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Turkish opposition parties slam government policies towards Syria and Russia

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Turkish opposition parties lashed out the Turkish Justice and Development Party's "AKP" government's policies towards Syria and downing a Russian SU-24 fighter over Syria last Tuesday.

The regime of Turkish Recep Tayyip Erdogan has turned Turkey into a state which exports terrorism to achieve his interests and greed in the region, Leader of Turkish leftist Republican People's Party (CHP) Kemal Kilicdaroglu said in a speech on Wednesday.


China announces agreement for its first military base in Africa

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A People's Liberation Army training drill near Beijing last year. China said on Thursday that it would build a logistics facility in Djibouti, in a sign of the growing reach of its navy.
The People's Republic of China is setting up its first military base in Africa as it continues its evolution into a global superpower. Beijing has signed a ten-year leasing agreement with Djibouti to build a logistical hub in that nation, which is located in the Horn of Africa.

"They are going to build a base in Djibouti, so that will be their first military location in Africa," U.S. Army Gen. David Rodriguez, commander of U.S. Africa Command, recently told defense reporters according to The Hill's Kristina Wong.

It was only a matter of time before China set up overseas bases in the region. Beijing has enormous economic interests in the region that it needs to protect. China has set up deals to supply its growing economy—which even as it slows down is expanding at close to seven percent per annum—with raw materials.

According to the Economist, China is the African continent's biggest trading partner with trade worth more than $160 billion per year. Over the past decade, more than a million Chinese laborers and merchants have moved to Africa to work. Essentially, Africa ships raw material to China, which is then exported back as finished products.

Comment: China positioning itself to extend its Silk Road project ever further?

China announces new "Silk Road" initiative through Russia and India

Better Earth

Russia glad to offer services to help Japan shut down Fukushima reactors

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Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO)'s tsunami-crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant's (R to L) No.4, No.3 No.2 and No.1 reactor buildings are seen in Fukushima prefecture
Russia's state nuclear energy company Rosatom is ready to help Japan shut down the reactors at the Fukushima nuclear power plant. A huge earthquake and a resulting tsunami hit the plant in March 2011, causing three nuclear meltdowns and a massive radiation leak.

Japan has been struggling in its cleanup effort in the aftermath of the nuclear accident. As of March 2015, about 600,000 tons of contaminated water was contained within tanks at the site, with the cleanup estimated to take up to 40 years.


European Commission President Putin's agent?: Struggle for an independent Europe

Translated for Fort Russ by J. Arnoldski
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"'Putin's agents' in Europe have been invigorated"

The pseudo-patriotic approach with the slogan "Let Europe burn" is a negation of our successful national historical experience. We won all of our great victories in alliance with countries and political elites which would cause a normal Russian person to gag. It is unlikely that Stalin felt any personal sympathy for Churchill and relations between London and Moscow have never been cloudless. But, for our country, cooperation with Great Britain was profitable and Stalin guaranteed this. In relation to contemporary Europe, we need to think just as pragmatically using our head and not our spinal cord.

The certainty of such parlor philosophers as to the fact that "Europe is under the Yankees" and that anyone who suggests "we need Berlin" or a split in the European political elite is an enemy and propagandist of the "fridge party" is surprising. Apparently, in Beijing they don't read such "patriotic" bloggers since China is not only not rejecting the idea of involving Europe in its "New Silk Road" project, but is in fact intensifying diplomatic efforts in the European direction. In a recent interview. Sergey Ivanov clearly noted the existence of a split in the European political elite. Answering the question as to whether or not sanctions against Russia led to a split of the elites, Ivanonv remarked: "Yes. Only in a mirror image. It appears to me that the it is not our elite that has been split, but the one abroad."

However, some still prefer to believe the unscientific fiction of offended "patriots" and not an influential Kremlin official who is an experienced intelligence officer and a specialist on Western Europe.


Su-24 shoot down fall out: Azerbaijan recalls Consul General from Turkey

Translated by Kristina Rus
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Baku, capital of Azerbaijan
President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev has signed a decree to recall the Consul General of Azerbaijan in Istanbul and at the same time the permanent representative of Azerbaijan in the Black Sea Economic Cooperation Organization, Hasan Zeynalov, reports the official website of the President.

Another decree of the President recalled from office the permanent representative of Azerbaijan to the UN office at Geneva and other international organizations, Murad Najafbeyli.


Fanning the flames: Moscow warns against US plans to continue training Ukrainian troopers

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The United States has launched a new phase of training of Ukrainian servicemen, a fact, which may have negative consequences for the future of the Donbas truce, Russian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Maria Zakharova said on Thursday.

She recalled that 300 US instructors from the 173rd US airborne brigade had trained three battalions - 780 people - for Ukraine's National Guard in a period from April to November. "It is noteworthy that the training completed at a time when the situation on the line of contact in Donbas started getting worse and the newly trained people were apparently sent there," Zakharova said.

Comment: Looks like Ukraine is preparing for another push into Donbass with rumors that more tanks have been moved toward the region.


Paying the piper: Putin makes West accountable for Ukraine's debt-dodging

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Нaving putschists eat their economic words

A well-known Russian economist and flamboyant media personality critical of the government's liberal economic policies, supports Moscow's offer to forgive Kiev's $3 billion debt by the end of the year.

At the G20 summit in Turkey, Vladimir Putin said that
"Since our Western partners believe Ukraine's solvency will improve, and we have no reason to doubt this, our partners shouldn't hesitate to guarantee the loan."
He noted that the Russian Federation had asked for such guarantees either from the US or the EU - or even from one of the international financial institutions.
"We hope that this issue will be resolved by the beginning of December this year in view of the specific timetable of the International Monetary Fund," said Putin.
Some commentators are already implying sarcastically that Putin's proposal not to demand full repayment of Ukraine's debt this year as the charity of impotence. They say, "we don't have the ability to force the money from Kiev."

Comment: Another move by the chessmaster.

Red Flag

Putin: Turkey deliberately leading relations with Russia 'into a gridlock'

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Russian President Vladimir Putin
Russian President Vladimir Putin has accused Turkey of intentionally bringing relations with Russia into a 'gridlock' following the incident with the downed Russian bomber in Syria.

The Turkish government has made no steps towards clearing up the situation with Russia after the Tuesday incident at the Syrian-Turkish border. The country has neither offered any compensation nor expressed any apologies over the death of the Russian pilot, thus apparently deliberately dampening relations with Moscow, Putin stressed in his speech at the presentation of foreign ambassadors' letters of credence in the Kremlin on Thursday.


Putin meeting with Hollande: Terror attacks force Russia, France to unite efforts

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French President Francois Hollande held a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday in Moscow and discussed counter-terrorism efforts, focusing on coordinating international activities against ISIL.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that terror attacks have forced Moscow and Paris to unite efforts.

"We grieve with you over the losses that France suffered, these are major losses. According to the latest data, as far as I know, 130 people are confirmed dead and over are 350 injured. You know that Russia has suffered serious losses as a result of the heinous terrorist act against a civilian aircraft [in the Sinai Peninsula]. All this forces us to join efforts against a common evil," Putin said.

Russia and France became targets of terror attacks conducted by ISIL militants, who claimed responsibility for both the explosion aboard a Russian A321 passenger airliner on October 31 and the November 13 deadly terror attacks in Paris.

France calls for a broad and strong coalition in the fight against terrorism, Hollande said during a meeting with the Russian leader.

Comment: It seems the Paris attacks had the opposite effect of the goals of the PTB. They seem to have calculated that France would call upon NATO. Interesting that that didn't happen.

Trouble brewing for Washington? Paris attacks could push the EU closer to Russia


Ordinary Turks apologize to Russia for Su-24 shoot down in Syria

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As expected, the F-16 attack on a Russian Su-24 bomber over Syria has become a hot topic for discussion on Turkish social media. Taking a peak at both the Turkish and English-language corners of the Twitterverse, Sputnik discovered that not only are many Turks upset over the incident, some are downright outraged over their government's actions.

With the Turkish Air Force attack on the Russian plane in Syria instantly provoking a swelling response of debate and condolences from both Russian and foreign social media users, Turkish social media users naturally joined in. But in a surprising twist, many offered apologies to their northern neighbor, emphasizing that it is the Recep Erdogan government, not the Turkish people, who should be blamed for the attack.

Some users appealed directly to their Russian friends, using the Russian-language hashtag #StabInTheBack.