Earth Changes


Early snowfall closes Beartooth Highway, Wyoming


Beartooth Pass
Snowfall this weekend has closed the Beartooth Highway along the Wyoming-Montana border.

The scenic highway is closed on the Montana side at Vista Point south of Red Lodge.

In Wyoming, the highway is closed from the junction of Wyoming 286 to the Montana line.

The highway usually closes each winter because of impassable conditions over Beartooth Pass in Wyoming.

Source: The Associated Press

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Sinkhole swallows car near University of Minnesota in Minneapolis

© Stephen Tellier
Car in sinkhole
Minneapolis city officials said a water main break caused the sinkhole to form on Eight Street Southeast, not far from campus.

By Sunday afternoon, a sign near the sinkhole read, "Road closed ahead." It probably should have read, "Road no longer ahead."

"This entire area was just flooded," said Noah Hummel-Hall, who woke up early Sunday morning to find the street outside his apartment flooded.

First, there was a lot of water. Then, something strange happened.

"Suddenly, one of the cars was gone. We're like, 'Did it leave? How did it leave in the water? The engines can't run,'" Hummel-Hall said.

But the car wasn't gone. The 2002 Honda Civic had just gone fishing.

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10 metre deep sinkhole opens up in Oman


A sinkhole which appeared in the Hafeet wiliyat in Buraima has been fenced off for safety, police officials in Hafeet station said.

"The sinkhole, which is 8m wide and around 10m deep, appeared on last Thursday. That day itself, we have fenced it off for safety. It is deep and dangerous so we have cordoned off the area," a police official told Times of Oman.

It is being reported that the sink hole is expanding.


Earthquake Amatignak Island, Alaska magnitude 5.7

2015-10-05 17:35:55
51.903°N 179.300°W
depth=89.1 km (55.3 mi)
Seismotectonics of Alaska

The Aleutian arc extends approximately 3,000 km from the Gulf of Alaska in the east to the Kamchatka Peninsula in the west. It marks the region where the Pacific plate subducts into the mantle beneath the North America plate. This subduction is responsible for the generation of the Aleutian Islands and the deep offshore Aleutian Trench.

The curvature of the arc results in a westward transition of relative plate motion from trench-normal (i.e., compressional) in the east to trench-parallel (i.e., translational) in the west, accompanied by westward variations in seismic activity, volcanism, and overriding plate composition. The Aleutian arc is generally divided into three regions: the western, central, and eastern Aleutians. Relative to a fixed North America plate, the Pacific plate is moving northwest at a rate that increases from roughly 60 mm/yr at the arc's eastern edge to 76 mm/yr near its western terminus. The eastern Aleutian arc extends from the Alaskan Peninsula in the east to the Fox Islands in the west. Motion along this section of the arc is characterized by arc-perpendicular convergence and Pacific plate subduction beneath thick continental lithosphere. This region exhibits intense volcanic activity and has a history of megathrust earthquakes.


Signs and Portents: Weird mutant buffalo born in Thailand


The creature by local villagers is thought to bring good luck
Confusing genetic creations happen all the time, but this is one of the most unusual animals seen in a long time

Images have been shared of a most unusual creature spotted in a remote village - and it's the stuff of sci-fi movies.

The strange animal appears to have the scaly, rough head and skin of a reptile such as a crocodile.

However, on closer inspection, it's also got the body, limbs and hooves of a mammal such as a calf.


Dead whale washes up at Portstewart Strand, Northern Ireland

© Beth Johnston
The whale had been spotted drifting towards shore on Monday morning.
Beach-goers at Portstewart Strand had a nasty surprise on Monday as the washed-up carcass of a 30ft whale interrupted the normally picturesque view of the sea.

The animal, which was floating in the surf, seemed to have been injured before its death and a part of its body appeared to be bloated.

Hundreds have flocked to the beach to catch a glimpse of the unusual sight.

Initial reports suggested it may be a minke whale but Suzanne Beck, a scientist with the Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute in Northern Ireland, has cast doubt over the species.

The minke is the smallest of the baleen whales found in UK waters, measuring 22 to 32 feet when fully grown, with females usually growing to be slightly bigger than males.

Cloud Lightning

Lightning strikes kills six persons, cattle in Telangana, India

Lightning killed six persons in Telanga State on Sunday. Two farm workers and a bull besides a cattle shed was gutted in Adilabad district on Sunday. The incidents occurred separately at Dandepalli and Jannaram mandals during a spell of heavy rain accompanied by lightning.

Chimman Rajanna, (55), was killed while working in a field at Nelki Venkatapur in Dandepalli, while 35 year old Sripati Vijaya was killed in a field at Chintaguda in Jannaram mandal. The bullock died at Thimmapur while the cattle shed was burnt at Akkepalligudem, both in Jannaram.

A 60-year-old woman was killed by the lightning in Chinna Metpalli village of Korutla mandal in Karimnagar. Reports reaching here said that the woman named B. Lingavva was working in her maize fields when the lightning struck her killing her instantaneously. The police registered a case.


Another earthquake recorded south of Fiji: 5.1 magnitude

A 5.1 magnitude earthquake was recorded in the south of Fiji this morning.

The earthquake at 6:16am struck at a depth of 536 kilometres.

It was 372.55 kilometres south southwest of Ono-i-Lau and 665.17 kilometres south southeast of Suva.

The Mineral Resources Department said it was a moderate size earthquake with deep depth source location, a characteristic of non-threatening event particularly to the region.

Meanwhile, at 7:58am yesterday, a 5.8 magnitude earthquake was recorded 677 kilometres south southwest of Suva and 607 kilometres southwest of Nukuni village on Ono-i-Lau.

The earthquake was at a depth of 10 kilometres and was of no threat to the region.

Cloud Precipitation

Catastrophic flash flooding forecast for South Carolina, National Guard deployed

South Carolina state officials have sent out a statewide alert calling for people not to leave their homes as the state is being hit by what Governor Haley has referred to as a "1,000-year level of rain".

"Regardless of where you are in the state, stay home. Stay off the roadways," Haley urged S.C. residents.

Fireball 2

SOTT Exclusive: More mysterious high-rise building explosions - is there a 'cosmic' source of ignition?

Chaos: Enormous explosion left debris everywhere and concrete blocks showered down, hitting the car below
Four people have been confirmed dead following a gas explosion in Liaoning province, northeastern China, on Friday 2nd October, as reported by People's Daily Online.

According to the Daily Mail, the nucleus of the explosion was the ninth floor of a residential building in Dandong city, and part of the building front has been completely destroyed. Damage to the surrounding areas was also extensive, with falling debris damaging several vehicles parked on the roads.

CCTV of the road just outside of the building showed a massive shockwave blow through the area moments before the debris started showering down and engulfing the road in a cloud of dust. The case is currently under investigation although the cause is suspected to be a gas explosion, which is just the latest in a recent surge of somewhat mysterious gas-related powerful explosions to high-rise and other residential, commercial and industrial premises, which seem to have seen a dramatic increase in terms of number and intensity.

Other recent incidents of explosions at high-rise buildings include: