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Thu, 11 Feb 2016
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Refugee crisis in Germany - Nazis on the rise - 'Never again' is happening again

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Right-wing movement PEGIDA draws 25,000 people to the streets in Dresden
The reports coming from Germany these days can be confusing: we hear stories about the staggering numbers of refugees pouring into the country, about refugees disappearing without a trace, about Germany being the only country actually living up to its responsibility to provide shelter for these people who fled the chaos that the West created with its perpetual war in the Middle East, wild theories that claim the "so-called refugee crisis" is entirely manufactured in order to "invade" Europe in general and Germany in particular, while providing a cheap labor force for the corporate elites, and even warnings of an impending civil war in Germany.

However, the most important thing people need to understand about the current situation in Germany is the widespread and increasing hatred towards refugees and Muslims that is infecting people's minds in the very country that gave rise to the Nazis and one of the darkest episodes in human history. Incidentally, in light of the Paris attacks that have propelled the "Muslim terrorist" narrative back into the headlines, we should all remember that one of the seminal events that led to the rise of the Nazis and their final solution for the Jews was the burning of the Reichstag by the Nazis that was then blamed on 'Communists'. As they say, history repeats - same song, different verse.

So what's the atmosphere on the ground in Germany? First, there are indeed large numbers of refugees in the country, which naturally poses a lot of logistical problems: where can they live, which government agencies are responsible, what about medical treatment, language barriers, registration, heating, food, etc.? What about all the legal procedures that are supposed to take place with asylum seekers (including deportation, which always has been subject of debate in Germany), when the numbers are so high and under conditions of general chaos?

These are obviously great challenges, and those tasked with facing those challenges report a lot of mismanagement of the situation. Tellingly, a lot of the work is actually done not by the government, but by the many volunteers who distribute clothes, provide language classes, help with bureaucracy and so on. Needless to say, with such a large group of people, along with the majority of peaceful and traumatized refugees, there will also be thugs, criminals and pathological types of all sorts. Naturally then, there are reports of crimes and violence committed by some of the refugees (notice however that many of the more horrific tales are based entirely on rumors fueled by racism, most of which turned out to be hoaxes). On the other hand, there are very frightening incidents of right-wing violence against the refugees, from beatings to setting fire to refugee camps.


SOTT Earth Changes Summary - October 2015: Extreme Weather, Planetary Upheaval, Meteor Fireballs

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Hurricanes bringing record flooding and 'rivers of ice' to the Middle East... is it possible that Mother Nature is reflecting back to humanity the socio-political chaos in the region - and, indeed, globally?

In October 2015, deluges caused fatal flash-flooding along the French Riviera, Turkey's Black Sea coast, Greece's islands, southern Italy, and elsewhere in the Mediterranean as 'medi-canes' pummeled the region. 'Medi-cane' is, of course, a newly created term to describe this new weather pattern. Climate shift has also spread to the Middle East, where raging storms have brought weeks of unprecedented flash-flooding all the way from Egypt to Iran. Intense hailstorms last month turned the Arabian desert into rivers of ice, while Cyclone Chapala - the second strongest recorded storm in the Arabian Sea behind only Cyclone Gonu in 2007 - became the first ever storm to make landfall in Yemen.

Strong seismic activity last month included multiple volcanic eruptions in Mexico spewing ash thousands of feet into the air, a magnitude 5.9 earthquake in northern Argentina that damaged infrastructure, a magnitude 7.5 earthquake that killed 400 people in Pakistan and Afghanistan, and the worst ever landslide in Guatemala killing 350 people. Sinkholes swallowed a street in England and a car in Sicily, while the land opened up to form a new ravine in Wyoming. Typhoon Mujigae dropped multiple destructive tornadoes, while waterspouts came ashore in Florida, France, Italy, Tunisia, and the Canary Islands, often preceding deluges that sent rivers of mud down streets and out to sea.

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In mid-October, Typhoon Koppu set a new rainfall record in the Philippines: a staggering 52 inches (1.32m) in 24 hours. In a matter of days, Los Angeles went from experiencing a record heatwave to devastating hailstorms and record rainfall; the resulting mudslides buried hundreds of vehicles on a busy highway. Category 5 Hurricane Patricia dumped 20 inches (0.5m) of rain in Mexico's southwest, turning streets into rivers. Patricia was - at one point, in terms of sustained wind speeds - the strongest storm ever recorded, globally, and was the strongest ever for the Western Hemisphere in terms of both wind speeds and barometric pressure.

Texas went from experiencing record heat and wildfires earlier in the month to being flooded for the second time this year, with some rainfall records breaking those set in May. Hurricane Joaquin combined with another storm system to produce a "one-in-1,000-year" rainstorm that inundated parts of the US Eastern Seaboard. Hardest hit were the Carolinas, which saw floodwaters reach record levels. In the 'bizarre' department last month, we've got video footage of a 'ghost city' apparition above Foshan in southeastern China and a 'moth-like' UFO filmed in Ohio. On Halloween, an asteroid - discovered only two weeks prior - passed by Earth, just as large meteor fireballs were seen across Europe.

These were the signs of the times in October 2015...

2 + 2 = 4

ISIS as Instruments of Proxy War on Western Populations

The obvious result, and therefore goal, of the horrific Paris attacks that were blamed on ISIS terrorists is to provoke the potential socio/political 'fracture point' of French Muslims vs. (mostly lapsed) French Christians and ignite a debate on what should be done about France and Europe's 'multi-culturalism' in an age of Jihadist terrorism.

This is a particularly cynical and, frankly, evil, maneuver in the context of the recent influx of large numbers of Syrian migrants into Europe, who are fleeing a war against the Assad government that was ignited and has been fully backed by Western powers, including France.

To put it more bluntly, France has been supporting in Syria the very same type of jihadist terrorists that it blames for the Paris attacks.

Alarm Clock

Paris Attacks Reveal Bizarre ISIS Strategy and NATO's Strategy of Tension in Europe

Scenes from the multiple coordinated terror attacks in Paris on Friday 13th November 2015
"It's so shocking. When Charlie Hebdo happened, it was a specific, targeted attack. But this time it's terrifying because it is just random, innocent people going about their lives. I know a lot of people in Paris - there is panic and disorder here, no one can understand what's going on. We are all in a state of complete shock."
So said Quentin, 27, who works for an online company in Paris, and whose oldest friend was shot multiple times at the Bataclan concert hall.

Terrorist attacks like these are never "random", at least not in the sense that they have no point. If they appear random, then that is undoubtedly part of the strategy that drives them. Governments and groups use terrorism to achieve a specific goal, so there is always a point. To understand what the point is, you just have to know who is really responsible.

We've already been told that "ISIS" has claimed responsibility for the Paris attacks, a claim partly backed up by the convenient discovery of a Syrian passport on the body of one of the "suicide bombers" (why do these terrorists always carry ID on their suicide missions?). But given that most ISIS terrorists in Syria are foreign mercenaries, this isn't really evidence of anything, except perhaps that some ISIS terrorists were hidden among the Syrian refugees that transited through Greece this summer.

We're told that ISIS aims to establish a caliphate over as much of the Levant as possible. But achieving that aim necessarily involves the removal of the Assad government, which Western powers have been lobbying for for several years. Over the past 4 years of the "Syrian revolution", and until about 6 weeks ago, the group had gone a long way toward attaining that goal, with the Syrian Arab Army seriously pressed and the Assad government's areas of control limited to small areas in and around Damascus. After 6 weeks of Russian airstrikes however, ISIS is now losing ground faster than a 3-legged donkey in a horse race, and their paymasters in Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Washington DC can't seem to funnel enough money and weapons to them to make a difference.

Blue Planet

The great global change game: Our civilization is headed for the fate of the Bronze Age - destruction

I haven't written anything for SOTT in quite a while, mainly because, as far as I could see, I had said everything that I thought needed to be said in dozens of articles over the years. It's not that I gave up, I just turned my attention to my historical research in an effort to find the key that might possibly unlock a system for change. I haven't found it. In fact, historical research has convinced me more today than ever that there is no good outcome for the human race if the present conditions continue along their defined trajectory. If human beings don't kill billions of other human beings rather soon, it seems the planet itself, or the cosmos, will do it for us.

Oh, indeed, Vladimir Putin has tossed a monkey wrench into the works of the Global Elite's drive for full-spectrum dominance, but the last person who did that from within what could be called an equivalent empire was Julius Caesar, and look what happened to him.

At present I'm working my way through a detailed account of the collapse of the Bronze Age civilization and the comparisons are so interesting that I think I'd like to bring them to your attention. At the end of the Bronze Age, there was a perfect storm of conditions and events that took the Mediterranean peoples - possibly the peoples on the entire planet, if the data could be collected - into a dark age that they did not come out of for about 300 years. If humanity survives at all, I think we are facing something similar.

Comment: Recommended reading: 1177 B.C.: The Year Civilization Collapsed by Eric H. Cline.


Fat Controversy - What You Don't Know About Healthy Fats

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We all know that saturated fats are unhealthy and kill us. The government says it, the experts say it, and the medical professionals say it.

But is this really the case? Let's have a look a the actual science behind this claim.

The hypothesis, that saturated fats are unhealthy was first developed in 1955 by a researcher, Ancel Keys. In his famous - or I should rather say infamous - Seven Countries Study, he showed that the countries with the highest amount of saturated fat in their diet showed the highest rates of cardiovascular disease.

The problem with his study however was pointed out by two other researchers - Yerushalmy and Hilleboe - two years later. Keys had only picked seven countries out of a total of 22 for which these data were available. Had he used the full data set, his theory would have looked much weaker, and his study probably never published.


Was an 'exotic energy weapon' used to down Russian plane in Sinai?

Attentive observers of global politics may have noticed that when 'terror attacks' take place, Western authorities usually have a preprepared narrative about what happened and which terror group was responsible that is quickly pitched to the media and public. On very rare occasions however, such events are met with an uncharacteristic silence from the halls of Western power, at least for the crucial initial few days when the public mind is 'open' to impressions...

Such was the case with the downing of a Russian plane over the Sinai, when Western governments came close to saying absolutely nothing about the crash other than it had to be investigated. This was, of course, shocking to many people. After all, the authorities are meant to be authoritative and give us the simple black and white explanations we all crave so we can go back to sleep.

While the Russian government has repeatedly called for everyone to refrain from jumping to conclusions before any actual investigation had taken place, after their few days of relative silence, the US and British government officials couldn't restrain themselves from pushing the terror threat into the collective face of the global public.

British 'intelligence' has led the recent campaign to convince the world that a bomb, and therefore 'ISIS', brought down the Russian plane. The evidence for this claim involves unnamed British intelligence personnel simply saying 'it was probably a bomb'. When pressed for actual evidence however, they refer to "chatter" they "picked up" after the crash, where "ISIS militants" celebrated the event. In intelligence terms, "chatter" today usually means some tea boy at MI6 HQ seeing a post by an alleged jihadi on FB.

The closest we can get to non-social-media-based evidence for a bomb on the plane are statements by various unnamed sources, some of them allegedly "close to the investigation". One such source told AFP that "everything was normal during the flight, absolutely normal, and suddenly there was nothing." He described the accident as a "violent, sudden" demise.

Meanwhile, a source with access to the black boxes told France 2 TV channel that a sound similar to that of an explosion could be heard on the recording. This information has led other "sources close to the investigation" to tell French news magazine Le Point that the Metrojet flight was "definitely blown up by an explosive device". This was apparently based on analysis of the black boxes by Russian, French, German and Irish investigators in Cairo.


Inside the NATO Troll Factory: Meet Finnish troll-doctor Torsti Sirén, who hates Sott.net


Finnish Pro-Washington troll, Docent Torsti Sirén.
You may recall our run-in with Finnish media outlets earlier this year, when Finnish presstitutes targeted Sott.net with specious accusations in an apparent effort to intimidate us.

When Finnish SOTT (fi.sott.net) editors recently wrote an article about Finnish military historian and honorary doctorate Sampo Ahto's condemning views about US imperialism, and shared it on their Facebook page, the post was subject to the kind of trolling usually only reserved for those who stray too close to the truth.

The reason we're bringing this to your attention is that Finnish mainstream newspaper Lappeenrannan uutiset subsequently published a hit-piece on October 31st titled: "a man from Lappeenranta had an incident with a Russian troll factory".


Some dude at the Finnish newspaper reading Sott.net's FB page. He better be careful!
In this article by reporter Janne Koivisto, the "Russian troll factory" is our Finnish SOTT site. But extraordinary claims need extraordinary evidence. So let's take a closer look at this "news" story according to the Finnish newspaper:
Jorma Tyrmi from Lappeenranta was startled last week while using Facebook, when an unusual advertisement came up on the screen. Russia's president Vladimir Putin smiled on the advertisement, which led to an article on a website named Sott.net.

- An interesting thing was, that the ad was paid for. Russia is ready to pay a US business, so it can feed its nonsense to Finnish people, Tyrmi says astonished.
Maybe the Finnish media needs to retake Social Media Activism 101 at the US State Department, because what they describe as an "advertisement" is actually a Facebook link to an article on Finnish Sott.net. The article in question is a write-up about the website Dearputin.com.

So to summarize: some dude called Jorma Tyrmi from Lappeenranta in Finland saw an "advertisement" on the Sott.net Finnish Facebook page, drew the conclusion that it must have been paid for by the Russian government because it contained an image of Putin, became hysterical and called Finnish journalists, who then wrote a story about it. This, dear readers, is the "source" for the dubious claims in the headline of the Finnish newspaper. That's quality journalism right there!


Russian Flight 9268 downed by extreme weather/meteor event?

The crash of Kolavia Flight 7K9268 from Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt, to St. Petersburg, Russia, on October 31st killed all 224 passengers and crew, making it Russia's worst ever aviation accident.

The Airbus A321 disappeared from radar over the Sinai desert 23 minutes after takeoff. No emergency signal was broadcast by the pilots. The plane began a rapid, almost vertical, descent from around 31,000 ft until it disappeared from radar at around 28,000 ft. The plane's debris and passenger bodies were spread over a 20 sq km area, with one 3-year-old passenger allegedly found 8 km from the main crash site. This strongly suggests that the plane broke up in mid-air.

Russian aviation experts have discounted the idea that the plane was shot down by a missile or that a bomb exploded on board. A technical fault that could have caused the plane to suddenly plummet out of the sky and incapacitated the pilots before they could send a distress signal is also implausible. Even if both engines failed simultaneously, the plane would still have been 'airworthy' enough to allow the flight crew to glide the plane to an emergency landing over the course of at least 25 minutes.

Something else, something extremely violent, sudden and catastrophic befell the plane and its passengers. Viktor Yung, deputy director of the airline, echoed this assessment when he said today that only an "external force" could have caused the plane to suddenly plummet from the sky.

"As the catastrophic incident started to develop, the crew members were rendered completely incapable. This explains why they didn't attempt to contact air traffic and report the incident happening on board," Yung said. Aleksandr Smirnov, who supervises the company's fleet, said that "the only possible explanation is a mechanical force acting on the aircraft, there is no combination of system failures that could have broken the plane apart in the air."


U.S. scrambling to save face in Syria

The U.S. political, military and intelligence leadership have been scrambling to save face in Syria since Putin threw a geopolitical curve-ball at the empire-builders one month ago. Russia has now been pounding them with it repeatedly for 30 glorious days, taking out 1,600 terrorist targets and sending many of the critters fleeing. Put simply, the Americans created a wasteland, dug a giant hole in that wasteland, filled it with cannibalistic, head-chopping psychopaths, and bet the farm on burying their enemies in it, only to find themselves neck-deep in their own duplicity and hubris, scrambling to escape a problem of their own creation. American petard, meet Russian hoist.

Here's how it happened. After decades of using every dirty trick in the book to expand and maintain their hegemony -- bribery, blackmail, torture, coups, assassinations, death squads -- the Americans got complacent. To this end, the 'Al-Qaeda' bogeyman served them well. It is at once both a media creation to terrify the plebs and justify domestic and foreign power-grabs and a cover for mercenary warfare against foreign resistance to American occupation (e.g., Iraq), and against governments who refused to toe the American line (e.g., Libya).

Al-Qaeda 2.0 (ISIS/ISIL/IS) is no different. From 9/11 and the launch of the 'war on terror', the empire-builders enforced the PATRIOT Act and corresponding police state legislation right across the Western world, launched wars of occupation and proxy wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Pakistan, Yemen, Mali and elsewhere and increased their economic, political and military dominance around the globe.

Naturally, they didn't think anyone would seriously challenge or call them on their bluff and bluster. Enter Vladimir Putin. Judging by American words and actions over the last month, and despite crying wolf about 'Russian invasions' in Ukraine since the coup d'état in Kiev in February 2014, the Americans didn't see the Russians coming in Syria.

Let's be honest here, the Americans practically handed it to Putin on a platter. They spent so much time and energy building up ISIS as the biggest, baddest, scariest bunch of psychopathic monsters that all Putin had to do was say, "Yeah, you guys are right. Mind if I take 'em on? You know I know Judo, right?" I would have loved to see the looks on their faces when they heard the news on September 30th.