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U.S. rapper faces life in prison for album cover

Album Cover
Like countless artists before him, San Diego-based rapper Brandon Duncan's new album features a picture of a gun and bullets on its front cover. However Duncan, who raps under the name Tiny Doo, could be the first artist to go to jail for his choice of album art.

Duncan faces 25-years-to-life on gang conspiracy charges brought against him this week, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Prosecutors will reportedly look to prove that the album art "willfully promotes, furthers, or assists in any felonious criminal conduct by members of that gang."

"That gang" refers to the San Diego Lincoln Park gang, of which Duncan is a member, according to San Diego police. According to the Times, at least 15 Lincoln Park gang members have been charged in a recent string of shootings in the city.

Yet Duncan's attorney, Brian Watkins, told the paper that his client is innocent and the evidence against him insufficient.

"It's no different than Snoop Dogg or Tupac," Watkins said. "It's telling the story of street life. If we are trying to criminalize artistic expression, what's next, Brian DePalma and Al Pacino?"

Citizen warns that 12-yr-old child's toy gun on playground is FAKE, cops shoot and kill child anyway

12-year old shot_police
The person who called 911 on the boy CLEARLY WARNED the dispatcher that the child's toy gun was "fake." Despite this warning, police shot and killed the boy. Listen to the audio below.

Cleveland, Ohio - A rookie police officer has just shot a 12-yr-old child to death on a playground.

The child was playing with a toy BB gun.

Police claim that the toy looked real and that they were "forced" to shoot the child.

However, the community and the boy's family say that the cops were trigger-happy.

They believe that the cops were trigger-happy for several reasons:

1) The citizen who called 911 on the boy clearly warned the dispatcher that child's toy gun was fake(raw recording below). This means that warning was given ahead of time from which any reasonably sane and intelligent person can extract two facts: (a) we are dealing with just a child, not an adult, and (b) the child's toy is fake.

2) The boy did not act aggressively toward the police - there was no verbal or physical confrontation. He never at any time pointed the toy at officers. He was merely playing on the playground.

Home-school parents tasered, pepper-sprayed, handcuffed, for "messy house" as kids watched

© Unknown
Nodaway County, Missouri - Last week, Jason and Laura Hagan, of New Hampton, Missouri filed a lawsuit against the Nodaway County Police for a SWAT team raid against their family, where tasers and pepper spray were used by the invading officers. The lawsuit is the newest fight in the family's lengthy legal battle with the county over the raid, which took place in 2011.

The case began years ago when Child Protection Services (CPS) agents were sent to the home because they were homeschooling their children and they reportedly had a "messy house."

According to the complaint filed last week, the family was harassed by CPS agents on multiple occasions and one day, they refused to let the agents inside their home. The agent then called Chief Sheriff's Deputy David Glidden and Sheriff Darren White of the Nodaway County police department.

When the officers arrived at the home they were told by Jason Hagan that they were not allowed to enter his property without a court order. Glidden responded by forcing his way into the home and spraying both Jason and Laura in the face with pepper spray.

Next, Glidden uses his taser on Jason, shooting him in the back with the weapon. Horrified, Laura shut the door to separate herself and her husband from the officer, who triggered the taser 3 more times through the closed door, as the barbs were still stuck inside of Jason.

Bighorn sheep escapes its captors at Los Angeles zoo, only to be hit by car

bighorn sheep
A bighorn sheep escaped from the Los Angeles Zoo at Griffith Park on Saturday and dashed around the hills in the park for hours before it ended up on a residential street where it was struck by a car and died, a zoo spokeswoman said.

The sheep got free from its enclosure and darted through an area where zoo visitors were gathered. It escaped the zoo, probably by jumping a fence, and scampered around the hills of the park, said zoo spokeswoman April Spurlock.

The animal was loose for about three hours before it was struck by a car on a residential street near the Greek Theatre, she said. The concert venue is about 2 miles southwest of the zoo, on the other side of Griffith Park.

Comment: This is one of the unfortunate consequences of keeping animals penned up in confined spaces - it's a prison for them. Recently zoo animals are becoming rebellious and some are turning on their captors. Perhaps these incidences are symbolic of the human population that is becoming fed up with the ever spiraling control of their psychopathic masters.


Thousands evacuated in Rennes, France after WWII bomb discovered

Rennes France
Rennes, France: a series of bombs from the Second World War have been found
Three thousand people were evacuated from their homes in the centre of the French city of Rennes Sunday while a huge British bomb from World War II was defused.

The 250-kilogramme (550-pound) bomb was found near the city's town hall during the building of a new metro line in the capital of the Brittany region of western France, mayor Nathalie Appere told AFP.

She said it was packed with 70 kilos of high explosives and police bomb disposal experts faced a very "delicate operation" to disarm it.

As deer hunting season begins, so do the injuries and fatalities of the human predator

deer hunting
Although hunting is generally thought to be a dangerous sport for the animals in the crosshairs, hunting carries with it the capacity for any number of accidental injuries while pursuing game.

Throughout the month of November, firearm deer hunting season is opening up in the majority of U.S. states. The large numbers of hunters filing through the woods can only increase the likelihood of accidental shootings.

According to the NY Daily News, over the weekend a New York man was shot through the hand and buttocks while dragging a tagged deer back to his car. The shooter claimed that he saw the apparently resurrected deer moving and could not make out the hunter dragging it. The victim was taken to the hospital and is expected to make a full recovery.

The St. Louis Post-Disbatch reports that two hunters were not so lucky as one fell from a tree to his death and the other was involved in a bizarrely fatal heater explosion. One more hunter was injured when he shot himself through the leg while trying to reload his rifle.

Mayor and residents of small village identify young Frenchman turned Islamist militant

french isis militant
© AFP image from video
The young Frenchman, now ISIS militant, was identified as a native of Labastide-Rouairoux, a small village in the south of France
One of three Kalashnikov-wielding Islamists seen burning their French passports in an Islamic State propaganda video this week grew up in a small village in southern France, the mayor said Saturday.

The 26-year-old, who goes by the name of Abou Ossama Al-Faranci in the Internet video, left the village of some 1,400 people five years ago, residents told the newspaper La Depeche du Midi.

Serge Lafon, the mayor of Labastide-Rouairoux, told AFP that "many villagers knew and recognised him".

"They are quite sure and there's been no denial by relatives or anyone so there's a 99 percent chance it is him."

The bearded blue-eyed man seen in the footage urging Muslims to stage attacks in France was reported to have gone to school in the village and have converted to Islam, studying the Koran in a Muslim centre in a private home.

Comment: Join ISIS now and get a cruise for free!

Bad Guys

Wisconsin police officer suspended for 1 day (for swearing) after brutal assault on woman

© Rawstory
A white police officer in Superior, Wisconsin who grabbed a black woman by her hair and slammed her face into the hood of a car and punched her several times has received a single day's suspension from duty.

According to, Officer George Gothner was not censured for his violent attack on Natasha Lancour, which took place on Jan. 5, but for swearing while he did it.

The decision came at the end of a lengthy internal investigation by the police force. The violent arrest was caught on camera and spawned a significant outcry.

Superior Police Chief Charles LaGesse said that the department has ruled that Gothner's use of force against the unarmed Lancour was consistent with his training and with the policies of the department.

Comment: Beating an innocent woman is consistent with the policies of the police?! They are telling citizens point blank what their role is in our Kafkaesque society.

On the night of the assault, Gothner and other officers had approached a group of people in the parking lot of a night club called the Keyport Lounge. In dashboard camera footage of the incident, Gothner can be seen shouting and Lancour and pointing into her face.

Then, Gothner dragged Lancour to the squad car by her hair, bounced her face off the hood, then proceeded to punch her in the face and head.

However, the Wisconsin Department of Justice investigation found, Gothner "failed to utilize proper communication skills and was vulgar and unprofessional in his initial contact with Lancour and his words were a violation of several department policies."

Comment: The U.S. government invades other countries steals its resources, maims and murders innocent people. They condone torture and support violence as a means to shock people into total control. A police state, and the behavior of this officer, is the result of the collapse of moral leadership. Fear mongering, dehumanizing - the citizens follow their leaders.
Special Police Officer Richard Recine, a part-time employee of the Borough of Helmetta Police Department, was caught on video saying, "Obama has decimated the friggin' Constitution, so I don't give a damn. Because if he doesn't follow the Constitution we don't have to."
New Jersey cop: 'Obama decimated the Constitution, we don't have to' follow it

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Roman Colosseum to be rebuilt for cultural events, concerts

© Independent
Italy's culture minister gives the green light for cultural events once again being held within the historic arena

Two millennia after sword-wielding gladiators fought to the death on the blood-soaked sands of the Colosseum, Italy's culture minister has given the green light to cultural events once again being held within the arena.

Dario Franceschini has thrown his weight behind a proposal to rebuild the wooden floor that once covered the arena and provided the setting for wild animal hunts and gladiatorial combat.

Currently only a small portion of the arena is covered by wooden boards, with the rest exposed to the elements - visitors are able to peer into the labyrinth of narrow tunnels and cramped stone cells that once housed caged animals and gladiators before they emerged into the arena via a network of lifts operated by slaves.

There are no plans to recreate mock gladiatorial battles or fights with lions, leopards and bears.

The minister said that only concerts and other cultural events would be held, insisting that ancient Rome's monuments should not be turned into a cultural Disneyland.

Occasional concerts are held inside the Colosseum but the rebuilding of the arena's wooden flooring would allow more frequent events.

"I'm convinced that with the intelligent reconstruction of the arena in the Colosseum, the monument that is a symbol of Italy could become even more attractive to tourism," Mr Franceschini said at a press conference in Rome on Friday.

He knocked down previous suggestions that football matches could be held in the ancient arena.

Comment: See also: Rome's Colosseum: Medieval condominium

Cowboy Hat

School football in the police state: Enraged cop pepper sprays student directly in the eyes without provocation

Ski-masked Phenix City Police Officer assaults student with pepper spray
A 17-year-old high school student was having fun and talking to a girl at a football game Friday when all of the sudden a ski-masked Phenix City Police Officer comes from behind and assaults him.

Police officers were near the students because they were trying to move them back from the railing. Cameron Rader, the boy who was assaulted in the video says he was no where near the railing, and we can clearly see in the video that he was not near the railing before the assault.

"This cop in front of me is just staring me and my friends down for absolutely no reason and saying things like, 'I'm not a cop you can mess with,' and I just started laughing, because it was crazy," Rader said. "When I laughed, he said, 'Oh, you think this is funny? Do you see me laughing?' I told him no sir."

According to The Montgomery Advertiser, Rader said the brief confrontation ended at that point and he turned to begin talking with a female student behind him. A few seconds later, he said the officer accused him of pushing him.

The entire incident was captured on video by one of the students watching the game.

Comment: No matter how often we see these bizarre behaviors by US police, it is still jaw-dropping to realize how they have deteriorated into criminal thugs. Their overarching rage is no longer hidden, and its becoming clear that they have been given a license to terrorize the population by their elite masters who are intent on tightening the noose of control on the sheeple.

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