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SOTT Earth Changes Summary - May 2015: Extreme Weather and Planetary Upheaval

Winter in the northern hemisphere officially ended in March, and yet May 2015 saw heavy snowfalls in parts of Norway, Russia, China and the US. Europe recorded its highest ever (official) May and June temperature - 44°C in Spain - during a brief heatwave, before the mercury plunged to as low as 8°C the following week. Like much of Siberia, northern China went from warm, dry weather - including sandstorms and wildfires - in April, to blizzards by the end of May, while spring snowfall and cold temperature records were broken in Russia.

There were at least four major tornado outbreaks in the US last month, generating some 460 tornado reports. Will the US break its 2011 record for highest number of tornadoes in one year? With the storms came hail, rain, and snow - lots of it. Texas was inundated with record-breaking rainfall that bought its 3-year-long drought to a chaotic end. There were also destructive tornadoes in New Zealand, Mexico, and Germany, which saw two tornado outbreaks.

California's record-breaking drought continues, but Los Angeles saw its daily rainfall record smashed in May. Other parts of the US under water were Louisiana, Oklahoma and Alaska, which saw its 'worst flooding in decades', in part due to yet another bizarre spring heatwave. An 'apocalyptic' storm in Moscow flooded streets, while hailstorms turned streets into rivers of ice in Spain, Mexico, and Turkey, where cars were washed away in the coastal city of Izmir. Several huge sinkholes opened up - in the US, Turkey, the Canary Islands and Russia - swallowing gardens, street intersections, golf greens, and cars.

Another deadly earthquake - officially considered an aftershock - rocked Nepal on May 12th, just three weeks after the country was flattened by its worst seismic event in 80 years. Wolf Volcano in the Galapagos erupted for the first time in decades, followed a couple of days later by an explosive eruption of Mount Shindake in southern Japan. Next up was a magnitude 8.5 earthquake off the Japanese coast, the country's strongest since that magnitude 9.0 earthquake in March 2011.

Some are asking 'when, if ever, will the climate change'? Our answer to that is: open your eyes; it's changing NOW!


Yellow journalism, Western political psychopaths and Russia-hating behind FIFA 'scandal'


Blatter: targeted for consorting with the enemy
Try and find any public information that shows that Sepp Blatter is guilty of any of the charges of fraud or corruption that have ever been brought against him. You won't find it. The only thing Blatter seems to have been "found guilty of" is "political correctness", aka crimes against Western, liberal, capitalist, secular, atheist, war-loving culture.

For example, Blatter advised gay football fans planning to go to Qatar - a brutal dictatorship supported by the West and ruled by Sharia law, where homosexuality carries the death penalty - to "refrain" while there. That's pretty good advice in my opinion.

Blatter also allegedly suggested that women footballers dress in a more feminine way to improve attendance rates. While that carries more than a hint of sexism and misogynism, this is sound business advice in this capitalist, sex-obsessed, free market driven, morality-free, money-is-all-that-matters Western world.

As to his "bizarre winner's speech"; on what basis can this be considered "bizarre" when compared to the paramoralistic verbiage regularly spewed by the average Western politician? Blatter says "we need more women in FIFA" - just like every goddam political party leader in the Western world. He also mentioned god. How exactly is that bizarre when 2/3 of the global population believes in some kind of god? But I forget, he is being targeted by the liberal, godless, materialism-worshipping and warmongering West. No god here please, unless he supports war and genocide.

Comment: See also: FIFA 'scandal' = US attempts to impose sports sanctions against Russia


FIFA 'scandal' = US attempts to impose sports sanctions against Russia

How dare they! Being all friendly...
The good ol' US of A is at it again. Fighting injustice, dispensing truth, kickin' corrupt corporate butt and taking names. No evil-doers are safe, not even outfits that most people in the US Justice Dept. have probably never heard of, like FIFA, the International Federation of Association Football.

If, like most of the rest of the world, you think that this 'scandal' has anything to do with the US government's desire to see justice served, then I have a chemical weapon storage facility in Syria to sell you. This 'scandal' is nothing more than a bare-faced and embarrassingly pathetic attempt by the US empire-builders to prevent Russia from hosting the 2018 soccer world cup. Like a petulant, spoiled child that has been told 'no', this is the US government's version of throwing a tantrum and screaming "I HATE YOU!"

The official story is that, over the course of several years from the 1990s, the 14 indicted officials had accepted bribes for voting to award FIFA events to particular countries, primarily Qatar, South Africa, and various Latin American nations. But these days, no US government-inspired 'scandal' is worth promoting if it doesn't target Russia, the American empire's favorite whipping boy.

Russia was awarded the 2018 World Cup in 2010, at a time when the US government still thought it could 'contain' Russia. With last year's events in Ukraine however, all bets were off and Putin's Russia leaped to an all time high in the league table of states in need of 'regime change'. So while there is no doubt that FIFA is as perfidious as any other global corporation, there is obviously more to this situation than mere bribery.

So given that corruption within FIFA has been an open secret for years, the question becomes, why now? FIFA is scheduled to elect its next president today, with the incumbent Sepp Blatter, who is up for reelection, viewed as a pro-Russian because he presided over the awarding of the 2018 games to Russia. Blatter's opponent is vice president Prince Ali of Jordan, Jordan being a US client state that has been used as a staging ground for Western-backed 'Syrian rebels' (aka ISIS) to attack Syria. Coincidentally (or NOT!) just one day before the US DOJ indictments, US Senators John McCain and Robert Menendez sent a letter to the FIFA congress urging it to remove Russia as the host country for 2018. Their schizoidal rationale was that: "allowing Russia to host the World Cup would bolster the Putin regime at a time when it should be condemned".


The Senators' letter to FIFA
Now, isn't it 'funny' that the world's pre-eminent financiers and supporters of terrorism and brutal dictators have the cojones to call the Russian government a "regime"? Isn't it a hoot that the same global mafia bosses who orchestrated the overthrow of the Ukrainian government last year and ushered in a civil war that has cost the lives of at least 5,000 civilians have the effrontery to accuse Russia of "violations of Ukraine's territorial integrity"? But the hypocrisy doesn't end there. The two signatories to the above letter are far from squeaky clean. McCain is an ardent supporter of Muslim terrorists who has spent the last 4 years loudly advocating for US tax payers' money to be sent to 'Syrian rebels' aka 'ISIS'. In April this year, Menedez was indicted by the same US DOJ on corruption charges for using his Senate office to push the business interests of a friend in exchange for cash and gifts.

Another detail in the background here is the fact that FIFA was considering suspending Israel due to their treatment of Palestinian footballers. The 'scandal' has proven so glaringly 'fortuitous' for Israel that even the Times of Israel had to call it out and admit that the distraction of the 'scandal' will leave the Palestinian authority's attempt to have Israel banned dead in the water.

But take a moment to fully grasp the extent of the desperation of the Anglo-American empire builders in their attempt to vilify Russia. The very idea that Russia might enjoy the positive propaganda of hosting the 2018 World Cup caused such fulminous frothing of the mouth at the US State Dept. that the organisation that had awarded the games to Russia had to be taken down, including its president.


Is ISIS a creation of the US government? Do large hairy mammals relieve themselves in the woods?


Stick on some beards and... US-created 'Contra' rebels in Nicaragua
Over the course of the past 100 years, eastwards from South America to South East Asia (and everywhere in between), official history records that US governments have repeatedly created and used terrorist groups to attack foreign governments and populations who foolishly refused to view the world through a 'stars and stripes'-tinted lens. Two examples, among dozens, include Nicaragua and Indonesia.

At a 1985 hearing of the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on US operations in Nicaragua, Sen. Patrick J. Leahy (D-Vt.) told then Secretary of State George P. Shultz: "There is a growing body of evidence that the Contras have committed widespread violence against the civilian population. I am concerned that money from our government goes to an organization that commits atrocities. I have been given affidavits by victims of atrocities, terrible photographs."

Shultz was being rather coy here. The US government viewed the democratically-elected Sandinista government as a threat to the ability of American corporations to exploit Nicaraguan resources. Continuing in the tradition they had, by then, established in at least five other South American nations that rejected US corporate plunder of their nation, the US government decided to fund, arm and train a terrorist group known as the 'Contras' or 'counter-revolutionaries'.

For the next ten years, the Contras carried out widespread terror attacks against the civilian population that killed at least 45,000 people in the tiny central American nation. The CIA even produced a 'terror manual' for the Contras called Psychological Operations in Guerrilla Warfare that advised on how to rationalize the killing of civilians. For almost ten years these CIA terrorists busied themselves by:
  • targeting health care clinics and health care workers for assassination
  • kidnapping civilians
  • torturing civilians
  • executing civilians, including children, who were captured in combat
  • raping women
In his case study of the Nicaragua vs United States dispute, Professor of military law at the University of Amsterdam, Terry Gill wrote: "The US played a very large role in financing, training, arming, and advising the contras over a long period, and the Contras only became capable of carrying out significant military operations as a result of this support."

Cell Phone

EMF pollution: The health impacts of wireless RF radiation

© (Richard Box’s ‘FIELD’ February 2004 Photo: Stuart Bunce, [With permission – Henshaw 1]
Fluorescent tubes lit by overhead power line
This article is part three in a series of articles on electromagnetic field (EMF) pollution. Part one is available here, part two here. This article will focus on wireless RF radiation and systemic EMF health effects.

Chronic diseases have many potential causes, including genetics, deficient diet, toxin exposure, and repressed emotional expression. Research has mounted over the past two decades in support of adding EMF exposure to the top-level list of causes of chronic disease (including genome/DNA damage). It's likely that a chronic disease condition results from a unique and individual combination of these top-level stressors, so EMF exposure should be considered in the context of other source causes, as suggested in Figure 1.
Figure 1 EMF health effects in the context of diet and toxin exposure

Comment: Continue to Part 4 in this series.

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Listen to SOTT Radio Network's Health and Wellness show on EMF Exposure to learn more about man-made sources of EMF, past study results, what you can do to measure your EMF exposure, and what steps you can take to minimize it.


Problem solved: NATO and EU want to bomb 'refugee terrorists' they created


The latest chapter in NATO's 'anti-terror' operations seems to be opening up, again in Libya.

In case you didn't know, 'ISIS jihadists' are coming to Europe and the UK! Disguised as Muslim refugees they are "hell-bent on committing atrocities," thus the necessity of 'bombing them over there so we don't have to bomb them here'. The story goes that ISIS is 'blending in' with refugees on their boat crossings to Europe, thus ALL refugees coming to Europe could potentially be 'terrorists'. So, bomb them!

The US (NATO) which is responsible for causing the humanitarian crisis and, as it happens, ISIS itself, is once again offering a 'solution' to a problem it created. If you don't want hordes of refugees, then don't bomb their homes; that's the simple truth that is lost on NATO warmongers. But the price of killing innocent people - as Madeleine Albright would say - is always "worth it". Especially when you can just call the refugees you create "terrorists", and threaten to kill them too.

NATO is not only capitalizing on the ISIS 'threat', it's using the 'concern' about the refugee crisis it created to continue to 'manage' the Middle East in a way that ensures Western control of the oil spigot and keeps Russia and China out of southwest Asia. Another Western intervention will, of course, cause even more displaced persons and spawn more terrorists in a never-ending loop, but don't expect the goons running NATO to care or have the perspicacity to foresee that inevitable consequence. It's a twisted world of psychopaths in power that wouldn't appear in your worst nightmares.

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State incitement of Islamophobia in Holland: Nazi Germany and the Jews revisited

Local Dutch broadcaster RTV Noord Holland recently launched an advertising campaign involving posters with the question: "Are other jihad families living in Het Gooi?". The poster refers to two families with children living in the area who, last year, were alleged to be planning to move to Syria and help ISIS. The posters were hung at bus stops in the cities Huizen and Hilversum (Het Gooi is the area around Hilversum). The Muslim community in the Netherlands, as well as non-Muslims have responded with shock, many voicing their concerns that this campaign increases Islamophobia and encourages the assumption that islam and terrorism are one and the same thing.

Several people have compared the campaign with the persecution of the Jews during the Second World War. Ali Osman, board member of Moslims in Dialoog, for instance, said: "It is not the same, but back then it also happened in steps. First the Jews were not wanted anymore, then they became second-rate citizens. That also seems to be the case here."

As a reaction to this recent uproar, Paul van Gessel, director of RTV Noord Holland that is responsible for the campaign of bigotry and jingoism, told the current affairs show Dit is de Dag:
'We focus on a theme which is important in a region,' 'Jihad fighters are an issue in Het Gooi. We are a journalistic organisation and we ask questions.'

Poster reads: "Are other jihad families living in ‘t Gooi?"
How exactly a handful of alleged IS-supporters in an area with approx. 220,650 inhabitants (or about 0.005% of the population in the area) translates to "Jihad fighters" being ''an issue'' in the region is beyond me. If there truly was a Jihad-issue in Het Gooi, the problem could have been dealt with in a different manner. Instead of hanging up posters that exacerbate the disadvantageous social and economical position in which Muslims in Holland find themselves, they could have made efforts to educate people (Muslims and non-Muslims) about the real origins and purpose of ISIS. Investment could also have been in spreading information about the difference between someone committing violent acts in the name of a religion and the other peaceful followers of that same religion. This would have helped to alleviate the stress that the average Dutch Muslim has to deal with and discourage young adults of Muslim faith from falling prey to ISIS propaganda.

Alas, Paul van Gessel and others appear to have a different goal in mind.
© Twitter/Moslims in Dialoog
Interestingly, this poster was hung in a street named 'Laan 1940-1945'. Coincidence?

Evil Rays

EMF Pollution: Man-Made EMF, Dirty Power, and AC magnetic fields

© (Richard Box’s ‘FIELD’ February 2004 Photo: Stuart Bunce, [With permission – Henshaw 1]
Fluorescent tubes lit by overhead power line
This article is part two in a series of articles on EMF pollution. Part one on the background to EMF pollution is available here. We'll now proceed with a detailed description of man-made sources of EMF (Electromagnetic Field), discuss past study results, and finish up with some suggestions for gauging your EMF exposure, and steps you can take to minimize it.

Chronic diseases have many potential causes, including genetics, deficient diet, toxin exposure, and repressed emotional expression. Research has mounted over the past two decades in support of adding EMF exposure to the top-level list of causes of chronic disease (including genome/DNA damage). It's likely that a chronic disease condition results from a unique and individual combination of these top-level stressors, so EMF exposure should be considered in the context of other source causes, as suggested in Figure 1.

Figure 1 EMF health effects in the context of diet and toxin exposure
Man-Made EMF

The primary man-made EMFs that have been identified are AC (alternating current) ELF (extra low frequency) electric/magnetic fields associated with power distribution, 'dirty power' (a negative by-product of our switch to 'energy-efficient' appliances, which produces 'transients' - electrical 'spikes' and 'sags') associated with high frequency noise induced in the power grid, and wireless RF (radio frequency) signals originating from a host communication systems - both commercial and military. Every year volumes of studies are published by researchers attempting to quantify the health risks associated with these man-made EMFs. After several decades of concerted study (and much money), the general public perception remains that little of substance has been proven linking EMF exposure with serious negative health consequences. A good part of the responsibility for this lies with the news media and their lack of motivation to inform the public of what these studies really show. Instead, the media plays a role more akin to concealing the truth and delivering lies - the kind we, collectively, prefer to hear.

Comment: Continue to Part 3 in this series.

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Listen to SOTT Radio Network's Health and Wellness show on EMF Exposure to learn more about man-made sources of EMF, past study results, what you can do to measure your EMF exposure, and what steps you can take to minimize it.

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Lament for Babylon

I thought I'd wax a little Biblical today. As many of you know, my very first book was a commentary on Revelations entitled The Noah Syndrome. I was quite struck by the fact that the descriptions given by the alleged "John of Patmos" were so similar to the descriptions of the plagues in Egypt as reported in Exodus and that is what started my research into cataclysms, Earth Changes, etc. That was back in the mid 80s; a lot of water has gone over the dam and under the bridge since then and my most recent book, Comets and the Horns of Moses covers the topic more broadly with scientific backing for what is likely to come on the Earth in the not-too-distant future. Following that volume, my research helper, Pierre Lescaudron, wrote Earth Changes and the Human-Cosmic Connection based on certain ideas that had developed in "Comets and the Horns..." which he understood a lot better than I did so I said "you write it!"

Anyway, as the horror increases daily on our planet and I feel more and more like I have awakened into a nightmare because of the rampant psychopathy on an almost global scale; as I observe the back and forth between Israel and the US, Israel and Gaza, the US and Russia, the manipulations of the US in Ukraine; Ukraine against its own people; wars in Africa, ISIS in Iraq; the growing peril of Ebola (and probably worse to come); the onward march of global climate change (not warming, oncoming Ice Age) burning, blasting, destroying; one thing keeps running through my head: Revelations Chapter 18. You see, even if the religious parts of the Bible, all the God said/did stuff, is hokum in my opinion, I still think that there were some fundamental texts that were utilized to create Judaism/Christianity/Islam, and those texts were descriptions of real events - cataclysmic events that we haven't seen the likes of since Rome was destroyed by similar processes. So, even if the book of Revelations might have been written much later, (and I don't think that Jehovah/Yahweh/any other God was doing things, and I think that 'angels' were actually descriptions of comets), I do think that it is possible that the Information Fundament of our reality can inform and inspire writers in ways we don't understand. That is, literary foreshadowing, drawing on unknown characteristics of the Cosmic Information Field, might be a valid channel of real prophecy.

Георгиевская ленточка

Civilized world attends Moscow for Victory Day - media highlights

Seventy years ago, the Soviet Union crushed Nazism in Europe. Millions died in the struggle. Today, the civilized world joined together in Moscow in celebrating the victory over fascist pathocracy. The leaders of the West did not attend. The reason is simple. Nazism may have been defeated in Germany, but it has lived on ever since in the United States, and it has made a recent resurgence in Ukraine. To attend such a celebration would be an unthinkable violation of fascistic, psychopathic Western values.

So with that said, here's a run-down of some of the highlights from the parade. First of all, the parade itself: