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Mon, 08 Feb 2016
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Russian boots on the ground in Syria? Middle East mayhem intensifies

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Purported Russian contractors in Syria.
Last month, in a task almost as difficult as Diogenes' search for one honest man, the U.S. allegedly found a staggering 60 'moderate rebels' in Syria to train in its interventionist program to oust Syrian president Bashar Al-Assad 'war against the Islamist terrorists'. This crack team of 'moderate' fighters, trained by the U.S. amid thousands of similarly-motivated terrorists of the Islamic State/al-Nusra/Free Syrian Army variety, demonstrated their valor by immediately refusing to fight Al-Qaeda-affiliated al-Nusra Front in Syria, a dangerous hesitation because they were subsequently attacked by al-Nusra fighters anyway.

As news of the group's uselessness reached Washington at the beginning of August, Obama then pledged airstrikes in Syria to defend said 'rebels', even from 'attacks' carried out by the legitimate authorities in Syria. The airstrikes began a couple weeks ago, launched from NATO bases in Turkey, thus opening a second front of air raids against Syria from the north, following over a year of NATO airstrikes from Iraq 'against Islamic State targets' in both Iraq and Syria's southern flanks. The massive bomb attack in late July at a Kurdish political youth meeting in Suruc, southern Turkey - allegedly carried out by 'ISIS' from Syria - the day before the Turkish air force joined in US bombing raids against targets in northern Syria, is also extremely suspect. I think we can reasonably suggest that internal political opponents were targeted by Erdogan's neo-Ottomanist regime, and their deaths used to justify cross-border air raids against Kurds in northern Syria.

Turkey's perfidy in all this needs to be underscored. Syria-based analyst Thierry Meyssan reckons the Russian alternative gas pipeline route to Mediterranean Europe - 'Turkish Stream', signed between Putin and Erdogan last December - is dead in the water. Indeed, Gazprom suspended related construction contracts in early July, before halving the gas transit capacity slated in the original deal. Turkey's official stance regarding Crimea's secession to Russia is that it "will never recognize Russia's annexation." Ankara has also been dangling massive loans to the Kiev regime and hosting a Crimean Tatar lobby group convention, attended by Kiev's foreign minister, and calling for Russia to 'return Crimea to Ukraine'.

Bad Guys

Victims of Western wars forced to flee their countries called 'swarms of marauding people' by Western warmongering politicians

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A migrant reacts as he carries a child during clashes with Macedonian police at the Greek-Macedonian border, August 21, 2015.
The 'immigration crisis' in Europe continues to worsen as a result of Western-instigated chaos in the Middle East and African countries. Several EU nations are facing a drastic influx of desperate people, with little resources available to help them.

Approximately 39,000 migrants, mostly Syrians, passed through Macedonia in July - twice June's figures. This is an alarming number and Macedonia is running out of trains to transport these people onward to the European Union. Not that they will fare much better there. On Thursday the country declared a state of emergency and Macedonian police used tear gas and stun grenades against these desperate people, injuring several. The border has been sealed with razor wire around the town of Gevgelija, where approximately 3,000 to 4,000 people, including children, are stranded. Is this how desperate men, women and children from Syria, Afghanistan, and Iraq - countries that have been ravaged by NATO's wars of aggression - should be treated by NATO member states?

"Several people were injured when hundreds of men, women and children tried to board a train to Serbia, the nearest country to the European Union (EU) member-state of Hungary, at the station of Gevgelija in Macedonia, Friday."


United States of Europe: New German Reich crushes Greece, part 1


In theory maybe...
With Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras calling snap elections in Greece, the boom has been lowered on that country's rebellion, at least in its current form. Even before Syriza - arguably the first truly leftist government in Europe since Spain pre-WW2 - came to power in Greece in January this year, the EU central powers' knives were out for them.

Immediately following Syriza's victory at the polls, the Eurocrats began shutting off the cash flow from the European Central Bank to the Bank of Greece. They also began a sustained campaign of 'capital flight', withdrawing billions of euros from the Greek economy, thereby encouraging private investors to follow suit. They then put 'capital controls' in place, ostensibly to dampen the capital flight they themselves were causing, and which had the foreseeable effect of increasing Greece's total outstanding debt by one third to an unpayable 312 billion euros. Greece's economy has shrunk 30% since it first went into recession 8 years ago, a contraction worse - in both duration and depth - than the American Great Depression of the 1930s.

Throughout this campaign of financial terrorism, the Eurocrats stone-walled or otherwise thwarted all efforts by the Greek government to implement reforms that would relieve the Greek people and make the their economy productive again. They did this because they sought to bring the country to its knees, then institute the raft of austerity measures we've seen the Greek government accept now, in one fell swoop, and without resistance. For those of you familiar with Naomi Klein's Shock Doctrine, this is economic shock therapy 101: "Only a crisis - actual or perceived - produces real change," said monetarist schizoid-in-chief, Milton Friedman. In the process, the idea that the EU is based on social justice and solidarity has been exposed as nothing more than manipulative and cynical rhetoric. The European central powers sought to make Europe's peripheral member-states aware of the real rules that govern the EU: 'We rule, you comply. We pillage, you submit.'

During the crisis, the plucky Greeks brought up Nazi-era war reparations, and spoke out against anti-Russian sanctions, but at no point did they publicly mention a 'Grexit'; rumors in that direction always came from the Eurocrats and the bankers. Like a psychopath gaslighting its prey, they painted Grexit as a nightmare scenario, and then used it - ruthlessly - as leverage with which to financially terrorize the Greek population and 'mentally waterboard' their leaders.

Comment: In part 2, we'll be looking at more revelations from Varoufakis on the 'troika', his 'global minotaur' metaphor for 'the Beast' a.k.a US empire, and why the Eurocrats rejected his plan to actually solve Europe's money problems.

Bizarro Earth

Canadian government's jihad against 'disbelieving Canadians'

At this stage of the great game, or farce, I'm resigned to the fact that the world is going to hell in a hand basket (as the saying goes) and nothing anyone says or does will change that. Admittedly, I don't know if hell exists, so the precise planetary conditions that await humanity are unknown to me, but there have been many suggestive signs and portents over the last few years.

The word 'hell' has an interesting etymology; it comes from an Indo-European root meaning 'to cover' or 'hide'. The word 'apocalypse', on the other hand, means 'to uncover' or 'reveal', which is weird, but strangely appropriate, because just about everything of real importance - all meaningful truth - in this world is hidden from most people, leading to a collective retardation of true human evolution and progress.

But if 'normal life' on this planet is hell, most people are having a ball, and will continue to do so, at least until the 'apocalypse'/uncovering, when the bare, naked truth gets dropped on humanity's collective doorstep and everyone freaks out and runs screaming to the nearest Walmart or FEMA camp for some familiar police-state succor.

Over the last 15 years, Western political types have repeatedly treated the human race's tendency towards open-minded positivity disorder (OMPD) with high doses of fear-mongering in an attempt to induce in them the, more desirable, disinhibited reactive attachment to authority disorder (DRAAD). One example of this, (among an overwhelming number of other examples), comes from the relatively new rabid authoritarian on the block, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

Heart - Black

Death squads, pedophiles and psychopaths: Inside the British establishment


ISIS Toyotas with British diplomatic plates?
On August 2nd, the UK's Express reported that British special forces were dressing up as ISIS jihadis and conducting operations in Iraq and Syria. Idiotically describing the tactic as "unorthodox", the Express journalists said that "more than 120 members of the elite regiment are currently in the war-torn country". Such a strategy can seem justified to those with only an official understanding of the Middle East conflict - where ISIS are the 'baddies' and Western operatives are the 'goodies' - and a hopelessly naive belief in the benevolence of the British military. But when viewed in the context of actual British military history in 'conflict zones' over the course of the 20th century, this story takes on a much more sinister form.

Staying with the present for a moment, the claim that British special forces are in Iraq and Syria to "fight ISIS" is not credible. More than four years ago the anglo-American warmongers made it abundantly clear that they, in league with their head-chopping royal friends in Saudi Arabia, were determined to unseat Assad, even going as far as to fabricate WMD evidence (a la Saddam Hussein) to justify a NATO attack. When Russian diplomacy thwarted that effort, the US and British 'elite' fell back on the tried and tested 'civil war' of attrition by proxy forces, in an effort to oust Assad.

But Assad, democratically elected by the Syrian people, is reluctant to leave just because Washington, Riyadh, Whitehall and Tel Aviv want him too. And while Russian, Iranian and Lebanese help is still available, it seems that the West's proxy army, aka the 'Syria rebels', are doomed to fight and die forever, or until the West's supply of hired guns (or money) runs out.

Genetically averse to accepting the hard facts of any situation, the US and British 'elites' have recently declared their right to "attack ISIS positions" directly through manned US airstrikes from Turkish bases. The real point of these airstrikes however is revealed in the fact that the US claims the right to attack anyone who threatens the Pentagon-trained 'Syrian rebels', who are primarily fighting against Assad on behalf of the US, British and Saudi regimes. That, of course, is the main point of these airstrikes; a back-door attempt to justify US military attacks on the Syrian government and its military rather than "fighting ISIS". It's reasonable to conclude, therefore, that those British special forces dressed up as ISIS form part of the same strategy and are providing "boots on the ground" to support US airstrikes on Syria positions.


Closer Russia-Egypt ties provoke ISIS threats

Just before the opening of the new extension of the Suez Canal in Egypt, the branch of the Islamic State in Egypt, calling themselves 'Wilayet Sina' (Arabic for 'the Sinai Province of the Islamic State'), captured one Croatian citizen and have threatened to execute him unless their demands are met. Some media are speculating that the ISIS militant in the video is none other than Jihadi John himself, who we were told recently, has defected from ISIS due to fears of losing his own head.

This ISIS video was titled "A message to the Egyptian government" and claims that the hostage can be saved if the Egyptian government releases certain female Muslim prisoners in 48 hours even though it is uncertain which female Muslim prisoners are supposed to be released since the jihadi organization apparently forgot to specify. According to the Croatian media, the deadline has now been removed from the ISIS website and the Croatian captive has been transported to ISIS-controlled area in Libya. Certain news outlets are claiming that he has already been beheaded, but the authenticity of the beheading video couldn't be confirmed immediately. The Croatian citizen was abducted in Cairo while driving on a highway according to reports and worked as a subcontractor for the French seismic survey group CGG.

The New Suez Canal

The construction of this mega project started on the 5th of August 2014. It is essentially an expansion of the existing Suez Canal which connects the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea. The area surrounding the Canal is supposed to be turned into an industrial, commercial and logistics hub meaning the construction of more ports, factories etc. The Egyptian leadership is already referring to the Canal as the "Egypt's gift to the world" since it is supposed to decrease the transition time for ships and also help the Egyptian economy. But the importance of the Suez Canal goes further than that.
The Suez Canal is a global artery of maritime trade and of vast strategic importance as a military and energy corridor. The "Global Constabulary" that is Washington's self-imposed role as global arbiter would be crippled without Egypt firmly in place.

Even if speaking hypothetically, when U.S. General James Mattis says that if the Suez Canal is closed, then the U.S. military will engage Egypt offensively (meaning attack or invade), he is not joking. [1] The Suez Canal is an important part of the global economy, the military network of the U.S. and NATO, and Washington's modern-day and ever more mutinous empire.
Egypt has seen continued violence in the Sinai, which borders the Suez Canal, due to clashes between the military and the ISIS-affiliated extremists. The activity of these militants didn't seem to have much effect on the project as it was finished on the 23rd of July, only a year after construction first began.


SOTT Earth Changes Summary - July 2015: Extreme Weather and Planetary Upheaval

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As the empire's noose around humanity's neck grows ever tighter, Nature responds to global suffering by alternately torching and drowning 'modern civilization'. July 2015 saw record-breaking heatwaves in western US, western Europe, and eastern Asia. Record numbers of wildfires breaking out across northern Canada and western US have forced the evacuation of thousands and torching millions of acres. In a scene one might expect in a Hollywood disaster movie, one wildfire outside Los Angeles crossed a highway and torched dozens of vehicles. In-between raging wildfires and epic drought, western US states saw record-breaking rainfall, with the highest July rainfall ever in southern California... falling within minutes.
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From extreme heat to extreme cold, Australia is in the midst of its coldest and snowiest winter in decades. Most striking last month were sudden changes the world over, as local weather flipped from one extreme to another, often in a matter of hours. In the midst of record-breaking heat in Germany, for example, parts of the country were hit by tornadoes, flash-flooding and several inches of hail, while The Netherlands recorded its strongest ever July storm. Powerful typhoons battered Japan and China, dumping several FEET of rain and causing destructive landslides. Buildings were washed away by flash-flooding in northern Iran, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, India, Colombia and Brazil, while an unusually heavy monsoon season brought Myanmar and Vietnam their worst flooding in decades.
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Destructive tornadoes in North America last month included one that was on the ground for nearly three hours, estimated to be the longest-duration tornado since 1925. Elsewhere, a powerful tornado left serious damage in a suburb of Venice, Italy. Whether they occur in the tropics, deserts, or high plains, and during 'winter' or 'summer', destructive hailstorms with ever-larger hailstones continue to defy normal patterns by occurring everywhere from southern Spain to the Philippines. St. Petersburg, Russia saw streets turn into icy rivers TWICE last month. Mass animal deaths, meanwhile, continue at an alarming rate, with diverse marine species washing up on US beaches, and half of this year's salmon in the Pacific Northwest estimated to have died.

These were the signs of the times in July 2015...

Snowflake Cold

Global warning? Top UK climate scientist and expert on Arctic ice cries foul over colleagues' deaths

Extraordinary claims made by a prominent British climate scientist recently made headlines in the UK. Peter Wadhams, Professor of Ocean Physics at Cambridge University, told the UK Times that he suspected the deaths of three of his peers in early 2013 were the result of foul play:
'Climate scientist fears murder by hitman'
By Ben Webster, The Times, July 25th, 2015
[Wadhams] said that assassins may have murdered scientists who were seeking to reveal how rapidly global warming was melting Arctic ice... [and] believed that he had also been targeted but had a narrow escape after a driver of an unmarked lorry tried to push his car off the M25.

Professor Wadhams faced criticism this week after a study contradicted his prediction that Arctic ice was melting so fast that it could all disappear this summer. Asked by The Times for his response to the discovery that the total volume of ice grew 40 per cent in 2013, Professor Wadhams insisted that there was still an outside possibility of the Arctic being ice-free this year [in 2015 - NB].


Top left: Peter Wadhams. Top right: Seymour Laxon. Bottom left: Katharine Giles. Bottom right: Tim Boyd.
He then said there were only four people in Britain who were "really leaders on ice thickness in the Arctic" and he was one. The others, he said, had died in early 2013.

He said: "It seems to me to be too bizarre to be accidental but each individual incident looks accidental, which may mean it's been made to look accidental."

He named the three as Seymour Laxon of University College London, Katharine Giles, a climate change scientist who worked with Professor Laxon at UCL, and Tim Boyd of the Scottish Association for Marine Science.

Professor Laxon died after falling downstairs at a New Year's Eve party in Essex; Dr Giles died in a collision with a lorry while cycling to work in London; and police said they believed that Dr Boyd was killed by lightning as he walked near a loch in Scotland.

Professor Wadhams said that about the same time he was driving on the M25 late at night when the lorry hit his car. "This guy showed definite evidence of malevolence. He was trying to run me right off the road." He said his car was damaged but he managed to get home and called the police the next day. He was told no action could be taken.

"I just thought 'what is going on here?' Somebody is trying to do in people who are working on ice thickness in Britain."

He said: "If it was some kind of death squad, you don't expect that with something like climate change. I know oil companies have been giving lots and lots of money to... climate change denialist organisations but you don't expect them to kill people."
While Wadhman's claims may seem outlandish, it's not beyond the realm of possibility that scientists working in certain areas might be discretely bumped off. Post 9/11, a flurry of microbiologists died in mysterious circumstances. More recently, a pattern has emerged of holistic medical doctors and practitioners meeting untimely demises.

In the case of the microbiologists, it's either known, or considered very likely, that their research connected into high-level military/government projects and sensitive research areas. It's less clear-cut how natural health practitioners could present such a threat to the Powers that Be that they merit 'termination'. While a string of suspicious deaths of researchers in particular fields is not necessarily evidence of a conspiracy or cover-up, it's also true that powerful interests may wish to, at any time and in any field, snuff out apparently innocuous research. Science can indeed be dangerous work.

The problem with Wadham's claim however is that the research he and his former colleagues were engaged in supports the dominant man-made global warming theory. 'Warmists' are a godsend to those in power because it deflects blame for increasing climate chaos from powerful and extremely wasteful institutions like central banking and the US military onto the masses of ordinary people.

Георгиевская ленточка

Russia's 'existential threat' to the USA is really the human threat to psychopaths in power

The United States Senate confirmed General Joseph Dunford as the next Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff this week. Dunford is just the latest in a long line of paranoid, delusional 'reality makers' to occupy the top military office in the USA.

In his confirmation hearing, Dunford told the Senate committee, "Russia presents the greatest threat to our national security". When pressed to expand on this, the general cited Russia's "alarming" behavior and said it poses "an existential threat to the United States". Someone should tell this guy that saying the same thing with different words does not constitute an explanation.

Dunford's statement was echoed by another top U.S. military official, Secretary of the Air Force, Deborah James, who told Reuters one day earlier, "I do consider Russia to be the biggest threat."

The truth has never played much of a part in shaping U.S. public perception, and those who further this unhinged, psychopathic worldview are granted distinction and rewarded with high office. But let's not dismiss what Dunford et al are saying just yet. While they are clearly not being honest, there is a truth to what they're saying, once we scratch the surface of the rhetoric.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov gave a hint of the hidden truth when he said that such statements are creating "an artificial atmosphere of hostility". "As far as the statements from Washington are concerned, we have already got used to the fact that the Department of Defense, Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee and the Air Force secretary regularly make statements that usually come from politicians," Lavrov said.

President Putin has also repeatedly exposed the Pentagon's manipulations. In June he stated, "I think that only an insane person, and only in a dream, can imagine that Russia would suddenly attack NATO. I think some countries are simply taking advantage of people's fears with regard to Russia."


El Chapo Guzmán, Washington's Drug Problem, and the North American Police State


With bells and whistles, the military presented the captured drug lord to the press in 2014.
Well, he's done it again! Joaquín Guzmán Loera, better known as "El Chapo", head of the powerful Sinaloa Cartel and formerly the most-wanted billionaire drug lord in Mexico (and elsewhere), escaped from a Mexican maximum security federal prison outside Mexico City a few weeks ago. In 2001, Guzman escaped from another maximum security federal prison.

The story this time goes that a 50cm diameter hole was found in his cell, protected from the prying eyes of security cameras by a blind spot that blocks portions of the adjoining bathroom from view. Then via a "hi-tech" tunnel, Guzmán descended 19 meters to reach a 1.5km underground corridor that ended in a small house just outside the prison. The corridor was fully fitted with electric cables and illuminated by light bulbs, which Guzmán apparently removed on his way out. Incredibly, this 1.5km tunnel was also installed with a rail and a motorbike. For 'human rights reasons', the security bracelet Guzmán was wearing, which he ditched just before descending into the tunnel, didn't have a GPS tracking system.

In apparent blunder after blunder, despite the alarm being raised minutes after he vanished from camera view, it took 18 minutes for a guard to arrive at his cell. Security alerts to the nearest airport were issued 5 hours after he was last seen and alerts to other nearby airports were issued almost 15 hours later.

As luck would have it, the prison's layout is exactly the same - down to the very last detail - as the other prison Guzmán broke out of in 2001. There are only 3 identical prisons in Mexico, and Guzmán has been in 2 of them. If he's ever arrested again, I wonder where he'll end up. Curiously, the US government requested Guzmán's extradition to the US on trafficking charges just two weeks prior to his escape.