Earth Changes

Cloud Precipitation

Thousands evacuated from flood areas in Karaganda, Kazakhstan

© Rushan Barayev
Flooding in Karaganda Oblast
Floods in Karaganda Oblast continue to wreak havoc as Kazakh authorities are forced to evacuate dozens of settlements, Tengrinews reports citing the Oblast's Department of Emergency Situations. 1,760 houses have been flooded in 35 villages. 340 livestock have drowned.

A sharp rise in temperature to 20 degrees Centigrade between March 23 to 29 intensified the melting of snow and caused flooding of villages in Semey and Ayagoz districts in East Kazakhstan Oblast and of four districts in Karaganda Oblast.

The second wave of floods began on April 6 as a result of another sharp rise in temperatures, again to 20 degrees Centigrade, creating a threat of flooding of settlements in Karaganda and Akmola Oblasts in central Kazakhstan. Moreover, the threat now extends to Astana suburbs located near the riverbed of Nura.



Villager killed by elephant in Bankura, India


Attacking elephant
A villager was trampled to death by an elephant in Bankura district when he was returning home after attending 'Gajan' festivities last night.

50-year-old Swapan Bauri was cycling back home in Baguli village after attending 'Gajan' or 'Charak Puja' festivities in Kandashole village when he was chased by two male elephants.

One of the pachyderms lifted him by his trunk and then trampled him to death
at Kadashole, Borjora Forest Ranger, Mohan Chandra Shit said today.

The villagers sat on a protest today demanding adequate compensation to the victim's family following which the Forest Ranger was asked to be present at a meeting between the residents and the police at the local police station, he said.

The Ranger said as per official norms, Rs 1.25 lakh was paid as compensation to Bauri's family and another Rs 1.25 lakh would be paid to them after his postmortem.

Man-elephant conflict is a problem in Purulia, Bankura and West Midnapur districts of the state as elephant herds from Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary of neighbouring Jharkhand migrate to the areas resulting in degradation of crops and property as well as injury and loss of human lives.

Source: Press Trust of India


Unseasonably early snowfall in New Zealand


The Chateau Tongariro Hotel at Mt Ruapehu looks spectacular on Tuesday morning after the first snow dump of the season.
An unseasonably early dump of snow on the North Island's ski fields has excited skiers and snowboarders, prompting a few to hit the slopes for some pre-winter fun.

A brutal southerly blast straight from Antarctica swept New Zealand on Monday and blanketed the country's ski fields in snow.

North Island's four fields - Whakapapa, Turoa and Tukino on Mt Ruapehu, plus Manganui on Mt Taranaki - were all celebrating the snowfall. "Everyone is excited about it," New Plymouth snowboarder Craig Balks said.

The 27-year-old spent Tuesday morning on Mt Taranaki with girlfriend Aleisha Tippett after the lure of early snow proved irresistible, despite his taking a day off work because of a nasty cold.

About 6cm of snow covered Manganui Ski Area's top car park by early Tuesday morning, he said. "I definitely think this is the earliest snow for ages."

While it was unlikely the snow would last till the end of the week, and was too little to snowboard on, he hoped it boded well for a "nice cold winter".

Stratford Mountain Club spokesman Rob Needs said it was the most significant snow to fall at such low levels and so early in the winter season for several decades.


Millions of prawns found on the shores of Playa Brava, Chile - Sign of an uncoming earthquake?


Dead prawns on Playa Brava in Iquique
Playa Brava in Iquique has now turned red... Prawn red! A sign of the next big one?

Scientists are baffled by this apocalyptic mass die-off and will conduct various tests - water and shellfish - to determine the cause of this kill!

Yesterday morning the entire coast of Playa Brava in Iquique was blanketed by millions of dead or dying prawns.

The reason for this mass die-off is still unknown.

The apocalyptic event started at around 07:00. Rescue was launched directly after. But rough sea hampered the work of the rescuers, whose efforts were unsuccessful.

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Revenge attacks by monkey on train drivers in Bihar, India

© Thinkstock photo
File photo of monkey. Any resemblance to Bihar offender is unintentional.
Nothing adorable about this monkey in Bihar. Over the past week, a monkey in the state's West Champaran district has attacked three train drivers.

AK Jha, a railway official in the region, says the money is determined "to take revenge for the death of one of its siblings."

Last week, a monkey was run over by a goods train near the Valmiki Nagar Train Station. Since then, his avenger has been busy.


Man dies after a crocodile attack in Cancun, Mexico


The victim Marco Antonio Sanchez, was allegedly intoxicated when he entered the water.

A 31-year old tourist, native of the state of Tlaxcala in central Mexico, died last Saturday drowned after being dragged by a 7 feet long crocodile in the Bojorquez Lagoon near Cancun hotel zone.

Eyewitnesses declared that the now deceased Marco Antonio Sánchez Fernández went swimming after heavily drinking. A few meters away from the sidewalk that is relatively close to the shore, bathers spotted a crocodile measuring over two meters (7 feet).

After the animal perceived movement, it entered the water. Realizing this, many people who were at the scene and police elements patrolling the area, warned the unnoticed swimmers to come out, but only one of them listened and when the other tried to react, the crocodile pulled him to deeper waters.

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Cloud Precipitation

Heavy rainfall brings flooding to parts of North Texas

© Photo: WFAA
Car under water in Fort Worth
A Flash Flood Warning has expired for Collin County and parts of Denton and Grayson Counties after one to two inches of rain fell over Tarrant and Denton Counties earlier Monday.

Meteorologists expected scattered showers and thunderstorms to hit North Texas overnight. A Severe Thunderstorm Watch was issued for counties in the southern portion of the WFAA viewing area through 11 p.m. Monday, but it was later canceled.

For Celia de la Cruz, these April showers are bringing massive headaches.

"It just comes this way and heads that way; it's just horrible," she said.

De la Cruz was talking about the gushing, rushing water that turned her quiet Fort Worth street into raging rapids on Monday. Her neighbor shot incredible video of the water rushing through backyards and funneling onto Carleton Avenue near Interstate 30 and Hulen Street.


Very rare Omura's whale washes up on beach in Western Australia


An Omura's whale was discovered on a remote Exmouth beach in WA (pictured). It left authorities confused as they struggled to identify the rare species
A species of whale that was feared to be extinct has been found washed up on a West Australian beach, giving scientists an opportunity to learn more about the mammal.

The Omura's whale was discovered on a remote Exmouth beach, at the tip of the state's North West Cape, after Tropical Cyclone Olwyn tore through the area last month.

It is the first sighting of the species in WA and only the second in Australia.

Identifying the 5.68m juvenile female was at first difficult for Department of Parks and Wildlife staff, who eventually confirmed it was an Omura's whale with DNA profiling.


8 inches of snow falls in Mexico in Spring


Snow cover in Mexico
What happened to spring?

A snowstorm struck the high Sierra Tarahumara of Chihuahua, causing the closure of some roads leading to the town of San Rafael, in las Barrancas el Cobre (the Copper Canyon).

The operating director of the State Civil Protection Unit, Virgilio Cepeda, said heavy snowfall began at 8:00 pm on Sunday in the municipalities of Bocoyna, Guerrero, Urique, Madera, San Rafael and Ocampo. Cepeda advised tourists returning from vacation to take precautions.

In these municipalities the snow reached a height of 10-20 cm (4 to 8 inches).

Snow also fell, not as intense, in at least 10 other municipalities, including Matachí, Temósachi, Cuauhtémoc and Carichi.

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Huge die-off of jellyfish-like creatures pile up at Rockaway Beach, Oregon

© Don Best
A massive die-off at Rockaway Beach.
Thousands of jellyfish-like creatures were seen piled up on Rockaway Beach Sunday morning in what appeared to be a massive die-off.

The animals are called Velella velella. They're like a cousin to the jellyfish.

They are commonly called "purple sailors," "little sail," and "by the wind sailors."

The die-offs occur each spring along beaches from Oregon to California.

Velella velella typically live in the open ocean, but when warm water and storms draw them near shore, the wind blows them onto beaches, where they die in piles.

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife says Velella velella do sting their prey while in the water, but they are harmless to humans.

© Don Best
The creatures are like a cousin to the jellyfish.