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Sat, 06 Feb 2016
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Earth Changes


Monticello, New York rocked by loud ground-shaking boom

Portions of Sullivan County were rocked by noise that to some have compared to a sonic boom.

It occurred shortly before midnight on Saturday. Numerous residents grabbed their phones to report the disturbance directly to police agencies as well as 911. At the Monticello Police Department, officers seated in their patrol cars not only heard the boom, but they said it also rattled both their cars and the building for a second or two.

On the Times Herald-Record Facebook page, recordonline.com, about 100 readers commented on a post which raised the question, "What was that boom?" The post was also "shared" more than 100 times. Readers from Liberty to Cuddebackville, which are more than 30 miles apart, claimed to hear the very loud sound. "Loud enough to shake my floor and then a gusty wind for minute. Sure made the cat jump!" posted Izabella Urban of Varnell Road in Monticello. Lance Gibson in Grahamsville posted that he heard it and felt the shake, as did his friends in Rock Hill.

One reader wondered if it could have been the aftermath of meteor shower. Others went on Facebook to joke that the noise was the work of aliens.

Several questioned whether it was a sonic boom much like those felt along the coasts of New Jersey, New York City and Long Island last week. Those booms may have been caused by fighter jet flight tests at the Naval Air Station in Patuxent River, Maryland. "Turns out the US Navy was testing new fighter planes that can go 1200 mph. Maybe the same thing," posted Rich Dean. Calls to the Stewart Air National Guard Base went unreturned.

When contacted by phone, Sullivan County Commissioner of Public Safety Dick Martinkovic said he doesn't have the answer yet. "We have no idea," said Martinkovic. "There's been no confirmation by the government, the military or the scientific community."

Some readers on Facebook said they even heard a couple of similar disturbances earlier in the day. According to Sullivan County Undersheriff Eric Chaboty, the Sheriff's Office also received a call on Sunday morning about a booming noise that was heard near the Swinging Bridge Reservoir, more than seven miles west of Monticello.

Comment: These booms could be overhead explosions of incoming meteors or from vibrations in the earth's crust brought about by earthquakes or other seismic activity. See: Earth Changes and the Human Cosmic Connection


Waterfall doubles back from gale force winds

Gale-Force winds blow water back up waterfall
The wind is so strong in Scotland that water is getting blown back up waterfalls, seemingly against the laws of gravity.

Footage shared by a cottage rental firm based in Mull, Scotland shows 90 mile per hour winds stopping a waterfall on the Isle of Mull dead in its tracks earlier this week.


Australian man left stunned when insect catcher fills in 1 day

A south Sydney man's fly catcher from Bunnings almost filled up to the top in under a day.
A man has been left in awe after he purchased a fly catcher which filled up after just one day.

Myles Farrawell, from Sydney, posted the photo of his full contraption to Facebook which left social media users stunned.

'So I bought a fly trap from Bunnings yesterday and put it out yesterday afternoon and just came home to find this wow !!!! Flys for dinner lol [sic],' Mr Farrawell wrote. Flies are often a massive pest for Australian's during the hot summer period, due to their attraction to heat when mating.

Bryce Peters, General Manager for the Faculty of Science at University of Technology Sydney, said the hot temperatures this summer could be a direct link to the large amount of flies in Sydney's CBD. It could also be the reason as to why this man caught so many flies in a day.

'When the weather gets warmer and more humid the flies are more active,' Mr Peters said. Mr Peters, who is also from the Sutherland Shire, said it is highly likely the flies are bush flies. 'Bush flies tend to breed out in the west (Western Sydney) before being blown over to the city due to the westerly winds'.

Australian Museum naturalist Martyn Robinson told the Daily Telegraph a combination of heavy rain and heat has caused a 'build up' of more flies over spring last year and summer this year.


Strong tornado rips through Tennessee High School

In a matter of minutes, a mighty twister rips through a high school, sweeping everything out of its way.

Raw security camera footage from an EF-1 tornado that hit Crockett County High School on Tuesday. The tornado's path was 100 yards wide and spanned just more than two and a half miles, according to the National Weather Service.

Strong storms hit southern states in the US on Tuesday, demolishing hundreds of homes, as well as a prison facility. No casualties or injuries have been reported.

Bizarro Earth

Multiple buildings collapse in Taiwan 6.4 earthquake

© perfectfdn / Instagram
Multiple buildings, including a residential tower, have collapsed after a powerful 6.4 magnitude earthquake struck southern Taiwan early on Saturday. Authorities in the affected city have formed an emergency response center.

A building has half collapsed in Tainan as a result of the quake, with fire brigades now on their way to the site, Liu Shih-chung, Tainan City Government official, told Reuters.

At least four buildings have collapsed as a result of the earthquake.

"Four buildings have collapsed in Tainan City area. Search and rescue is underway and no casualties have been reported at this moment," Lin Kuan-cheng, spokesman for the National Fire Agency, told AFP.

Bizarro Earth

Southern Taiwan hit by 6.4 earthquake causing extensive damage, people trapped inside buildings

© t4ttoo / Instagram
Southern Taiwan was hit was hit by a magnitude 6.4 earthquake early Saturday, with heavy damage reported. Rescue crews are trying to save people feared to be trapped inside a collapsed building in the city of Tainan.

05 February 2016

22:18 GMT

Tainan City has been hit by flooding as the result of broken water lines in some areas, according to local media reports.

22:16 GMT

At least two injuries have been reported as a result of falling debris in the Huwei Township of Yunlin County, BNO news reports.


Visible from space: 9-story-high landfill blaze covers Mumbai with toxic fumes

© Krishnendu Halder / Reuters
Social media has been flooded with apocalyptic pictures of the Indian city of Mumbai after a massive toxic fire broke out at a nine-story-high local dumping ground. For the second week, fumes have covered buildings and forced motorists to drive in thick smog.

The fire started at Deonar dumping ground in Mumbai on January 27. Since then, local residents have been complaining of eye irritation, breathlessness and coughing.

"My elder child, who is in class 3, has been feeling nauseous every morning for the past four days, owing to the heavy smog. He has a bad cough and has missed school," Mumbai resident Gunjal Chattree told the Hindustan Times.

Vikram Vishwanath, who lives close to Deonar, has stopped sending his son to school.

"My six-year-old has been having a lot of trouble breathing since the fire broke out at the dumping ground. We took him to an ENT specialist and he is on medication," he said.


Mysterious deep fissures appear in Bissarieh, Lebanon

© Daily Star Lebanon
Road collapse after two large cracks mysteriously appeared in the village of Bissarieh in Lebanon.
Residents of Bissarieh, Lebanon are currently living in a state of panic and apprehension after landslides, ground shifting and deep fissures are threatening their homes.

Unexplained cracks in the roads leading to the village have emerged. Residents worry that some of the cracks threaten building foundations, leading to their sudden collapse. And again, the cause of the damage is unknown.

Toward the center of the neighborhood a large crater has already destroyed part of one
building. This large fissure (or sinkhole?) is more than a 100 meters wide and several meters deep.

© Daily Star Lebanon
Nothing similar has ever been witnessed in the region.
Two other fissures have destroyed the main road. On either side of the fissures the earth has shifted, threatening the foundations of around 10 nearby buildings.


Fish rain down on Dire Dawa, Ethiopia

Fish on road
Residents of Dire Dawa observed the rains of fish in the town. According to sources, it was dust particles that was dropping in balls. Later the fish drop everywhere. The residents are familiar with such a rain since it rain in the past.

While asked his comments on the unusual incident Haromaya University Academician in the field of Meteorology and Climate Mr Efrem Mamo said such incidents are common in areas where ocean currents and winds are heavier than the usual. Mamo who said he had once heard similar thing happening in Hawasa about 10 years ago added, to have a clear view on today's happening it will be necessary knowing recent day's metrological data of Dire Dawa town.

Source: gudnew.com


Young beached gray whale rescued in Mexico

© Profepa
Beached gray whale
Federal environmental officials have rescued a young gray whale stranded on a beach in Baja California Sur.

The environmental protection agency Profepa said the whale was found during a routine inspection at El Mariscal on the Laguna Ojo de Liebre in Guerrero Negro near the city of Mulegé.

A roll-and-tow technique was used to rescue the whale, which was found to be in good condition, and release it back into the sea. Officials said it might have been separated from its mother, become disoriented or caught by a low tide.

The Ojo de Liebre is one of two lagoons in the El Vizcaino Whale Sanctuary and are UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Source: Notimex