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Rare razorbill from northern latitudes seen in Bermuda

© Andrew Dobson
The rare razorbill on the Great Sound
The Island's first sighting of a razorbill was reported yesterday.

Audubon Society member Paul Watson spotted the bird on the Great Sound in the morning.

He was soon joined by the group's president, Andrew Dobson, to get photographic evidence of the sighting. He said: "It is the first time this species of bird has been seen in Bermuda.

"It was sitting on the surface of the water and making regular dives in search of fish."

Mr Dobson added: "Razorbills belong to the family of birds known as Alcids, which also includes puffins.This crow-sized seabird is widely distributed through boreal and low-arctic Atlantic waters; the bulk of the world population breeds in Iceland.

"With only about 300 pairs nesting in Maine, the razorbill is among the least numerous of all breeding seabirds in US waters.

"Most razorbills from North American colonies winter south of their breeding range in ice-free, coastal waters, with largest numbers frequenting shoal areas in the outer Bay of Fundy and Gulf of Maine."

Pit bull terrier kills two-year-old girl in West Mifflin, Pennsylvania

Pit Bull terrier
Police say the dog attacked Paylynn Devaugh inside a home in West Mifflin around 8:45 p.m. Sunday.

Police say a 2-year-old girl has died after being mauled by a pit bull in a Pittsburgh suburb.

Police say the dog attacked Paylynn Devaugh inside a home in West Mifflin around 8:45 p.m. Sunday.

The girl was pronounced dead at Jefferson Memorial Hospital.

Police say Paylynn lived in nearby Forest Hills.

Locust swarms causing damage to crops in New South Wales, Australia

Locust swarm
Swarm activity of locusts have been reported across 100 kilometres of the central west, with farmers having to hand feed stock due to crop loss.

Central west, senior biosecurity officer, Rhett Robinson said said flying swarms are affecting the feed available to livestock and farmers are having to hand feed.

"There is major potential impact to sowing.

"Low density swarms can wipe out a newly emerging crop within days."

Mr Robinson said over 130 reports of locust activity had been received since January.

"We've had reports in areas such as Gilgandra, Collie, Armatree and Curban.

7 Snowy owls from the Arctic seen in New York City

The owls are native to Canada, Scandinavia and northern Russia.
Humans may be staying inside for the frigid temperatures of the polar vortex, but the gust of arctic weather has brought unexpected guests to New York City.

Seven snowy owls have been spotted this year in the city, which reached a 60-year low of 1F for February 20 on Friday morning.

The birds are generally seen along the water in Brooklyn and Queens, but one was found on Governor's Island off the southern tip of Manhattan, according to DNA Info.

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Over 380 people evacuated in Naples, Italy after massive sinkhole opens up

A sinkhole opened up in the middle of a street in Naples, Italy early Sunday morning.
Residents in Naples, Italy woke up this morning to a massive sinkhole that opened up in the middle of a street.

Officials say the sinkhole started off as a depression in the road and is most likely caused by a broken sewer.

'It was 5 this morning when I heard a huge thud. I looked out and saw the road collapse and swallow a car,' a woman who lives in a neighboring apartment told Il Mattino.
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USGS: Earthquake Magnitude 6.2 - 211km SW of Tomatlan, Mexico

Tomatlan Quake_220215
Event Time
  1. 2015-02-22 14:23:14 (UTC)
  2. Times in other timezones
Nearby Cities
  1. 211km (131mi) SW of Tomatlan, Mexico
  2. 242km (150mi) WSW of Cihuatlan, Mexico
  3. 264km (164mi) W of Manzanillo, Mexico
  4. 267km (166mi) SW of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
  5. 811km (504mi) W of Mexico City, Mexico
Scientific Data
Ice Cube

Ice age cometh: Brutal winters point to Earth turning colder

ice age
While the direction of climate change cannot be determined based on a single event, the collection of record-breaking winters shows that the planet is getting colder, climate expert John Casey tells Newsmax TV.

"Just about every American can now see that we've had a series of brutal, record-setting winters that are starting earlier, staying longer and breaking records that are 100 and 150 years old," Casey told J.D. Hayworth, who was joined by Republican strategist Ford O'Connell, on "America's Forum" Wednesday.

"Clearly, the planet is getting colder," said Casey, president of the Space and Science Research Corp.

Watch video here:

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Thousands of crabs wash up on Balboa Island, California

© Laylan Connelly
Tiny red crabs washed up in Balboa Island in Newport Beach on Saturday, some dead, some alive.
Daniel Stringer had an idea after eying the little lobster-like crustaceans that washed ashore on Balboa Island.

"I'll get the barbeque," said Stringer, who has lived on Balboa Island for 47 years and has never seen the small crabs like the ones that showed up Saturday. "I like mine with butter."

Thousands of mini crabs - which actually look like tiny lobsters or craw fish - created a rim of red along the shoreline, scattered on the sand along the sleepy seaside of Balboa Island in Newport Beach. Most washed up dead at high tide, but some were still alive and swimming near the shoreline.

Passerby stopped to marvel at the unusual sight, some people coming to the aid of the ones that still looked like they had some life to them.
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Man and woman fall into sinkhole at South Korean train station

© Stomp
Man and woman falling into sinkhole
A man and woman got off a train in South Korea, only to fall right into a sinkhole in the train station.

CCTV footage shows what happened during that incident.

As the man and woman get off the train, a patch of tiles in the station can be seen looking slightly out of place compared to the rest of the floor.

As both the man and woman step onto that patch, the section of floor gives and they both fall in.

Another man and woman look on in shock after narrowly avoiding the fall.

According to online reports, the man and woman sustained injuries from their fall.


Man killed by family dogs in Coal Hill, Arkansas

Dogs kill man in Coal Hill, Arkansas
The Coal Hill man found dead in the woods near his home earlier this month died from "canine injuries" from a family member's dogs, according to newly-revealed autopsy results.

Fredrick Crutchfield, 63, was found dead Feb. 4 by a family member. Investigators sent his body to the Arkansas State Crime Lab to determine a cause of death. An autopsy revealed Crutchfield died from loss of blood due to "multiple canine injuries," according to a statement released by the Johnson County Sheriff's Office on Friday (Feb. 20).

Deputies said the dogs involved in the death belonged to a family member. The animals have since been impounded, according to the Sheriff's Office.