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Tropical wave in Caribbean; Hurricane Ana still hanging on in Pacific

© National Hurricane Center
The remnants of Tropical Depression Nine have moved into the northwest Caribbean and have a 20 percent chance of development over the next five days.
The remnants of Tropical Depression Nine, which washed ashore in Mexico earlier this week, have made it into the northwest Caribbean, where there is a chance -- a very small chance -- that they could develop.

The low pressure area was interacting with a cold front and had disorganized storms associated with it, the National Hurricane Center said Saturday morning.

The hurricane center gave it only a 20 percent chance of development over the next five days -- that is, if it develops at all.

Meanwhile, in the central Pacific, Hurricane Ana was still hanging in there.

Wolf Lake man attacked and injured by elk at campground in Muskegon, Michigan

A 59-year-old man was injured by an elk at the Wolf Lake Resort & Campground in a bizarre Monday, Oct. 6 incident.

An Egelston Township fire official confirmed the attack happened Monday evening between 6 p.m. and 7 p.m. at the resort located at 5451 Harding Ave. The elk is housed at an adjacent deer and elk farm owned by the same people who own the campground.

A woman who spoke with an MLive Muskegon Chronicle reporter by phone from the campground office refused to confirm the incident. She denied it ever happened.

But the fire official confirmed the fire department was sent there on a medical call and the man had been injured by the elk severely enough that he required hospital treatment.

Dingoes attack two women joggers on Fraser Island, Queensland

© AAP: Jim Shrimpton
Tourists are advised not to approach dingoes on Fraser Island.
Dingoes have attacked two women while they were jogging on Fraser Island off south-east Queensland.

Paramedics were called to Yidney Rocks on the island about 7:00am on Sunday.

A woman was treated for leg injuries and taken to Hervey Bay hospital.

Doreen Cash from the Yidney Rocks Beachfront Apartments said the two women were staying at the units.

Comment: See also: Three dingoes attack man on Fraser Island beach, Australia


Eight-metre dead whale washes onto rocks in Batemans Bay, Australia

© Haberlah family
David and Siwi Haberlah watch as the whale is washed ashore near the Clyde River.
An eight-metre dead whale has been washed onto rocks at the mouth of the Clyde River in Batemans Bay.

Canberra visitor David Haberlah saw the whale on Saturday afternoon, just minutes before waves dumped the mammal in an area known as North Head beach, near Yellow Rock.

With his four-year-old daughter, Siwa, the geologist hurried to the scene.

"I was sitting at the far end and I saw something white floating," Mr Haberlah said. "I thought 'wow, this looks like a massive balloon'. I had a closer look and saw one of the fins come up and realised it was a whale.

"I went running back and Siwa and I went straight to look. It was belly up. It was already dead."
Snowflake Cold

"Winter" begins in Greece with rain storms, early snow and sharp temperature drop

huh? where is the Acropolis?
Winter arrived in Greece with heavy rain, strong winds, early snow in the mountains and sharp temperature drop. Sudden rain storms turned streets into rivers. the island of Zakynthos (Zante) was hit by a mini-tornado that uprooted trees, swept away stables roofs and destroyed balconies.

Snow felt not only in some mountain areas in the north of the country (Samarina, Kastoria) but also in Mount Parnassus in Central Greece.

Wild dogs kill 4 in Mexico City park

Mexico City - Wild dogs mauled and killed four people whose bodies were found over the past two weeks in a park on the edge of Mexico City, authorities said Monday. In one case, a teenage girl frantically called her sister with her cellphone to plead for help as the attack took place.

Neighbors of the Cerro de la Estrella, a partly wooded, hilltop park surrounded by the city's poor and populous Iztapalapa district, first found the bodies of a 26-year-old woman and a 1-year-old child in the area on Dec. 29, authorities in Mexico's capital said.

The woman, Shunashi Mendoza, was missing her left arm, and prosecutors said that both she and the boy had bled to death and been partially eaten.

Then on Friday visitors to the same park found the bodies of a teenage couple who had also bled to death.

"Experts have established that due to the gravity of the wounds, at least 10 dogs were involved in each attack," Mexico City prosecutors said in a statement.

In the second attack, Alejandra Ruiz, 15, and her boyfriend Samuel Martinez, 16, had gone to the park Friday afternoon.

The girl called her sister Diana Ruiz at around 7 p.m. pleading for help.

"Several dogs are attacking us, help me!" the girl screamed. The call then stopped.

Ruiz told Milenio Television she thought her sister was joking and still doesn't believe her sister was killed by dogs despite the call.

Man out for jog killed by 2 dogs in Michigan

© Lapeer County Sheriff's Office
One of the two cane corsos in quarantine at the Lapeer County Animal Shelter that fatally attacked a Livonia man Wednesday evening while he jogged in Metamora Township.
A pair of dogs attacked and mauled to death a man as he jogged down a quiet, dirt road in rural Michigan.

Craig Sytsma, 46, of Livonia died of his injuries Wednesday night at a local hospital, police in Metamora Township said.

"He was jogging, doing what everybody else does out there, running and riding bikes," said Metamora police Officer Sean Leathers, who was one of the first on the scene. Sytsma, a divorced father of three, was unconscious and undergoing CPR when Leathers arrived.

Source: Detroit Free Press

Police think two large coyotes may have attacked Thornhill residents, Canada

A coyote is seen in this file photo.
Residents of Thornhill are being asked to remain vigilant as police search for two wild animals that terrorized locals Monday evening.

York Regional Police said Tuesday that they believe large coyotes attacked three people, including a police officer, in the Bayview Avenue and John Street area yesterday.

Witnesses had at first described them as German Shepherds but police say the animals are likely more aggressive than house pets.

"It is believed that these animals have been living in the area for about two years," police said in a news release. "This is the first known report of them being aggressive towards humans."

Authorities were first alerted to the animals yesterday morning after someone called police to report a sighting on Evergreen Crescent.
Snowflake Cold

Heavy snowfall in Bulgaria blocks roads, stops trains and leaves 50 villages without electricity

Gabrovo and Sevlievo declare emergency because of extremely severe winter conditions. More than fifty villages have no electricity. All roads and passes in the region are blocked.

The main roads in the country are closed, trains are stopped, and thousands of subscribers are without electricity .

Heavy snow did not stop for ten hours, along with hurricane winds and freezing temperatures.

40 people, including 20 children, were stranded for four hours at the train station after trains stopped moving in the region.
Bizarro Earth

Lava stream threatening homes and inching closer to road on Hawaii's Big Island

© AP Photo/U.S. Geological Survey
In this Oct. 22, 2014 photo provided by the U.S. Geological Survey, geologists walk over the surface of the flow to track surface breakouts along a portion of the flow margin, about a kilometer upslope of the flow front. A 13-mile finger of lava from Kilauea Volcano has started to again move quickly, and could hit a secondary road sometime Friday, Oct. 24, 2014. Officials on Hawaii's Big Island won't start evacuating people until the lava flow is within three to five days of affecting Pahoa residents.
A growing lava stream threatening homes and inching closer to a rural road on Hawaii's Big Island oozed forward in fits and starts this week, frustrating some residents but giving officials a window of time to prepare. The narrow, leading edge of the lava flow is now just 250 yards from the one-lane country road, which has been closed. Crews are working on an alternate route for remote communities in the Puna district in case the lava crosses a major thoroughfare.

The lava sped up over the past few days, advancing nearly 460 yards from Thursday morning to Friday, but it slowed again Friday morning, officials said. The flow's fitful nature is taking a toll on some Big Island residents, who got a brief reprieve from the advancing molten stream only to have to raise their guard again.

"This stop-and-go - it's going to be very frustrating for our residents," said Darryl Oliveira, director of Hawaii County Civil Defense. "It raises the anxiety level. It raises the concern."