Earth Changes


Monster Earth-facing Sunspot - solar flare alert with possible solar storm brewing

solar flare

The sun on Oct. 23 as seen by NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory. The dark sunspot cluster in AR2192 is obvious in the HMI Intensitygram (left), which represents the sun's photosphere -- known, colloquially, as the solar 'surface' -- whereas the EUV images to the right (at wavelengths 171A -- top -- and 304A) show emissions from the multimillion degree solar corona (where coronal loops shine bright) and chromosphere.
Just as the US prepares to watch the partial solar eclipse today, nearly 100 million miles away on the sun a possible solar storm is brewing. Amateur astronomers have been wowed by a vast sunspot that has rotated to face Earth, the largest since this solar cycle began in 2008, and solar observatories (on the ground and orbiting Earth) are closely monitoring the region.

The sunspot, a dark patch in the sun's photosphere, represents intense solar magnetism bursting from the sun's interior known as an active region. This particular active region, designated AR2192, has been rumbling with intense flare activity, recently exploding with 2 X-class flares, causing some short-lived high-frequency (HF) radio black outs around the globe.

Comment: Interesting that the Sun had been so quiet until around the time of Comet Siding Spring passing so close to Mars. Earth Changes and the Human-Cosmic Connection

Black Cat

Tiger attacks Australian tourist at animal park in Thailand

© Apichart Weerawong/AP
A juvenile tiger similar to this one attacked the Australian tourist, who insisted he didn’t want the animal killed.
Paul Goudie from Melbourne recovering in hospital after being attacked inside an enclosure at Tiger Kingdom animal resort

An Australian man is recovering in a Thai hospital after being mauled by a young male tiger in a special tourist enclosure at an animal park on the resort island of Phuket.

Paul Goudie, from Werribee, near Melbourne, was attacked at the enclosure this week at the Tiger Kingdom tourist show after being given controlled access to a group of young tigers.

Goudie, 49, suffered serious bites to his left leg and stomach and is being treated at a Phuket hospital prior to surgery to avoid the risk of infection.

At the tiger park, tourists are invited into a special caged enclosure with handlers as part of the visitor experience.


Two-month-old baby boy injured by chimpanzee in Uganda

© Francis Mugerwa.
Ms Rosemary Nyangoma nurses her son who was attacked by a chimpanzee last week. Doctors say his health has improved.
The family of a two-month-old baby boy, who was injured by a chimpanzee in Hoima District last week, is demanding compensation from government.

The victim's father, Mr Nyansio Byaruhanga, said his son sustained multiple injuries on his head and private parts. "Chimpanzees and other wild animals are supposed to be in parks and game reserves. But it strayed into our garden and injured my son. Government should compensate us," Mr Byaruhanga said. He expressed worry whether his son will be able to father children given the injury the baby sustained in the private parts.

The Uganda Wildlife Authority's (UWA) spokesperson, Mr Jossy Muhangi, described the incident as unfortunate, but said the authority would not compensate the family. "There is no provision in the law for us to compensate in such a case," Mr Muhanji said, adding that UWA does not compensate victims in communities neighbouring parks and game reserves.

Comment: See also: Chimpanzee kidnaps and kills 2-year-old boy in Uganda


Rare beaked whale found dead on Sunshine Coast, Queensland

© Sunshine Coast Council
The deep sea whales rarely come close to shore.
Marine experts will examine a rare deep sea whale that has washed up on a Queensland beach.

The five-and-a-half metre beaked whale was found dead this morning at Wurtulla on the Sunshine Coast.

It was believed to have died of natural causes.

It was at least the second beaked whale to wash up on the east coast of Australia this week, after one was found on Redhead Beach, south of Newcastle, last week.

The Queensland Museum will collect the Wurtulla whale's carcass tomorrow to conduct research into the rare species.

The Sunshine Coast Council has erected a sign around the Wurtulla Beach whale asking people not to touch the whale, saying it could carry viruses.

Whale Conservation Society's Paul Hodda said it was an exciting find because the mysterious whale is rarely seen anywhere in the world.

Comment: This is the third body of a deep sea whale to turn up dead within 6 weeks in Australia. So, what's up below? See also: Rare deep sea dwelling beaked whale washes up on beach near Newcastle, Australia

Denizen of deep water, cuviers beaked whale found dead on Titahi Bay beach, New Zealand

Creatures from the deep signal major Earth Changes: Is anyone paying attention?


Elephant herd tramples farmer to death in India

© Jagdeep Rajput
A 49-year-old farmer trampled to death by a herd of elephants in the Ragi field in Tagachikoppe village bordering Savanadurda forest area in Ramnagar on Friday morning.

The deceased, Rajendra Nayak, along with two others, had gone to the field in the early hours was caught by the elephant herd.

While Rajendra was trampled to death the two others managed to escape , Deputy Conservator of Forest (Ramnagar) , Ravishankar said.

According to the him, the three elephants who were separated from the group of 11 elephants heading towards the forest area strayed into the village.

The forest officials drove the elephants back into the forest area and shifted the body of Rajendra for post-mortem.
Cloud Lightning

Siege of Pacific storms will continue to drench and blast the coastal U.S. Northwest

A siege of Pacific storms will continue to drench and blast the coastal Northwest into next week and will be joined by Ana.
The rounds of heavy rain will be enough to cause incidents of flash flooding, mudslides and travel delays from northern California to western Oregon, western Washington and southwestern British Columbia.

From this week through the middle of next week, a general 6 to 12 inches (150 to 300 millimeters) of rain can fall along the immediate coast, but locally higher amounts are possible in the eastern slopes of the coastal ranges, including the Olympic Mountains in northwestern Washington state.
Cloud Precipitation

Nor'easter batters U.S. Northeast, Canada with wind speeds found in Category 1 hurricane

© David Filipov
Surf reaches Plymouth Long Beach seawall at high tide.
Conditions will improve across the Northeast on Friday as this week's nor'easter shifts away from the region. While some rain and wind is still expected over northern New England and Nova Scotia on Friday, the worst of the storm has passed after flooding rain and howling winds impacted the region from Tuesday night through Thursday.

The storm has left behind a mess for cleanup crews with thousands of people still without power and a plethora of trees felled across the region. Boston was one of the larger cities that was hit by the powerful storm, receiving over 3 inches of rain and being lashed by winds that gusted as high as 54 mph.

The observatory sitting on top of Mount Washington, New Hampshire, recorded a peak wind gust of 84 mph Wednesday evening, wind speeds that can be found in a Category 1 hurricane.

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Snowflake Cold

Crops harvested under 20 cm of snow and at minus 10 degrees C, Kazakhstan

The grain fields of Northern Kazakhstan have had to be harvested in the snow and frost
What grains they collect now can only be used to feed the cattle.

"Of course the MSM in the Netherlands do not bring this news," says reader. "Snow in Austria and in Sweden? We don't hear it on the television news, we don't read it in the big newspapers. Snow in Russia? It is not mentioned. The private plane of the CEO of the French oil company Total crashed on Vnukovo Airport after a collision with a snow blower. Nobody says: Hey, how come we are not being told that there was snow? Why else would a snowblower be on the runway?"

Early snowfall causes chaos in western Austria

© APA/Gindl
A lorry on the A10 near the Tauern tunnel.
Winter has come early to western Austria, leaving hundreds of homes without electricity on Wednesday night. Snow and rainfall also caused numerous problems on roads, and is expected to continue until Thursday evening.

The Tauern tunnel and A10 motorway had to be closed on Thursday morning in the direction of Salzburg because of a fallen tree.

Fallen trees also caused power outages in the Tyrolean regions of Brandenberg, Hochfilzen, Zillertall in Zell and Gerlostal.

The Arlberg railway line had to be closed between Wald am Arlberg and Dalaas. Travellers were warned of delays and cancellations on the train service between Tyrol and Vorarlberg until noon. A rail replacement bus service has been set up.

Experts are also warning of an increased danger of avalanches in Tyrol.
Cloud Lightning

'Rare' tornado hits Washington city of Longview

© AP Photo/The Daily News, John Markon

Workers bring roofing material to start temporary repairs on the roof of the Carl's Towing building, Thursday, Oct. 23, 2014 in Longview, Wash.
The southwest Washington city of Longview tallied the damage Friday from a rare tornado that tore off roofs, broke windows and uprooted trees, leaving residents and officials in disbelief. No one was injured in the Thursday afternoon wind blast, which covered 1.3 miles and unleashed winds as high as 110 mph, the National Weather Service said.

Police and fire crews responded quickly to the hardest-hit area, but Longview Fire Chief Phil Jurmu admitted his first reaction was puzzlement. "I kind of furrowed my brow, probably, and said, 'What?'" he told KATU-TV of Portland.

Tornadoes are rare in Washington state and the Pacific Northwest, where the nearby Pacific Ocean generally prevents severe temperature changes. But another one hit southwest Washington in 1972 and caused damage in Vancouver, Washington, just across the Columbia River from Portland, Oregon.