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Large holes forming near the New Madrid Fault and a giant crack in the Earth in North Mexico

Earthquake Map
Earthquake Map.
Did you know that the number of big earthquakes during the first three months of 2014 was more than double the yearly average of what we have experienced since 1979? And did you know that the number of earthquakes in the central and eastern U.S. has quintupled in recent years?

If you do not believe this, just keep reading. We live at a time when earthquakes are increasing in frequency and severity. And we are starting to see some very unusual activity in places that have been quiet for a very long time.

For example, large holes are starting to mysteriously appear in Indiana near the New Madrid fault zone. And a giant crack in the ground nearly a kilometer long has appeared in northern Mexico. Could these be indications that even greater earthquake activity is on the way?

Most Americans don't realize that the greatest earthquakes in U.S. history happened along the New Madrid fault zone. Back during the early part of the 19th century, a series of immensely powerful earthquakes rattled the entire eastern half of the nation. Documents that we have from that era say that those earthquakes were so powerful that they were felt more than 1,000 miles away. And there are many that believe that if we had a similar earthquake today that the damage caused would almost be incalculable.
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Sinkhole? 1 km long trench opens up in Mexico (video)

This one kilometer long and eight meters deep large trench in the Costa de Hermosillo in Mexico is baffling the inhabitants and officials of La Candelaria. But how did it form?

This crack opened up on August 17, 2014. Although social networkers believe it was created by an earthquake at the San Andres Fault, a geologist from the University of Sonora indicates that the ground has probably collapsed because of a stream of groundwater.

Comment: The robotic quality of the video could be explained by the footage being shot from a drone with a remotely operated camera.

As for a hypothesis; An earthquake may possibly have been involved in this event, which again may key into lowered solar activity and the decrease in the surface to core E-field, which reduces the binding force and loosens the tectonic plates relative to each other. In short: Earth is opening up, which is clear from the high increase in seismic activity observed over the last decade.

For more in-depth information about our Earth changes: Earth Changes and the Human Cosmic Connection

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Truck swallowed by 40-square-meter sinkhole in Guangxi

This pipe truck is the latest victim of China's 'swiss cheese' landscape, swallowed by a 40-square-meter, 6-meter deep sinkhole in Guangxi. Fortunately, no casualties have been reported.
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2 passenger train wagons derail in Switzerland after landslide

© AFP Photo
This handout picture taken and released by the police of the Canton of Graubuenden on August 13, 2014 shows rescuers working near a train after it was derailed by a landslide near Tiefencastel, in a mountainous part of eastern Switzerland, on August 13, 1014.

Eleven people have been injured, five of whom are in a serious condition, after a passenger train in Switzerland was derailed by a landslide, following heavy rain. One carriage is perilously hanging over a ravine.

The derailment happened in the Graubuenden region near Tiefencastel, in the east of the country, Switzerland's ATS news agency reported. The train was traveling from Chur to St. Moritz and is operated by the Rhaetain railway company, with around 140 people on board. The remaining passengers were able to walk away to safety.

An eyewitness told the Swiss paper, Blick that up to ten people were in the carriage which slipped down the ravine.

Peter Faerber, a police spokesman in the area, said some people were slightly injured in the accident but he could not immediately say how many. Some of the passengers were airlifted from the vicinity by helicopter.

However, the police did say that two of the injured were Japanese and one was Australian.
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Pennsylvania sinkhole swallows car in parking lot of 'Hollywood Tan'

Ross Township - A sinkhole that opened suddenly and swallowed a woman's car outside a tanning salon was caused by a storm drain that carries an underwater stream beneath the parking lot, according to police.

Lisa Masley, the owner of Hollywood Tans on McKnight Road, rescued her customer from the car before it vanished into the large hole as severe storms moved through the area Tuesday afternoon.

Masley said Natalie Huddleston just left left the salon and called her on the phone. She couldn't see the parking lot because the front desk of the salon is tall, but she was told to come outside because Huddleston needed help.

"When I stood up and looked, her car already turned into a see-saw and was hanging over the edge," Masley said.

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Multiple avalanches hit North Norway

© Dag Tore Larsen / NTB scanpix
People trapped after avalanches occurred across Lyngen in Troms.
Around 10 avalanches struck Lyngen in Troms on Thursday, hitting roads and neighbourhoods.

The avalanches went off at around 10pm on Thursday night in Kjosen in the Lyngen municipality of North Norway. Four of the avalanches reached all the way down to where people were living and the roads.

Between five and seven houses were trapped after the three first avalanches, and most of the people were rescued by boat. Noone were injured or missing.

A rescue helicopter trying to rescue trapped people had to turn around because of lightning and thunder. At the same time, great parts of the Lyngen municipality lost power.

The situation is now under control after 22 people were trapped inside their home and cars. Police are evaluating whether the people, who had to be evacuated, can return home.
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New un-Earthly phenomenon! 'Crater-holes' opening in Siberia 'not in scientific literature'

Siberian hole
© Screengrab Newslook Video
A Siberian hole that opened up mysteriously and was reported in July 2014.
A trio of mysterious gaping holes in northern Siberia has spawned many theories about the craters' origin, but scientists have suggested some concrete explanations.

In mid-July, reindeer herders stumbled across a crater that was approximately 260 feet (80 meters) wide, on the Yamal Peninsula, whose name means "end of the world," The Siberian Times reported. Since then, two new chasms - a 50-foot (15 m) crater in the Taz district and a 200- to 330-foot (60 to 100 m) crater in the Taymyr Peninsula - have also been reported.

Neither aliens nor meteorites caused the strange cavities, as some had speculated, but the true explanation could be exciting nonetheless. Russian scientists have launched an investigation to find out more.

Helicopter video footage of the first hole shows it is surrounded by a mound of loose dirt that appears to have been thrown out of the hole.

"It's not even in the [scientific] literature..."
Wow, are we living in 'interesting times' or what?!

We can offer an alternative explanation to pingos and man-made global warming.

For an explosion you need two things: an igniter and combustible material. The Arctic, as with many other places on Earth is outgassing methane at never-before-seen rates. Lightning discharge events are also increasing in intensity and frequency because the solar wind is being grounded while comet dust loading of the atmosphere increases nucleation and resistance, leading to greater precipitation and greater charge-rebalancing respectively.

See Earth Changes and the Human Cosmic Connection: The Secret History of the World - Book 3 where this is explained in greater detail.

These 'crater- holes' are not an indication of global warming. They're another indication of the planet opening up.

Speaking of exploding Earth, notice how this lady in Florida described this monster sinkhole open up earlier this month...


Scientists left baffled after two new holes appear in Russia's icy wilderness

  • One of the craters is located in Siberia's Yamal Peninsula in the Taz district and has a diameter of 49ft (15 metres)
  • The other was spotted on the Taymyr Peninsula in Kransoyark region and has a diameter of 13ft (four metres)
  • They follow the discovery of a larger hole found in Yamal earlier this month at around 230ft (70 metres) in diameter
  • Andrei Plekhanov from Scientific Research Center of the Arctic says crater was formed due to rising temperatures
  • One theory is that a chunk of ice that is located underground created a hole in the ground when it melted
  • Another is that the crater was formed by a mixture of water, salt and gas igniting an underground explosion

The new Yamal crater (pictured) is in the area's Taz district near the village of Antipayuta and has a diameter of about 49ft (15 metres). According to local residents, the hole formed on 27 September 2013.
New unexplained holes have appeared in Siberia following the mystery over a giant crater on the Yamal Peninsula.A second is in the same permafrost region of northern Russia, and a third on the Taymyr Peninsula, to the east, in Kransoyark region.

Both were spotted by reindeer herders who almost fell in.The original hole received worldwide attention after being identified by helicopter pilots some 20 miles (32km) from a huge gas extraction plant at Bovanenkov. Now the new holes - smaller in diameter but similar in shape - are posing a fresh challenge for Russian scientists.

Comment: See also:
  • SOTT EXCLUSIVE: Sinkhole, meteor crater, or something else? Giant hole spotted in remote Yamal Peninsula, northern Siberia

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Earth is opening up: Two more holes are discovered in Siberia

Reindeer herders find more craters in the far north in a deepening puzzle for scientists.
© Local residents
The funnel is a perfectly formed cone, say locals who are mystified at how it was formed. Its depth is estimated at between 60 and 100 metres and its diameter - more than four metres.
Millions of people around the world glimpsed the first giant hole after it was revealed by The Siberian Times here and on The Siberian TimesTV here.

Now news has emerged of two new similar formations in the permafrost, prompting more intrigue about their creation.

Comment: Consider the following excerpt from Superluminal Communications dated 26 of July, 2014:
Q: (Data) I would like to ask about this hole that opened up in Siberia that makes like a sinkhole that also has ejected material around. What caused this hole?

A: Gases exploding within the earth. We told you that an infinitesimal slowing of the earth rotation would cause things to "open up". Expect more of that in future as well. You did not ask what sparked the "explosion"? We can tell you to once again think of greater current flow.

Q: (L) So an electrically sparked inner earth explosion. That's creepy!

(Pierre) Earth opening up, gas released, and more electric current discharged.

(Perceval) I wonder could that be caused by a lightning strike, for example?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) So a lightning strike could strike the earth, and if the gas was within a...

(Pierre) These crazy fires everywhere... Gas, lightning, fireball, boom boom.

(Kniall) Did something like this happen in Harlem? There was a gas explosion in a building, and then the appearance of a sinkhole. It could have been the same kind of thing.

(L) Remember some time ago we asked about all the fires, and they talked about electrical sparking or something then? Even back then. It's not all necessarily fireballs.

(Perceval) They said that all those fires in like frozen land with scrub and bogs was gas.

(L) It's freakin' gas being released, and sparks.

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Massive sinkhole opens up on Cebu, Philippines

A sinkhole measuring 40 feet wide and 4 feet deep in Sta. Fe town, Bantayan Island is being secured by local offiicals.

The local government of Sta. Fe town evacuated 30 families in Sitio Dapdap, Brgy. Langub in Kinatarkan Island, Sta. Fe in Bantayan Island after a sinkhole appeared in the area.

According to Sta. Fe Mayor Jose Esgana, the sinkhole measures 40x40 feet and was discovered this morning.

Kinatarkan Island is an hour away by boat from the mainland town of Sta. Fe.

The 30 affected families have been evacuated to a safe area 300 to 500 meters away from the sinkhole within Brgy. Langub.

In an official statement, the Cebu Capitol Public Information Office said the discovery of the sinkhole has been reported to the Mines and Geosciences Bureau and Office of Civil Defense-7 for proper action.

The Provincial Disaster and Risk Reduction Management Office, headed by Baltz Tribunalo, has also sent a team to said town to help the affected families in coordination with the municipal officials.

Paul Esgana, Sta. Fe Administrator, told Philippine Information Agency that they have erected a 200-meter perimeter fence around the sinkhole.