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Two dead humpback whales wash up on NSW beaches, Australia

© Dave Armstrong
Dead humpback whale at Wallabi Point on the NSW Mid-North Coast.
Two dead humpback whales have washed up on NSW beaches in recent days, prompting a reminder for swimmers to avoid getting too close to the giant "shark magnets".

One of the giant mammals reportedly washed up at Wallabi Point on the mid north coast on Monday morning, just a couple of kilometres north of Saltwater Beach where a second humpback carcass was found a day earlier.

"The one at Saltwater Beach was probably a juvenile while the other at Wallabi Point was much larger," said Dave Armstrong, who filmed the dead whales.

Animals getting more uppity? Seventh recent brown bear attack in Alaska, grizzly bites Kodiak biologist's leg

Kodiak fisheries biologist James Jackson had to miss a day of work and he's got a new scar on his leg, but he considers himself lucky after a close call with a Kodiak brown bear along a salmon stream.

"It was an experience to have, that's for sure," Jackson said. "It could have been a lot, lot worse."

A bear last week chomped down on his leg as he and partner Kurt Peterson conducted a salmon survey on Shuyak Island, the Kodiak Daily Mirror reported.

About 6:30 p.m. Sept. 4, Jackson and Peterson were on Hidden Cove Creek near the Big Bay ranger station. As they waded upstream, they tried to warn off bears by making plenty of noise.

In the heavily forested area, it didn't work.
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Eight separate leopard attacks on humans across India within 2 months: Leopard attacks 5 people, beaten to death in Assam, India

A female leopard who was in search of a missing cub attacked five persons, following which it was beaten to death in upper Assam's Jorhat district.

The leopard attacked five men from behind when they were returning after rehearsing a play at Kachogoral under Jorhat police station, Jorhat Divisional Forest Officer Sarat Saikia said.

Angered by the attack, local people beat the female leopard to death, he said.

The five persons were injured on their back, stomach, shoulder, and thigh, said doctors of Jorhat Medical College and Hospital where they were admitted.

The leopard was suspected to have come out from nearby Gibbon Wildlife Sanctuary in search of her lost cub missing for the last few days, Saikia said.

Source: Press Trust of India

Comment: A total of eight leopard attacks on humans have now been recently reported from India, all within a relatively short time span (29th July - 14th September).

See also: Leopard attacks teacher in Doon locality, India (Two reports.)

Leopard attacks 8-year-old girl in Amreli, India

Indian woman kills leopard with sickle after half-hour battle

Leopard attacks and mauls six villagers in West Bengal, India

2 farm workers attacked by leopard in India

Man-eating leopard preys on drunk villagers in the Didihat region, Himalayas

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Leopard attacks teacher in Doon locality, India

A leopard, on Monday evening, entered a wedding hall in Premnagar, injured a school teacher and triggered panic in the area. The animal escaped before forest department officials could capture it. The incident brought to light the department's incompetence and unpreparedness in dealing with such situations.

Sources said, Kiran Joshi, a teacher at Mahrishi Vidya Mandir had gone to Uttaranchal Wedding Point to discuss arrangements for a school function to be held at the hall, on Aug 5 and Aug 6, with the manager Nadim Kureshi.

As soon as Joshi pushed open the door and entered the hall to take a look at the facilities, the leopard, which was hiding inside pounced on her. Kureshi, who was accompanying the teacher, immediately dragged her out and locked the door, thus locking the big cat inside. Joshi was rushed to the hospital where her injured left hand was operated upon and the forest department was notified as well.
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4 U.S. States hit with September snow - Parts of Wyoming, South Dakota, Montana and Colorado hit by snowstorm that dumped 20 inches of snow

As summertime draws to a close across the country, a snowstorm has hit parts of Wyoming dumping up to 20 inches of snow. The freak summer snowstorm hit parts of Wyoming, South Dakota, Montana and Colorado and left a blanket of snow on the ground as temperatures plummeted to 20 degrees Fahrenheit.
© AP
Clean up: Terry Chandler clears snow off her car before heading to work on Thursday in Gillette, Wyoming

Children took full advantage of the unseasonably cold weather building snowmen in the local park and amusing themselves by pelting each other with snowballs. Forecasters said that the storm was heaviest on Wednesday and Thursday.

Meanwhile, much of northern Wyoming received early-season snow on Thursday, ranging from flurries at lower elevations to as much as 10 inches in mountain areas. Big Horn Mountains, the town of Buffalo saw as much as 10 inches and Custer, South Dakota was blanketed with up to eight inches. Up to 3 to 5 inches fell in Cody, the earliest recorded snowfall there since records were kept in 1915.

Some roads and highways were slippery on Friday morning, but travel was not hampered in Wyoming. However, the heavy wet snow did snap off tree branches and cause some power outages in Buffalo.

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Déjà vu for the U.S. Southwest? Major hurricane Odile could again bring flash floods to Southwestern U.S.

Hurricane Odile is moving northwestward in the eastern Pacific with maximum sustained winds at this post of 130mph. It drastically strengthened late Saturday and early Sunday to become another major player along the Mexican west coast. Now it appears to be heading straight for Cabo San Lucas. This storm is a monster with high winds, very heavy rain, and an estimated storm surge to top 15 feet.
The current forecast track has the hurricane running up the coast of the California Peninsula, coming within 50 miles of the coast as it treks quickly northward. This would be a pretty devastating scenario for much of the southern Peninsula because the right front quadrant of any hurricane is the most destructive. For those that have never been to that part of the world, Cabo is a resort town that sits on the far southern tip of the landmass. There is little hope of the storm missing the city; however the current forecast track is both good and puzzling.
The track is good because the more landmass the storm crosses, the weaker it will become. But I'm troubled by the overall track. Because of the rules of friction (the more objects that interact with winds, the weaker they become) the storm isn't likely to hover along the coast for that long. As the storm moves northwest with one side of it over land and the other over water, the winds on the eastern side begin to fade while the winds on the western side continue to blow uninterrupted. This can often upset the balance in the hurricane, and force it to change direction toward and onto shore. This would obviously play a huge role in where this storm ends up
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Rains falling since Wednesday - two-thirds of 21 Croatian counties are struggling with flooding

Balkan nations are again being hit by severe flooding
As many as two-thirds of 21 Croatian counties are struggling with flooding, with the worst occurring in central Croatia, the national rescue agency DUZS said on Sunday.

Heavy rain has been falling since Wednesday, causing rivers to rise, closing roads and threatening houses and factories. No deaths or injuries have been reported so far.

The biggest threat is in flooded areas around the central towns of Sisak, Hrvatska Kostajnica and Karlovac. Several villages have been evacuated and a state of emergency has been declared in the northern municipality of Nedelisce.

The Croatian army has sent hundreds of troops to help local residents build the protective dams along river banks.

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Southwest China battered by heavy rain: 7 dead, 3 missing

Southwest china flood

Seven people were killed and three others remain missing after severe downpours battered Linshui County in southwest China's Sichuan Province Saturday, said the county government on Sunday.

Heavy rainfall hit Linshui, a county in Sichuan's Guangyuan City, from 3 a.m. to 9 p.m. on Saturday, causing disasters in 45 townships, said the county government.

As of Sunday, local governments had relocated more than 23,300 people to safer places and rescued 604 people.

The rain has affected about 2,694 hectares of farmland and thousands of livestock in the region. Search work is under way.

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Above-normal precipitation last month led to record-breaking flows in North Dakota

The U.S. Geological Survey says above-normal precipitation last month led to record-breaking flows at several stream gauges in southwest North Dakota.

Agency spokesman Steve Robinson says the unusually wet August was most evident at gauges on the Heart, Knife and Green rivers.

There are 140 USGS-operated stations in North Dakota that measure water levels, stream flow, rainfall and water-quality. Most of the USGS stations are real-time sites where data are updated every one to four hours.

The USGS says it shares its data with the National Weather Service for flood forecasts and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for flood control management. State and local agencies also use the data for flood response efforts.
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Leopard attacks and mauls six villagers in West Bengal, India

A wild leopard mauled six people in a village in rural India, including police and forest rangers. The attack happened yesterday in Prakash Nagar near Siliguri in West Bengal, a village of about 3,000 people. The leopard was finally tranquilized and died at a veterinarian's office from the barrage of blows from the police and forest rangers.