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Shipping season ends on upper Mississippi as earliest ice on record surrounds locks and dams

shipping mississippi river

The shipping season on the upper Mississippi River will end on Thursday as ice surrounding locks and dams near Minnesota's Twin Cities forced the earliest winter closure on records that date back to 1969
The shipping season on the upper Mississippi River will end on Thursday as ice surrounding locks and dams near Minnesota's Twin Cities forced the earliest winter closure on records that date back to 1969, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers said.

"There's so much ice through the whole system," said Bryan Peterson, navigation manager for the Army Corps' St. Paul district. "They're getting the barges they can out and not risking getting stuck there all winter."

There were two tow boats waiting to pass lock and dam No. 2 near Hastings, Minnesota. Once they moved down river, no more vessels were expected, Peterson said.

The shipping season typically ends around the beginning of December on upper portions of the Mississippi River in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa and Illinois. In 1989, no more vessels reached the Twin Cities after Nov. 24, Peterson said.

3 rare Arctic rough-legged buzzards turn up in Saddleworth, UK

© Chronicle Online
A rough-legged buzzard, pictured over Dovestone reservoir
Scores of bird watchers are flocking to Saddleworth's Dovestone reservoir to catch sight of rare rough-legged buzzards.

Three birds have taken up residence after flying in from Scandinavia. Their flights have attracted groups of avid twitchers.

Dave O'Hare, RSPB's Dovestone site manager, said: "These are the first rough-legged buzzards to have stayed in the area for many years. It's a real treat for local birdwatchers."

Tim Melling, the RSPB's senior conservation officer, said: "The birds could hang around until March, but are likely to move away to the coast if snow blankets the hills."

Scandinavian birds of prey set to invade Britain

The short-eared owl was battling to reach the Scottish coast
More than 100 miles from land this owl is very much all at sea.

And it is in the vanguard of an invasion which could see hundreds flocking here from Scandinavia.

The short-eared owl battling towards Scotland was one of four spotted at dawn by birdwatcher Andy Williams flying low over the North Sea halfway between Norway and Aberdeen.

Andy, who is working on a survey vessel in the North Sea in the Forties area, said on his pelagicbirder blog: "A couple of days ago I was treated to four short-eared owls flying over the sea and heading WSW. Quite a weird sight seeing these lovely birds on passage over the waves.

"I saw them all in the first hour of daylight so my photos are not the best but they will have to do.

"I saw two single birds then two together and it was interesting to see them occasionally harried and mobbed by the herring and great black backed gulls - as if the owls did not have enough to contend with!

"Although their buoyant flight was relatively strong one bird almost ditched as it banked sharply to avoid an aerial assault from a herring gull. Hopefully they all made it ashore."

So what happens when all this melts? 'Mother Nature is showing us who's boss' says New York Governor

If "Mother Nature is showing us who's boss," as New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said of snowfall that dumped five feet on parts of Buffalo, she's not done with the lesson.

Hard as it may be to believe, the weather in areas of upstate New York socked in by a historic mountain of snow this week will be springlike by early next week - and that means melting, which could, in turn, could cause floods, the National Weather Service warned Wednesday.

Temperatures are forecast to begin warming up on Saturday, and by Monday, they could approach 60 degrees around Buffalo and other communities that are still bracing for as much as two more feet of snow on top of the 5 feet or more that many of them are buried under. It's also expected to rain on Monday - a combination that the weather service said could trigger "major snowmelt" and "significant" flooding in small streams, as well as at least some larger creeks and rivers.
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Severe storms and flash flooding cause chaos in Brisbane

© Adam Smith/News Corp Australia
Flooding caused many residents to abandon their cars.
Video of a man doing backstroke in Brisbane's Queen Street Mall has emerged after the city suffered through one of its most devastating thunderstorms in years. Residents and businesses have been cleaning up today after a severe storm caused flooding and saw houses set on fire in south east Queensland. Damage from the storm and flash flooding includes a four metre sinkhole that opened up on Orchard Rd, Richlands.
© Tara Croser/News Corp Australia
A sinkhole (located behind the dirt) in Richlands.
© Jessy Webber
During the storm yesterday afternoon more than 16,000 lightning strikes were recorded on the GPATs system, according to electricity provider Energex. Footage also emerged of a possible tornado on the outskirts of Brisbane.

While some watched in awe at nature's display from the comfort of their homes, others embraced the downpour, with one man captured doing breaststroke in Brisbane's Queen Street Mall.
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More images and video from the massive "Snow-pocalypse" snowstorm that hit Buffalo, New York

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'Extreme weather' is becoming more 'normal'. NY State Thruway in Buffalo. The town recently had more snow in a single day than some cities have in a whole year!
People who live in the northern states are used to being hit with snowstorms in winter. However, it's not often that a town gets more snow in one day than some cities receive in an entire year.
NY State Thruway in Buffalo this morning! #BuffaloSnow

- FOX & Friends (@foxandfriends) November 19, 2014
The relentless snowstorm currently battering the region could eventually total more than seven feet of the fluffy white stuff.

CNN's Jennifer Gray posted this report last night:
Here's what it's like in the middle of the #BuffaloSnow storm: via@JenniferGrayCNN #gothere

- CNN (@CNN) November 19, 2014
The bands of snow were so well formed that they appeared to be a wall.
Buffalo, NY was hit by snow so intense it looked like a wall, leaving up to 60 inches (1.5 meters). #BuffaloSnow

- JRehling (@JRehling) November 19, 2014
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Comment: You can check out more images from Buffalo here: Buffalo buried by wall of snow

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The Ice Age begins while warmists blither on

Buffalo snow
© Office of the Governor
NY Thruway near Buffalo.
This is the face of rapid global cooling, which will change life on our planet more quickly than anyone is yet prepared to acknowledge. All 50 states will see freezing temperatures on Tuesday and Wednesday with millions of Americans facing another bitter blast of unseasonably cold air.

A ferocious storm dumped massive piles of snow on parts of upstate New York, trapping residents in their homes and stranding motorists on roadways, as temperatures in all 50 states fell to freezing or below. Even hardened Buffalo residents were caught off-guard Tuesday as more than 4 feet fell in parts of the city. Authorities said snow totals by Wednesday afternoon could top 6 feet in the hardest-hit areas south of Buffalo, with another storm expected Thursday. The snow has gotten so bad in Western New York that Gov. Cuomo has called out the troops.

Bone-chilling nights will be followed by frosty cold days with highs struggling to reach the 20-degree mark over the regions on Monday and Tuesday. Some locations in the Central states are forecast to stay below 20 F until Wednesday afternoon.

Wild boar viciously attacks woman walking with dogs in Gordon Valley, California

A wild boar allegedly gored a woman several times as she was walking with her dogs.

The woman is still being treated for her injuries. She was walking her two dogs in the Gordon Valley area last week, when the boar attacked for apparently no reason.

"It come from behind and just knocked her down. And she kinda yelled and screamed,"Linda Bushey, who is neighbors with the woman, said.

After the initial attack, the woman thought the wild animal was leaving and tried to stand up. But the boar came back at her.


Buffalo, New York swallowed by wall of snow as it gets 6 feet, with more to come, and six people reported dead

A wall of snow has swallowed Buffalo, New York, this morning. NOAA meteorologists say it's a heavy snow lake effect. Check out the videos, plus the aerial photos (like the above posted byWBEN NewsRadio's Facebook) and satellite images. Good luck everyone. Updating with photos and video...

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Hippopotamus kills 13 people, including 12 children in Niger

Twelve children and a villager have been killed in a hippopotamus attack on a boat near the Niger capital Niamey earlier this week, officials say.

Twelve children and a villager have been killed in a hippopotamus attack on a boat near Niger's capital Niamey earlier this week, officials say.

The students, aged 12 to 13, died when their boat transporting them across the Niger River was flipped by the hippopotamus on Monday.

A number of students in the West African nation take such boats to attend school on the other side of the river.

"Ultimately it was 12 students, including seven girls and five boys, who died after the attack," minister of secondary education Aichatou Oumani said.