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USGS: Earthquake Magnitude 6.1 - 129km NW of Hihifo, Tonga

Earthquake 6.1 Hihifo, Tonga
Event Time
2014-10-28 03:15:43 UTC
2014-10-27 15:15:43 UTC-12:00 at epicenter

15.193°S 174.666°W depth=35.0km (21.7mi)

Nearby Cities
129km (80mi) NW of Hihifo, Tonga
346km (215mi) WSW of Apia, Samoa
435km (270mi) WSW of Tafuna, American Samoa
438km (272mi) WSW of Pago Pago, American Samoa
651km (405mi) E of Lambasa, Fiji

Scientific data

X-Class solar flares hit Earth, cause radio blackouts

© Extinction Protocol
At 17:09 UT (12:09 p.m. EDT) today (Saturday), active region (AR) 2192 erupted with another X-class flare directed at Earth. This is the second powerful eruption in less than 24 hours to be triggered from the large sunspot that occupies the region. Today's flare registered at X1 on the solar flare Richter Scale, the most powerful class of flare, but weaker than Friday's X3-class flare. Further radio black-outs have been recorded on the daytime side of the Earth, but, once again, today's flare did not generate a significant coronal mass ejection (CME). There was already a high probability that active region (AR) 2192 was going to erupt with a powerful solar flare, so it came as little surprise when, yesterday, the huge sunspot fired a powerful X-class flare right at Earth. And we sure did feel its impact.

Comment: The fire in the skies is highly active:

Cloud Lightning

Nicaragua, Honduras under threat of flooding, mudslides from Tropical Storm Hanna

tropical storm hanna
Tropical Storm Hanna, the eighth named storm of the 2014 Atlantic hurricane season, formed quickly Monday morning and has now moved inland after making landfall along the Caribbean coast near the Nicaragua - Honduras border.

A tropical storm warning was issued by the governments of Nicaragua and Honduras for a small part of each country's Caribbean coast.
Cloud Precipitation

Severe hailstorm causes havoc in Australian wine country - up to 30% vineyard losses

Vineyards in the south of Western Australia could see yield losses of up to 30 per cent after they were hit by damaging hail storms this week.

Severe thunderstorms struck the South West and Great Southern regions on Wednesday evening.

Wineries in Frankland and Pemberton were hardest hit, with reports of hail completely stripping vines of new season growth.

Ferngrove Wine Group was one of the wineries that fell victim to the hail. Ferngrove senior winemaker Kim Horton said that the storm completely damaged some vines, but some were left unscathed.
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6 family members killed in Crimea as a massive sinkhole swallows up car

Six members of one family - including three-year-old twins - died instantly when a vast sinkhole opened up in the motorway and swallowed their car in Crimea. Two other children aged 12 and 12 months survived.

It is believed the car was driving between the Crimean capital Simferopol and a village called Nikolaevka in the disputed region, which recently voted to leave Ukraine and join Russia.
Car falls into monster 8-meter-wide sinkhole in Crimea (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
- RT (@RT_com) September 28, 2014
Suddenly a massive hole opened up in the ground, ripping away power-lines and reportedly casting the road into darkness. The car's driver, Ibrail Eskandarov, 34, frantically applied his brakes but had no time to avoid the 26-feet wide hole, rescuers said. The car fell 20 metres and smashed into the bottom.

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Cement truck gets swallowed up by huge sinkhole, Russia

© YouTube/Wiktor
Not what you expect on your normal commute
There are times to regret the amount of dash cams on the road recording our every mistake but this truck driver must be chuffed the car behind had their camera working.

Explaining to the boss that your cement truck fell into a large sink-hole works a lot better knowing there is video evidence.

Sinkholes are depressions or craters caused after the collapse of the surface layer and can vary in diameter from one to 600m.

The cause of such rare incidents can vary from the collapse of a disused mine shaft to to ruptured sewage pipes.

Needless to say, this truck driver will never look at a road the same ever again.

Comment: Sinkhole heat map for the past year -

Cloud Precipitation

Athens and Antalya inundated as floods hit Southern Europe

After the storm surge in northern Europe, then flooding and storms in Slovenia, Czech Republic and parts of the Balkans, the severe weather thought to be caused by the remnants of Hurricane Gonzalez, moved to parts of southern Europe on Friday 24 October 2014.

Athens, Greece

Athens in Greece was left knee-deep in water after torrential rain caused flooding in central and western parts of the city. Local media say as much as 14 cm of rain fell in just 90 minutes on Friday. Emergency services received over 600 calls as hundreds of homes and businesses were inundated. The worst affected areas were Peristeri, Ilion, Perama, Menidi, Aegaleo, Aghioi Anargoiroi, Nikaia, Piraeus and Kamatero.


Pack of wild boar attack woman in suburb of Stockholm, Sweden

© N. A. Naseer/ Wikimedia Commons
A wild boar group.
A young woman was left shaken after being chased by a pack of wild boar in a suburb of Stockholm, Sweden.

Stocholm county police write on their website that the woman was out walking in the evening when she met more than a dozen wild boars.

When the surprised woman turned tail and fled the boars gave chase. She luckily met a group of young people who were able to scare away the pack of pursuing porkers.

At least six people attacked and injured by a group of wild boar in India

A group of 5 Wild Boar
In the latest incident of man-wildlife conflict in villages lying in close proximity of Bhitarkanika wildlife sanctuary, at least six persons including two women and an infant were injured today following attack by hordes of wild boars in Jamboo village under Mahakalpada police station jurisdiction.

As the news of animal attack spread, people rose in protest and demonstrated in front of the local forest office.

The agitating people were demanding the launch of foolproof measures to curb the intrusion of animals like wild boar, crocodiles and spotted deer into places of human habitation.

Three persons including a 15-year-old girl, a 55-year-old woman were injured while three others sustained injuries following the stampede that ensued as the wild boars chased the people. All of them, who were hospitalised, are out of danger.
Bizarro Earth

At least one California town is now bone dry as megadrought continues

California drought
© Unknown
A poor, rural community in Calfornia's agricultural belt has run out of water.

At least one California town has gone dry, and many are expected to follow soon. East Porterville, in Tulare County is now without water, as the wells that feed it have dried up. Residents, according to Yahoo! News, now have to drive to the local fire station to get water to drink, bathe, and flush the toilet. And ironically, the town is near what was once the largest freshwater lake in California.

Tulare County, which relies heavily on the agricultural industry, is parched. The some 500 wells that feed its residents and farmers have gone dry. And the county says that it may be years and cost $20 million before a new groundwater management program, which includes a hookup between East Porterville and Porterville's water systems, goes into effect.

The county is named for Tulare Lake, which was once the largest freshwater lake west of the Great Lakes. It was drained for regional agricultural purposes, begining in the early 20th Century. The lake basin is now some of the most fertile soil in the Central Valley, the most productive agricultural region of the United States. Although dry for the most part, the lake occasionally reappears after unusually high levels of rainfall or snow melt, the last time being 1997.

Earlier this month, a 5,000-gallon-water tank, donated by the county's Sheriff's Association was delivered to East Porterville, and that is primary source of water for this low-income community. Residents now drive to the fire department with empty water jugs and pump water from the tanks to take home. The county has also been supplying free bottled water, paid for by the state, to residents for drinking and cooking.

However, there are worries within the community that the county might use the bottled-water handout to identify undocumented residents or condemn homes that are in disrepair. Non-profit groups and churches have also been trying to help supply water to East Porterville residents.

"It's a disaster," says Andrew Lockman, manager of the Tulare County Office of Emergency Services. "It's not a tornado, it's not a hurricane, it's a quiet disaster."