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New evidence reveals APA was eager to collaborate with CIA on torture

© Justin Norman/cc/flickr
Witness against torture demonstration in 2012. The silence continues to fuel the pathological individuals in power.
"The position of the American Psychological Association is clear and unequivocal: For more than 25 years, the association has absolutely condemned any psychologist participation in torture."

- Statement by the APA, November 2013

"The American Psychological Association, the largest professional organization for psychologists, worked assiduously to protect the psychologists who did get involved in the torture program."

- James Risen, Pay Any Price: Greed, Power, and Endless War, October 2014
New information may soon be revealed by the Senate Intelligence Committee's yet-to-be-released report on the CIA's post-9/11 abusive and torturous detention and interrogation operations. But what already has been clear for a long time - through reports from journalists, independent task forces, congressional investigations, and otherdocuments - is that psychologists and other health professionals were directly involved in brutalizing "war on terror" prisoners in U.S. custody. Of particular note, contract psychologists James Mitchell and Bruce Jessen have been identified as the architects of the CIA's "enhanced interrogation techniques," which included waterboarding, stress positions, exposure to extreme cold, sensory and sleep deprivation, and isolation.

Comment: Torture occurs with increasing scope in a pathocracy. From the article,"Ex-CIA officer: Torture great way to get false confessions
RM: The instructions were to make people 'confess'. Confess to what? Confess to the existence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq? Confess to the existence of operational ties between al-Qaeda and Saddam Hussein? It was all a croc. They had to make this stuff up. You can't get reliable information from torture. But torture works beautifully if you want unreliable information. So they drew up not only ties to weapons of mass destruction but also ties between Iraq and al-Qaeda. When UK and US invaded Iraq, 69 percent of the people in the United States believed that there were operational ties between al-Queda and Iraq. And that Saddam Hussein had something to do with 9/11. It was a masterful propaganda performance on the part of the US and UK. How did they do that? One of the ways was that they tortured this one prisoner Alibi, sent him to Egypt where he confessed that he sent people from Al-Queda to Hussein in Iraq to receive instruction in explosives...
Torture goes hand in hand with terror - they are the same weapons that are used to push through pathological policies that benefit only the bloated and greedy minorities in power:

Brick Wall

Conquest by land theft continues: Israel approves plan to build 1,000 settler homes in E. Jerusalem

The Israeli government has approved plans to build over 1,000 new settler homes in East Jerusalem. It will expand two existing Israeli settlements on part of the territories seized in 1967.

An official in Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's office declined to comment on the possible political and diplomatic impact. He said on Monday that "The government has decided to advance the planning of more than 1,000 units in Jerusalem - roughly 400 in Har Homa and about 600 in Ramat Shlomo," as cited by Reuters.

He also said that plans would be "advanced for infrastructure projects in the West Bank that will include roads for the Palestinians."

It is a sidestep by Netanyahu's office, as the ultranationalist Jewish Home party and its leader Economy Minister Naftali Bennett, has been pressing the Prime Minister to call for 2,000 new building tenders.

© AFP Photo / Abbas Momani
Palestinians run to take cover from tear gas fired by Israeli security forces during clashes following the funeral of Palestinian-American Orwa Hammad on October 26, 2014 in the West bank village of Silwad, near Ramallah.

Comment: The new houses are planned as an expansion of already existing settlements in "territories seized". Lets look at the definition of the word seize:
verb (used with object), seized, seizing.

1. to take hold of suddenly or forcibly; grasp: to seize a weapon.
2. to grasp mentally; understand clearly and completely: to seize an idea.
3. to take possession of by force or at will: to seize enemy ships.
4. to take possession or control of as if by suddenly laying hold: Panic seized the crowd.
5. to take possession of by legal authority; confiscate: to seize smuggled goods.
6. Also, seise. Law. to put (someone) in seizin or legal possession of property (usually used in passive constructions): She was seized of vast estates.
7. to capture; take into custody.
In other words, they are planning an expansion in a piece of land that was stolen by force.

Then again, with the exception of a few properties that were purchased and others that already belonged to the local Jews, almost all of what is now called Israel was at some point or another taken by force from the Palestinians, so this does not come as a surprise.


Detroit: The dispersal of urban black America begins

"The water department is determined to solve its financial problems - and change the city's demographics - by ejecting the poor from the grid."
Detroit's Water Protesters
© mentalunrest.com
The two United Nations Special Rapporteurs have seen human rights violations around the world, but Detroit's massive water shut-offs are uniquely upsetting. "We were deeply disturbed to observe the indignity people have faced and continue to live with in one of the wealthiest countries in the world and in a city that was a symbol of America's prosperity," said Catarina de Albuquerque and Leilani Farha, in a joint statement. An "unprecedented" 27,000 households have been disconnected from the pipes that sustain life and dignity - most of them Black and poor, according to the rapporteurs' observations, although the city doesn't bother to maintain records on the race and income of those it casts into purgatory. The water department is deliberately blind to the shut-offs' "disproportionate impact on low-income African Americans."

Detroit, an 82 percent Black city, run for four decades by Black mayors and Black city councils, and presided over for the past year and a half by a Black state-appointed emergency financial manager, may well be in violation of the United Nations Convention on Elimination of Racial Discrimination, "which explicitly prohibits and calls for the elimination of racial discrimination in relation to several human rights directly affected by water disconnections, including the right to housing and the right to public health," wrote Albuquerque and Farha.

The poor are not asking for a free ride, said Albuquerque. "In the three days we were here, nobody asked us for free water. People want to pay their bills within their possibilities...they want affordable and fair bills." However, the water department is determined to solve its financial problems - and change the city's demographics - by ejecting the poor from the grid. Albuquerque was compelled to remind Detroit that the city's bankruptcy drama "doesn't exempt it from human rights obligations."

"Russian Sub" in Sweden Hysteria - Deliberately Spread by Western Media - 'Cold War' Redux

Run for your lives! It's Putin!...in a sub!
As Russia continues to assert itself and lay claim to its rightful place as a leading global power, Western governments and their media whores, in a desperate attempt to preserve their faltering hegemony, are resorting to increasingly outrageous anti-Russian stunts and manipulations that surpass even the worst propaganda of the Cold War era.

The most recent episode in the ongoing absurd anti-Russian theater occurred 10 days ago when the Swedish Svenska Dagbladet paper declared that the Swedish military had "intercepted a distress call in Russian on a radio frequency reportedly used by Russia for emergency calls" off the Swedish coast.

Citing unnamed "sources" the newspaper claimed that the call was "encrypted radio traffic between a location outside of Stockholm and Russia's Baltic enclave, Kaliningrad" and that it "indicated a damaged Russian submarine."
Bad Guys

The incredibly stupid US-Saudi oil-gas deal that promises more war on Syria

© AP
Criminal "masterminds": John Kerry meets with Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah to unwittingly discuss mutually assured destruction.
The Kerry-Abdullah Secret Deal & An Oil-Gas Pipeline War

The details are emerging of a new secret and quite stupid Saudi-US deal on Syria and the so-called IS. It involves oil and gas control of the entire region and the weakening of Russia and Iran by Saudi Arabia flooding the world market with cheap oil. Details were concluded in the September meeting by US Secretary of State John Kerry and the Saudi King. The unintended consequence will be to push Russia even faster to turn east to China and Eurasia.

One of the weirdest anomalies of the recent NATO bombing campaign, allegedly against the ISIS or IS or ISIL or Daash, depending on your preference, is the fact that with major war raging in the world's richest oil region, the price of crude oil has been dropping, dramatically so. Since June when ISIS suddenly captured the oil-rich region of Iraq around Mosul and Kirkuk, the benchmark Brent price of crude oil dropped some 20% from $112 to about $88. World daily demand for oil has not dropped by 20% however. Chinese oil demand has not fallen 20%, nor has US domestic shale oil stock risen by 21%.

What has happened is that the long-time US ally inside OPEC, the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, has been flooding the market with deeply discounted oil, triggering a price war within OPEC, with Iran following suit and panic-selling short in oil futures markets. The Saudis are targeting sales to Asia for the discounts and in particular, its major Asian customer, China, where it is reportedly offering its crude for a mere $50 to $60 a barrel rather than the earlier price of around $100.1 That Saudi financial discounting operation in turn is by all appearance being coordinated with a US Treasury financial warfare operation, via its Office of Terrorism and Financial Intelligence, in cooperation with a handful of inside players on Wall Street who control oil derivatives trading. The result is a market panic that is gaining momentum daily. China is quite happy to buy the cheap oil, but her close allies, Russia and Iran, are being hit severely.

Comment: On a related point, isn't it incredible that for all of Israel's bluster about Islamic extremism and terrorism that the government of Benjamin Netanyahu has done nothing whatsoever in the way of speaking out about ISIS, or employing its world-renowned air force in the service of eradicating it? Nor, for that matter, has it once spoken out against the horrific rise of Neo-Nazism in Ukraine. It's as if Israel stands to benefit from these pathologically contrived ' war theaters'.


Snakes in Suits

Will it ever end? Bush clan rallies support for Jeb's expected presidential run in 2016

© Andy Jacobsohn / Getty Images / AFP
Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush
Will the White House soon host another President Bush? According to family members, Jeb Bush - a son of former president George H.W. Bush and the brother of the current president's predecessor, George W. Bush - is eying the oval office.

With the 2016 presidential election now nearly just two years away, potential candidates are becoming increasingly pressured to announce once and for all if they're willing to throw their hat into the race. Former Florida governor Jeb Bush has long been rumored to be considering a run in 2016 under the Republican Party ticket which, if successful, would make him the third Bush to win a presidential election in 30 years. Now, two of his sons are lending credence to those rumors by telling the media that the odds are better than ever that Jeb Bush will run in 2016.

"I think it's more than likely that he's giving this serious thought in moving forward ... that he'll run," son George P. Bush told ABC's This Week on Sunday.

"No question," Jeb Bush Jr., another son of the former governor, added to the New York Times, "people are getting fired up about it - donors and people who have been around the political process for a while, people he's known in Tallahassee when he was governor. The family, we're geared up either way."

Additionally, Jeb Jr. added to the Times for an article published on Sunday that his mother, Columba Bush, has given Jeb Sr. her go ahead to pursue the White House. And according to one "family insider" quoted anonymous by the Times' Peter Baker, George W. Bush - or "Bush 43," as he's often called to differentiate himself from his father, George H.W. Bush, or "Bush "41" - wants his brother Jeb to enter the race.

"The one person who is really, really trying to get Jeb to run is George W.," the source told Baker. "He's talking it up all the time."

"The family will be behind him 100 percent," George P. Bush, Jeb Bush's eldest son, added during the ABC News interview over the weekend.

Comment: It won't matter who is in the White House, the drums of war against "terrorism" and the middle class will keep on beating.


Are we ready for the fall of Baghdad?

US bombing Baghdad March 21, 2003
I recently was in Vietnam and spent some time in prosperous, capitalist Saigon, now called Ho Chi Minh City, and toured the American War Museum. I believe there are a number of parallels between the Vietnam and Iraq War and that history could repeat itself now in Baghdad. Who can forget the former Vietnamese supporters of America being left behind as the last helicopter left the roof of the US embassy?

Today, America still has the strongest military in the world but our manufacturing capacity and financial situation shows the US is on a downhill slide like earlier over-extended and bankrupt empires throughout world history.

We've already watched the frightening incompetence of the Obama Administration and the CDC in dealing with the Ebola virus. One would have to be blind not to see the petrodollar deathwatch as Russia, China and the BRIC countries build new trading alternatives to avoid using the dollar world reserve currency when trading energy and other financial dealings.
Bad Guys

US armed ISIL launches gas attack in Iraq's Anbar

© Unknown
The ISIL Takfiri militants operating in Iraq have reportedly carried out a chemical attack on a residential area in the western part of the violence-stricken country.

According to local media reports, the commander of the rapid intervention forces in Iraq's Anbar province, Shaaban Obaidi, said Sunday that the ISIL terrorists "fired seven shells filled with chlorine on the residential district" there.

He added that no casualties have been reported as a result of the gas attack, as residents had left the buildings and some shells did not go off.

Last week, Iraqi officials said the ISIL terror group used bombs with chlorine-filled cylinders during clashes in the town of Dhuluiya, located about 96 kilometers (60 miles) north of the capital, Baghdad, on September 15.

They noted that some 40 Iraqi soldiers and Shia fighters were made ill and showed symptoms of chlorine poisoning such as coughing and vomiting. They were all treated in hospital and quickly recovered.

The use of chlorine gas has raised grave concerns about future militant attacks in Iraq. There are also fears that Iraq's old chemical weapons stores could have fallen into ISIL's hands.

Comment: See also:

Declassified intel documents reveal U.S. concealed troops' exposure to chemical weapons in Iraq
...the United States was largely responsible for Iraq having chemical weapons in the first place.

"In five of six incidents in which troops were wounded by chemical agents, the munitions appeared to have been designed in the United States, manufactured in Europe and filled in chemical agent production lines built in Iraq by Western companies," it said.
Assad calls on anti-ISIS coalition to stop funding armed groups in Syria & Iraq

The Covert Origins of ISIS


How close to the edge of economic collapse are we?

Andy Hoffman
Financial analyst Andy Hoffman says the real global economy is in deep trouble, which is much to the chagrin of the Fed. Hoffman explains, "Recall last April, they started smashing gold and started with the 'taper' talk. The Fed figured by about this time, they'd be ready to start hiking rates. The fact is the global economy has collapsed. Our real economy has collapsed. Forget the fake PMI numbers or their ridiculous employment numbers. The economy of the world is getting worse and worse and worse. No matter how hard they try to say yes, there is a recovery and we are tapering. Interest rates keep falling and falling. There are plunging rates despite all their talk of recovery and tapering." Hoffman, who also has deep Wall Street experience, points to the recent sell-off in the stock market and the Fed's reaction. Hoffman contends, "The Dow Jones propaganda average fell a whopping 9% from its all-time highs. The Fed absolutely freaked out. Within minutes, they had the Plunge Protection Team (PPT) running it back up, and no less than six Fed Governors in the space of three days came out and called for extension of QE and extension of zero-percent-interest-rates (ZERP). That's how terrified they are, and remember, next week is when QE is supposed to end."

Two RIA Novosti journalists stopped from entering Ukraine's polling station at Madrid embassy

© RIA Novosti. Ramil Sitdikov
The largest number of foreign polling stations have been set up in Russia, Germany, the United States, Poland and Italy. Up for grabs are 424 seats in the 450-seat unicameral parliament, known as the Verkhovna Rada.
A team of RIA Novosti correspondents was barred Sunday from entering a polling station in Ukraine's embassy in Madrid, Spain over allegedly "biased reporting on the situation in Ukraine by Russian media."

Two RIA Novosti journalists - a Russian and a Spanish citizens - were stopped from entering the station despite having all necessary documents. Local electoral committee's head Ivan Vovk said this decision had been made due to the Russian media's biased angle on the events in Ukraine, which is going through a devastating crisis.

Comment: The junta in Kiev has been lying and distorting the truth from the start, and yet they have the nerve to talk about Russian media's biases.

A military confrontation in Ukraine's two eastern provinces began in mid-April, after the Ukrainian government sent troops to the regions of Donetsk and Luhansk to suppress pro-independence uprisings against Kiev.

Since then, media freedom watchdogs have been reporting numerous instances of abuse and violence against Russian and Western journalists at the hands of Ukrainian government forces, who accused the media of distorting the facts and destabilizing the situation in eastern Ukraine.