Earth Changes


Growing unrest: Volcanic activity and earthquakes from Mexico to the Philippines

Mexico's National Disaster Prevention Centre said in its daily report that the volcano registered a total of 80 low intensity exhalations and six explosions yesterday, releasing plumes of smoke between 1.5 and two kilometers high. Authorities are urging people not to get close to the volcano and particularly to its crater. Popocatepetl is the second tallest volcano in Mexico and is in the centre of the country. - TVNZ

Quake near Alaska's Redoubt Volcano: A 6.3-magnitude earthquake has struck in Alaska, some 42 miles southwest of the active Redoubt Volcano, the US Geological Survey (USGS) has said. Notably, the earthquake also struck near Mt. Katmai, the site of the largest volcanic eruption of the 20th century. The epicenter was 9 miles south of Mt. Iliamna, another volcano in the area, the Alaska Dispatch News reported. According to the USGS, the quake hit about 141 miles southwest of Anchorage. The agency is forecasting "very light damage." The earthquake was originally reported as having a magnitude of 6.2, but was later revised up slightly. USGS reported two minor tremors prior to the 6.3 magnitude one. Although the quake did not strike far from the Redoubt Volcano, there's nothing to suggest activity has been triggered by the quake. There have been four confirmed eruptions at the volcano since the 20th century began, in 1902, 1966, 1989 and 2009. - RT News

Comment: For a 'bigger picture' and more on just why we are seeing such large-scale activity see:

Russian scientist: Slowdown in Earth's rotation means we're on the verge of major climatic upheaval


Dead whale found on beach in Tannirbavi, India

A dead whale was found at Tannirbavi beach here on Thursday July 30.

The whale was found to have suffered injuries, with wounds and blood marking its body.

Locals who found the whale expressed suspicions that it might have been injured after getting hit by a ship.

The whale is said to be weighing around 15 tonnes.

As the news got around, curious locals arrived to have a glimpse of the whale.

This is the second such incident in Mangaluru region in the past one week. On July 24, a dead whale had washed ashore at Mogaveerpatna near Ullal.

Comment: See also: Decomposed body of whale found on Ullala beach, India


Summer snow turns Wyoming mountains into a winter wonderland

© Peter Landsman/Jackson Hole Mountain Resort
This Monday, July 27, 2015 photo provided by Jackson Hole Mountain Resort shows high-elevation snowfall during a cold front at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort in Teton County, Wyo.
The middle of summer looked like the middle of winter in the mountains of western Wyoming.

A cold front that moved through Monday afternoon dumped heavy rain on the valleys and snow above 9,000 feet.

Officials at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort say they saw the storm coming and shut down their tram before it hit. Resort spokeswoman Anna Olson she didn't hear of any problems from the snowy weather.

She says an inch accumulated at most, but some stuck around until Tuesday.

Photos of the snow posted by the resort on Facebook triggered excitement among skiers — with four months to go yet until ski season.

Olson says snow in July isn't unheard of but she hasn't seen it for several years.

Source: AP


Out of the abyssal depths: Divers find mysterious giant blob near Turkish coast (VIDEO)

© Lutfu Tanrıover / Vimeo
An enigmatic and gigantic translucent sphere floating near the Turkey's coast recently found by a group of divers, baffling the experts around the world.

A car-sized almost invisible underwater object was discovered by a pair of divers as they were swimming near the coast of a small town in Turkey on July 9. The sphere was drifting 22 meters below the sea level and was about 4 meters wide.

The blob looked gelatinous and felt "very soft," according to one of the divers, named Lutfu Tanriover, who also took footage of the strange phenomenon.

The Istanbul-based diver investigated it with an underwater torch. Although the mass was looking totally transparent, upon a closer view the group spotted small white dots filling the underwater "cloud."

The divers described their finding as a mixture of a miracle and a nightmare and admitted they felt "both excitement and fear" as they neared the otherworldly object, as they told the Deep Sea News.

Lutfu Tanriover recorded the entire encounter with the mysterious sphere on camera and posted it in the internet in hope to find an explanation for the "thing" that appeared to be a total mystery.

Comment: If this blob actually is a huge squid egg mass, could the fact that it has been found in such shallow waters, be yet another indicator of unseen, deep underwater activity?

As the number of volcanoes erupting right now is greater than the 20th century's YEARLY average, a comparable escalation in activity of their underwater counterparts seems logical.

It is estimated there are up to one million submarine volcanoes on our planet. Effects from this volcanic activity, combined with increased methane outgassing and radiation from the Fukushima disaster are probably causing the ongoing devastation of marine life, mass fish die offs and strange migratory behaviour we are currently witnessing.


3-hour Canadian tornado likely one of world's longest

The massive tornado that roared across the Canadian province of Manitoba late Monday was on the ground for nearly 3 hourslikely one of the longest-lasting on record in Canada and perhaps the world. No injuries or deaths were reported.

The longest tornado recorded is the infamous Tri-State tornado that lasted for about 3.5 hours, ravaging the Midwest in March 1925 and leaving hundreds of people dead in its wake.

"The path length distance of the Manitoba tornado might be shorter, but the duration may be comparable," Randy Cerveny, rapporteur of climate and weather extremes for the World Meteorological Organization, said, referring to reports that the Canadian tornado may not have moved as far distance wise as the 1925 twister.

The tornado tore a path through rural southwest Manitoba, reported Environment Canada, the Canadian version of the USA's National Weather Service. While it damaged trees, power poles, farms and roads, it missed every town in its path.

"This was probably one of the longest on the ground tornadoes we have had in Manitoba or on the Prairies," Natalie Hasell, Environment Canada's warning preparedness meteorologist, told the Winnipeg Free Press.

Comment: All over the world extreme weather records are being broken!

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Australia's Sunshine Coast shaken by record 5.3 magnitude earthquake

© Geoscience Australia)
The magnitude-5.3 earthquake shook parts of south-east Queensland from Bundaberg down to the Gold Coast.

A magnitude-5.3 earthquake has hit off the Sunshine Coast in Australia.

A magnitude-5.3 earthquake has hit off the Sunshine Coast in Australia in what became the strongest quake registered in the region since the start of last century.

According to the US Geological Survey, the earthquake occurred at 23:41 GMT on Wednesday, its epicentre was located about 160 miles (260 kilometres) northeast of Brisbane.

Comment: Gothenburg was also rocked by an earthquake today, described by a Swedish seismologist as a "fairly big quake for Swedish conditions".

See also: Russian scientist: Slowdown in Earth's rotation means we're on the verge of major climatic upheaval


Thousands of dead crabs wash up at Port Monmouth, New Jersey


Thousands of dead crabs have washed ashore at the Bayshore Waterfront Park in Port Monmouth.
Thousands of dead crabs have washed up at the Bayshore Waterfront Park in the Port Monmouth section of Middletown.

Visitors to the park say the crabs were found all along the coastline, as well as in the water, and that the smell from the crabs baking in the hot sun was unbearable.

"When we were trying to go swimming, they'd come up and hit your legs," says visitor Brooke Zimmerman. "It's gross."

Fishermen tell News 12 New Jersey that the crabs are spider crabs, which are commonly found in the Raritan Bay.

Some of what was found along the coast are the shells shed by crabs during the last full moon, which is a normal process, according to a Monmouth County park ranger.

A spokesperson for the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection says dead crabs washed up in the area two weeks ago as well. The department is looking into the cause of the deaths.


Extreme cold weather conditions culminate in abnormal livestock losses in New South Wales, Australia

Lambs abound on Bindi Murray's property at Woodanilling
Extreme cold weather conditions in southern New South Wales last week created a perfect storm of unfortunate events for some sheep producers, culminating in some significant livestock losses.

The Department of Primary Industries, at the Cowra Research Station, is conducting autopsies on an abnormally high number of lambs from its commercial lambing flock.

The national average for lambing mortality is 10 per cent in ewes with single lambs and 20 per cent for twins.

But researcher, Dr Gordon Refshauge, said the mortality rate in this instance is almost 40 per cent.

He said he had never seen a situation like it.


Summer snow forecast for Scotland; gritter spotted on road


The gritter was spotted this morning
Snow has been forecast for parts of Scotland tomorrow - as commuters spotted a gritter on the roads in East Scotland.

The Mountain Weather Information Service has forecast showers and hail for parts of the Southeastern Highlands, with the possibility of snow on the highest peaks.

The weather service also predicts that temperatures will drop as low as 3C, with a "slight frost" expected in areas around Loch Tay, Loch Rannoch and the southern Cairngorms.

Meanwhile drivers on the east coast A90 have spotted a gritter on the roads - as councils prepare for the onset of winter after summer appears to have passed Scotland by.

The forecasts come as figures show that some areas in Scotland have had more than double the average expected rainfall for July.


Monkey enters house and bites boy, 11th simian attack within a week in Panchkula, India

© Nitin Mittal
Victims Anita Dhiman and Tejas Rathi show monkey bite marks in Sector 25, Panchkula.
Expectant woman among 11 attacked in Sector 25 in a week

Seven-year-old Tejas, a resident of Sector 25, was sitting inside his room and having his meal when a monkey entered from the rear door and attacked him. Tejas was bitten on his left leg.

Residents of Sector 25 are living in constant fear of monkeys, who have attacked them even inside their houses. Eleven persons, including an expectant woman, have fallen prey to the simian menace in the past one week.

Sudha, a housewife and local resident, was bitten thrice on her leg by monkeys in one go while she was in her house with her mother-in-law. The monkeys entered from the rear door, which the victims had left open. In another incident, a college girl was attacked at her place. "My younger daughter, Hita, was bitten by a monkey at home. She suffered bites on her leg," said the victim's father, Sudhir Dhiman.