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Sinkhole devours part of street in Cleveland, Ohio

Part of Eddy Road collapsing into a sinkhole
While drivers across the city look out for potholes, residents who live along Eddy Road, south of the Shoreway worry about a much bigger problem. Part of their street was swallowed up by a big sinkhole.

"It's scary, it's scary. That's literally at the corner of my street," said Unique Patterson, a resident who has to drive past it on her way home.

Several neighbors say they noticed part of the asphalt collapsing yesterday. Within a matter of minutes there was a car crater in the middle of the street.

Comment: Sinkholes are scary stuff, so it's too bad they're so casually dismissed as isolated incidents by the media. Many have died in recent years when the earth opened up and swallowed them.

Comment: Sinkholes have continued to devour Ohio for the past month. Check out:

Cloud Precipitation

Heavy rainfall floods Bangkok, Thailand

© Nattapol Lovakij
The flood in Asok Montri road after the heavy downpour in Bangkok.
A heavy downpour for more than one hour around noon Tuesday in inner Bangkok has caused floods on several roads and traffic jams.

Traffic police reported at least seven locations in Bangkok were flooded.

In some areas, the water is as high as the footpath level.

The flooded areas are Asok Montri Road, some sections of Phetchaburi and Ratchadaphisek roads, Soi Suan Phlu, Sukhumvit Sois 1, 2 and 24, Phloenchit Road, Mitmaitri Road near the Thai-Japanese Stadium in Din Daeng and Silom Road.


An image tweeted by Twitter user @hs3nza via @js100radio at 1.45pm Tuesday shows a deep flood in Ratchaphisek Soi 3.

Cloud Precipitation

Giant hailstones fall in Queensland, Australia


This shard of hail measuring about 12 centimetres crashed down in Chinchilla on Saturday afternoon
Weather watchers around the world have been stunned by giant chunks of ice that smashed an outback Queensland town in recent days.

Hailstones up to 12cm in diameter smashed cars and windows and left lawns checkered in the western downs town of Chinchilla during a freak storm on Saturday afternoon.

The downpour that stunned the state has now attracted interest overseas, with many in the US shocked at the "weird" weather that no one saw coming.

Some have pointed out the hailstones were about the same size as the small marsupials the town shares a name with.

"Shocking footage," wrote Keith Estiler, a New York City resident who shared video of the giant balls of ice bouncing off an oval in Chinchilla.

Comment: See also: Large hailstones kill horses, birds and ravage cotton crops in northern New South Wales, Australia


250 villages cut off by heavy snowfall in Turkey


Snow removal in Turkey.
In Hozat and Ovacik snowfall exceeded half a meter (20 inches), says this article on And there is 20 cm (8 inches) of snow in the city center of Pülümür.

Normal life in Tunceli is stopped

Due to the increasing snowfall during the night in Tunceli, the Tunceli-Pülümür and Tunceli-Erzincan highways remained closed to traffic due to the dozens of vehicles stuck on the road.

A large number of machines were sent to the area to open roads. Meanwhile, Tunceli-Hozat, it was learned that the Tunceli-Ovacik road transport in closed due to snow.

About 250 villages are cut off.

Snowflake Cold

Birds in Rhode Island found dead due to severe winter

© Robert Langham
Dead Canada goose.
Rhode Island's severe winter has proven deadly for waterfowl — primarily Canada geese — whose carcasses are being found across Rhode Island as the snow and ice start to melt, according to the Department of Environmental Management. Tides have also pushed them in along the shoreline.

The birds have died from malnutrition and starvation, said wildlife biologist Joshua Beuth, with the DEM Division of Fish and Wildlife. The die-off is atypical, attributable to this winter's persistent ice and snow cover; similar die-offs have occurred in Massachusetts and Connecticut, Beuth said.

"I went to several of the sites and took a look at the birds to confirm our belief of malnutrition and starvation," Beuth said. "There's very little muscle tissue; [they're] very emaciated and there are no other signs of trauma that would indicate any other cause of death."


Man stabs his pit pull terrier after it attacks him, wife in Hamden, Connecticut


A family dog or a fighting breed?
The pit bull turned on the owners when they tried to separate it from a family puppy.

A Hamden resident stabbed his adult male pit bull after the dog attacked him and his wife on Friday afternoon.

Both Ford Street residents were taken to Yale-New Haven Hospital with non-life threatening injuries, Sgt. Anthony Diaz said in a press release.

Diaz said that the pit bull attacked the woman after she tried to separate it from one of the puppies at the home. The pit bull had been biting the puppy, according to Diaz.

The woman's husband then coaxed the dog into a backroom of the residence at which time the pit bull attacked him as well.


Rare deep sea beaked whale dies on Guam shore

© Brent Tibbatts
Bile Bay: A rare 15-foot beaked whale died in Bile Bay in Merizo yesterday, March 23. Guam Department of Agriculture authorities are expected to conduct a necropsy today.
A very rare whale washed up on the Merizo reef yesterday.

The 15-foot beaked whale was still alive when it washed up in Bile Bay in Merizo.

Residents reported it to authorities at 10:30 a.m. When authorities arrived an hour later it was dead, said to Brent Tibbatts, Guam Department of Agriculture fisheries biologist.

Tibbatts said Guam Department of Agriculture authorities planned to haul it away yesterday evening at high tide to perform a necropsy at a Guam Department of Agriculture facility.


Strong winds sweep wild fire in North Korea across South Korean border

© Evan Collis / DFES / AFP
The cause of the blaze was not known, and damage estimates were not immediately available.
Strong winds swept a wild fire in North Korea across the heavily armed border with South Korea, prompting a suspension of cross-border movements into a jointly-run factory park in the North.

About 50 firefighters and three helicopters were battling the fire on the south side of the Demilitarised Zone (DMZ) border, according to an official at the South Korean border town of Paju, adding that there were no reports of casualties.

Access to the area is normally restricted.


12 pilot whales dead in Bunbury harbour, Australia

© Bunbury Mail
Pilot whales stranded in Bunbury harbour
The fight to save members of a whale pod stranded at a beach in WA's south continues after a dozen long-finned pilot whales were confirmed dead.

The pod of whales became stranded along the breakwater wall and adjacent beach in Bunbury harbour early Monday and Department of Parks and Wildlife nature conservation leader Kim Williams said 12 whales had died in the stranding, while six were earlier herded out to sea.

Cloud Precipitation

Large hailstones kill horses, birds and ravage cotton crops in northern New South Wales, Australia


A woman holds a huge piece of hail at Narrabri from a super cell storm.
Just weeks before picking, severe storms have wreaked havoc on north-western New South Wales cotton crops.

Large hailstones pounded the Narrabri region and winds close to 100 kilometres an hour ripped at crops and pulled at tiled rooves.

The cotton crop of the Narrabri Community Education Trust farm has suffered extensive damage, but farmer Rob Eveleigh, who helps manage the crop, said other growers around it may have lost everything.

He said the 60 hectares of cotton was being grown as a fundraiser for local schools.

"It's probably in the order of 25 to 30 per cent damage which is a big loss obviously. That's the profits," he said.

"I know not too far away from there there's growers who lost whole crops.

"It's just one of those thing. If you're in farming, you just have to take it on the chin and move on."