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Hypocrisy hyperbole: Russian 'aggression' in Ukraine vs. Saudi 'defense' in Yemen

Saudi jets drop freedom bombs on Yemeni refugee camp. Gotta defend themselves from those darn refugees!
The military intervention in Yemen by a US-backed coalition of Arab states will undoubtedly inflame the conflict both in Yemen, and throughout the region. It is likely to be a protracted war involving many actors, each of which is interested in furthering its own political and geopolitical agenda.

However, it is the international reaction to this new regional war which is of particular interest; specifically, the way in which the United States has reacted to this undeniable aggression by its Gulf allies. While Washington has gone to great lengths to paint Russia's reunification with Crimea and its limited support for the anti-Kiev rebels of eastern Ukraine as "aggression," it has allowed that same loaded term to be completely left out of the narrative about the new war in Yemen.

So it seems that, according to Washington, aggression is not defined by any objective indicators: use of military hardware, initiation of hostilities, etc. Rather, the United States defines aggression by the relationship of a given conflict to its own strategic interests. In Crimea and Ukraine, Russia is the aggressor because, in defending its own interests and those of Russian people, it has acted against the perceived geopolitical interests of the US. While in Yemen, the initiation by Saudi Arabia and other US-backed countries of an unprovoked war with the expressed goal of regime change, this is not aggression as it furthers Washington's interests.

Comment: Hasn't everyone gotten the memo? Peaceful, non-violent, democratic defense of a region against fascist terrorists = Russian aggression. Unilateral, illegal, violent, destructive 'defense' of a shill government = democratic.


Fascist thug Right Sector leader Yarosh wants Donbass residents deported

In an interview for Ukrainian newspaper Obosrevatel published on Sunday, Ukrainian Right Sector leader and Rada deputy Dmitri Yarosh stated that the unruly residents of eastern Ukraine should be deported and deprived of their civil rights.

Yarosh noted that much of Donbas is populated by 'Sovoks', an insulting slang term in Ukrainian and Russian derived from the word 'Soviet'. Yarosh stated that the region "is populated by Sovoks - real Sovoks. And they should be deported. We have to deal with those who do not want to live by the rules and the laws of the state in a very harsh manner. This includes deportation, the deprivation of civil rights, and so on. Without force, it will not be possible to do anything with the region, to turn the tide so to speak."

The Right Sector leader added that the region's "unruly" residents must also be dealt with. "If we get rid of the unruly ones, everything will be fine, quiet and peaceful. And then, of course, a program of affectionate Ukrainianization can begin." The MP noted that "spiritual rebirth" can begin only if authorities act in a consistent and forceful manner.

Comment: After Poroshenko's recent power struggle with Kolomoisky, the 'volunteer' battalions like Right Sector were ordered to leave the front. In response, Yarosh made some interesting revelations:
Often my guys stopped the [UAF] soldiers from running away [from Donetsk airport] and under a barrel of a gun simply did not allow to give up the airport. Twice we were given the order to leave the airport.

... after all these statements about the "cynical Banderites" [Poroshenko's slip of tongue - KR], and "those who love to shoot" (regarding the killing of the SBU agent - ed.)... I know that he (Poroshenko - ed) is afraid of us. Can't stand us. I told him everything in his face. When Ilovaysk happened, and the first agreements. The battle is raging, and I am told - "Minsk agreement is signed". Called his assistant, said, tell him it's complete idiocy. And the betrayal of national interests. And also said: we toppled Yanukovych and can topple you too. He got very offended. ...

We will return Crimea, restore our territorial integrity, and then dissolve. We have more discipline than the army.
As Yarosh says, probably rightly, the fascist volunteer battalions have more discipline and morale than the army. Poroshenko needs them if he wants to win the war against Donetsk and Lugansk. But at the same time, as Yarosh also makes clear, it was Right Sector thugs that violently overthrew the last government. Does Poroshenko think he can keep Yarosh's dogs on a leash?


Reuters lied, falsified testimony from MH17 witness re: Buk missile

© RIA Novosti/ Ilya Pitalev
Anti-air Missile System BUK-М2
A Lugansk Region resident, whom Reuters cites as saying he saw evidence of a surface-to-air missile launched from rebel-held territory on the day MH17 was downed, told RT the news agency gave a false report of his interview.

As a part of a March report on the Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 tragedy Reuters talked to Pyotr Fedotov, a 58-year-old resident of the village Chervonniy Zhovten in the Lugansk Region of eastern Ukraine.

"When interviewed by Reuters, Fedotov, the witness who described the 'wiggling' rocket, at first said on camera that it was fired from territory held by the Ukrainian army. Later, off camera, he said it was launched from a nearby rebel area. Asked why he had originally said the opposite, he said it was because he was afraid of the rebels," the news agency said.

RT contacted Fedotov who, after some persuasion, agreed to be filmed. He told RT that Reuters correspondent Anton Zverev was "less than accurate" with Fedotov's testimony.

"When we talked about the Boeing on camera, I explained everything as it was. The things that I allegedly said off-camera were just made up by the journalist. It's all lies. Off-camera, we never discussed the Boeing," Fedotov told RT.

Comment: No surprise here. There isn't any evidence that rebels fired a Buk missile at MH17, so Western media and politicians simply make it up. On the other hand, there is plenty of evidence that a Ukrainian jet fired at the plane.

Snakes in Suits

Soulless UK think tank: 'Human rights law should not apply to the battlefield'

© Reuters/Maurice McDonald
Soldiers from A company of Britain's 1st Battalion Black Watch take part in a patrol through the area of Ahmed Al Ahamadi near their base Camp Dogwood, 30 miles south west of Baghdad November 5, 2004.
Britain must scrap the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) in times of warfare because British soldiers cannot fight under the restraints of "judicial imperialism," a right-wing think tank has claimed.

Offering enemy combatants the right to sue the British government and expecting soldiers on the battlefield to operate with the same level of caution as police patrolling London streets will render future foreign combat operations unworkable, a report by Policy Exchange said.

Comment: Yup, they want to kill with impunity and little to no accountability.


US readies $5bn for anti-China orbital defense weaponry

The U.S. is planning to splash out up to 5-billion dollars on orbital defense. One of the key reasons behind the spending spree, according to Washington, is a potential threat from China.

Comment: Never mind the incoming threats of comets and meteorites.


Nemtsov murder developments: new witness casts doubt on previous version of events

© Sputnik/ Iliya Pitalev
A newly-emerged witness to the murder of Russian opposition politician Boris Nemtsov contradicts the confessions provided by the case's suspects (one of which was later withdrawn). The witness describes a different man and car model, and noticed that two suspicious women were present who left the crime scene in a hurry.

Anna Duritskaya, the 23-year-old model who was walking with Nemtsov at the time of his killing, is no longer regarded as the sole witness to his murder, according to Russia's daily newspaper Kommersant.

A 27-year-old manager, who is referred to by the newspaper only by his first name, Evgeny, had been following the couple at a short distance.

The young man, however, was wearing headphones which were connected to his smartphone and was listening to loud music and looking at his device rather than paying attention to the two. He therefore neither heard the shots nor saw the exact moment of the attack.

When he finally glanced up, he saw a crowd of people rather than a lone couple. The man was already lying on the ground, his partner was standing to the side, and a third man (supposedly the killer) was fleeing the scene, jumping over the street curb separating the sidewalk from the road.

Comment: Well this complicates things doesn't it? The interesting question is why the suspects may have been induced to perjure themselves with regard to the charges. Are they being 'leaned on' by interest groups who had hoped to capitalize on Nemtsov's killing?

Eye 2

Yet another English Tory icon - MP Enoch Powell - named in satanic child sex abuse scandal

© Reuters
Enoch Powell

Allegations of satanic worship and child abuse involving the late firebrand Tory MP Enoch Powell have been handed to staff investigating the VIP pedophile sex ring alleged to have operated in Westminster in the 1980s.

Powell, who died in 1998, is one of a series of high-profile figures named in a Church of England (CofE) review into historic sex abuse, which was given to Scotland Yard by the Bishop of Durham Paul Butler.

The claims are reported to involve the abuse of children, as well as satanic rituals.

On Sunday evening the CofE confirmed the names of both Enoch Powell and Leo Abse - an eccentric Welsh MP who died in 2008 - had been given to detectives of Operation Fernbridge, the police investigation into the Westminster sex ring.

Comment: This ring has many webs and probably runs deep and will be very difficult to unravel. There are many people trying to protect any revealing of the extent of child abuse and how high up the elite's chain it goes.


Iran backs away from nuclear deal due to key detail

© news.xinhuanet.com
Plenary session on Iran's potential nuclear framework deal in Lausanne, Switzerland.
With a negotiating deadline just two days away, Iranian officials on Sunday backed away from a critical element of a proposed nuclear agreement, saying they are no longer willing to ship their atomic fuel out of the country.

For months, Iran tentatively agreed that it would send a large portion of its stockpile of uranium to Russia, where it would not be accessible for use in any future weapons program. But on Sunday Iran's deputy foreign minister made a surprise comment to Iranian reporters, ruling out an agreement that involved giving up a stockpile that Iran has spent years and billions of dollars to amass.

"The export of stocks of enriched uranium is not in our program, and we do not intend sending them abroad," the official, Abbas Araqchi, told the Iranian media, according to Agence France-Presse. "There is no question of sending the stocks abroad."

Western officials confirmed that Iran was balking at shipping the fuel out, but insisted that there were other ways of dealing with the material. Chief among those options, they said, was blending it into a more diluted form.

Comment: Posturing? Is that only allowed to Western interests? Trade-off is more like it. Breakthrough/Crisis...Sanctions/War...the hyperbolic fodder of news agencies all over the world. These are negotiations and this is what negotiations do. Failure to agree on either side refuels and strengthens Netanyahu's bitch-and-moan leverage over the West. Basically, he wins. Iran's nuclear material is all under inspection now and in order to stop those inspections, Iran would have to withdraw from the Nuclear Non-Prolification Treaty.


China's SWIFT alternative (CIPS) and the engineered death of the dollar

© www.sovereignman.com
Chinese billboard
Forget all the nonsense and hoopla about the Apple Watch or the GM stock buy-back. Far and away the most important economic story of the week is one you won't find on the front page of Bloomberg or MarketWatch. New reports indicate that China is ready to launch its SWIFT alternative, and for those who have their ear to the ground this is the most significant move yet in the unfolding process of de-dollarization that is seeing the BRICS-led "resistance bloc" breaking away from the financial stranglehold of the US-led "Washington Consensus."

For those who don't know, SWIFT stands for the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication and is shorthand for the SWIFTNet Network that is used by over 10,500 financial institutions in 215 countries and territories to transmit financial transaction data around the world. SWIFT does not do any of the clearing or processing for these transactions itself, but instead sends the payment orders that are then settled by correspondent banks of the member institutions. Still, given the system's near universality in the financial system, it means that virtually every international transaction between banking institutions goes through the SWIFT network.

This is why de-listing from the SWIFT network remains one of the primary financial weapons wielded by the US and its allies in their increasingly important financial warfare campaigns. In 2012, SWIFT agreed to de-list 30 Iranian financial institutions (including the central bank) from their network as part of the US/EU-led sanctions on Tehran, a move that was meant to stop billions of dollars' worth of oil and export sales from being repatriated into the country and bring Iranian business to a standstill. Throughout the recent tensions between the US bloc and Russia over the civil war in Ukraine, the idea that SWIFT could similarly de-list Russian banks has been repeatedly floated as a potential next step for the US and its allies.

Comment: "Go East, young man!" About-face seems to be the future unless countries, financial institutions and the people of the world shuck the financial bureaucracy that has chained us to systems that only benefit those who can manipulate them. That we are marching headlong into NWO seems counter-intuitive, yet imminent. We are trading one bully for another, only this time there may be NO alternatives. When humanity finally wakes up, it will be too late.


Truth takes a back seat to profiteering in West's drive to demonize Russia

© Russian Insider
It's an old game.
Sanctions against Russia are damaging the economies of many EU Countries, but "that doesn't matter," according to the Mainstream Media. The myth is "the West" must be continued, at all costs; thus, truth, or even the perception of it, must be sacrificed.

In a recent article by Italian newspaper La Stampa, "The firmness needed with Russia", about the upcoming visit of Prime Minister Renzi to Moscow, journalist Stefano Stefanini calls to arms. He has no doubts. Everything is certain. We are the good guys.

"Italy is friend with Russia, but they are objectively divided by their respective camps," "The tensions are all Putin's fault," and "This new cold war is provoked by the Kremlin" are only mild examples of the traditional anti-Russia stance by the newspaper based in Turin, which usually, in other days, is far more aggressive and biased against the Bear. The recurring theme of "the EU is united" is not missing, as you may expect. But nothing is further from the truth.