Euromaidan: Anatomy of a Washington-backed coup d'etat

In late November 2013, the 'Euromaidan' in Kiev began as a popular protest against a generalized state of corruption and cronyism in Ukraine. The spark that ostensibly ignited the protests was the inability of then President Yanukovych to sign an EU Association Agreement that would cut Ukraine's economic and military ties to Russia in favor of a closer relationship with the EU and NATO.

The EU had made the release of former Ukrainian prime minister and "gas princess" Tymoshenko a precondition for signing the agreement. But the fact that Tymoshenko was/is a convicted embezzler of state funds, combined with the rather severe economic impact the EU Association Agreement would have had on the Ukrainian economy, made it impossible for a consensus in the Ukrainian government to be reached, despite the fact that Yanukovych urged Parliament to put aside their differences and ratify the agreement. In fact, the EU's insistence that Tymoshenko be released appears now to have been designed to ensure the EU-Ukraine Association agreement failed and Yanukovych blamed for that failure and removed from office. Whatever the case, when the agreement was not signed, Ukrainians took to the streets in protest, right on cue.

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Holocaust 2.0: The ultimate decisions of conscience

[T]he whole world had become strange and unsettling. Apart from the fascinating rules I knew, the great game had clearly had other secret rules that I had failed to grasp. There must have been something deceitful and false about it. Where could one find stability and security, faith and confidence, if world events could be so deceptive? If triumph upon triumph led to ultimate disaster, and the true rules of history were revealed only retrospectively in a shattering outcome? I stared into the abyss. I felt a horror for life. (Defying Hitler, p. 27)

Sebastian Haffner
This is how one young German man described his experience of the events that led to Nazi Germany. His name was Sebastian Haffner. He later became a journalist and historian, and his memoir, Defying Hitler, offers a candid, insightful perspective on the real impact of Nazism: its effect on the inner lives of the people who experienced it.

It's books like Defying Hitler that are essential if we, as a species, are ever going to learn how to remove ourselves from the seemingly endless cycles of affluence, ignorance, oppression and mutual destruction. Dry military histories, political memoirs, academic analyses, newspaper articles - all can provide some important details, but they miss the point. They miss the heart of the matter, the essence of the situation that makes it matter. In short, they lack psychological depth.

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The story of Alisa and Gabriel Dearman and pedophilia in high places


Alisa and Gabriel
Alisa and Gabriel are brother and sister. Alisa is 9 and Gabriel 8. They are the children of an English father and Russian mother and have lived in the Hampstead area of London for most of their lives. Hampstead is an upmarket area of London that has more millionaires within its boundaries than any other area of the United Kingdom. The children's mother was formerly married to a Mr. Draper whom she met and married in Russia and with whom she has one son (James). Alisa and Gabriel's father is Richard Dearman. He and the former Ms. Draper are now separated.

According to Ms. Draper, Mr. Dearman was sexually deviant, abusive and behaved violently towards her and their children during their relationship. Mr. Dearman was eventually asked to leave the family home in 2007. Over the next few years however he continued to stalk the children, showing up at their school or at the store and, on several occasions, breaking into Ms. Draper's home. Between 2006 and 2010 the police were called out 5 times and 3 reports filed over Mr. Dearman's abuse. Ms. Draper has testified:


SOTT Summary Video - January 2015: Extreme Weather, Earth Changes, and Fireballs

"Within a few years winter snowfall will become a very rare and exciting event. Children just aren't going to know what snow is."
~ Dr David Viner, senior research scientist at the climatic research unit (CRU) of the University of East Anglia, UK, in March 2000.
"Ultimately, British children could have only virtual experience of snow. Via the internet, they might wonder at polar scenes - or eventually 'feel' virtual cold."
~ David Parker, head of the Hadley Centre for Climate Prediction and Research in Berkshire, UK, also in March 2000.
Last month, phenomenal amounts of snow were dumped in the Northeastern and Southern US, Western and Southeastern Europe, the Middle East, Western China, and Far Eastern Russia. Saudi Arabia and the Southwestern US desert were hit with snow for the third year running. The US media has apparently dropped the term 'Polar Vortex' because Arctic conditions extending all the way to the Gulf of Mexico is now 'normal'. The one place where you might expect a lot of snow this time of year - Moscow - instead enjoyed its warmest January in 100 years.

The Great Lakes in North America aren't as frozen over as they were this time last year, but those 'ice boulders' returned to Michigan in January, and the Niagara Falls have again partially frozen. Up to half a million people were affected by the worst flooding Southeastern Africa has seen for decades. The Balkans were flooded for the 5th time in 20 months, and barely two months on from receiving 70cm of rain in one day, Sicily was hit with a similar quantity of hail. Among the spectacular meteor fireball sightings in January were a comet fragment breaking apart over the Russian Far East, and a fireball that turned night into day in Bucharest, Romania.

'Mystery booms' continue to freak people (and animals) out across the US. We suspect that some of them are shockwaves from overhead meteor explosions, but others occur in clusters and are picked up by seismometers (despite there being no known fault-lines), so we are probably looking at general and unusual seismic activity resulting from the slow-down in the planet's rotation. This would also be responsible for all these volcanic eruptions, of which there were more spectacular ones in January. 'Earth opening up' also saw sinkholes swallow moving cars in Florida and Maryland.

As you watch this video summary of events in January, keep in mind that we had to leave out so many other unusual events because they're now part of 'the new normal'!

Or watch on's Vimeo Channel:


Atrocities in Ukraine: Shedding light on the excuse of ignorance

© Unknown
Wherever atrocities happen it is a crime. Wherever atrocities happen AND the media remains silent it is not only a crime, but also a dark spot on the conscience of humanity. As Hitchcock showed in the documentary of the Holocaust and the Nazi concentration camps, the people living near these camps claimed to be unaware of the atrocities being committed in their midst. Information was available, but as Harrison Koehli wrote in his article, a number of social conformity biases take effect. This causes unpleasant events to be explained away and compartmentalized in a dark corner of the brain. It is one of the characteristics of authoritarian followers, as Bob Altemeyer has shown in his studies. Today, even more so than in the 1930's, the information is only a Google search away. Yet, in all fairness, the signal to noise ratio is probably the same as in the '30s, especially given that the vast majority of the media is owned by just six corporations who do not appear to have the interests of humanity at heart.

One example is Ukraine. The tragedy in Ukraine has now been ongoing for more than a year. The Western media has, throughout the entire sequence of events, been accusing Russia of starting the conflict by invading Ukraine. Sanctions upon sanctions have been heaped on Russia based on those accusations, which in both the Russian and alternative media have been exposed as falsehoods. Yet everything that contradicts the official Western line has been labelled Russian propaganda and the statements coming from the Western installed puppets in Kiev taken as unquestionable facts.

But the truth is slowly emerging, even from statements made by Western and Ukrainian leaders. Below is a list of statements made in recent days which contradict the official Western government and media narrative for the last year and highlight the truth of most of the claims made by Russian and alternative media over the same time period.


Holocaust 2.0: Welcome to the jungle

Fritz Gerlich was a German journalist during Hitler's rise to power. He was well known for his biting criticism of der Führer. One of his most controversial moments was turning Hitler's image into a composite where his facial features were exaggerated and he was arm in arm with a black woman.

In the article, Fritz suggested that readers apply Hitler's own science of physiognomy to Hitler himself, and when applied, it's clear Hitler isn't even Aryan, but of a Mongolian subtype. This insult was the final nail in the coffin for Fritz, who had consistently used the power of the pen to combat Hitler each step of the way. He was arrested and dragged off to Dachau while working on yet another Hitler exposé, and killed a little over a year later.

Gerlich serves as but one example of many journalists who were threatened, beaten and murdered for revealing the truth. Only in the dark can evil things hide. I draw this piece of history to your attention, dear reader, because I want to talk about some other modern-day journalists who were killed under questionable circumstances. It seems we have yet to learn the lessons we said we'd never forget.

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As Islamophobia Rises, Moral Values Decrease

© Carlos Latuff
"Islam is a religion that promotes death and violence!"
Sez who?
For years now in the U.S., and in European countries such as the UK, Germany, The Netherlands, and France, Muslims have experienced difficulty when it comes to finding a job, due to the ever-increasing Islamophobia. And that's not all, a 2006 report by the European Monitoring Centre on Racism and Xenophobia, entitled "Muslims in the European Union: Discrimination and Islamophobia", concludes:
  • Regardless of their ethnic background and/or approach to religion, many European Muslims are facing discrimination in employment, education and housing.
  • Discrimination against Muslims can be attributed to Islamophobic attitudes as well as to racist and xenophobic resentment, as these elements are often intertwined. Hostility against Muslims must therefore be seen in the more general context of xenophobia and racism towards migrants and minorities.
  • It is evident that Muslims are experiencing Islamophobic acts, ranging from verbal threats through to physical attacks, even though data on religiously aggravated incidents is collected on a limited scale.
  • The available data on victims of discrimination show that European Muslims are often disproportionately represented in areas with poorer housing conditions, while their educational achievement falls below average and their unemployment rates are higher than average. Muslims are often employed in jobs that require lower qualifications. As a group they are over-represented in low-paying sectors of the economy.
  • Many European Muslims, particularly young people, face barriers to their social advancement. This could give rise to a feeling of hopelessness and social exclusion.
  • Racism, discrimination and social marginalisation are serious threats to integration and community cohesion.
Now that anti-Islamic sentiments have risen by 110% in France, and 'anti-Islamization' demos have been held in several countries, chances are high that the disadvantageous position Muslims already were in prior to the Paris attack will only get worse. Needless to say, this is far from fair, considering that the Muslim majority had nothing to do with the recent attack in Paris, just as they didn't have anything to do with the 9/11 attacks in the U.S. Yet they've become the very target of hatred, and it affects their daily lives quite significantly.


Holocaust 2.0: Coming soon! is beginning a commemorative series of articles in view of the fact that people on this planet don't really seem to be remembering what they swore they would 'never forget'. History is repeating, it is happening NOW, and the beginnings are before our very eyes. Consider these articles our warning to humanity. We hope it doesn't fall on deaf ears.
Alfred Hitchcock was an artist. He understood the language of film like few others have or do - how to communicate on a visceral, emotional level with imagery and sound - and it shows in his psychological thrillers, like Psycho, The Birds, and Vertigo, among countless others. But he also made a film most people haven't heard about. In 1945 he was commissioned to assist in a documentary film utilizing footage taken by British, American and Russian cameramen/soldiers of the liberated concentration camps stretching across Europe in the wake of World War II. Hitchcock himself only ended up working on the film for a month, helping with the visual presentation of the footage and refusing payment, before various delays cropped up, studio executives axed the project, changed its focus, got a new director (Billy Wilder), and eventually released a shortened, totally different version entitled Death Mills.

On January 26, HBO will air a new documentary, Night Will Fall, telling the story of the original film, which sat unseen in an archive for decades, and its restoration. FRONTLINE first broadcast a restored version of the film, Memory of the Camps, in 1985. You can watch it below. (It is also available on PBS's website.)

The original purpose of the film was to show people the horrors of Nazi Germany, "as a document, to serve our collective memory". In other words, to never forget. To see the absolute horror of which 'humanity' is capable, and hopefully to learn the lesson so that it might not happen again. "Never again!" is the slogan that most immediately comes to mind when I think of the Holocaust, and it is a good sentiment, if only we would open our eyes and ears, in order to truly see what it will take to prevent another atrocity on this scale. But we can't. We are on the same road to destruction. It will happen again, and humanity won't see it coming. Well, very few will see it, and their voices will count for nothing. There were those who saw what was coming before World War II, and they were ignored, ridiculed, arrested, or killed.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. Watch the film first.

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An open letter to Europe's leaders: "F*ck the EU" was an insult, not a command!

Dear leaders of Europe,

In a socio-political-economic-military bloc like the EU, consisting as it does of 28 countries and 24 official languages, communication can be a problem. Although most speak English or understand it to some degree, nuances of the language can perhaps be difficult to pick up. So I propose to clear up a particular nuance that has obviously been misunderstood by most of you.

On December 13th 2013, U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland, said to the U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt the words "F*ck the EU". Now this was immediately interpreted by you all to be a command coming from the US boss in Washington to "f*ck the EU". The problem is - and here good knowledge of the English language is useful - that Victoria Nuland was insulting you, dear leaders, and all Europeans. She was NOT commanding anyone to "f*ck the EU", but the fact that you appear to have run with her suggestion is evident for all with eyes to see. The devil's advocate in me would suggest that she most likely meant it both ways; that is, both as an insult and as a command. BUT, at the very least, you should have been insulted and not taken it as a command.

You may protest and say that you didn't take it as a command, in which case I will refer to a few examples that demonstrate how you have. In all fairness to Victoria Nuland, it didn't start with her command/insult, but the destruction of Europe has definitely gone ballistic since she provided you with renewed enthusiasm.

Bizarro Earth

The dying of the light

© Unknown
What is Europe doing?
I remember first reading Sebastian Haffner's Defying Hitler back in 2009. It shook me to the core to read about one man's experience with Nazi Germany, and the persecution he experienced simply trying to maintain his common sense during days of utter darkness. So many lies were taken at face value by his peers, until they finally changed and it became dangerous to speak to them. A tipping point was reached. It became impossible to speak out, despite the fact that social life continued on "as normal". History has recorded what followed. Speech could prove lethal, just as lethal as having the wrong religion, ethnicity, or skin color.

Sebastian's memoirs gave us an insight into what experiencing life under 'the totalitarian beast' looks and smells like. As an American I'd felt the strange change myself, from 9/11 to the expansion of the War on Terror, Homeland Security, and Total Information Awareness. Now 'The Scum' is not the Jew and the Communist, but the "Islamo-fascist".

We knew that a modern "Defying Hitler" would not have a Hitler to defy. It would not have a Bush, or an Obama, or an Osama, to defy. We were always treated to some new terrorist, evil dictator, or conspiracy. There were no symbols, like the Swastika, soaked with the blood and dread of a generation.