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Atmospheric dysbiosis: Is the loss of rainmaking bacteria causing the drought in the Western US?

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It's time to consider the possibility that industrial farming with its focus on chemicals such as glyphosate and glufosinate have played an important role in creating drought and other severe weather patterns.

The term microbiome can be misleading because it conjures images of things so small and insignificant that, in relation to macroscopic phenomena, they are literally invisible. These ubiquitously distributed bacteria collectively constitute together something of a globe-spanning organism, and their collective power to affect changes in the planet's climate may be far more profound than any of us imagined.

For instance, it is now known that the atmospheric microbiome actually regulates rain and snow formation and precipitation. In fact, Earth is surrounded by microbes and the products of microbes flying from land to sky and back to land. A recent article explains how "Over land outside the tropics, only 1 percent of rain events involve ice-free clouds, according to the new study." And what is the most significant rain-making bacteria identified to date but an ice-nucleating bacteria called Pseudomonas syringae? Perhaps it would be more accurate to speak of these bacteria in the atmosphere in toto not as a microbiome but an "atmospheric macrobiome."

Comment: See also: How Does Rain Form: Pseudomonas syringae.

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Enormous sinkhole opens in Brooklyn, New York

The police have blocked off the intersection of Fifth Avenue and 64th Street in Brooklyn's Sunset Park as a massive sinkhole opened up around 7:30 am Tuesday morning, taking most of the street corner with it.
MyFoxNY reports that there are no reported injuries from the collapse.

National Grid workers are on the scene to work on affected gas lines, and the north bound N train is expecting delays due to the wreckage, CBS NewYork reports. The footage of the sinkhole shows at least one disconnected pipe, and the water lines to several nearby businesses have reportedly been cut off.
Pictures posted on Twitter show a large hole that could have easily swallowed up a car. The cave-in is limited to the street, and the sidewalk remains intact. The New York Fire Department tweeted these photos:


Comment: Bronx, NY in the midst of second Legionnaires' outbreak this year


Another dead whale found near Pacifica, California: 4th since mid-April

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Tom Mattusch provided this picture of a dead Humpback Whale floating off the Pacifica Coast.
Boaters were being warned to watch out for a large dead whale found floating off the Pacifica Coast near shipping channels.

"We found this Humpback Whale, floating, rather bloated," boater Tom Mattusch said.

The whale was found just a few miles off the coast, swollen to the size of a small house.

The fishing vessel Hulli Cat was returning from a Farallon bird watching trip when Mattusch spotted it.

"I've been coming out on the ocean since 1967, and this is the first bloated, floating whale that large I've ever seen," Mattusch said.

An increased number of dead whales have been washing onto Bay Area shores. Another dead whale washed onto the beach in Pacifica Sunday.

Comment: See also:Dead whale found on beach in Pacifica, California: 3rd since mid-April


4 waterspouts seen in eastern Carolina over the weekend


Waterspout over the Albemarle sound
Some unsettled weather along our coast over the weekend produced several waterspouts, reported by viewers through photos and videos.

Viewers in Tyrrell County sent in multiple photos of waterspouts that formed over the Albemarle sound early Sunday evening.

Teresa Thompson sent in amazing video of a fully-formed waterspout in the sound near Columbia.

The Tyrrell County Sheriff's Office says a funnel cloud was spotted just before 7:00 p.m. near Woodley, but it didn't touch down on land. However, three waterspouts were reported in the Albemarle sound.


1,000 sheep die mysteriously in Kazakhstan


Dead sheep in Kazakhstan
Kazakh authorities are unable to explain the sudden death of around 1,000 sheep in a single district.

Comment: See also these other recent reports of mysterious mass animal deaths in Kazakhstan: Death toll of rare saiga antelope reaches 85,000 in Kazakhstan

More mass animal deaths in Kazakhstan: 70 rare dalmatian pelicans found dead in country's west

Over 1 thousand dead seagulls discovered in Kazakhstan sector of Caspian Sea

If these deaths are being caused by viruses, then perhaps the following extract from the book Earth Changes and the Human-Cosmic Connection (The Secret History of the World) by Pierre Lescaudron, may be of some relevance here:
Space-bound bio-hazard

Fred Hoyle and Chandra Wickramasinghe have shown how viruses can be spread in the Earth's atmosphere by dust in the debris stream of comets. [313] When Earth passes through this stream, the dust and viruses enter the upper parts of our atmosphere, [314] where they can remain suspended for years until gravity finally pulls them down. [315]

Microbes can also be brought by meteorites directly to Earth's surface. That's the conclusion of the same Professor Chandra Wickramasinghe, who published a paper showing the presence of fused fossilized microorganisms in a meteorite that recently hit the ground. [316] Wickramasinghe conducted extensive tests that ruled out any possibility of terrestrial contamination. A cosmic origin for some microbes may explain why so many new viruses emerge in Asia. The Earth's atmosphere is thinnest at the Himalayas and its surrounding region, [317] therefore 'drop-downs' should take less time there. It might also explain why new strains of viruses usually affect birds first, as we see with the numerous avian flus. [318] During their drop-down, microbes are first present in the sky, where they can contaminate birds before eventually reaching the ground.activity. [321]
In addition, there's this report to take into possible consideration - Why the U.S. Is Building a High-Tech Bubonic Plague Lab in Kazakhstan?

Cloud Precipitation

Severe thunderstorms leave thousands without power in Long Island, NY

A total of 42,500 people are currently without power on Long Island following intense thunderstorms, according to PSEG Long Island.

All of the power outages are in Suffolk County, and most of them are in Brookhaven. A map of the outages can be found here.

The severe storms hit the area on Tuesday morning, downing trees and leading to the partial suspension of the Long Island Rail Road's (LIRR) Port Jefferson branch.

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Tampa, Florida under water after days of torrential rainfall - worst flooding in over 65 years

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Days of torrential rainfall have left large portions of Tampa, Florida under water. With more than half a foot of rain reported in some areas, dozens of roads have been closed and rescue workers have saved more than three dozen people.

In fact, there has been so much flooding that the Pasco County Sheriff's Office said that it is supposed to be the worst situation in more than 65 years.

The Tampa area has seen significant amounts of rainfall every day since July 20, the Washington Post reported. On several days, between two and three inches of rain have fallen, while this past Saturday and Sunday some four inches of rain were reported.

Cloud Precipitation

July was Northern Ireland's coldest in 22 years


Dark, heavy clouds were a common sight in July - here they hang over Ballintoy church in County Antrim
According to the Met Office, the mean temperature was 13.4C - the lowest on record since 1993.

The figures cover as far as 29 July, however forecasters said the final two days of the month were also chilly, so the statistics are expected to stand.

Meanwhile local data from the Armagh Observatory said the month was also duller and wetter than average.

It saw the least amount of sunshine and the largest amount of rainfall in three years.

Cloud Precipitation

At teast 4 killed by floods in Tetovo, Macedonia


Flood aftermath in Tetovo
Strong winds and heavy rainfall in the Polog Region of north-western Macedonia, yesterday, 03 August 2015, caused the Pena and Porojska rivers to overflow, as well as flash flooding and storm damage.

The worst affected areas are Tetovo city and municipality, and surrounding areas. Roads and buildings have been damaged, particularly in Shipkovica and Golema Rechica, according to ECHO.

The city of Tetovo is located in the foothills of Šar Mountain and divided by the Pena River, making it vulnerable to both storm run-off and river flooding. The storms and floods have been described as the worst to hit the area in over a decade.


Helicopter rescues 10 people stuck in heavy snow in Tasmania, Australia

© Sergeant Paul Steane/Police and Marine Rescue Services
Tasmanian emergency crews rescued two men whose car was snowed in. The pair were reached on foot after almost 24 hours after hazardous conditions thwarted earlier attempts by snowplough and helicopter.
Nine adults and a child winched to safety from Mount Field national park, a day after police rescued two men from snowbound car in same park

Police have rescued 10 people who were stranded for more than a day after heavy snow in Tasmania.

Two men were rescued in Mount Field national park late on Monday night after their car was snowed in, but police were not aware of the other party until Tuesday.

At about 1pm on Tuesday, a helicopter winched nine adults and a child to safety from the same national park, north-west of Hobart.

Four had taken shelter in a hut - details of the others were not immediately released.

"All persons were in good condition and spirits," police search and rescue spokesman Michael Preshaw said.