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Cow makes a dash for freedom from abattoir in Lexington, Kentucky

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I want to break free, I want to break free
Maybe it's just instinct, but some animals seem to know when their time is up.

This bovine-escape artist slipped out of a university animal science building where it was due to be 'processed' - aka executed.

For just over two hours, the cow was found trotting around the University of Kentucky's campus until the former president of the college's rodeo club (yes, they have a rodeo club) was able to lasso the animal and help authorities return it to captivity.

The steer was on its way to the abattoir when it hit a gate with a faulty latch and made a dash for freedom.

Comment: See also: Cow flees slaugherhouse in Pocatello, Idaho

Cow jumps from moving truck in Russia

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Snake slithers its way up steps and tries to board flight to Sydney, Australia


The snake was halted just inches from entering the main body of the plane by airport staff
Staff had to be on their guard at Gold Coast Airport in Australia this morning when a snake came within inches of getting onto a plane.

As passengers began to settle into their seats aboard the Virgin flight to Sydney, a green snake slithered its way up the stairs to the entry door.

Eagle-eyed passenger Stuart Robert, who rather fittingly works as the Assistant Minister for Defence, was on hand to capture the action unfold.

'The green snake had slithered up the front stairs so the passengers had to board from the back,' he told MailOnline Travel.

'It was probably enjoying the warmth of the tarmac and steel and may have made its way up there as people were boarding.


The snake's actions were caught on camera by Australia's Assistant Defence Minister Stuart Robert (file photo)


3 pit bulls attack Norfolk neighborhood, four hurt

Four people were hurt after police say they were attacked by three pit bulls in Norfolk. Two of them, Elijah McGuire and Damon Martin, both 11-years-old, were taken to the hospital, according to their parents.

Both Elijah's dad and Damon's mom exclusive spoke to NewsChannel 3 about the attack. "As a mother, my heart dropped," Damon's mom Duchess Martin said.

It happened just before 8 p.m. at the 700 of Denison Avenue.

"It's scary," Martin added. "I'm sitting there on the phone with my mom and I was like, 'Man, the paramedics are coming and the fire department too. What is going on?' and right after that, I get a phone call and I hear my son in the background screaming."

Comment: The same sort of attack scenarios seem to be happening on a daily basis between animals (both wild and pets) and humans, begging a more logical answer than random occurrence. Do increasing earth changes, EM frequencies and the collective human psyche play disruptive roles in the animal kingdom manifesting as aggression? If so, perhaps these elements also partly account for the steadily rising human aggression in many parts of today's world on a much larger scale than rampant neighborhood dogs.

Cloud Lightning

20 killed in eastern India as Kashmir floods toll rises to 16

Flood alert in Kashmir, landslides triggered by rain.
SRINAGAR: In eastern India, the Bihar state government said at least 20 people were killed when heavy downpours and lightning struck parts of the state late Monday. Strong winds uprooted trees and many houses collapsed in the state capital, Patna, and in Purnia and Katihar districts, it said in a statement.

In the Himalayan region of Kashmir, rescuers recovered 16 bodies Tuesday from two houses hit by rain-triggered landslides, following its second major floods in six months. Elsewhere in India, fierce rain and lightning toppled houses and trees in Bihar state, killing 20 others.

Police and volunteers worked around the clock to clear the debris in Laden village in Kashmir's Budgam district, police Superintendent Fayaz Ahmed said.

Floodwaters were receding in Kashmir, but residents of the main city of Srinagar were bracing for more trouble after predictions of additional rain in the next few days. Rains over the weekend were the worst since the region was hit by devastating floods last September that destroyed thousands of homes and $17 billion worth of infrastructure.
Many rivers in Kashmir were above their danger levels. Hundreds of people were staying in relief camps after the state government ordered them to leave low-lying areas.

Comment: This year, in large parts of India, March has been the wettest month in more than a century, wrecking millions of hectares of winter crops. Water levels passed the danger mark in Jhelum river, causing panic in a region devastated by floods seven months ago that killed 250 people and destroyed thousands of homes. On Monday morning, the state government declared floods and over 200 families were moved to safety, most of them from Chadoora 15 km from Srinagar. More rain to come.


Hurricane-strength winds pummel Europe, three killed in Germany

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Emergency: Firefighters remove parts of a tree from a street as Storm Niklas strikes in Berlin
Updated 7.50pm - At least three people in Germany were killed today when hurricane-force winds lashed across northern Europe in one of the most severe storms in years that also cancelled flights, disrupted road and train traffic, and hit port operations.

The Dutch meteorological office issued a code red warning for the low-lying country's northern and coastal provinces, as gusts of up to 120 kph (75 mph) battered the Netherlands, causing damage estimated at several million euros.

German weather service spokesman Peter Hartmann said winds reached up to 160 kph on higher ground.

"This is one of the heaviest storms in recent years," he said, noting that such hurricane-force winds were highly unusual for this time of the year.

Two state road workers were killed in the western region of Rhineland-Palatinate when a falling tree hit their vehicle, state authorities said. Another man died in front of his house when a stone wall collapsed near the city of Magdeburg in the eastern state of Saxony-Anhalt, police said.

About 140 flights were cancelled at Frankfurt airport with one runway shut, an airport spokesperson said.

A spokesman for Amsterdam's Schiphol airport, Europe's fourth largest, said some 90 flights had been cancelled because of the wind. The airport warned that flights were delayed by an average of 90 minutes and more delays were expected.

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False sense of security? Illinois' quiet tornado season follows years of increasingly erratic activity

© Charles Rex Arbogast / AP Photo
The path of a tornado that hit the western Illinois town of Washington on Sunday. It was one of the worst-hit areas after intense storms and tornadoes swept through Illinois.
The 2015 tornado season thus far in Illinois and the rest of tornado alley is incredibly quiet. However, this quiet start is no reason to relax if the past few years are a guide, according to Illinois State Climatologist Jim Angel at the Illinois State Water Survey, University of Illinois.

No tornadoes have been reported this year, except in the far Southeastern U.S. Historically, the heart of the Illinois tornado season is March to June. In the past few years, however, Illinois has had more tornadoes occur outside of this period than inside.

In addition, many of these tornadoes have been concentrated in just a few days of the year. In fact, 69 percent of tornadoes in 2012-14 occurred in just five days.

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Flooding in India leads to massive mudslides, dozens buried

A woman tearfully watches the floodwaters rise menacingly in a Srinagar neighbourhood on Monday.
A mudslide triggered by heavy rain bore down on two houses early today, burying a newborn and at least a dozen others under a mountain of debris, hours before officials formally declared what many Kashmiris had been dreading.

Another deluge - months after last year's September floods that had left hundreds dead and a trail of devastation.

The formal announcement of the flood came around 7am, after the water level in the Jhelum crossed the 18ft danger mark at Srinagar's Ram Munshi Bagh and touched 19.5ft on the gauge.

Comment: In 2013, in the state of Bihar, 6 million were affected by extreme flooding. 6 months ago, in 2014, 600 individuals died due to flooding in Kashmir. And global weather patterns are only getting worse in 2015:
  • Extreme weather, meteor, fireballs, and Earth Changes in March 2015 (VIDEO)
  • Ice age on the way: Gulf Stream is slowing down faster than ever, scientists say

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Magnitude 3.3 earthquake reported near summit of Hawaii's Mauna Loa volcano

Mauna Loa
A magnitude-3.3 earthquake struck near the summit of Mauna Loa early Tuesday, the U.S. Geological Survey reports.

The earthquake, which had a registered depth of 1.2 mile, was recorded at 12:08 a.m. Tuesday, according to the U.S. Geological Survey Hawaiian Volcano Observatory. It was centered 4.2 miles south-southwest of the Mauna Loa summit.

As of 7:45 a.m., the USGS had received no reports from residents who felt the temblor.

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Awesome time-lapse video of Undulatus Asperatus clouds

Unique clouds like you've never seen them before! I just thought I'd pass these along due to the unique "catch the wave" appearance of these. Time lapse video follows.

This video was taken with an iPhone 6 by Dr. Alan Walters from the University Hospital window in Augusta, GA. Walters, an anesthesiologist at the hospital, said he taped his phone to the window while he put an epidural In a patient.
"I guess I was finally in the right place at the right time,"


Man injured by wild boar with other attacks reported, India


Wild boar.
A wild boar attacked a labourer at Badiadukka on Monday.

Aboobacker, 29, of Kunjar, came under the attack near his house around 11 am.

He has been admitted to the General Hospital here.

The locality has been reporting recurring attacks from wild boars in recent months.

A woman was gored to death in similar attack in the district earlier this year.