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Beach erosion leaves 'huge hole' in Queensland, Australia

© Surf Life Saving Queensland
The beach is popular with anglers but no-one was there when the sand collapsed.
A hole "almost the size of a football field" has opened up at Jumpinpin bar on North Stradbroke Island, off south-east Queensland.

Senior lifeguard Michael Bates said the beach had collapsed on the southern side of the island this morning.

It is a popular spot for fishing and four-wheel-driving but no-one was on the beach at the time.

Mr Bates said the erosion had created dangerous conditions.

"It is a little bit smaller than a football field," Mr Bates said.

There is still a question mark over how big the hole will get.

"It is almost like a swirling effect in the water that is created by the change of tides and there is unstable sand in the area," Mr Bates said.

"It is not a safe areas for swimming area at all, due to it being so unstable, unpredictable and varying depth and the strong water movement.

"It is going to make it a very massive hazard."

University of Queensland researcher Konrad Beinssen said sinkholes were common at Jumpinin.

Comment: Last week erosion swallowed a house in Bangladesh, whilst a couple of months ago a portion of beach and campsite disappeared at Inskip Point, also in Queensland.

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Large sinkhole appears at Lindal-in-Furness, UK

A large sinkhole opened up near Lindal-in-Furness over the weekend - swallowing a 20ft cabin, a wagon and a Nissan Micra.

The hole, believed to be about 200ft deep, appeared as heavy rain battered the region and is thought to be in the location of an old iron ore mine.

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Nearly a dozen large sinkholes open up in Andhra Pradesh, India

© The Hindu
Kadapa District Collector K.V. Ramana inspecting a large sinkhole formed in Nayanoripalle village in Kadapa District on Sunday.
The revenue and police officials of Kadapa exhorted the villagers of Nayanoripalle in Chintakommadinne mandal in Kadapa District to vacate the village and move over to safer places and large sinkholes formed in the village could endanger lives.

Kadapa District Collector K.V. Ramana and Geological Survey of India officials of Hyderabad visited Nayanoripalle village on Sunday and inspected the multiple sinkholes. Earlier, officials of the mining and groundwater departments conducted a survey on the Collector's directions and detected limestone deposits at a depth of 30 feet.

Heavy rains since a week resulted in dissolving of the limestone and soil sunk to depths of 30 feet, the officials deduced. The villagers were panic-stricken with the formation of sinkholes of a diameter of 25 metres at several places in Nayanoripalle.

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Landslide buckles Vasquez Canyon Road in Santa Clarita, California

© Getty
A portion of Vasquez Canyon Road remained closed indefinitely Friday after a landslide prompted buckling and significant damage along a 2-mile stretch in the Canyon Country area.

"This isn't just the road; it's the mountain itself that's moving and it's pushing the road up," said Paul Funk with L.A. County Department of Public Works.

The roadway was closed Thursday between Lost Creek Road and Vasquez Way after public works officials first noticed the shift around 10:30 that morning.

The closure was said to be indefinite and would likely last for "a long time," Funk said.

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Video shows giant sinkhole in Bangladesh swallowing house with terrifying speed

© John Wodden/Youtube)
Going...going...gone. The house in Bangladesh as it sunk.
This is the terrifying moment a house was swallowed whole by a sinkhole.

Footage of the natural phenomenon shows a home cordoned off by police on a beach shoreline in Bangladesh.

As locals stand beside the property, the ground underneath the house can be seen sliding into the sea with astonishing speed.

Moments later, there is no sign the house was ever there.

No injuries were reported but local authorities are investigating what may have caused the sinkhole to form.

Comment: See the sinkholes topic section for more examples of this escalating phenomena. A few recent incidents include:

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Ground gives way under 8 houses in Ceiba, Puerto Rico

Eight houses are on the edge of a 20-feet hole as the ground collapsed just in front of them.

The dangerous landslide that even destroyed the wall of containment has occurred on November 9, 2015, at night and hasn't been secured yet.

Luckily, only two families were sleeping in their homes since the state agency for emergency management and administration of disasters ( Aemead) had given orders of eviction last Monday.

This ground instability isn't new. These houses are suffering for more than one year from cracks and land movements.

But it is only on November 6, 2015 that the sidewalks began to collapse and the streets to crack.

And here a first video of this terrifying geological event:

Bizarro Earth

20-foot sinkhole opens up on housing estate in Newcastle, northern England

Residents have been left horrified after a 20ft sinkhole suddenly opened up on a housing estate built over an abandoned colliery.

The huge crater appeared above old mine workings at Craster Square in the Coxlodge area of Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne, just before 11am today.

Dramatic pictures show the sheer size of the deep hole, which stretches the width of the road, and how it has left one lone car stranded on a driveway.

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Vehicle falls into sinkhole in central Florida

WPTV YouReporter Shelley Jaggernauth sent in photos of a sinkhole swallowing a vehicle at a repair shop in central Florida.

Shelley said her brother was working at Indy's Auto Center when he and a co-worker heard a sound similar to a car door closing. She says they looked out front and saw this:

According to Shelley, an attempt was made to remove the vehicle from the hole using a standard tow truck, but they had to call in a larger truck from a company that tows "semi" trucks.

No one was injured.

Shelley's brother says the hole was approximately 18 feet deep.

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Mysterious giant sinkhole swallows at least 15 vehicles in Mississippi

© noblejonesontv / Instagram
A 15-meter-wide sinkhole has recently opened up in a city in Mississippi and swallowed at least 15 vehicles, police said, adding that what caused the sinkhole is still unknown and is being investigated.

The sinkhole appeared in the parking lot of the new IHOP restaurant on Frontage Road in the city of Meridian. The customers at the restaurant told local WTOK-TV that they heard several booms that were quickly followed by the electricity loss.

Comment: See sinkholes for more events of this nature.

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100ft-deep sinkhole swallows garden in Cornwall, UK

A 93-year-old woman miraculously survived after a 100ft-deep sinkhole suddenly opened up in front of her missing her by just inches.

Stunned Kathleen Angel watched on in horror as the giant sinkhole 'devoured' her garden. The huge death trap appeared after builders burst a water pipe during work to construct two new homes nearby. Kathleen, a widow, who lives in Carbis Bay, Cornwall, said: "It was a great shock. I heard something and looked up and there it was, a very deep, big hole in the middle of my garden. It is very concerning, very much so."

The hole turned out to be a disused mine shaft, which neighbours estimated to be over 100ft deep, and has now been cordoned off by wire fencing. Next-door neighbour Jim Ashford, 92, said: "Kathleen has not been coping well, when she heard about it I thought it was going to finish her off. "She lives on her own, I know her son-in-law comes to visit her, but she is a very reclusive person."

His son Nick added: "The building work is a living nightmare. It's been going on for two months and we were given no warning beforehand about what would happen. "The effects of it all are terrible, and it all culminated on Saturday, just as the rugby was on, when suddenly a 100ft hole appeared in the garden next door. "If Kathleen was standing over it she would have died.