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Summer snow forecast for Scotland; gritter spotted on road


The gritter was spotted this morning
Snow has been forecast for parts of Scotland tomorrow - as commuters spotted a gritter on the roads in East Scotland.

The Mountain Weather Information Service has forecast showers and hail for parts of the Southeastern Highlands, with the possibility of snow on the highest peaks.

The weather service also predicts that temperatures will drop as low as 3C, with a "slight frost" expected in areas around Loch Tay, Loch Rannoch and the southern Cairngorms.

Meanwhile drivers on the east coast A90 have spotted a gritter on the roads - as councils prepare for the onset of winter after summer appears to have passed Scotland by.

The forecasts come as figures show that some areas in Scotland have had more than double the average expected rainfall for July.


Monkey enters house and bites boy, 11th simian attack within a week in Panchkula, India

© Nitin Mittal
Victims Anita Dhiman and Tejas Rathi show monkey bite marks in Sector 25, Panchkula.
Expectant woman among 11 attacked in Sector 25 in a week

Seven-year-old Tejas, a resident of Sector 25, was sitting inside his room and having his meal when a monkey entered from the rear door and attacked him. Tejas was bitten on his left leg.

Residents of Sector 25 are living in constant fear of monkeys, who have attacked them even inside their houses. Eleven persons, including an expectant woman, have fallen prey to the simian menace in the past one week.

Sudha, a housewife and local resident, was bitten thrice on her leg by monkeys in one go while she was in her house with her mother-in-law. The monkeys entered from the rear door, which the victims had left open. In another incident, a college girl was attacked at her place. "My younger daughter, Hita, was bitten by a monkey at home. She suffered bites on her leg," said the victim's father, Sudhir Dhiman.

Cloud Precipitation

Deluge planet: 20 killed by floods in Myanmar

At least 20 people were killed in flash floods in several parts of Myanmar over the past week that also affected thousands of others, an official here said on Tuesday.

Director of the Department of Social Welfare, Relief and Resettlement U Chun Hayel said severe floods, triggered by heavy rainfall lashing Sagaing and Mandalay regions as well as Kachin and Shan states over the past week, destroyed over 17,000 houses till Monday, affecting nearly 100,000 people, Xinhua reported.

Regional authorities were carrying out rescue and relief work in the flood-hit areas, Chun Hayel said.

Meanwhile, the weather bureau forecast that central Myanmar areas will experience a continuation or increase of rain in the next two days.

The weather bureau has asked fishing boats at sea to be alert to the severe weather conditions.

Cloud Precipitation

Deluge planet: Flash floods kill at least 26 in northern Gujarat, India

© Daily Star
At least 26 people have been killed in the flash floods by torrential monsoon rain in Gujarat in the past 48 hours, authorities confirmed on Wednesday.

"Over 2,000 villages of north Gujarat have been affected due to the floods," a duty officer in the state's emergency control room told AFP. "We have lost contact with most of these villages and there is no information coming in from those areas."

The rain and high winds have also cut power and communications, raising concerns that villagers may be stranded. Rescue teams have been deployed to several hard-hit areas, including the district of Banaskantha where eight people have been killed in rain-related incidents including drownings. The district collector Dilip Rana said, "Efforts are on to first rescue those stranded in floodwaters."

Four people died in Kutch district after several houses collapsed, while more than 1,000 people there have been relocated to higher grounds, reported local official MS Patel. Six fatalities have also been recorded in the main city of Ahmedabad and eight in other districts, said the control room officer.

The weather bureau forecast that heavy rain will continue to inundate Gujarat for another 48 hours, where more than 50 people were killed last month.

Bizarro Earth

6.3 magnitude earthquake strikes Alaska near active volcano

A 6.3-magnitude earthquake has struck in Alaska, some 42 miles southwest of the active Redoubt Volcano, the US Geological Survey (USGS) has said.

Notably, the earthquake also struck near Mt. Katmai, the site of the largest volcanic eruption of the 20th century.

The epicenter was 9 miles south of Mt. Iliamna, another volcano in the area, the Alaska Dispatch News reported.

According to the USGS, the quake hit about 141 miles southwest of Anchorage.

The agency is forecasting "very light damage."

Cloud Precipitation

6 inches of hail falls on Custer, South Dakota

A lot of hail fell in Custer Monday evening, this photo was sent to us showing the 1 inch in diameter hail. Except the 1 inch hail ended up being 6 inches deep.

This sort of thing has happened before. Just earlier this month, another hail storm caused the plows to come out.

The Black Hills are notorious for hail. This is because the freezing level is closer to the ground than in the plains of central and eastern Keloland. While most of the hail remains small at an inch or under, enough can fall in a short amount of time to give the appearance of snow. But we know we can get our fair share of large hail too.

Yesterday's storm reports had hail of just under two inches for parts of the northern Hills. While three and a half inch hail fell in Hill City. We should get a break from the hail as dry skies are forecasted for the rest of the week.

Comment: Seen in addition -

4 inches of hailstones prompts summer use of snowplows in Rapid City, South Dakota


Over forty percent of month's rainfall hits Moscow in one day; storm unleashes freak lightning on city

© Vladmir Sergeev/RIA Novosti
Heavy rains with thunder and lightning have descended upon the Russian capital. Though experts warned of the dangers of using cell phones during the storm, many people braved the weather to capture frightening images and share them on social media.

Over 40 percent of a typical month's rainfall hit Moscow in a single day on Monday, the city weather bureau reported.

Though dozens of streets were flooded and around twenty flights cancelled at Moscow airports, it was the lightning that caused most of the stir among Muscovites on Monday.


Volcanic ash from Nevado del Ruiz forces two airport closures in Colombia

© AFP Photo/Santiago Osorio
The Nevado del Ruiz volcano, pictured on January 3, 2015, erupted in an ash cloud on Sunday, prompting authorities to temporarily close two airports in the area
Colombia's Nevado del Ruiz volcano erupted in an ash cloud on Sunday, prompting authorities to temporarily close two airports in the area.

The civil aeronautics agency said it closed airports at Manizales and Pereira as a precaution after the 8:30 am (1330 GMT) eruption.

This resulted in the cancellation of at least 16 flights on Sunday.

A major eruption of the Nevado del Ruiz in 1985 melted the volcano's snowcap, unleashing mudslides that wiped out the town of Armero, killing an estimated 23,000 people.

The volcano, which has been active for an estimated 150,000 years, is 220 kilometers (137 miles) west of Bogota.

Source: AFP


North Charleston woman in ICU after husband's dog rips off her arm

A North Charleston man's pit bull attacked his wife Sunday and tore her arm off.

Katherine Rizk, 48, of Ayscough Road, is "not doing well" after her arm was amputated from the elbow down, according to her husband Mahmoud Rizk. She remains in the intensive care unit at Medical University Hospital.

"It's been awful," the 30-year-old said. "She's devastated, very upset and she's in shock."

The dog, named Tiger, was euthanized Monday by the Charleston Animal Society after Rizk voluntarily surrendered him, according to a police report. The organization declined to comment about the incident.

Rizk said he had Tiger for three years, since he was a puppy, and that the pet had never been aggressive before. He said Tiger had been on a golf course earlier Sunday and was cut, and speculated the dog snapped after his wife pressed on the wound while petting him.


Woman survives black bear attack near Timmins, Canada

© Nathan Denette / THE CANADIAN PRESS
A black bear is pictured in a May 27, 2012 file photo.
A 60-year-old woman from Guelph was released from hospital following a bear attack on Friday at Watabeag Lake near Timmins, ON.

Ontario Provincial Police say two women were walking in an area where there were cottages when they ran into the bear.

Police say the bear attacked one of the women and she was treated at a hospital in the Matheson-area but was later released.

The OPP say officers located the bear and killed the animal because it displayed aggressive tendencies toward them.