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'ISIS among the refugees' - Prelude to another European "terror attack"?

The iconic image of 3-year-old refugee Aylan Kurdi's lifeless body on a beach on the Turkish coast went 'viral' recently and brought the two-year-long European 'refugee crisis' to widespread public attention. EU nations are now facing an influx of potentially hundreds of thousands of migrants fleeing their NATO-war-torn countries in search of safety and stability. Whether or not they'll find it is still an open question.

This 'refugee' problem is, of course, not new, and Aylan was not the first tragic death directly related to the problem. Consider the hundreds of thousands of deaths in Syria alone that have resulted from the U.S. government-manipulated 'revolution' in that country 4 years ago. Or think of the unprovoked attacks on and invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan or the NATO bombardment of Libya and subsequent installation of a fundamentalist 'Jihadi' regime there. Then consider that 2,600 people, or more, have already died attempting to cross the Mediterranean into Europe. The 'refugee crisis' has been brewing for over two years, but it took Aylan's body to make many people sit up and take notice.

The refugee crisis is very real, at least in the sense that Western-backed death squads have made life miserable for millions of Syrians in particular (almost half of the Syrian population is internally or externally displaced). Whereas the U.S. (along with its lackeys Canada, Australia, the Gulf States, and others) bear the most responsibility, they have been the least willing to accept refugees from the states they're destroying, and which they claim they wish to 'save'. Europe is forced to bear the brunt of dealing with the fallout: humans in need of food, shelter, and jobs. It's possible of course, if there is the will. Russia has willingly taken in close to a million Ukrainian refugees (again, the result of an American phony revolution in Ukraine last year). But so far, Germany is the only EU nation that appears willing to really open their doors to people in need, making allowances for 800,000 refugees this year alone.

Comment: 14,000 protest against xenophobia in Hamburg, Germany


9/11, Mass Hypnosis par Excellence


World Trade Center 'Twin Towers' skyscrapers, the first buildings in history to mostly turn to dust and blow away in the wind
Dear readers of, this is the sixth in a series of letters I have been writing to a friend. I find myself surprised that I am writing him. I find myself surprised that I am writing so much. My friend is 43, I am 69. These numbers seem unreal because the last time I saw this friend was when he was a young teenager. At the time, his ability to learn things with great ease astonished me.

Almost the same month my friend was born, the book Be Here Now came into my life and this is when my spiritual journey started. There have been many twists and turns. This series of letters started with his questions about astral travel, as well as Nisargadatta and Ramana Maharshi, two of my favorite guru-type personalities. I don't know much about astral travel, but I can easily dive into Nisargadatta and Ramana. I took a long route to steer my letters to what you will read below.

Fireball 3

SOTT Earth Changes Summary - August 2015: Extreme Weather, Planetary Upheaval, Meteor Fireballs

Comment: Please note that due to planetary/climate chaos increasing month by month, we are now inundated with video footage and must therefore be selective about which events to include. Going forward, please consider these video summaries mere snapshots of the global picture. Considering that these 'localized' events, multiplied many times over, are occurring simultaneously all over the planet, the scale of destruction and impact on people's lives becomes almost unimaginable.

August 2015 saw apocalyptic deluges of rain and hail inundating cities from China to the US, intense electrical storms frying power grids and damaging infrastructure, and unusually powerful storms destroying crops and inundating vast areas of inhabited regions.

The most memorable event of the month was the series of massive explosions at Tianjin port in northeastern China. Although it's assumed that human error was to blame, the unusual scale of the event suggests that something 'out-of-the-ordinary' was involved. With 'Earth opening up' in so many ways - enormous sinkholes, multiple volcanic eruptions, increased seismic activity, pockets of gas exploding on beaches, geysers of methane and steam erupting on golf courses and in streets - we strongly suspect the Tianjin event was 'more of the same', only BIGGER.

Last month, meteor fireballs turned night into day in Scandinavia, the UK, the US, Chile, and the Caribbean. Sinkholes swallowed people and streets in China, and portions of highways in the UK and US. Wildfires raged across southern Siberia. Hailstorms added two more passenger aircraft to their hit-list. Italy saw cars swept down streets in 'biblical' deluges, while three typhoons lined up in the Pacific for the first time in recorded history.

The exponential increase in all phenomena - volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, meteors, sinkholes, floods, lightning strikes, exploding transformers and chemical plants - is well illustrated by US wildfire statistics. There are only 6 other years when more than 8 million acres burned in the US - 2012, 2011, 2007, 2006, 2005, and 2004. As of September 1st, 2015 is set to beat the record set of 9.8 million acres consumed in 2006...

These were the signs of the times in August 2015...

Heart - Black

Dead 'migrants' and psychopaths in positions of power

Perhaps more than any other crisis in recent years, the current 'migrant' crisis in Europe has exposed the profound moral bankruptcy of Western society as represented and directed by white men and women in positions of political and economic power. But perhaps 'moral bankruptcy' is the wrong phrase to describe the essence of the problem, because it suggests that Western government policy makers ever had a functioning moral compass or genuine concern for the 'other'.

A cursory yet objective glance at Western powers' domestic and foreign policies over the course of the last 100 years shows a repeated penchant for exploitation, abuse, insatiable greed and mass murder, all under the guise of 'fiscal responsibility', 'peace keeping', 'foreign investment', 'fighting terrorism' or some other paramoralistic hokum. If you don't agree, then you're probably an authoritarian follower, emotionally or 'spiritually' unable to accept such a truth; or you may have ingested too much 'truth' from Fox or BBC news. A strict regimen of abstinence is advised.


The demonization of Jeremy Corbyn: Fears of a 'socialist' cat among the 'politically ponerized' Westminster pigeons

There is an epic struggle occurring in British politics at the moment, which could have major repercussions for the country, and perhaps even the whole world. At first glance this may appear to be an exaggeration, yet the prospect of a real 'socialist' - Jeremy Corbyn - becoming Labour party leader is potentially very significant.

As well as exposing and undermining the efforts of the architects of 'New' Labour to destroy traditional, socialist values, it also affords us a microcosmic view of a larger battle being fought. US hegemony, in the form of the global capitalist system - which just isn't working (unless, of course, you are one of the psychopathic elite), versus a more socialist alternative, as represented by Russia, China and other BRICS countries, who are striving to create a 'multi-polar' world order.

There is ample evidence that the divide between the few who 'have' and the vast majority who 'have not' is increasing. The repeated claims by government officials and shills that more 'austerity measures' are necessary 'for economic prosperity' and the UK Tory party rhetoric that "we are all in this together" is nothing more than destructive propaganda and lies. New figures have emerged this week showing Britain has 41% more millionaires than it did five years ago. All this at a time of soaring inequality, rising house prices and in-work poverty. Britain really is the "European capital of inequality", and is even more polarized between rich and poor than the United States!

The sudden popularity of anti-austerity advocate Jeremy Corbyn is, therefore, no surprise, because more and more people in the UK are waking up to the fact that the ruling 'elite', presently incarnated in the political form of the Conservative party (and the Liberal Democrats in the previous coalition government, and 'New' Labour before them), do NOT actually represent the majority of British people.

Voting for the next Labour party leader has already begun, with the results to be announced on Saturday 12th September 2015. This realization of entrenched inequality is not limited to the UK, with anti-austerity parties in other countries (such as Syriza in Greece, and Podemos in Spain) gaining more prominence.


Russian boots on the ground in Syria? Middle East mayhem intensifies

© spioenkop.blogspot
Purported Russian contractors in Syria.
Last month, in a task almost as difficult as Diogenes' search for one honest man, the U.S. allegedly found a staggering 60 'moderate rebels' in Syria to train in its interventionist program to oust Syrian president Bashar Al-Assad 'war against the Islamist terrorists'. This crack team of 'moderate' fighters, trained by the U.S. amid thousands of similarly-motivated terrorists of the Islamic State/al-Nusra/Free Syrian Army variety, demonstrated their valor by immediately refusing to fight Al-Qaeda-affiliated al-Nusra Front in Syria, a dangerous hesitation because they were subsequently attacked by al-Nusra fighters anyway.

As news of the group's uselessness reached Washington at the beginning of August, Obama then pledged airstrikes in Syria to defend said 'rebels', even from 'attacks' carried out by the legitimate authorities in Syria. The airstrikes began a couple weeks ago, launched from NATO bases in Turkey, thus opening a second front of air raids against Syria from the north, following over a year of NATO airstrikes from Iraq 'against Islamic State targets' in both Iraq and Syria's southern flanks. The massive bomb attack in late July at a Kurdish political youth meeting in Suruc, southern Turkey - allegedly carried out by 'ISIS' from Syria - the day before the Turkish air force joined in US bombing raids against targets in northern Syria, is also extremely suspect. I think we can reasonably suggest that internal political opponents were targeted by Erdogan's neo-Ottomanist regime, and their deaths used to justify cross-border air raids against Kurds in northern Syria.

Turkey's perfidy in all this needs to be underscored. Syria-based analyst Thierry Meyssan reckons the Russian alternative gas pipeline route to Mediterranean Europe - 'Turkish Stream', signed between Putin and Erdogan last December - is dead in the water. Indeed, Gazprom suspended related construction contracts in early July, before halving the gas transit capacity slated in the original deal. Turkey's official stance regarding Crimea's secession to Russia is that it "will never recognize Russia's annexation." Ankara has also been dangling massive loans to the Kiev regime and hosting a Crimean Tatar lobby group convention, attended by Kiev's foreign minister, and calling for Russia to 'return Crimea to Ukraine'.

Bad Guys

Victims of Western wars forced to flee their countries called 'swarms of marauding people' by Western warmongering politicians

© Alexandros Avramidis/Reuters
A migrant reacts as he carries a child during clashes with Macedonian police at the Greek-Macedonian border, August 21, 2015.
The 'immigration crisis' in Europe continues to worsen as a result of Western-instigated chaos in the Middle East and African countries. Several EU nations are facing a drastic influx of desperate people, with little resources available to help them.

Approximately 39,000 migrants, mostly Syrians, passed through Macedonia in July - twice June's figures. This is an alarming number and Macedonia is running out of trains to transport these people onward to the European Union. Not that they will fare much better there. On Thursday the country declared a state of emergency and Macedonian police used tear gas and stun grenades against these desperate people, injuring several. The border has been sealed with razor wire around the town of Gevgelija, where approximately 3,000 to 4,000 people, including children, are stranded. Is this how desperate men, women and children from Syria, Afghanistan, and Iraq - countries that have been ravaged by NATO's wars of aggression - should be treated by NATO member states?

"Several people were injured when hundreds of men, women and children tried to board a train to Serbia, the nearest country to the European Union (EU) member-state of Hungary, at the station of Gevgelija in Macedonia, Friday."


United States of Europe: New German Reich crushes Greece, part 1


In theory maybe...
With Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras calling snap elections in Greece, the boom has been lowered on that country's rebellion, at least in its current form. Even before Syriza - arguably the first truly leftist government in Europe since Spain pre-WW2 - came to power in Greece in January this year, the EU central powers' knives were out for them.

Immediately following Syriza's victory at the polls, the Eurocrats began shutting off the cash flow from the European Central Bank to the Bank of Greece. They also began a sustained campaign of 'capital flight', withdrawing billions of euros from the Greek economy, thereby encouraging private investors to follow suit. They then put 'capital controls' in place, ostensibly to dampen the capital flight they themselves were causing, and which had the foreseeable effect of increasing Greece's total outstanding debt by one third to an unpayable 312 billion euros. Greece's economy has shrunk 30% since it first went into recession 8 years ago, a contraction worse - in both duration and depth - than the American Great Depression of the 1930s.

Throughout this campaign of financial terrorism, the Eurocrats stone-walled or otherwise thwarted all efforts by the Greek government to implement reforms that would relieve the Greek people and make the their economy productive again. They did this because they sought to bring the country to its knees, then institute the raft of austerity measures we've seen the Greek government accept now, in one fell swoop, and without resistance. For those of you familiar with Naomi Klein's Shock Doctrine, this is economic shock therapy 101: "Only a crisis - actual or perceived - produces real change," said monetarist schizoid-in-chief, Milton Friedman. In the process, the idea that the EU is based on social justice and solidarity has been exposed as nothing more than manipulative and cynical rhetoric. The European central powers sought to make Europe's peripheral member-states aware of the real rules that govern the EU: 'We rule, you comply. We pillage, you submit.'

During the crisis, the plucky Greeks brought up Nazi-era war reparations, and spoke out against anti-Russian sanctions, but at no point did they publicly mention a 'Grexit'; rumors in that direction always came from the Eurocrats and the bankers. Like a psychopath gaslighting its prey, they painted Grexit as a nightmare scenario, and then used it - ruthlessly - as leverage with which to financially terrorize the Greek population and 'mentally waterboard' their leaders.

Comment: In part 2, we'll be looking at more revelations from Varoufakis on the 'troika', his 'global minotaur' metaphor for 'the Beast' a.k.a US empire, and why the Eurocrats rejected his plan to actually solve Europe's money problems.

Bizarro Earth

Canadian government's jihad against 'disbelieving Canadians'

At this stage of the great game, or farce, I'm resigned to the fact that the world is going to hell in a hand basket (as the saying goes) and nothing anyone says or does will change that. Admittedly, I don't know if hell exists, so the precise planetary conditions that await humanity are unknown to me, but there have been many suggestive signs and portents over the last few years.

The word 'hell' has an interesting etymology; it comes from an Indo-European root meaning 'to cover' or 'hide'. The word 'apocalypse', on the other hand, means 'to uncover' or 'reveal', which is weird, but strangely appropriate, because just about everything of real importance - all meaningful truth - in this world is hidden from most people, leading to a collective retardation of true human evolution and progress.

But if 'normal life' on this planet is hell, most people are having a ball, and will continue to do so, at least until the 'apocalypse'/uncovering, when the bare, naked truth gets dropped on humanity's collective doorstep and everyone freaks out and runs screaming to the nearest Walmart or FEMA camp for some familiar police-state succor.

Over the last 15 years, Western political types have repeatedly treated the human race's tendency towards open-minded positivity disorder (OMPD) with high doses of fear-mongering in an attempt to induce in them the, more desirable, disinhibited reactive attachment to authority disorder (DRAAD). One example of this, (among an overwhelming number of other examples), comes from the relatively new rabid authoritarian on the block, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

Heart - Black

Death squads, pedophiles and psychopaths: Inside the British establishment


ISIS Toyotas with British diplomatic plates?
On August 2nd, the UK's Express reported that British special forces were dressing up as ISIS jihadis and conducting operations in Iraq and Syria. Idiotically describing the tactic as "unorthodox", the Express journalists said that "more than 120 members of the elite regiment are currently in the war-torn country". Such a strategy can seem justified to those with only an official understanding of the Middle East conflict - where ISIS are the 'baddies' and Western operatives are the 'goodies' - and a hopelessly naive belief in the benevolence of the British military. But when viewed in the context of actual British military history in 'conflict zones' over the course of the 20th century, this story takes on a much more sinister form.

Staying with the present for a moment, the claim that British special forces are in Iraq and Syria to "fight ISIS" is not credible. More than four years ago the anglo-American warmongers made it abundantly clear that they, in league with their head-chopping royal friends in Saudi Arabia, were determined to unseat Assad, even going as far as to fabricate WMD evidence (a la Saddam Hussein) to justify a NATO attack. When Russian diplomacy thwarted that effort, the US and British 'elite' fell back on the tried and tested 'civil war' of attrition by proxy forces, in an effort to oust Assad.

But Assad, democratically elected by the Syrian people, is reluctant to leave just because Washington, Riyadh, Whitehall and Tel Aviv want him too. And while Russian, Iranian and Lebanese help is still available, it seems that the West's proxy army, aka the 'Syria rebels', are doomed to fight and die forever, or until the West's supply of hired guns (or money) runs out.

Genetically averse to accepting the hard facts of any situation, the US and British 'elites' have recently declared their right to "attack ISIS positions" directly through manned US airstrikes from Turkish bases. The real point of these airstrikes however is revealed in the fact that the US claims the right to attack anyone who threatens the Pentagon-trained 'Syrian rebels', who are primarily fighting against Assad on behalf of the US, British and Saudi regimes. That, of course, is the main point of these airstrikes; a back-door attempt to justify US military attacks on the Syrian government and its military rather than "fighting ISIS". It's reasonable to conclude, therefore, that those British special forces dressed up as ISIS form part of the same strategy and are providing "boots on the ground" to support US airstrikes on Syria positions.