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Scientists on 3 continents now have evidence: Some chimps have entered the Stone Age.

© Zoom Dosso/Getty Images.
They're not as far behind us as we thought.

Chimpanzees may be even smarter than we thought they were.

According to a fascinating report from Collin Barras of the BBC, archeologists in Africa, South America and Southeast Asia, have been digging up crude stone tools that date back thousands of years — tools that were fashioned by non-human primates.

Which means something kind of extraordinary (emphasis mine):
"The tools are crude. A chimpanzee or monkey stone hammer is hardly a work of art to rival the beauty of an ancient human hand axe. But that's not the point. These primates have developed a culture that makes routine use of a stone-based technology. That means they have entered the Stone Age."
That's right: We now how pretty solid evidence to suggest that at least some chimps are now firmly in the Stone Age.

For reference, here are a few of the things humans did during the Stone Age:


10-year-old girl attacked by shark on Florida beach

© Jeff Langlois/
Spinner sharks are seen near the shore Tuesday morning at Midtown Beach.
Authorities say a shark bit a 10-year-old girl on her leg near the south end of Jacksonville Beach.

The Jacksonville Beach Police Department says that the girl was bitten below her knee Wednesday afternoon and that her injuries were not life-threatening.

WJAX-TV reports there was not a lifeguard working where the girl was swimming.

"It's always a good idea to swim near a lifeguard," Jacksonville Beach Ocean Rescue Capt. Rob Emahiser told WJAX. "They're going to be the first guy to see something. They have a height advantage up on the tower."

The girl was in about two feet of water, and the shark was estimated to be about three feet long. WJAX reports the girl was taken to Wolfson Children's Hospital.

It was the second shark bite this summer at Jacksonville Beach. The first was June 26 when a woman was bit while swimming. On July 19, authorities sounded a warning when a helicopter spotted two large sharks near the beach.

Comment: Shark attacks seem to be on the rise lately. People would be wise to be very careful swimming in ocean waters, especially shallow waters close to the beach, which is where shark attacks most commonly occur:

Bizarro Earth

San Francisco's recent earthquake raises fears that it could be a signal of a 'big one' coming soon

A 4.0 earthquake on August 18 along the Hayward fault line in northern California has caused worry among some residents that the "big one" may be coming.

It was the first seismic event to take place along the fault line since 1868- when a massive 7.0 earthquake that was dubbed "the great San Francisco earthquake," hit.

The name was later passed on to the 7.9 quake in 1906 along the San Andreas, but the Hayward quake remained a legend having claimed the lives of 30 people and caused millions in damages.

Cloud Precipitation

13 dead, 13 missing in central China floods, mudslides; one million affected

Rescuers distribute drinking water to residents along a flooded street in Wenling, eastern China's Zhejiang province, August 10, 2015.
Flooding in three central Chinese provinces has left at least 13 people dead and 13 others missing and disrupted the lives of nearly 1 million people, state media reported Thursday.

Heavy rains and flooding struck Sichuan, Guizhou and Hunan provinces starting Sunday, causing widespread damage, the Xinhua News Agency reported. Worst-hit was Sichuan's Xuyong county, where mud and debris filled streets up to the second floor of some buildings and about half a million people were affected.

Mudslides also destroyed dozens of homes and cut power and communications to the area, which lies in a flood plain at the base of steep mountains.

Cloud Lightning

Lightning hits crude oil tank in Crystal Beach, Texas

© Patrick P / Facebook
Large fire on Crystal Beach
Crystal Beach firefighters say a crude oil tank caught fire Thursday morning due to a lightning strike.

Firefighters say the fire took place at a facility on Monkhouse road on Crystal Beach.

The facility sits just behind Karen Stevens' backyard.

"It's very scary," says Stevens. "Very scary."

Firefighters temporarily evacuated Stevens and her neighbors.

"We grabbed clothes and we ran," she says. "Just with what we had on our back."

Galveston County says the oil tank was holding 400 barrels of crude oil, but it was decommissioned four years ago.

Cloud Lightning

Oil refinery in Texas City hit by lightning, catches fire

© John Bronkhorst
Image of the refinery fire in Texas City, Texas, Thursday morning.
Strong storms moved through the Houston area Thursday morning, where a lightning strike was blamed for an oil refinery fire and streets were quickly flooded by heavy rain.

A Valero refinery in Texas City erupted into flames when a lightning bolt struck a transformer at the site, according to No injuries have been reported, nor are nearby residents in any danger, the report added.

The Texas City Fire Department told the Associated Press that the fire would be monitored and allowed to burn itself out.


Waterspout in Pamlico Sound filmed off Rodanthe, North Carolina

© Douglas Robinson
Waterspout over Pamlico Sound
Douglas Robinson from B101.5 in Fredricksburg, Va. captured video Thursday morning around 6:40 a.m. of a waterspout moving through Pamlico Sound west of Rodanthe.

A cluster of thunderstorms that moved across Hatteras Island after sunrise spawned the short-lived funnel cloud that was reported to the National Weather Service, but dissipated before any warnings were issued.

Today's forecast is for more thunderstorms later this afternoon associated with a slow-moving cold front, and high temperatures in the upper 80s.

Cloud Lightning

Lightning bollt kills schoolgirl, injures two others in Bangladesh

Lightning strike killed a schoolgirl and injured her mother and sister in Boda upazila in Panchagarh district on Friday afternoon.

The deceased has been identified as Tanya Akhter, 15, daughter of Salekul Islam of Gomostapara village and a student of class ten of nearby Chandanbari High School. Police, hospital and local sources said, thunderbolt stuck a kitchen of Salekul Islam's house around 1pm when Tanya, her sister Sabina Yasmin, 30, and mother Lailey Begum, 50, were engaged in cooking food.

All of them were injured in the incident and taken to Boda Upazila Health Complex where attending Medical Officer Dr M R Reza declared Tanya dead. Tanya's mother Lailey Begum and her sister Sabina Yasmin have been undergoing treatment at the Health Complex, according to a news agency.

Cloud Lightning

One person killed in lightning strike near Bakersfield, California

A lightning strike may be to blame for a death in a rural area east of Bakersfield.

Firefighters received the emergency call at 6:51 p.m. on Saturday, according to Kern County Fire Captain Tyler Townsend.

Crews found the victim in the 1300 block of E. Curnow Road, near the intersection of Cottonwood Road.

Bystanders in the area said the victim had been struck by lightning, but the Kern County Coroner's office will ultimately determine the cause of death, Townsend said.

The victim -- whose identity hasn't been released -- was dead on arrival.


Signs and Portents: Two-headed calf found in dead cow's womb, Paraguay


The mutant animal had two heads, two snouts, two mouths and four eyes
A two-headed calf was discovered in the womb of a dead cow in the town of Yatytay in the Itapua region of Paraguay in South America.

The mutant animal who had two heads, two snouts, two mouths and four eyes as well as his mother was dead.

The cow was seven months pregnant when it was killed and sent to a butchery, where an unusual animal was discovered.

Locals said that they had never seen anything like it in the area before. The remains of the animal were transferred to the Veterinary School of San Juan to study.