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Tue, 09 Feb 2016
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Syrian death toll exaggerated to generate Western public support for airstrikes and regime change

In his recent interview for CBS' 60 Minutes, Putin flatly rejected Western media claims that the Syrian military commits war crimes, not least the incessantly repeated claim that the Syrian military is wantonly dropping 'barrel bombs' over civilian areas, telling American journalist Charlie Rose, "Speaking in the professional language of the intelligence services, I can tell you that this kind of assessment is an 'active measure' by enemies of Assad. It is anti-Syrian propaganda." Since the conflict began, many massacres have been blamed on Syrian forces, but later turned out to have either not taken place at all or have been carried out by so-called 'rebels' or 'terrorists'.

Within a year of the so-called 'Syrian uprising' they told us the death toll was hitting 100,000. By late 2013 it was 200,000. And today Western media outlets throw around figures of 'over 320,000 dead'. The primary source for these figures throughout the 'civil war' - which is really a war of conquest by proxy mercenaries in the pay of Washington, Turkey and Saudi Arabia, - has been the 'Syrian Observatory for Human Rights', an opposition 'group' whose reports about what's happening in Syria have been taken at face value, despite its clear interest in portraying the Syrian government in the worst possible light. The information on which the figures are based are internationally considered so dubious that the UN gave up trying to keep an accurate count almost two years ago.

Routinely cited by every single Western media outlet, and its reports taken as gospel truth, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) has effectively been inventing a narrative of what's happening in Syria that fits Western foreign policy interests. With no real 'ears on the ground' in Syria, SOHR produces reports on troop movements, government policy, and public sentiment, all of which amount to so many lies that are uncritically swallowed and regurgitated by Western presstitutes. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) consists of one Syrian expat - Abdul Rahman, aka Rami Abdulrahman, aka Osama Suleiman - and his 'team of four activists in Syria'. Rahman, a three-term convicted criminal in Syria, found refuge in the West, where he miraculously sees all in Syria from his two-bedroom house above a clothes shop in Coventry, England.

Better Earth

Sadistic Saudi princes and Washington warmongers Vs Russia's civilizing force

Baitul Futuh Mosque, in London.
Today, Saturday, the largest mosque in Europe, the Baitul Futuh Mosque in London, is on fire. Completed in 2003, the 5.2-acre mosque can hold up to 10,000 people and cost a reported £15 million ($23 million) to build. Its ground and first floors are in flames, and around 70 firefighters and 10 engines are working to put them out. Information is still scarce - no word as to the cause or if anyone was hurt or trapped in the building.

This comes just three days after Moscow reopened what is now Russia's biggest mosque, the Moscow Grand Mosque, which sizes up at 4 acres and has a capacity of over 10,000. First built in 1904, it has been completely rebuilt, a project that started four years ago. Turkish President Recep Erdogan and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas spoke, along with Russian President Vladimir Putin, at the grand opening.

The contrast between the two events couldn't be more fitting, given the present political and religious climate.
© Alexei Druzhinin / Reuters
Moscow Grand Mosque in Moscow, Russia.

Evil Rays

The Atlantic Council, Western media, and the 'Big Lie' about Putin's Russia


Jeezus guys, could your resentments, biases and deep-seated hatred for this man be any more obvious?!
Russia invaded Ukraine and annexed Crimea. Russia shot down MH17. Russia is planning to invade the Baltics. Russia is behind the Syrian refugee crisis. Day after day, the media churns out lie after lie from the bizarro realm of unreality in which so-called 'think tanks' exist. Their utterly schizoidal insistence that everyone adopt their paranoid anti-Russian stance means that as soon as you've countered one set of lies, a new set is already making the rounds.

One such screed in Newsweek recently, 'Putin's Big Lie Turns Reality on Its Head', written by Adrian Karatnycky, was reproduced from the Atlantic Council, an institution that is up there with the Brookings Institute in terms of a blood-soaked legacy from making the world safe for democracy American hegemony.

Karatnycky, a Ukrainian, is a 'Senior Fellow' following a decade as President of Freedom House, a CIA front, and another 'think tank' that has been instrumental in 'exporting democracy' - to American standards, of course.

Karatnycky's article begins:
Each summer, as part of ongoing efforts to influence their young, Russia's government leaders and propagandists head to a conference center on the Klyazma River about 130 miles northeast of Moscow to address the "Terra Scientia" Russian Youth Education Conference.

Despite its lofty name, the conference bears little trace of free inquiry. Over the course of six weeklong shifts - each with around 1,000 participants representing a different sphere of endeavor - Russia's most politically reliable youth leaders are introduced to a steady stream of ideas, messages and talking points to be used over the course of the year in civic and educational work.


Syrian refugees in Europe, regime change in Damascus, and the mass migrations still to come

"An iron curtain has descended across the continent..."
So said Winston Churchill during his speech at Harry Truman's Missouri hometown in 1945, more or less officially declaring the Cold War to 'contain' Soviet Russia and establish the West's de facto control of the planet. That 'iron curtain' was mostly metaphorical, but the steel wire chain-link fences that are being erected today along Hungary's border with Serbia are very real. As Hungary, Austria, Slovakia and the Netherlands all follow Germany's lead to impose border controls, effectively suspending the EU's open borders policy, you have to wonder what other moves are afoot in Europe's unfolding migration/refugee crisis.

Welcome to Camp Europe
The stream of refugees from Syria is just one branch of many coming to Europe from as far away as Afghanistan and central Africa. All these places have been - or are still being - destroyed by NATO and/or proxy forces in the post-9/11 war frenzy. Regarding the broader refugee crisis, Western leaders knew full well, prior to obliterating Libya, that a significant increase in the numbers of people coming north from Africa into Europe would be the logical result:
Italy and Silvio Berlusconi face Libya dilemma

BBC News, 1 March 2011
"Italy's interior and foreign ministers seemed equally cautious at first, painting Libya not as a military priority but a humanitarian one.

They conjured up disturbing predictions of mass unchecked migration from Libya into the EU - suggesting it would be of biblical proportions with as many as 300,000 fleeing to Europe.

Other EU capitals said Italy was over-reacting to a crisis that had yet to materialise, but the Italian worries had been registered.‌
By most accounts, the refugees from Syria alone constitute the largest mass movement of people since the last major US-Russia proxy war in Afghanistan in the 1980s. How fitting that right-wing Islamist nut-jobs - funded, armed and trained by the US and allies - are responsible for both sets of refugees. Among the waves of people coming from all across Washington strategists' "arc of crisis", there have been many children who have washed up dead on European shores in recent years - all of them fleeing the direct or indirect consequences of the West's 'humanitarian' wars.

No Entry

Europe taking a page from US handbook: 'Migrant' problem? Close the borders!

© Ruptly
A razor-wire-equipped train wagon seals off the final section of Hungary's anti-refugee fence near Roszke village.
Just over a week ago, Hungary decided to allow around 12,000 refugees passage through the country, on their way to Germany via Austria. This was after plans were proposed to build a fence along Hungary's border with Serbia to prevent any more 'illegal crossings'. Well, the razor-wire fence has now been completed. The border is now closed, ahead of schedule, after Sunday saw a record 5,809 refugees enter the country on that day alone. Hungary's total number of refugee border crossings this year is estimated at around 190,000.

But Hungary isn't the only country to close its borders and tighten up security measures in the past few days. The Schengen system of open borders between EU nations seems to be falling apart.

Germany, which has willingly received the bulk of the refugees so far, stepped up their border controls this week, halting trains from Austria and stationing more police on their border with Austria. Slovakia (which has said it only wants Christian refugees - they have no mosques, apparently) has done the same on their borders with Hungary and Austria. Austria in turn sent the army to its borders. Hungary had done the same, with authorities planning to arrest and jail anyone entering the country illegally. Police in riot gear blocked the main railway track used by migrants. Hungarian police detained 9 Syrians and 7 Afghans, accused of 'breaching' the new razor-wire barrier. The government has made a decision to declare a crisis in the south of the country because of the 'problem'. Finland plans to increase its border monitoring; along with the Czech Republic and Poland, too.

Today, Tuesday, after the detentions in Hungary, migrants have begun a sit-down hunger strike.

Alarm Clock

'ISIS among the refugees' - Prelude to another European "terror attack"?

The iconic image of 3-year-old refugee Aylan Kurdi's lifeless body on a beach on the Turkish coast went 'viral' recently and brought the two-year-long European 'refugee crisis' to widespread public attention. EU nations are now facing an influx of potentially hundreds of thousands of migrants fleeing their NATO-war-torn countries in search of safety and stability. Whether or not they'll find it is still an open question.

This 'refugee' problem is, of course, not new, and Aylan was not the first tragic death directly related to the problem. Consider the hundreds of thousands of deaths in Syria alone that have resulted from the U.S. government-manipulated 'revolution' in that country 4 years ago. Or think of the unprovoked attacks on and invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan or the NATO bombardment of Libya and subsequent installation of a fundamentalist 'Jihadi' regime there. Then consider that 2,600 people, or more, have already died attempting to cross the Mediterranean into Europe. The 'refugee crisis' has been brewing for over two years, but it took Aylan's body to make many people sit up and take notice.

The refugee crisis is very real, at least in the sense that Western-backed death squads have made life miserable for millions of Syrians in particular (almost half of the Syrian population is internally or externally displaced). Whereas the U.S. (along with its lackeys Canada, Australia, the Gulf States, and others) bear the most responsibility, they have been the least willing to accept refugees from the states they're destroying, and which they claim they wish to 'save'. Europe is forced to bear the brunt of dealing with the fallout: humans in need of food, shelter, and jobs. It's possible of course, if there is the will. Russia has willingly taken in close to a million Ukrainian refugees (again, the result of an American phony revolution in Ukraine last year). But so far, Germany is the only EU nation that appears willing to really open their doors to people in need, making allowances for 800,000 refugees this year alone.

Comment: 14,000 protest against xenophobia in Hamburg, Germany


9/11, Mass Hypnosis par Excellence


World Trade Center 'Twin Towers' skyscrapers, the first buildings in history to mostly turn to dust and blow away in the wind
Dear readers of Sott.net, this is the sixth in a series of letters I have been writing to a friend. I find myself surprised that I am writing him. I find myself surprised that I am writing so much. My friend is 43, I am 69. These numbers seem unreal because the last time I saw this friend was when he was a young teenager. At the time, his ability to learn things with great ease astonished me.

Almost the same month my friend was born, the book Be Here Now came into my life and this is when my spiritual journey started. There have been many twists and turns. This series of letters started with his questions about astral travel, as well as Nisargadatta and Ramana Maharshi, two of my favorite guru-type personalities. I don't know much about astral travel, but I can easily dive into Nisargadatta and Ramana. I took a long route to steer my letters to what you will read below.

Fireball 3

SOTT Earth Changes Summary - August 2015: Extreme Weather, Planetary Upheaval, Meteor Fireballs

Comment: Please note that due to planetary/climate chaos increasing month by month, we are now inundated with video footage and must therefore be selective about which events to include. Going forward, please consider these video summaries mere snapshots of the global picture. Considering that these 'localized' events, multiplied many times over, are occurring simultaneously all over the planet, the scale of destruction and impact on people's lives becomes almost unimaginable.

© Sott.net
August 2015 saw apocalyptic deluges of rain and hail inundating cities from China to the US, intense electrical storms frying power grids and damaging infrastructure, and unusually powerful storms destroying crops and inundating vast areas of inhabited regions.

The most memorable event of the month was the series of massive explosions at Tianjin port in northeastern China. Although it's assumed that human error was to blame, the unusual scale of the event suggests that something 'out-of-the-ordinary' was involved. With 'Earth opening up' in so many ways - enormous sinkholes, multiple volcanic eruptions, increased seismic activity, pockets of gas exploding on beaches, geysers of methane and steam erupting on golf courses and in streets - we strongly suspect the Tianjin event was 'more of the same', only BIGGER.

Last month, meteor fireballs turned night into day in Scandinavia, the UK, the US, Chile, and the Caribbean. Sinkholes swallowed people and streets in China, and portions of highways in the UK and US. Wildfires raged across southern Siberia. Hailstorms added two more passenger aircraft to their hit-list. Italy saw cars swept down streets in 'biblical' deluges, while three typhoons lined up in the Pacific for the first time in recorded history.

The exponential increase in all phenomena - volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, meteors, sinkholes, floods, lightning strikes, exploding transformers and chemical plants - is well illustrated by US wildfire statistics. There are only 6 other years when more than 8 million acres burned in the US - 2012, 2011, 2007, 2006, 2005, and 2004. As of September 1st, 2015 is set to beat the record set of 9.8 million acres consumed in 2006...

These were the signs of the times in August 2015...

Heart - Black

Dead 'migrants' and psychopaths in positions of power

Perhaps more than any other crisis in recent years, the current 'migrant' crisis in Europe has exposed the profound moral bankruptcy of Western society as represented and directed by white men and women in positions of political and economic power. But perhaps 'moral bankruptcy' is the wrong phrase to describe the essence of the problem, because it suggests that Western government policy makers ever had a functioning moral compass or genuine concern for the 'other'.

A cursory yet objective glance at Western powers' domestic and foreign policies over the course of the last 100 years shows a repeated penchant for exploitation, abuse, insatiable greed and mass murder, all under the guise of 'fiscal responsibility', 'peace keeping', 'foreign investment', 'fighting terrorism' or some other paramoralistic hokum. If you don't agree, then you're probably an authoritarian follower, emotionally or 'spiritually' unable to accept such a truth; or you may have ingested too much 'truth' from Fox or BBC news. A strict regimen of abstinence is advised.


The demonization of Jeremy Corbyn: Fears of a 'socialist' cat among the 'politically ponerized' Westminster pigeons

© davidicke.com
There is an epic struggle occurring in British politics at the moment, which could have major repercussions for the country, and perhaps even the whole world. At first glance this may appear to be an exaggeration, yet the prospect of a real 'socialist' - Jeremy Corbyn - becoming Labour party leader is potentially very significant.

As well as exposing and undermining the efforts of the architects of 'New' Labour to destroy traditional, socialist values, it also affords us a microcosmic view of a larger battle being fought. US hegemony, in the form of the global capitalist system - which just isn't working (unless, of course, you are one of the psychopathic elite), versus a more socialist alternative, as represented by Russia, China and other BRICS countries, who are striving to create a 'multi-polar' world order.

There is ample evidence that the divide between the few who 'have' and the vast majority who 'have not' is increasing. The repeated claims by government officials and shills that more 'austerity measures' are necessary 'for economic prosperity' and the UK Tory party rhetoric that "we are all in this together" is nothing more than destructive propaganda and lies. New figures have emerged this week showing Britain has 41% more millionaires than it did five years ago. All this at a time of soaring inequality, rising house prices and in-work poverty. Britain really is the "European capital of inequality", and is even more polarized between rich and poor than the United States!

The sudden popularity of anti-austerity advocate Jeremy Corbyn is, therefore, no surprise, because more and more people in the UK are waking up to the fact that the ruling 'elite', presently incarnated in the political form of the Conservative party (and the Liberal Democrats in the previous coalition government, and 'New' Labour before them), do NOT actually represent the majority of British people.

Voting for the next Labour party leader has already begun, with the results to be announced on Saturday 12th September 2015. This realization of entrenched inequality is not limited to the UK, with anti-austerity parties in other countries (such as Syriza in Greece, and Podemos in Spain) gaining more prominence.