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Electric Universe: 'Northern lights' visible much further south in UK than usual

© Glenn Smethurst
Talacre Lighthouse, Flintshire, North Wales.
Coinciding events in space have brought the spectacular event much further south than it can usually be seen

The Northern Lights are to be visible for much of the UK for the next few weeks, because of a strange quirk of space weather.

People in the north of England and Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland are in with a higher chance of seeing the phenomenon, according to the Met Office. But it may come even further south at times.

The best way to see the lights is to head somewhere as dark and away from light pollution as possible. Visibility will be better further north.

The extra visibility is caused by a burst of solar wind coming from a "coronal hole" in the Sun, which is in line with the worth and is shooting solar winds at the planet. That has combined with the time of year to make the Northern Lights extra visible.

Comment: This phenomenon is not such a "strange quirk of space weather" that will last "a few weeks." The Aurora Borealis, so called 'Northern lights' have been observed heading a lot further 'south' recently, providing a 'rare' spectacle even in the most southerly parts of England during the summer.

While the Aurora Australis, or the 'Southern lights' have been seen further north in New Zealand than usual. Researchers have also recently identified increased electrical activity moving towards equatorial regions.

Aurorae occur when charged solar particles reach local magnetic field lines, where they enter the planetary atmosphere and excite its atoms and molecules. As they deactivate, the particles produce light emission.

With the increasing comet/volcanic dust loading of the atmosphere (an indicator of this dust loading is the intensification of noctilucent clouds we are witnessing) which is accentuating electric charge build-up, we can expect to observe more awesome light shows and other phenomena.

The winning Electric Universe model, and much more related information, are explained in the book Earth Changes and the Human Cosmic Connection by Pierre Lescaudron and Laura Knight-Jadczyk.


Animal crackers: Wild hog shot after charging residents in Gaston County, North Carolina


200-pound wild hog shot after charging Gaston Co. residents

200-pound wild hog shot after charging Gaston Co. residents
Gaston County police shot an aggressive 200-pound feral hog Sunday morning in Gaston County.

Officials said the hog wandered into a neighborhood on Wimbledon Drive near Dallas and attacked car, a small dog and charged at people.

A homeowner shot the hog with a .40-caliber handgun, but that only made the pig dizzy, the resident said.

Tristan Phillips, who witnessed the incident, said the hog was foaming at the mouth and tried to attack his Yorkshire terrier.

A Gaston County police sergeant put the hog down with a rifle, officials said.


Unusual weather conditions prevail in Kanpur, India

© Philippe Huguen/AFP/Getty Images
Many people in the city are becoming sick due to very unusual kind of weather conditions prevailing in the city for the past few days. The difference between day and night temperatures is causing trouble. While the day temperature is staying at three to four degrees above normal, the night temperature has dipped to three degrees below normal.

According to the Met department, no change is expected in the present weather pattern in the coming days because days will remain hot and humid while night hours will be chilly. A weather expert said, "This is a strange weather condition, which is usually not witnessed in the October month as in this period the day temperature slips below 30 degree Celsius, but at present the days are extremely hot.

While the day temperature on Saturday and Friday was 34.8 and 36.6 degree Celsius respectively, it was recorded at 36 degrees on Thursday. The normal day temperature in the first week of October is usually 33 degrees. In the minimum temperature category, normal temperature is 22 degrees, but any value below this mark is considered as low. In the past three nights, the night temperature recorded was 15.7, 19.6 and 20.8 degreed Celsius respectively.

Comment: Elsewhere these extreme temperature differences within a short time period are also being recorded. See also:

Scottish Highland town is coldest and hottest place in the UK - in a single day

Unusual weather phenomenon in Finland, as city area experiences highest and lowest temperatures on same day

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Mexico's Colima volcano erupts again spewing ash, smoke, pyroclastic flows traveling hundreds of meters

Mexico's Colima volcano erupted late on 4 October and continued on until 5 October spewing ash and smoke into the air, authorities reported. According to Jalisco Civil Protection, the plume of gas and ash reached a height of 1,500m, heading north.

Along with the ash cloud and gas, the volcano expelled pyroclastic flows that travelled hundreds of metres down the slope. The day before, a spectacular explosion was recorded at 6.29pm, sending clouds of ash and smoke 2,500m above the crater.

Located in the south-western Mexican state of Colima, the Fire Volcano has been exhibiting activity since 9 July. Over the past two months, nearby villages have been blanketed with thick coats of ash, prompting evacuations.

Officially known as the Colima Volcano, it was previously active in January and February, and is part of the Pacific's Ring of Fire. Mexico contains over 3,000 volcanoes but only 14 are considered active.

The Colima Volcano has erupted more than 40 times since the 16th century and local authorities have an emergency plan that includes continuous observation of the volcano and mandatory evacuations.


Black bear attacks man, kills dog near Orange City, Florida

© Daytona Beach News-Journal/Nigel Cook

Alan Bryant holds a picture of his dog named Tigger in the backyard of his Orange City home where the 2 year old Yorkie was killed by a black bear Monday night.
A bear attacked a man and killed his pet dog in a Volusia County neighborhood, officials said.

The attack happened late Monday night on Hollow-Ridge Drive, south of Graves Avenue near Orange City.

Alan Bryant told News 6 that he let his 2-year-old Yorkie, named Tigger, outside when the attack occurred.

"He ran into the backyard, and I heard the dog start to yelp," Bryant said. "So I start yelling, 'Bear! Bear! Get him off my -- I assume it's attacking my dog."

Bryant said he tried to help Tigger, but the estimated 150-pound bear turned on him.


Signs and Portents: Lizard with 3 tails found in Kosovo

© Daniel Jablonsk
Lizard with 3 tails
An odd discovery happened in nature last July 2015, when a group of researchers from Slovakia captured an unusual Dalmatian Algyroides lizard, scientific name Algyroides nigropunctatus in Dedaj village, Metohija, Kosovo. It is commonly found in the Mediterranean areas and areas in the Balkans. The lizard seemed to display an exotic trait when the researchers discovered the cold blooded animal because it has trifurcated tail, or in layman's term, it grew three tails instead of one.

Lizards have been long known to have the capability to regrow their severed tails. It is a unique trait that they manifest. Finding a two tailed lizard is rare in itself, but to have found a lizard with tree tails is quite out of this world. "I have been studying reptiles for a long time and examined hundreds or maybe thousands of specimens, but this was my very first three-tailed lizard," Daniel Jablonski, a biologist at Comenius University in Bratislava, Slovakia, co-discoverer of the lizard, said.

Cloud Lightning

Lightning bolt kills two sisters at home in South Africa

The aunt of two sisters, who were struck by lightning while asleep in their home on Monday, said she desperately tried to save them.

Sindi Khanyile, 22, and her sister Zandile, 31, were struck by lightning in their home in uMshwathi, Wartburg.

Speaking to News24, their aunt Tholakele Khanyile said she had tried to help the two women.

"When I came into the home I tried to give them first aid. Then an ambulance arrived and they were declared dead.

"The family is having a very hard time trying to cope with this. It was all so sudden and they were so young. They helped us out all the time."

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Huge sinkhole opens up in Anatolia, Turkey; thirteenth in 2 years

A 10-meter wide, 7-meter deep sinkhole has formed on farmland in the district of Karapınar, in Turkey's central Anatolian province of Konya. This is at least the thirteenth sinkhole to form in two years, and the tenth since the spring.

The sinkhole formed in Karapınar's Kirkitoğlu region, about 7 kilometers (4 miles) from the town center and about 500 meters from the nearest residence.

Farmer Atilla Köken said the sinkhole probably formed a few days ago. "Several sinkholes have already formed in the area before. This one is 10 meters across and 7 meters deep. Even if we're anxious about them there is nothing to do; we've grown accustomed to living here.

The Kirkitoğlu region of Karapınar has several old sinkholes, some reaching even 70 meters (230 feet) in depth. The increase in rainfall during the spring accelerates their formation, with locals claiming that nine sinkholes had formed this past spring alone.

Selçuk University Geological Engineering professor Fetullah Arık said that over 200 sinkholes have been identified in the area so far.

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Fire truck swallowed by large sinkhole in Ulan-Ude, Russia

Fire truck in sinkhole
On its way to extinguish a blaze, a fire truck was swallowed by a large sinkhole in Ulan-Ude, the capital city of the Republic of Buryatia, Russia.

So who extinguished the fire, finally?

I don't know but no firefighters have been injured and that's the most important.



Herbicide resistance: Zombie weeds that just won't die

On many farms, the most commonly used weed killer in the United States isn't cutting it any more.

Researchers say heavy reliance on glyphosate, commonly known by the brand name Roundup, has made the surviving weeds tougher, forcing farmers to shift tactics and rely on more costly methods to get rid of them.

"The areas infested with our main culprits — mare's tail, water hemp, giant ragweed — they increase pretty substantially every year, maybe 10 percent in terms of acres affected," said Bill Johnson, a weed science professor at Indiana's Purdue University.

Comment: The rise of 'Super Weeds' has been an ongoing problem for years!

For a more in depth look at the 'Superweed' issue plaguing America's industrial agribusiness industry read the following articles:
So the dramatic recent increases in resistant weeds have occurred despite years of urging farmers to use additional chemicals to avoid resistance. Weed scientists now say that superweeds from GMO crops infest over11 million acres of US farmland - nearly five times more acreage than just three years ago - at a cost to US farmers of $1 billion a year.

What irks many farmers facing superweed problems and rising costs (not to mention consumers facing the prospects of more chemicals sprayed on our food and environment) is that Monsanto markets the use of a single herbicide as the main benefit of its GMO Roundup Ready crops. Even after all the publicity about this GMO failure, the "Council for Biotechnology Information," a front-group funded by Monsanto and other GMO crop producers, continues to put forth this now laughable claim.