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Isla Vista shooter Elliot Rodger: Window into ponerology

Another mass shooting in the US
Details are still coming in regarding the murders in Isla Vista, California on May 23. Elliot Rodger, the suspect who was found dead from a bullet wound to his head in his BMW after the shootings, apparently stabbed to death his two roommates (Cheng Yuan Hong and George Chen) and a third man (Weihan Wang) in his apartment, before shooting and killing two young women (Veronica Elizabeth Weiss, Katherine Breann Cooper) outside the Alpha Phi sorority house and continuing on to the local IV Deli Market, where he then shot and killed Christopher Ross Michael-Martinez and injured an additional thirteen people. His victims ranged in age from 19 to 22 years old (Rodger himself was 22).

With the sheer number of mass shootings bearing all the hallmarks of psyop stage-managing (see SOTT's own Joe Quinn and Niall Bradley's Manufactured Terror), it's easy to wonder if there's more to this story than meets the eye. Most of the reports so far seem fairly straightforward. Elliot Rodger had a history of mental illness, 'odd behaviour', and his moral decline leading to the horrific events last Friday was documented by Rodger himself in vlogs uploaded to YouTube in the weeks before the murders and a 140-page 'manifesto' distributed to several people that day, including his parents. While there's no suggestion in his videos and writings of an accomplice, an early report did mention that a second suspect had been apprehended:
One woman, identified as Sierra, told NewsChannel 3 that she was approached by two men in a black BMW. The driver waved a small handgun and asked, '"Hey, what's up?"'
Then there's the weird near-coincidence of an active-shooter drill scheduled to take place at the same campus 5 days later:
Meeting of the Board of Directors of the Santa Barbara Metropolitan Transit District, April 29, 2014


"Operations attended a table top exercise for the May 28 "Active Shooter Drill" at Santa Barbara City College. Multiple agencies were there, "fine tuning" the different roles, protocols, and schedules."
Assuming for now that this was the work of a 'lone nut', I want to examine some of Rodger's bizarre behavior in the run-up to his going postal. We've heard a few opinions in the media regarding what if anything could have been done to prevent this tragedy. Most of them, in my opinion, are flat-out wrong. For example, Richard Martinez, the father of one of the victims, blames "irresponsible politicians and the NRA" for his son's death:
'Why did Chris die? Chris died because of craven, irresponsible politicians and the NRA.

'They talk about gun rights. What about Chris's right to live? When will this insanity stop? When will enough people say 'Stop this madness, we don't have to live like this.' Too many have died.

'We should say to ourselves: Not one more.'
It's an understandable sentiment, especially coming at a time so soon after the loss of his son. But aside from the fact that Rodger seems to have been intent on committing the murders no matter what and with whatever means available (e.g., the knives he used to murder his roommates), gun laws are unlikely to make a difference when it comes to crimes of this sort. The problem runs deeper than laws and policies.

Comment: Correction 10 June 2014

Sent in by a SOTT.net reader:
Santa Barbara City College is where the shooter was going to school but it is miles away from Isla Vista and the University of California at Santa Barbara, which is where the shooting took place. There are two different schools, one is a 2-year community college (SBCC) and the other is a four-year prestigious university that is part of the state-wide UC system (UCSB).
This means that the active-shooter drill goes from being a "weird near-coincidence" to a probably unrelated event.

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Mummy, why is Daddy wearing a dress? Daddy, why does Mummy have a moustache?

Editor's note: This article addresses several controversial topics (homosexuality, pedophilia, sexual predation, etc.) and its content, as well as some illustrations, may be shocking to some.

If, despite this disclaimer, you decide to read further, keep in mind that the 'devil is in the details', so read carefully and try to avoid black and white thinking.

In particular, do not forget that during the analysis, we focus on a small minority of pathological individuals who have infiltrated the gay community. So this is not an attack on gay people but an exposé of this small minority that pretends to be gay and attempts to exploit the gay community in the service of a nefarious agenda.

This being said, fasten you seat belts, and jump in!


The main idea developed in this article came rather unexpectedly while I was writing the last part of Earth changes and the Human Cosmic connection, which has just been released as paperback and for Kindle.

The theorized 'Human-Cosmic connection' might be one of the main mechanisms, if not the main one, through which the human population influences, positively or negatively, its environment, including major cosmically induced catastrophes.

While the above mentioned book offers a much more detailed and precise picture of this essential phenomenon, the last part of this article quickly describes this concept and shows how this might connect all the seemingly unrelated topics that we will address now.

Creatures from the deep signal major Earth Changes: Is anyone paying attention?

When we pay attention to what is happening with the animals of the world, they can tell us a lot about our environment and predict changes that we, as mere humans, would normally not pick up on as quickly (or at all). Like the canaries that were once used to detect toxic gas in coal mines, animals are sensitive to things that humans are often oblivious to (before it's too late), and noticing those 'things' can sometimes mean the difference between life or death for large numbers of people. Besides having senses that humans lack, animals also inhabit places that we don't, like the oceans and the skies, places that border our living space and eventually impact it. So, what happens to them often happens to us a little later.

Recently, I've noticed what seems to be a significant increase in odd animal behavior - particularly, very recently. I'll only talk about marine life here, though similar weirdness is affecting other animals and insects of the world. Let's begin with a few reports from the start of this month.

Rare and unknown fish popping up everywhere. What in the world is going on with that?

On May 1st, there was a report of a rare, nearly 7-foot-long, 100-pound Atlantic sturgeon found along the Connecticut River.

The Atlantic sturgeon found on the Connecticut river, May 2014.
On May 3rd, shrimp fishermen caught a goblin shark off Key West, Florida. The Goblin Shark is a species thought to swim only in deep waters off Japan and the Gulf of Mexico. These strange creatures are so rarely seen that this was only the second known sighting in the area. The first ever sighting was 10 years earlier.

Goblin shark
A very strange-looking creature for sure.

Fracking tangled web of corporate and government agendas

Protestors hold signs against fracking
© AFP Photo / Justin Sullivan
Protestors hold signs against fracking during a demonstration.
How the fracking companies benefit from Western-lead destabalisation of Ukraine and other conflicts of interest

Citing a 'new study', The BBC, Independent and a multitude of copy & paste MSM outlets, have alarmingly reported that the UK is set to run out of its oil, coal, and gas supplies in a little over five years time.

The reality below the ground however is that the UK is not actually going to run out of energy supplies any time soon. Facts can't be allowed to get in the way of profits, and the study was (apparently deliberately) distorted for use in a PR campaign on behalf of the widely criticized Fracking Industry. The story also reveals a tangled web of connections between academia, government officials, energy company lobbyists accentuated by a Fracking company director who actually holds a ministerial position for the UK Government. Why am I not surprised?
Better Earth

Antarctica, is it melting or not? Man-made global warming can't explain this climate paradox

In the last week or so a number of articles have surfaced concerning scientific observations made in Antarctica. When comparing these articles, it's hard to not be a little puzzled as to what is going on. One even gets the impression that climate scientists don't talk much to each other but rather stay within their own specific field of research. Before we examine these articles, let's take a quick look at Antarctica. According to Wikipedia:
At 14.0 million km2 (5.4 million sq mi), it is the fifth-largest continent in area after Asia, Africa, North America, and South America. For comparison, Antarctica is nearly twice the size of Australia.

About 98% of Antarctica is covered by the Antarctic ice sheet, a sheet of ice averaging at least 1.6 km (1.0 mi) thick. The continent has about 90% of the world's ice (and thereby about 70% of the world's fresh water).
Furthermore the Antarctic ice sheet is divided into the West Antarctic ice sheet (WAIS) and the East Antarctic ice sheet (EAIS), something which is often missed in the mainstream media, where promoting the man-made global warming idea is all-important. Here is an image of Antarctica:

© Wikipedia
I couldn't find the exact percentage but as we can see, the WAIS is by far the smaller of the two ice sheets, accounting for no more than 20%. There are important differences between the two ice sheets. From Wikipedia again:
In East Antarctica, the ice sheet rests on a major land mass, but in West Antarctica the bed can extend to more than 2,500 meters below sea level. Much of the land in this area would be seabed if the ice sheet were not there.

Comment: See also:

Volcanic eruptions, rising CO2, boiling oceans, and why man-made global warming is not even wrong


Eradicating beauty: The destruction of art

Image from WWI. Injured soldiers and the remains of those not so 'fortunate' share the same space.
My Grandma is a ninety-nine-and-half-year-old French lady. She was born in 1914 at the outbreak of WWI. Her father died on the Western Front in August 1918; it was only three months before the armistice.

Grandma was just one out of 6 million French children who lost their fathers. Her mother had a small sewing shop in Southern France, specializing in widows' dresses, by far the most popular garment at the time.

When she was in her 30s, my Grandma also lived through WWII, and in 1945, she went to Germany with her husband, a military man who was part of the French occupation forces that were stationed there until the 1960s.

Grandma didn't like living with Germans; they reminded her of her lost father. She still doesn't like the Germans much. I guess she never thought about the fact that both German and French soldiers were used as cannon fodder, manipulated into fighting wars that profited only the heartless, greedy politicians and bankers.

One could reasonably argue that during her long life, Grandma, like many of her contemporaries, experienced the full horror of the 20th Century and the steady devolution of humanity.

Are you prepping your diet?

© sott.net
AMS fireball reports through 2013
If you are a regular SOTT reader, you are certainly aware of the many areas that are building towards potential disaster - from environmental earth changes and overhead bombardment to growing Fascism and impending economic collapse. The good thing is that you do not need to pick one of these threats to begin preparing yourself, family and local community. The basic requirements for getting prepared apply to all these possible occurrences and more.

The prepping web community has grown in massive proportion to what it was just a decade ago. Blog, prepper and survivalist websites abound and many offer very good ideas that can be applied or adapted to your own situation and needs. But it is rare to see any of these resources address the question of prepping your diet. If prepping your diet confers significant advantages in a disaster/survival situation, then it will have a significant impact on your food storage strategy and what to look out for during an extended disaster.

The question is, does prepping your diet yield enough advantage to suggest changes to your current diet now? And if so, how does this impact your food storage and preparation plan? The answer to the former question, I think, is yes. An answer to the latter is below.
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A deal between devils: The neo-Nazi element and the U.S.'s proxy war in Ukraine

right sector
© AFP/Ganya Savilov
'Al Qaeda' in Ukraine? For decades, the US has relied on local or imported terrorist paramilitaries to win their 'proxy wars'. Ukraine's Right Sector is just the latest.
The US military hasn't actually been involved in an overt "war", in the traditional sense of a conflict between two mostly equally matched adversaries, since the end of the Korean war in 1953. As Col. Fletcher Prouty points out in his book JFK:The CIA, Vietnam, and the Plot to Assassinate John F. Kennedy, US soldiers in Vietnam were mainly fighting against 1 million North Vietnamese villagers who were 'deported' to the South (by the US Navy) where, like any dispossessed people, they resorted to theft to survive. These were the bulk of the 'Viet Cong' that the US military raped, tortured, napalmed and shot en masse. Every other US military and/or CIA 'adventure' from the 1960s until today (and there have been many) has involved one of the following three approaches:

A) a short-lived 'turkey shoot' against an impotent 'enemy' (see Iraq "war" 1, Libya 2011).

B) a protracted direct "war" of colonial expansion waged against an indigenous, largely civilian, population who resist occupation and plunder of their land (see Iraq "war" 2).

C) a 'proxy war', where paramilitary groups (either local or imported) are funded, trained and armed by CIA and US military 'advisers' (too many to list, but see here for a list) and fight local resistance groups on behalf of the USA.

SOTT Earth Changes Summary - April 2014

Signs of the Times in April 2014

The fourth installment in our new monthly series, the following video compiles footage of 'signs of the times' from around the world during April 2014 - 'earth changes', extreme weather and planetary upheaval.

Highlights this month include: wildfires breaking out in places where it subsequently snowed, the largest tornado outbreak of the season in the U.S., the mother of all sinkholes (or was it a landslide?) opening up in downtown Baltimore... and a new one for the record books: the highest number of strong earthquakes recorded globally for one month.

Hold on to your seats!...

Watch on Sott.net's Vimeo Channel for those who can't view Youtube videos:

Knowledge protects, ignorance endangers

Shades of 911: US-backed anti-Russian attacks by 'Right Sector' in Ukraine sees 'jumpers' from burning building

A person is seen falling from the trade unions building in Odessa, Ukraine.
Around 1,500 supporters of the Kiev authorities, accompanied by aggressive fans of the local football club, Chernomorets, tried to march through the center of the city yesterday chanting "Glory to Ukraine," "Death to enemies," "Knife the Moskals [a derogatory term for Russians]."

Many were wearing the ultra-nationalist Right Sector movement insignia that was last seen in Kiev during the supposedly "peaceful" Maidan protests in February that ousted the democratically elected President Yanukovych and installed a US-selected puppet regime.

As the Right Sector gangs started to drive the anti-coup-installed Kiev government activists back to their camp, many anti-Kiev protesters eventually hid inside the local House of Trade Unions building.

"Women and children were hiding in the Trade Union's building. First the armed men set fire to tents, then they started throwing Molotov cocktails and grenades at the building. We heard shots fired and saw smoke," an eye-witness told RT News

The first floor of the Trade Unions building was soon engulfed in flames. The people inside were trapped.

The result? At least 35 people dead, and images like these:

Another Odessa resident who survived the flames gave this first hand report:
"I was there, in the burning trade union house building. I almost suffocated... the fire brigade was taking an inexcusably long to arrive, about 20 minutes had passed, I guess it was not a coincidence. The absolute absence of the police was no coincidence either. I was helped to escape from the building by people without uniform - apparently they were ordinary civilians. The fire brigade still hadn't arrived.

The only reason there were people in that people in that building was because the "ultras" and other "Ukrainian patriots" were attacking the people from all sides with sticks, stones, chains and Molotov cocktails. There was no other place to go to escape their brutality. The people ran into the building and were trapped. The people I saw in the building were very poorly armed: sticks, bats, plank fragments, that was it. No guns or anything like that. There were many women and old people there also, they had come to downtown Odessa to offer medical help, as a doctor, I was one of them. (I emphasize: there were no military professionals, mercenaries or foreigners!).

Very soon Molotov cocktails were thrown into the window of the building, the corridor caught fire. There was a fire extinguisher, but it was completely useless against the rapidly spreading flames. Eleven of us hid in one of the rooms, everything was pitch black because of the acrid, dense smoke. Everyone dropped to the floor where some breathable air remained. Next to me there were people, groaning and praying, others trying to reach their relatives on the phone and pleading with them to call the fire brigade. At least there was an open window in our room, through which some fresh air came. The situation in the corridor was infinitely worse. We were shouting, screaming for help. None came. Later my relatives told me that either nobody from the fire brigade picked up the phone or the line was continuously busy..

After about twenty minutes a rope was thrown to us, we tied it up to a radiator and the people slowly started to climb down. Ordinary people had climbed up on to the cornices of the building and were helping us to climb down because there was a serious risk of falling. I couldn't see if anybody came down behind me, all I remember was that we heard a mobile phone ringing inside the building behind us, but its owner wasn't answering.

When I reached the ground I was given some water, the same "Maidan supporters" that had started this murderous fire began to harass me, but I managed to escape before more of these "Europe and "Democracy lovers" arrived and started to beat the people who had just narrowly missed being burned alive.

... For the first time in my life I wanted to leave Odessa and Ukraine for good."
US and European "freedom and democracy" has definitely arrived in Ukraine. Anyone who doesn't like must apparently suck it up or go to hell...literally.