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Quake-like mystery boom shakes Kennebunk, Maine area homes

Kennebunkport, Maine.
Residents in areas of Kennebunk, Kennebunkport and Arundel have reported hearing, and feeling, a mystery boom this morning, but no one can seem to pinpoint the cause.

Word of the rumbling, which happened around 10 a.m. Thursday morning, is abuzz on Facebook, with residents in areas of the three towns asking "what was that?" Some have said it sounded like a tree coming down in their yard, others wondered about blasting from area construction, or a clap of thunder.

Kennebunk Police Lt. Eric O'Brien said the department received a number of calls, but police have not determined the source. A dispatcher at the Kennebunkport Police Department also said they did not know where the boom came from, but she likened it to an earthquake.

A representative of the U.S. Geological Survey said that there is no record of any earthquake activity in Kennebunk or southern Maine Thursday morning.

Kate Mastrangelo, who was working in Arundel, said "I don't know how else to explain it other than a boom.

"I could tell it was in the distance somewhere but I could hear it and at the same time the ground shook. It wasn't like an earthquake shake, it just bumped," she said.

Mastrangelo said she immediately thought of the furnace turning on for the first time this year or other equipment in the building, but then thought "no, that was too loud."

Comment: Space rocks exploding in the atmosphere are a possiblity.

Forget About Global Warming: We're One Step From Extinction!


Dozens of migrating birds found dead near transmission tower in Nashville

Dozens of dead birds were discovered at a west Nashville church Thursday.
Dozens of dead birds were discovered all over a west Nashville church ground's property Thursday morning.

The birds scattered Highland Park Church's parking lot, sidewalks and roof.

Church members, animal lovers and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services were all called to the property after the discovery was made.

"We pulled into the parking lot and all over the place there were little green things coming. The birds were on their way down from Canada. It was a sea of green on the ground and asphalt with green spots on it," church member Greg Levenduski said.

Comment: A similar incident happened close to the above location in March this year: Dozens of disoriented birds fall out of the sky in Spring Hill, Tennessee

See also: Mobile phone towers in Hyderabad, India are driving migratory birds crazy:
Increasing radiation from thousands of mobile phone towers in Hyderabad is playing havoc with the natural flight paths of migratory birds, experts said on Monday. Rare species of birds are unable to find their way back home after winter, they added.

While migratory birds use the geomagnetic field as a compass to track their route from Europe to the Indian sub-continent every year, radiation emitted from these mobile phone towers (6,000 of which came up in just two years) is damaging their brain cells and sense of direction, several environmentalist groups said.


Welsh government begins investigation after mad cow disease identified in dead animal

© Getty
The dead cow is not reported to be a risk to public health
The Welsh Government says it has identified the body of a cow with mad cow disease

An investigation has been launched after a case of 'mad cow disease' was found in a cow in Wales. It did not enter the food chain and there is no risk to human health, the Welsh Government said in a statement.It is appears to be the first BSE case for the whole of the UK in 2015.

A wave of panic started in 1995, when 19-year-old Stephen Churchill died of a fatal brain condition linked to mad cow disease. By 2000, the leading group monitoring the outbreak was warning that the worst-case scenario could see 500,000 people die a similarly horrifying death. But there has been just one death from variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (vCJD) - the condition which killed Stephen - in the last three years.

The location of the farm where the latest case was found hasn't been identified and it's not known what measures were put in place on the farm as a result.

Comment: More reasons to avoid factory-farmed (CAFO) foods.

Snowflake Cold

Scottish Highland town is coldest and hottest place in the UK - in a single day

Temperatures in Aviemore plummeted to just 1C on Tuesday night leaving the mountain village shrouded in mist on Wednesday morning. Above, ducks swim on Loch Morlich
  • Temperatures in Aviemore plummeted to near freezing on Tuesday night
  • Climbed to 21C on Wednesday morning - hotter than Rome and Paris
  • Met Office spokesman said difference was due to high pressure in the air
  • Weekend should stay fine and dry with temperatures dropping next week
The Scottish weather showed its unpredictability yesterday as one Highland village was declared both the hottest and coldest place in the UK. Temperatures in Aviemore plummeted to just 1C on Tuesday night leaving the popular ski resort shrouded in mist on Wednesday morning. But the chill didn't stay for long as by lunchtime the village saw temperatures reach 21C - hotter than Barcelona, Rome and Paris.

The Scottish weather showed its unpredictability yesterday with one Highland town declared both the hottest and coldest place in the UK. Above, Maja Aas relaxes in the warm autumn sunshine on a beach on the shores of Loch Morlich

Claire Smith, 35, the manager of the Mountain Cafe in Aviemore, said it was as if autumn had been skipped altogether.

She said: 'It was incredibly chilly coming in the morning with a coat, scarf and gloves on. You could see the grass glistening and frost appearing on cars.

'But I have to carry all my clothes home later on because it will be far too warm. 'It's been really strange here because we're having a bit of an Indian summer but starting our day with winter - it's as if we've skipped autumn completely.


Man receives 30 stitches following shark attack in Vilano Beach, Florida: 5th attack in 2 weeks


Shark bite in Vilano Beach
A 22-year-old is recovering Wednesday night from an apparent shark bite while surfing at Vilano Beach Tuesday.

David Morrison, 22, says it all happened in a matter of seconds.

"My foot was completely covered in blood," Morrison said.

He said the shark bit his ankle Tuesday while he was lying on his surfboard.

This is the fifth shark attack on our local beaches in the last two weeks.

Two occurred at Vilano Beach and one each at Fernandina Beach, Big Talbot Island and Jacksonville Beach.

Cloud Lightning

Lightning bolt kills two persons in Nizamabad, India

Konda Lakshmi (45) and her son Rajinikanth (21) were killed when lightning struck them while they were weeding out waste plants in their paddy field on the outskirts of Kurnapally village under Yedapally police station limits on Friday afternoon.

A 10-old-boy Konda Aswin, nephew of Lakshmi, sustained serious burn injuries and was admitted to Area Hospital, Bodhan. The bodies were shifted to the hospital for post-mortem examination, said the Sub-Inspector of Police, Mohammed Asif.


Thousands of dead fish found on Red Sea shore, Saudi Arabia


Thousands of dead fish on the Red Sea coast
It was fish tsunami as thousands of dead fish washed ashore on the Red Sea coast in Saudi Arabia. They were dead despite still being in water.

A video of the incident was published by the Saudi Daily 'Okaz'.

Saudi officials say they are investigating the incident and trying to find out why the fish died.

"Officials said they have collected samples of the fish, the water and sand to have them tested at the laboratory to identify reasons for their death," the paper said.


4.6 temblor strikes Costa Rica; strong shaking reported in Central Valley (updated)

Update 1: RSN has downgraded the magnitude of the quake to 4.6 on the Richter scale, and has also updated the epicenter as being 14 km east of Quepos. Strong shaking was reported in the San Jose metro area and Central Valley, Quepos, Cartago, Aserri, Manuel Antonio, and Grecia. Original breaking report follows.

October 1st, 2015 (ICR News) An earthquake that is initially being reported by Costa Rica's National Seismology Network (RSN) as measuring 5.1-magnitude on the Richter scale has struck 6 kilometers west of Quepos, on Costa Rica's central Pacific coast.

The quake, which struck at 11:51 a.m. on Thursday, caused significant shaking in some areas of the San Jose metro area and the central Pacific coast, according to reports being received by ICR News.


4.8. Magnitude earthquake rattles St Lucia

The National Emergency Management Organization, (NEMO) says sections of the island were rocked by an earthquake on Thursday afternoon.

The Seismic Research Centre at the University of the West Indies (UWI), St Augustine campus in Trinidad and Tobago, confirmed that a 4.8. Magnitude quake was felt in St Lucia, Dominica, St Vincent, and Martinique at approximately 2:30pm (local time).

According to a NEMO official here, reports of tremors were received from the north and south of the island.

Earlier this week NEMO Director Velda Joseph called on residents to be prepared for hazards outside of tropical cyclones, citing a series of earthquakes in the region recently, including four tremors on Sunday.


5.3-magnitude earthquake recorded in Armenia

The Seismological Network of the Seismic Protection Service of the Ministry of Territorial Administration and Emergency Situations of the Republic of Armenia recorded on October 2 a 5.3-magnitude earthquake at 08:28 local time. The hypocenter of the earthquake was on Nakhijevan border 20km from Kajaran.

As "Armenpress" was informed by the Ministry of Territorial Administration and Emergency Situations of the Republic of Armenia, the underground aftershock magnitude in the epicenter was 3 points. The geographical coordinates of the epicenter were 39.26° north latitude and 45.97° eastern longitude (Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic).

The earthquake was felt in Kajaran.