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"Bomb Iran" plan simply won't go away

© Gary Cameron/Reuters
Even before the upcoming August recess on Capitol Hill, the dogs of war, unleashed by remote control from Tel Aviv, predictably are trying to tear the Iran-P5+1 nuclear deal to shreds from all sides.

It does not matter that the National Iranian American Council - which happens to be widely respected in Washington itself - has forcefully come out in defense of the deal.

It does not matter that the Obama administration can count on the combined efforts of the so-called E3 ambassadors (Britain, France and Germany) in Washington, who are exhausting themselves to explain the obvious: This is an international treaty, already approved by the United Nations, and not a parochial squabble decided in Idaho.

On the other hand, it does matter that the Obama administration has not been forceful enough to defend its strategy as well as the result of such a long and treacherous negotiation.

So there are now two narratives shaping the battle ahead in Washington.

1) Iran is a rogue nation, an existential threat to Israel, and it cannot be trusted. It will breach the deal, so the deal must be rejected to the benefit of... perpetual sanctions, or war.

2) Iran is a rogue nation, it cannot be trusted, but we have all the verification mechanisms in place and as soon as Iran "cheats" - as it will - we launch immediate "snap back" sanctions.

No wonder, under these circumstances, Washington simply cannot be trusted by Tehran.


Russia news round-up: U.S. Stinger missiles found in Donbass, MH17 narrative goes wrong

Donbass military find U.S. Stinger missiles in Ukrainian airport.
EID AL-FITR. Interesting video that shows Russia is also a rather Muslim country. The Chief Mufti supports Putin, by the way. (For those of you who think it's some evil scheme cooked up by Orthodoxy).

MH17. Watch this BBC interview. Shootdown by Buk "most credible scenario" but also looking at Buk fired "from another region, another place" and scenario of "an air-to-air missile." Can only mean 2) Buk fired from the Kiev side or 3) Kiev aircraft shot it down. Somebody's lost control of the narrative. We are told by a Ukrainian official that the report will be published 10 August but not made public. (If scenarios 2 and 3 are really being considered, why is Ukraine even part of the investigation?) Retired US int professionals again call on Washington to release what it has. Simply put, here's all you need to know: the absence of evidence is the evidence.

Bad Guys

Russian state-owned building in Paris seized by French authorities

© AFP 2015 / Natalia Kolesnikova
A French bailiff accompanied by a police convoy on Thursday seized a building belonging to a Russian real estate agency, despite a diplomatic protest, a RIA Novosti correspondent reported from the scene.

The building is the property of Goszagransobstvennost, a Russian agency that manages residential and non-residential Russian state-owned real estate property abroad. It was seized in order to compel Russia to repay billions of dollars in compensation to shareholders of the now-defunct oil firm Yukos.

The international news agency Rossiya Segodnya, which leases the building under an open-end contract, said it was not directly involved in the seizure since it had no real estate in Paris.

Comment: So a court, which has no jurisdiction over this matter, demands Russia pay $50 billion to the vultures shareholders of a company that was looting the country. This, after Western/Israeli forces downed MH17 and blamed it on Russia, invaded Ukraine and blamed it on Russia, and are arming terrorists who are attacking Russia. Now France goes and seizes Russian property.

No wonder a Russian official has to remind the West that a Third World War would be the last war humanity would fight.

Also see: Politically motivated: Netherlands Court order Russia pay criminals 50 billion


NATO threatens war, but 'Third World War would be last for humanity' - Duma speaker

© Evgenya Novozhenina / RIA Novosti
State Duma Speaker Sergei Naryshkin
When Russia's enemies impose the Cold War logic on international diplomacy and threaten with the Third World War it is important to remember that such conflict would be the last in human history, State Duma Chairman Sergey Naryshkin says.Russia builds its defenses to prevent wars

"World War III would be the last for the humanity. And strengthening of Russia's defense potential, including the budgetary decisions passed by the State Duma is done only for one purpose, which is to prevent the war," Naryshkin stated in a major interview with Izvestia daily, published on Thursday in connection with the anniversary of Russia's joining WWI on Serbia's side.

At the same time, the Duma chief promised that Russia would always defend the interests of its allies and "close people," but not by military means. "We will do this through pressing for strict observation of the international law by others, not by violating it. We want peoples to decide their own destiny on their own land," he said.

Comment: The US and Israel have been at war with the world for quite some time now, and as it ramps up Naryshkin just might be proven right.

Mr. Potato

Ukrainian political analyst blows gasket after French MPs visit Crimea

Oleg Soskin - not a very serious person.
Kiev political analyst suggests firing on the French Embassy with mortars and grenade launchers.

That's the suggestion of Ukrainian political analyst Oleg Soskin after the visit of French parliamentarians to the Crimea.

"Today, in Ukraine, there are thousands of Frenchmen. If they all want to make trouble for themselves, please let them try again to come to Crimea. If it interests them so much, our guys could set mortars or grenade launchers at the French Embassy. People could lose patience and seize that embassy, as they may have a hard time tolerating the insolence they just committed, daring such a thing.

Comment: Oooh, so scary! How dare 10 or 11 French politicians visit Crimea! It's so rude to want to verify things for oneself, especially when doing so will expose people like the Ukrainian government as inveterate liars.

Comment: Truth tends to make liars a tad hysterical: 80% of French citizens want a good relationship with Russia

Cow Skull

By way of deflection: Bashing Russia veto against establishing kangaroo MH17 tribunal

© Unknown
Russian Envoy to the UN Vitaly Churkin calling Bullshit on tribunal.
Neither Russia nor Donbass freedom fighters had anything to do with downing MH17. Not a shred evidence suggests it.

Plenty points to Washington and Ukraine culpability. They had clear means, motive and opportunity - the key determinants for initiating a criminal proceeding. They and partnered nations want Moscow and rebels blamed for their crime.

The Obama administration conspired with Malaysia, the Netherlands, Belgium, Australia and Ukraine for unprecedented Security Council authorization for a tribunal to absolve culpable parties responsible for the incident and declare innocent ones guilty by accusation - a kangaroo process to be US manipulated and controlled to assure the outcome Washington wants.

Russia acted responsibly - vetoing what never should have been proposed in the first place - a thinly veiled scheme to avoid justice.

Eleven nations voted "yes" (America, Britain, France, Chad, Chile, Jordan, Lithuania, Malaysia, New Zealand, Nigeria and Spain). Three abstained (China, Venezuela and Angola).

Russia's veto defeated the draft resolution. Envoy Vitaly Churkin criticized its backers for submitting a measure with no chance for passage - rejecting compromise language Moscow proposed.

Comment: Russia has, by now, been subject to the trial, jury and executioner-style of obfuscation, deflection and deception at the hands of the Western Puppetmasters more times than one count. And quite usually for things that the West itself is responsible for. Of course it also doesn't help that the Empire of Chaos has a number of hapless, controlled and corrupt governments on its side to round out the chorus of Russian demonization.

For more about MH17 see:

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And most recently:

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Eye 1

As Turkey mounts attacks on Syria and Iraq, Germany seeks to withdraw Patriot Missiles from the territory

© AFP 2015 / Bulint Kulic
Military expert of the German CSU party Florian Hahn called for the withdrawal of German Patriot missiles from Turkey due to attacks carried out by the government forces against the Kurds, DWN reported.

The expert believes that Germany and Turkey have less and less in common due to attacks of the Turkish forces against the Kurds in northern Iraq.

Comment: Interesting that Germany cares nothing about the Syrian Kurds who are being systematically maimed and mutilated by NATO forces. This is likely smoke and mirrors for the real reasons behind this maneuver.

Comment: NATO members like Germany loaned these Patriot missiles to Turkey in 2013, ostensibly to "protect itself", but in reality to mount a more robust front against Syria. Perhaps Germany is firing a warning shot to Erdogan, telling him to "calm down" in his all-out war on Syria and Iraq?


FBI's Key West counterterrorism sting target deemed "a little slow"

© www.local10.com
Mentally ill man accused of making a bomb to set off in Key West.
The news spread quickly when federal prosecutors announced on Tuesday night that FBI agents had foiled an Islamic State-linked plot to bomb a beach in Key West, Florida.

The alleged attacker, 23-year-old Cuban-American Harlem Suarez, also known as Almlak Benitez, hardly looks the part of an Islamic State fighter. In a selfie posted on Facebook, Suarez has closed-cropped brown hair and tattoos that cover his right arm, left shoulder and chest. He wears a Batman T-shirt and a sleeveless hoodie.

The U.S. government alleges that Suarez conspired with an FBI informant and undercover agents to bomb a stretch of beach in Key West. The FBI affidavit supporting the criminal complaint portrays Suarez as a bumbler who lived with his parents — not an uncommon description for targets of FBI counterterrorism stings.

Comment: Entrapment: Create the circumstances that fit a fear-inducing pattern recognition...provide the necessary motivation and manipulate the "suspect" to follow the script...make available all the necessary props and circumstances to ensure conviction. Entrapment has been argued in at least 12 trials following counterterrorism stings and the defense has never been successful. Informants disappear and the FBI fingerprint blurs.

Comment: It is increasingly obvious informant-led sting operations are central to the FBI's counterterrorism program. Of 508 defendants prosecuted in federal terrorism-related cases in the decade after 9/11, 243 were involved with an FBI informant, while 158 were the targets of sting operations. Of those cases, an informant or FBI undercover operative led 49 defendants in their terrorism plots and overall 53% did NOT involve terrorist charges. A recent Human Rights Watch report on the subject illustrates that the FBI isn't always nabbing would-be terrorists so much as setting up mentally ill or economically desperate people to commit crimes they could never have accomplished on their own. Perhaps the FBI has too much time on its hands, needs to justify its value and/or is part and parcel to the home-grown terrorist propaganda to keep the sheeple in fear and in line.


El Chapo Guzmán, Washington's Drug Problem, and the North American Police State


With bells and whistles, the military presented the captured drug lord to the press in 2014.
Well, he's done it again! Joaquín Guzmán Loera, better known as "El Chapo", head of the powerful Sinaloa Cartel and formerly the most-wanted billionaire drug lord in Mexico (and elsewhere), escaped from a Mexican maximum security federal prison outside Mexico City a few weeks ago. In 2001, Guzman escaped from another maximum security federal prison.

The story this time goes that a 50cm diameter hole was found in his cell, protected from the prying eyes of security cameras by a blind spot that blocks portions of the adjoining bathroom from view. Then via a "hi-tech" tunnel, Guzmán descended 19 meters to reach a 1.5km underground corridor that ended in a small house just outside the prison. The corridor was fully fitted with electric cables and illuminated by light bulbs, which Guzmán apparently removed on his way out. Incredibly, this 1.5km tunnel was also installed with a rail an a motorbike. For 'human rights reasons', the security bracelet Guzmán was wearing, which he ditched just before descending into the tunnel, didn't have a GPS tracking system.

In apparent blunder after blunder, despite the alarm being raised minutes after he vanished from camera view, it took 18 minutes for a guard to arrive at his cell. Security alerts to the nearest airport were issued 5 hours after he was last seen and alerts to other nearby airports were issued almost 15 hours later.

As luck would have it, the prison's layout is exactly the same - down to the very last detail - as the other prison Guzmán broke out of in 2001. There are only 3 identical prisons in Mexico, and Guzmán has been in 2 of them. If he's ever arrested again, I wonder where he'll end up. Curiously, the US government requested Guzmán's extradition to the US on trafficking charges just two weeks prior to his escape.

Star of David

Gaza's Black Friday: Israel stands accused of war crimes, murdering 75 children during indiscriminate 2014 slaughter

© AFP/Getty
Israel lies about the fact that it murdered at least 135 civilians during four days of 'indiscriminate' attacks in Rafah after the capture of an IDF soldier
Israeli forces have been accused of carrying out war crimes during a day of "carnage" in the Gaza Strip that has been called Black Friday.

A report by Amnesty International on alleged atrocities in Rafah during last year's conflict with Hamas claims Israeli forces killed at least 135 Palestinian civilians, including 75 children, following the capture of a soldier.

Lieutenant Hadar Goldin, 23, was with a unit searching for tunnels between Gaza and Israel when a fight started with militants and he disappeared on 1 August 2014.

Philip Luther, director of Amnesty International's Middle East programme, claimed that the "relentless and massive bombardment" that ensured in residential areas of Rafah was a direct response to the capture and displayed a "shocking disregard for civilian lives".

Comment: That's right. A 'direct response' to a capture that had not even been investigated, had not gone through any process remotely resembling a process of justice - just brute aggression that was grossly disproportionate using the 'capture' of Goldin as a pretext for mass murder.

"They carried out a series of disproportionate or otherwise indiscriminate attacks, which they have completely failed to investigate independently," he added.

"This report presents an urgent call for justice that must not be ignored.

"The combined analysis of hundreds of photos and videos, as well as satellite imagery and testimony from eyewitnesses, provides compelling evidence of serious violations of international humanitarian law by Israeli forces which must be investigated."

Comment: Business as usual for the terrorist 'state'. For them, humanitarian law exists to be broken.