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Plainville, Massachusetts: Small plane crashes into house leaving 3 dead

A small plane carrying 3 people on board has crashed into a house in Plainville, Massachusetts, setting it on fire and forcing owners flee the blaze, local fire and aviation officials confirmed.

Several firefighting crews responded to reports that the plane had crashed into the house at around 6:00pm local time, fire officials told Boston TV channel, WCVB.
BREAKING: Plane into house in Plainville. #wcvb

— Sera Congi (@seracongi) June 28, 2015
Photos posted on social media by witnesses showed a house on fire, as well as what looked like debris from the tail part of a small plane.

The plane's pilot and passengers did not survive the crash, state police spokesman David Procopio said, according to the Boston Globe.


At least five black churches in the U.S. burned overnight this week; three ruled arson

At least five black churches burned overnight this week, and three have been attributed to arson.

Last week's shooting at Charleston's Emanuel AME was perhaps the deadliest attack on a black church since the 1963 church bombing by the Klan in Birmingham, Alabama that killed four children. Since then, another specter from America's violent racist history is again rearing its head - setting black churches ablaze.

At least three have been intentionally set on fire in recent days, according to a survey of news reports compiled by the Daily Kos.

On Monday, someone set fire to College Hills Seventh Day Adventist Church in Tennessee, according to local WATE. The arsonist placed bales of hay outside the church doors and lit them ablaze, fire officials told the station. They also burned the church van.

On Tuesday, God's Power Church of Christ in Georgia was intentionally set on fire, authorities told ABC News. Electronics and other equipment were also stolen in the early morning fire. Authorities told reporters there is "no evidence" of a hate crime.

On Wednesday, Briar Creek Baptist Church in North Carolina burned in the middle of the night, causing $250,000 in damage, NBC News reports. Authorities are investigating whether the intentional blaze was a hate crime. It took 75 firefighters to bring it under control.

On Friday, Glover Grove Missionary Baptist Church in South Carolina, was virtually destroyed in an overnight blaze, the Aiken Standard reports. While the cause of the fire is still under investigation, the FBI has been called in.

Comment: America's escalating race war: Who benefits from a mind-controlled Charleston shooter?

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Fast food CEO blames the poor and social programs for their poverty

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To be "poor" in America isn't an identifying characteristic or a defining trait, like being forgetful or creative or tall.

Being a low-income American comes from being paid a low income.

It seems like a basic point, but it's one Andy Puzder needs to review. Puzder is CEO of CKE Restaurants, Inc., which employs more than 20,000 people and worldwide owns, operates and franchises more than 3,300 fast food restaurants, including Hardee's and Carl's Jr.

In a recent op-ed, Puzder made the specious claim that the social safety net "can lock [people] into poverty."

He argues that "these programs have the unintended consequence of discouraging work rather than encouraging independence, self-reliance and pride," and that, because of government assistance, his low-wage employees across the U.S. are refusing promotions and additional hours "for fear of losing public assistance."

What Puzder forgets to point out is that it is poverty wages—poverty wages paid by institutions like Hardee's and Carl's Jr. to many of their 20,000-plus employees— that force families to turn to nutrition and housing assistance, and other government-supplemented work supports, just to get by.

Comment: It's nauseating to listen to these tired memes from those who have no conception of the difficulties that the average worker faces just trying to make ends meet. The only reason they manage to continue to get press coverage for their arrogant views is that the media is complicit in their endeavors to keep them in power while forcing the majority into feudalism. They are all perpetuating the lies that will eventually wreck the entire economy.

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Billionaire oligarchs lobby to repeal estate tax - seek to cement intergenerational financial control

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The consumer advocacy organization Public Citizen just issued a study that analyzes the efforts of billionaire families to - once again - try to repeal the estate tax. According to a June 25 news release by the organization,

Just nine families could dodge $25.7 billion in taxes, and perhaps as much as $54.7 billion, if the estate tax were repealed. Half of these families have spent more than a million dollars apiece lobbying Congress to repeal the tax between 2012 and the first quarter of 2015....

The families behind the eight companies pushing to repeal the tax include the Mars, Wegman, Cox, Taylor, Van Andel, DeVos, Bass, Schwab and Hall families. The Mars and Wegman families alone, who have a combined net worth of more than $63 billion, spent more than $3.5 million to lobby solely for the repeal of the estate tax during the time period studied.

The avaricious effort is being undertaken even though the minimum tax exemption for the estate tax has risen over the years. It is now over $5 million for an individual. For a couple, the estate tax does not kick in for an inheritance of less than $10.5 million. Most of the wealthiest people in the US do not pay a tax when their wealth is distributed to heirs. According to the Public Citizen study, "Only an estimated 0.2 percent of American estates are subject to the federal estate tax."

Public Citizen refutes in detail the myth that the estate tax hurts small farmers, a public relations rallying cry used by those who want to repeal the levy. Small farms are not being destroyed by the estate tax. They are being decimated by the juggernaut of large corporate agriculture. As Public Citizen notes in the introduction to its report,

In 2001, Pulitzer Prize winning journalist David Cay Johnston set out to investigate the popular claim and was unable to find one example of a family farm being lost due to the estate tax. Johnston stuck by his 2001 finding in a recent article for Aljazeera America.

Comment: The 'golden rule' is proven once again: he who has the gold makes the rules.

Evil Rays

EPA knew decades ago that EMFs were carcinogenic and covered it up

Did you know that back in 1990, the Environmental Protection Agency was all set to release a report that admitted electromagnetic fields (EMFs) are dangerous to our health, including that EMFs have been linked with "the development of various cancers" but stopped short of straight up admitting they are "probable carcinogens"?

Isn't it ironic the newspaper thought to tack a Radio Shack add onto the end of this article? [see below] The clipping, published in the October 4, 1990 edition of The Indiana Gazette, reported:
"Now the Environmental Protection Agency is on the verge of publishing a report suggesting that EMF is linked with the development of various cancers. And at one point, someone within the agency had considered an even more drastic step — classifying low-frequency electromagnetic fields as probable cancer-causing agents in the same rank as dioxin or PCBs."

Comment: A 1984 EPA report stated there was "a detrimental link between radiation and immunity, including negative changes in blood count, immunity and overall health among animals exposed to radio waves." In 1992, the EPA stated "We are not sure if EMF exposure adversely affects human health. "[S]ome studies...suggest a potential relationship between exposure to EMFs and certain cancers. [...] While admitting ELF and magnetic fields affect various activities of cells and there are examples of correlation and results, it is 'unclear' to the EPA that the effects would be harmful or whether they are minor changes that our bodies could adjust to. The bottom line is there is no established cause and effect relationship between EMF exposure and cancer or other disease." The whole EPA report is a copout. Every question was hedged neutral with guarded language, an impression the agency was under someone's hammer.

Latest wiggle is that "EMF is a 'promoter,' and not an 'initiator'...rather it fosters its (tumor) growth and development." In spite of findings that "those exposed to the highest magnetic fields were likely to develop the most aggressive types of brain tumors (grade III or IV astrocytoma, also known as glioblastoma multiform) [...] the new finding will help sidestep the most often cited objection to the idea that magnetic fields are linked to cancer because no EMF-induced DNA breaks would be required." (Do we see the heavy hand of health insurance, big pharma and the utility industry in this one?)


Water park inferno: Over 500 injured as substance explodes at themed 'color party' in Taiwan (VIDEO)

© Reuters / Wu Chia
People carry an injured victim from an accidental explosion during a music concert at the Formosa Water Park in New Taipei City, Taiwan, June 27, 2015
More than 500 people were injured in northern Taiwan on Saturday, after fire broke out in a recreational park. The flames are suspected to have stemmed from an unknown flammable colored powder, which created an explosion after being sprayed onto a crowd.

People were attending a themed 'color party' at Formosa Water Park in New Taipei City, when they got caught up in the inferno, news agencies reported citing local media.

People were being sprayed with clouds of colored powder, when one of the substances exploded, officials said. Nearly a thousand people were near the stage when the fire broke out.

"At the beginning I thought it was part of the special effects of the party but then I realized there was something wrong and people started screaming and running," a male witness told local news channel CTI, as cited by AFP.

Footage from local media showed the park being ablaze, with people running to escape.

"Our initial understanding is this explosion and fire... was caused by the powder spray. It could have been due to the heat of the lights on the stage," AFP reported a spokesman for the New Taipei City fire department as saying.

Bad Guys

Think California's drought is alarming? Try Palestine's

© ISM Palestine / Flickr
Palestinian water tanks vandalized by Israeli settlers in Hebron.
California is in the midst of one of the worst droughts in the state's history, prompting Governor Jerry Brown to declare a water "state of emergency."

Ordinary Californians are bearing the brunt of this disaster. While the governor has imposed restrictions to reduce residential water consumption, businesses in the fields of agriculture and hydraulic fracturing have been largely exempt. Brown's unwillingness to take on these gargantuan corporate water-wasters lends a sharp political element to an otherwise natural disaster.

There's another region in the world, however, where access to water isn't just decided on the whims of politicians dealing with natural disasters. In fact, the very existence of water crises is official state policy for one country: Israel.

Dying of Thirst

Despite its location in a region thought to be perennially dry, the Holy Land actually has ample natural freshwater resources — namely in the form of underwater aquifers and the Jordan River. Palestinians in the West Bank and Israeli settlers live in roughly equal proximity to these resources, which theoretically would allow for equal consumption.

Israeli water policy, however, has made this prospect virtually impossible. In fact, there's a shocking disparity.


Sheriff's deputy caught on surveillance camera sadistically beating his own K-9 partner

A Ramsey county sheriff's deputy is on paid vacation this week after he was captured on video in a downright evil beating of his K-9 partner.

Ramsey County Deputy, Brett Arthur Berry is charged with assaulting a public safety dog and animal cruelty for severely beating his dog at a K-9 training seminar over the weekend.

The surveillance footage from the Black Bear Casino in Carlton captured this sadistic officer as he beat, strangled, and hurled his K-9 partner to the ground.

According to Eyewitness News 5,
Black Bear security told deputies they had been called into the Cobalt Lounge to ask a man to leave. Security followed him with video and saw him return to his hotel room and exit five minutes later with his canine partner. Berry and other K-9 handlers were at the casino and hotel for training.

The sheriff's office says Berry walked with his dog to the casino parking lot, where he was seen scolding the dog and becoming upset. Video shows him picking up his dog by the collar and throwing it to the ground. The dog ran from him back to the casino and through the first set of doors but got trapped by a vestibule.

Berry then caught up to the dog and hit it repeatedly, the sheriff's office said.


Former McKinney TX officer Eric Casebolt's history of abuse

Officer(s) Involved:
Cpl. Eric Casebolt and one other officer, whose name is currently unknown.
Department Involved: McKinney (TX) Police Department
Location: 2200 Taylor Burk Dr., McKinney, TX. 75071,
Phone Number: (972) 547-2700

The out of control behavior of former McKinney Texas Police Officer Eric Casebolt during a pool party incident are still fresh in everyone's minds, especially that impressive somersault. This story comes to us from the "submit" tab here at from a reader that wishes to remain anonymous for personal safety. This reader wanted to make the public aware of an incident that took place back in September of 2011 which highlights another instance of this guy unnecessarily escalating a simple 911 call for an injured person into an outright violation of rights and violence:
I'd like to provide you an overview of the "hell" my friend, Priscilla Diane Long (not to mention her husband of 35 yrs. and children) have been living through the past 4 yrs. as a result of Mr. Casebolt's threats and reckless escalation of a possible medical issue that McKinney police should have never been involved in to begin with. Today, she sits in the Collin County Detention Center waiting a court hearing on July 29th to hopefully have her charge of Assault Against a Peace Officer found not guilty.

Diane (goes by her middle name) is a 60 yr. old wife, mother, and grandmother who prior to the incident on 9/28/11 had no criminal history (likewise for her husband). She was a former Frisco city council candidate in 2000, active in numerous public service causes including membership in the First United Methodist Church of McKinney. I have several on-line testimonials which provide strong examples of her character.

On the afternoon of 9/28/11 at a home they were temporarily renting in McKinney (they had just sold their Lake Texoma property), Diane was laying down in the living room, not feeling well, when the rental property mgr. knocked on the door unannounced and wanted to speak to her. When Diane asked her to please come back later and went to shut the door, the prop. mgr. stuck her foot in the door which caused Diane to slip on a blanket she had wrapped around her, fall backwards and hit her head on the foyer floor.

What happened next is a surreal nightmare:
Although her husband was home, the prop. mgr. took it upon herself to call 911. However, instead of an ambulance, two McKinney cops arrived, one was Eric Casebolt. After helping his wife upstairs to lay down, the doorbell rang and Mr. Long was told they were here for a welfare check and needed to see for themselves if his wife was OK. He was shocked and told them she was lying down and if she needed medical care that he, her husband, would take her to the hospital or call 911.

Casebolt insisted angrily that "either she needs to come down here or we need to go upstairs." After he pleaded that neither she nor he had ever done anything wrong in our lives and didn't want any trouble, he threatened Mr. Long saying "maybe you & I need to go take a walk." At that point he was scared, relented, and they proceeded to walk up the stairs as his wife was yelling at them to not come up the stairs. Walking into their bedroom, they noticed a gun, called SWAT (including heavy tank like vehicles), at least 30-40 cop cars, locked down a North McKinney High School event, shot Mrs. Long from 10 ft. away with a bean bag gun, jumped on her, made her strip naked, and arrested her for two counts of assault against a peace officer. It's amazing she wasn't killed. Her two sons were outside the barricaded scene with Mr. Long and had to endure the horror of wondering if they'd see their mother alive again. Mr. Long was told by a different cop "it's always the people who don't pay taxes we have the most problems with." Prior to renting that home in 2010, Mr. & Mrs. Long had owned primary residences and investment properties since Sept. 1983.

I'm writing this to you because a property mgr., who should have never called 911, and a reckless, threatening officer, who should have never got involved let alone over escalate the situation, have destroyed these people's lives the past four yrs.


88-yo woman defends home from cops who went to wrong house, so she was assaulted & arrested

© The Free Thought Project
Police in Massachusetts mistakenly attempted to barge into the wrong home Thursday afternoon. During their blunder, police offended the homeowner, 88-year Phyllis Stankiewicz.

Police were responding to a report of a disturbance involving someone with a baseball bat at the address of 57 Wilson Street, Stankiewicz's home. However, the actual disturbance was called in at 57 Memorial Drive, a block away from Wilson.

According to the police report, when Stankiewicz opened the door she was holding a knife in an apparent attempt to defend her home from the would-be intruders.

Police said that Stankiewicz was holding the knife at "waste level" and that she appeared "angry and confused." She was yelling, "There's no crime here! Get out of my house!" according to a police report.

Police say they grabbed the knife away from the woman and tried to push her away, and that is when she slapped one of them. Her actions then prompted the police to arrest the woman, who naturally resisted being kidnapped. As she resisted, the elderly woman was then thrown to the ground and hauled off to jail.