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A big chunk of the Sierra Nevada caught fracturing on video

Rock Fracturing
© Screen Capture Youtube
If you like geology, you're used to relying on an active imagination. Most geologic processes occur too slowly to see them play out for yourself. Many of the exceptions are dangerous enough that you might not want a front row seat or are rare enough that the odds of being there to witness them are disheartening. Sometimes, though, the Earth throws us a bone - or in this case, a gigantic slab of granite.

One interesting way that rocks weather and crumble apart is called "exfoliation." Like the skin-scrubbing technique, this involves the outermost layers of exposed igneous or metamorphic bedrock sloughing off in a sheet. Over time, this tends to smooth and round the outcrop - Yosemite's Half Dome providing a spectacular example.
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25-foot-deep sinkhole opens up behind Walmart in Clarksville, Tennessee

A landscaper came within a few inches of a 25-foot-deep cavern while mowing grass on Arrowood Drive Thursday morning.

At about 9 a.m., the mower felt a tire slip by the side of the road and discovered the tire had broken through the earth. About 5 inches below the ground he was mowing across was a 25- to 27-foot-deep sinkhole, about 10 feet by 15 feet wide, said Jack Frazier, Clarksville Street Department engineering manager.

Arrowood Drive, which is off of Fort Campbell Boulevard near Purple Heart Parkway, was closed from the back entrance of Walmart to the veterans home currently under construction. Construction workers will be able to access that site via Jordan Road, according to a city news release.

Sinkholes are fairly common in Clarksville, which has what's known as karst terrain. "I've seen better ones and I've seen worse," Frazier said.
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Bus gets stuck in sinkhole, Tempe, Arizona

© Jesse A. Millard/The Republic
A bus got stuck in a Tempe sinkhole after a water main broke Wednesday morning near Apache Boulevard and McClintock Drive, according to officials.
Tempe officials used a crane to pull a bus out of a sinkhole after a water main broke Wednesday morning near Apache Boulevard and McClintock Drive.

The crane arrived around 4 p.m. after two attempts to remove the bus with tow trucks failed. The crane latched around the vehicle's back tires and pulled it out of the hole about an hour later.

The bus, with 12 people on board, was traveling northbound on McClintock late Wednesday morning, when the driver noticed water on the street, said Lt. Mike Pooley, a Tempe police spokesman.

The water then caused a sinkhole in the road and the back right side of the bus fell into the hole, he said.

The passengers and the driver evacuated the bus through the side windows, Pooley said.


Deadly landslide strikes in south-west China

China landslide

The landslide hit the village in south-west Guizhou province on Wednesday night.

At least six people have died and 21 others are missing after a landslide struck a village in south-west China.

China's state-run Xinhua news agency reported that more than 70 houses in the village in Guizhou province were destroyed.

It also said, quoting officials, that 22 people were injured and had been transferred to hospitals for treatment.

The landslide was believed to have been caused by a breach from a small reservoir, state broadcaster CCTV said.


Giant sinkhole consumes Indiana couple's backyard

Indiana sinkhole

An Indiana couple's backyard features a sinkhole that's 40 feet wide and 30 feet deep.
An Indiana couple's backyard turned into a huge sinkhole -- and it was unclear over who was responsible to fix it.

The sinkhole in Frank and Letitia Casto's yard used to be about four feet wide and six feet deep. It now measures about 40 feet wide and 30 feet deep.

"It just keeps dropping and swallowing trees, and this is where we are at," Letitia Casto told ABC News station WLS.

The hole was initially filled with rocks and covered with grass, but it kept growing, swallowing up trees.

"We've been complaining to different people for all this time, and everybody just keeps kind of ignoring us," Frank Casto told WLS. "It could have been a little problem, but it's turned into a monster, at this point."

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Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, sinkholes and flooding all in one: Iceland examines Bardarbunga volcano 'cauldrons'

barbarbunga cauldrons
Scientists in Iceland say they are examining several 'cauldrons' found near Bardarbunga volcano, which could potentially be a sign of an eruption.

The cauldrons, depressions in the volcano's surface, each between 10-15m (49 ft) deep and 1km (0.6 miles) wide, were seen during a flight on Wednesday.

Iceland's Met Office said they were formed "as a result of melting, possibly a sub-glacial eruption."

Bardarbunga volcano has been hit by several recent tremors.

The area experienced a magnitude 5.7 earthquake on Tuesday. Experts say these earthquakes are caused as magma flows beneath the ground, cracking the rocks as it moves.

The Met Office has kept its aviation warning level - indicating the potential threat of volcanic activity to air travel - at orange, its second-highest.

Comment: Iceland's Bardarbunga volcano: Magma moving towards new volcanic system

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Huge 100ft wide sinkhole appears overnight in Pennines, UK

A 100ft-wide sinkhole appeared overnight on Wednesday in the Pennines and was first spotted by Sam Hillyard, 39, as she was walking her dogs the next day
* Farmer John Hensby, 71, says his partner Sam Hillyard, 39, discovered the hole on Thursday morning

* Hole has grown since then and because rain is forecast he is worried there could be another collapse

* He is also worried that his dogs or one of the sheep that graze in the surrounding pastures could fall in

A 100ft-wide sinkhole that is so deep the bottom cannot be seen at one end has appeared overnight just yards from a farmer's house in County Durham.

John Hensby, 71, says his partner Sam Hillyard, 39, first discovered the hole on Thursday morning, adding that it has been growing ever since.

And Mr Hensby now fears that heavy rain forecast for the coming days could be about to make the situation even worse.

Comment: Check out the map below showing the distribution of sinkholes records from across the world for the past year.

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Large holes forming near the New Madrid Fault and a giant crack in the Earth in North Mexico

Earthquake Map
Earthquake Map.
Did you know that the number of big earthquakes during the first three months of 2014 was more than double the yearly average of what we have experienced since 1979? And did you know that the number of earthquakes in the central and eastern U.S. has quintupled in recent years?

If you do not believe this, just keep reading. We live at a time when earthquakes are increasing in frequency and severity. And we are starting to see some very unusual activity in places that have been quiet for a very long time.

For example, large holes are starting to mysteriously appear in Indiana near the New Madrid fault zone. And a giant crack in the ground nearly a kilometer long has appeared in northern Mexico. Could these be indications that even greater earthquake activity is on the way?

Most Americans don't realize that the greatest earthquakes in U.S. history happened along the New Madrid fault zone. Back during the early part of the 19th century, a series of immensely powerful earthquakes rattled the entire eastern half of the nation. Documents that we have from that era say that those earthquakes were so powerful that they were felt more than 1,000 miles away. And there are many that believe that if we had a similar earthquake today that the damage caused would almost be incalculable.
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Sinkhole? 1 km long trench opens up in Mexico (video)

This one kilometer long and eight meters deep large trench in the Costa de Hermosillo in Mexico is baffling the inhabitants and officials of La Candelaria. But how did it form?

This crack opened up on August 17, 2014. Although social networkers believe it was created by an earthquake at the San Andres Fault, a geologist from the University of Sonora indicates that the ground has probably collapsed because of a stream of groundwater.

Comment: The robotic quality of the video could be explained by the footage being shot from a drone with a remotely operated camera.

As for a hypothesis; An earthquake may possibly have been involved in this event, which again may key into lowered solar activity and the decrease in the surface to core E-field, which reduces the binding force and loosens the tectonic plates relative to each other. In short: Earth is opening up, which is clear from the high increase in seismic activity observed over the last decade.

For more in-depth information about our Earth changes: Earth Changes and the Human Cosmic Connection

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Truck swallowed by 40-square-meter sinkhole in Guangxi

This pipe truck is the latest victim of China's 'swiss cheese' landscape, swallowed by a 40-square-meter, 6-meter deep sinkhole in Guangxi. Fortunately, no casualties have been reported.