NASA map downplays sharp rise in meteor fireball impacts over last 20 years

NASA's Near Earth Object (NEO) Program published a diagram a few days ago, showing 556 mapped comet/asteroid fragment impacts on Earth over the last 20 years (see above). NASA says it's based on data gathered from 1994-2013 on small asteroids impacting Earth's atmosphere to create 'fireballs', adding that "the sizes of yellow dots (daytime impacts) and blue dots (nighttime impacts) are proportional to the optical radiated energy of impacts measured in billions of Joules (GJ) of energy, and show the location of impacts from objects about 1 meter (3 feet) to almost 20 meters (60 feet) in size."

Note the random distribution of impacts around the globe. But note also what the map and accompanying NASA report do not indicate: the year-on-year distribution of those impact events over that 20-year period. This omission enables them to give the following misleading subheading to their report:
It happens all the time: small asteroids impact Earth's atmosphere
By not providing a year-on-year breakdown of the impacts, and by including their rather banal headline, NASA leaves us to assume that these events were more or less evenly distributed over those 20 years - on average, 27 fireball events of note in 2013 (556 total events/20 years). But we have serious doubts about this.

We know from the American Meteor Society that there were nearly 3,500 observed events in 2013 alone - and just in the US. Check out the data for yourself: browse through the AMS Events database. Select for events in 2013 with both 'sound' and 'fragmentation' reported. Note how many of last year's 184 US fireball events, that were large enough to be both seen breaking up and heard exploding, were witnessed from multiple US states. Now go back to the NASA world fireball map from 1994-2013. Assuming its random global distribution is accurate, we can try a little exercise in extrapolation to get a figure for significant fireball events globally in 2013.

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Putin at the G20: Sharing a stage with psychopathic a**holes makes you want to leave early


The Borg collective, with Vladimir Putin exiled to the far left.
Media reports on Saturday claimed that Russian President Putin was planning to spurn the G20 leaders breakfast on Sunday and leave the farcical psychopathic love-in early. Within a few hours however, a Kremlin spokesman denied that Putin had any such plans. If the idea of an early exit did happen to cross the mind of the Russian president, it would be entirely understandable. From the moment Putin arrived in Australia, most of the G20 leaders have acted like the discourteous, arrogant, obnoxious quislings of empire they are.

Blue Planet

World snapshot: Comets, chaos, and society in decline

© AFP Photo / ESA
Rosetta's lander Philae (back view)
Launched in 2004, the Rosetta spacecraft mission to rendezvous comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko has just succeeded in landing its Philae module on the surface of the comet. After a last-minute glitch that temporarily had the lander failing to respond to signals from the European Space Agency's controllers, Philae came online. With the mission a success so far, researchers hope to find the building blocks of life, testing the theory that comets spread life-bearing molecules throughout the cosmos.

It should come as no surprise to readers of that, so far, ice is nowhere to be found on the comet. Despite its 'surprisingly' dry surface, however, it is producing a large amount of water. Like so many 'comets' before, this one is like all the others: a big hunk of rock. So, on the one hand, a great day for scientific advancement; on the other, yet another example of people who should know better being 'totally surprised' at facts that should have been totally obvious. Comets are not dirty snowballs!

Unfortunately for humanity, scientific and technological progress have absolutely no correlation with moral progress. We can't help but find it ironic that as humanity makes this 'great step' towards understanding the secrets of space and life in the cosmos, our world is on the brink of societal, economic and moral collapse. Just today, we can find the following stories and headlines in the news.

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Warmonger George Soros on Ukraine: A fascinating insight into the deranged thinking of the Western Empire builders (with commentary)


George Soros: "I set up a foundation in Ukraine before Ukraine became independent of Russia. And the foundation has been functioning ever since and played an important part in events now." Comment made to Fareed Zakaria on CNN, May 25, 2014
The high and mighty George Soros recently published an article about the Ukraine crisis in the New York Review of Books. It is so full of lies, manipulations, and false assumptions that reading it makes your head spin. However, given George Soros' prominent position in Western strategic circles, his article's publication presents a rare opportunity for those of us in the 'reality-based community' to see what the enemy is up to, and what it might do next. And so we've taken some time to 'truth-ify' Soros' anti-Russian screed by picking apart his steaming pile of propaganda.

Let's start with the title:
'Wake Up, Europe'
Soros better hope European politicians and people don't wake up to what's going on or it'll be game over for Washington and the Western global 'elite'.
Europe is facing a challenge from Russia to its very existence.
What??? How can Russia challenge the 'very existence' of a continent, a continent of which it is a part? What in God's name can he mean by this?
Neither the European leaders nor their citizens are fully aware of this challenge or know how best to deal with it. I attribute this mainly to the fact that the European Union in general and the eurozone in particular lost their way after the financial crisis of 2008.
Yeah, thanks in large part to greedy financial terrorists like George Soros.
The fiscal rules that currently prevail in Europe have aroused a lot of popular resentment. Anti-Europe parties captured nearly 30 percent of the seats in the latest elections for the European Parliament but they had no realistic alternative to the EU to point to until recently.
Okay, we guess by "Europe," then, he means the European Union, not the continent. Firstly, the EU, in its current form, is essentially a US-controlled organization. Its economic and fiscal policies are based on the 'Washington Consensus'; its foreign policy and military adventures are based on 'American exceptionalism'; its military-intelligence structures were created by - or taken over by - NATO, MI6 and the CIA. So if one is to criticize 'the EU', as it is, then one is criticizing Washington.

Secondly, the sharp rise in popularity for anti-EU parties across Europe is a reaction to said ideological subservience to the US, not an expression of 'anti-Europeanism' per se. It's natural and logical that Europe as a region would come together and tend towards ever closer integration. What is foreign and unnatural is that that integration would lead to such undemocratic monstrosities as the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), a US 'CorpGov' project to cement their 'Atlantic Empire'.

We say 'undemocratic' because it in no way reflects the will of the people, who have not once been consulted about whether or not they'd like to live under such a regime. In fact, the EU simply stopped consulting the people when referenda held in France and the Netherlands in 2005 on the proposed EU Constitution returned strong rejections. The EU that Europeans can't stand is the EU that people like Soros were instrumental in shaping.

This is the man whose 'Quantum' hedge fund made $5.5 billion last year, the highest ever, while the vast majority of people in Europe (and the US) have to tighten their belts because speculators like George bloody Soros keep gambling with other people's money.

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SOTT Earth Changes Video Summary - October 2014

As warmongering, corporate profits, and police-state measures increase, so too does global suffering. While more and more people are expressing that suffering in the form of mass anti-government demonstrations in nearly every country, Mother Nature is expressing this suffering in the form of environmental upheaval. Deluges, meteor fireballs, 'thunder-snow', unseasonal tornadoes, 'super-storms'... October 2014 had it all.

A record-breaking hurricane/typhoon season on both sides of the Pacific brought near-constant flooding to Mexico and Japan. Dozens of spectacular meteor fireballs - from the US to India and Europe to Latin America were caught on camera last month. With most of the Arctic 'Taiga' already covered in snow, increased precipitation levels are translating into record-early snow cover in North America.

The now-familiar scene of vehicles being washed down city streets by raging torrents of water occurred this month in Montpelier, Genoa, and Athens. While there were fewer strong earthquakes than we've become used to in recent years, volcanic activity remains high, with Costa Rica's Turrialba Volcano erupting for the first time in 150 years, and Sakurajima Volcano in Japan sending an ash plume 4.5km high.

Check out the Signs of the Times in October 2014:


'Mandate of Heaven' - Legal and illegal elections in the Empire of Chaos

© Unknown
The legitimacy of the ruling class - whatever political form it may take - is based on the illusion that it can protect the people; whether from war, famine, economic hardship, or any other kind of disaster that disrupts the everyday routine of their lives and livelihood. The following excerpt illustrates this point:
I want this country to realize that we stand on the edge of oblivion. I want every man, woman and child to understand how close we are to chaos. I want everyone to remember why they need us!
(Excerpt from Earth Changes and the Human-Cosmic Connection)
The above quote is from the Chancellor's speech in the movie V for Vendetta, but it could just as well have been from Obama, Harper or Cameron for that matter.

Empires all go through a rising period, a flowering period and a collapse. No empires have escaped this fate and the current empire with its allies is no different, despite Obama's claim of this one being exceptional. All empires in the end have become thoroughly ponerized to the point that every person in a position of power will be suffering from some kind of psychological defect. As Lobaczewski writes:
In a pathocracy, all leadership positions, (down to village headman and community cooperative managers, not to mention the directors of police units, and special services police personnel, and activists in the pathocratic party) must be filled by individuals with corresponding psychological deviations, which are inherited as a rule.
Our current empire of chaos is no exception. It is today ruled by a pathological elite that is thoroughly corrupt, that promotes sick morals and values, that uses torture and violence to squash dissent, that engages in war without end, that demonizes large sections of the world's populace due to color or religion, all the while claiming to protect democracy, freedom of speech and humanitarian ideals. These words spoken by the pathological elite are as vile and devoid of substance as a dead pig once the blowflies have done their job.


Ottawa false flag terror attack launches Canadian bombs on Iraq and Syria

Today, Canada began bombing Iraq and Syria, justified in large part by a 'terror attack', the narrative for which is falling apart. I've written previously about the suspicious background to the attacks in Ottawa and another city near Montreal a few weeks ago, but new details have emerged that pose serious questions about the official narrative surrounding the Ottawa war memorial and parliament shooting by Michael Zehaf-Bibeau.


"Russian Sub" in Sweden Hysteria - Deliberately Spread by Western Media - 'Cold War' Redux


Run for your lives! It's Putin! a sub!
As Russia continues to assert itself and lay claim to its rightful place as a leading global power, Western governments and their media whores, in a desperate attempt to preserve their faltering hegemony, are resorting to increasingly outrageous anti-Russian stunts and manipulations that surpass even the worst propaganda of the Cold War era.

The most recent episode in the ongoing absurd anti-Russian theater occurred 10 days ago when the Swedish Svenska Dagbladet paper declared that the Swedish military had "intercepted a distress call in Russian on a radio frequency reportedly used by Russia for emergency calls" off the Swedish coast.

Citing unnamed "sources" the newspaper claimed that the call was "encrypted radio traffic between a location outside of Stockholm and Russia's Baltic enclave, Kaliningrad" and that it "indicated a damaged Russian submarine."


Ottawa 'Terror Attacks' Lucky Break for Harper and the Warmongers

At what point do we start getting suspicious?

Three weeks ago, on October 3rd, Canadian PM Stephen Harper's Conservative party narrowly passed a motion to "launch combat missions" in Iraq alongside other Western warmongering nations and their clients in the Middle East. The motion was passed (157 for to134 against) despite stiff opposition from the NDP and Liberal opposition parties and a Canadian public traditionally averse to any kind of foreign military campaigns. On the day of the vote, an online poll showed almost 60% of respondents were against Canada joining the 'coalition'.

NDP opposition leader Tom Mulcair said that the Harper government was "plunging Canada into a prolonged war without a credible plan" and that bombing ISIS "will only create more recruits for ISIS and can, in fact, prove to be disastrously counterproductive". On Monday, former prime minister Jean Chretien again criticized Canada's military involvement in Iraq saying that it was "just the latest in a long history of interventions by western countries that have left "scars" on the Middle East" and that "Canada should be putting its emphasis on humanitarian assistance for the refugees in the region."

The pusillanimous PM Harper responded by reading a gospel from the Neocon book of public scaremongering:
"It is imperative that we act with our allies to halt ISIL's spread in the region and reduce its capacity to launch terrorist attacks outside the region, including against Canada. As a Government, we know our ultimate responsibility is to protect Canadians, and to defend our citizens from those who would do harm to us and to our families.
In urging all parliament members to support the motion, Harper admitted that involving Canada in another war was not only unpopular but politically risky in the run up to next year's general election. Then again, given the widespread allegations of vote fraud leveled against Harper's Conservative party during the last general election, Harper may not have much to worry about.

Have the thought crimes laws been passed? Can I come out now?

Two days ago, having finally emerged from the broom closet into which he bolted during the gunfire in the Parliament building, Harper responded to the two "terror attacks" saying that the events were "a grim reminder that Canada is not immune to the types of terrorist attacks we have seen elsewhere around the world, and that the attack(s) would only strengthen Canada's response to terrorist organizations". Harper also pledged to speed up a plan already under way to bolster Canadian laws and police powers in the areas of "surveillance, detention and arrest. We will not be intimidated. Canada will never be intimidated."

But of course, as a result of two very well timed 'terror attacks', Canada, or rather Canada's public, its military and its political class, have been intimidated (or rather manipulated) into backing down in the face of Harper's warmongering and becoming accomplices in more corporate war-for-profit and the destruction of their civil liberties.


Ottawa under attack: 'ISIS' assault on Canadian capital another false-flag terror event

In Ottawa today, in an event "unprecedented in Canada's history", someone shot dead - at point blank range - one of the two soldiers who stand guard at Canada's National War Memorial. From there the suspect(s) hijacked car(s) and made their way to Parliament Buildings, where they opened fire in close proximity to Canadian government ministers and legislators. Canada's capital city is currently on lockdown as thousands of personnel from multiple security forces patrol the area and set up checkpoints to monitor vehicles going in and out of the city.

One of the shooters has been killed, allegedly by a security guard inside the Parliament. At least two patients have turned up with gunshot wounds at a local hospital. Eyewitnesses told local news outlet CTV that "a man with long hair carrying a rifle" fired four shots at a soldier next to Canada's 'Tomb of the Unknown Soldier'. That soldier has since died.
Eyewitness: 'It sounded like a shotgun'

One man watched the scene unfold from a third-floor office that faces the war memorial. "It was unreal," said the witness, who asked not to be identified. "I heard the shot and looked out the window. . . The shooter came from the west side and aimed right at the young guy that was standing guard and shot him twice. I think he missed with the first shot; it sounded like a shotgun."

Loaded symbolism: An unnamed Canadian soldier was shot dead at the country's 'Tomb of the Unknown Soldier'
Canada's military has been put on high alert, with all its bases on lockdown. Canada had incidentally raised its national terrorism alert level earlier today, following a separate attack on Monday, in which two Canadian soldiers were run over in a hit-and-run by a "homegrown radicalized jihadist", Quebecois Martin Couture-Rouleau, aka 'Ahmad the Converted'. One of the soldiers died. The suspect was summarily executed following a manhunt by militarized police.