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Sinkhole closes runway at Dallas-Fort Worth Airport

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Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport closed a runway this morning after a sinkhole opened near it.

The airport closed Runway 18L temporarily as a precaution while airfield operations crews assess a sinkhole that has been reported in a grassy area about 250 feet between a taxiway and runway 18L, the airport said in a prepared statement.

The sinkhole is not on the runway or taxiway itself, but in an area called the safety area, airport spokesman David Magaña said.

Comment: This sinkhole has been reported to be 25 feet x 25 feet, with an unknown depth. To learn more about what's causing all of these sinkholes, check out the SOTT Radio Show - SOTT Talk Radio show # 70: Earth Changes in an electric universe: Is climate change really man made?


Crews in Wagoner County, Oklahoma rescue families stranded by sinkhole

© Fox23
  • There is a sinkhole in Wagoner County on Front Street.
  • About a dozen homes are on the other side.
  • Wagoner County Emergency Management is working to rescue families.
Wagoner County Emergency Management told FOX23 that they are working to rescue families stuck because of a giant sinkhole on Front Street near 11th and the Creek Turnpike.

They are bringing a crane to help make the road passable for families stuck on the other side.

There are about 12 homes on the other side of the hole. There are no other roads out.

They are bringing in emergency vehicles to further assess the situation.

There are no reports of injuries right now.

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Man is swallowed by a huge sinkhole in Gran Canaria


The car at the bottom of the sinkhole in which a man almost drowned and the van on top of it. Sinkhole in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.
A man of 63 years has been about to drown on Friday May 15 in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria after being eaten by a 6-meter-deep sinkhole in the industrial area of ​​Las Torres.

The man was on the verge of drowning, six meters under, when firefighters arrived and rescued him. The cause of the cavity is unknown.

One car has been swallowed and another was left hanging at the top of the hole. As shown in the picture, the bottom of the cavity is full of water.

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Massive 85ft-wide sinkhole opens up at golf course in Branson, Missouri

The chasm is 85ft wide and 35 ft deep
A mysterious giant sinkhole opened up at a golf course in what could be the world's easiest hole-in-one.

The 80ft-wide pit formed on Friday at the Jack Nicklaus designed Top Rock Golf Course in Missouri.

And remarkably, the main course, which hosted a Champions Tour event in April, is unaffected and still open for play.

An estimated 7,000 cubic feet of material has been displaced by the phenomenon, with experts speculating that recent heavy rain collapsed the pathway to an undiscovered underground cave.

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New giant sinkhole opens up in Russia's Perm region

The diameter of the hole is 25 metres.
Another giant sinkhole has appeared in Russia's Perm region, which has seen its soil imploding into a series of large craters in recent years, possibly as a result of the vast network of mines in the area.

The latest sinkhole appeared in the village of Lunyevka, in the Aleksandrovsk district of the Perm region. The town had been a coal mining center, but the last mine was closed there more than 50 years ago the head of the district administration, Lyubov Babich, was quoted as saying by the local Valekse news portal on Monday.

Accounts of the sinkhole size varied. The head of the Aleksandrovsk district civil defense department, Alexander Golchikov, put it at 20 meters in diameter and 10 meters deep, the regional outlet of the national Argumenty i Fakty newspaper reported. Meanwhile, Babich estimated the size at 25 meters in diameter and 4 meters deep, Valekse reported.

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Sinkhole closes street in Traverse City, Michigan

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Elmwood Ave closed due to sinkhole
Motorists who drive up and down Elmwood Avenue will need to find a new way to get where they're going while a large sinkhole blocks their route.

The roughly four-foot deep sinkhole broke up the roadway just south of Medical Campus Drive at about 1:30 p.m, said Dave Green, Traverse City's director of public services.

A plywood board covered the hole Monday afternoon, supporting a traffic barrier and surrounded by orange cones and yellow caution tape. Elmwood Avenue was closed to through traffic between Seventh and Eleventh streets as work crews marked utility infrastructure locations for future repair work.

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Sinkhole closes street in Belhaven, Mississippi

A sinkhole closes a busy street in Belhaven raising concerns after several days of rain.

The ground gave way at the intersection of Poplar Boulevard and Kenwood Place Friday.

Carey Armstrong tells us she saw the pavement dipping when she drove over it on her way to the grocery store, and 15 minutes later she returned and saw the gaping hole.

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Sinkhole suddenly appears in Drammen, Norway


The sinkhole in Drammen
Two trees disappeared one and a half meter into the ground as a sinkhole suddenly appeared outside the entrance to the college BI at Greenland in Drammen Thursday night.The sinkhole outside the building Papirbredden, which includes the economic college BI and the college of Buskerud and Vestfold, was five times five meters.

The depth is estimated to be one and a half meters as two trees at the site fell one and a half meters into the ground.It was the police themselves who discovered the sinkhole when a police car passed the place just before 22.30pm, writes the local newspaper Drammen Tidende

.An eyewitness informs local newspaper that the ground just collapsed while the paper's own reporter mentioned that the hole was several meters deep- It looks like a big mud pool and several meters deep.

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Dump truck hangs over edge of huge sinkhole in Niagara Falls, New York

© Scott Lasker
Sinkhole in Niagara Falls
Scott Lasker sent WKBW this incredible picture of a sinkhole in Niagara Falls.

Lasker says the roughly 8-by-12-foot hole opened up right by Rt. 104. The truck is one in his fleet. Lasker is employed by Mallare Enterprises and is working on a state construction job at De Veaux Woods State Park.

There were no injuries.

State Parks officials say the hole opened over an old water cistern that was buried.

The area around the sinkhole has been secured and crews are working to free the dump truck.

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Giant sinkhole appears in a field in southern Turkey


Giant sinkhole appears in Turkey
Residents of Konya Province in southern Turkey have spoken of their terror when a giant sinkhole suddenly appeared in a local field.

"We are very afraid (for) our lives. It is luck that no one fell into it," said one local farmer.

Measuring 10 metres wide and 90 metres deep, the crater is thought to have formed in the space of 24 hours.

No one was injured as a result of the ground caving in.