Large sinkhole appears on The Villages golf course, Florida


The sinkhole near Jebber Loop at the seventh hole of the Truman Executive Golf Course
Golfers may find an extra hole on one of the courses at The Villages.

The sinkhole can be found near Jebber Loop at the seventh hole of the Truman Executive Golf Course.

Officials say it's about 50 feet across and is the result of a broken water pipe.

While there are homes that sit just feet away, officials say residents shouldn't be worried.

"It's far enough away and again it was created by the water pipe," said Lt. John Longacre with The Villages Public Safety Dept. "So it's not underground where the actual rock is disintegrating or collapsing, then it sinks. There's no concern for that."

The course will remain open as crews fix the issue.

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Massive sinkhole near London swallows suburban street, families evacuated

© Herts Fire Control
A giant sinkhole 20 meters (66ft) across and 10 meters (33ft) deep has opened up in a London commuter town, forcing residents to evacuate their homes in the middle of the night.

Families in the quiet Hertfordshire cul-de-sac were shocked to find a sinkhole had swallowed up a chunk of their neighborhood.

Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue appeared on the scene at 1.30am on Thursday morning after residents heard a crash in the night.

At least 10 people were taken to an evacuation center set up at nearby Batchwood Hall nightclub, according to the fire service.

The sinkhole started as a small hole in the road a few days ago, according to Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue service watch commander John Hudnott.

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Huge sinkhole opens up across 3 lanes of road in Melbourne, Australia


The dangerous hole has swallowed three lanes on Glen Eira Road (pictured) in Caulfield North and has stopped traffic in both directions
A burst water main has opened up a huge sinkhole in the middle of a busy road.

The dangerous hole has swallowed three lanes on Glen Eira Road in Caulfield North, Melbourne, and has stopped traffic in both directions.

VicRoads received a report about the hole at around 2.18am on Tuesday, sending South East Water to repair the damage.

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Enormous sinkhole swallows portion of beach and campsite in Queensland, Australia

© Higgins Storm Chasers
As captured by Higgins Storm Chasers, the sinkhole that claimed a caravan and a car at Inskip Point, and triggered the evacuation of 140 campers.
Around 140 people were evacuated on Saturday night at a popular Queensland camping ground after a giant sink hole opened, swallowing a car, a caravan, a camping trailer and tents.

The 150-metre long and 50 metre wide sinkhole opened up at MV Beagle Campground, north of Queensland's Rainbow Beach at Inskip Point.

Fishermen raise alarm

Rainbow Beach newsagent Ruth Modin said she was told fishermen near the camp ground may have raised the alarm on Saturday night with the campers. Ms Modin said the fishermen nearby MV Beagle campground first saw the sand moving.

"There was fishermen apparently nearby who said there was this noise and the next thing the sand just started moving out to sea," she said.


Sinkhole causes traffic delays on Highway 401 in Kingston, Ontario

© Hollie Pratt-Campbell
Highway 401 sinkhole
A large sinkhole formed close to where construction is being completed on Highway 401 Friday evening, closing the highway just east of Joyceville Road.

Traffic is currently being allowed to pass on the left hand shoulder as crews work to repair the problem.

Cars and trucks were backed up for five kilometres, with an estimated one hour delay at one point. The lanes were closed for over eight hours while the hole was filled.


Did sinkhole in Florida cause water main break?

A transmission water main leak Friday afternoon caused a sinkhole off U.S. Highway 1 at Mile Marker 59, flooding the area and disrupting traffic.

The sinkhole appeared shortly after noon in the southbound shoulder at Mile Marker 59.5 and caused traffic congestion mostly along the southbound lanes, but did not create widespread traffic jams in either direction as motorists were being diverted around work crews, said Florida Highway Patrol Lt. Kathy McKinney.

A trooper was on the scene in case the situation worsened, McKinney said. There was no need to direct traffic as of 2:45 p.m., she added.

"We're just monitoring it at this point," McKinney said. "Traffic is just moving a little slower than normal."

The break in the 30-inch diameter pipe is causing customers from Grassy Key to Key West to experience reduced water pressure while crews make repairs, Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority Executive Director Kirk Zuelch said.

"It was definitely a major leak," Zuelch said.

Crews planned to work through the night to repair the leak, Zuelch said Friday.

Comment: The authorities are assuming that the water main break caused the sinkhole, but what if the sinkhole, created by the Earth's 'opening up', caused the the water main to break?


Thousands of fish die when California lake runs dry overnight

© CBS Sacramento
Dead fish at a Northern California reservoir.
Walker Lake-- Thousands of fish are dead after a Northern California reservoir ran dry overnight, reports CBS Sacramento.

Mountain Meadows reservoir also known as Walker Lake is a popular fishing hole just west of Susanville. Now the reservoir is dry and all the fish are dead.

Residents tell CBS Sacramento that people were fishing on the lake just last Saturday. But it drained like a bathtub overnight.

Resident Eddie Bauer has lived near the lake his entire life. He says that this is the first time he has ever seen the lake run dry. He and other residents now want answers as to why and how this could have happened.

CBS Sacramento reports that Pacific Gas & Electric Company own the rights to the water and use it for hydroelectric power.

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Huge sinkhole opens up in Haikou, China

© ChinaNews. com
A few cars have been trapped in the mini-landslide.
So what's happening when our Planet Earth is in bad mood?

She starts devouring parking lots, cars and the ground.

On the same day than the massive M8.3 Chilean earthquake, Sept 16, 2015, a parking lot in Haikou, the capital of south China's Hainan Province, collapsed due to a mini-landslide.

Cars have been swallowed by the Earth. But one seemed to have been more lucky as it is seen tilted on the edge.

A pretty deep hole in the ground, isn’t it?

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Huge sinkhole opens up on road in Brentwood, UK


The hole that is believed to have appeared yesterday
There have been long delays throughout Brentwood this weekend due to roadworks on Ongar Road - and the worksite has been enlarged by the apparent appearance of a 'sinkhole'.

Anglian Water are undertaking water main repair works at the junction of Ongar Road and Doddinghurst Road and have installed a four-way traffic light system, which has lead to long queues building up all the way up to Wilson's Corner, Ongar Road, Doddinghurst Road and on other approaches such as from Geary Drive.

But today (Sunday), the area of works appears to have been widened, to fence off a huge 'sinkhole' - which appears to have part of a white road marking collapsed into it.

This afternoon, stunned residents could be seen taking photographs of the hole.

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Drone film gives terrifying glimpse of growing sinkhole in northeast Russia


Northeast Russia's apocalyptic sinkhole that has swallowed up everything above it keeps growing bigger. A RUPTLY drone has provided a better picture of the scale of damage.

The city of Solikamsk was first hit by the disaster in November 2014. Then, it was a modest 30 meters (98 feet) wide in diameter. But it's since grown to a whopping 125 meters, causing increasing damage to its rural surroundings.

And the sinkhole shows no sign of a slowing appetite, as the collapsing soil keeps sucking up nearby houses. It is estimated to be about 75 meters deep, and can already be seen from space.

It's thought the gaping hole emerged following underground floods at Solikamsk-2's mine, owned by the world's number one potash producer, Uralkali.

The crater's origin is different from the natural phenomenon that is behind the craters in northern regions of Siberia, which have recently stunned scientists. Craters in permafrost regions are linked to the process of erosion and gas hydrates in the soil, which leads to underground explosions.