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More Phoenix flooding: Odd Monsoon-like weather hits

© AP Photo/The Arizona Republic, Jeffrey Lowman
Vehicles drive through the flood prone area of 39th Avenue between Peoria Avenue and Cactus Road during a storm in Phoenix on Saturday, Sept. 27, 2014. National Weather Service meteorologist Marvin Percha says the weather is a mix of Phoenix's first fall storm and leftover monsoon moisture.
Intense storms swept through the Southwest on Saturday, snapping trees and shrouding metropolitan Phoenix in cascading showers while also bringing flooding to parts of Nevada.

The skies above downtown Phoenix were completely gray in the afternoon as strong winds, thunder and rain hit the region. The outside visibility of buildings was almost entirely obscured by rain and clouds.

The storm forced authorities to close a section of Interstate 17 for more than hour due to flooding. Flight departures and landings resumed about 3:30 p.m. after they were halted for an hour at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. But airport spokeswoman Julie Rodriguez said delays are expected into the evening. More than 40 flights scheduled to land in Phoenix were diverted to other airports, she said.

"The wind caused some damage to the roof of Terminal 2 in the baggage claim area and in some of the gate areas. However, all three terminals at Sky Harbor are operational," Rodriguez said in a statement.
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Tropical Storm Rachel upgraded to Hurricane Rachel

NHC has upgraded Tropical Storm Rachel to a hurricane - the twelfth hurricane of this active 2014 eastern North Pacific hurricane season. Maximum sustained winds are 75 mph - a Category 1 hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale. Little change in strength is expected tonight, with weakening forecast to begin on Sunday.

Rachel is centered about 460 miles west-southwest of the southern tip of the Baja California peninsula, moving toward the north-northwest. There are no coastal watches or warnings in effect.

Get the latest on this tropical cyclone tonight by visiting the NHC website.
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1,695 low max records broken or tied from Sept 11 to Sept 20, one broken by 25F - NOAA report

NOAA - 1695 Low Max Records Broken or Tied From Sept 11 to Sept 20. One record broken by 25F

Wow. One record was broken by 25F!!!! 1695 Low Max Records Broken or Tied From Sept 11 to Sept 20 according to the NOAA. A "Low Max" means that the maximum temperatures for the day was the lowest it has ever been. This indicates daytime cooling. Above is a screenshot showing location and the biggest difference between old record and new record.

Child killed after Sicily mud geyser eruption

© MJobling
The eruption of a mud geyser at the Maccalube nature reserve in Sicily killed a seven-year-old girl on Saturday.
The sudden eruption of a mud geyser at a nature reserve in southern Sicily killed a seven-year-old girl on Saturday, Italian media reported, adding that her nine-year-old brother was missing.

The two children were walking with their father in the Maccalube nature reserve north of Agrigento when a geyser spewed mud over them.

The father, a police officer, was uninjured, but the girl's body was found shortly afterward while the boy could not be found, the reports said.

He was celebrating his ninth birthday on Saturday, they said.

The Maccalube reserve offers an unusual landscape of small mud geysers that erupt sporadically.

It was closed for part of August because of intense underground activity, press reports said.
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Sign of the Times? Undulatus asperatus clouds

While they haven't been formally recognized yet by the World Meteorological Organized (WMO), undulatus asperatus clouds are taking the world by storm. This particular time-lapse of undulatus asperatus clouds was created by animating still frames of a video taken by storm chaser Alex Schueth, who recorded the clouds over Lincoln, Nebraska, on July 7, 2014.

Undulatus asperatus, which means "agitated waves," was originally submitted to the WMO in 2009 by the Cloud Appreciation Society. The Cloud Appreciation Society petitioned the WMO, asking for a new classification for the cloud since "photographs of this cloud formation had been sent in by Society members over the years, and we'd never known quite how to classify them since we felt that they didn't easily fit into the existing cloud terms."

The WMO considered the request and has yet to confirm the official classification of undulatus asperatus or determine whether the item should enter the International Cloud Atlas.
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The Geoscience behind the Mt. Ontake eruption

The eruption started at 11:53 am Saturday local time. A live webcam installed at Takigoshi captured a pyroclastic flow chasing down the south face of the volcano. Japan Broadcasting Corporation NHK released aerial video of the eruption available here, another video including people on a ridge with the glowering ash tower, and a different vantage point before aerial footage here:

Japan is at a triple-plate subduction boundary between the Eurasian continental plate and the Philippine and Pacific oceanic plates. As the denser oceanic plates dive below the low-density continental plate, water from the saturated sediments lowers the melting point of surrounding rock. That magma feeds a range of volcanoes mirroring the plate boundary.
© Volcano World

Elephant tramples woman to death in India

© Satish Hanumantha Rao
Elephant Charging
A 40-year-old woman was trampled to death by an elephant near Madukkarai in Coimbatore district on Wednesday.

According to police, the woman, S Nagamani from Ayyarthottam area in Madukkarai, was in a grove near the village collecting herbs in the evening when the elephant attacked her.

"Nagamani did not notice the elephant approaching her until it was too late," said a police officer. She raised an alarm and tried to flee from there but was trampled by the elephant. Villagers, who rushed to the grove on hearing her cries, chased the elephant away. They admitted her at the hospital but doctors declared her brought dead.

Man killed by bear in India

A man was killed when a bear attacked him on Tuesday morning in Rolla mandal of Anantapur district. DFO P.S. Raghaviah said K. Govindappa had gone for a call of nature when he was attacked by a bear on the outskirts of Vannenahalli village.

A farmer Chennam Lakshminarayana Reddy was fatally attacked by a wild boar in his agricultural field at Kamanuru in Proddatur mandal on Tuesday. .

Slovakia records 2 bear attacks on people during May and June

© Andrew Kelly
Brown Bear, Slovakia
A bear attacked a man, aged 45, and wounded his head on a street of the Slovak mountain resort Tatranská Lomnica, east Slovakia, last night, the country's daily Čas writes today.

The rescuers drove the wounded man to the hospital in Poprad. He was treated there and then released to recuperate at home, the hospital spokeswoman said.

Experts estimate the number of bears in Slovakia at between 700 and 900. They mostly live in the mountains of central and eastern Slovakia.

This past May, a bear attacked a man in the same region, in the town of Ždiar, a few kilometers to the north. The man, 42, suffered multiple injuries and also had to be taken to the Poprad hospital.

Source: Czech News Agency

Man killed and eaten by 'hungry' bear in Siberia

A married couple in the Tomsk region was attacked by a bear while walking their dog Sunday afternoon, and only the wife survived.

"The married couple went to the district near the airport to walk their dog, where a bear attacked them. The man died, and the woman was taken to a hospital in serious condition. The animal also tried to kill her, it bit her limbs," Viktor Ivanov, a local park ranger, was cited as saying by online news portal

The bear was tracked down a couple of hours after the attack and shot dead, Ivanov was cited as saying.

"Now we are trying to determine whether or not any force had been used against it earlier, whether it was injured, or provoked in any way," Ivanov said. Most likely, he said, the bear had just been hungry.

"The bears haven't managed to store up enough fat in time for their hibernation, they're hungry, and they use any opportunity to find nourishment. That's why we recommend that people avoid going into the forest," Ivanov told

This marks the first death from a bear attack in the Tomsk region this year.