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Anti-gay pastor resigns after caught seeking men on dating app Grindr

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Matt Makela
In light of revelations that he solicited companionship with men on Grindr, the popular hookup app, Reverend Matthew Makela has resigned as pastor of St. John's Lutheran Church and School in Midland, Michigan, Pink News Reports.

St. John's website has removed Makela's biography from its staff page, but it has added a letter from senior pastor Reverend Daniel Kempin to parishioners, alerting them to the preacher's departure, and urging them to be wary of reporters.

"Pastor has acknowledged that there was sin and repentance," Kempin reassures his flock. Kempin concedes it's the "end of our time together in ministry," but that he encourages churchgoers to pray for Makela and his family.

Makela's resignation is difficult enough, Kempin continues, but "to make matters worse, though, the details of sin that have been kept confidential are being posted online by those who seek to do harm to the Makela family and to St. John's."

"I write this to you to warn you that you may be confronted with the details of the sin," Kempin cautions parishioners.


PayPal fined $25M over fraudulent charges to customers

PayPal Inc., a unit of EBay Inc., will forfeit $25 million in restitution and fines to settle Consumer Financial Protection Bureau claims that it illegally enrolled customers in an online credit product.

"PayPal illegally signed up consumers for its online credit product without their permission and failed to address disputes when they complained," CFPB Director Richard Cordray said in a statement Tuesday. "Online shopping has become a way of life for many Americans and it's important that they are treated fairly."

PayPal, which announced plans to split from EBay last year after activist investor Carl Icahn said the parent firm was slowing its growth, often signed up customers for its credit product without their consent, CFPB said. The company also failed to post payments properly, lost payment checks and didn't resolve billing disputes.


Journalist investigating child prostitution and corruption decapitated in Brazil

An investigative journalist has been found dead in the southeast of Brazil, police have reported. Evany Jose Metzker had been missing for days before he was discovered with his hands bound and signs that he had been tortured.

The 67-year-old was discovered near the town of Padre Paraiso, which is 840km north of Rio de Janeiro. The blogger had been decapitated, while his ID card and credit cards were found near his body.

"His hands were tied behind his back and his body showed signs of torture," a police press officer told AP. Fabricia Nunes, the police commissioner in charge of the investigation, was ruling nothing out, saying the killing could be a politically-motivated murder or a crime of passion.

Comment: See also:

Eye 1

Carding: Canada's version of 'stop and frisk'

Last week, we showed how police brutality is one of America's most popular exports to the UK. It's gaining ground in Canada too, with their own cases of deaths at the hands of police, brutality, tasering, raids and unnecessary animal killings. We just don't always hear about it, what with our own average of three citizen deaths a day by police. It's hard to beat the U.S. at a Police State, but Canada is on its way to full emulation.

In the U.S. getting "carded" - asked for ID when buying alcohol or cigarettes - can either be an annoying occurrence or a little self-esteem boost depending on age. "Carding," however, is an ominous word in Canada because it's their word for "stop and frisk" which is regarded as controversial. It's conducted differently there (see below).

Comment: Will we soon see a Canadian style "Baltimore" or "Ferguson" as a result of carding?

Treasure Chest

Pay to drive: Oregon to tax motorists for using public roads

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In order to replace revenue being lost due to more fuel efficient cars on American roads, the state of Oregon is set to launch a pay-per-mile tax program that will charge motorists for their use of public roads.

Starting on July 1, Oregon will allow 5,000 residents to voluntarily sign up to be taxed per-mile rather than pay the gas tax at the pumps. Volunteers will be charged 1.5 cents every mile traveled on taxpayer-provided roads, reports AP News.

From AP News:
The current program, called OreGo, will be the largest yet and will be open to all car types. Of these, no more than 1,500 participating vehicles can get less than 17 miles per gallon, and no more than 1,500 must get at least 17 miles per gallon and less than 22 miles per gallon.
Volunteers will still be paying the fuel tax if they stop for gas. But at the end of the month, depending on the type of car they drive, they will receive either a credit or a bill for the difference in gas taxes paid at the pump.
Private vendors will provide drivers with small digital devices to track miles; other services will also be offered. Volunteers can opt out of the program at any time, and they'll get a refund for miles driven on private property and out of state.

Comment: Soon, there will be no aspect of our lives that is not monitored or taxed.

Bad Guys

FBI agents are going into US high schools to warn students that ISIS may try to recruit them

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The FBI has paid a visit to a New Jersey high school, warning students about the online recruitment tactics of ISIS. The agency told the teens not to believe the terror group's propaganda, as it is trawling the internet to recruit vulnerable young people.

The Tuesday event, held at Bergen Arts and Science Charter School in Hackensack, NJ, was led by a senior FBI intelligence analyst who did not want to be named for security reasons.

During the talk, he told students that Islamic State (formerly ISIS/ISIL) was using social media and glossy magazines to train terrorists and make its mission seem appealing.

One of the tactics mentioned was a sophisticated recruitment video, aimed at luring young people into joining the terror group.

Comment: The sick and twisted part of it is that the FBI agents visiting the schools ARE the recruiters:

FBI Organizes Almost All Terror Plots in the U.S.


The pathology of the rich white family

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Portraits of former Presidents George W. Bush, left, and George H.W. Bush, his father, part of the show “The Art of Leadership: A President’s Diplomacy.” The exhibit of portraits of world leaders by the younger Bush are on display at the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum in Dallas and runs through June 3.
The pathology of the rich white family is the most dangerous pathology in America. The rich white family is cursed with too much money and privilege. It is devoid of empathy, the result of lifetimes of entitlement. It has little sense of loyalty and lacks the capacity for self-sacrifice. Its definition of friendship is reduced to "What can you do for me?" It is possessed by an insatiable lust to increase its fortunes and power. It believes that wealth and privilege confer to it a superior intelligence and virtue. It is infused with an unchecked hedonism and narcissism. And because of all this, it interprets reality through a lens of self-adulation and greed that renders it delusional. The rich white family is a menace. The pathologies of the poor, when set against the pathologies of rich white people, are like a candle set beside the sun.

There are no shortages of acolytes and propagandists for rich white families. They dominate our airwaves. They blame poverty, societal breakdown, urban violence, drug use, domestic abuse and crime on the pathology of poor black families—not that they know any. They argue that poor black families disintegrate because of some inherent defect—here you can read between the lines that white people are better than black people—a defect that these poor families need to fix.

Comment: ...and the world.

It's stunning to think that blacks and other minorities (and even whites for that matter) in the U.S. are still subject to a type of slavery. Only now the yoke of subjugation has gone 'underground,' is more covert, and even more dangerous for the fact that it is rarely recognized for what it is. And what is it? Nothing less than the virus of psychopathic thinking that would seek to fulfil its own desires at the catastrophic expense of others' life force, souls, and happiness.

For a look at how one single rich white family - the Bushes - have succeeded in only a few of their many spheres of criminal activity, see Professor Michel Chossudovsky's new article: Jeb Bush, the Mexican Drug Cartel and 'Free Trade': The Bush Family and Organized Crime

Red Flag

Color Revolution in Amerika? Ferguson activists were paid to protest with Soros money

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Do Black lives matter to someone for whom no lives matter?
Protesters paid by groups funded by leftist billionaire George Soros

A list released after a group of #BlackLivesMatter activists publicly protested not being paid to protest has revealed that the group Missourians Organizing for Reform and Empowerment (MORE) has paid at least 80 people to protest in Ferguson, Missouri and other hotspots around the country.

This startling information was revealed after activists held a protest on May 14th at the offices of MORE to openly complain about not being paid the money they were promised.

The blog Weasel Zippers took screenshots of tweets from activists at the sit in protest as well as from those supporting their demand for money.

Comment: What could be more cynical, more devious, and more psychopathic than riding on the coattails and seeking to influence legitimate moral grievances, societal issues and social movements as George Soros has? But the word is spreading. And when even more catch on to his works, he'd better watch out - because in many ways what he does is far worse than the oppressing forces inflicting the injurious acts to begin with.

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Iraq war veteran dies of 'sickle cell crisis' in El Paso, Texas jail after being mauled by riot guards

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In 2012, active-duty soldier James Brown reported to the El Paso County Jail to serve a two-day DWI sentence. New video of his time in custody has revealed aggressive force being used on him by officers, who ignored his repeated pleas for breath.

KFOX14 obtained video recorded during Sergeant James Brown's custody, which finally sheds some light on a death the county sheriff's department claims was caused by a "pre-existing medical condition."

Brown, 26, was an active-duty soldier at Fort Bliss in Texas who has served two tours of combat duty in Iraq. He had no previous criminal record.

When he self-reported to the El Paso County Jail in July 2012 to serve a short sentence for driving while intoxicated, he said in writing that he was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder, according to jail records.

Shortly after checking in, he spoke by phone to his mother, Dinette Robinson-Scott.

"He said they're trying to make me stay seven days instead of two days, so i just want to pay the court fine and get out of here," she told KFOX14. Robinson-Scott said she sent the money the next morning.

Yet at some point overnight Brown had an apparent episode that caused him to start bleeding. When he stopped communicating with the jail guard outside his cell, a team of officers in riot gear were sent in. They confronted Brown and pinned him to the ground.

Brown can be heard in the video repeatedly stating that he could not breathe. He claimed he was choking on his own blood. His health appears to wane as the video goes on. He pleaded with the guards to remove a spit guard that restricted his breathing. He begged for water and was given only a small amount. He was at some point laid out on the floor of his cell with shallow breathing and no signs of responsiveness. His family's attorney say the jail didn't called for an ambulance during this period.

Comment: In the name of law and order, these goons do far more damage to citizens than criminals or 'terrorists' ever could. A cold, hard snapshot of what America is today. The level of unaccountability is just staggering and eerily similar to Nazi, Germany.

The path to tyranny: The Nazi Gestapo and the US police state


Pregnant bystander: Officer punched me in stomach, called me "black bitch"

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Nicola Robinson
An eight months pregnant Chicago woman says an unidentified city police officer punched her in the stomach after she laughed at him for letting a suspect get away.

Nicola Robinson said she was standing outside with neighbors on Friday evening when three officers ran past in pursuit of a suspected drug dealer. After the officers failed to catch the suspect, the group laughed at the officers, the woman says.

That's when Robinson says a plainclothes officer approached and then shoved her while she was holding her 1-year-old son and then punched her in the right side of her stomach.

"As I got ready to walk in my building, he punched me on my right side as hard as he [could,] Robinson said. "After he punched me, he [said,] 'You black bitch, you better be glad I didn't hit you hard enough to make you lose your fucking baby.' "

Robinson's sister claims she witnessed the attack and the racist outburst, which she said shocked the other officers.

"The other two officers who [were] with him were standing there, and they're looking like, 'What are you doing?' But I guess they didn't want to say anything," Monique Dickerson said.

Robinson said the officer changed his demeanor when she pointed out that nearby apartment buildings are equip with surveillance cameras.

"Then that's when the attitude about him started changing, and he got real quiet," Robinson said. "You could tell in his face that he knew that, 'Man I have messed up.' "

Robinson said a building manager told her surveillance video clearly shows the officer punch her but the management company did not respond to media requests for comment.

Hospital records shows that Robinson spent five hours under observation before doctors cleared her to return home.