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Unemployment rate shows that the US is in its second Great Depression

Desperate Americans stand in soup kitchen lines and look for work, circa 1929.
While the Obama administration and their mainstream surrogates maintain that the economy is growing at a booming pace, the reality of the situation is starkly different.

According to a report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics some 94.6 million Americans (age 16 and over) are either not working or have made no effort to find a job. With a population of 320 million, that means nearly one in three people in the United States are currently out of work.
The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that a record 94,610,000 people (ages 16 and over) were not in the labor force in September. In other words they were neither employed nor had made specific efforts to find work in the prior four weeks.

The number of individuals out of the work force last month — due to discouragement, retirement or otherwise — represented a substantial 579,000 person increase over the most recent record, hit in August, of 94,031,000 people out of the workforce.
Curiously, the official unemployment rate remained unchanged at 5.1%, suggesting that some 95% of people actually have jobs.


Gas explosion rocks residential building in Brooklyn, NY

13 ave and 43rd St, Brooklyn, NY, USA
A gas explosion rocked a residential building in Brooklyn on Saturday afternoon, the New York City Fire Department reported. Emergency personnel have been dispatched to the site of the accident.

The blast occurred in a building on 42nd Street and 13th Avenue in Borough Park at about 1:00pm, according to the city's Office of Emergency Management.

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Texas Veterinary Board votes to revoke license of veterinarian who killed elderly couple's cat with bow and arrow

© Mirror, UK
A Texas woman who shot an elderly couple's pet cat through the head with an arrow may soon lose her veterinary license, the Dodo reports.

Kristen Lindsey, who was a vet at the Washington Animal Clinic before being fired in April, bragged on Facebook about killing the cat, named Tiger, with a bow and arrow. The gruesome post contained a picture of a smiling Lindsey holding up a big orange-and-white tabby by the arrow embedded in the cat's head.

"My first bow kill, lol," she had written on the photo. "The only good feral tomcat is one with an arrow through it's [sic] head! Vet of the year award ... Gladly accepted."

Not so much. The photo elicited outrage that included death threats against Lindsey. People organized under the banner "Tiger's Justice Team." And the cat was not feral. It was a pet cared for by an elderly couple that liked to ride around on their farm tractor and even had a pet sitter.

The cat had gone missing the same day Lindsey posted the photo.

As a result of the outcry, Lindsey was fired from the animal clinic in April.

In June, a grand jury chose not to indict her on animal cruelty charges, citing insufficient proof. But that wasn't the end of it. The cat's self-appointed justice squad wanted to see to it that Lindsey would face some punishment for killing the cat.

Now the Texas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners has voted to revoke her license. Lindsey has rejected the call to voluntarily comply, meaning her case will go before the State Office of Administrative Hearings, where a final decision is expected to be made in early 2016, KBTX reports.

Comment: It is understandable that people would this associate this behavior with serial killers. Torturing and killing animals, without a pang of remorse or conscience, is a sign of psychopathy, not a serial killer. Psychopaths wish to inflict pain and enjoy suffering:
"The experience of pleasure is not reciprocal for the psychopath," stated Dr. Meloy, "it is available only through sadistic channels of power and control. Achieving power for the sake of having power is the nature of the psychopath."They love to have power and control over others," agreed Dr. Hare.

The need for absolute power over others and the wish to inflict pain for the enjoyment of watching others suffer, are almost never apparent to the casual observer. The reason for this is that another core trait of the psychopath is disguise. So unfortunately, these individuals usually mask themselves as good-natured people. If they have tremendous wealth, you can bet that they'll create charitable organizations as part of their mask.

The Hidden Evil: The Psychopathic Influence
See also: Female psychopath: Texas veterinarian fired after bragging online about killing a cat with a bow and arrow


Five cases demonstrative of NYPD brutality without repercussions

© Reuters / Lucas Jackson
A man pushed to the ground by a police officer because he was locked out of his apartment. A cop who punched someone in the face for riding his bike on the sidewalk, and another who pulled his gun on a man for filming him. These are a few of the horror stories contained within a new report on NYPD use of force.

Today, the NYPD Inspector General's office—an independent agency tasked with investigating and auditing the NYPD's operations—released a report on the department's use of force between 2010 and 2014. Its conclusions, based on a study of 179 instances, are at times sadly unsurprising (black people are grossly overrepresented as the victims of excessive force); and other times more novel (newer officers tended to use force more readily than more experienced cops). Broadly, it suggests that the department's policies on using violence are vague and often unenforced—a revelation NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton preempted this morning by announcing that he plans to quickly implement some of the reforms for which the inspector general advocates.

Comment: These are but a few examples of the brutal treatment by New York's 'finest' which aren't actually representative - there are far worse examples:

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Off-duty cop assaults 70-year-old stroke victim, police department refuses to investigate

James Miller, 70-old-victim of police brutality.
Police refuse to investigate an off-duty officer of using excessive force after mistaking an elderly stroke victim for a drunk driver. Immediately after throwing a 70-year-old man out of his truck, the cop restrained him on the ground by pressing his knee into a blocked artery on the side of the elderly man's neck. Although he repeatedly informed the officer that he was suffering from a stroke, the enraged cop continued to manhandle him until other officers finally arrived.

While driving to Walmart around 6 p.m. on Sunday, 70-year-old James Miller began feeling dizzy and ill before veering off the road and accidentally hitting a house with his pick-up truck. Instead of correctly reading the situation, off-duty Columbia police Sgt. Scott Hedrick ran out of the house and immediately pulled Miller out of the vehicle. After slamming the elderly man to the ground, Hedrick pressed his knee into a blocked artery on the right side of Miller's neck.

"He had my arm twisted behind my back. I said it was hurting and he said, 'I'll break your arm,'" Miller told FOX 4.

Comment: Events such as these happen with so regularly, it's hard to keep track. No one is safe in Police State America.

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Explosive weapons used in Syria have disproportionately lethal effects on women and children

© RIA / Novosti
A destroyed building in Al-Hasakah in eastern Syria.
Using explosive weapons in populated areas in Syria has disproportionately lethal effects on women and children and should be urgently prohibited, say a team of international experts in The BMJ today.

For Syrian children, explosive weapons such as bombs and missiles, were the most lethal, the findings show.

This is the first study to analyse the impact of different weapons on civilians and indicates that using explosive weapons in populated areas in Syria "has disproportionate lethal effects on women and children and should be urgently prohibited."

Comment: Western media outlets have been quick to lay blame for civilian deaths on the Assad government, when in actuality most of the bloodshed can be attributed to the onslaught of US forces and their allies who have been waging a proxy war against the democratically elected government of Syria.

Western warmongers killed 1.5 million Muslims in 'war on terror'; falsely accuse Russia of '30 civilian casualties' in airstrikes against ISIS
Despite what Western governments would like us to believe, the beginning of the 'Syrian revolution' in 2011 did not involve a mass uprising of ordinary Syrian people. It involved relatively small anti-government demonstrations and extremely large pro-government rallies. These were, however, quickly overshadowed by violent attacks on demonstrators, Syrian police and government buildings by well-equipped groups that were trained and armed by Western military and intelligence forces stationed in Jordan, Iraq and Turkey.

Since then, the "war" in Syria has been waged, not by the Syrian people, but by groups of foreign mercenaries shipped into the country and controlled by US, Turkish, Qatari and Saudi state actors. In 2012, even UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon acknowledged that 'al-Qaeda' were behind the many car bombings that killed so many innocent Syrians. What Ban might not be aware of is that at least one of the massacres attributed to Assad was carried out by a 'security contractor' paid directly by the U.S. government.

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'Camping' on your own land is now illegal — Govt waging war on off-grid living

© Unkown
Across the U.S., local zoning officials are making it increasingly difficult for people to go off the grid, in some instances threatening people with jail time for collecting rainwater or not hooking into local utilities.

As zoning laws have increasingly targeted the off-grid lifestyle, many have moved to the Southwestern U.S. as an escape from overzealous zoning officials.

In Costilla County, Colorado, there has been a major influx of off-grid residents to the San Luis Valley. The combination of lax zoning regulations, cheap property, and an already thriving community of self-reliant off-grid homesteaders has led to many new residents.

The off-grid lifestyle, enjoyed by an estimated 800 people, is now being threatened as county officials have recently made moves to essentially regulate and license the lifestyle into oblivion.


Propaganda: 15-year-old shoots cop in Sydney, Australia; shooting 'linked to terrorism' say police commissioner

© AFP/Saeed Khan
Australian officials said on Saturday that a shooting in Sydney in which a civilian police employee was killed the previous day was terrorist related, identifying the gunman as a 15-year-old boy.

The boy shot a finance department worker at close range as the man left police headquarters in Parramatta in western Sydney on Friday afternoon and was then killed in an exchange of fire with police.

"We believe his actions were politically motivated and therefore linked to terrorism," New South Wales police commissioner Andrew Scipione told reporters.

Comment: What evidence is there of that? The color of his skin?

Police have set up a "strikeforce" to investigate the incident but Scipione said they were a "long way" from establishing what exactly prompted the attack.

He said the teenager was of Iraqi-Kurdish background and had been born in Iran but was unknown to police.

New South Wales state Premier Mike Baird said he believed that the lives of others had been saved by the quick actions of those police at the scene.

"There's no doubt that this tragedy will echo around the world, as people try and understand how someone so young could admit such a hideous crime," Baird said.

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Girls are the fastest-growing group in the US Juvenile Justice System

© Richard Ross
Over the past 20 years, there's been a promising decline in arrests of youths in the United States. The reasons for the drop are elusive, but one factor might be a renewed interest within the juvenile justice system in paying better attention to child welfare before kids are drawn to crime. States are also seeking alternatives to traditional punishment once kids are in the system.

But a new report out this week finds that for young girls, the trend is going in the opposite direction. The proportion of girls in the juvenile justice system has increased at every stage of the process over the last 20 years, from arrests to detention and probation.


Four killed in small plane crash on Georgia, South Carolina state border

Air plane debris embedded in a tree near a plane crash on the Georgia - South Carolina border.
Authorities from Georgia and South Carolina say four people were killed in a plane crash near the state line at Lake Hartwell.

The Stephens County Sheriff Randy Shirley confirmed to WYFF News 4 a small plane had crashed near the state line along Lake Hartwell.

Investigators said the plane's debris field was discovered in a tree line near the lake, and in the lake.

Authorities from both Stephens County and Oconee County said the crash was in the Highway 123 area.

Crews said they have located the plane's fuselage and that 4 people on board did not survive.
© Google Earth
Lake Hartwell