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Pakistan's long march to Democracy: Democracy or politics as usual? (Part 1)

Pakistan protests
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In Pakistan, the "Long March" - a major protest led by opposition politicians calling for the resignation of the government - began in earnest on August 14th. The protest, which could more accurately be described as a series of overlapping protests led by two factions, in some ways similar and in some ways different from each other, promises to bring Pakistani political life to a standstill. However, the enigmatic, and quite often paradoxical, nature of Pakistani politics means that such a development requires careful analysis.

The protest leaders - Imran Khan of the Pakistan Tehreek-e Insaf (PTI) and anti-government cleric Tahir-ul Qadri of the Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) - have pledged to turn out hundreds of thousands, if not millions, into the streets to demand an end to corruption and rule by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and his PML-N party. But, beyond the rhetoric of "democracy" and "transparency," both political buzzwords more indicative of public relations and marketing than genuine political program, there is the troubling possibility that what is being billed as a democratic upsurge, is merely politics as usual in Pakistan.

Of course, one should not take a completely cynical perspective on Khan, Qadri, and the other leaders and factions participating in the Long March. Indeed, many of their criticisms and allegations regarding corruption, cronyism, and electoral theft are well founded in a country that suffers from institutionalized and endemic corruption. However, one should be at the very least cautious with a movement which with one breath calls for democracy, while with another demands the resignation of the elected government.

In critically examining the nature of the protest, as well as Khan's PTI and other organized political forces, it is clear that the outrage of the people of Pakistan is quite real, their suffering and poverty is tragic, and it is their future that is at stake. With that in mind, anyone interested in supporting peace and progress for the people of Pakistan must understand the current movement.
Red Flag

Another false-flag op in the planning stages? Senator warns ISIS terrorists planning to 'blow up U.S. city'

False flag warning: Jim Inhofe says ISIS ready to blow up U.S. city
The ranking Republican on the Armed Services Committee in the U.S. Senate is warning that ISIS terrorists, those who this week beheaded an American journalist, are trying to develop the capability of blowing up an entire American city.

The comments from Sen. Jim Inhofe, R-Okla., came in an interview with the Fox affiliate in Oklahoma City.

He said the U.S. now is in "the most dangerous position we've ever been in."

Responding to questions about terror and the threat facing Americans, he said: "They're crazy out there. And they are rapidly developing a method of blowing up a major U.S. city. You just can't believe that's happening."

Comment: It seems the PTB are once again letting the sheeple know what they are planning:

False Flag Operations: Declassified Military Documents Show How US Government Planned Terrorist Attacks Against its Own Citizens

The Real Reasons Nation States Institute "False-Flag" Attacks and the Context of Principles by which they Occur

Secrecy, cover-ups, and crafted perceptions: False Flags

Psychopath USA - Operating on Both Sides of Syrian-Iraqi Border - Providing Cover for Terrorists in Syria; Fighting ISIS in Iraq


ISIS: The creation of Saudi money and ideology in conjunction with Obama's foreign policy

The beheading of the American journalist, James Foley, by a British ISIS terrorist has triggered a series of articles which identified the umbilical cord that ties the ISIS terrorists to the Saudi Arabian monarchy. What, however, these articles did not point out is that Saudi Arabia is the only country today that officially beheads people and most of these victims are foreign migrant workers. Beheading is also the hallmark of the ISIS terrorists.

The Spectator article, "What's the difference between ISIS and Saudi Arabia? It's a matter of degree," that appeared Thursday, did allude to the common ideology of the Saudi Wahabists and the ISIS Wahabists. It said:
"Saudi Arabia is a close ally of Britain and a keen customer of our killing machines, and like most of the Arab states is hostile to lunatic elements like ISIS and Hamas. Yet they are part of the problem; like many Islamists, including those in Britain, the Saudis are happy to condemn ISIS in what they do but not their basic ideology, largely because it mirrors their own."
Strategy Page, a website that provides information on military affairs, in its article,"ISIL And The Saudi Connection," led off saying
"Saudi Arabia was the original source of nearly all current Islamic terrorism and is still the source of most recruits and financial supports for these groups."

Comment: It must not be forgotten that Saudi Arabia is a U.S.-supported regime. That Islamic terrorism is born there is no accident. The U.S. elite prefer to have their terrorists bought and paid for so that they can control who and what to terrorize.


If fascism ever comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross

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Sinclair Lewis once opined that if fascism ever comes to America it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross.

I was reminded of that comment when a good friend of mine recently wrote a letter to her local newspaper in Augusta Georgia decrying the killing of nearly two thousand Palestinian civilians in Gaza, describing the deaths as part of "the systemic erosion of the rule of law in our nation and across the globe" since 9/11. A devout Christian, she concluded how from her perspective "The world, it seems, has lost its moral compass."

Unlike many letter writers, my friend has the life experience to back up her opinion, having served twenty-seven years as a United States Army lawyer, retiring as a Lieutenant Colonel. Much of her most recent work has involved the cases of Guantanamo detainees.

It would have been reasonable to assume that my friend's letter would elicit a variety of responses, and one might have expected that there would be at least some agreement that a world in which killing and wars have become the norm is an unwelcome aberration. But it was not so. Out of the more than one hundred comments the vast majority were violently and caustically opposed to the principle that Israel and the United States have not exactly been role models for a peaceful world. Many of the comments were both personally insulting and, frequently, highly offensive. Some of the remarks clearly came from military veterans while others had a Christian context.

Russia 'provokes' Kiev's ire, 'invades' the hearts and minds of east Ukraine

russian aid convoy
© AP Photo/Sergei Grits
Do these people look like they're being invaded?
Russia sent over 130 aid trucks rolling into rebel-held eastern Ukraine on Friday without Kiev's approval, saying it had lost patience with the Ukrainian government's stalling tactics. Ukraine called the move a "direct invasion" that aimed to provoke an international incident.

The unilateral move sharply raised the stakes in eastern Ukraine, for any attack on the convoy could draw the Russian military directly into the conflict between the Ukrainian government and the separatist rebels in the east. Ukraine has long accused Russia of supporting and arming the rebels, a charge that Russia denies.

Comment: If a military conflict results from this, it will clearly be Kiev who is seen as the aggressor. Russia has not militarily invaded Ukraine, and any attack on the convoy will be a an unprovoked attack on a peaceful humanitarian mission.

In the past few days, Ukraine says its troops have recaptured significant parts of Luhansk, the second-largest rebel city, and suspicions were running high that Moscow's humanitarian operation may instead be aimed at halting Kiev's military momentum. Fierce fighting has been reported this week both around Luhansk and the largest rebel-held city, Donetsk, with dozens of casualties.

Comment: Keyword: suspicions, designed to slander Russia and confuse an issue that is really quite simple: providing aid to people who need it!


Invading with aid? Russian aid convoy crosses border, Ukraine cries "invasion!"

russian aid convoy
© REUTERS/Alexander Demianchuk
The U.S. invades with troops and bombs. Russia 'invades' with humanitarian aid. Who's the real aggressor?
Ukraine declared on Friday that Russia had launched a "direct invasion" of its territory after Moscow sent a convoy of aid trucks across the border into eastern Ukraine where pro-Russian rebels are fighting government forces.

Moscow, which has thousands of troops close to the Russian side of the border, warned against any attempt to "disrupt" the convoy it said was a purely humanitarian operation; but it did not say what action it might take if Kiev's military intervened.

The European Union urged Russia to reverse what it called a clear violation of the Ukrainian border.

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko described the entry of the trucks without Kiev's permission as a "flagrant violation of international law."

Comment: Ha! Poroshenko is one to talk. He's the one ordering his troops to kill civilians!

But a senior security chief said Ukrainian forces would not attack the trucks, and had allowed them in, even without proper clearance, to avoid "provocations".

The Ukraine conflict has driven relations between Moscow and the West to their lowest level since the Cold War, with Western states imposing economic sanctions on Moscow and the Kremlin retaliating. NATO has deployed extra troops in member states bordering Russia, including the Baltic states and Poland.

Kiev called on international allies to unite in "a decisive condemnation of illegal and aggressive actions" by Russia.

Comment: In a sense, Russia is acting 'aggressively and 'invading' Ukraine. They are standing up for what is right and saying 'NO!' to the genocidal terrorist operation being conducted by Kiev. In the end, what the people will remember is that Putin helped them. While the U.S. invades other countries with bombs and calls it humanitarianism, Russia 'invades' with real humanitarian aid. If only more countries followed suit.


Interpol: Call for global response to U.S. journalist murder

© © AP Photo/ Lai Seng Sin
Interpol Secretary General Ronald Noble
International police organization Interpol secretary general Ronald Noble decisively condemned the murder of US journalist James Foley in a statement released Thursday, calling for a global response to the threat posed by the Islamic State (IS).

"The barbaric murder of James Foley by the Islamic State group underlines the depths of its depravity as it wages its campaign of terror across Syria and Iraq," Noble said, also calling for "a multilateral response against the terror threat."

"This public slaughter of an innocent man has appalled citizens worldwide, and it highlights the ongoing plight of other innocent people across the region at the hands of bloodthirsty terrorists who know neither compassion nor mercy," the Interpol chief added.

The murder of the journalist was also denounced by the United Nations, with Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon saying that he "condemns in the strongest terms the horrific murder of journalist James Foley."

A video that documented the beheading of Foley by an IS militant was released earlier this week. IS said Foley's execution was in response to US airstrikes that hampered IS' advance in Iraq.

James Foley, 40, was abducted on November 22, 2012, in Syria. Prior to that, he had been kidnapped and released in Libya.

Islamic State is a radical Sunni group that had been fighting in Syria before launching an offensive in Iraq in June. Later that month, the militants announced the establishment of an Islamic caliphate on the territories that had fallen under its control.

Comment: "...public slaughter of an innocent man" "...ongoing plight of other innocent people across the region at the hands of bloodthirsty terrorists who know neither compassion nor mercy" The James Foley murder was horrific and heart-wrenching. So are the massacres of innocent children and civilians in Gaza by "Israeli terrorists." Just because you hide behind a uniform and call yourself a soldier, it is how you and your country honor the sanctity of life...even if it is not your own...that distinguishes duty and principle from terror. We have entered a dark age. There will be an "equal answering" to what has been set in motion.

Eye 2

Nazi safaris and organ harvesting in Eastern Ukraine: Kiev regime's foreign mercenaries and homegrown fascists enjoy slaughtering civilians

As a basic principle we refrain from showing videos in which prisoners of war are questioned. However with this article we make an exception, because the video confirms what the interviewed insurgent states as well in the following text: that the Ukrainian army commits war crimes and buries their own dead in mass graves. So it is worthwhile to read both the text and to watch the video - two completely independent sources.

An interview with an insurgent from the Eastern Ukraine. He lives and fights in an area where the Ukrainian army was shattered three weeks ago, close to the Russian border in the Donetsk region. He stayed quiet about his name to me, but he was a wealthy businessman before the war. The interview was recorded mid-August and translated into German directly and from German. Some accuracy might have been lost when the German was translated to English.

Q: Why have you become an insurgent?

Because I do not agree with this government and the things that are happening. I do not agree with this attitude towards the people. I could not bear it anymore to watch the people being tormented. Therefore, I have become an insurgent even though I'm already 53 years old. I do not agree that they came into my region. I will protect my trees, my stones, houses, children, women and everything else.

Comment: As far as most people in the West are concerned, none of this is happening. It doesn't enter their subjective reality bubbles. Over 2,000 people have been killed so far in Eastern Ukraine, three quarters of a million people have fled into Russia, and millions more are facing a humanitarian catastrophe as they prepare for a winter with major food and energy shortages. Kiev in both word and deed regard millions of ethnic Russians as 'untermenschen', no good for anything other than extermination. Meanwhile the regime's leaders are held up on the world stage by US and EU leaders as paragons of 'democratic values'.

This RT 'Truthseeker' episode published in early July was derided by many for being "Kremlin propaganda"... but with more horrific evidence coming out of Eastern Ukraine since then, especially since Flight MH17 was blown up/shot down, it appears to have been just scratching the surface:


Clueless and vicious CNN anchor asks: 'Why not use water cannons on Ferguson protesters?'

Completely baffled by clashes between police, press, protesters, Rosemary Church offers a strange suggestion.

© Unknown
CNN anchor’s Ferguson idea: Why not use water cannons on the protesters?
During CNN's live coverage of the unrest in Ferguson following the killing of an unarmed African-American teenager, Michael Brown, by a white police officer, Darren Wilson, anchor Rosemary Church came up with a solution: "Why not perhaps use water cannons" on the community protesters?

Comment: Spoken like a true authoritarian follower.

Yesterday, Gov. Jay Nixon declared a state of emergency and called in the National Guard to help facilitate peace between protesters and police forces assigned to manage the crowds. The governor also announced he was lifting the curfew he had imposed the night prior.

However, clashes continued last night, despite repeated calls from community leaders and officials on the scene. A total of 31 people were arrested, including numerous protesters and even a few members of the press who were escorted away in handcuffs and thrown in the back of armored police trucks. One man was reportedly shot and two fires broke out. Though accounts varied, some in the crowd reportedly threw objects at police, which prompted officers to send armored vehicles toward protesters and launch tear gas cartridges to disperse the crowd.

Comment: According to Bob Altemeyer, in his book The Authoritarians :
"Authoritarians are highly submissive to established authority, aggressive in the name of that authority, and conventional to the point of insisting everyone should behave as their authorities decide. They are fearful and self-righteous and have a lot of hostility in them that they readily direct toward various outgroups. They are easily incited, easily led, rather un-inclined to think for themselves, largely impervious to facts and reason, and rely instead on social support to maintain their beliefs. They bring strong loyalty to their in-groups, have thick-walled, highly compartmentalized minds, use lots of double standards in their judgments, are surprisingly unprincipled at times, and are often hypocrites. But they are also Teflon-coated when it comes to guilt. They are blind to themselves, ethnocentric and prejudiced, and as close-minded as they are narrow-minded."

Bad Guys

And now... Former CIA officer: 'A lot of communication' between ISIS, Mexican cartels

U.S. Intelligence Connections to Mexican Cartels - Check

U.S. Funded and Armed "ISIS" - Check

Southern Border of U.S. Left Wide Open On Purpose - Check

Back on 20 June, I wrote the following about the border mess:

So what you have here is some sort of scam designed to get Americans to accept a "solution" that wouldn't be accepted under anything like normal circumstances. The poor immigrants are being used as props.

Maybe the purpose of the border catastrophe is coming into focus...


Comment: ISIS being the newest creation of western intelligence agencies seems to be the latest way for fear mongering to be spread to drive the people to accept even more draconian measures. As the cryptogon suggest ISIS might even be used and blamed in some future false flag event in the United States. Not only is the defense military industrial complex enriching themselves via aiding and then attacking ISIS, but they are setting up the next group to be used and blamed for instability in the world and as a justification to continue all the measures of the police state in the United States put in place since 9/11.