.

Peel police said that the 4:30 p.m. Sunwing Airlines flight bound for Varadero was forced to return to Toronto Pearson International Airport after a mid-flight disruption involving two women.

Two Canadian CF-18 fighter jets based out of Bagotville, Que., escorted the plane, which was forced to turn back over North Carolina.

"This is Norad's regular procedure," Maj. Julie Roberge, with Norad, said of the response. "Under an abundance of caution, the jets were launched to monitor the situation from the air."

BP refinery explosion in Indiana shakes surrounding area

bp refinery
An explosion occurred at the BP Whiting, Ind., refinery Wednesday night.

A Whiting Fire Department spokesman said the explosion, at about 9:05 p.m., could be heard clearly several blocks from the plant. But the spokesman said that when Whiting Fire commanders called the plant to ask if their assistance was needed, they were told only to stand by and that BP was handling it internally with its own fire department and ambulances.

People as far as two miles away reported feeling the explosion.

The Whiting Fire spokesman could not provide details of what exploded or if anyone was hurt. WBBM has attempted to contact a spokesman for the plant.

Kiev forces suffer heavy losses in Donetsk

© PA/Ivan Boberskyy
An injured fighter of Ukrainian national guard
Ukrainian troops have suffered heavy losses in southeastern Ukraine, the self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic army headquarters said on Thursday.

From August 24 militias changed their tactic to large-scale operations by fully capable units and encircled three Ukrainian groupings, the army headquarters said.

"During the counteroffensive, militias inflicted heavy losses on the Ukrainian troops. A total of 750 Ukrainian punitive troops were either killed or wounded. Over 150 Ukrainian troops have voluntarily surrendered to militias overnight," the militia headquarters said.

Donetsk fighters said Ukrainian troops were forced to leave several settlements in the region. The fighters seized four armored carriers, three infantry fighting vehicles, three anti-tank guns, a self-propelled artillery gun, trucks and an ammunition depot.

In the Luhansk region militias took control of checkpoints and strong points on the outskirts of the city, and a bridge, the DPR army headquarters said.

So far, ITAR-TASS has no confirmation of these reports from other sources.

Hundreds protest in Kiev demanding resignation of Ukrainian president Poroshenko

© ITAR-TASS/Alexei Druzhinin
Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko
The protesters who gathered near the Ukrainian Defense Ministry's headquarters are also seeking the resignation of Minister Valery Geletei and commanders of the military operation in the southeast.

Hundreds of protesters blocked one of Kiev's thoroughfares on Thursday demanding the resignation of Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko and urgent deployment of military hardware in the combat area in eastern Ukraine.

The protesters who gathered near the Ukrainian Defense Ministry's headquarters are also seeking the resignation of Minister Valery Geletei and commanders of the military operation in the southeast.

Several unarmed servicemen are guarding the headquarters.

A group of activists was rallying with similar demands near the presidential administration on Wednesday.

Poll: Most New Yorkers want to see criminal charges in the death of Eric Garner

eric garner
© STAN HONDA via Getty Images
Demonstrators rally against police brutality in memory of Eric Garner on Staten Island. A new poll shows most New Yorkers think criminal charges should be brought against the police officer who put Garner in the chokehold that led to his death.
A majority of New Yorkers think criminal charges should be brought against police officer Daniel Pantaleo, the cop most directly involved in last month's death of Eric Garner on Staten Island, a new poll shows.

According to a Quinnipiac poll released Wednesday, 64 percent of New York City voters would support brining charges against Pantaleo, while only 19 percent would oppose charges. When the numbers are broken down by race, 83 percent of black voters approve of charges being brought against Pantaleo, along with 50 percent of white voters.

Similarly, 90 percent of black voters polled think there is "no excuse" for the way officers acted when arresting Garner, while 50 percent of white voters feel the same.

Garner, a black 43-year-old father of six and grandfather of two, died on July 17 after Pantaleo put him into a banned chokehold during an arrest for selling untaxed cigarettes in the Tompkinsville section of Staten Island. A viral video of the incident shows Garner, who suffered from asthma, screaming "I can't breathe" numerous times before his body goes limp. A medical examiner later ruled his death a homicide.

Garner's death has once again brought the relationship between the NYPD and the city's minority communities into focus. Wednesday's poll shows that 63 percent of voters think cops treat black New Yorkers tougher than they do white New Yorkers. When the numbers are broken down by race, 83 percent of black voters said cops were tougher on blacks, while 50 percent of white voters agreed.
Light Saber

Prime Minister of the Donetsk People's Republic: 'Only Russian volunteers are fighting with Novorossiyan battalions, no regular Russian forces'

© RIA Novosti / Mikhail Voskresenskiy
Prime Minister of the Donetsk People's Republic Alexander Zakharchenko.
About 3-4,000 Russian citizens joined anti-government fighters during Kiev crackdown in Ukraine's east, says the leader of Donetsk independent republic, noting that self-defense fighters have never concealed this fact.

"They [Russian volunteers] are among us, people of Donbass [Region, eastern Ukraine] because we are blood brothers," said the Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Donetsk People's Republic, Aleksandr Zakharchenko, in an interview to Russian media.

"There is no secret that among the volunteers from Russia there are many military men. They are fighting together with us because they understand that it's their duty," he added.

According to the Donetsk PM, some of the volunteers returned home to Russia, others stayed in eastern Ukraine.

"Unfortunately, some of [the Russian volunteers] were killed," said Zakharchenko.

He explained why he thinks Russian volunteers are joining self-defense forces in eastern Ukraine.

"I think that only among Russians is there a heightened feeling of sorrow and human misfortune, only they are able to travel to any part of the world, die, fight for the independence and freedom of people."

Comment: Zakharchenko's statements are fully supported by the OSCE.

Those UN figures on casulaties in Kiev's 'Anti-Terror Operation' (really, a war of independence) are probably inaccurate.

Novorossiyan sources have provided these figures to
Dead civilians: 7,000

Novorossiyan forces: 2,500 - 3,000

Ukrainian regular army and private battalions set up by oligarchs: 16,000
Check out Prime Minister Zakharchenko's illuminating press conference earlier this week:

Donetsk People's Republic press conference: "Every 30-50 years, the West invades us"