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Teenage surfer bitten by shark off New Smyrna Beach, Florida; 10th attack in the area this year


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A teenage surfer was bitten by a shark off of New Smyrna Beach Sunday morning, a Volusia County Beach Patrol spokesman said.

The 14-year-old boy from Vero Beach was with four other surfers in the water about 100 yards out in the water near Beachway Avenue, Capt. Aaron Jenkins said.

Just before 8:30 a.m., the boy was paddling out when he was bitten on the left hand by what was described as a 4- to 5-foot-long blacktip shark.

The boy "punched it away," Jenkins said, and returned to shore, where he flagged down a beach-safety ocean-rescue officer who treated his injuries.


Strange animal behaviour: Wild boar found swimming 6km off Italy coast

© Julien Nakos
The wild boar was caught on camera 6km off the Puglian coast by amateur fishermen.
It was probably the last thing a group of Italian fishermen expected to see - an exhausted wild boar swimming in circles, 6km off the coast of Taranto in Italy's southern Puglia region.

The amateur fishermen had taken their recreational boat out for a spin when and were stunned to see the creature on the high seas.

They captured the moment in the video below.


Fisherman finds whale carcass on a reef near Nukulau Island, Fiji

© Rakesh Kumar
Baswa Sunny Nand, a fisherman of Vatuwaqa, was caught by surprise when he stumbled upon a whale carcass near Nukulau Island yesterday.
Baswa Sunny Nand has been a fisherman for more than 30 years and in that time he has seen a lot of things at sea.

But yesterday he was surprised when he stumbled upon the carcass of a whale on a reef near Nukulau Island.

Mr Nand said he was on his way back from a fishing trip when he saw the stranded carcass.

"At first I thought that it was a capsized fibreglass boat. I came close to investigate thinking that I may be able to tow it in to shore. But when I got closer I saw that it was a whale," Mr Nand said.


Montana hunter survives grizzly bear attack after sticking his arm down the animal's throat


Chase Dewoll, 26, survived a bear attack while hunting near Choteau, Montana, after he remembered that large animals have poor gag reflexes and he stuck his arm down the bear's throat
A bow hunter looking for elk in Montana escaped death when he thwarted a grizzly bear attack by sticking his arm down the animal's gullet.

Chase Dellwo, 26, was with his brother Shane near the town of Choteau when he went off by himself and tried to scare a herd possible targets towards his hunting partner.

However, he soon found himself three feet away from a 400-pound grizzly.

Dellwo was bitten on the head and leg, but survived and made it back to his brother after remembering a curious fact about the bear's anatomy.

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Australian wildfires rage as 'Godzilla El Nino' takes affect

A charred car stands destroyed after a bushfire moved through the area near One Tree Hill in the Adelaide Hills on January 5, 2015
Over 100 bushfires are blazing in the state of Victoria, Australia, with over 200 homes at risk. Unusually high temperatures and strong winds have fueled the fires, which are threatening areas about 80 kilometers northwest of Melbourne.

Firefighters are struggling to put out the blazes, with changing wind directions making their task even more difficult. Aerial water bombers have also been called in to provide assistance, as gusts of wind have reached over 100 kilometers an hour.

The Country Fire Authority (CFA) says that over 100 fires are raging north of Melbourne, while local politicians have been urging locals to take precautions.


2 earthquakes recorded in Dolakha, Nepal

© Google/NSC
Epicentres of the tremors were in Dolakha District.
Two light earthquakes of local magnitude 4.8 and 4.2 were recorded in Dolakha of Central Nepal on Monday afternoon.

According to the National Seismological Centre, the fresh earthquakes were recorded at 13:18 and 13:21 pm respectively.

The epicentre of the tremors were closer to a location east of Kathmandu, northeast of Jiri Near Sunkhani and neighbouring the second one closer to Tamakoshi river, in Dolakha district.

The tremor originated from location with coordinates 27.71° N 86.15° E and 27.71° N 86.10° E, according to the NSC.

The last individual earthquake, and not aftershock of the April 25 earthquake, was recorded in Sindhupalchok district on September 29.


Magnitude 6 earthquake recorded off central Chile: USGS

A magnitude 6.0 earthquake struck in the Pacific off the coast of central Chile on Monday, the U.S. Geological Survey said.

Chile's emergency office said no immediate damage was reported and no tsunami was expected.

The USGS said the quake was centered 32 miles (51.5 km)southwest of Coquimbo and struck at a depth of 21.7 miles (35 km). The region has been hit by a string of aftershocks following an 8.3 magnitude quake on Sept 16.


Extreme weather from hurricane Joaquin continues to be new norm

© Randall Hill / Reuters
Mary Baldrick of Isle of Palms, South Carolina, wades through flooded Front Street in Georgetown, South Carolina October 4, 2015

Comment: This isn't a "1,000 year storm" any more: storms and extreme weather like this are happening more and more frequently. With so many "1,000" year weather events in this decade alone, people need to start paying attention and realize that this isn't an anomaly or blip, but has become the new norm and is getting worse. See this video for a summary of extreme weather events that happened in September:

Nine people were killed in unprecedented flooding in South Carolina, Governor Nikki Haley said.

Flooding in South Carolina is so serious that President Obama declared a statewide emergency.

"We are at a 1,000-year level of rain," South Carolina Governor Haley said at a press conference. "That's how big this is."


Typhoon Mujigae kills six, knocks out power in Guangdong, China

© Reuters/Stringer
Trees are blown by Typhoon Mujigae on a street in Zhanjiang, Guangdong province, October 4, 2015.
A typhoon bringing heavy rain churned inland through southern China on Monday, a day after making landfall, killing at least six people, injuring hundreds, knocking out power and overturning cars.

The storm made landfall in the southern province of Guangdong on Sunday, triggering widespread blackouts, state media said. Winds knocked out power grids along the coast, leaving large areas without electricity, water or telecommunications.

TV footage showed trees snapped in two by a tornado spawned by the storm and a building at a construction raised from the ground like a toy. A crane toppled from a high-rise under construction.

The storm is expected to lose strength as it heads northwest. Authorities warned that flooding and mudslides were possible in the southwestern province of Yunnan.
© Reuters/Stringer
People try to remove a bough from a street as Typhoon Mujigae hits Maoming, Guangdong province, October 4, 2015.
Authorities have canceled dozens of flights, evacuated thousands and returned nearly 64,000 fishing boats to harbor in the south, state television reported.

Some coastal high-speed trains were suspended, including a route linking Haikou to Sanya in the island province of Hainan, state media said.

The typhoon coincides with a week-long public holiday in China, and tourist spots including a popular volcanic island have been closed.


Signs of Change: Extreme weather and environmental upheaval in September 2015 (VIDEO)


This image shows a road just outside of Dominica's capital which collapsed after the deluge
Warning: This video contains graphic content viewer discretion advised..

Destructive weather has struck all over the globe in recent weeks as climate chaos shows its ugly face.
Rare, strange, extreme and record breaking weather events have taken place over the past month or so, and this is just the beginning!