Earth Changes


There's a Blood Moon coming, and some think it signals the end of the world

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It might be worth staying up late in a few weeks' time, as something funky is happening to the moon.

But don't say we didn't warn you - some see it as a sign of the end of the world.

Just so you know.

In the early hours of September 28 - it's a Sunday night/Monday morning, so maybe make an excuse for your boss - it's going to be the darkest night and the brightest, just minutes apart.

It's called the Supermoon and the Blood Moon.

Cloud Lightning

Tropical Storm Erika has left over 7,300 people displaced in the Dominican Republic

Tropical Storm Erika has left 7,345 people displaced in the Dominican Republic.

Tropical Storm Erika has left 7,345 people displaced and over 820 houses damaged in the Dominican Republic, director of the country's Center for Emergency Operations (COE) Brig. Gen. Juan Manuel Mendez said.

The storm caused over 400 road obstructions and massive power outage and caused the country's authorities to issue a red alert, Mendez told reporters on Friday, as quoted by the Listin Diario newspaper.


Herd of wild elephants kill two in Bihar, India


The elephants got enraged when some people pelted stones
Wild elephants which had come out of forest for crop raiding chased and killed two villagers and injured two other in Bagaha district of Bihar on Tuesday.

A herd of wild elephants had ventured out of the Valmiki Tiger Reserve and killed two villagers of Bagaha district, late on Monday, said an official of the state forest department.

He said that the elephants got enraged when some people pelted stones at the the herd and in the process the violent pachyderms destroyed several thatched huts as well as the standing crop, added the forest official.

Bizarro Earth

Powerful windstorm topples trees, causes massive power outages in Washington state

High winds and rain caused power outages throughout Washington state.
A powerful windstorm toppled trees, killing two people in Washington state as work crews scrambled on Sunday to restore power to 450,000 customers, a TV report showed.

A father driving with his three-year-old daughter in Gig Harbor, just west of Tacoma, was killed on Saturday when a tree fell on his car, KOMO 4 TV reported.

Within two hours, a falling branch struck and killed a 10-year-old girl in Federal Way, just east of Tacoma, the television station reported.

Gusting winds were blamed for massive power outages affecting as many as 450,000 customers.


Waterspout spotted off Jacksonville Beach, Florida

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A waterspout was spotted in the ocean off of Jacksonville Beach this morning.

A few onlookers and beach-goers could be seen checking out the weather phenomenon in the Atlantic Ocean. Reports came in from Ponte Vedra Beach, as well as Jacksonville Beach.


Jellyfish from the Indian Ocean invade the beaches of the Eastern Mediterranean via the Suez Canal


Painful: Stinging nomad jellyfish, which gather in huge swarms, are invading the beaches of Israel and the eastern Mediterranean
Jellyfish packing a painful sting are invading the beaches of Israel and the eastern Mediterranean despite being native to an ocean thousands of miles away.

Nomad jellyfish, which gather in huge swarms, caused problems earlier this summer, but they are just one of many potentially dangerous species that have invaded the Mediterranean via the Suez Canal.

The silver-cheeked toadfish, an extremely poisonous species which can be deadly to humans, as well as the devil firefish, with its poisonous dorsal spines, have also made their way from the Indian Ocean.


Nomad jellyfish, which gather in huge swarms, caused problems earlier this summer in the Mediterranean


Large waterspout forms at Laguna Nichupté, Cancun, Mexico

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A large waterspout formed at Laguna Nichupté in Cancun, Mexico, on August 28. The natural phenomenon was caught on camera by Nicola Rustichelli.

Cloud Lightning

Canada: B.C. Lower Mainland storm cuts power to 400,000 homes

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Storm winds have brought trees down on roads, cars and at least one person in Metro Vancouver.
Surrey woman suffers life-threatening injuries after being struck by falling tree

Winds maxing out at 90 km/h in some parts of southwest B.C. have made for dangerous conditions on roads, with downed trees and power lines. At least 400,000 homes are without power.

Vancouver Island and the Sunshine Coast are also experiencing damage from the winds. Environment Canada says winds peaked at 117 km/h on Saturna Island.

High winds forced the closure of Vancouver's jewel, Stanley Park, although the east side of the park re-opened Saturday afternoon.

The annual Pacific National Exhibition initially said it would close but later announced it would stay open after Environment Canada cancelled a wind warning.


Dead Humpback whale found on Mexican beach


Dead humpback whale
A humpback whale was found dead on the Pacific coast of the southern state of Chiapas, Mexico's Commission for Protected Natural Areas said.

The whale, measuring 11 meters (36 feet) long, was discovered on the beach in the municipality of Mapastepec, the commission said in a statement.

Officials at the La Encrucijada biosphere reserve said the whale died at sea and drifted for three days before washing up on the beach.

The whale's body bore no signs of blows or injuries and experts took samples of blood and tissue to determine the cause of death.

Cloud Precipitation

Baseball-sized hail recorded in Kittson, Pembina counties, North Dakota

Baseball-size hail hit parts of Pembina and Kittson counties this morning as a storm moved through the northern Red River Valley.

Reports of golf ball to baseball-size hail were reported from near Neche, N.D., to Minnesota's Humbolt-St. Vincent and Northcote areas in Kittson County, National Weather Service Meteorologist Ryan Knutsvig said.

Pembina County Emergency Manager Andrew Kirking received his first report about the storm at about 8:20 a.m.

Meanwhile, strong thunderstorms redeveloped early Friday afternoon near Angle Inlet, Minn., on Lake of the Woods, according to a weather service reports. Boaters were being cautioned that the conditions could last through 4 p.m.

Source: Forum News Service