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Hawaii in the path of two hurricanes, first hurricane in 22 years

Hawaii Hurricanes
Iselle was supposed to weaken as it slowly trudged west across the Pacific. It didn't - and now Hawaii is poised to take its first direct hurricane hit in 22 years.

State officials are assuring the islands are ready and people should prepare but not panic. Tourists wonder whether their flights and activities would be disrupted and tried to get in some last-minute beach time before the surf's up, but ugly. And residents are making bottled water tougher to find than a cheap fruity cocktail.

"Everybody says this is the last day of good weather, so we came down to the beach," said Shonna Snodgrass, a tourist in Waikiki visiting from Stafford, Virginia.

Hurricane Iselle was expected to arrive on the Big Island on Thursday evening, bringing heavy rains, winds gusting up to 85 mph and flooding in some areas. Weather officials changed their outlook on the system Wednesday after seeing it get a little stronger, giving it enough oomph to stay a hurricane as it reaches landfall.
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Mass death of stingrays in New South Wales under investigation

© Allan Gratzer
One of dozens of dead stingrays found on the shore of Lake Conjola, north of Ulladulla.
The mass death of stingrays on the New South Wales south coast has prompted an investigation by fisheries officers.

About 30 dead stingrays washed up on the shore at Lake Conjola, north of Ulladulla.

The NSW Department of Primary Industries, which has taken samples, said the likely cause of death was extremely cold water, between 8 and 9 degrees Celsius.

In a statement, the department said the "most probable" cause of death was the water cooling rapidly over a short period of time.

It said there were no visible signs of any pollutant, and no other species were affected.

The president of the Conjola District Lake Care Association, Robin Kerves, said she was not convinced the water's temperature was to blame.

SOTT Earth Changes Video Summary - July 2014

Signs of the Times in July 2014

The seventh installment in our monthly series, the following video compiles footage of 'signs of the times' from around the world during July 2014 - 'earth changes', extreme weather and planetary upheaval.

As geo-political events took a crazy turn in July - with Israel launching its most destructive 'war' on Gaza on the Palestinians since the Nakba, agents of the Western Empire blowing Malaysian Airlines MH17 out of the sky to demonize Putin, and Kiev scaling up its massacre of Eastern Ukrainians - the planet reflected this chaos with even more extreme weather.

Numerous meteor fireballs were seen across swathes of the U.S. and Russia; intense electrical storms pounded the U.S. and Europe; enormous quantities of hail were dumped in places used to scorching heat this time of year; 'tornado season' continued its year-round cycle all over the world; devastating landslides killed hundreds in India and China; people and cattle everywhere were killed by lightning; hurricane-force winds left destruction in Southern Russia and Australia; and just about everywhere was inundated with deluges of rain.

Meanwhile, the planet's EM field has dropped significantly in recent months, while the Sun was practically spotless this month, despite the fact we're currently at Solar Max in Sunspot Cycle 24. July was the coldest in U.S. history, despite record-breaking wildfires and drought in the western half of the country. Between the hail, the downpours, the cold and the storms, farmers everywhere are facing severe losses from crop damage.

Inexplicable mass animal die-offs continue, with dead sea creatures washing up on lakeshores and coastlines around the world. More enormous sinkholes appeared, notably three 'crater-holes' in northern Russia and a 100-feet-wide sinkhole in Florida that witnesses say 'exploded up in the air'. Rounding out the month was an unbelievable series of explosions in Taiwan that gouged whole streets and injured hundreds of people.

Tornadoes in Boston, rivers and seas turning blood red, fire falling from the skies, snow in July, lakes appearing in the Sahara overnight... we are definitely NOT not in Kansas anymore!

Not a Youtuber? Watch it on's Vimeo Channel.
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USGS: Earthquake Magnitude 6.1 - Kepulauan Barat Daya, Indonesia.

Indon Quake_060814
Event Time
2014-08-06 11:45:22 UTC
2014-08-06 20:45:22 UTC+09:00 at epicenter


7.272°S 128.046°E depth=10.0km (6.2mi)

Nearby Cities
307km (191mi) ENE of Dili, East Timor
395km (245mi) S of Ambon, Indonesia
402km (250mi) ENE of Atambua, Indonesia
446km (277mi) SSW of Amahai, Indonesia
307km (191mi) ENE of Dili, East TimorScientific Data
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Dramatic video of flash flood near Las Vegas

© Doug Bennett/YouTube
Nevada may not often be thought of as a state plagued by heavy rains, but some residents who are being inundated with severe storms that are causing flash flooding and mudslides might beg to differ. One recent deluge was strong enough to overflow the US 95 highway and shut down the road. The powerful current turned the median into raging rapids capable of carrying away people and cars. Of course, with everyone carrying a camera at all times these days, the horrifying incident was captured on video.

Unfortunately, two vehicles somehow got sucked into the surging water and were pushed into the stream below. According to bystanders, the whole thing seemed to happen out of nowhere, but people put themselves in danger to try to save those stuck in the out of control cars. Thankfully, no one was injured in this terrible incident. At about 1:29 into the video, you can also catch a glimpse of the mudslide first flowing onto the road.

Cloud Precipitation

Torrential rain brings flooding to many parts of Northern Ireland

Heavy rain led to flooding in Finaghy Road, Belfast, and other parts of Northern Ireland on Tuesday night
Emergency payments are to be made to flood victims following torrential rain across parts of Northern Ireland.

The worst affected areas on Tuesday night were Omagh, County Tyrone, and Moneymore and Magherafelt, County Londonderry.

The Fire and Rescue Service said it received 33 calls from those areas in the six hours until midnight.

One firefighter told the BBC there had been "mayhem" due to a deluge of rainwater in a short period of time.

About 20 houses in Magherafelt were flooded on Tuesday night

Anglers reel in THREE extremely rare opah fish in one day off California coast

Lucky catch: Armando Castillo, Joe Ludlow and Travis Savala post with the three opah fish they caught in a single day last week. Opah, also known as Moonfish, are a rare catch and three at once is even more of a surprise since they don't often travel in packs

Most fisherman would consider themselves lucky to catch one elusive opah fish in their lives, but one recreational fishing boat landed three in one day this on recreational fishing boat landed three in one day last week while searching for Yellowtail tuna off the coast of southern California.

San Diego-based Excel Long Range Sportfishing, which takes groups out on multi-day fishing trips, posted at picture on Facebook of their surprise haul on Friday and the photo has now been shared more than 2,000 times.

Anglers Armando Castillo, Joe Ludlow and Travis Savala grin as they pose with their three orange disc-shaped fish, each weighing between 124 and 180 pounds


Beached humpback whale discovered in Iceland's West Fjords

© Jón G. Guðjónsson.
The beached whale.
A fairly large, 12-15 meter (39-49 feet), whale was discovered dead on the beach in Skarðsvík in Trékyllisvík, Árneshreppur, in the West Fjords, last weekend. It appears to have drifted ashore recently, as stated on local news website

"On the way back from a lovely swim in the swimming pool in Krossnes, we saw the body of the dead whale floating near the coast," Dutch tourist Annick Gijzel wrote in a comment on the story.

"Wondering if it really was a dead whale we went a little closer to make sure that we saw what we thought we were seeing," she added. "Back in the hotel we informed the staff of our sighting."

After examining photos of the carcass, zoologist Ævar Petersen determined that it was a humpback, probably a male judging by its size and the shape of its flipper, wrote in an update of the story today.

The Icelandic Phallological Museum has already asked for the whale's penis.
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Guatemala's Fire volcano awakens after two years sleep

Guatemala Fire volcano
View of the eruption column from the Volcano Fuego, located 50 kilometers southeast of Guatemala City.
Guatemala's Fire volcano erupted Tuesday for the first time in nearly two years, causing panic in nearby villages and prompting aviation authorities to re-route air traffic.

The volcano, in the country's southwest spewed smoke and ash Tuesday, at the rate of three or four times per hour, officials said. Geologists said the volcano belched out huge columns of smoke measuring as high as 4,300 meters (14,000 feet).

The volcano, which is more than 3,700 meters (12,000 feet tall), is located between the departments of Chimaltenango, Escuintla and Sacatepequez, in southwest Guatemala.
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Rare tornado spotted near Las Vegas

Las Vegas tornado
© Elizabeth Neiswender
funnel cloud is seen forming in this picture taken Aug. 4, 2014, along Highway 95 between Laughlin and Las Vegas.
A tornado briefly touched down in rural Clark County on Monday afternoon, according to the National Weather Service - the first in more than a decade.

The weak, rope-like twister touched down about 12:40 p.m. near the intersection of U.S. Highway 95 and State Route 165. It was only on the ground for about 30 seconds, according to the NWS.

The cyclone was rated an EF0, the lowest ranking possible on the Enhanced Fujita Scale.