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Sat, 06 Feb 2016
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Mysterious deep fissures appear in Bissarieh, Lebanon

© Daily Star Lebanon
Road collapse after two large cracks mysteriously appeared in the village of Bissarieh in Lebanon.
Residents of Bissarieh, Lebanon are currently living in a state of panic and apprehension after landslides, ground shifting and deep fissures are threatening their homes.

Unexplained cracks in the roads leading to the village have emerged. Residents worry that some of the cracks threaten building foundations, leading to their sudden collapse. And again, the cause of the damage is unknown.

Toward the center of the neighborhood a large crater has already destroyed part of one
building. This large fissure (or sinkhole?) is more than a 100 meters wide and several meters deep.

© Daily Star Lebanon
Nothing similar has ever been witnessed in the region.
Two other fissures have destroyed the main road. On either side of the fissures the earth has shifted, threatening the foundations of around 10 nearby buildings.

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Huge sinkhole opens up on road in Wildwood, Missouri

Beware of a massive sinkhole in Wildwood; the hole is about 20' around and looks to be up to 40' deep in spots.

Both Rose Newell and her granddaughter Sophia had ridden over the stretch of Melrose Road near Highway 100 not long before the hole opened late Tuesday afternoon. Sophia on the bus coming home from school.

"We drove it over this and we were perfectly fine," she said.

A short time later the hole opened after an SUV drove over it.

"Safety is the biggest concern. It's a rural road. It just happened to be at the right spot and the right time to open up underneath the roadway," said Wildwood Mayor, Tim Woerther.


Dog missing for 3 days found buried alive in sinkhole, Platte County, Missouri

A dog missing for three days is found buried in a 5-foot sinkhole in Platte County.

Lisa Van Valkenburgh said she let her dog Maverick out Thursday evening to relieve himself and he wandered off. Van Valkenburgh said she and her family searched for her dog and found him Saturday afternoon.

"I walked this road. I walked down and back and walked on this side and came right here and heard a moan, like a bark," Van Valkenburgh said.

Maverick's owner said she couldn't believe her 12-year-old German Shepherd was buried alive. "That would swallow a child; that is a dangerous situation," she said.

When the dog was pulled to safety Van Valkenburgh said he was lethargic and dehydrated.

Greg Sager, the Platte County Director of Public Works said water caused the pipe to rust and the soil was washed away, creating the sinkhole. Sager said a new pipe was ordered today and he expects to have it replaced in a week or two.

As for Maverick, his veterinarian said he's expected to make a full recovery.

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Forgot to pay the parking fee? Sinkhole in Moscow swallows two cars

© alicebon5 / Instagram
Moscow authorities are trying to determine what caused a rather deep crevice to open up in a parking lot in the capital's northeast. It swallowed two cars! Social media users jokingly suggested the drivers overlooked the parking fee.

The incident happened on Wednesday after two unsuspecting drivers parked their Hyundai and BMW on a spot that would soon turn into a gaping hole.

The Hyundai was unlucky and literally took a dive into the gap. It had to be pulled out with a crane and a tow truck, while the BMW teetered on the edge of the crater.

The surface of the hole was 15 square meters (nearly 161 square feet) and was 3 meters deep, TASS reported.

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Underwater sinkhole in Romblon, Philippines draws curiosity, fear

Sinkhole Philippines
The apparently sudden appearance of a sinkhole in a creek in Romblon has raised concern among parents and authorities in the area.

The creek is a common play area for local kids, who love to take a dip in its cool waters. But just over the weekend, two kids were surprised to discover a 1.8-meter-deep sinkhole in their usual haunt.

Parents have since warned their kids to stay away from the creek for fear that they may be sucked into the hole.

This fear may be unfounded, however: sinkholes are usually just depressions formed by the collapse of the surface above a hidden space in the ground.

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Hikers nearly swept away by landslide on Mount Aconcagua, Argentina

Rockslide surprised hikers on Mount Aconcagua, Argentina.
This is the terrifying moment a spectacular rockslide surprised hikers on Mount Aconcagua, Argentina.

The creepy landslide video was captured on january 4, 2016, on the path linking Horcones park entrance) and Confluence (first base of the Aconcagua field).

Here a first video of the event from January 4, 2016:

The second video was posted by the guides on January 21, 2016:


Spectacular drone footage shows two 'monster' sinkholes in Harbor, Oregon

© kyle0440 / YouTube
The initial sinkhole opened up in December 2015 and measured 30 foot wide and 25 foot deep
A massive sinkhole and a nearby landslide swallowed up part of the road in Harbor, southwest Oregon, shutting down Highway 101 there. The ominous-looking scene was captured in an aerial video.

The initial sinkhole developed in mid-December after a culvert under the road failed and following a series of storms and heavy downpours of rain, the hole continued to widen, resulting in the road's closure on Thursday evening, The Curry Coastal Pilot reported.

"It's a monster," Jared Castle, spokesman for the Oregon Department of Transportation told NBC News.

A smaller sinkhole also opened up four lanes across from the larger hole while a landslide located a mere 50 feet from the sinkhole collapsed two lanes of the parallel road, sinking into the ravine beside it.

Spectacular drone footage from YouTube user Kyle Rice shows the sheer size of the hole and landslide, dwarfing the workers standing nearby.

Comment: For related articles, see:

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Officials baffled by widening sinkhole in Rainier, Oregon

A widening sinkhole in Rainier has plenty of water running through it but no one knows where it's going — and it's costing ODOT about $10,000 a day to keep it from getting worse.

The sinkhole was spotted December 11, during the record-setting rainstorms that flooded parts of Oregon. It's affecting the back of Earth and Sun stove shop , and co-owner Jewel Forrest said the water is "just going somewhere and they're not sure where and how the damage, what it's really caused."

ODOT spokesperson Lou Torres told KOIN 6 News they cannot allow this to continue to happen. "We're going to have to do something."

Comment: This was just a little puddle compared to these two:

Two MASSIVE sinkholes swallow both sides of Highway 101 in Harbor, Oregon


Two MASSIVE sinkholes swallow both sides of Highway 101 in Harbor, Oregon

© Oregon DOT
A huge sinkhole that won't stop growing has shut down a stretch of Highway 101 in coastal Oregon.

"It's massive. There's just no other way to describe it," Jared Castle, Department of Transportation spokesman for southwest Oregon, told NBC News.

The state closed down part of 101 in Harbor, Oregon, on Thursday night due to the sinkhole, which is the second sinkhole in as many months in the area. The first one opened on Dec. 13 in a restaurant parking lot next to the highway and, like Thursday's sinkhole, just kept growing. The two sinkholes "probably have now met," Castle said, creating one gaping hole in the highway. "It's a monster," he said. Officials did not know how big it was, but said its depth exceeds 60 feet.

There have been no injuries or evacuations, and officials have re-routed traffic to a detour that runs parallel to the highway, which Castle says will only add 5 or 10 minutes to drivers' commutes. The sinkholes formed after a series of heavy rains pounded the Oregon coast, causing a landslide north of Harbor and shutting down other highways due to debris flow.

Sinkholes and landslides frequently occur in the region because of the geology of the area, Castle said. "It's just part of the battle of having the Oregon Coast Highway located where it's at. It's a road built in a place where Mother Nature never intended for there to be a road," he said.

Comment: As you can see, it was actually two sinkholes, side-by-side!

These were the second and third such sinkholes in the area in recent months: Large sinkhole opens up in parking lot in Harbor, Oregon

And they're trying to tell folks the above one was a '1-in-20-year event'.

No folks, this 'aint normal.

Note also WHERE this happened... along the Cascadia Subduction Zone:

Cascadia fault line in North America: A now still and silent subduction zone where disaster awaits

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Sinkhole swallows man in Lititz, Pennsylvania

A 19-year-old Lititz man was taking out the trash when he suddenly found himself below the ground.

The unidentified man did not sustain any injuries after falling onto the sinkhole Tuesday morning on the 500 block of West Second Ave in Lititz, according to borough police. The road will be closed while public works staff fixes the issue, police said.

LancasterOnline.com reported that the man fell straight down into the sinkhole, which was about 15 feet deep. The man yelled for his mother, who was inside of the house and helped pull him out of the hole, police said.

The sinkhole was likely caused by a water main break, police said. Water flow has been shut off to the area while the sinkhole and main are repaired, according to the report.

Police said there are no concerns for the stability of nearby structures, according to the report.