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Maryland man charged after jumping White House fence, dogs cleared for duty

White House
© Reuters/Gary Cameron
A United States uniformed Secret Service officer (L) is seen at a post in front of the White House in Washington September 23, 2014.
A man arrested after jumping the White House fence on Wednesday night has been charged with three felony counts and four misdemeanors, the U.S. Secret Service said on Thursday.

Dominic Adesanya of Bel Air, Maryland, was unarmed when he was arrested on the White House grounds and facing Secret Service dogs that stopped and attacked him, the Secret Service said.

The incident came about one month after an intruder armed with a knife scaled the White House fence and entered the executive mansion, raising questions about security at the heavily guarded complex and spurring the resignation of Julia Pierson as Secret Service director.

Officials charged Adesanya, 23, with two felony counts of assault on a K-9 police officer, one felony count of making threats and four misdemeanor counts of resisting and unlawful entry, Secret Service spokesman Brian Leary said. K-9 refers to the team using specially trained dogs.
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Florida woman allegedly sets roommate on fire for throwing out pasta

© Clearwater Police Photo
Melissa Dawn Sellers
Clearwater, Fla., woman charged with aggravated battery after allegedly dousing roommate in nail polish remover and setting him on fire.

A Florida man was in critical condition Wednesday after his roommate allegedly set him on fire in a dispute over some spaghetti and meatballs.

Clearwater, Fla., police arrested Melissa Dawn Sellers, 33, for allegedly pouring nail polish remover on her roommate, 42-year-old Carlos Ortiz Jr., and setting him on fire with a cigarette lighter.

The pair had been drinking and fighting about pasta Sellers accused Ortiz of throwing away.

"She was setting little objects on fire, then that turned into pouring nail polish remover all over him, and then all of a sudden, the lighter sparked and he lit on fire," witness Ines Causevic told Bay News 9.

"When he got up, his face was like melting off, it was pink and sore," he added. "His lips were burning."

Michael Snyder on economic truths: indications and warning

Michael Snyder
Michael Snyder is a self-proclaimed "truth-seeker" and financial writer who says there is no recovery on Main Street, and we are not going to get one - ever. Snyder contends, "We've had permanent damage to the U.S. economy. It's kind of like going to the beach, and you build a sandcastle. The waves start coming in, and the sandcastle is not going to be destroyed by the first wave. Then, more waves will come in, and eventually the whole sandcastle will be wiped out. That's kind of what's happening to the U.S. economy. We've had waves of economic problems, and we have had permanent damage as a result. Our economy is not totally destroyed yet, but we have permanent damage. Now, new waves are on the way, which will cause more damage because of the long term trends." Snyder goes on to explain, "None of the long term problems that have been plaguing our economy have been fixed. Instead, the Fed printed a bunch of money and pumped up the stock market. It made people feel good, but the underlying fundamentals are not getting any better."

Comment: Also watch for a rapid rise in the US Dollar Index as capital flees stocks/bonds/derivatives for the perceived relative safety of the USD, T-Bills, etc.

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More #EbolaHysteria (or xenophobia?): Guinean woman attacked on bus in Rome, Italy

© Unknown
Informing the public or just plain fear-mongering?
A Guinean woman has been attacked in a bus in Rome by angry passengers who told her she was infected by Ebola and had to get off the bus, Italian media reports. She was taken to hospital suffering from multiple bruises.

Fataomata Sompare, 26, was about to get off the bus on Monday, said Il Messaggero, an Italian newspaper, as cited by the Local.

A teenage girl who was on the bus with her friends saw Sompare and began accusing her of having the deadly virus. Then some of the teen's relatives started beating the woman.

"They told me that I had Ebola and that I had to get off the bus," said Sompare, who has been living in Italy for four years.

People at a bus stop near Grotte Celoni Metro station in the east of the city managed to save the woman, who suffered multiple bruises after being beaten by passengers. The police arrived and she was taken to hospital.

The incident was reported to public prosecutors by Sompare's lawyer.

Comment: Andrew M. Lobaczewski, author of Political Ponerology had this to say about hysteria in Germany during the 19th and 20th century and what we are witnessing again today:
Large portions of German society ingested psychopathological material, together with that unrealistic way of thinking wherein slogans take on the power of arguments and real data are subjected to subconscious selection.
This occurred during a time when a wave of hysteria was growing throughout Europe, including a tendency for emotions to dominate and for human behavior to contain an element of histrionics. How individual sober thought can be terrorized by a behavior colored with such material was evidenced particularly by women. This progressively took over three empires and other countries on the mainland.


Doctor assaulted by police at dying son's birthday, tasered so many times he had a heart attack

Do you think, if Dr Randal Cox (above) was white, they would have tasered him?
An Ohio medical doctor was assaulted and arrested at his own home on charges that would eventually be found to be false.

Montgomery, OH - Dr. Randal Cox was hosting his terminally ill son's 18th birthday when six police officers from two different precincts showed up to his door.

When Dr. Cox opened the door he was attacked by the officers. The incident was captured on cellphone video from one of the guests at the party.

"Somebody grabbed me around the neck, they body slammed me then multiple people got on top of me then I started getting Tased," said Cox.

Cox was then arrested and hauled off to jail in front of his son, who was left devastated at what would be his last birthday. Cox's son died several months later as a result of his terminal brain cancer.

Cox was charged with resisting arrest, which would later be dropped.
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Reports finds thousands involved in academic fraud at North Carolina university

The investigation was conducted by former U.S. Justice Department official Kenneth Wainstein.

© Katherine Welles / Shutterstock
A new report released Wednesday revealed more than 3,100 students at UNC took "shadow classes" created to boost student athletes' GPAs.
A new report released Wednesday revealed more than 3,100 students at the University of North Carolina took "shadow classes" created to boost student athletes' GPAs over the course of two decades.

The investigation, conducted by former U.S. Justice Department official Kenneth Wainstein, found that Debby Crowder, an employee in the college's African and Afro-American Studies department, created "paper classes," which did not require attendance and awarded high grades.

"She [Crowder] believed it was her duty to lend a helping hand to struggling students, and in particular to that subset of student-athletes who came to campus without adequate academic preparation for Chapel Hill's demanding curriculum," said the report.

Vanished without a trace: Rescuers vow to find helicopter that went missing in Tyva Republic

© Russian Ministry of Emergencies
The rescue involves 435 people assisted by 88 units of hardware.
Rescuers vow to find helicopter that vanished in strong winds on 10 October.

There is still no trace of the missing Mi-8 helicopter that went missing Tyva Republic on 10 October with 12 people on board.

Emergency teams have scoured 36,562 kilometres in a huge operation that has involved aerial searches and interviews with more than 600 potential witnesses, including local hunters and fishermen in one of the remotest areas of Siberia.

'There is no set time limit on such search. It depends on weather conditions and other factors,' said the regional centre of the Emergencies Ministry, which has used thermal images from space in a bid to locate the missing helicopter and crew, to no avail.

'We are looking until we find. If an emergency happens in winter, high in the mountains, in several meters of snow, the search becomes incredibly complex.'

The statement acknowledged it maybe necessary to 'wait until spring'.

Premonition of things to come? Two state Governors declare state of emergency over Ebola

Martial Law
© News Blaze
When most of us think of a State of Emergency, we think of isolated natural disasters like hurricanes, winter storms or a flood that passes through. In those cases it's quite obvious when the emergency is over. But what if an emergency is declared for something that hasn't happened yet? How will we know when it's over?

Both Pennsylvania and Connecticut governors recently declared a State of Emergency, not because a disaster is taking place at this moment, but because bad things may happen in the future. This is an incredible development that citizens should be concerned about.

You should know that during a state of emergency your rights are suspended along with Constitutional restraints on government.

According to Wiki , a state of emergency "means that the government can suspend and/or change some functions of the executive, the legislative and or the judiciary during this period of time," and it "can also be used as a rationale for suspending rights and freedoms, even if those rights and freedoms are guaranteed under the Constitution."

It short, a state of emergency is martial law.

Comment: It is likely that the pathocrats in charge will use the threat of an Ebola pandemic to continue herding the masses under their control. They have been attempting to covertly disenfranchise and oppress U.S. citizens in almost every sphere so it will be no surprise to see that Ebola is used to further this agenda.

Expect to lose all your rights when the Ebola pandemic hits the U.S.

Forced quarantine and isolation: This is what is going to happen if Ebola hits the U.S.

Ebola panic: Connecticut governor declares preemptive health emergency, allows quarantine


Four former Blackwater guards convicted of killing unarmed Iraqi civilians

© Ali Yussef/AFP/Getty Images
A burnt car on the site where Blackwater guards who were escorting US embassy officials opened fire in 2007
Security guards for private US contractor guilty of manslaughter for notorious 2007 incident that left 17 dead in Baghdad

Three security guards working for the private US contractor Blackwater have been found guilty of the manslaughter of a group of unarmed civilians at a crowded Baghdad traffic junction in one of the darkest incidents of the Iraq war.

A fourth, Nicholas Slatten, was found guilty of one charge of first-degree murder. All face the likelihood of lengthy prison sentences after unanimous verdicts on separate weapons charges related to the incident.

The Nisour Square massacre in 2007 left 17 people dead and 20 seriously injured after the guards working for the US State Department fired heavy machine guns and grenade launchers from their armoured convoy in the mistaken belief they were under attack by insurgents.

But attempts to prosecute the guards have previously foundered because of a series of legal mistakes by US officials, and the case had attracted widespread attention in Iraq as a symbol of apparent American immunity.

Now, after a 10-week trial and 28 days of deliberation, a jury in Washington has found three of the men - Paul Slough, Evan Liberty and Dustin Heard - guilty of a total of 13 charges of voluntary manslaughter and a total of 17 charges of attempted manslaughter.

The fourth defendant, Slatten, who was alleged to have been first to open fire, was found guilty of a separate charge of first-degree murder. Slough, Liberty and Heard were found guilty of using firearms in relation to a crime of violence, a charge which can alone carry up to a 30-year mandatory sentence.

Comment: While it's good to see a little justice being handed out over the slaughter of innocent civilians, it pales in comparison to the thousands of Iraqi civilians killed since the U.S. invasion in 2003. The federal government likes to use small incidents like this to pretend as though they care about human life. They don't, and putting away a few killers pales in comparison to the hundreds and probably thousands of others who have illegally killed innocent civilians and who never face any repercussions.


Ridiculous: Former prison guard avoids jail time after admitting to 25 counts of sexually abusing women inmates

© WLKY/screen grab
Former Kentucky correctional Officer Sergeant James B. Johnson
A former Kentucky prison guard who was charged with sexually abusing women inmates was sentenced to probation without any jail time on Monday.

In 2011, the Kentucky State Police arrested Officer Sergeant James B. Johnson, and charged him with 25 counts of sexual abuse, trafficking controlled substances, and 50 counts of official misconduct.

An investigation by the State Police determined that Johnson had been supplying drugs and sexually abusing inmates at Kentucky Correctional Institution for Women in Peewee Valley.

On Monday, the 54-year-old former prison guard accepted a plea deal that required him to attend a diversion program. He also was sentenced to seven years of probation.

"He's really eager to put this behind him," Johnson's attorney, Mary Rives, told WLKY.