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Putin's annual marathon press conference: What he isn't telling us

© Presidential Press and Information Office
Even facing what under any circumstances is a perfect storm; President Putin delivered an extremely measured performance at his annual press conference and Q&A marathon.

The perfect storm evolves in two fronts; an overt economic war - as in siege by sanctions - and a concerted, covert, shadow attack to the heart of the Russian economy. Washington's endgame is clear: impoverish and defang the adversary and force him to meekly bow to the 'Empire of Chaos's' whims. And bragging about it all the way to "victory."

The problem is Moscow happens to have impeccably deciphered the game - even before Putin, at the Valdai Club in October, pinned down the Obama doctrine as "our Western partners" working as practitioners of the "theory of controlled chaos."

So Putin neatly understood this week's monster controlled chaos attack. The Empire has massive money power; a great deal of influence over the world's GDP at $85 trillion, and the banking power behind that. So nothing easier than using that power through the private banking systems that actually controls central banks to create a run on the ruble. Think about the 'Empire of Chaos' dreaming of driving the ruble down by 99% or so - thus wrecking the Russian economy. What better way to impose imperial discipline on Russia?

Comment: To read the transcript of Putin's conference, see here.

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NATO Chief holds love-fest with Ukraine PM, pledges undying allegiance

Secretary General tells Ukrainian Prime Minister ''NATO stands with you''. 15 Dec. 2014
Bends over backwards to praise Yatseniuk in most obsequious manner. Really extraordinary.

Its amazing that a military alliance needs its own TV channel.

We suppose it helps in their basic mission of justifying their own existence to an increasingly skeptical public.

The last laugh is on them (the public), because not only do they pay for the outrageously expensive and unnecessary alliance, they also get to pay for the TV channel to justify the expense.

Here at RI we love the NATO channel, because it provides great material, - they actually excel in making themselves look ridiculous.

In this priceless episode from 15th December, NATO Chief Stoltenberg shows that far from being an obedient and prudent servant of the countries paying his salary, he is a zealous political advocate, making extremely dubious claims in an effort, we surmise, to give NATO something to do, and also, it seems, expressing his personal aggressive neo-con views.

The best part is the first 3 minutes, where he praises Yatseniuk for his commitment to democracy, says Russia's behavior is illegal and destabilizing, says Kiev has sought to find a peaceful solution to the crisis, says he is proud of NATO's commitment to the admirable Kiev government, says the Kiev government reflects the will of the people of Ukraine, and basically says NATO is 110% with Kiev and will do whatever it can to support them.

Comment: This is a good question. How much longer can Europeans allow this Nazi regime to continue?


Ukraine hammers its small farmers to comply with WTO

Ukrainian farmers will find themselves on the brink of survival in 2015.

On 1 January 2015, Ukraine will enact the law banning the sales of home-slaughtered meat, as well as homemade milk and cheese, the Capital reports.

Ukraine has to ban the sales of home meat, milk and curds to become a member of the World Trade Organization (WTO).

In 2013, Ukraine's Ministry for Agrarian Policy wanted to postpone the law for five years, till 2020, to obtain time to equip special slaughter houses.

The revolution in Ukraine did not let the plans materialize. The new rulers of Ukraine apparently decided not to engage in such matters.

According to the head of the All-Ukrainian Agricultural Council, Denis Marchuk, the adoption of the law will put villagers on the brink of survival.
"The imposition of the ban without a transition period will affect the work of small farms that produce about 30 percent of meat and 75 percent of milk of the total amount of these products. For many villagers, cattle farming is the only source of income," he said.
Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseny Yatsenyuk said that Ukraine was ranked first in Europe in terms of the agricultural potential.

Comment: This just confirms that EU/NATO/US have no interest in the common people.

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Has Citigroup become a U.S. Legislator?

Citigroup is the Wall Street mega bank that forced the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act in 1999; blew itself up as a result of the repeal in 2008; was propped back up with the largest taxpayer bailout in the history of the world even though it was insolvent and didn't qualify for a bailout; has now written its own legislation to de-regulate itself; got the President of the United States to lobby for its passage; and received an up vote from both houses of Congress in less than a week.

And there is one more thing you should know at the outset about Citigroup: it didn't just have a hand in bringing the country to its knees in 2008; it was a key participant in the 1929 collapse under the moniker National City Bank. Both the U.S. Senate's investigation of the collapse of the financial system in 1929 and the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission (FCIC) that investigated the 2008 collapse cited this bank as a key culprit.

Comment: Overt corruption runs so deep and rampant in our governments and financial systems that complete collapse may come as some relief for many. The time to prepare is past due.


SOTT Exclsuive: A force for War: Anders Fogh Rasmussen in and out of NATO

Anders Fogh-Rasmussen, NATO war criminal, painted red in an anti-war protest in 2003
Is anyone else wondering what happened to the 12th NATO General Secretary, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, after his 5-year mandate ended this past September? Rasmussen was one of the most loyal high-level officials of the US-NATO Empire for more than a decade, so I thought it would be interesting to find out what a man like that does once he's out of a job.

My findings didn't surprise me. Rasmussen is set to continue serving the goals of Empire in a different, more profitable line of work. In other words, taking cue from former British Prime Minister Tony Blair and former US President Bill Clinton, Rasmussen is now on the road to personal enrichment. The time has come for him to cash in on all the pain, suffering and death he had caused as NATO's civilian head in the operations of destabilization and the partial-to-complete destruction of the sovereign states of Libya, Syria, and Ukraine.

And so, just a day after his tenure in NATO was over, Rasmussen went into corporate business. He opened a geopolitical consultancy firm which aims to offer "strategic advice to governments, global organizations and major corporations".1 Somewhat predictably, the firm's name is 'Rasmussen Global'; nobody will be confused as to who the boss is. Its logo is, however, more surprising: it consists of a not-too-creatively stylized map of the world, with New York City (of all places) in the background:

© Rasmussen Global

Buk system Kiev claimed rebels used to take down MH17 was under control of Ukrainian forces - Ukrainian soldier

A Ukrainian soldier who was part of the crew that operated the supposed missile-battery that the Ukrainian Government claims shot down the Malaysian MH17 airliner on July 17th has testified publicly for the first time, saying that the missile-battery was operated by the Ukrainian military, not by the rebels as asserted, and that he and his former crew-mates who operated it laughed when they heard their Government say that this missile-battery was operated by rebels and had shot the airliner down.

An English-translated transcript of the December 15th Russian-language interview with this soldier was posted at UkraineWar.Info on December 17th by Michael Collins, an investigative journalist with UkraineWar.Info who has been following very closely the multiple investigations that are proceeding into the cause of the downing.

Comment: This is what the Russians and Novorussians have been saying all along: the BUK in question was Ukainian. That's not to imply MH17 was shot down by a BUK system, just that the Ukrainian government shamelessly lied about it, using photos and video of their own anti-aircraft equipment, claiming it was Russian and in control of the rebels. They have presented no proof for their lies. They can't. They're the ones responsible, and it's plain as day that MH17 was shot down by a Ukrainian jet. Also check out this recent Russian documentary, which claims to present the name of the pilot that took it down.

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Is Yats a criminal, just stupid, or both?

Yats nazi

Heil Nuland!
On October 24 of this year, the Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk announced that the fall of the Russian ruble exchange rate has a negative impact on the financial situation in Ukraine.

"In fact, today is a 'Black Friday' for the Russian economy and the Russian ruble. Usually, after this, we get a wave of financial instability due to the insolvency of Russia", - said the head of the government then.

Meanwhile he continues to urge Europe to impose new sanctions against Russia.

Comment: Yats is a moron AND a psychopath. And THIS is the guy chosen by the U.S. state department in their transparent coup early this year. What a joke.

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Chronicles of the collapse: News from Kiev and Ukraine

© Reuters / Antti Aimo-Koivisto
Barricades in central Kiev, January 25, 2014
News from Kiev and Ukraine (Nov 27 - Dec 16)

Kiev of course has not collapsed yet, and it may somehow make it through it's recent troubles relatively unscathed. But from what I'm seeing, this outcome seems less and less likely as time goes by. Still, it's hard to wish this kind of trouble on most people. But sadly, a small, hard core group of idiots can force a whole nation to sink under the waves into the Ocean of Oblivion.

Ukraine is a country that doesn't have much of a reason to exist. Its whole raison d'être is defined as anti-Russia. Beyond that, they've rarely had a country; never been much of anything; never aspired to be something. Their only aspiration is to not be Russia. They're the anti-Russia. Just like matter and anti-matter cannot coexist; Russia and anti-Russia cannot coexist.

Skilled Professionals Are Leaving Ukraine.

Well, should we really be surprised? Exactly what do they have to look forward to by remaining in Ukraine? A sinking economy? Deteriorating infrastructure? Continuing dysfunctional government? A nice 2 meter deep hole with one's name on it? A Jekyll and Hyde educational system that metastasizes every couple of years depending who is in charge? A government run by Nazis? You can have all of this and a whole lot more if you remain in Ukraine; but if this isn't exactly your cup of tea, you're a whole lot better off somewhere else. And the exodus has begun.

The Antonov aircraft plant ceases production.

Well, it's certainly not the first, nor will it be the last industrial operation to shut down. But it's certainly one of the largest industrial operations in all of Kiev. And now it's no more, at least temporarily. Because it seems the Boeing Corporation may be interested in taking over this plant. But trying to take over of vibrant operation with a lot of orders is a lot more expensive than taking over a factory that is idle. But from the USA's point of view, this is what the whole Ukrainian revolution was for. Ruin the economy, force formally vibrant companies to shut down operations, and let foreign corporations buy the whole operation for kopeks. And by buying into a depressed economy such as Ukraine, you can pocess a workforce that costs 50% less than a it would have cost two years ago.

Zaporizhia nuclear power plant has an accident.

Boy, that sounds so innocuous, doesn't it? Just like Little Bobby had an accident. (Except it's a whole lot more serious).

Luckily, it's not something very serious; certainly nothing close to the scale of a Chernobyl. Yet the authorities here are playing with fire. They are trying to use nuclear fuel sourced from the USA in Soviet era nuclear reactors. There have been numerous warnings stating that this could cause a disaster, but when the choices are using compatible and well tested products from Russia, or using untested products from the USA, the chance to thumb your nose at Russia was just too big for some of the idiots in charge around here to pass up. But don't blame the current government for this one. This decision goes back to 2005, when the "Orange Revolution" government was in charge. So then, as now, go for the highly modified and untested products from the USA, screw Russia, and hope for the best.

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'Sydney Siege' aftermath: Australian government is investigating new 'security laws'

© Unknown
Serving no purpose besides giving the West increased justification for
executing total war against Syria and then Iran as it has desperately sought for
years, the latest "terror attack" in Australia unfolds amid a community with
infiltrated mosques filled with eager supporters of America's proxy war on Damascus.
Right on schedule, following a high profile terrorist attack, the government of Australia is now "investigating new security laws" and other methods that can be used to gut the civil liberties, privacy, and general way of life of Australian citizens. Only a day after the Sydney Siege, Australian "lawmakers," intelligence agencies, legal branches, and other government officials sprung into action in order to discuss the possibility of passing yet another law allowing the collection and housing of telecommunication and Internet data of Australian citizens.

On December 16, the Australian Parliament was hearing testimony by Federal Police Commissioner Andrew Colvin who "warned of 'grave implications' for terrorism investigations if telecommunications companies are not forced to keep phone and internet data."

"I could not understate enough that it would have grave implications for law enforcement's ability in this country to investigate, deter and disrupt potential terrorist acts," Colvin said. He also claimed that, as new Telecom Companies entered the market, there was less data being collected and what data was being collected is being held for shorter periods.

The inquiry comes as part of the Joint Intelligence and Security Committee's "debate" over a third round of oppressive laws regarding phone and computer data collection and retention.

Of course, since the inquiries conveniently have come on the heels of the Sydney Siege, lawmakers are now asking whether or not these measures could serve to prevent "lone wolf" attacks as well as coordinated acts of terrorism. A separate inquiry is being requested to determine if these laws could prevent events like the Sydney Siege which appears to be something vastly different from a lone wolf attack and instead more like a state-sponsored event.

Comment: Considering that the "lone wolf" Man Haron Monis was well acquainted with Australian law enforcement, such measures won't prevent any "attacks." The 'debate' is about testing the public reaction and it also serves as a promotional campaign for the upcoming Draconian laws.
An omnipresent all-invasive surveillance state that is constantly "blindsided" by terror attacks carried out by criminals and characters possessing extensive criminal records and who are well-acquainted with that state's law enforcement, media, and even government, is testament to the fact that such surveillance hasn't been and never was intended to serve the public's best interests nor to keep them safe - but rather another system of control and manipulation to allow true dangers to human civilization to endure with impunity.

The committee is also "set to examine the next package of proposed counterterrorism laws" in the very near future.

Comment: The immediate calls for the establishment of these "anti-terror" laws should raise suspicion and make everyone question the official narrative behind any of the so-called terrorist attacks. The real enemy has always been and remains the average citizen. However, we can make sure that terrorism does not work on our minds by being aware of its effects and its purpose, and the tactics of those who exploit it.

Limbic Warfare and Martha Stout's "Paranoia Switch"

See also: Manufactured terror attack in Sydney: Who benefits?

They hate us for our chocolate? Sydney store siege another staged "lone Islamic wolf" attack?

Why there is no 'war on terror': Ex-FBI informant sez "there is no real hunt for terrorists... it's all fixed to make it look that way"

SOTT Talk Radio #71 - Manufactured Terror: Busted Wide Open

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Is 'isolated' Russia about to be bailed out by the world's largest economy China?

© Sasha Mordovets | Getty Images
Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping toast during a signing ceremony on May 21, 2014, in Shanghai.
Earlier this evening China's State Administration of Foreign Exchange's (SAFE) Wang Yungui noted "the impact of the Russian Ruble depreciation was unclear yet, and, as Bloomberg reported, "SAFE is closely watching Ruble's depreciation and encouraging companies to hedge Ruble risks." His comments also echoed the ongoing FX reform agenda aimed at increasing Yuan flexibility which The South China Morning Post then hinted in a story entitled "Russia may seek China help to deal with crisis," which which noted that Russia could fall back on its 150 billion yuan ($24 billion) currency swap agreement with China if the ruble continues to plunge, that was signed in October. Furthermore, two bankers close to the PBOC reportedly said the swap-line was meant to reduce the role of the US dollar if China and Russia need to help each other overcome a liquidity squeeze.

As Bloomberg reported, earlier in the evening, China's Wang Yungui noted
Adding that China plans sweeping reforms to promote FX flexibility.

And then The South China Morning Post hints,
Russia could fall back on its 150 billion yuan (HK$189.8 billion) currency swap agreement with China if the rouble continues to plunge.

If the swap deal is activated for this purpose, it would mark the first time China is called upon to use its currency to bail out another currency in crisis. The deal was signed by the two central banks in October, when Premier Li Keqiang visited Russia.

"Russia badly needs liquidity support and the swap line could be an ideal tool," said Bank of Communications chief economist Lian Ping.

The swap allows the central banks to directly buy yuan and rouble in the two currencies, rather than via the US dollar.

Two bankers close to the People's Bank of China said it was meant to reduce the role of the US dollar if China and Russia need to help each other overcome a liquidity squeeze.

China has currency swap deals with more than 20 monetary authorities around the world. Swaps are generally used to settle trade.

"The yuan-rouble swap deal was not just a financial matter," said Wang Feng, chairman of Shanghai-based private equity group Yinshu Capital. "It has political implications as it is a sign of mutual trust."

The rouble has lost more than 50 per cent against the US dollar this year, pushing Russia to the brink of a currency crisis, though measures announced by the central bank helped it recover some ground yesterday.

Li Lifan, a researcher at the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, said the swap would not be enough for Russia even if it is used in its entirety. "The PBOC might agree to extend something like 15 billion yuan initially as a way of showing China's commitment to Russia."