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Mystery behind giant hole in Siberia clearer as 2nd hole is discovered

2nd Siberian Hole
© Marya Zulinova / Governor of Yamal-Nenets Region's Press Service
The craters, believed to be formed by an underground explosion, are now filled with snow and ice.
Reindeer herders in Russia's Far North have discovered yet another mysterious giant hole about 30 kilometers away from a similar one found days earlier.

Located in the permafrost of the subarctic Siberian region of Yamal, which means "end of the earth" in the local Nenets language, both craters appear to have been formed in recent years and have icy lakes at their bases.

Scientists who examined the first hole theorized that it could have been created when a mixture of water, salt and gas exploded underground, the Siberian Times news site reported.
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Huge sinkhole forces Spring Hill residents to evacuate homes, Florida

© Bryan Farrow
This sinkhole opened up near Eldridge Road and Van Allen Way in Spring Hill on Saturday.
Residents were forced to evacuate three Spring Hill homes Saturday afternoon because a sinkhole about 40 yards across and 30 feet deep formed near their homes, authorities said.

The Hernando County Sheriff's Office received a call around 5:20 p.m. describing a possible sinkhole near Eldridge Road and Van Allen Way.

When deputies arrived it was about 25 yards wide by 30 feet deep, and authorities asked the residents of three homes to evacuate.

The hole increased to 40 yards wide in the ensuing hours, but the residents of two homes were later allowed to return to the houses.

No injuries were reported.

Comment: Sinkholes - a world wide phenomenon, see map below.

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Darwin man shocked to discover massive sinkhole in his backyard, Australia

© Helen Orr.
I’ve gotta whole lot of hole - Lance Hart surveys his new backyard water feature.
A Darwin man who heard "something like an earthquake on and off all day" says he was shocked when he later discovered a "cliff face" and "huge sinkhole" had appeared in his previously flat backyard.

Lance Hart, 51, said he heard "some rumbling that sounded a bit like thunder" outside his Darwin River home on Thursday night.

"I thought 'what on Earth are the neighbours doing, they're 800 metres away," Mr Hart said.

"But it was night time, out in the rural area, and I couldn't see anything and didn't give it much thought after that."

Comment: Sinkholes - a world wide phenomenon, see map below.


SOTT EXCLUSIVE: Sinkhole, meteor crater, or something else? Giant hole spotted in remote Yamal Peninsula, northern Siberia

According to Russian news reports this giant 'hole' in the ground - possibly a sinkhole - was recently discovered in the Yamal Peninsula, northern Russia, during a helicopter flyover.

The exact date of discovery is unknown. It is claimed that the hole is so big that two helicopters could fly around inside it. Eyewitnesses say a powerful water flow is present at the bottom of the hole. Its depth is also unknown.

Russian media have speculated that the sinkhole could have been caused by a meteor impact. Note the apparently raised rim of earthen material around the hole, suggesting it was scattered around there after being ejected from below.

The material seems to have appeared recently, though not very recently. Vegetation has not yet grown on it, but it appears to have been weathered from exposure to air. Also, rainfall has made gulleys in the side of the 'crater', again suggesting that some time has passed since this feature appeared.

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Sinkhole swallows backyard in Fountain Hill, Pennsylvania

© Express-Times | PRECIOUS PETTY
Two Fountain Hill homes were evacuated Monday, July 14, 2014, after a sinkhole opened up at North Clewell and Long streets.
A set of twin homes in Fountain Hill were evacuated Monday after a sinkhole opened up in the 600 block of North Clewell Street.

Following heavy rainfall, the sinkhole swallowed a section of one home's backyard and extended beneath the porches and along the foundations of both residences near North Clewell's intersection with Long Street, not far from borough hall.

Assistant Chief David Boehrer, of the Fountain Hill Fire Department, said the sinkhole was spotted at about 6:25 p.m. and firefighters were called soon afterward to 605 and 607 N. Clewell St.

No one was hurt and both homes, which remain uninhabitable, were safely evacuated, he said today. The residents -- an elderly couple and a single man -- are staying with relatives who live in the area, he said.
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Huge sinkhole appears in Madison, Florida

David Williams left his home at 1:45 p.m. to visit family last Monday. He says by the time 2:20 p.m. hit, it happened that quickly.

He received a call that a sinkhole had opened up across the street from his home. He figured it would be pretty minor, but came home to see his entire road was blocked off and the sinkhole was quite large.

"I never thought that I'd be worried about a sinkhole. Lo and behold, I come home and I was like, 'Whoa.'"

The sinkhole is located on Celosia Way off of Country Kitchen Road in Madison, Florida. Madison is a small town about an hour east of Tallahassee.

Geologists are now studying the hole as it continues to grow bigger. Celosia Way around Williams' home is shut down, but he's able to get in and out.

Even though the large hole is directly across the street, he says he has no plans on leaving his home, unless the cracks get closer.

Comment: The earth is opening up! See chart below.

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Switzerland hit by landslides following heavy rainfall

© Graubünden Police/ AFP/File
Damage from a landslide in eastern Switzerland in 2012.
An 82-year-old woman was found dead in a Swiss stream on Sunday, police said, as heavy rain and landslides halted train and road traffic near the city of Bern, the capital.

Police said that the woman died in Thörishaus, a village southwest of Bern, as parts of the country were hit by a deluge.

In the nearby town of Köniz, 200 firefighters worked throughout the night to deal with flooded streams and landslides, evacuating several homes.

Landslides blocked the railway between Bern and the western city of Fribourg and between Montreux and Zweisimmen, while flooding cut the line between the capital and the town of Thun, Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) said.

Buses were pressed into service to provide alternative transport between Bern and Fribourg.
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Large crater appears in Siberian peninsula

Mysterious 'gigantic' hole in remote region spotted by helicopters over gas-rich Yamal peninsula.
Siberian Sinkhole_1
© Konstantin Nikolaev
The crater is large enough for several Mi-8 helicopters to fly into it.
The striking puncture in the earth is believed to be up to 80 metres wide but its depth is not estimated yet. A scientific team has been sent to investigate the hole and is due to arrive at the scene on Wednesday.

The cause of its sudden appearance in Yamal - its name means the 'end of the world' in the far north of Siberia - is not yet known, though one scientific claim is that global warming may be to blame.

There is additionally speculation it could be caused by a space object - perhaps a meteorite - striking earth or that it is a sinkhole caused by collapsing rock beneath the hole caused by as yet unknown factors.

The giant hole appeared close to a forest some 30 kilometres from Yamal's biggest gas field Bovanenkovo. Experts are confident that a scientific explanation will be found for it and that it is not - as one web claim suggested - evidence 'of the arrival of a UFO craft' to the planet.
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Ten metre wide sinkhole closes Gold Coast Highway in Australia

© Channel Nine
A sink hole has created traffic chaos on the Gold Coast.

A major water main break has led to a 10 metre sink hole on the Gold Coast Highway and it could take another 24 hours to completely repair the site.

Police spent hours at the site directing traffic around the giant hole, which reduced the Gold Coast Highway at Margaret Street in Broadbeach to one lane on Sunday.

Police signed off from the area just before 2pm, but repairs are on-going.

Gold Coast Council staff have been on the scene since early Monday morning, working to patch the road.

Motorists are still advised to avoid the area.

On Monday morning, a Gold Coast City Council spokesman said the site was cleared overnight.

Council crews were waiting for Energex to disconnect utilities so they could get in and repair the pipe.

It would take another 24 hours before the site was completely repaired but the spokesman stressed residents still had water supplies.

One lane of the Gold Coast Highway remained closed on Monday morning.

Comment: As with many of these water main break and pipe bursting explanations for the sinkholes phenomena, quite often nowadays it's really the other way round, the sinkholes open up first then cause the pipe fractures. The earth is opening up! See chart below.

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Huge sinkhole swallows 3 trailers in Fredericton, Canada

© Lauren Bird/CBC
A trailer was stuck in a sinkhole at the Hartt Island RV Resort in Fredericton on Sunday.
Post-tropical storm Arthur's pounding rain caused a massive sinkhole that swallowed three trailers and one car at a Fredericton campground on Saturday.

Nadine Cormier was at the Hartt Island RV Resort on Saturday afternoon and watched as the sinkhole appeared.

"I watched a car go down into the sinkhole. Disappeared completely - gone. It ended up quite aways away," Cormier said.

Cormier said they saw some people "screaming and yelling" at the beginning.

"When we saw that [sinkhole], we went and banged on all the campers," Cormier said.

"There were a few tense moments but nobody got hurt."

Cormier said all of the campers started doing whatever they could to help people stay out of danger.

Post-tropical storm Arthur brought heavy rain across New Brunswick over the weekend.

Noonan recorded 140 mm of rain on Saturday. The Canadian Hurricane Centre said 100 km/h gusts of wind were recorded in Fredericton.